Time's Up: Zero Hour Cancelled by ABC

Zero Hour Cancelled By ABCWell, that lasted only a few seconds.

ABC has cancelled Zero Hour after three low-rated outings, TVLine has confirmed.

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The rookie conspiracy thriller’s Feb. 14 premiere drew 6.3 million total viewers and a 1.4 18-49 rating, making it ABC’s lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere ever. Episode 3 this Thursday sunk to 5 million viewers and a 1.0 rating.

The show will be pulled from the schedule, effective immediately. Encore episodes of Shark Tank will fill its slot for the next two weeks, then Wife Swap will take over the Thursdays-at-8 spot for seven weeks beginning March 21. Starting May 9, Wipeout will fill the hour.

The network has not yet announced when Zero Hour‘s remaining episodes will air.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the show’s passing.

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  1. Susan Hall-Pinzini says:

    Darn- We loved it!! Wanna know what happened next!!

  2. Diane Usher says:

    I loved zero hour. I found Anthony Edwards a brilliant actor. Could have moved this show to a different time slot. Anthony Edwards is a brilliant talented actor. He deserves a whole lot of respect. I understand the rating game; but will cutting intelligent shows and putting on shows where no talent exists be the answer. I can’t control congress, bot can control what network I watch.I am slowly choosing not to watch ABC. Really getting sick of reality T.V.

  3. tracy says:

    I cannot believe this show was cancelled! I think it’s about time to boycott ABC. This was a great thriller and now they want to place trash on air. If it is a show with great writing, great actors, great suspense;let’s make sure to cancel it. My husband and I were excited that we had a show to replace “Lost”. Sad for the future of television.

  4. rebecca says:

    I can not believe this series was cancelled! This was one of few I like on the 3 regular stations. They didn’t give this series a chance since they started it at an odd time of the year, not the normal in September. They also didn’t advertise this show well. This show could be a big hit if they give it a chance. Look how the DiVinci Code was a big hit or the moivies with Nike Cage, I forgot the names. This is a very big disappointment!!!!! ABC should give it another chance!

  5. Dorie says:

    Yes I’m mad also just was thinking why isn’t it on so they can put some dumb TV shows on to let ur wife go live with others families that is the dumbest thing I ever hear of n its b.s. too. We all should fight for it to cone back on maybe a diffter time like 7pm any nights works for me n maybe have it this summer have it back on for us to watch what do all of you out there think of my comments let me knw I’m on ur side for the show to come back on

  6. Di says:

    Booo ABC… figures even networks act like little kids who want instant gratification.

  7. Steve says:

    And ‘Touch’ goes on?! I truly did give up on that snoozer, no longer able to stand Keifer with his monotonous and inexplicable hoarse whisper of EVERY SINGLE WORD! No wonder Maria Bello left! ;-)

  8. Kjmlvt says:

    Wish this show would come back on!!! Loved it!! It was just getting good!!

  9. Lisa says:

    So sick of ABC…1st All My Children, One Life to Live, 666, Now Zero hour!!! LOVED Zero Hour a show that made you do some thinking. URG….

    • ppehs says:

      Did you hear that Zerø hour is shown on danish tv and getting more and more thrilling week by week!! I thought that when shows in the U.S. went off the air they were gone for good! Who knew?

  10. Maria Guldborg says:

    Zerø hour is shown on danish tv and getting more and more thrilling week by week!! A Big mistake by ABC not to show all the episodes! But perhaps it did’nt agree with “them” because of the aetheistic approach/questining of christianity/religion?

    • ppehs says:

      I am SOOOOOOOO THRILLED to hear that GREAT news! Hopefully it will be such a hit over there that it will get picked up again by another T.V.s station in the U.S.

  11. J.z says:

    Really liked the show…just a bit of advice..take out all the music it’s really hard to hear anything that’s being said because of music ..

  12. bob says:

    Thanks for the heads up guys I will watch the remaining episodes on Demand today

  13. kandace says:

    all the 1 season are on hulu

    • ppehs says:

      I am SHOCKED that “Do No HARM” has more waaaaaaay more followers than Zero Hour does on Face Book Do No Harm (D N H)…..was was so HORRIBLE that I REFUSED to watch it after the first episode! I think (D N H) has more followers because the young STUPID girls thought the leading guy was hot!

  14. ppehs says:

    I think they did an EXCELLENT job with the remaing episodes of this GREAT The story line flowed with such a well crafted sequence UNLIKE Awake which was also one of my FAVORITE shows but remaining episodes were rushed & thrown together with not much thought and it ended HORRIBLY!

    • Mark says:

      The 13 episodes were completed before the 1st one aired. It was intended to be a self contained story line. if it has been renewed Hank and his crew would have had a different mystery to solve. I have a question about the last episodes. Why did Lynch take Rachel hostage? Hank and crew went after her which only meant trouble and interference. Rachel was just trouble so why bring her to the mosque? is this a whole in the plot?

      • ppehs says:

        Wasn’t Lynch collecting girls that may be pure at heart so that they could give birth to a sacred Christ bloodline? That’s why I though she kidnapped Rachel!

  15. Rone S. says:

    This is the best show i have ever seen!! And the plot was genious it was great!! I dont understand what the hell the others were talking about cancelling the show or that it doesnt have enough viewers, how could that be ? Zero Hour is far one of the most interesting shows weve seen on TV for years! It needs to go on, it needs to have season 2 ! Everyone needs to see it, this show open minds for those whose eyes are closed, the acting and screenwriting is amazing, please make a season 2 !!!!!! If they dont make a season 2, then i believe those bastards in power are behind it, they never let any good shows or ones that actually make sense to continue, just like Touch (Tv Series) they cancelled it and the show had problems airing all of its episodes, why ? BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY TELLS US THE TRUTH, IT SHOWS US THAT THERE IS MORE THAN WE THINK! And those bastards in power DONT want us to be smart dont want us to think outside of the box, they want to keep us ignorant and the slaves of society. All they show on tv nowdays is just nudity, sex, money, drugs and girls with tight clothes, that makes no sense. Id rather watch a show like Zero Hour or Touch that has absolutely no amounts of nudity in it for the rest of my life than watch stupid series that make no sense where everyone just bangs everyone, even for one day, i hate series like that!!

  16. Barbara E Pleasant says:

    I liked the story and I don’t think you gave it a chance.

  17. Stacy says:

    Is zero hour available on DVD? I really want it. It was such a good show!