The CW Picks Up Whose Line Is It Anyway? Update for Summer 2013

aishaThe CW is reviving the improvisational comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The Talk‘s Aisha Tyler will host the new take, which is slated to debut this summer.

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Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie — all of whom appeared on the ABC series, which ran for eight years — will return for the spontaneous improv games along with a special guest every episode. (Is it too much to hope that Nashville‘s Charles Esten will once in a while return to fill the fourth seat?) They’ll be supplied with random prompts by Tyler and the audience.

Scenes from a Hat? Hoedown? Which Whose Line games do you hope will be back in the new version?

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  1. Aleksa says:


  2. edensongbird says:

    Without Drew? I’m not sure how I feel about that….

  3. Mellie says:

    I’ll miss Drew, but as long as we have Colin and Ryan I think we can make it. Can’t wait!

  4. Brie says:

    Why not without Drew? The original show in the UK was hosted by Clive Anderson. (And yes Ryan and Colin were part of the weekly cast.)

  5. kavyn says:

    I practically screamed “NO!” until I read that some of the vets would return. Any Improv with Ryan and Colin (and of course Wayne) is better than nothing, so I’m willing to give Aisha a shot. I know she’s fairly funny on The Talk.

    Drew was an iconic host, but he was always bad with the improv.

  6. wordsmith says:

    Drew Carey was always the least funny part of the original, and I like Aisha Tyler. Their recipe for success was usually anything involving throwing Colin and Ryan together and just letting them go for broke.
    For the love of God though, NO MORE HOEDOWNS! Nobody likes them – least of all the performers.

    • I like the hoedowns, precisely because the performers don’t.

      • There’s a huge difference between the performers not being good at something (which can be hilarious) and the performers hating to do something (which is usually just sad). Believe me, I’m an improv performer as well. Hoedown is one of the least-liked games in the industry. Irish Drinking Song usually goes over better with the crowd AND the performers.

        • KevyB says:

          Don’t read into things. The fact that the audience isn’t enjoying it probably has little to do with the Hoedown and with the Hoedown performers. If Hoedown wasn’t doing well on Whose Line, they certainly would’ve dumped it.

  7. For all of you who are disappointed about Drew Carey not returning? You are WAY underestimating the entertainment value and improv skill of Aisha Tyler. She’s fantastically hilarious on her own podcast, and she’s definitely worth the host slot on this revival. This, plus the fact that Colin and Ryan are returning (no Greg Proops?) is a recipe for success. BIG time.

    • kavyn says:

      I think she needs to tread carefully as a host. Drew’s lines as a host (not a performer) were gold, and I feel like if she tried to take on the stuff he would say it wouldn’t come off right. Yes she’s funny and I’m sure she’ll do a fine job performing, but I’m not sure if she can handle hosting WLIIA (at least compared to Drew).

      • Sheila says:

        What? Gold? Were you watching the same show I watched?

        • McShine says:

          Drew may not have done well on most of the games he participated in (though he occasionally did really well in hoedowns and he held his own in games like helping hands), but his somewhat childish humer, his banter with the cast and his extremely contagious laugh defined a big part of the Whose Line atmosphere. Clive Anderson was a very different host and the UK version of Whose Line had a different feel to it because of that. The host, although mostly just reading cards, pressing the buzzer and otherwise “not doing a damn thing”, still has a huge influence and Drew is part of the reason why Whose Line had such a great run. People should give him some credit and stop hating on that cheery ol’ teddy bear ;)

    • Pat D. says:

      Proops wasn’t a regular on either the original UK program or the ABC one. He was a frequent guest star. Maybe he’ll do the same now.

  8. J says:

    I hope that Aisha Tyler’s involvement means H. Jon Benjamin takes the guest spot once in a while.

  9. martina says:

    Hopefully The CW will maintain the same format and not ruin it with online voting, surprise eliminations, social media scores and all that reality TV crap they love so much.

  10. ollie says:

    I wonder what I saw charles from nashville in before.

    • np says:

      He also on the Disney Channel show Jesse. I didn’t realize recognize him at all; my draw dropped the first time my kids watched that after I saw him in Nashville

    • Weber girl says:

      He also played Jim’s (from The Office) boss when he left the Scranton branch and went to Stamford (for those that watch The Office)

  11. James says:

    frackin sweet I loved this show watched the original all the time, thank god they didn’t drag Drew Carey back i personally find him humorless and pompous. Ryan, Colin, and Wayne were so hilarious can’t wait to see their shinnangons once again

  12. forwarddad says:

    I can’t stand the Talk. So I admit it not a fan of Aisha as a result. Hated her character Charlie on Friends. I loved WLIIA so maybe she will be ok. Willing to give her a shot. Not sure if CW is the right network?

  13. David4 says:

    No Drew doesn’t bug me, but I can’t stand Aisha Tyler. Thankfully the host never really did much, and The CW probably realized they should have women on the show.

    • Walter says:

      I think you’re exactly right. By having Tyler as host they can say they have a woman on the show and not have to have them on the panel. Call me sexist, but the women they have on the panel were never ever funny.

      • lll says:

        I agree about the women comment. I know Aisha will be better than all those girls combined.

      • Erika says:

        I agree that the women they had on the panel weren’t the best, but that had to do with their particular choice of who got the seat.

    • Mark says:

      She’s so obnoxious. I’m so disappointed whenever I see her name pop up in something.

  14. Brandy says:

    Seems like there are way better fits than The CW. Weird.

    • Jack says:

      Actually, it’s good that it’s on the CW. There entire network is doing so poorly in the ratings that even if this gets low viewership it will still get renewed!

    • Oliver says:

      That’s probably the point. They want to branch out into comedy and broaden the audience and this is a cheap way of doing that.

      I think it’s likely to get good ratings for The CW in the Summer. I’m not convinced it would last very long on the big 4.

  15. Elyse says:

    can’t wait!!!

  16. MrMank says:

    Aisha has proven to be pretty funny over the years. Not sure if she can top Drew, but I’m willing to give her a shot. Regardless, I LOVE this show!!

  17. Jake says:

    I love Aisha…She is a trip and whip butt on Xbox!

  18. Sarah says:

    I am hoping they could do some of my favorites: Two Line Vocabulary, Props, Scenes From a Hat, and my personal favorite, Sound Effects!

    • Rob Horine says:

      Is that the Sound Effects with Ryan’s sounds prompting Colin’s actions or when they draw two audience members to do the sounds?

      The Ryan/Colin game is better.

  19. Cailey says:

    Hmm have to agree, majorly excited but a little unsure of no Drew. Won’t stop me from tuning in though!

  20. Angela says:

    Definitely happy to hear about Ryan and Colin joining in, that helps my interest. I’m not really familiar with Aisha’s work, but I’m willing to give her a chance. Will have to remember to keep an eye out for this when it premieres down the line, then.

  21. Rob Horine says:

    Of the later games, keep ‘two-line vocabulary’ and ‘if you know what I mean’.

  22. phi says:

    As long as a majority of old cast is there … im up for it. Yay

  23. markstevenpempengco says:

    Very happy for Aisha! She’s my favorite in The Talk and she deserves her own show. And some of the vets will be back… so YIPPIE!

  24. Scenes From A Hat is my favorite thing!

  25. Vannesa says:

    Great news that so was great. Improv at it’s best.

  26. Pat D. says:

    Ooooh, almost forgot about Josie Lawrence…she was awesome. I wonder if she’ll make an appearance?

  27. Erika says:

    The unpretentiousness of Whose Line? added to its charm, so I’m hoping they won’t spend a lot of effort on stylization in an attempt to make it fresh and hip. I’m really excited about this reboot with most of the original cast, and would love to maybe get some appearances by Greg Proops and Charles Esten.

  28. Karen MT says:

    Bah. I miss the British cast. I like Colin and Ryan, but them every week is a bit much.

  29. Robin says:

    Well I guess I’ll be watching this one show on the CW…

  30. Shauna says:

    I’m excited, but sad Drew won’t be hosting. Drew Carey wasn’t especially funny but he was a source of hilarious material because they made fun of him so often. I just don’t think that kind of dynamic will exist because it’s not socially acceptable for a bunch of guys to be making fun of a woman, especially about her appearance the way they did with Drew.

    I’d like to see Steven Colbert on the show again as a guest. He was pretty bad in his youth when he did an episode, but maybe he’ll be hilarious now that he’s aged.

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  32. Beth Wagner says:

    This is one of my favorite shows ever. Really looking forward to them coming back, especially given the people who are coming back. My favorite game is Scenes from a Hat.

  33. Ella says:

    YAY!!! But on the CW?! And Aisha Tyler???

  34. Ben says:

    What’s ironic about this show going to CW is UPN became CW. And UPN is a network the Whose Line US cast often made fun of.

  35. Tyler S. says:

    Really excited for this! I had my hope so high two years ago with Drew’s Improv-a-Ganza which turned out to be a big flop.
    After doing some researching, turns out, not only Collin, Ryan, and Wayne are back, but all the original producers and writers, such as Dan Patterson and Mark Levitson or whatever it is….and Hat Trick productions so in theory, the show should be almost exactly the same! Very excited to see how this plays out…really hoping they do all the same games, Weird Newscasters, Green screen, scenes from a hat, song styles, everything…really really hopeful this does well!

  36. Abby says:

    I think Aisha will do a good job. It’s not that drew was overly funny, he’s just what I’m used to. It’ll be weird without him, but Aisha is really funny actually:)

  37. Eagle Daniel says:

    Ryan Stiles was the funny man in this show…

  38. cocorence says:

    I will miss Drew but I’ll give Aisha a chance. And I want Brad Sherwood!!!!!

  39. erica says:

    I’m super excited for this!!! I really hope most of the original “4th seaters” will return for the show!

  40. Barbara says:

    I will miss Drew only if only for the sake of the “boys club” feel they had with one another, but I will admit that, seeing as a GOOD female presence is always a struggle, I think the position of host is the perfect solution.

  41. Cole says:

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  42. Kala says:

    I want to hear some real questions just so that the contestants can get them wrong and Aisha Tyler can say “Nooooooope”. :-)

  43. Richard Johnson says:

    The show is hilarious and if you were a fan of the original, you will all love this incarnation … even without Drew … don’t miss it … trust me on this…

  44. TYLER kami says:

    Damn it lana.u better do a good job.idiot

  45. Darli says:

    As long as the concept doesn’t change and I can laugh at the impromptu humor, then I don’t care who is on the show. I am enjoying the mix of new and old members. It really has remained on topic and has the same feel as the amazing old show! I would love to see this show live one day!

  46. Don says:

    Just saw my first episode and while I was skeptical of Aisha, she held her own. In a way, she represents all of us, enjoying the improv and occasionally going “bazinga”.

  47. says:

    Part of Drew’s charm was that – even as the “host” – he was really more of a second banana and never tried to command the show the way Aisha does. I’ve warmed up to Aisha, though I do miss Drew. How about Laura Hall’s long hair? Wow! She’s become a hottie!