General Hospital Shake-Up: Julie Marie Berman Out as Lulu, Role to Be Recast

General Hospital SpoilersAs countless fan faves are making their way back to General Hospital, one is on her way out.

Julie Marie Berman — who plays Luke and Laura’s beloved offspring Lulu Spencer Falconeri — has opted to exit the ABC soap. She shot her final episode on Feb. 26.

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The actress first announced her departure in the upcoming issue of ABC Soaps in Depth, and later confirmed the news on Twitter in an emotional statement to fans:

Berman joined General Hospital in 2005 and quickly became a hit with fans. She earned her first Daytime Emmy nomination in 2007 and brought home the honor in both 2009 and 2010.

According to multiple reports, the role of Lulu Spencer will be recast. (A spokesperson for the series did not immediately return TVLine’s request for confirmation.)

What will you miss most about Berman’s Port Charles vet? Hit the comments!

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  1. Carol says:

    I didn’t realize she was gone until the ‘new’ Lulu was revealed. Two things immediately came to mind: 1) Her onscreen brother left and got a great role on ABC’s prime time hit ‘Nashville.’ 2) Martha Madison would have made a great LuLu. She’s such a great actress, it would not have taken long for the audience to think of her as Lulu, rather than Maxie.

    Martha has a softer look than the actress that’s in the role – more appropriate for the character.

  2. jessica says:

    I love gh. im 27. my mom got me into it. loved julie playing lulu. was my favorite character. not anymore now since they recast. dont think ill like this new girl. hope julie is going to be in movies or something so I can still see her acting.

  3. Chrys says:

    OMG!!! if they were going to replace Julie they could have atleast done it with someone who has some acting skill other that the “Naked Hieress” Come on GH is really losing it now. I still can’t believe that they didn’t fight harder for Steve Burton.

  4. Chrys says:

    To Julie Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do. The character of Lulu was one of my fav’s but now I just hope that they find another love interest for Dante because there is no Dante & Lulu without you. You will be greatly missed.

  5. Rona says:

    This sucks! is it a plot to get more GH fans like YT did with Victor being removed supposedly…he was never btw

  6. Kanika says:

    LOVE Julie Marie Berman! Since day ONE! She was the reason I started watching this soap back in 2005. Can’t believe it! Will miss her SO much…

  7. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe Julie is gone. I really liked her. Chemistry with Dante. It’s going to be difficult to fall in love with this couple again. Time will tell.

  8. lexi says:

    pretty please can Julie Marie Berman come back it won’t be the same without her ):

  9. lexi says:

    If Julie Marie Berman doesn’t come back I will stop watching general hospital

  10. Paulette Rudolph says:

    I will miss Juliein thr role. Lulu and Dante had great chemistry. They were believable. I don’t know if the new Lulu will be a goods fit. We’ll see.

    By the way, isn’t this new Lulu the same girl that played Ethan’s love interest (Helena’s daughter) or am I mistaken?

  11. bret walker says:

    I loved, loved, loved Julie as Lulu. She and Dante had an amazing chemistry…not sure at all that Marcy (will always be Marcy, not Emme) can pull that off with that hunk of a man like Julie did. Dante and Lulu (Julie) were perfect for each other…they are totally believable as a couple, hugely in love with each other. I hope that Julie will come back in that same role some day…soon.

  12. JoeAnne Brooks says:

    I didn’t know of her departure until I saw a different Lulu being rescued. I was hoping she was just taking some time off. I will really miss her. She did a great job as Lulu and hopefully whatever her next endeavor is, she will be as successful in that.

  13. brutus says:

    here’s the problem Julie looks like luke and laura’s daughter. just like ethan looks like luke and hollie’s son. so to replace lulu, it’s going to be very hard. not only does she look like her parents, she has chemistry with them and she certainly has chemistry with dante. this is sad and im bumbed out because i’ve watched this soap since the 70″s . i wish the new girl well because she has big shoes to fill. and i have to comment on carly. this chick is one hell of an actress. laura, i believe. she can cry on the spot and spews emotion. she earned that emmy

  14. Stephanie Brubaker says:

    I thought when they went to rescue LuLu That is was not Julie. Julie you must do what you need to do in your life. Best of luck to u.

  15. Sissy says:

    I agree, it’s like when they were replacing Carly… The first one sucked and so does this new lulu…. Keep looking GH. By the way I’m 50 been watching since I was ten. So angry bout Jason as well … Never saw that coming :0(

  16. mary says:

    who is in charge of recasting at gh? this new girl is too skinny and small to play a strong role like lulu. they should have just killed her off, like they did steve burton. i hear rumors about the show ending. what do they expect when they make these crazy moves. maybe julie marie burman will go on to prime time or big screen. that will show them.

  17. Revved says:

    Good luck Julie! I have loved seeing all the old characters come back ! GH is better than ever although I still fastforward through scenes with Sonny . Can’t stand him but love his kids. Lu Lu and Dante were amazing together

    • carol ferree says:

      what you dont like sonny, thats the first I,ve ever heard of someone not liking sonny, he is a great actor, i love watching him and he so handsome ,,,,,,,,,,,

  18. susan says:

    this new Lulu just isn’t the same. i remember when she played lizzie spaulding and didn’t much like her in that role either. wish they could find someone better.

  19. joyce strade says:

    Will miss julie….. I do njot like her replacement….sorry

    • Sandi says:

      I agree I don’t like her at all either I think they should hunted a little better than they did
      No One Could replace Julie Marie Berman but they could have try harder for the fans
      instead of getting her of Young & The Restless

  20. Katie says:

    I Miss Julie she is way better than the new LULU, the connection was better with the whole cast, the new girl doesn’t really have that family connection even though she is a good actor, but she made a better cheerleader on Bring It On than she is a LULU on the only soap opera I watch :/

  21. JoeAnne Brooks says:

    I agree with the person who said the story lines are getting weird. Why are we recycling characters? HELLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!! Julie, please come back. The new Lulu is just not getting it for me.

  22. Maggietish says:

    Its a shame she left – she is LuLu and the actress that replaced her just seems to be out of it and totally bewildered (not part of the plat bewildered). What is happening to GH – first Steve leaves and now this. Bad planning. Whomever is heading up the soaps on ABC needs to be fired. He/she is on a concerted effort to destroy the shows we all enjoyed in the afternoon and putting an endless number of talk shows on in the afternoon. I simply change the channel and watch The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. General Hospital is the only daytime show I watch on ABC.

  23. donna dorton says:

    I will truly miss Julie she and Dante made great scenes together put me on the edge of my seat …. I wish she would come back <3

  24. Stacy says:

    I stopped watching GH about 2 years ago. Julie as Lulu was always one of the bright spots for me. I loved the character and the actress. Since she isn’t doing GH anymore, I can only hope to see her pop up somewhere else. She’s got such a unique quality about her. So many actresses are just so alike, and she stands out to me. The writing on GH turned me away, I also hated the merging of OLTL characters, especially ones I never cared for. Nonetheless, I’m surprised both Julie and Steve have parted ways with GH… I’ll always remember the drunk Lulu scene in the car with Jason and Sonny. Forget the rest.

  25. jJo Sullivan says:

    I really can not stand the new Lulu On General Hospital! I can’t watch her, she can’t act, she’s like a damp, limp dish rag. I don’t see her remaining very long as myself and friends refuse to watch this new one. Not a good recast at all!!

    • Jo says:

      I still feel this way only more so with the wonderful story lines she has been given. It ‘ s really a shame because I love the rest of the characters in the story line, but I just have to skip over it because she drags them ALL miserably down! We need Julie back, no question about it! I hate it so much I just fast forward over her scenes, I don’t miss a thing, except my other favorite actors that I miss by fast forwarding over them! Just makes a great show even shorter to watch, what a shame!

  26. i do miss the orginal lulu the new lulu looks to stuck up she does not have the sweet face but i have nothing bad to say about her acting i just am not fond of her!!!

  27. Shabrina says:

    I am still trying to get used to the new LuLu. JMB played Lulu very well and looked like Laura and Luke’s daughter. She will be missed!

  28. carol ferree says:


  29. donna says:

    !I loved julie playing lulu. The girl tht plays lulu now sucks..

  30. sunrise423 says:

    Julie was such a better Lulu than the current one. Don’t get me wrong I liked the current one as Abby on Y&R and her recast is even better. I just don’t think the current one is as natural and nice as the Julie. Come back to GH!

  31. monica says:

    Hi i get use to seeing. My favor person that acts. Well and then they leave just like this bring her back. Am not liking. This one she has her lines mixed. And looks like she is looking on the screen. For words. Bring my favor back.

  32. John says:

    I don’t like this lulu Spencer they have now

  33. Joanne Price says:

    Miss u as lulu just will never be the same come back