Nikita's Dillon Casey Details the Life of a 'Dead' Sean, Why Resentment Toward Alex Is Inevitable

Nikita Season 2 SpoilersRIP Sean Pierce.

The CW’s Nikita (Fridays, 8/7c) last week shockingly “killed off” its stalwart Navy SEAL after Amanda framed him for a horrendous crime — but of course, he’s not really gone. Dillon Casey‘s crime-fighting alter ego has instead been forced into a full-time Division gig, living underground with a few rogue agents and Alex, the one (temporary?) bright spot in his turned-upside-down life.

Here, Casey reveals what the world of his “dead” agent consists of, why “Salex” is in for a slightly rocky road and why we may never see Sean’s funny side.

TVLINE | What does the life of a “dead” Sean look like?
We’re going to see more of him, that’s for sure. He’s part of the team now, whether he likes it or not. He was always a reluctant part, but now he’s in there and it’s official. He’s still injured — he shot himself at close range in the shoulder — so he’s not ready for action yet. His whole world has been turned upside-down; he’s not allowed to leave Division because he’s a known felon,plus he’s dead, so he can’t just show up in New York City. [Laughs] If he’s going to be useful at all, he’s going to have to do it from within the confines of Division. Right away, he’s really stir-crazy; he’s a high-energy guy who wants to be out in the field and part of the action. Now he’s fighting for an operation that he doesn’t really trust. So, his only point, really, is to try and embrace it and to do good within Division. He has to become a behind-the-scenes guy for a while, sort of the way Michael took a backseat after he lost his hand… He can help out as a General, in that sort of way.

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TVLINE | Last week, Sean felt that he “died a criminal, a traitor” — will we see some residual effects of that being his mindset?
Of course. To become a Navy SEAL, they’re the best of the best in the world… He’s worked his whole life and suffered a huge amount to become a person who does the most amount of good that he can for America. And what happens? He dies a murderer and a traitor. [Laughs] He lost his mother, he lost his life, he lost his sisters. It’s horrible. But one of the things about his SEAL training is that you learn to accept a situation and move forward. Of course he’s going to have residual emotion, of course it’s in there, but he needs to decide whether to act on it… The whole goal of Division is — or should be — to shut down Division, to ultimately have this place not exist anymore. If they’re successful and he continues to keep his head down and take part in good missions, eventually maybe he’ll get his life back.

TVLINE | Will Sean blame Alex at all for his situation?
Sean’s very weary of combining his emotions for Alex with the action of the field. That’s why when he realized he was in the love with her, he needed her to leave; he couldn’t stay. So, I don’t know if he blames her. Whether he likes it or not, he does harbor some resentment toward her because he gave her the opportunity to leave and she didn’t take it. He’s given up a ton for her — he’s saved her life a number of times, he’s been there for her, he’s had her back — and if you actually look at it, she hasn’t given up anything for Sean. It’s a tough situation for him. He loves her. She asked him to meet her halfway, so at some point she’s going to have to cut him some slack and let him deal with the situation and help him through it for once.

TVLINE | Now that Sean’s a permanent fixture within Division, will we see any new dynamics develop within the team?
I love Sean’s interactions with Michael; there’s a nice chemistry there. You’ll see that Sean’s an all-around good guy — as much as he’s in this awful, awful situation, he knows that they’re all in the same boat. Owen he doesn’t care for; he doesn’t like the guy. [Laughs] There’s actually a huge episode [coming up] when Sean and Owen go out in the field for quite a long period of time and Alex is a burning topic that they might have to discuss. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Sean’s been pretty vocal about not agreeing with Division, and now Ryan wants to veer back into Percy territory. Will will see some head-butting on that issue?
From what I can tell, Sean has just put his head down and worked…. If they’re doing something he doesn’t agree with, he doesn’t have to take part in it. But the one thing on his list is to keep Alex safe and make sure she stays on the straight-and-narrow. She’s a bit of a nutty person, so it’s not that easy.

TVLINE | Sean is so serious and you’re so not. Any chance we’ll see a lighter side of the character this season?
My friends and family, especially my mom and dad, are always saying I should smile more…. [Laughs] So, I’ll do a scene and think [about that], but whenever I try to add a little humor to it, the director says, “Don’t do that,” or it gets cut out. I’ve definitely tried to add in a little of my own stuff here and there, but it’s tough because it’s just not being looked for in that character. There are moments where I’ll be the first to admit Sean’s been a bit of a schizophrenic character; he has times where he’s Mr. Badass, and there are times when he’s Mr. Goofball. But when he’s with Alex, the walls come down and he hams up a little for her. The humor, I feel, comes from Alex, the banter/trash-talking  he has with Michael and the jealousy he has with Owen. I would love it if there was more, but it’s a lot of stuff to pack into 45 minutes. [Laughs]

For more of Casey’s comedic side, check out his website

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  1. Alan says:

    i hope we get to see more of his funny side, all the other actors have had the chance to show the comedic traits of their characters while sean has always been the stoic guy in the corner who seemed slightly out of place in this family. plus dillon casey is an all round great guy who deserves the chance to show a bit more of his range.

  2. omabin says:

    Love Sean! So glad about this storyline, it’s amazing

  3. kat says:

    The Salex angst in the coming episodes is going to kill me. But, well, I’ve watched way too much Whedon – happy couples are doomed. So if being angsty now means they have things to work through and grow through then fantastic! I just feel so bad for poor Sean. He’s right, he’s given up so much for Alex (not all things either of them ever intended, but still…) and we really haven’t seen Alex open up as much to him. Which is understandable, but I hope that’s something we get down the line. Alex is a very messed up character, and she’ll always be messed up, but even if she can’t ever truly ‘recover’ in the sense that she becomes totally well adjusted and normal, she can still grow. I want to see that growth from her. So far this season it feels like they’ve set up potential growth (drug relapse, questions about *why* she relapsed) but it hasn’t really gone anywhere yet.

  4. Watcher says:

    I don’t really like any of Dillon’s interviews that I’ve read lol

    Sean will be resenting Alex for what had happened but he decided to be with her anyway (despite her not being normal and able to walk away from Division and Nikita), he decided to stay and help out… it was his decision so he should deal with it and not dump his anger on Alex — who did try to help him out and will already be feeling guilty for this though it’s not her fault. Sean knew the risks but he stayed anyway.

    “He’s given up a ton for her — he’s saved her life a number of times, he’s been there for her, he’s had her back — and if you actually look at it, she hasn’t given up anything for Sean.”

    Really? she haven’t gave up anything? she slept with him, she was a sex slave and yet she slept with him and tried to have a relationship with him and tried to be somewhat normal with/for him, though she has so many issues… and lately really been in distress. And Alex also saved his life [for example 2×07] and got his back and was there for him when his mother died, was there for him when he was shot…

    she doesn’t deserve this treatment.

    • kat says:

      Humans have these things called emotions. As Dillon said in another interview, you can’t control your emotions, all you can control is how you react. Controlling how you react isn’t always easy either, and that’s what’s going to be a struggle for Sean moving forward. It’s the exact same thing Michael is going through now, with trying to come to terms with Nikita cutting off his hand. Does Nikita deserve Michael shutting her out? No. But it’s not about deserving anything, it’s about how people deal with high emotions after a traumatic event.
      As for his relationship with Alex, you say she’s tried to have a relationship with him, but has she really? Sean’s been the one instigating things from the start. He kissed her first, he asked her out, he’s been the one from the beginning trying to move them forward and get closer and become more. And Alex has always taken a lot of convincing to make even the tiniest step forward. Yes, she’s a trauma survivor. She gets a certain amount of slack because of that. Relationships aren’t easy for her, and she’s not going to handle things in a normal way. That being said, for a relationship to be healthy, both people have to work on it. It can’t just be about what Alex needs. And so far, their romantic relationship has been about what Alex needs 99% of the time. Yes, Alex has done things for Sean, and made some progress, and yes she chose to sleep with him which I agree was a big step (though in terms of “giving things up” I hardly think it matches losing literally everything because he chose to stay in Division for her long enough to get caught in the crossfire). But she’s still closed off. Even in the last episode, when he asked her about her butterfly tattoo (a symbol that’s generally pretty easy to interpret) she wouldn’t open up about anything even that simple. From an emotional standpoint Sean has put way more into their relationship than Alex has. And that’s fine to an extent, given her history and trust issues, but now it’s Sean’s turn. He’s going through something awful, and trying to cope with his entire life being destroyed and being stuck somewhere he hates, and he’s probably not going to be a great boyfriend while he’s dealing with that. If Alex can’t be understanding about that, and be patient with him while he tries to work through his issues, then she’s a hypocrite because that’s exactly what Sean’s always been asked to do for her.

      • Caro says:

        Wiser words were never spoken.

      • Watcher says:

        “Humans have these things called emotions” – wow really? :S
        I like how you compare this with Michael except Nikita really made the decision FOR him and cut off his own hand
        Sean HOWEVER made his decision to be in relationship with Alex and to help out Division, he agreed of them faking his death and yet he’s angry at Alex? that doesn’t really sit well with me… should I be sorry? or should be Sean? no but I get that he’s hurting I just hate that he takes it on *seemly* everyone but himself when he’s the one very much responsible for his own fate. I hate that Alex is gonna get hate for something that wasn’t really her fault (and no it wasn’t hers, he could have left). I can’t believe I’m saying this but I do hope Owen calls him out on this hating.

        When I was talking about her trying I was talking about 3×09 3X11 because to me it really seemed like she was trying. Yeah she didn’t really opened up to him but she’s right, she’s not normal and she really doesn’t have much relationship experience and he shouldn’t expect this to be easy and hey it’s not like she haven’t done completely anything I mean besides – you know – sleeping with him, she was willing to go away and meet his family it seems… but it takes time really to break through that shell and work through those issues. I know you don’t like this Kat, that it revolves a lot about Alex and that relationship is about 2 people really, but when one has some really crappy experience/serious trauma the partner should be there, understanding and try and help that person into their feet… which if to give credit for, Sean tried doing and if to credit Alex she was there for him at 2×19 and 2×21 and will probably be there again…
        the sex isn’t as big as losing your life so to speak but it is quite big you gotta admit and again, Sean’s loss was very much fault of his own, it was your decision was to stay, Sean so deal with it I say..
        and the butterfly… guess it’s really hard for her to open up about anything regarding her past. She needs therapy really.
        “From an emotional standpoint Sean has put way more into their relationship than Alex has. And that’s fine to an extent, given her history and trust issues, but now it’s Sean’s turn. He’s going through something awful, and trying to cope with his entire life being destroyed and being stuck somewhere he hates, and he’s probably not going to be a great boyfriend while he’s dealing with that. If Alex can’t be understanding about that, and be patient with him while he tries to work through his issues, then she’s a hypocrite because that’s exactly what Sean’s always been asked to do for her.]”
        I agree that he was more there emotionally. That’s true gotta say and despite our differences I don’t think you have to worry. I haven’t seen the episode yet (not american so) but Alex will probably be there if not at the beginning but eventually in the episode trying to help him out. and will be there for him emotionally… and Salex will live on.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        I agree

      • Julie Merritt says:

        I agree. Alex hasn’t really tried.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      He has mixed emotions. He isn’t trying to trerat her bad

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Actually he had her back and has come to her and the others aid many times

    • Julie Merritt says:

      He has been the one who has had their backs many times. Alex needs to help him through this.

  5. M3rc Nate says:

    Love his character, would like it if they basically made him and kept him the best fighter/shooter/operator of the whole group, considering he was SEAL Team 6 and is ripped like a mofo.

    What i always find interesting is when it pops in my head these men are trying to have these women be normal and settle down and be in a relationship and even marriage…yet these women (Nikita and Alex) are former sex slaves, drug addicts, put on death row, brain washed and trained by a black ops assassination organization, straight up murder people, and so on. Lol.

    Couldnt be more right about how Alex has done nothing for Sean and he has given literally everything for her but his life and who knows that could be happening at some point. Worst….girlfriend….ever. lol

  6. NokaLover says:

    I agree, it would kill me too not having my SALEX fix. :) I wonder if they will ever talk about her relapse.

  7. luli says:

    I want more Nalex scenes…