Ratings: Good Wife Rises, Once Hits Low, Celeb Apprentice Drops But Tops Soft Red Widow

Going For The GoldABC’s Oscar-night promotional blitz from a week ago failed to deliver dividends, as Once Upon a Time hit a series low and Red Widow placed last in the demo among its broadcast rivals.

Resuming Season 2 with 7.2 million total viewers and a 2.1 demo rating, Once was down 5 and 12 percent from its last fresh outing. (Its previous demo low was 2.4.) Red Widow‘s two-hour debut meanwhile averaged 7 million viewers and a 1.4 rating, down 36 percent in the demo from both the premieres of 666 Park Avenue (7 mil/2.2) and GCB (7.6 mil/2.2).

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Over on CBS, The Amazing Race (9.1 mil/2.4) drew Sunday’s best demo rating, with numbers on par with its last, pre-Oscars outing. The Good Wife (8.9 mil/1.6) rebounded 7 and 23 percent from a series low, and The Mentalist (9.1 mil/1.5) ticked down a tenth.

NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice did 5.1 mil and a 1.6 — all-time lows for a premiere — beating Red Widow in the demo if not in total viewers.

Fox’s double helping of The Cleveland Show (3.3 mil/1.5, 3.8 mil/1.9) saw gains, as did The Simpsons (4.8 mil/2.3), while Bob’s Burger’s (3.64 mil/1.7) ticked down.

As Zap2It’s Rick Porter observed, a Family Guy repeat (4.1 mil/1.9) led the 9 o’clock hour in the demo!

What were you watching this Sunday night?

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  1. Robert Taylor says:

    Move “The Good Wife” to Fridays for its fifth (and probably final) season and people will stop complaining about the 1.6 ratings. Audiences followed it to Sundays, they’ll find it on Fridays as well.

  2. HeatherC says:

    OMG, I don’t normally worry about OUAT’s ratings but them being that low is SO SAD to see today! =( The last two episodes have been phenomenal IMO and to see them get so low actually makes me worry for the show’s safety. Where has the audience gone??! Is everyone just DVRing it now? Why haven’t they come back? I swear they need to find a better way to report ratings for shows because I know way more people who watch OUAT who aren’t counted in them than anyone who actually isa Nielson family. Dang, this is depressing. =(

    • dude says:

      People aren’t watching because the quality of this season has been atrocious.

      • MP says:

        I think people are not watching because of the heaviness of february in terms of awards shows and the superbowl and else. We just have to wait for people to get back in track with the shows they watch. To be honest I would rather watch ONCE on Saturdays

    • Jason says:

      I have lived in 5 different states and have friends and family in all different walks of life, from high end businessmen to factory workers…in all that time I’ve never known anyone who had a Nielson box or “counted” as far as the ratings are concerned.

      Do we really not have the technology available to actually track what every TV in the country is tuned in to? Or is it that the Nielson’s just have some kind of contract monopoly and make too much money to ever allow an accurate counting of ratings.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        “Track[ing] what every TV in the country is tuned in to,” even if the tech were to exist, raises massive privacy concerns. And two, it doesn’t tell you who (gender, age, etc;) is watching said aforementioned television set.

        • Jason says:

          It could be handled through the cable or satellite provider. They provide you with a box and when you sign up for your service you can opt in to give them your household information and allow your viewership to be tracked and counted amongst the ratings. After the initial setup, the box does all the work and sends the numbers back to the service provider, where it is automatically computed during the night and then sent off to be complied with the rest of the numbers, which is then published in the morning.

          I think this could work, it respects privacy as you have to agree to be part of it, is much easier and open than the current system (meaning many more people would have access to it and partake), and would be far more accurate than the current system.

        • eridapo says:

          Actually the technology exists already… The Set Top Box (STB) from your cable company or Satellite company is able to track by minute what you are watching. The problem with this data, and why it is not used by the networks, is that it doesn’t have demographic information. All the STB does is tell the cable company what is being watched at any given time, but it doesn’t provide who is or how many are actually watching..

          As to privacy concerns… you gave that up once you enter into a contract with the Cable co.

        • Loki says:

          It’s time to microchip everyone ( for demographic purposes of course…..)! JK

        • pickledicecream says:

          The technology HAS to change. As it is, it’s no one’s business what any of us are watching anyway, but I’d rather have a box that monitors everything I watch, than my views not count AT ALL. If more people understood what Nielson ratings were, they would most likely agree. And as for who is watching tv, a company could simply design a cable dvr box that has custom profiles for every user. Switch your user account, sign in, watch your shows. We already do that for game systems, netflix, etc. How is it any different? Filling out booklets and pressing buttons every few minutes for nielson isn’t that accurate anyway. A company WILL invent a new way and when they do, we are all going to look back and laugh at how stupid this all was.

      • The Beach says:

        10 years ago I was chosen to be a Nielson viewer. I don’t know if things have changed since then but doing it turned out to be a royal pain in the a**. I hope they have improved the way they ask you to document with their booklet, but I would never agree to do it again.

        • EdTV says:

          Last fall sweeps I was contacted by Neilsen. They sent me a booklet to track everything I and anyone in my house watched for a week.

        • dan says:

          My sister and her husband were also a Nielson family a few years ago. They said it was a pain to keep up with the responsibilities. You couldn’t just leave the tv on and go to another room; every few minutes a light would start flashing and you had to use a remote to confirm you were in the room (everybody in the family had a code on the remote so they knew who was watching what). If the lights blinked too long then they’d assume the person/people had left the room. They didn’t stay a Nielson family for long!

        • courts says:

          My family was a Nielson family for seven or eight years. We found it really easy. You literally just clicked a button that represented you when you watched a show.

          • Lisa says:

            Is it different depending on your cable company? We did it last year and had long paper ballets for each television. You had to record what you watched, recorded and who was watching. There was another section for watched recordings. The recorded program did not count if it wasn’t watched during the Neilson week. We wondered why they didn’t put something on the cable box to record viewing.

    • soundscene says:

      Very few people actually have a Nielson box that automatically tracks viewership. A lot more people are mailed one-week journals to track a single week’s viewership. But those journals don’t count in overnights, obviously, as you don’t mail them back until after the week is over. My city gets a lot of the journals mailed to folks, likely because it has a heavy Hispanic population, and Nielson wants to know what that population is watching since it’s going through a growth boom.

      It’s sad, because the current ratings system is a dinosaur, and doesn’t count nearly as much as it should.

    • Claudia says:

      I was a loyal fan but the show really got too many plot lines hard to follow not my type of show anymore, Im a romance sucker but there wasnt really anybody to ship u didnt know anymore, Snow and Charm became dull and predictable, Emma you didnt know who to ship her with and other things it really turned me down, have stopped for like 4 weeks now, I moved on to watch Beauty and the Beast a little show underrated show on the CW very but with the same fairy tale plot OUAT has but more simple to follow up, that has become my guilty pleasure and cant wait to see the next episode week after week, but with OUAT is just like meh now!

      • Alice says:

        Um, Beauty and the Beast is NOT AT ALL the same plot as Once Upon a Time. Makes me think you’ve never seen OUAT at all. The Belle/Cat stories aren’t even similar.

        • Claudia says:

          Ive watched full first season, but the Belle/Rumpel plot wasnt really drawn into it as Im in Cat/Vincent in BATB, it just got too complicated thats all and I loved OUAT I just outgrew of it like many people did especially in this season hopefully will pick up again.

  3. Kristina says:

    It would probably help if the schedule for Sundays wasn’t so sporadic. It’s frustrating to constantly have 2 and 3 week hiatuses interrupting shows you’re trying to watch.

    • Poppy says:

      I agree. It is frustrating when the show airs and then is off for 2 or 3 weeks. I think people forget which week the new episodes air. I understand being off because the Oscars aired on the same network as OUAT, but why has there been few new shows since returning from winter break?

    • Gillian says:

      True!! As for Red Window, I didn’t watch. After the cancellations of GCB and 666 Park Ave, I’m taking a break from new ABC shows in that time slot. Investing in a show to see it cancelled is frustrating. I hope Nashville gets a second season. That’s the last ABC show I’ve become invested in.

      • Stevers says:

        Same reason I didn’t bother to watch Red Widow – and you could add Pan AM to the list of ABC Sunday nite cancellations that I had gotten all invested in….

    • Lisa says:

      You are so right. We would have missed OUAT last night if we hadn’t had the series set to tape. I was thinking OUAT and Revenge were both on a two week hiatus. ABC’s scheduling is hurting all of their good shows. They are doing the same thing to Nashville. BTW I think Nashville is the perfect fit for the Sunday 10 PM time slot following OUAT and Revenge.

      • Nero theTVFiddler says:

        Agree – Nashville may be the best bet for ABC for next fall at 10pm/Sunday slot. I’m convinced placing new series in that slot won’t work any longer – too much variety of competition from cable.

        Also, and I’m probably splitting hairs here, but I don’t think ABC should have canceled Zero Hour two days before the premiere of Red Widow. I know the average viewer doesn’t keep track of when a show is canceled, but in my case, once I heard ABC had pulled the plug on Zero Hour, I gave up on Red Widow and didn’t bother to watch. I’m not convinced ABC is giving their new dramas enough time to adjust and grow – they need to be as committed to their series as they want/need their viewers’ commitment. I’m not seeing that from ABC’s exec team.

        That said, if ABC had felt that Zero Hour was done, [and it may well have been] okay, but why not announce the cancellation of that show this week? Why two days prior to the premiere of another drama on your network that you’ve poured time and money into production and advertising? Why not wait a few days on the Zero Hour cancellation?

    • soundscene says:

      Serialized shows shouldn’t be put on Sundays, because when you need to watch previous episodes to get the storyline, it doesn’t help that the show doesn’t air for 1-2 weeks at a time. Self-contained procedurals are a better match.

    • Boiler says:

      ABC seems tp be by far the worst. I am sure they are hurting Nashville the same way.TV Line does anyone question the networks on this and why they don’t seem to care about viewers??

  4. Sarah says:

    I always wonder for new shoes how many people just don’t have enough time/PVR/TIVO space to add new mid-season shows. I know I certainly don’t. I add new showes in September and that’s it until the next season unless it is something I really think I will love or I break up with somehting during the year to create space. So far nothing new mid-season has convinced me it deserves that and haven’t broken up with any shows. Though a couple are on the brink of that.

  5. bigby_wolf says:

    ABC should be ashamed of what they’ve done to Once Upon a Time. Stop putting in so many breaks or move it to another timeslot so you don’t have to break it up so often next season – if it gets a next season, which I’m sure it will even with these ratings.

    • dude says:

      Yeah, it’s ABC’s fault. It has nothing to do with the fact this season has sucked.

      • Tony says:

        You seem to be the only one that thinks it has sucked, if you don’t like it why comment on it.no need to to comment twice on thinking it sucks, we got you the first time.

        • Andrea says:

          Tony, I second Dude that this season is atrocious. Stopped watching in the fall.

        • chris says:

          I also stopped watching recently. It just is not as good as last season.

        • courts says:

          No, it’s pretty bad and the storytelling is completely inconsistent.

          • Rhodes Chroma says:

            I enjoyed OUAT from day one (even if the VFX, for a network show in 2012 seemed really low budget). Ive found myself, this season, a little more after every new episode, feeling as if Id missed something. Between temporal jumps, world jumps, double characters, etc – I think the threads could be a bit more straight ahead in their depiction. add to that, what I feel is inconsistent writing makes keeping it all straight as intended by the storytellers intended is difficult. I only watch what Id consider “challenging” drama (in this case, fantasy), OUAT being the “lightest” of my weekly choices, however, my wife and I both feel this season has been unnecessarily tough to wade thru and keep each thread in mind as we progress thru this dense, but what feels, comparatively, two dimensional world(s) In any case, Bobby Carlyle and Jennifer Morrison have been favorites for years, so we’ll stick just to see (especially) Robert’s great performance,

      • bigby_wolf says:

        it’s not as great as last season but it was still pulling in great ratings during it’s episodes before the holiday break. Ever since the scheduling fiasco starting in January it’s been impossible to keep any sort of audience.

        • shuayb says:

          Omg! Why do people say this season has been so bad? Last season was good, it got people hooked but this season has been so much better! Yes the back and forth has been slightly cumbersome but we needed that to understand everything. We’ve had A LOT more exposition. They’ve created these characters with such a rich background and the way they are connected to each other is SO brilliant. What needs to be done to actually see how many people watch OUAT and other shows is to use deductive statistics. It might not give people and exact amnt, but these days with the models and science available to us we can def project better numbers!

          • Amanda says:

            I totally agree. I actually love season 2 more than I did with season 1. I don’t get the hate here as my family & friends in real life and mos tof my friends on FB, Twitter, and Tumblr all still love it too. Majority of us fans are still fans. I do know a lot that DVR though so that is probably why. I think ABC knows how popular it is on the social media networks so that will help. They really think of somthing to use a system to keep track of that. Maybe they should also do what they did with LOST and air more eps without breaks and set an end date for the series.

          • David says:

            They keep saying is sucks because they are haters!! They have nothing better to do than try to bring other people down. I agree that the first season was amazing, and the second has been even better! The reason for the drop in ratings is all because of ABCs horrible scheduling. The show was doing amazing in ratings before the winter break and the story has only gotten better since its return in January, so the only explanation for the drop in rayings is how bad they are scheduling and people aren’t actually watching it live because they are DVRing it so they can watch the golden globes, NFL playoffs, Grammys etc. live. I am really ashamed at ABC for doing this to both ONCE and revenge. I hope they get their act together and do some major promos for both series for the rest of the season!…the good news is, ONCE is one of the biggest hits they have had in awhile and they won’t give up on it that easily an I’m 100% sure we will get a third season, now it’s completely up to them to figure out how to schedule and promote properly so that it reaches the top again. Personally I wouldn’t mind waiting 2 months after the winter finale for the show to return so that way they can get football and awards season over so that they can show more new episodes consecutively. In other news if it ever did get cancelled it could always be picked up by a cable network like so many shows have has done before, because it seems cable shows like “walking dead” and pretty little liars are doing amazing…and hmmmm abc has a cable channel (abc family) that has a lot of successful shows. Just keep the faith! ONCE is an amazing show and this will all be sorted soon!

      • tjmack says:

        It’s called a sophmore slump for a reason. The show’s quaility hasn’t gone anywhere, its just the over-expection that the season was going to be exactly the same quaility as the first. It is different for a reason. The first season was about getting Emna to believe so she could break the curse. This season is about the aftermath of that.

        Don’t like the show or this season? Then don’t watch it. Because I know that I’m over listening to eveey single person that doesn’t like where this season is going complain. No one is forcing you to watch the show.

        • ratings says:

          “Don’t like the show…then don’t watch it.” That’s probably why the ratings have fallen.

          I can’t get into this second season. It started off okay, but somehow I’ve lost interest in almost all of the characters. I’m trying to hang out but tv watching shouldn’t be a chore.

          • ratings says:

            I mean I’m trying to hang on, that is hang on to the show til the end of the season.

          • dref22 says:

            Same here, it’s a boring show at the moment.

          • Claudia says:

            Same here I loved first season watched until the december break and lost interest in the show for good it got too many plot lines and the couples were hard to ship very dull and predictable so i moved on, I found my little show in the cw to cover my guilty pleasure of romance freak that Im, Im addicted to the beauty and the beast and that show is very underrated IMO with lot of twists, drama and romance I love it.

    • lll says:

      Between a championship game and the Grammys, ABC has no one to blame but themselves for the atrocious scheduling of OUAT. The show will get renewed, no thanks to 2 weeks of new shows here and a rerun there and an Oscar show there. Too much to remember. Should have been off all February.

  6. Kevin says:

    I DVR both and with Once Upon A Time probably won’t watch until I have a free Saturday or Sunday to get lost in the TV. Just isn’t worth watching immediately because there is such little media and so few “shocking” results that I don’t need to watch it immediately.

  7. Joe says:

    Kinda sad that Red Widow opened worse than the two previous shows in that time slot I guess I’ll delete it from my dvr before I watch it I’ll give it 2 more weeks then shark tank will be filling in that time period too

  8. Barbara says:

    I am curious about the ratings for the Bible.

  9. tjmack says:

    Many people are forgetting that the Nielsen ratings are completely outdated (though ABC’s scheduling does leave alot to be desired). Many actual viewers aren’t even accounted for (myself included) and it doesn’t account for people who live overseas who generally have to watch online for new episodes. One of the greatest joys in my life was joining a group of Chuck fans in proving that many of is viewers weren’t even seen with the #NotANielsenFamily tweet-a-thon every week.

    Though Once’s ratings are down, I don’t think we should be too scared just yet. Many shows go through a sophmore slump where the more casual viewers drop off. It happened to Lost as well. We can only hope the viewership goes up, and that the nielsen ratings become more effective.

    • Joe says:

      Totally believe in the Sophmore slump , it’s happining to Revenge also

    • I completely agree that the Nielsen Ratings are outdated. Times have changed and fewer people are watching shows live. We don’t even have satellite or cable anymore. Why spend all that money when you can watch shows online? Hulu is a lot cheaper than cable. They need to get it together in terms of the new technology.

    • Alex says:

      If you live overseas, you shouldn’t count! The ratings are meant to measure the number of people who watch the commercials so that ad rates can be set. It’s not possible to count every single viewer (too complicated, privacy concerns, way too expensive), so statistical sampling is used. The networks are the ones who pay for it. Apparently they’re satisfied with the results, because they’re still using Nielsen after all these decades.

      If you consider proving that you and some other viewers are not Nielsen families to be “one of the greatest joys” of your life, that’s pretty pathetic. Very few people actually CAN be Nielsen families. That’s just plain common sense. One of the greatest joys of your life should be something cool like writing a book, spending time with friends, doing volunteer work, knitting a sweater as a gift for someone… not something like whining that you’re not counted in the Nielsen ratings (although you actually are represented by a Nielsen family).

    • Emily says:

      Yeah… but there are also tons of uncounted people watching every other show, too. How high are NCIS’s actual numbers? I can’t imagine that show ratings would change drastically relative to each other; if there are people not being counted for a low rated show, there are people not being counted for highly rated shows too. But I agree the ad/demo structure is outdated. I just don’t know enough to offer an alternative.

    • Claudia says:

      But with a show like OUAT you cant really blame it on the nielsen box when they have hit higher ratings than this way higher, I think its just the break and people losing interest for the show overall.

  10. Rae says:

    There are so many constant comments/complaints about too many breaks with a show. Each season has 22-24 episodes that have to be aired between September and May. A typical network (ABC, CBS, NBC) air new episodes from late Sept through November sweeps. Around Thanksgiving, shows go on a break and may play a couple of new episodes in early December before going on holiday break. The season picks back up in early January through February sweeps with possible weeks off for airing of award shows (Golden Globes, Oscars). The beginning of March, after award shows, shows new episodes being aired. Middle/end of March all shows will be on repeats because there are only about 8 episodes left of the total 22-24 which obviously are needed to be aired in April/May leading to the season finales.

    The shows can’t constantly air because only 22-24 are allotted per season. Without reruns/breaks the shows can’t stretch the season from Sept-May. I’m a tv addict and I watch about 20 different shows and I can remember what happened last episode. This is the way tv works, its not going to change so stop complaining about breaks!

    I don’t know what has happened to the viewers of OUAT. I’m still watching. One thing aside from DVR that I feel interferes with the number of tv programs is primetime on demand. I have Time Warner cable which has primetime on demand on channel 1005. It has episodes going back four weeks of the primetime shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX and its free. With options like these people are not watching live and the networks are going to need to incorporate this before deciding to ax shows. They will need to move towards looking at viewing from live, to dvr, to on demand episodes, to online to see how many viewers are watching rather than deciding to ax on live numbers. Who knows how many years we are from this actually happening or if it ever will.

    • You are right. I don’t think it’s necessarily the breaks hurting OUAT, but the lack of momentum. The show has been very stop and go this season. There have been some wonderful episodes this season, however any time they get a momentum with the story they go on break or there is a filler episode. I think most people are waiting to watch either online or DVR. Some even waiting until the season is over and they can watch the episodes all together with no crummy breaks. Don’t blame them. Studio execs need to take these things into consideration.

    • Alex says:

      I agree with a lot of what you said. Networks have basically a few choices. One is to air a show straight through for around five months with no repeats. If they do that, though, some viewers whine that the hiatus is too long and people will forget about the show. The other main possibility is to air a series throughout a season with a hiatus or two and some repeats included. When they do that, viewers whine that the show doesn’t air consistently enough. Frankly, people just like to bitch and moan.

      I disagree with some of your last paragraph. Networks are mainly interested in how many people watch commercials, not how many people watch the actual show. For example, DVR viewing is worth less than live viewing simply because far fewer people watch the commercials. And that’s how it should be! Commercial viewing pays the bills. If 10 people watch X series on ABC yet only 4 million see the ads, that show deserves to have less value compared to Show B with 7 million viewers, 6 million of whom watch the ads.

    • Boiler says:

      If we could get the actors to take a little less money there could be more originals. It certainly used to be that way. I would think an actor would rather be working for a little less than doing nothing. Love Modern Family but they held up ABC on their demands.

  11. kirads09 says:

    Very curious as to the ratings for The Bible and Vikings on History channel and how they compared?

  12. soundscene says:

    So sad about OUAT… people should have tuned in just to see Mrs. Patmore with makeup on!

  13. Kyle says:

    Whoever handles ABC’s scheduling needs to be fired immediately. I’ve never seen a network destroy their own hits like ABC regularly does.

    It’s nice to see that psycho racist Trump flop, although I’m sure he’ll claim it was the highest rated telecast of the year.

  14. Blk says:

    I’d have to be punched, drunk and plain DUMB to ever give anything Donald Trump my eyeballs, money or time. Are you kidding me? That’s why people like him keep on being the public nuisance that he is. Because no matter what he does, good bad or other. They give him the millinaires free path. Well, not me. He needs to be stopped and dropped. You couldn’t ever pay me to watch his show. No matter how many antics he does. No matter who was on his show and what they were doing. Would make no difference whatsoever! Donald Trump is fired! BOYCOT, BOYCOT BOYCOT donald Trump. He had the nerve in a recent article to state that what he did with that whole birther situation, was supported by many. And that it was okay to do that? I mean, and THis is a person that people are going to continously support? He doesn’t even make no remorse or see any remorse in his actions! I mean, in real people who do harmful things motivated by hate or discrimination. They’re known as socio paths with no conscious. So, you want to give this ego, racist public socio path a stamp of approval to continously say that what he did was okay? Sorry….If criminals can’t get away with that so can’t donald Trump!

  15. I LOVE TV says:

    Hey not a hater of TGW, still when did CBS every kiss a show’s behind like this one. I get critics love it, and so do the awards shows, but still CBS cancelled shows on Friday with it’s demos, and I am pretty sure this show has not got a syndication deal as of now. Cable networks are not in love with serialized shows, and with that point, OUAT is becoming a concern. It’s hitting lows, and no rebound it site, even with the series keeping good episodes running. I am concerned for this series, because even in football season, it was strong.

  16. leah says:

    I bet once is one of the shows that getsa big dvr bump. I’m almost never home on Sunday nights

    • Amanda says:

      It does. A lot of my friends who watch DVR “OUAT” and I feel like I’m one of the only ones who watches live. I have to always be careful what I say about the show till I know they’re caught up.

  17. I LOVE TV says:

    I am one of the biggest fans of DVR and Comcast on Demand, and it amazed me that this wonderful gift I was given, hurts my favorite shows, oh wait I don’t have the wonder box either so any of my favorites don’t freaking matter. Until the networks get, DVRs and online viewings, and the hundred or so cable networks are cutting into the pie, and that Neilson boxes are history, what we see is what is important to the networks.

    • David says:

      I agree, welcome to 2013! It’s time they get caught up! I still watch my favorite shows live but I DVR a lot and that should be counted for something! I always watch ONCE when it airs, but it doesn’t matter because I am not a Nielsen family…horrible how good shows get cancelled because of that.

  18. Caro says:

    THE GOOD WIFE of course! It’s one of the best shows on tv EVER! More people should watch it because it’s fun, captivating, exciting and has great story lines! Amazing stories, not the soapy stuff that is usually on tv (which is totally boring). I love the guest stars like Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni, she’s fantastic! Also Rita Wilson and Michael J. Fox, love them!

  19. prish says:

    The viewers do not want to see an adoptive mom become evil. Get over it, Producers! The country’s climate is toward creating wholesome environments for foster and adoptive kids. You were doing so well at creating a dysfunctional extended family, learning to work together for the kid’s sake. Learn from Chuck, in that Awesome was supposed to have been an evil sleeper spy/husband of some sort, but they swapped him out as an awesome cheerleader for his wife and her brother, in midstream. I know these fantastic writers can work it out. Thanks for reading.

    • prish says:

      ooops. This was a post about Once Upon a Time. This site needs to include an edit button. Some sites have an edit option for the first half hour, or so.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I would personally like a delete button. There are things I sometimes say on this site that 15 minutes later I think to myself, “oops” or “that was uncalled for.”

    • Alice says:

      Get over it. They have established that Regina is not hated for being a bad mother, or for adopting Henry. It’s because she repeatedly tries to murder the Charmings, rapes Graham, and kidnaps people. King George loved his first adopted son, he just didn’t like James. Gepetto loved his adopted son. This is something people are reading into the show to get all worked up that isn’t even there.

      • courts says:

        Dear god HOW IS PINOCCHIO ADOPTED? Also, Regina loves her son as much as George loved his. Notice how both are evil?

      • xaverie says:

        Yes, but notice how the Charmings are considered a legitimate family for Henry? That’s why it’s anti-adoption. And she loves Henry, just like George loved James. Both are evil even though they love their kids. Pinocchio isn’t adopted, that’s the stupidest argument in the world. You cannot adopt a toy.

  20. RichCD says:

    Nobody questioned the ratings when they were high for OUAT. This season is a mess. The town was ready to string up Regina at the beginning of the season. But now, she and her mother are allowed to pop in and terrorize anyone they wish, and no one seems to care. What happened to Aurora and Mulan? Did we really need a flashback for the giant and two for Dr. Frankenstein? Last night, Gold was dying, but there was still time for Neal and Emma to ruminate over Neal’s fiancee.

    I used to really like this show. And I don’t want to stop watching it. I want it to get better.

    • Claudia says:

      Same here I was a Oncer but the show became so complicated and dull at times, Im a romance sucker but with OUAT I dont know how to ship anymore, the Snow and Charm have become so dull and predictable for my taste I gave up a couple of weeks ago. Now Im investing my time in the very underrated show on the CW Beauty and the Beast, that show became much better than what I expected cant wait for it to come back on March 14th, it gets better and better.

  21. drhenning says:

    I was talking to to my teenager who is going to be in an apartment at school next fall and he said he wasn’t going to bother getting cable.. just save the money on the video and get the highest speed he can afford for internet.. watch everything off of TV and maybe get rabbit ears for local digital OTA… Plus he knows he has his sucker father he can sling into for stuff he can’t get.. My daughter also has an account with my Xfinity… she lives 1000 miles away…

  22. Sue says:

    I watched and enjoyed Vikings on History Channel. How did it do in the ratings?

  23. anil says:

    ABC knowingly ruined their highest rated shows Once and Revenge. Now i have no hope for revenge hitting a 2.0 demo this Sunday. F*ck you, ABC! Why are they so dumb? Who runs their programming? Seriously!

  24. Jamie says:

    I used to be a oncer but the storyline is getting boring.My new fav show is Beauty & The Beast. Love the love story of VinCat and the show keeps getting & better with each episode. Beauty & The Beast is the best new show this season.

  25. Kyla says:

    OUAT is so predictable now. I’ve outgrown the show and found BATB. It’s love story of Catherine & Vincent is so much better and epic. BATB needs to come back for a 2nd season

  26. Since you mention GCB, I think thats one show ABC should of let grow, I think since Brothers & Sisters, GCB have been the only show that was doing pretty alright, it was low but not as low as Pan Am & 666 Park and now Widow.

  27. JerseyMichelle says:

    I’m close to taking The Good Wife and Once Upon a Time off my DVR. I’ve grown tired of both shows. I also don’t love Revenge this season, but will still watch. As for Red Widow, I don’t plan to watch it. I’ve watched many shows that have gotten canceled prematurely. I’ve grown weary of investing time in a show when networks (all of them!) are so quick to cancel. Seinfeld would never have made it today. How sad.

  28. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I think any show going up against The Walking Dead right now is going to struggle a bit. People really don’t want their friends to know what happened on WD before they do. Spoilers just have a way of getting out there if you don’t watch it live. I can’t even record Good Wife or OUAT right now due to the Walking Dead conflict. It’s much easier to watch them online the next day.

  29. duke says:

    Can people please start watching The Good Wife! It’s such a well done show that can stand toe-to-toe with the cable shows.

  30. Mizzie says:

    OUAT ratings are embarrasing because the show is dreadful and the duo Jennifer Morrison/Jared Gilmore is imposible to stomach

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