Is Walking Dead's Andrea Doomed? Is Bachelor Now Too Bawdy? Idol Anti-Guitar? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, Girls, Nashville and American Idol!

1 | How utterly heartbreaking was Enlightened‘s Laura Dern in that scene where caddish newspaper guy Jeff (Dermot Mulroney) broke off their affair — especially that final, whispered, “But I didn’t know all along”? And as much as Julia Louis-Dreyfus walkingdead 300and Lena Dunham elicit Emmy love for HBO, is Dern the most award-worthy of the trio?

2 | After The Walking Dead’s Andrea came thatclose to slitting the Governor’s throat — and then didn’t — was there anyone who didn’t expect him to turn around and break her neck? How much bigger can the writing get on the wall that this is not going to end well for her? And if we vow to be extra-grossed out by every other special effect for the rest of the season, will the show promise never to show us The Governor’s empty eye socket again?

3 | Are we not at a point in red carpet coverage technology where “who” a person is wearing can be predetermined and quietly displayed on screen while the interviewer uses that time for a different and less superficial question? On that same note, why is Jennifer Lawrence — the second-youngest person to win the Academy Award for Best Actress — being asked in the press room how she got ready in the morning?

4 | Did anyone in ABC marketing question, for a second, the decision to on Oscar night tout Once Upon a Time as delivering “epic” tales “every single week” in the midst of this inconsistently scheduled time of year?

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5 | Isn’t it about time for Girls to do a Shoshanna-centric episode? And could Jemima Kirke have looked any more pregnant during Jessa’s swingset conversation with her dad?

6 | How unexpected was that Bunheads twist, that Ginny slept with Frankie?

7 | Shouldn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ young Ms. Bradshaw have “taken care” of her surprisingly jerky ex-boyfriend George and punched him you-know-where?

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8 | On Castle, what if Volkov hadn’t walked away from Rick and Alexis by the time the walkie-talkie detonated? And if ever a two-parter should have been arced out over three episodes, wasn’t this the time?

9 | Was The Following‘s reveal that the female cop was a cult member telegraphed from a mile away?

bachelor10 | Have you no shame, ABC? Opening the “overnight fantasy suite” episode of The Bachelor with a shot of Sean riding into a resort town on a boat with a bow that might as well have been labeled “giant symbolic erection”? Also, were you guys really shameless enough to attempt a “down the front of the Bachelor’s unopened pants” shot? We don’t know whether to call the FCC or simply tip our hats to you.

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11 | Didn’t the Snatch Game episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race make you want to see Jinkx Monsoon team up with Pandora Boxx for a remake of Laverne & Shirley or something?

12 | Doesn’t it seem weird that The New Normal’s David and Bryan, who love to entertain, would hate the idea of a baby shower?

13 | Why would Mindy Project‘s Danny ever consider — much less agree to — fathering a kid for one of his patients? That’s gotta violate a handful of medical ethics, no?

14 | Despite the heartbreaking developments going on all around it, wasn’t Hart of Dixie‘s elf/jedi wedding the cutest thing ever?

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15 | Seriously, is there anything White Collar‘s Neal Caffrey can’t do?! Now he can chisel art out of marble overnight, as well?!

16 | Was there a more absurdly funny scene on TV this week than Suburgatory‘s Dalia inappropriately eulogizing Marty, a man she’d never met?

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18 | Dear Southland: Can Tammi act on her threats and go away already? We’d feel bad for Sammy that she took his kid, but we’d get over it.

19 | Did The Americans‘ Elizabeth make Alias‘ Sydney Bristow proud when she silently maneuvered herself from one car trunk to another while both cars were mounted?

20 | Did the Season 12 American Idol judges get a secret memo informing them to immediately eliminate any contestant who plays a guitar? How else to explain Juliana Chahayed and David Oliver Willis getting booted despite being inarguably among the more talented vocalists on their respective nights?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Aleksa says:

    As far as The New Normal goes, it was the gifts they objected to, not the shower in and of itself.

  2. 2. I didn’t expect the Governor to turn around and break Andrea’s neck mainly because he was lying down on the bed.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Andrea can’t die soon enough for me. She has sunk so far down that sinkhole the only way I will ever like her is if she somehow sacrifices herself for the group.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      She is now the antithesis of her character in TWD Comics, and the perfect example of whats wrong with the show compared to the comic. When you divert from perfection (the comic), you can only go down. Her character was amazing in the comic, so strong and smart, and had a loving soft relationship with Dale (though im shamefully happy the show didnt go that way, would have been weird to see). She became a badass later on with her sniper skills and became a right hand to Rick.

      If they kill her off, she wont get to be any of those things which makes me sad. I know many people dont like the actress either, personally i like her a lot i just cant stand Andrea. I think the only way she could have been redeemed is by standing up, saying “I’m with you Rick” and killing the Governor. But she didnt, and i assume she will be trying to get them to be peaceful up to the moment they go to war, and she will probably die. I cant see how she would survive, after her surviving with Michonne, and her surviving by living in the town..shes already been saved so many times, and is such a strongly disliked character, i cant imagine her being saved/surviving again.

  4. Boiler says:

    Shameful Bachelor is even on TV, Hart of Dixie was great, I am sure the city of Nashville has paparazzi and gee isn’t it just awful(not) that the internet did not break something

  5. I was wondering that about Nashville too. I’ve read that Keith and Nicole – among other superstar Nashvillians – prefer living there because there’s no paparazzi. They can just live there in peace. My only theory as to why the divorce news broke in the tabloids instead of the internet is that they really were able to keep it quiet like they wanted. I know it’s rare in Hollywood but I think it’s happened. Can’t think of an example though. Could be that someone close to them (e.g. one of Teddy’s staff members) sold the story. Those things tend to print lies just because something seems off for a couple/person so it could’ve been that but one of those times where it’s true. Just my opinion though. In actuality, it was probably just so the writers could put in that drama.

    • Tess says:

      Ooh good theory!! I bet it was flaky Peggy who tipped off the tabloids! Love, love me some Nashville!!

      But you know, sometimes the gossip rags can still get a scoop on a big story. What about the headline Star magazine ran last week about the supposed upcoming divorce of Tori Spelling and her husband? (denied btw.) I hadn’t seen anything about that on the internet.

      • I hadn’t either but for good reason: I’ve seen articles on,, and E! Online where she denies the divorce.

        I do like your theory about it being Peggy who told the tabloids.

        • Tess says:

          I know, I mean who else knew about the divorce? Maddie and Daphne, I think Rayna’s manager Bucky knew in episode 13 and he’d never say anything – he’s far too loyal. And as much as I dislike Teddy for seemingly putting his love life before his daughters welfare, I just can’t see him doing this. Ooh, maybe Liam though? Now he’s another good suspect. Aw hell, waiting until March 27th for the next new episode is going to be absolute torture!

    • Me says:

      I live in Nashville and I’m begging you….don’t give the paparazzi any ideas. We love not having them here.

    • Lisa says:

      As a life-long Nashvillian, let me just say…the paparazzi tend to avoid this place. We like to consider ourselves a safe haven for public people who prefer a private life.

  6. Laura says:

    18 – Yes, please! I also wonder why, after making no secret that she’s not beneath making things up in order to get sole custody, she thought anyone would take the “unwitnessed” assault charge seriously.

  7. Dennis says:

    Any news on Bunhead renewal chances?

  8. Kate says:

    4. Ha! My Tumblr dash had a lot of “Liar!/ABC is full of liars!” posts after that commercial.

    20. Blame the “White Guy With Guitar” meme for that one

  9. The Kaibosh says:

    Regarding Andrea on The Walking Dead. I agree with people who believe she has been annoying this season. She has and its been frustrating to watch but people simply have to stop saying things like I can’t wait for her to die…she needs to go etc….because…COMIC BOOK SPOILER…..Andrea has a long journey ahead of her. She is the female lead of the show. Like it or not its true. I don’t think she’s going anywhere. Again SPOILER…in the comic book Lori and Judith are supposed to die when a character named Lily shoots Lori during the final prison assault and Lori falls on and kills Judith. Horrified by what she’s done Lily shoots the Governor and leaves him to be eaten by walkers…who do so. In the show there is no Lily and Lori has already died. Therefore I strongly believe that it will be Andrea that shoots the Governor and leaves him to the walkers. It makes perfect sense that it would Andrea that kills the Governor. Unless I’m totally off base which I don’t think I am people please stop going on about how Andrea needs to go.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Only the writers know exactly what direction they plan to take. You can’t rely on what’s in the comic book. They’ve deviated a lot and have said in multiple interviews that they plan on continuing that route so Andrea could die. IMO Maggie should be the one who kills the Governor.

    • Faster says:

      Calm down. People can say whatever they want to about Andrea, and the show is not an exact rehash of the comics. It could go a completely different way.

  10. Deena says:

    I have no problem accepting the fact that Neal Caffrey can do anything and everything. And look amazing doing it as well.

  11. Katherine215 says:

    I LOVED HoD’s Jedi/elf wedding! That show is just too amazing, even if they are breaking my heart with this Zoe/Wade breakup. When will tv shows learn that life is still interesting and still has drama even after a couple has sex?? I would’ve enjoyed watching Zoe and Wade navigate relationship drama and Bluebell quirks rather than this breakup. :(

    • dee dee says:

      Wade is an immature arse who i wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Sure, on tv, you might be able to consider him a lovable scamp. But would you really be in favor in real life of any any friend you had being with someone they were so completely incompatible with? In real life, if you have nothing in common, eventually the relationship falls apart. They are attracted to each other, but passion fades and then what are they left with?

      • Radha says:

        So what you’re saying is that a couple has to have everything in common in order to make it work? There are tons of people who are complete opposites and have a lasting loving relationship.

    • Lara says:

      Totally agree with you. I hope this gets fixed somehow. I don’t think this show will ever be the same. I’ll still watch though, to see if it gets better.

  12. Patricia says:

    I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead I just started watching last week and i’m all cought up I can’t believe I love it this much. I really hope Andrea doesn’t die and that she redeems herself with the group. I like her I hope she’s the one that kills the Governor

  13. Drewer says:

    Yep there are no Paprazo in Nashville, and they definitely don’t hang out at the Blue Bird. We also don’t get that many muggings that result in death.

  14. Drew says:

    Was I the only one who thought that maybe Rayna shouldn’t have written a song for Deacon that used the lyrics “pour me something stronger, pour me something straight”?

    I get the meaning and all, but it was an awkward song to deliver at his birthday party of all places.

  15. inksinger says:

    Yes no paparazzi in Nashville and actually the only people who go to Tootsie’s are the tourists. We love our Keith and Nicole sightings since they tend to go to the places most of us do. We are proud of the Bluebird.

  16. Bruce_F says:

    16. – I just don’t find Dalia all that funny. Her shtick got tiresome for me a few episodes into season one. What WAS funny was Noah declaring he was in love with Carmen. That was fantastic.

    • Ann says:

      Dalia is hilarious. I love how the actress dead-pans her lines. But they should only be using that character sparingly.

  17. sarah says:

    It was very obvious the female cop on The Following was in on it all.
    I was super shocked that Ginny slept with Frankie.
    It was hard to enjoy the Wanda and Tom wedding on HOD.

  18. Gogo says:

    Any word on the renewal of Enlightened? Laura Dern deserves more recognition for her work, she’s amazing. Also I would love a Shosh episode of Girls.

    • Brian says:

      I like Enlightened, but Amy is so stupid it drives me crazy. But I still like it for some reason… Laura Dern is fantastic in the role.

  19. Kristina says:

    #14–In any other episode, the wedding would have stolen the show. Sadly, even the awesomeness of a LoTR/Star Wars mashup wedding couldn’t eclipse the total nightmare that was the Zoe/Wade “twist”–writing at its most cliched.
    #19–haha that whole scene, the only thing I could think about was the interview with JJ Abrams and Felicity Russell where he mused, “What if Felicity was a spy?”

  20. Jason Stein says:

    What nothing on the most shameless episode of Shameless on Showtime to date? Did anyone see Frank pass his drug test? Did u see Fiona when she found what Frank did? How about how she was fired from work and then threatened by the store manager? The baby making session with Kevin and his mother-in-law? And what about the entire scene with the Russian?

    • Faster says:

      I agree, this show does not get enough recognition on this site. Last week’s was by far the wildest episode to date. My jaw was on the floor at all the sexual awkwardness with Kev/V/mom and Ian/Mickey/the Russian. Great show.

  21. nick1372 says:

    3 | Definitely! That’s a great idea.
    4 | Once is only at episode 14, though. It really isn’t going to be getting the usual treatment most shows get.

  22. Brad says:

    In regards to the Castle question, I watched the episode once and then immediately rewatched it and can say that Castle’s dad was watching them and hit a button to detonate the walkie talkie and kill Volkov. I totally agree that this episode should have been a three parter though!

  23. Samantha says:

    #11- YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!…yes

  24. Felix says:

    #11 I would watch the hell out of that. Jinkx is amazing.
    #20 really disappointed…Juliana wasn’t perfect but that performance definitely made me want more. It’s my first Idol season since Kelly, so I wasn’t sure if it’s always this horrendous…

  25. Russ says:

    #5 – Yes! Shosh is my favorite and I constantly feel like she gets swept under the rug.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Sometimes not seeing something makes the reveal more surprising, this is why I think Bunheads seemed to focus so much on Sasha and her boyfriend thus making the Ginny/Frankie reveal surprising. It does explain why he was suddenly scarce, I’d wondered why he’s wasn’t around all of the sudden. My question is: How the hell can Sasha afford that apartment!? Are her parents that well off? And is she emancipated or something? I’ve seen all the episodes and wondering if I missed a conversation somewhere. One minute he parents are splitting up and moving in literally opposite directions and Sasha’s not going and she’s crying on Michelle’s lap wondering what she’s going to do, the next she’s moving into a place I couldn’t afford but would love to live.

    • Eli says:

      The question about Sasha’s ridiculous apartment and everything surrounding that has been asked in a previous week. It’s still bad writing and it still bugs me though.

  27. Jamey says:

    Am I going crazy, or did anyone else think Chuck when you heard Volkof on Castle? I agree with the three parter!!

  28. Clari says:

    #11 YESSS
    Also, I’m going to be pissed when Jinkx gets eliminated for not being “glam” enough.

  29. on NASHVILLE -yeah the paparazzi situation seemed rather orchestrated by the writers, but GOD YES Rayna /Connie killed it with this song. So beautiful! I hope we get a 2nd season!

  30. lonestarjrs says:

    nothing about new girl…boooo…boooooooo

    • nick1372 says:

      Seriously? There’s 84 hours of original programming on broadcast TV alone every week, and you complain that 1 show was left off? Wow.

  31. I was talking about Andrea’s chances to a family member just the other day; I personally believe that Andrea will die by the end of this season.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Unfortunately I saw an interview in which Laurie Holden said they were in good hands with Scott Gimble going into season 4. Doesn’t sound like Andrea dies :-( Unless she’s just pretending which would make me very happy.

  32. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Sadly it appears that the top 20 was pre selected. Much of the judges spontaneity has been replaced by forced and occasional cliche commentary. There is no other logical reason for many of the decisions.

  33. Britta Unfiltered says:

    2. Actually, I did expect that to happen too, yeah. Also, I would totally settle for seeing the Governor’s eye socket over his naked butt. Any day of the week. :)
    3. Good point about the clothes. Did you see the press room questions of the other celebrities? They were all so inane!! I couldn’t believe it! They asked Christoph Waltz how he felt about the possibility of a black pope being elected. I dunno if they were expecting to uncover some secret Austrian racism there, but of course he had the reaction of “Um, yeah, I’m for it.” And they asked Jennifer too if she was worried about having peaked now that she won an Oscar at such a young age, to which she replied, “Um, now I am!” What a thing to ask!
    5. I definitely noticed it at the train stop.
    7. I don’t watch The Carrie Diaries, but if we’re talking about Carrie Bradshaw, keep in mind this is someone who grew up to be a woman who married a guy who was a pretty horrible jerk to her, used her to cheat on his wife, talked her into cheating on her very nice boyfriend, refused to introduce her to his mom because she was just another one of his many girls, and then humiliated her and broke her heart by abandoning her at the altar. Carrie has very inappropriate reactions to men who treat her badly. Sounds like they are keeping her in character.
    18. Yes, please.