The CW Sets Finale Dates: Who's Done First?

The CW Finale Dates: Arrow, Vampire DiariesThe CW on Tuesday became the first broadcast network to unveil their season finale plan for spring, and the annual goodbye tour begins with The Carrie Diaries in early April.

All of the network’s other series, however, will wrap their runs in May (the sweeps period runs April 25 to May 22), with Hart of Dixie leading the way and Nikita bringing up the rear. Thus far, only Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow have been renewed for fall.

(Before anybody asks, ABC, CBS and Fox typically announce their finale schedules in mid- to late March, while NBC last year held out until April.)

All told, The CW’s confirmed finale plan — which was first leaked by The Futon Critic — looks like this:

8/7c The Carrie Diaries

8 pm Hart of Dixie

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9 pm 90210

9 pm Cult

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8 pm Arrow
9 pm Supernatural

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8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm Beauty and the Beast

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8 pm Nikita

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  1. Elle says:

    My predictions for next fall.

    The Carrie Diaries (13eps) / Company Town (MIDSEASON)
    Hart Of Dixie

    The Originals

    Tomorrow People

    The Vampire Diaries
    The Selection


    Oxegyn for midseason.

    • Melody Paris says:

      Wednesday’s right now are the CW’s strongest night, it would be ridiculous to break up the Arrow/Supernatural combo. Besides, the two together make it my favorite night of the week.

      • Drew says:

        Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with Elle on that too. Both Supernatural and Arrow have strong male followings, whereas TVD has a younger, more female following. Assuming that The Originals wants to maintain the TVD audience, it would be a mistake to pair it with Supernatural. Breaking up Supernatural and Arrow would also bum me out, just because I like having them together. It’s like the CW’s “Dude Night”, when all of their other shows are kinda girlie.

      • lll says:

        Don’t seperate Arrow and Supernatural. Wednesday night works for them, so messing that up would hurt both shows. I agree about The Originals airing on another night that isn’t Thursday. Vampire Diaries fans know about the show, so why pair them together? Use that power to help another night out. 90210 — which isn’t mentioned — should be renewed for a final season….wait for it…for the summer.

    • Alan says:

      i cant see supernatural on tuesdays, that seems to be the death night for the cw, probably due to it being ncis night on cbs, they wont want to put it on that day. also expect the originals to be on after the vampire diaries, spin offs usually get their first season right after the show they spun off.

      • Elle says:

        I think they will pair Originals with SPN as I think it will be darker and more male skewing. Plus Wednesday’s two shows are successful, why would they not use both of them to launch new shows.

        • Alan says:

          you need to capture the viewers of the show it spun off first and foremost, it will be looked upon as having the same type of viewers as the parent show and if it doesnt capture those viewers then it will be viewed as a failure, easiest way to do that is pair it with its parent show.

        • Drew says:

          I think that if the plan is to attract a male audience with a Vampire Diaries spinoff, they will fail. No Supernatural/Arrow fan who doesn’t watch The Vampire Diaries already will be interested in The Originals. They would have been better off with a Supernatural spinoff if that was the goal.

  2. Jodee says:

    HOD and BATB need to get renewed. The others can go. I watched 10 mins of Cult and got bored. Sad Emily Owens is gone but HOD is fantastic!

  3. Sara says:

    I really hope BATB and HOD get renewed. They are amazing shows. :-)

  4. Melody Paris says:

    Cult, 90210 and Carrie Diaries need to go, they are dragging down the network and with this network that’s just bad.

    • Jolie says:

      I agree! 90210, like Gossip Girl was, is just a mess: everyone dates/sleeps with everyone, far-fetched drama, bad acting etc.

  5. Gigi Jones says:

    BATB is heating up and is my new addiction…i will need my fix for many more seasons!!!! Please give BATB a second season!!!! You must!!!

  6. I loves me some Beauty and the Beast! What can I say? I’m a sucker for well-paced epic love between star-crossed lovers! And this show? Totally delivers! (And then some.) Honestly. I haven’t been this in love with a show since Veronica Mars, and for me, that is saying something, I tell you what. In other news, we need a second season!

  7. Melody Paris says:

    I find all the Beauty and the Beast love kind of surprising. I watch the show and enjoy it, but I’m not as obsessed or captivated as some of the commenters. It’s an entertaining show, but the love and craze for this show seems over the top. I guess I must be underestimating the pull of Kristen Kreuk. Then again, the world would be boring if we all obsessed over the same things (mmm, I love me some Winchesters).

    • Stephanie says:

      I feel the exact same way. I watch the show, but I am so surprised by the amount of love I have seen for it (especially lately). I think both the writing and the acting need a lot of work. And the comments about the “epic love story” confuse me, too. I’m really not trying to argue with anyone or put anyone down, I know we all have our own opinions (I definitely can appreciate that), but I watch a lot of shows specifically FOR the love story, and BatB’s doesn’t even rank in my top 30. I guess I’m just shocked that it has had such a profound effect on so many people.

      • Claudia says:

        Probably, is that lately on tv there hasnt been that many shows about the romantic aspect the show itself, and everythingI in BATB drags around the couple, so probably is the effect. Im a romance sucker, but stopped watching tv specially american tv for a long time my last onscreen couple was Max and Liz from Roswell, but now am fascinated about the chemistry or probably the mysthical part of Beauty and the Beast couple. So we are just enjoying and get a little bit scared for a possible cancelation maybe thats why the over the top love.

    • mia says:

      I’m one of those obsessed fans of Beauty and the Beast and I’m shocked that I am. I tuned in to watch just cause – I don’t like the fairy tale its based on, I didn’t like the 80s version, and I wasn’t a fan of Kristen Kruek. But despite all this I fell completely in love with this show. I still dont like the fairy tale or the 80s version, but I do love Kruek now.
      I don’t know really what it is that captivates me so much; but it does, I look forward to episodes like an addict. I think its the fact that the main character is really strong and she’s interesting and stands up for herself and she has these wonderful female characters around her (I’m a sucker for female friendships) that she values and loves. Plus I find the romance really refreshing. These two are falling in love slowly, through getting to know each other and fighting injustice. Its passionate, but in a slow-burn kind of way. It just feels epic. And then their romance is really beautiful; in a pop culture world thats full of violent romances based on inequalities and submissive partners, this show isnt that. Cat and Vincent are equals and there is none of that systemic inequity in their relationship. They push/pull equally. And I find that intoxicating.

  8. Mariana says:

    I really want Beauty and the Beast to get another season. Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk have such an undeniable chemistry. The cast is really amazing, funny and they are all about to make contact with the fans. The result of it is the INCREDIBLE SHOW! CW should give them another season, from the whole list above this show is the best.

  9. Aurel says:

    Beauty & the Beast deserves a 2nd season !! It’s an awesome show !! Great story & great actors !! I hope the CW will make the good choice for their viewers…. BatB won the PEOPLE Choice Award

    #Beasties are ready to roarr as loud as they can for their show !! we’ll not let down!#GiveBATBSecondSeason

  10. Lisa says:

    Beauty and the Beast is fabulous! Would be crushed to see it cancelled!!’

  11. andreia says:

    Estou apaixonada por Beauty and the beast, ela com certeza tem que ser renovada, não pode parar agora…… não podeeeee….

  12. Lara says:

    Hart of Dixie

  13. Jolie says:

    BATB has so much potential and gets better and better with each episode. Hoping it’s renewed.

  14. I hope both Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie are renew!! :)

  15. Beth says:

    No contest – Nikita and HOD! The others can all go and I wouldn’t miss them, especially BatB. I don’t get the love for it. I think it’s awful and I’m finally done trying to give it a chance.

    • Claudia says:

      Thanks for trying tho!!! I don get the love for Nikita or HOD Ive tried them, Ill drop them both for the love of BATB, I guess people got different likes when it comes to a show, if not there wouldnt be that many out there!

  16. jackie says:

    hart of dixie is freaking awsome! love zoe and wade . they are so cute and annabeth and levon? ohhh man. yes we definetly need a S3!

  17. Cláudia says:

    Gente, pelo amor de Deus, não tirem a série Beauty and the Beast do ar!. Aqui no brasil nós adoramos!!! A série é muito boa e merece várias temporadas. O Vincent e a Cat fica muito lindos juntos!!! Por favor, continuem com a série!!!

  18. M@ri@ C@rolin@ Recife PE Brasil says:

    Renovem Beauty and the Beast e The Carrie Diaries

  19. Larissa says:

    BATB hands down!

  20. Beauty and the Beast needs a second season!!! Please!!! Love Cat and Vincent!!!

  21. ally says:

    I love Nikita, and Beauty and the Beast.. hope they both get renewed..
    I’m not worried about Nikita at all, it will get a 4th season, no doubt. ;) .. if only Beauty and the beast was such a sure thing.. and I have 2 say, I hate that ppl think just bc it has VD as a lead in it should be doing better, the CW barely promotes it bc they are so busy promoting VD & Arrow.. so if anything I think the VD lead in hurts it… anyways fingers crossed 4 BatB bc its Such a great show (give it another chance ppl, you’ll come around.)

  22. heidi says:

    I need season 3 of Hart of Dixie!

  23. zadefan says:

    Please give me another season of Zoe and Wade….

  24. Brandy says:

    First, at least I don’t/don’t have to bash people/attack people//bash other shows to defend myself.Name calling makes you mean,immature people .I hate fans like BaTB,Ringer,SC,Nikita who can’t accept or admit their shows have bad ratings and attack people.Just because people say a show has low ratings dosent mean they’re bashing your show.Just because you guys can’t accept Nikita and BaTB s bad retention/ratings dosent make me a jackass especially when I say the truth you guys don’t want to hear .
    Second, it’s free speech,free press and a free country, people can have thier own thoughts,feelings,opinions and just because they might not match yours dosent mean thier haters or bashing it or bad people ect.

    • Sarah says:

      People’s issues with you is that you feel the need to state your opinion over and over again as though you’re a broken record. You aren’t the network, you don’t have all the data, so expecting people to agree with your endless mentions of how awful a series is doing in the rating in a way to imply why a series should be cancel is tiresome. Maybe if you stopped doing what you do people wouldn’t feel the need to comment at you in such a matter that comes off like an attack. It’s pretty simple why people act the way they do towards you, you’ve gotten to the point of becoming an annoyance.

    • Claudia says:

      But dont you feel like you are like the minority in here, is fine you have your opinion but why would you come to a post in here, where as you can see in the comments most of the people love all these show and you want to make a straight point of “truth about the quality or ratings”of a show you dont even care about, and that is irrelevant to the other people, is just a waste of time, space and above all “free speech” because as you said we are fans “fanatics”of these shows…..why wouldnt you just go on the news and post about the shows you care about.

  25. solange says:

    Please renew the series Beauty and Beast,we believe tha the story of Vincent and Cat should continue because reveals compassion,complicit,hope,change,attitudes and lots of love.CW need to renew the season.We will be very happy ok. thank you!

  26. Georgia says:

    The people have spoken: keep HOD and
    BATB. These are great series, just need a chance to truly shine


    At first i wasn’t interested with Beauty and the Beast, but when i lean my time to watch over it, and i found its really a great TV show..i love the performance of cat and Vincent…and i learn to love this show…so this show must be renewed…

  28. My watching friends and I want Beauty and the Beast renewed! It won’t make sense to
    have a new show that won this year’s People’s Choice Award get only 1 season….

  29. babette says:

    another season for BATB please…

  30. samantha says:

    Please you have got to keep beauty and the beast!!!! By far the best show I have ever seen I LOVE IT!! So much chemistry AMD action it’s a great show I vote batb

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Beauty and that Beast!!!!! It’s just awesome and needs a second season!!!!!

  32. BATB FANATIC SA says:

    Also enjoyed watching HOD but BATB is an awesome show which really rocked my world like no other. After the second episode I was hooked. Please give it a another chance and a second season. BATB FANATIC SA

  33. AT says:

    I think they should renew Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie and Nikita. The ones on the cutting room floor should be The Carrie Diaries, Cult and 90210. 90210 has obviously lost just about all of its viewers at this point and creatively has become a problem. Cult unfortunately didn’t get an audience and The Carrie Diaries I think would have done better a few years ago.

  34. luli says:

    Wait!!! they can only renew to more shows?!?!?

    • Alan says:

      that poll is most likely just to stir up trouble and increase page views, we have no idea how many more shows they will renew and wont know until the end of the tv season.

  35. marisa says:

    I was beyond pissed when the secret circle was cancelled.
    i believe the originals is going to be a hit. & they should defintely renew hart of dixie & the carrie diaries.

  36. Sunshine says:

    BATB & Nikita definitely need renewals. 90210 should get a 13 ep renewal like Gossip Girl did in order to successfully wrap up the show.
    Cult is interesting thus far, of course having “Alaric” back on screen helps. Now find a show for “Jeremy”.
    (Sorry, only know the names of the characters they played on TVD)
    After the disastrous handling of the characters on HOD tonite I’m not sure they deseve a full season renewal. They lost the fun & quirkiness that HOD is loved for and replaced it with what one would expect to see on Gossip Girl. Don’t get me wrong I liked GG but if I wanted that I’d watch the reruns. ;)

  37. Naazneen says:

    Beauty and the Beast. Its GOT to be Batb!

  38. Rhoda says:

    KEEP BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!’ It’s the best

  39. nancy says:

    Beauty and the beast deserves a second season!!It’s an amazing CW show and it has to be renewed!!!

  40. ahhh get Beauty and the Beast Season 2. I freakin’ love the show <3

  41. orangemoon says:

    Beauty and The Beast just keeps getting better and better! It deserves a 2nd Season!! The mythology is intriguing, the romance is Epic and I love the stories that intertwine with the love of Vincent and Catherine!!

  42. Beastified says:

    Beauty and the Beast! One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long while, please,please. Beyond epic!

  43. Teresa says:

    I love Hart of Dixie! Please keep this show on! I haven’t been truly invested in a show in a long time UNTIL HOD!! I want to see George and Zoe together as a couple. As well as Lavon and Annabeth. There is a lot more to do, with this show.

  44. Tierra says:


  45. Julie says:

    Ugh, I know Cult is terrible and will be canceled- but darn I really wanted to like this show. I LOVE Matt Davis and the premise sounded good. Unfortunately it just isn’t.

  46. Sabrina says:

    Beauty & The Beast better get renewed. Love my Vincent & Catherine love story and can’t wait to see whats more in store for them. It has to continue on.

  47. Hope says:

    Beauty & The Beast needs a 2nd season. The love story between Catherine & Vincent is epic & beautiful and it will keep getting better if it gets renewed. Please keep BATB!!

  48. Savannah says:

    I love BATB need more of that.. Rumor of canceling its really kill my buzz.. That’s all I look forward to my Thursday night. Pls if someone do read these message give us more of BATB…

  49. viviana says:

    beauty and the beasts a mejor serie de todas!! desde argentina hacemos fuerza para segunda temporada!!!

  50. Savannah says:

    BATB all the way . Nothing else