Time's Up: Zero Hour Cancelled by ABC

Zero Hour Cancelled By ABCWell, that lasted only a few seconds.

ABC has cancelled Zero Hour after three low-rated outings, TVLine has confirmed.

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The rookie conspiracy thriller’s Feb. 14 premiere drew 6.3 million total viewers and a 1.4 18-49 rating, making it ABC’s lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere ever. Episode 3 this Thursday sunk to 5 million viewers and a 1.0 rating.

The show will be pulled from the schedule, effective immediately. Encore episodes of Shark Tank will fill its slot for the next two weeks, then Wife Swap will take over the Thursdays-at-8 spot for seven weeks beginning March 21. Starting May 9, Wipeout will fill the hour.

The network has not yet announced when Zero Hour‘s remaining episodes will air.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the show’s passing.

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  1. Zoe says:

    See, this is why I try not to watch new shows. You get attached, and then it gets cancelled.

  2. Sarah says:

    So the show is being cancelled because the 18-49 demo isn’t watching?! I’m 40 and not only have I watched every episode of Zero Hour, I’ve been watching shows similar (no show exactly like it) since before I fit into the key demographic. What is supposedly wrong with the show? It is endlessly fascinating watching the mysteries unfold. Do they need a better network? X-files was and is a huge success, Fringe lasted for a little bit (almost 5 full seasons) and Touch is into another season. Maybe Zero Hour needs to be on Fox. Please give Zero Hour another chance. Thank you for your consideration.

    • 4agreements says:

      I totally agree with you but In a way I’m Pissed at all the producers of new shows running to the 3 major networks who have sold out to a DUMBNED audience! Cable & Fox are a great alternative

  3. Nikki J says:

    i just stayed up and watched all 3 epi’s on hulu last night and found that it was cancelled today. It was pretty good, but it felt kind of like too much too soon, did not build the characters enough to be invested in them. A heavy push for the feel of “LOST”, trying to create the mystery,but moved to fast. Seems I remember seeing alot of the plot ideas on the LOST fan boards. Too bad cause I was hoping that a few more episodes would have been nice too learn more about the characters. Seems like ABC gave Last Resort more of a chance. Shows are not on long enough to let them find an audience, that is sad.

  4. carol says:

    great show, move it to different night

  5. Deanna says:

    Well there goes another show with great possibilities. “Zero Hour” wasn’t even given a chance to pull in a fan base and better ratings. There is another show I know of that had really bad ratings the first season too, luckily nobody gave up on that show. Maybe you’ve heard of it, it was a little show called “One Tree Hill”. That show went on to air for nine seasons with a huge loyal fan base, I’m just saying.

  6. Ru says:

    I tried to watch it but there was just too much going on, too much info put out too soon…watched the first ep, dvr’d the 2nd and then deleted both 1st and 2nd….

  7. Bob says:

    No surprises here.

  8. Sharon says:

    Zero Hour was actually one of the better new shows that has been put out recently. I don’t watch most of the crap that is on TV because it is all these so-called “reality” shows… Please there is nothing real about any those shows…they are all actors. But Zero Hour had the promise of a good drama and I was excited about it and where the story would lead. It’s too bad the powers-that-be couldn’t give it a better chance to get a following. I guess they’d rather continue to show programs that reflect how “real” a Bachelor/Bachelorette are…now that is a show that should be axed!

  9. Mike says:

    Good show, just started to get into it. Reminded me a little like lost. I thing ABC is making a mistake with this one.

  10. casgirl3 says:

    It wasn’t the best of shows, but I invested the time to watch the three episodes and now I want to know see how it ends! I never leave a book unread and I hate when a network leaves me hanging. it’s such a turn off these days to start watching the new shows, because you are never know if you’ll get to see a conclusion – whether that takes 10 episodes or 10 seasons. Does anyone know if we would be able to see the remaining episodes anywhere?

  11. Aryn says:

    It was starting to pick up and I LOVE this show!!! How can they get rid of it so quickly??? I hate it when my fave new shows aren’t given time to catch on and get a “following” :( :( Why should I ever invest in another new show…most likely TPTB will just cancel it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PEEVED……………………………

  12. Belle says:

    WHY, WHY, WHY????!!!! I am so tired of being jerked around by TV Execs, stop taking away our shows so abruptly! We start investing our time and DVR space on shows that are never even given a chance – just sad. ABC I’m going to boycott your Network – not that you’ll miss me, but still I am sick of being a pawn in your sick mind games!!!! UGH

  13. Bob says:

    Why is it that you network “PTB” have to get IMMEDIATE satisfaction in order to proceed with anything??!! We don’t live in your world, we DVR shows and watch on our own time…or we catch up using your website or Hulu – but WE ARE HERE!!!! Stop testing our patience with you, you MUST give every show at least 12 episodes to prove itself…it’s only fair :)

  14. kathy says:

    Thank goodness!!! This show was TERRRRRIBLE! The most unrealistic FBI agent historical facts askew, bad writing, bad acting…I REALLY wanted to like the show, but it was just tooo God awful… I was hoping for something along the lines of the movie National Treasure…not this

  15. Cyndi says:

    SAD!! I liked this show. Certainly better than most reality shows…like wife swap…How can you cancel after 3 shows? Can you say not given a chance?

  16. thephoenix1108 says:

    Sure, why not cancel a thought-provoking show like Zero Hour when we can watch all those stimulating reality shows about wanna-bees and farm animals. Sell the rights for Zero Hour to the SyFy Channel where good shows can get a new life. Remember a very low-rated show named Star Trek? In those days, networks listened to viewers. I wonder whatever happened to that show?

  17. Renee says:

    This is pathetic and ridiculous. It’s not just ABC it’s America anymore .Last year, Missing and Awake were cancelled. Both of these shows required people to think. A person couldn’t just mindlessly zone out while watching television. Sure the acting may have been a little amateur at times in Zero Hour, but could it be anyworse than the dishonest backstabbing of a show like Survivor or the mindless, odd scenes in Honey Boo Boo, or just watching mostly out of shape, desperate people make fools of themsleves on Wipeout, It’s just more proof of the dumbing down of America. People would rather watch mindless, low-life trash than something that provokes thought and meaning. I don’t have a problem with people wanting to watch hows like Wife Swap, Honey Boo Boo, Family Guy, Wipeout, etc… just leave on some meaningful thought provoking shows, too.

  18. tt says:

    I’m in the apparently coveted demographic.


    I also do not record with anything you will be able to track (MythTV). So I don’t count. Interesting. I actually liked the premise of the show, found the pilot interesting…

    How can they expect anyone to invest time to get into a new show when they kill them so soon? I’m done with the networks. I’m about ready to ignore any new show till it’s totally run it’s course, or has at least 4 seasons, and gotten great reviews from people I trust. Then I’ll just watch it on DVD/BD/Netflix/etc.. Seems like only HBO/SHO are making new stuff worth watching anymore. I think the only shows still on I’m interested in are, “Game of Thrones”, “Dexter” (that’s getting tired), and Doctor Who.

  19. tt says:

    Oh, one last thing. BURN IN HELL FOX.

    Yes, I’m still pissed about Firefly.

  20. Geoff & Lesley Jeal says:

    We record the majority of series we like as there are so many adverts!!! So we watched Thursdays episode of zero hour only to find that was the last one!! We have set tv to record the series! We thought it was very good & looked forward to the next episode on a Thursday. There is so much crap as in too many reality shows that it was really good to watch an intelligent programme!! We would like to watch the complete series!!!!

  21. tvshowaddict says:

    I did really like it. The story is building and intriguing. But, the acting is just really so off. I’m just trying to ignore it because I’m really liking where the story is going but I just really can’t stand the acting. Too bad.

  22. n/a says:

    I want to know who calls the shots at ABC, one of the few shows worth watching, but nooo!! Lets cancel a smart show and bring the “crap” because crap sells…

  23. jewel says:

    of course the pilot episode didnt have many viewers on regular tv BECAUSE everyone already watched it preshowing on HULU..why do they not look into how many viewers on HULU there are.i refuse to pay for cable, the prices are rediculous however HULU plus internet much cheaper. im sure im not the only one in millions to do so.

  24. 4agreements says:

    This show was marketed so poorly It was almost like ABC wanted it to FAIL! Most of my friends never even heard of this show. What REALLY SUCKS about them cancelling Zero Hour is that they are replacing it with two PURE GARBAGE shows wife swap & shark tank. I will not be watching this TRASH tonight!

  25. Callie says:

    They should at least give every show one season to air and after that decide if they still want to air that show or cancel it.

  26. 4agreements says:

    I can say I’m glad to see people are still posting about how dissatified they are about this show being cancelled. Hope ABC producers are reading these posts!

  27. Joanne Pimenetl-Rocha says:

    BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE….. cancelling ZERO HOUR. Was this from the influence of the Catholic Church afraid of actually seeing some TRUTH come out of religion? Anyone who was responsible for cancelling this show definitely shows absolutely NO taste in what is being shown to the public. Right… let’s put on some more no nothing do nothing sit coms that do nothing for building our imagination. We can all become a bunch of monkeys watching TV on your channel!!

  28. T says:

    That sucks… too many cop shows on tv now. The only show i actually wanted to watch and they don’t even give it a chance. Maybe there were some truthful things in the plot “they” didn’t want getting out. Bring back Zero Hour!!!

  29. Corey Moyd says:

    Please bring Zero Hour back! It was really good!

  30. Carly says:

    What? How could this happen? I liked it. That totally stinks! I want to know if the wife is going to live, and I wonder how if the guy Hank saw IS him.

  31. Bauer says:

    Are you kidding me??? Big mistake ABC!!!! I am so sick of weak reality shows. Finally had a show with some substance and never gave it a chance! So what if we record and watch after our kids go to bed? When are the networks going to get out of the dark ages and rate on actual viewership, not on what people are doing at that moment.
    Dissappointed, at best, ABC execs! Bauer

  32. victoria caery says:

    Stupid decision. One of the best shows on tv at this time, as opposed to the absolute trash that is on most of the time. What a shame. Tv has become so full of inappropriate trash that the good shows get thrown out. Really makes me wonder about thepeople who make these decisions. Wont be watching the replacement shows for sure. Maybe CBS will make better decisions about their programming.

  33. Mara says:

    I want that series returned

  34. PaulRay says:

    I just want to put my say on here! I like it to sat down after a hard 12 hour day at work thinking about zero hour and nothing ABC yall suck I’m not watching nothing yall bring out because yall never finish it out

  35. sam says:

    So sorry to learn Zero Hour has been cancelled. I looked forward to each episode and the mystery. The story was beginning to develop and now we are left hanging. I can’t believe they are filling the time with Shark Tank and Wipe Out. I won’t be watching ABC at those times. ABC should have given Zero Hour more of a chance. Bring it back!

  36. Lorin says:

    I liked the story line and it had great potential but the bad acting and the overly inept Characters really made it just seem dumb. The FBI should have been more professional and the Main character should have had more emotions. The constant bungling of just letting the villain go was absolutely absurd the way it was done. Please bring back the show but with better Writers, Directors and better actors.

  37. Diane Peters says:

    I am getting sick and tired or getting interested in new shows. Then they’re off the schedule. Then they’re cancelled. It doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  38. Frances Alvarez says:

    I loved Zero Hour, but I noticed that all American series are the same, when you are really into it they cancelled, I guess I will have to return to my spanish soap operas, they are never cancelled and they last 7 months, I tried to watch American tv but it is a desaster. I will have to buy the book to know the end of Zero Hour.

  39. Joe Blow says:


  40. dominique says:

    For once there is a serie, I watch. For the last three Thursday, it was my duaghter in bed at 0800, me on the sofa, phone switch off and nobody bother me I was very captivated by Zero Hour, what a big disapointement when I didn’t see it today went on line and cancelled instead we have the right to see a stupid show as shark tank…IS abc so stupid that they cancelled a show like that, don’t tell me you ahve more people watching your channel at the same time now….Really you are very disapointing, so good show….So sad….

  41. Eddie Lashley says:

    That’s it I’m done with network TV. Wonder why shows like walking dead americanhorror soa justified ect cream them weekin week out. Untilyou idiots stop solely going by Nelson ratings your done. You need to count on demand dvr anddownloads and website views along with hulu and I think your ratings would be alot different most ppl don’t have time to watch when shows air so your basing your decision on lil ole. Ladies. At home watching wife swap. Just what we need more reality shows

  42. Chema says:

    Is it possible this program will com out on DVD
    The person who wrote it got their facts straight I checked on line and was suprised to they did their homework on this show

  43. Wanda says:

    You should at least make it available on video so we can see the rest

  44. Judith says:

    I don’t think these Network types want a viewing audience. Not everyone wants to watch a
    reality show. I thought the story line was really good and just getting better. Very disappointing. I hope another Newwork picks it up and gives it the chance it deserves.

  45. Maura Picard says:

    loved the show. abc sucks. it wasn’t even given a chance. reminded me of davinci code. finally a show that we had to think and pay attention to, but they would rather keep mindless reality nonsense like wife swap and shark tank in it’s place!? ABC should be ashamed!!!!!!!

  46. Kathleen crane says:

    Please bring back zero hour it was great so tied of reality and reruns please I love that show I want to know the ending

  47. tj says:

    ABC is the worst! I was once a very loyal ABC network watcher seeing that I grew up in the 80’s/90’s and the TGIF nights. However, over the last 6-7 years I have been sucked in to new shows that are thought provoking, entertaining and in some cases just plain funny (Traveller, Flash Forward, V, Man Up, Last Resort and now Zero Hour) have been on the wrong end of Network Executive ineptitude. I honestly feel I could do their job with my eyes closed. All it takes is a little common sense. For example, if you see that you are going up against perenial ratings killers on a specific time slot (Thursdays between 8-10 lately) why in the world would you even attempt to fill that slot with a new unestablished show? As long as American Idol is pulling in 20+million viewers every Thursday night you are better off tossing Wife swap in that slot that is low risk high reward (monitarely speeking). Otherwise, save your good shows for nights like Sunday nights or Wednesdays where you will have a fighting chance. Im just saying a little vommon sense goes a long way. Sadly the network execs at ABC and NBC have no vision so they just throw on some reality garbage. How difficult is it to put a camera in front of people and hit record? You just know when that happens people are going to act in the most insane way humanly possible.
    Im just saying get someone in their with vision and a little bit of common sense and they will be able to turn it around. And for God sakes give a show a chance!

  48. George says:

    Obummer is behind it as ABC dances to his tune.

  49. Cathy says:

    Great show, 3 episodes not enough to hook viewers, so tired of networks canceling good shows so soon that’s why people are moving to cable.
    666 Park Ave. was good Do No Harm was not. Anything that takes thinking just disappears so I guess I can also because I won’t watch the junk they put on instead wife swap, shark tank, most reality tv sucks.

  50. guest says:

    I just gave it a shot and have to say this is not a loss. pretty much the dumbest and most boring series I’ve ever tried. (and I don’t have high expectations for TV)