Exclusive: 90210 to End Five-Year Run in May

90210 Cancelled Series Finale in MayThe CW is relocating 90210 to the big zip code in the sky.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the network has decided to end the ’90s reboot in May after five seasons.

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The closure-filled series finale, which will likely be paired with a retrospective, is set to air on Monday, May 13.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.

Less-than-zippy ratings led to The CW’s call, as 90210 this season alone slid from a million viewers and a 0.5 demo rating (with its opener) to, at last tally, under 600,000 viewers and a 0.3, shedding a significant chunk of its Carrie Diaries lead-in.

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90210, a continuation of the 10-season cultural phenom Beverly Hills, 90210, launched to much fanfare in 2008 — with Jennie Garth among the original cast members who, for a time, reprised their roles in the new incarnation.

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  1. Y2J says:

    I’ve watched 90210 since day one it’s a really good show I wouldn’t understand why thy would cancel it

  2. mstai says:

    I found the series on Netflix… Hulu.com didn’t have the complete final season. But what I watched I did like. I was hooked to my tv devouring the good the bad the ugly. At certain points i loved and hated the characters. It was just good tv to me. I screamed at em, wanted to shakw some of em and cried with others.
    I originally didnt want to embrace the series because I was a fan of the original. Guess that’s why i wont give The Carrie Diaries a fair chance. I say that to say that I mis judged this show, then committed to it only to find out that it is now being canceled…. Sad!! I for one will miss these guys. I hope they get their happy endings..

  3. joe diddly says:

    Watching it has lowered my IQ glad its ending the story lines were boring. Bring back Smallville or Highlander.

  4. Crydelight says:

    I’m so sick of the CW they always cancel good shows. My main beef was with Life Unexpected. That show was awesome then Ringer came along and I said ok we will give this another chance but no… Didn’t even end the Show! I do believe that 90210 has run it’s course however with better writing I think they had one more year left in it…

  5. Ariana says:

    I knew it was coming. It has gotten soo ridiculous. First of all no one should have gotten married. I dont have a problem when casual relationships end but they treat marriage like its not a big deal, when it totally is. Second the whole thing with silver and the baby is ridiculous to me. It wasnt bad when she wanted to have the baby on her own, but now that Teddy doesnt want her to have the baby, why the rush? I really loved the show in the beginning but ever since they started college it has gone downhill.

  6. nichole says:


  7. Briana says:

    This is the best show!! I love it. And it should not be canceled.

  8. Louise says:

    I like 90210 it’s a shame for it to end ….but a do agree season 4 was lame!!!!

  9. Tazwatcher says:

    This show died after season 3. Pending on the viewer, it died during season 3. It just lost focus & like someone said, the stories got sloopy. How many times were we gonna see each cast member hook up, like they were taking turns with one another. Did Annie ever have a good storyline without playing the victim? B4 every season ending, why is Dixon looking like a jerk? I loved Silver in the first season, then every dude who played a role on the show did as well(think about). To b honest, season 1 is the only set I have…the only one that actually mattered. I stopped watching, after seeing the first couple of episodes this season. It just never added And once again, you were forced to adjust to new relationships and storylines that did not need to happen. I wish I say I’ll miss this show…but…

  10. kyle says:

    I am sad that the show has officially come 2 an end it was
    the best show on the CW network by far. The CW should give the show another chance and make a Season 6 i am a big fan of the show and maybe if the show was put in a different time slot its ratings will increase.hopefully the show will be hiven another chance as i really enjoy the show and would like 2 see Liam and Anni’s wedding.

  11. Emmeline says:

    I didn’t grow up with 90210 exactly, but when I was procrastinating about revising, I decided to watch it from season 1 (a month ago). And I realised that-that was the ONLY season I hadn’t watched, and even though I’m pretty sure I was subject to the reruns rather than the original airings, 90210 was my teenagehood (shh, it’s totally a word). 90210 was serious, sometimes it was lethargic, but in the end, it made me laugh and it was nice to relax and watch it after school.

    And it stings when some of you say ‘Good riddance’ now. The fact of the matter is that YOU didn’t have to watch it if you didn’t want to-and it really tells us something about you if you’re that low. I mean, for gods sake, what’s the point in complaining? Great, you’ve wanted the show to be cancelled since season 3. So? Your life must be pretty small if 90210 continuing and airing made so big an impact on it that you’re rejoicing about it ending.

  12. Laqwanda Boston says:

    I am so so so sadden that there will not be another season :( :( :( :( I Loved that show!!! I Lived for Monday nights just because I know my show was coming on!!!! This was my absolute favorite show!!!!! Idk what I am going to watch now that 90210 is over! :'( :'( for the record it was a Damn Good Show n many many fantastic episodes!!!! I would love love to see many more shows!!! Please Please don’t let this GREAT SHOW Just Stop!!!!

  13. VenyRam says:

    OMG… I juss read tht they are cancaling 90210, i cant stop crying i was addicted to watching it… Wut am i gonna watch now…. Im gonna miss this show very much

  14. dave says:

    best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ososososos devestated they cut it

  15. TamTam says:

    i think the fans and the crew deserve another new season
    we want to see what will happen after all the love, drama, etc.
    and it is such a great show and shouldn’t be canceled !!! :(

  16. MHar says:

    I miss this show so much, it was my favourite show. i wish they could have made more seasons and kept it going, i really miss it. Great actors and great spin off!

  17. Nina says:

    please bring 90210 back !!!!!!!

  18. Tarek Khaldi says:

    Hey guys come on you can’t just end a great great tv show this way! It’s really one of the best shows I have ever seen for the past 5 years! Beside don’t be concerned about the rating! If it went down for the past two seasons then step it up make something great for season six and make the rating go back up again and make the top 10 on imdb don’t just give up and let it all behind your back! Everything can be fixed and the rating will definitely go up after the season 5 finale I mean the ending was just perfect but we want to know what’s going to happen next with silver and all! Please reconsider your decision and make your audience happy

  19. JJ says:

    I think if this show had stayed committed to incorporating the adults from the original it would have been a much bigger hit. That was their money in the bank and they never did use them properly. And the “Let’s make Annie a hooker ” thing did not work on any level. Nor did the “Let’s hire a 30 year old Ken Doll to play a gay high school student.”. This show just had none of the fun or friendship of the original. THe new 90210 tried too hard to be edgy and cutting edge and new. There were very few likeable characters to root for. It was an admirable attempt and I’m glad they showed the franchise had life left in it.

  20. carmenrose says:

    i think that it is stupid to cancel the show it was amazing and they left the end wanting me to see what happens next a bad way to end the show forever tbh.

  21. zachary says:

    personally i though this show was amazing from start to finish but i hate when we get left hanging like this i mean annie and liam are getting mairried, navied and ade are back together but they dont show what happens to silver and if she gets back with dixon or not and if she beats cancer if annie and liam will have a baby if silver will adopt one or what will happen with naomi and jason if the devorice papers with max ever got settled if ivy ever gets back into the states with that guy she left for its to much that was left hanging i wish if they wont wrap it up with a short sixth season like 10 or 12 episodes that they’d at least make a movie to send it off with and wrap up all ties this show was amazing and it drew me in the whole time physically and emotionally im really sad they left it the way they didjust saying plz wrap up the loose ends plz

    • Poison Ivy says:

      I so agree!! I miss 90210 i didn’t even know they were canceling the show until right now when i googled to see when it comes back on…ugh i hate when they end it like this

  22. abc says:

    I love 90210 I want there to be another season!

  23. Candice Brooks says:

    If the did it for that wack show gossip show why can’t they give 90210 another chance. I promise it will on please the fans that were left wondering what’s next? It’s crazy I love and really miss the show!! As this world evolves you see all these stupid shows on tv and I hate the trash. 90210 was real and demonstrated love , forgiveness, and happiness. The actors were fantastic and displayed great emotion! You can’t find that any where else now a days.!!! So please I beg you please just try out one more season!!! Plus Silver has cancer and Naoimi is going to D.C. Am I just suppose to use my imagination to picture what’s next? The story line is not complete and I will not be satisfied until I have my show back !!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Candice Brooks says:

    Please everyone help me fight for our show back !!!

    • Brooke says:

      She is totally right it is wrong what you people r doing I love this show and you just left us hanging, I agree with her there needs to be more seasons!!!!!!!!

  25. Poison Ivy says:

    Omg 90210 is my favorite show next to Gossip Girl! I love the story line between all of the characters, i think its a great show and i was looking forward to the next season. Now that GG & 90210 are both gone now idk what to watch lol. I watch carrie diaries as well but nothing compares to 90210 :(

  26. Brooke says:

    I absolutely loved this show and am very upset that it is over they need to make more seasons or a huge finale that sums it all up !!!!!!!

  27. sweet says:

    am very disappointed that the cw has to cancel 90210 it was one of the best show they had please bring it back i am having hard time to believe this…. bring 90210 you hear me

  28. ngwest8 says:

    Well it’s quit sad that it ended I would.Greatfull
    If they did the season 6……like look how many people like it…..I really miss it like really I watched every season’s 90210 is the best serie for real they should do new one….and just to let u know naomi will be back with Max
    Loved them <3
    Love 90210 :*

  29. Damaris.Liesel.Perry says:

    Hi everyone this is really late but just watch it on e4 there running the whole series now from start to end 😄😄😄😄

  30. Brooke says:

    I fell in LOVE with this show! I’ve been watching it instead of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. Frankly it was sort of boring me and this was more exciting to watch. I just finished Season 3 of 90210 and I looked up if they had a Season 6 I didn’t know about because I wanted more! Anyways, it says CW cut the Season 6 because of “ratings”. Well I give u an infinity rating so can you maybe do the Season 6! I cannot bare the thought that it wont end how I should and I won’t sleep and eat (exaggerating a bit) if it doesn’t. Everything has its end, please dont make me waste precious ours of watching this to not end not making sense and like a cliff hanger. I hate that. Why’d CW cut it? Are you trying to ruin my hopes and dreams? Come on people! Dont you want to make people happy even though I’m 6 years late to rate you? Dont you care about the people because I’m people and me as people want to live knowing I’ve seen the end to this fantastic show and its amazing and never have I felt so compassionate of such a show in awhile. It’s a rare bird and unique find. I’ve watched Lost, Roswell, H20: Just Add Water, Once Upon A Time, The Walkinh Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Beauty and a Beast, Bitten, The Vampire Diaries, The Arrow, The Secret Circle (which u prob canceled :(), and etc. I’ve watched a lot and I have plenty of time to watch this summer so I beg of you. I love this show and if their was meant to have Season 6, let there be a 6! For the sake of the people, i.e. which is one of me, finish the story, it’s like u ripped out a page in a book and I really know what’s next please! Continue it for the fans who loved it and screw who did not. Thanks!

  31. lawrence04 says:

    I think that they should keep making seasons because it is really good. And they need to show Annie and Liam getting married.

  32. samantha Davis says:

    Can u please bring it back on air please

  33. Minna says:

    Should really bring it back! Love it and would love to see the return!

  34. kristine says:

    It was a good show.it was very interesting

  35. Caitlyn says:

    I really wish you would bring back the show I want to know Wht happens with silver and I want to see the Liam’s wedding

  36. Jaimee Bovee says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW… wish there would be more seasons…

  37. Mikka Willis says:

    I’ve watched the whole series from start to finish on Netflix. I’ve enjoyed the show and hate that it ended.

  38. morganpeden says:

    90210 was my favorite show and still is. I me and my friends couldn’t believe they stopped making episodes for this show we wanted to cry I miss this show so much if there was a way I could bring this show back I would.

  39. Taylor Cooper says:

    I have so many things to say about this show. First,I absoultely LOVED it! the first 3 seasons were so good.To me though, season 4 and 5 they could have done so much with.i didnt like how the group of friends all practically dated eachother.I hated silver and i dont understand why the makers broke up Nivead and Adrianna they were my FAVORITE couple! and i didnt like how annie and dicksons parents got divorced either.I liked Liam and annie too however i didnt like how he had dated naomi before that.to me the friendships were so fake,you dont date your friends boyfriend or girlfriend and everyone gets over it lol.and adrianna with dickson was stupid they should have just added more characters to the show.Im so upset there werent more seasons:-( By the way Naomi is my favorite!!!

  40. jessi says:

    it was good but the endin sucked you cant just end it like that

  41. I’m very upset u should do a series as the grown up teens as silver deals with cancer. Annie and liam get. Married. And how navid. And Adriana grown up series. Now that’s a box. Hit think people

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I wish They would Bring back the 90210 Show Back. Really like it. Wanted to See Liam and Anne Get Married. They have to bring it back

  43. Diana says:

    I love watching this TV show especially this one that ended last year ..sad it’s over with but I truly enjoyed it plus it’s on Netflix…will there be more seasons for it???