Time's Up: Zero Hour Cancelled by ABC

Zero Hour Cancelled By ABCWell, that lasted only a few seconds.

ABC has cancelled Zero Hour after three low-rated outings, TVLine has confirmed.

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The rookie conspiracy thriller’s Feb. 14 premiere drew 6.3 million total viewers and a 1.4 18-49 rating, making it ABC’s lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere ever. Episode 3 this Thursday sunk to 5 million viewers and a 1.0 rating.

The show will be pulled from the schedule, effective immediately. Encore episodes of Shark Tank will fill its slot for the next two weeks, then Wife Swap will take over the Thursdays-at-8 spot for seven weeks beginning March 21. Starting May 9, Wipeout will fill the hour.

The network has not yet announced when Zero Hour‘s remaining episodes will air.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the show’s passing.

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  1. Princess P. says:

    Enjoyed the show and adored watching actress Carmen Ejogo (movie “Sparkle”) play the FBI agent. It was a good storyline increasing each week. Networks do not give shows a chance to grow. Hopefully, we will be able to see the remaining shows. All the hard work the actors and staff did to produce these shows. Would love to see all the episodes somewhere. Come on ABC!!!!!!

  2. Ray says:

    Even though I watched all 3 episodes on dvr, none of the characters appealed to me and the dialogue was cheesy.

    If the twist about cloning was true, that would have been interesting. But even with that, it would only work if they explained a good reason why anyone would want to clone Jesus.

    • Lorin says:

      Yes, it was too amateurish. Characters lacked common sense and the main character was just not believable. The basic storyline had great potential but they blew it.

  3. Allie says:

    ABC can have almost 7 hours of news a day not including the endless hours of weekend news half of which you are told to “log on to our website for more info” instead of completing the story right then and they can’t leave on a good show like Zero Hour. Clearly no one knows how to run this channel, if no one was watching this show then where did all these comments come from ghosts?

  4. goldy says:

    I dont get it how can they do that it not right to pull the plug on something that way..

  5. Lorin says:

    Didn’t anyone get disgusted with some of the idiotic writing on the show. Example: An FBI agent and the main character sit outside over a dying priest who tried to kill them. Both of them sit there in total oblivion for a long time while the Indian person they came to see was left completely unprotected. At least make the villain work a little harder, come on writers.

  6. Isabel Magbanua says:

    WHAT!!!! So Upset….I really liked the show….hopefully u can at least show the rest of the episodes….I feel that if this continues to happen by just pulling and cancelling the show with out any warning to your viewers….viewers will just not want to get into any show that you air do to something like this….so sad..

  7. P. McLaughlin says:

    I guess since 3 whole episodes were aired, the network could tell whether the show would make it or not. Gee, that seems like enough time to me. It’s so frustrating for the viewers to find a good show, just start to get into it, only then to have it canceled. I’m not sure what the criteria is for keeping or canceling a show, but I think they should change. It shouldn’t be up to network management alone. I feel that ordinary t.v. viewers should be apart of the decision making process. The networks may find far fewer angry viewers if they kept the viewers opinions in mind as well as the bottom line. If today’s criteria were used back in 1990, Seinfeld wouldn’t have last a month. Look how that turned out!!!

  8. Debbie Zeller says:


  9. MIchele says:

    This really saddens me. I was so excited that there was a suspense that was clean enough that my kids could watch it and adventurous enough that we ALL loved it! I had been telling people about it. Where was the poll that rated it 1.0? I would have given it a 4.5 or 5. Very disappointed. Can they put all the episodes online at ABC.com or Netflix so we can finish watching?? Please ???????

  10. shawn says:

    I liked the over all concept of the show but acting an directing was horrible.. If I was nbc or syfy id reboot the show with far better dramatic actors an a director with a great sense of suspense etc

  11. shawn says:

    Oh boy

  12. Drizz says:

    It really says something that people are still commenting on this story a week and a half after it was posted. ABC, you really screwed up.

  13. Annoyed Watcher says:

    It gets better and better .. why sudden stop ? You guys crazy ??? let it air till then end !!!! – annoyed watcher from outside of US !!!

  14. Melissa says:

    This is the second tv show that tv networks have cancelled in the last two months that were actually really good shows! Of course as soon as you commit your time to watch the show annd get hooked they cancel it! Very stupid and idiotic if you ask me. Im tempted to quit watching these networks just in spite of them cancelling shows after 2 or 3 episodes!

  15. That’s too bad. This show had great potential. I’m hard pressed right now to think of any ABC shows I watch because they seem to cancel everything. Mmmmh, you think someone was pressured because of the potential subject matter and where it might go?

  16. zero hour watcher says:

    The whole season should have been able to air before making the decision to cancel. I was hoping to watch more. Also, the advertising for this show = not much, that’s why nobody knew about it. I came across it by accident, and glad I did…


  18. oh and mark you should of said that they might air the rest of the season BEFORE you said what was going to happen because when I read that part at the end you kinda ruined it for me

  19. ccadle@insightbb.com says:

    I am in disbelief.. It was just getting really intense. Bring it back. what is wrong with this picture. Re-run vs. a new show……please.. Give em a chance. At least finish out the series I know they are ready to roll. Every time I get into a show its canceled. Last Resort….. Invasion…..Eli Stone.. Ordinary Family…..A gifted Man….. Come on….!!!!!!

  20. Marcia Boone says:

    I’m so very disappointed!! I really liked this show it is so unique! Please bring it back or at least let us see how it all ends. I’m ready to boycott ABC & NBC as they’re really bad about canceling a show before it even gets off tfe ground. Seems like CBS is the only one who can hold onto a good show.

  21. Rudy says:


  22. Allie says:

    ABC it appears you really messed up this time – just look at all these comments!

  23. mike says:

    really who does that at least show what happens dam

  24. Ellen says:

    PLEASE don’t cancel “Zero Hour”! Love the show and want more suspense shows like this instead of unwholesome lines of shows like Two and a Half Men. Please reconsider!!

  25. Melissa says:

    Seriously give the show a chance. I likes the show from the beginning but It was just really getting good. Give people a chance to actually see what its all about and spread the word about what a great show it is/was. Im so sick of Tv stations showing a few episodes and then pulling the plug. So many good ones have been cancelled lately. Makes me not even what to invest the time in watching any new shows.

  26. Zeev says:

    Finally a good production and its pulled off
    Enough with low life TV……Wife Swap out – Bring back ZERO HOUR!!!!!

  27. scott says:

    it was dumb to have a kidnapping. it would have been better without it.

    • Mark says:

      So Hank’s wife just happens to buy the clock, Hank just happens to be a clone, the detective’s husband just happens to have been killed by White Vincent (a clone)… I don’t know how they were going to explain all of those coincidences. How did one of the precious clocks end up at a tag sale? Why didn’t White Vincent buy it himself? He must have had an eye on it since he knew Lila bought it? I loved the way the show began with the close up of the clock saying “2 is the number…..” I also loved when they showed the locust clock that ATE TIME! Cool!

  28. Essez says:

    Oh no!!! I really liked the show!!! It was turning out to be a good thriller. I guess the non- thought inducing reality shows are what get the highest ratings these days!!! What a shame!

  29. ZENETTRA says:


  30. katydega says:

    I did watch the show, the plot wasn’t terrible, but what really annoyed me and made it hard for me to keep watching it, was the dialogue, the way it was written was really awful.

  31. joe says:

    please please bring it back. enough reality crap. we want to be entertain. Not good looking women looking for sugar daddies or any of that other stuff. All the stations need to clean up there acts and get back to entertainment.

  32. Mark in Minnesota says:

    Very dissapointing ABC.
    1. You need to market new shows better, particularly with an A-List actor involved.
    2. Fresh, engaging content is so difficult to find; this show brought a new aire to primetime drama with a sci-fi/paranormal flavor.
    3. When initial ratings come in sub par, you re-tool, this is basic business. You don’t dump an investment after 3 poor reviews. ABC, whomever is on your executive management team is making seriously poor business decisions.

  33. Lynn says:

    This was such a great show. It gave us all somethings to really think about. This is terrible news.

  34. Michael says:

    These networks are losing they’re minds. They’ll let shows like Lost run till people ask for something new but when a good show comes out they kill it and give a lame ratings excuse. Remember these shows…Flash Forward, Jericho, and The Event. But hey let’s keeps showing a stupid reality show like Survivor that have nothing to do with surviving anything. They should give me a million dollars for having to deal with it.

  35. Dave says:

    Zero Hour, Last Resort, both great shows, both cancelled. Yet the absolutely horrid Whitney goes on and on. Tv shows made for thinking people don’t seem to survive network TV, the only thing that remains are the shows that appeal to the mindless drones prevalent in society today. It just makes me sick.

  36. Shirley says:

    I really liked this show and I wish it was back on again. It was sure much better than watching reruns of shark tank.

  37. Sandy says:

    I was just settling into Zero Hour for a good long run, gleefully rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Cancelled after only three episodes? Just another reason why I’m so disappointed with television any more. New shows aren’t given sufficient time to attract a following. They are put up against the more popular existing programs (though why they continue to be popular eludes me). There is no effort to move new shows to a better time slot. The staggered seasons, which at first seemed exciting – not having to sit through reruns all summer – are now just a constant, bewildering barrage of new programs and cancellations. I’ve even given up trying to follow many of the shows I really liked because of split seasons and other nonsense that makes it hard to keep track of when they’re on. Zero Hour is a good drama, unlike the reality garbage that is everywhere.

  38. Janet stanley says:

    This is the best show I have seen in years. Please, please bring it back.

  39. tammy says:

    I enjoyed this show very much. One of the only shows my family and I were watching together. And it wasnt some stupid reality show. It reminded me of national treasure and I was encouraging other people to watch it and you go and pull it off the air.What the hell? Please return it. I will just continue to watch “Elementary” on that other station. What a disappointment. .. :(

  40. 12cscott says:

    it was so good it needed more time

  41. Adrianne says:

    Huffington Post said the rest of the episodes are going to be seen probably in the summer. 666 Park Ave is also suppose to have the rest of the episodes. Two good shows that I like that got cancelled. They could have tried moving them to other time slots.

  42. scg10 says:

    I will forever be interested in JUST WHO these people are that have those boxes that count!! I pretty much have NEVER seen those “popular” shows, while ‘mine’ get cancelled. (NEVER seen a ‘reality’ show, you can’t pay me to.) So am I the weird one? Or the people with the box!? I saw the first episode of this then DVR’d afterwards, cuz I can’t sit still and watch things live lol, then just deleted them because I read of the bad ratings. :/ Just as well, I have too many shows anyway…. that will soon be ending too! Maybe I need to just stop watching TV as a whole. Hmmf.

  43. l. russey says:

    I really liked this show because it was a mystery. Thanks to whoever posted the whole mystery for ruining the surprise…however I still wud like to see the rest for myself …I am a DVR person seeing that I work and have a family and other stuff to do. Abc/nbc needs to get it together and stop cancelling stuff and not letting us finish. Deception better not cancel and I hate the fact that the river cancelled without us finding out what happened…so frustrating

  44. l west says:

    they always cancel the good shows!

  45. Keith Hall says:

    Like many of those commenting here, I am disappointed to see Zero Hour bite the dust so soon. My first reaction was that “everything that requires even the slightest thought is destined to be cancelled in favor of mindless reality show prattle”. I want to blame the networks for not giving it enough of a chance. I want to blame “somebody”. Then I realized who was to blame. We are. The networks aren’t charities. They sell advertising to pay for things and to charge those rates they have to offer a substantial viewership to their clients. If you headed a company would you buy advertising on a program nobody watched or would you buy it on DWTS ? It’s a no-brainer. You would want the most bang for your buck so you choose the idiotic reality show that everybody is watching not the more cerebral new show with 100 dedicated fans. All the networks are doing is playing to their audience which is good business. If we want better programming we have to be intelligent enough to turn the drivel off and watch the better shows when they are offered. See how fast all the crap disappears if only we would stop watching it. The networks will show no mercy to these reality shows if their viewership dwindles. The reason it doesn’t happen is a matter of taste and, apparently, we don’t have any. We are getting what we (collectively, not individually) deserve and I see no likely reversal. TV has gone the way of the feature film. If the audience is impressed with garbage it is garbage we shall give them.

  46. shane says:

    although the premise of the show was good ,the acting and plot development were terrible i watched all the episodes hoping that it would get better, but it didn’t . The lead actor lacked any sort of charisma and the supporting cast wasnt much better

  47. Amy says:

    The dynamics of TV viewing have changed completely in the past few years with so many new ways to watch in real time, or delay viewing until it is more convenient. And unless I sit every night in front of the TV and look at everything that’s on, I wouldn’t even know that a new show was on. There are far too many stations to follow any one’s promos, and I am far too busy to monitor entertainment news. I have a life! I really liked this show, and I am extremely disappointed to see yet another story start with no ending. The reality shows that remain are absolutely ridiculous but it’s all the networks seem to leave us. Get with the times!! We want variety, not more of the same. Thank goodness you can’t cancel books on me or I’d have no evening entertainment left.

  48. Scott Cleveland says:

    This is the fourth show ABC has cancelled in the past few years that I thought had a glimmer of intelligence: “Flash Forward”, “V”, “Last Resort” and now “Zero Hour”. I find it hard to believe that the executives at Disney/ABC honestly believe that there is no audience for something that has a bit more plot than “Dancing With The Stars!” Then again, they do have “Celebrity Diving” (oops, I mean “Splash”) premiering next week. What’s next, ABC? Replacing Diane Sawyer with Ryan Seacrest?

  49. Jo says:

    Zero Hour was a great show. Very disappointing it got cancelled. I was hooked instantly. I did think the day of the week and air timing was off but I was set to watch it OnDemand. The whole family thought we had found a new show that worth watching. There are tons of other shows that should have been cancelled instead. At least show the remaining episodes.

  50. Andrew J. CCaspermeyer says:

    What! Not again, every time I like a show it gets cancelled. I liked Unforgetable but that was cancelled. I liked Last Resort, but I lost interest in the premess of that show and just did not watch the other episodes. I know the networks do not know how to appeal to my taste, only a few show I like that I do watch. I watch Elementery, that is the only new show that I am watching right now that premerred this season. I watched the first couple of episodes of The Following, but I do not like the premiss of this new show any more so I just blew through all episodes that I have recorded. I did liked 666 Park Ave., but ABC cancelled that show also. It is quite clear that any TV Show that requires the viewer to think is most likely doomed to failure. Most of the programs that are now on TV are Reality TV Shows which I do not even waste my time with; the only one I like is Survivor; the other Reality TV shows on TV I do not even watch; I wish they where all cancelled, but since other people like this garbage that is not going to happen. All other TV shows that I watch are returning TV Shows like NCIS. The only other new TV show of interest was Revolution; but the way they ended the first half of the first season I have no interest of watching the rest of the first season; it is too bad; I liked the way it started, but the further it went into the First half of the first season the badder the episodes that game out until I just do not care any more what happened to anybody in this series; the episode that ended the first half of the first season was just plain bad; I just could not buy into the premiss anymore; I have no ideal with where they are going with this TV show now nor do I care and that is too bad because I thought it started off well.