Spartacus First Look Video: Marcus' Demon Spawn Puts the Screws to Kore

Tiberius continues to bite the hand that’s fed him all his life on Spartacus: War of the Damned.

After sexually assaulting Kore in last week’s episode, Marcus Crassus’ loathsome, possibly-gay offspring adds insult to injury this Friday (Starz, 10/9c) when he strongly advises his caregiver not to spill the beans about their encounter to his father.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Does Tiberius rank among Spartacus‘ best villains?

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  1. Josh says:

    Tiberius is a rotten digusting piece of **** and i hope he is killed painfully and slowly preferably by either Sparty Gannicus My sexy mama Saxa or by Kore herself!

    • Daisy says:

      I’m hoping Crassus does it after he somehow finds out what Tiberius did. Though, as long as he dies painfully, I’ll enjoy it.

  2. He’s definitely filling a void left by other villains, but he’s far too impetuous. He’s not acting with any intelligence, just blind fury, which means his end is on the horizon. And judging from how much Crassus loves Kore, it won’t be a pretty end for Tiberius

  3. Draga says:

    By raping her, he was getting back at his father for putting him in a position to kill his friend and, we have been led to assume, lover. So he’s gay, and the rape was solely a revenge tactic.

  4. Aly says:

    I hated what Tiberius did to Kore. Apart from that, however, I gotta admit I quite like his character. Especially since I’ve ‘gone off’ his father after the ep a couple of weeks ago.

  5. O-town says:

    Tiberius is hot. I’d prefer that he be the one to kill Crassus himself. It was a douche move for enacting Decimation and then, throwing his son into it last minute. It should be interesting if Kore turns out to be his real mother. He looks nothing like his mother.

    • ' says:

      I was having the same thought, Kore is too much protective of him, and allways treated him with kindness, and trying to make his father saw him better. It would classic spartacus if she was to be his mother.

    • David says:

      Of course he looks nothing like his mother you doughnut! They’re actors in real life! You wouldnt expect a real mother and son to audition for the role… surely?

    • TS says:

      Marcus Crassus won’t die in this show, read a history book.

  6. vane says:

    i’m sorry, i can’t shake the feeling that i just watched a twelve-year-old boy rape an adult woman. but with this display of immature revenge, i’m slightly reminded of ilythia, and that’s a little exciting. as much as these villains are completely detestable, they also make things really interesting.

  7. Naazneen says:

    Death to Tiberius. NOW

  8. O says:

    She’s his Mom!!! I KNOW THIS!

  9. derrick says:

    that’s his mother

  10. CandiceElizabeth says:

    I like the character of Tiberius a lot actually and do not see him as a villian at all. What he did to Kore was wrong by today’s standards but she’s a slave and he can do whatever he wants. I think he just wanted revenge against a father who treated him horribly and killed his best friend and most likely lover.

  11. b says:

    I really hope that Kore is NOT his mother. He just raped his own mother!!! I believe Cesar will find out about the rape and inform Crassus. Tiberius death will be at the hands of cesar,crassus or kore herself. Tiberius is to stupid to even see the mighty spartacus.

  12. Inka says:

    She is just a slave. In ancient Rome, raping a slave was just damaging the owners property, nothing else.
    As for him being gay, well, that’s just plain ridicolous, because in ancient Rome there were not “homo” and “hetero” divisions. There aren’t even such terms in ancient Latin, because they did not think in the terms we think today. It was nothing unusual for a man to have sex with a man and a woman (thus, to be bisexual in modern terms), the way of thinking was entirely different. When watching historical series, people should stop thinking in modern/Christianity influenced views.

  13. spartacus fan says:

    Kore is not the kid’s mother. Kore will be crixified with the rest of the slaves. Yes, Crassus loves her, but she will be treated just like Laeta. Crassus will probably be the one to hammer the nails to prove he was not affected by her running away. Crassus ego is too big and for his woman to leave him is beyond the pale for him. Kore embrassed him and the Senate and higher society will hold him accountable to his action if she is let go. Kore loves Crassus. She listened to what he told her about not letting anything come btw him and his son. The look on Tiberius’s face was priceless in the arena of the next episode on April 5, 2013. Casaer is out for revenge in a big way to barter with Spartacus for one terrible and cowardly boy ( stabbing Crixus from behind and Argon). Spartacus stated earlier in the season he don’t trust a Roman, but he must trust Casaer because he got Argon back for the season finale. I wonder how Casaer will explain Tiberius’s death. I wonder who will do the honor of his death in the arena. I know Pompi is in the finale, but how will Crassus handle it to come up against this guy who has more legions who are well trained warriors from foreign battles.