Exclusive: 90210 to End Five-Year Run in May

90210 Cancelled Series Finale in MayThe CW is relocating 90210 to the big zip code in the sky.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the network has decided to end the ’90s reboot in May after five seasons.

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The closure-filled series finale, which will likely be paired with a retrospective, is set to air on Monday, May 13.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.

Less-than-zippy ratings led to The CW’s call, as 90210 this season alone slid from a million viewers and a 0.5 demo rating (with its opener) to, at last tally, under 600,000 viewers and a 0.3, shedding a significant chunk of its Carrie Diaries lead-in.

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90210, a continuation of the 10-season cultural phenom Beverly Hills, 90210, launched to much fanfare in 2008 — with Jennie Garth among the original cast members who, for a time, reprised their roles in the new incarnation.

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  1. mia says:

    As one CW show falls, hopes of a Beauty and the Beast renewal increase. Please renew Beauty!!!

    • jo says:

      Not really. Taht show is begging to be cancelled with those awful numbers and mediocre tvd retention.

      • Claudia says:

        compared to what? forget about retention and syndication? some shows take a little bit time of getting a large fan base, specially when the show starts weak and gets better and better the ratings can get higher, there are other shows that they get worst and worst (plot wise) #BATB is getting better and im not biased here many people gave up and start watching again….

  2. Ella says:

    GOOD. The writing and consistency on this show are terrible and even the characters that I once liked have become disgraceful and vapid. I haven’t watched religiously since season 2 when they broke up Liam and Naomi, the best couple ever produced by 90210, but the episodes I have watched have been horrendously bad. I just hope AnnaLynne McCord goes on to bigger and better things, she’s the only bright spark in that entire mess. AND I hope Liam and Naomi find their way back to each other in the finale, though I know that’s never going to happen because the writers are too stupid. That being said, 90210’s ridiculous and random hook-ups being what they may, it might.

    • Spigner says:

      Liam and Naomi would never make sense. They have been over sense season 2, and it’s been clear for the last 3 years that he and Annie love each other.

  3. NH says:

    Another pretty good show cancelled. ugh.

    Renew Hart of Dixie and Carrie Diaries and cancel Cult and Beauty and the Beast.

  4. Jody says:

    As long as HoD gets renewed for a third season I will be happy. it is the only reason I started watching the CW again

  5. scorpo says:

    FINALLY!! 5 years was way too long for the bait and switch this damn show pulled by casting actors from the original series only to show them the door in season 2. The interesting thing is that this May is the 20th HS reunion of the original series. I wish Fox would have done a special.

  6. ylley says:

    I hope Max -Naomi will get back together in the finale. :(

  7. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    This is why the executives at CW have such a challenging task in front of them as they develop the 2013 fall schedule. This is why they stay up nights, fighting ulcers. What a difficult decision to make. Keep 90210, or cancel it so that you can make room for a new show like ‘Blink’. What to do? Green-light a pilot like Blink that is a show about an old man in a coma, or renew an old dying show that has been in a coma for years?

    CW president Mark Pedowitz, now forever known as Dr. Jack Kevorkian, had the final difficult decision to pull the plug on this show. RIP 90210. We’ll miss Naomi.

    Now, how long before Annalynee McCord finds another show? I put the over/under at about 10 hours – by tomorrow morning, her agent’s phone/text system will be full. McCord is a star-in-the-making. I look forward to watching her next show, and I bet she is offered a pilot (ABC’s Betrayal?) before the weekend.

    BTW – my favorite character on this version of 90120? ‘mom-Debbie’, played by Lori Loughlin. Lori – you rock!! :)

  8. Fernanda says:

    We need a truly heartbreaking teenage drama on CW. I love ABC family shows, that network is like the great The WB in the 90s but for this generation. Sadly CW never found another show to continue the tradition of Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Gilmore Girls and even Smallville. Gossip Girl was great but only the first season. TVD is other great show, but I see it like a supernatural show and not a teenage drama. Vaya con Dios 90210. And Viva Forever the original Beverly Hills 90210

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Yep, I agree with you 100%. I came of age (somewhat belatedly) with the WB and UPN – those networks tried to be different, and green-lighted a lot of cool shows. I’ve watched a lot of TV in my life, but one of the best pilots I ever saw (before or since) was Felicity. Incredible work. The show got a bit silly over time, but Felicity at its best was what the WB was all about – heartbreaking, and brilliant at the same time. Looking at the list of new CW pilots for this fall, I don’t see any Felicitys or Buffys, and no break-out hits on that list, with the possible exception of The Originals.

      I make fun of CW president Mark Pedowitz, but he’s a good guy doing the best he can at the job in front of him. He’s betting now on the ‘genre/supernatural’ type shows, not on the teen-drama type shows of his CW predecessor. More ‘Hunger-games’, and less Gilmore Girls. More vampires and less dawson-creek. Only time will tell if this strategy will work. But I did want you to know that a whole lot of people (including myself) feel the same way you described in your note – 90210, at it’s peak (both series) were pretty darn good shows that had an edge and a pop-culture cool factor that will be hard to top.

  9. Eric says:

    Will Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty be back?

  10. lynn says:

    Not suprised at all. Really hope this means #BATB has a better chance of being renewed !!!

  11. Kali says:

    Never watched the show, but I feel for its fans. I know how sad I’d be if Beauty and the Beast got cancelled.

  12. andrea says:

    I really hope max and naomi together in the end. Honestly the only thing I love about this show is those two

  13. Katie says:


    I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and usually feel like it’s terrible week to week but I wanted to stay with it until the end.

  14. aiden hawk says:

    YES! More room in the schedule to keep Nikita and Hart Of Dixie – see ya 90210! :D

  15. Jason says:

    While the “idea” of reviving 90210 was okay, the execution was horrific, beginning with the abysmal casting and downright boring storylines. Viewers never connected with or cared about these characters, whose personalities seemed to get completely overhauled season by season. There wasn’t even a hot guy (aside from Ade’s smokin’ baby-daddy…and he wasn’t even kept around) until Matt Lanter came along…and the writers made “Liam” evolve into a moron. Stuff just didn’t make sense. To keep teens’ attention nowadays, you’d better give us over-the-top, shocking, compelling, heightened-to-the-point-of-OMG stories. 90210 had soooo little of that, just like the Melrose Place debacle. CW needs producers who know how to do prime time soaps. Thus far, they haven’t figured it out.

    • JHEART says:

      That baby daddy was Ty [Adam Gregory]. He was this flawless mix of Tom Welling and James Marsden. I had no idea why they ever didn’t make more out of his character. I feel like he could have easily still been around currently. In fact, I feel like he would of been Liam’s counterpart…rivals of some sort. Huge storyline opportunities there. They got rid of Ethan, he was good looking enough. There was also Michael Trevino who played Ozzie and he also could have lasted a long time. I agree with you on all your points.

  16. Peter W says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( :( :( worst news ever !!!!!!!!!!!! my fave show ever been a massive fan since the first episode and its the cws fault for the rateings slide the moved it around every year and havent promoted it in 3 years shocking that the rateings suck

  17. antwon says:

    this show sucked good riddance now the female actors can go back to hollywood blvd

  18. Tara says:

    Sadly, this isn’t surprising. The show peaked in season 2 and went downhill after that. The show did not age at the same speed as the audience.The writers neglected to realize that their audience was aging but the show did not age along with the viewers. The show is almost slapstick now. Naomi, who once was my favorite has become a caricature of her former self. She is solely the comic relief of the show. Annie, who has always been irritating, has become even more squeaky clean and annoying, this despite the fact that she is a reformed prostitute. I don’t think they ever knew what to do with Adrianna, which is a shame because Jessica Lowndes is a talented actress. I know the writers think that Annie and Liam are the “it” couple of the show, but they put me to sleep. Is there any passion there at all? The only time I liked Annie was when she was with Jasper. Liam and Naomi were the best couple to ever be on the show, there was a lot of chemistry there that kept the audience on the edge of their seat. Naomi’s sister Jen, also added a great deal of drama and intrigue, Sara Foster is an amazing actress and they should have kept her around for as long as possible. There were so many missed opportunities. Annie’s bf dies, she forgets about him instantly and is now an erotica author? Wasn’t acting her passion?

    I will forever hold season 2 dearly in my heart. I remember as each episode ended looking at my roommate and saying, “That was amazing.” Too bad they couldn’t keep it up.

  19. Ciara says:

    About time it got cancelled.
    There is nothing left in the show except for character pairings.
    Looking forward to the finale.

  20. kfskinner says:

    Im a fan of the show but not super sad to see it go. This season has been pretty dry. There really hasnt been anything to grab and keep your attention. The first few episodes were pretty good but nothing like it has been in the past.jessica lowndes (ade) was always my favorite. I think she brought life to the Show in the past seasons with her craziness and drama filled life. Annie drove me crazy. Im sure shanea grimes is a wonderful actress and would be amazing in something else but in this show her whinning drove me up the wall

  21. Eliza says:

    I’m sorry for the crew and cast. However, on a selfish level, I hope this news increases Hart of Dixie’s renewal chances.

  22. Jade says:

    Now that 90210 is cancelled..hopefully that means good news for HoD and BATB!

  23. Justgimmemoore says:

    Everyone saying good riddance to 90210: seriously get over yourselves. I think the show was great, even from day 1. I’ve watched every episode and I have learnt to love the show so much! It’s something I look forward to. I love watch Shenae Grimes act, she’s amazing (Annie). And the rest are amazing. I love the show. They shouldn’t get rid of it. All other shows which are on now are just a bunch or rubbish put in a show.. We all have an opinion on it but I still love the show.

  24. Emer says:

    My predicted schedule for the CW IS:

    8.00 Oxegyn
    9.00 The Selection

    8.00 Hart Of Dixie
    9.00 America’s Next Top Model (1 Cycle)/Blink (MIDSEASON)

    8.00 Arrow
    9.00 Supernatural

    8.00 The Vampire Diaries
    9.00 The Originals

    8.00 Nikita
    9.00 Beauty & The Beast (13 Eps)

    MIDSEASON:Tomorrow People

  25. Maxine says:

    90210 is amazing you guys are idiots there is nothing wrong with the show it is my favorite show ever and iv watched it from the beginning.

  26. brook says:

    It’s about time

  27. Pamela Ann says:

    i really wanted to like the carrie diaries but it is not good and the characters in the show except the lead aren’t people you care about what happens to each week, i miss gossip girl :(

    • Spigner says:

      TCD is classic WB. It has that old school feel to it. The storylines are all meaningful (so far) and it has a chance to be a great show. Reminds me a lot of how “Jack & Bobby” was and “Gilmore Girls” season 1.

  28. nasirakd says:

    FInally its cancelled. I hope now they can renew nikita.

  29. Tiff says:

    that picture of annie and dixon is exactly how I reacted when I found out the show was cancelled. I mean, no, the show didn’t have good rating/viewers, but the people who do watch this show are very loyal to the show like viewers were with Gossip Girl and that was on for six seasons. I feel like it would have been better if the network gave a season advance notice so that writers could write a very definite end. Sure, we haven’t seen the last episode yet, but I feel like it won’t be enough closure.

  30. i disagree with all of you. I loved 90210 and watched the original…..I loved the storylines this season and think CW is an idiot for cancelling this show and Secret Circle. The only good shows they have now are Arrow, Vampire Diaries, Nikita and Beauty & the Beast.

  31. Jared says:

    I wish the CW would book Matt Lanter or Annalynne McCord in new pilots for next season. They are the best thing about 90210.

  32. Dung says:

    Like everyone else, I’m not surprised that the show is ending. I’m mad that we lost Teddy for so long and he barely got a nice love story. Naomi is and always will be the Kelly Taylor wannabe. Sorry but someone with Naomi’s personality and attitude would not cut it with my friends. The writing has been incredibly terrible with the showrunners relying on musical guest stars to bring ratings. If your writing and cast was good enough, you wouldn’t need musical guest stars. While we’re at it, can I just say that the WORST storyline for me was by far Dixon dating Adrianna. Between her cheating and him dating his best friend’s ex, someone in the writing room should be fired. I’ll watch the finale because I was a fan of it during it’s early days. We both deserve closure.

  33. Gypsy says:

    My take on 90210 is simple, it all went to trash after high school, the writers had no after High school story ideas.
    During High school episodes we all watch because Silver’s illness caused a lot of drama and then there was the Silver and Dixon drama mixed in.
    Then Naomi had her own interesting drama, but after High School the writers couldn’t write for their after school life.
    One of the most popular couple was Silver and Dixon, but even knowing that the writers kept them apart, it made no sense, and people got tired of waiting for them to get back together.

  34. James Szabunka says:

    Sad news about 902. Not nearly as solid as the original show. But not too shabby a program. 15 years was a good run. Hope the show ends well. Heard they rewrote ending… actually own wardrobe from original show. Big big fan a little sad tonight.

  35. Madeleine Boleslawski says:

    BATB is a great show. It is definitely different than the rest of the shows. It has better ratings than HOD and Carrie Diaries. It is in a poor time slot. Up against White Collar, Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest. If Arrow was up against them would they have such good ratings? I do like Arrow, but BATB has a wonderful cast, and good writers, and director. How could they have won People’s Choice if it is an terrible show? I still say “poor time slot.” I hope CW keeps BATB

  36. Mark says:

    Nooo. I look forward to this show every week. Actually, it is the only show I watch on TV. I was also a big fan of the original 90210. I hope they continue the series and bring some of the original back.

  37. Hailey says:

    beauty and the beast and TVD are the only good shows on that damn network

    Lana Lang is back in action <3

  38. Katie says:

    I watched every single episode up to this season. There were too many better shows on Monday. I was a huge fan of the original, so I can’t help but be a little sad to see it go. But I don’t think they could take these characters any further. Was a good show while it lasted. All good things must come to an end I suppose. RIP 90210

  39. Sam says:

    Glitzy 90210 of season 1 & 2, with Naynay fulfilling our fantastys of been a Rich Beverly B****h (Now more like S1 Annie, still fav out of the lost tho) Drama Aidiranna Carcrashes in true nee money style , Annie been the Kanas girl getting courrpeted by it all (this would of made an intresting story, Annie slowly loosing morals /been anti Naiomi), moody bad boy Liam (whos now a shadow of himself) & Silver been ballsy and anti comformist to now been desprate for a baby (what a stupid storyline & where is wise Kelly?) How can you forget the parents, Well off parents are usually the most overprotective (since their Kids usually don’t have any real dangers) A real Hills mom would have an intervention over wearing sweats outside a gym, nevermind things like Rape, Marriage, Divorce. After season 2 or at least 3, it went from been direction of Rich or Ambitious teens and their parents dealing with problems of New Money high society to been farily normal seemly abondant youths dealing with random
    Issues that have no connection, that have little traumatising & that forget even happened. “Kanas” as she was known forget her former life until she dreamed about it. Anyway this show could of went an intresting direction about cons of competive high society (in the new money cali way) if things happened more organically & it didnt seem like the charthers didnt have random bad luck, with only support been their hidden millions which is never reflected in their lifestyle unless they do something unrealstic! Anyway Point of my long rant. I don’t mourn 90210, I mourn the fact it never got to be the lifestyle p**n we want it to be, currently its about High End as Starbucks (flashy but no quailty)

  40. Al says:

    I have really enjoyed this show a ton! The DVR has ruined its ratings. I like to watch them all in a row so I’m sure the ratings are skewed! Don’t cancel my show!

  41. Matthew Melchiorre says:

    im not surprised. Trevor Donovan storyline geting axed!!…the moment he stopped showing up on the show, i STOPPED WATCHING!! SERVES THEM RIGHT!!!….they barely did anything with HIM!!…what was the point of Marco??….its like they shooed him of the show so to them i say….KISS OFF!!

  42. Lori says:

    90210 is the best. I cannot believe that they canceled it. Nikita n all the other shows are terrible. One tree hill was a great show too. It’s too bad. I will really miss this show. , (

  43. Mandie says:

    No I will be devistated because although I dont watch it the day it airs because I tape it to PVR so I can watch it later does that count for ratings? Please dong cancel it

  44. danielle says:

    NOOOOO i dont want 90210 to be cancelled, its my favourite :(

  45. Dane says:

    I really want them 2 keep Arrow, TVD(which they did), supernatural, nikita, and cult. I’m really not that in to their other shows, but if they wanted to bring back the secret circle i would b fine with that.

  46. Cwlove101 says:

    This show, was my life, you can’t cancel it, the only reason why the ratings might be down is because people are buying it on iTunes.

  47. soozii says:

    i really looved the show, i’ve watched it from the beginning and it was amazing and im gonna miss waiting every week for a new episode, the cancelling was a rong choice because there are some really big fans outside and that made them unhappy when they received the news :( </3

  48. Ashley says:

    The CW will never top the success it had with ten seasons of Smallville. Supernatural is at 8 and chances are, they will give it a 10 season run like it deserves. OTH was really the last good “teen/adult drama” that proved to be successful. All the others that have aired in the past 5 years have been a wishy washy mess. HOWEVER, I will miss 90210.

  49. Robert Hanson says:

    Why? How? I’m new to quitting smoking cigarettes and this is totally heartbreaking news! Very sad day in Tampa Bay:( Please don’t cancel. I’ll recruit all of my Facebook friends and Game Changer folk to help boost ratings yo!

  50. Robert Hanson says:

    Well time to ease my mind with a couple edibles to ease my sorrow. 90210 we will miss you! #zipcode4life