Hart of Dixie: Wilson Bethel and Rachel Bilson Weigh in on Wade and Zoe's Shocking [Spoiler]

Hart of Dixie Sesaon 5 SpoilersIf you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Hart of Dixie, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Hear that? That’s the sound of many a Hart of Dixie fan’s hearts breaking after this week’s installment of the CW charmer, which found Wade reluctantly coming clean to Zoe about his wandering eye everything and effectively ending their wonderfully short-lived love story.

“It’s sad because they’ve been building these two characters up for a season-and-a-half,” Rachel Bilson tells TVLine. “It’s like a real breakup.”

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Wilson Bethel, who portrays the misguided philanderer, couldn’t agree more with his co-star — and being the man behind the wrong-doer makes the twist sting all the worse.

“I’ve developed a very strong relationship with Wade over the last year-and-a-half, and it’s like seeing a really good friend do something wrong, you know?” the actor shares, somberly. “There’s an emotional impact that it has on you. But the question is, what happens from here — and a lot of that remains to be seen. It’s a little heartbreaking.”

Bethel explains that Wade’s choice to stray from the relationship for which he fought so hard “definitely came out of the blue, but so goes it in network television… The nature of the game is that nothing can be happy and good for too long,” he says, laughing. “Six or seven episodes of [happiness] is probably all you’re going to get out of a show that’s relationship/triangle-based.”

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With “Wade entering into a pretty dark zone” in the coming weeks, Bethel reveals that he too will be “entering into a pretty dark zone… But it’s good, too. From an acting perspective, it’s a new shade of the character and it gives me some new territory to explore.” That said, Bethel is going to miss the enjoyment of embodying “the playful guy that everybody likes. It’s not fun being the guy that everyone hates. But at the end of the day, we’re not doing Schindler’s List here, so there’s got to be a lot of light moments to come! Still, it’s going to be a lonely course.”

The after effects of Wade’s indiscretions will also impact other Bluebell denizens, including Cress Williams‘ beloved mayor Lavon. “He’s been Wade’s friend for years and believes he’s got so much potential,” Williams shares. “But Lavon’s also seen him undercut it time and time again. And then here’s Zoe, his best friend, and the fact that she’s hurt. It’s like part [of him] wants to shake the child [Wade] and say, ‘You can be so much better!’ but he’s also angry about him hurting his best friend.”

Not unlike Bethel, Williams recalls that “it felt so weird when we read the script [for this episode] out loud. Wilson took it really hard. There was just a hush at the table read, like ‘Oh man, that’s not good.’ (Mircea Monroe [Tansy], for her part, also took the news badly: “I was crying — we’re all really invested!”)

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Putting a slightly more positive spin on the Dixie shakeup, Bilson notes: “It’s fun to do these emotional scenes because I don’t get those very much… So, I’m actually looking forward to [what’s next] in a weird way.”

And what is next, you ask? For starters, some long-overdue girl time for sometime-frenemies Zoe and Tansy. “We have some moments coming up,” Monroe teases. “In the next episode, it’s Tansy who Zoe goes out with to try and get over Wade. She has extra empathy in this situation. It’s really cool twist for the character, to start to like someone that she didn’t because of shared experiences.” But don’t think Tansy will totally let her guard down when it comes to the pint-sized doc. “While we’re doing shots, Tansy even says something like, ‘You’re going to be fine. You’ll find someone like George — but not George, himself,'” the actress laughs.

As for what’s to become of the broken hearted, Bethel can only muster up a solemn “who knows” for now. “But I think Wade and Zoe made a pretty good run at it,” he adds, “and maybe this will leave room for a continued development down the line.”

Now it’s your turn to sound off, Dixie fans: How are you feeling about Wade and Zoe’s shocking split? Hit the comments!

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  1. Pauli says:

    Sad as it is, I think what happened makes sense in the overall world of the show and Wade’s character. He’s always been insecure about his job and thinking he’s not good enough. It was like a self-fufilling prophecy. Wade believed he didn’t deserve Zoe and in turn, made that insecurity a reality. I really enjoyed Zoe and Wade together, but I knew, this early in the series, that they’d need to break up sooner or later. I always assumed it would be Zoe breaking Wade’s heart, so I actually like how they flipped it around. Their relationship actually reminds a lot of the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Wade just needs to ‘make something of himself’ before they can truly be together, which I think will happen. Depending on how long the show goes on for, I think it will take a good while for them to get passed this, but it will happen eventually.

  2. Marie Harrell says:

    Hated it too. I love Zoe and Wade. I knew I should have stopped watching 2 episodes ago, but I couldn’t believe they would let Wade cheat. I think to resolve this, Wade should say he lied about cheating because he thought it was best for Zoe to break up with him, but he really didn’t cheat on her. I’m so sad, my favorite show and now I can’t watch anymore.

  3. Anna says:

    My heart broke when i watched the episode….. I thought that Rachel and Wilson did an amazing job but i kind of wanted a bigger reaction from both of them! It was good acting wise, but i just wanted to see a really heartbreaking fight between them. Like when Ross cheats on Rachel on FRIENDS – remember? I really wanted Zoe to yell at him and cry some more and not just dance around at the end…
    Still good acting though :)

  4. Danielle H. says:

    I am afraid that this will either make or break this show getting renewed. This was probably something they should have teased out until the season finale.
    My thoughts on the actual event: I was really sad, but knew where it was going from the second he walked out the door with the other woman. It will be interesting to see how Zoe handles this, since this was like her first honest to God go at a relationship (as she said). I am not looking forward to sulking, mean Wade either.
    BUT the show has gotten a tiny bit stale. Hopefully this will liven it up and put some quirkiness and pep back into it. Also will be fun to see the hunks that vie for Zoe!

    • Dee says:

      You are correct that the show has gotten a tiny bit stale—but I blame that on bad writing. They need to make better story lines and stop using the cliche “he cheated” story. Are there no clever, good writes anymore? Is this all they can come up with? To make things worse and to show how bad the writers are, they go and throw Wade’s character under to bus, after all the work to build it up and show how he was changing. I am hoping I am wrong…I still have hope for Wade, that any dark and hard times that are coming his way will make him stronger and this is just more character building for him. I am also holding out hope for Wade and Zoe—those two made the show. That is the number one reason I watched it! Loved them, so electric! Please fix this!

  5. liz says:

    I know that when the show first started they intended to have Zoe hook up with George but I think she is better with Wade and they are the whole reason I watch the show every week. As long as Wade didn’t get the other woman pregnant then over time they should get back together. But if he did then the writers just killed the show.

  6. Norma Stephens says:

    Zoe and Wade is what made the show and I think viewers enjoyed the game of chase, love and romance with this odd couple. The break up was expected but the reason was very disappointing and very unrealistic for Wade character. He lusted after Zoe for so long, felt miserable when she didn’t notice him and when he did win her over he strayed with another woman because he got drunk and went to a dark zone for a night? Reality of that happening so early on is very slim. Yes, I know it’s TV with characters and actors but this is one hour every week where the viewer goes out of whatever reality to A feel good place. It may be in the shows best interests to give some good spoilers hinting to the almost definite possibility of repairing the relatiionship between the odd couple in the future. Otherwise, I see the show loose viewers and ratings as the main spark is gone and the writers are too unpredictable with Zade fans and the other characters are boring and not so interesting to carry the show forward. Lemon is a sad, lost and pityful and Levon needs some positive energy boost, George is boring with that silly smile and Tansy is too sweet and boring. I was a bit bored with the shows characters other than Zade so probably be awhile before I watch it again, but will definitelly read the recaps. Hope it gets renewed with interesting and believable revamped characters and everlasting love for all us Zade fans.

  7. Crisha says:

    I was heartbroken… I’ve always liked Zoe and Wade’s chemistry and to see them end up like this, was pretty hard to watch

  8. RL says:

    I can’t believe how disappointed I am in the decision to have Wade cheat. It will be hard to continue to watch.

  9. Faith says:

    I am so Glad they are over! They were not compatible and I cannot stand WADE!

  10. Marta Bernardes says:

    i’ve cried so much in the last episode. It was so sad seing Zoe and Wade breaking up. I love them both and i hope Zoe’ll figure out a way to forgive Wade, because i can see he loves her very much. I love this show, but if the two of them aren’t geting back together the show won’t be the same.

  11. Shelley says:

    OMG I’m so bummed they’ve gone down this road. There could have been so many other good story lines but betrayal? I just don’t think it’s convincing that wade would do that cos he loves Zoe so much. I’m gutted. I hope they don’t throw Zoe into meaningless dates. I loved the Zoe and wade romance it was cute. Damn writers :(

  12. Jody says:

    I was soooo bummed by this episode! I have been a die hard fan since day one and love Zoe and wade together. The chemistry between them is the best of all the characters on HOD. I just cannot agree with how the writers screwed up the most interesting couple on the show! It was cheap and uncalled for. I agree with the other comments they were falling in love and wade was obviously crazy for Zoe but apparently he cannot stop be self destructive.. So sad.. Hopefully the writers will make Ths right! I need several more seasons. Ill keep watching faithfully. This is my favorite show on its usually quirky and fun!! They better get it together so HOD will get renewed.

  13. Melody Paris says:

    Days later and my heart is still broken. This was and is still the relationship I’m rooting for. Don’t get me wrong, he was a complete ass and I would have broken up with him as well. But, they really do make each other better. He wanted to be more, he wanted to fulfill his dreams and they were inspired by her. She finally started to really settle in and learn to be a more well rounded person because he showed her those caring sides. I hope we will see something happen down the road. Right now Wade needs to realize he can be more, and not just rely on her view of him but develop one of his own. He has to learn to believe in himself. Just please no George and Zoe – please.

  14. PHIL says:

    Une fois de plus Zoé n’était pas là, Wade je crois a bu pour cette raison, et a virer George par dépit pour perdre….. Ce n’était pas la première fois que Zoé lâche Wade ou le casse par des mots qu’elle regrette aussitôt mais qui on fait très mal dans les épisodes récents.
    Ivre, il a dépassé les bornes et n’a pas d’excuses….
    J’espère de tout mon coeur que Zoé va lui pardonner et pas seulement à l’épisode 22 et qu’elle-même verra Wade autrement qu’un perdant
    Si tout va bien je n’aurai qu’une hâte acheter le DVD

  15. Janice says:

    I’m very disappointed that they are doing this. Love Zoe and Wade and they have great chemistry. Don’t know if I’m going to coninue to be vested in this show with this new development, and I definitely will not watch if they go with boring George and Zoe — just ugh! I hope the writers revisit Zoe and Wade, and work on builing a strong relationship with them. Until then, I guess will be be just a casual viewer (if even that).

  16. Shan says:

    I love Zoey/Wade and they are the best couple on the show. But I don’t mind a breakup because thats just how television goes. I do however mind, that they had Wade cheat to cause the breakup. Bad form. Bad idea.

  17. Cindi says:

    I am so nervous about tonights epsiode and what further damage the writers are going to do to Wade and Zoe. Suddenly all the fun and enjoyment has gone out of HOD for me. There were so many ways they could have taken this story line. Wade may be a lot of things, but I just do not feel like he would have ultimately cheated on Zoe. I only hope that they can somehow fix this mess and let the viewers get over it too.

  18. Dee says:

    Just watched tonight’s episode and the last 10 minutes with Lavon and Wade AND then Wade’s face at the very end when he talked to Zoe was just…”sigh”. Wilson Bethel is soooooo good—you could just see his pain and feel his loss… Damn Zoe, I’ll take him…

    • Allison says:

      I don’t think I can watch. Just when I got myself talked into giving it a shot and hoping that somehow it would all be made right I read Ausiello’s spoilers. Yup. I just can’t. Because all my worst intuitions were true.

      • Dee says:

        I know but I just couldn’t help myself. I am not going to make you or any of us Zade shippers happy. I read a spoiler that she faces her feeling for George, even though he is in a relationship?? Does she tell him or what??? Not sure what that means. But on Carter’s spoilers he said that Zoe goes to NY to visit Mom and go to a wedding. Guess who is on the plane? No, not Wade—I wish. It is Jonah-spoiler 1. Please NO!!! While on the plane, she talks to a chatty person next to her about her love life and gets advice about both Wade and George.–spoiler 2. God, I hope that women has some sense and tells her not to play it safe and boring with George—-That the only way to be happy is to take a chance with Wade, and the only true love is the all consuming, have to have you, makes you crazy– love. Come on Zoe, please get some sense and pick Wade. This can’t be happening. I am still reeling from last week and now this…

        • Allison says:

          Ugh that is worse than what I read. I read that Zoe is going to NY but I didn’t hear about Jonah. I also read that Zoe and George is happening. Apparently there is a spoiler picture out there already. But take it with a grain of salt since I didn’t see the photo myself. Ausiello made mention of it.

          I watched HoD for some light, fluffy fun. I can’t take it seriously when Lemon dresses like she is wearing her grandmother’s clothes from the 50s and they have Planksgiving. It was supposed to fun. Instead they decided they were this deep drama. Sad thing is that their deep end is really the shallow end in most kiddie pools. I wanted fun and to fall asleep dreaming of hot southern boys with manners and smirks.

          Apparently the Exec Producer is convinced that George and Zoe belong together. I just can’t. I’m going to have to find a website to check every few weeks to see if there is anything I need to see for myself and then a YouTube account to give me the good stuff without all the other crap. If Wade isn’t working to win Zoe back and being all irresistible doing it then I don’t care.

          HoD was upgraded to a safe bet for renewal on the score card. That makes me almost as sad as last week’s ep. If they are going to submarine this show I’d rather it just disappeared. Let the cast find other projects. I’d follow Bethel Wilson to a new show even if he didn’t have the southern accent and wore clothes all the time. He really is the brightest spot on HoD. Rachel Bilson is adorable but she is pretty much the same in all her roles. I loved Scott Porter on Friday Night Lights but there may never be another FNL and HoD isn’t even in the same zip code.

          • Dee says:

            I. can’t hear this about George and Zoe. Ugh! I also read a spoiler that she has a sexual encounter with Wade a couple of days before she leaves for NY. I don’t just want a cheap sex scene, I want love for Wade and Zoe—ok, and some good, hot sex between them. But that does not make me happy because it makes me think that she will choose George and the person on the plane will talk her into boring George. You are very insightful. I am getting more depressed by the minute. I am inclined to not watch either. I do agree Wilson Bethel is the breakout star of that show. He is addicting. I agree. with all you said about the show. I have never felt so disappointed by any other show before.

  19. Chrissy says:

    That was such a sad episode.. all the fun has gone out of watching HOD..it was light and fluffy and I agree Wilson Bethel makes the show.

    I now could not care less who Zoe ends up with or if the show gets cancelled anymore … that was the one show that i watched that left a smile on my face at the end of each episode..

    Now I cant watch anymore after the way they have trashed Wades character.. when he is the one that made the show…

    Shame on the writers:)

    • Wade4Ever says:

      Well with the recent spoilers (DON’t READ…SPOILERS COMING)……… about Zoe sleeping with Wade two days before going to NYC and then apparently revealing some sort of “feeling” about George I would be offended if I was George. Each time their feelings are put out there Zoe goes and sleeps with Wade. I think it speaks volumes about where and who she really wants to be with. With that said, I don’t think Zade are back together anytime soon and after the damage done by Wade that needs to happen. I just want him to evolve and get to a good place. Hopefully Zoe is still around when he gets there and they work back to each other. George and Zoe will keep getting teased until they go there so the show needs to sh&* or get off the pot for good with them. Let them have their shot and prove they’re better than Zoe/Wade…which I just honestly don’t see.

      • Dee says:

        Loved what you said, especially about the “everytime she speaks about her feelings for George, she sleeps with Wade.” Yes, I totally agree that it speaks volumes about who she really wants to be with. I don’t want to see her with George because I will gag…but if that is the only way for her to realize that she really loves Wade and he is who she wants to be with, then so be it. Hopefully the writers will get this right and put Zoe and Wade together after the dragging on and on about the stupid George feelings. I honestly do not see them together. There is no indication that there are any feelings–only friendship. With Wade and Zoe there have been looks, words, etc for a year and a half leading up to them getting together. Totally believable and made us want more of them–Wade and Zoe, I mean. Whatever–writers can make up anything they want. If they do put Zoe and George together, I don’t think they will convince any Wade and Zoe fans (and that is the majority of all HoD fans) that the Zoe and George thing works or is wanted.

      • Allison says:

        Holy crap! I really hope someone is leaking wrong information just to see the fans go bonkers.

        • Dee says:

          I love your comments and take on the situation. Especially the Holy crap! So few words sometimes but it does sum it up perfectly!

          • Allison says:

            I am so glad to have found a few people to talk to about this. It shouldn’t anger me as it does but I just hate being loyal to a show and supporting it and its cast and even recommending it to people only to have pure crap happen. I feel ridiculous for being so worked up about it but at the same time I’m happy there are others who feel the same way.

      • Allison says:

        Wait! I just read this again. Does she reveal to Wade after sleeping with him that she has feelings for George or does she reveal to the person on the plane?

        I’m horrified by these spoilers. Even if they are only 50% true this is epic nuclear meltdown.

        If Zoe sleeps with Wade but then back pedals and says she still have feelings for George, then I hope Wade goes out and finds himself the hottest redhead and starts a five year relationship with her. Wade deserves more than Zoe’s indecisiveness.

        • essie20 says:

          The spoiler says…


          “On the episode, Zoe will fly to New York to see her mother and to attend a wedding. To make things more interesting, Zoe is surprised to see new love interest — Jonah on board on the same plane as hers. While on the plane, Zoe shares her past sexual encounter with Wade two nights ago with a chatty married woman sitting next to her. And oh you’re gonna love this George and Zoe shippers! The pint-sized doc also shared that she had addressed her feelings to GEORGE even though he’s still involved with someone. (read: all of this emotional and sexual turmoil of Zoe Hart happened before she left for NYC.) Which side are you still rooting for HOD fandom?
          Meanwhile, (on a much more decent happening) Dr. Zoe Hart was able to exercise being a doctor on a medical emergency involving one of the passengers”


          Like I said, if I was George I would be pissed with Zoe sleeping with Wade so close to revealing any sort of feelings for me unless the feelings revealed were that she was in love Wade and they only be friends. But then I read comments about Rachel Bilson saying the show would have to go there sooner or later with George/Zoe so I don’t know what to expect. I”m confused. All I know is I want a hot, full love scene if this is the last of Zade I will get for a long time

          • Allison says:

            Pardon me. I think I have Sweet Valley High books around here somewhere that I can go read.


            can I get on that plane with Zoe and jump sans parachute?

          • Dee says:

            Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! You do make me laugh, even with this tragedy to Zade!
            Thank you and don’t stop commenting. PLEASE!!!

  20. Dee says:

    Don’t apologize, nothing wrong with getting workded up with something we care about. I am there with you and am still angry too. Could still scream, especially when I read the spoilers. I am extremely loyal to this show also and I really don’t get this way about most shows, but I thought this was different. Wilson Bethel is so so freaking good!!! I fell in love with Zade because of how they just clicked from day one but his role in it is stupendous! He’s got those looks and subtleness about him with her. Zoe is nuts—come to your senses please.
    As far as the spoiler goes, not sure if she declares her feelings about George before or after she sleeps with Wade. but she does before she gets on the plane…
    Wait just read an e-mail about the spoiler I read also so I think that answers your questions.
    I know still confusing.

    I do whole heartedly agree with essie20. If this is the end of Zade for a while, I better get a really really hot and sexy love scene between them–a long one, not just for 60 seconds. They better make it better than even the first night they slept together on the non-wedding day. Cw better bring it! We Zade fans deserve at least that!!!!!!!

    • Allison says:

      So Zoe sleeps with Wade on Wednesday. Let’s say on Thursday she addresses her feelings for George. On Friday she gets on a plane with her “new love interest Jonah.” She’s sleeping with the ex. She’s still pining after George who is still TAKEN. Hasn’t shut the door on Jonah.

      What a little skanky ho. At this point I’m trying to see what viewers and Wade, George, and Jonah see in her.

      The more I think about this the more I think all three boys would be better off without her. Holy crap. Wade will probably take whatever she gives him because he cares for her and will hold out for the slim hope that they can be together again. I have no idea what George wants because I thought he was content with Tansy. I thought he had shut the door on Zoe. He certainly didn’t seem to be an opportunist when Wade cheated on her. They haven’t developed Jonah enough to annihilate him, but I’m guessing he’s happy to have a distraction from small town life.

      My recommendation to all the HoD viewers is that should you ever meet a cute TV writer and get all flirty find out what TV show they write for before you commit. If it is HoD run for the hills. They’ll probably cheat on you to prove their undying love.

  21. Dee says:

    “What a little skanky ho”. That is so the right description if the spoiler and your reasoning of it is true……my cheeks hurt from laughing and I mean LOL.
    I concur with your recommendation to HoD fans too!!!
    Yes, I am still laughing…

    • Allison says:

      I’m sure when the writers dreamed up this little gem and figured it would get HoD fans talking and invested in the show again, they didn’t dream it would be at their expense. Yeah, they banked on upsetting a few of the fans because it was bound to happen. They just didn’t figure their fans were smarter than they were.

      I’ve even noticed the George and Zoe fans are quiet. They must be devastated that Jonah gets a turn on the Zoe carousel before George.

      • Dee says:

        Yes, still laughing… “Jonah’s turn on the Zoe carousel”….I really like the way you think–you are quick. I do have to agree that this is what it seems like. Pass her around to all the available guys, maybe then she can choose, maybe not, maybe another turn will be needed. You kill me…LOL

        • Allison says:

          I mean no harm. Especially not harm of the fatal kind to any of my fellow Zade mourners. I just have to find ways to laugh at this. Of course I did finally learn the producer of this show is Leila Gerstein who did the OC and Gossip Girl it explains so much. I am not overly familiar with either of those shows since I have a low “crappy TV” tolerance. However it is all beginning to make sense.

          Did you ever play that game in school where you had items on the left and right side of the paper? You had to draw a line between the items that were either similar or worked together or like say a tiger and a tiger cub? A matching game. Then when you got older you could draw multiple lines to the same object when they tried to trick you? I feel like that is how CW shows are. If they ever drew lines between their characters who slept together the middle of the page would be a giant block of pencil. The only thing that gives is lead smudge marks on everyone’s finger tips who touch it.

          I shouldn’t have said carousel either. Now I’m picturing the disaster that was One Tree Hill and Lucas’ spin on a carousel with Jake’s baby’s mama. Ugh that show was a disaster pretty much out of the gate.

          • Dee says:

            Your quick witted cleverness is so refreshing. That dry and sarcastic humor is what really gets me laughing…and you have it in bucket loads. Thank you so so much!!!
            I had no idea that Leila G. was the producer of those two shows–they were never my thing, I guess we have something in common other that Zade–I can not tolerate the low “crappy” TV shows either.
            Couldn’t stop reading when you started the paragraph on the game in school, but I knew it would be interesting at the end. I was right…you really had me laughing and when I read the comment about the carousel and Jake’s baby’s mama, well let me just say…holding my stomach laughing…:) :) :) :)

    • Allison says:

      More spoilers. And they don’t help Zoe’s stock at all.

      “Rose and her boyfriend, Max, set Zoe up with Max’s dad Michael, played by “Children’s Hospital” comedian Rob Huebel, per THR. Michael is the significantly older guy we told you about last week. After one good date with him, Zoe decides that perhaps the perfect antidote to the post-Wade blues is dating a responsible, serious adult.

      Of course, this is Zoe, so things don’t exactly turn out the way she planned. Her attempt to enter the adult dating world winds up with fireworks at the prom.”

      “Wade and Lemon is that they go into business and buy The Rammer Jammer together.Part of that seems to be it getting storm damage and ends up with Zoe and Wade hooking up .

      Zoe apparently gets hammered and inadvertently breaks George and Tansy up before heading off to NY for somebodies wedding .”

      So she has four poor saps. Sheesh. Save some for the rest of us. Now she is a greedy, skanky ho.

      • Dee says:

        I just heard she wants to date Jonah in the next episode, tells George her feelings him before she leaves for NY and while he is still with Tansy, and also joins a dating service…she is just desperate. Zoe, how about a little soul searching before you just try to get into any relationship you can… Is she going off the deep end???

        • Allison says:


          Zoe just swan dived off the high diving platform.

          aww man. So she goes from not having a relationship to anyone to trying to date every single and apparently non-single male in BlueBell? Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Dating 101 Zoe style. Rule number 1: don’t do anything I do.
          Rule number 2: you are free to make fun of me as I make an idiot out of myself
          Rule number 3: high school kids are bad. their dads are ok.
          Rule number 4: the unattainable guy is the one you really want.
          Rule number 5: why are there so many rules? scratch them all except #1

          • Dee says:

            LOL in the middle of a quiet waiting room… :-)

            Yes and there was a big splash. Apparently rule #2 begins in the next episode when she goes to spring break with Jonah which is held outside her house. She does jelly shots, keg stands, lifts her shirt… All there things tell me she is lost without Wade and needs to get back with him. Can’t the writers see this.
            Guess what a friend said she read……spoiler alert ………….
            Wade is confiding or asking advice about Zoe…
            What the…..
            Can you imagine Lemon with Wade…the worst thing ever for my poor Wade. What if she decides she wants him and sabotages Wade to get Zoe back? Hummmmmmmm this doesn’t sound like happy Bluebell but another show, all other CW shows….. Never mind, I lost my mind and went somewhere else for a minute. This break up really has me frazzled!

          • Allison says:

            Ya know the best thing about the Internet? Someone smarter than HoD writers have fixed what they screwed up. TGFYV&FF thank God for YouTube videos and fan fiction. Lol. They can bring back the warm fuzzies.

            Lemon giving advice on relationships is like giving a first grader learning to read a book in Japanese. Completely useless.

  22. Deb says:

    While I agree that drama is good on these types of shows, the reason I found HOD so refreshing is because it didn’t settle for all of the cheesy, sleezy, desperate storylines that other shows fall victim to. It was a lighthearted show showcasing good people in a small town with everyday issues of fitting in, getting along, having fun, and loving each other. Wade’s about face is a slap in the face, considering how long it took him to settle into the relationship with Zoe, it makes not sense that he would derail it THAT WAY. I don’t believe he actually had sex with Claudette, but the intent was there, and that’s not his character at this point. It cheapened the relationship, and it cheapened the show. Shame on you.

  23. Blond Goth Girl says:

    Hopefully they will have Wade deal with his self defeatist personality which shows in his relationships and personal lives. Then there could be some good drama with trying to bring him and Zoe back together. Wade/Zoe made the show more interesting plus they have such chemistry. I’m up for that sort of drama but if they don’t bring them back together, I’m afraid I might lose interest.

  24. MJO says:

    I just hope they can mend things with eachother.. I was practically crying when they broke up. I really hope HOD gets a 3rd season, because there isn’t too much time left to end the series the right way this season. HOD needs a 3rd season!

    • Dee says:

      I read on-line that they are probable to get renewed. But, that is still not a yes. I need a third season also from the spoilers I have been reading. It can not end with George and Zoe. Please, NO!!!!!!! Mind you, I am guessing that will be the outcome, and I am reading into the spoiler alerts I have read. George and Zoe are boresville. No matter how they change his personality, he will never have the charm and charisma that Wilson Bethel gives Wade every week, nor will he ever have the electric chemistry Wade and Zoe have together. I cried too when they broke up. I never really get invested in shows but I did this one. I am Wade and Zoe all the way. This stinks!!!

      • MJO says:

        They BETTER not end it with George and Zoe. Those two do not have any chemistry AT ALL! Wade and Zoe are so much better!!! The chemistry between Wilson and Rachel is something that can’t be acted. I watch HOD for Zade.. Come on writers.. get it right.. oh and CW..GIVE US A 3RD SEASON!!

        • Dee says:

          I agree with EVERYTHING you just said! Zade is the reason I watch it, too! I am very afraid that the creator will want what she has always wanted…George and Zoe. PLease, NO!!!

  25. TBurr says:

    I love Zoe and Wade and hope that the show will find them back together. It was very sad and disappointing.

  26. emily says:

    Had to watch it a few times. Still in disbelief. Was hoping Dr. Hart moved Wade enough to be in love:( I held out for some sort of twist in the story! Well I guess it could still happen? One of Zoe’s dates takes her to the bar where Wades infedelity happened. Unbeknown to her she meets the woman who left with Wade who in a revelation that changes all that was said and done before. That Wade did leave with her, but promptly passed out and kept going on about the doc. I figured he had some disease or something. But I got my fun by telling him we fooled around when in actual fact he passed out! Zoe goes pale with shock and disgust. This woman continues. Must be one hell of a doctor, cause Wade said he loves his doc. Zoe nearly falls off her stool. Her date returns from the bar and she promptly chokes down the contents. Disbelievingly this same woman starts flirting with her date and ends up slipping out unnoticed. She finds Wade alone at the bluebell bar at closing time. He looks at her and for the first time she sees it for herself and walks over a kisses him passionately. Wade watches her leave. WTH?

    • MJO says:

      I like your thinking! I’m really hoping that, that is what happened. Wade leaving, but kept going on about Zoe, and he really didn’t do anything with that girl….although.. if I was Zoe.. I would probably slap the girl before leaving…

  27. Wade's girls says:

    Wade and Zoe need to get back together,cause they are so perfect together! I mean,they are in love,and love is all we need at the end…. So,why end that? Please,producers,let them be together again! Greetings from Bosnia :)

  28. Chrissy says:

    Zoe and Wade ….ahhhh I want them to be together grr…I hope writers will find a way for that to happen down the line. When I watched episode they relationship ended, felt like I lost so much interest in a show,so I hope they will fix it. X

  29. Tina says:

    I personally HATED Zoe and Wade together. They were a horrible couple, they are so many worlds apart, why didn’t people see that? Zoe and George should get together for heaven”s sake there is deffo something there. Plus he cheated…HELLO.

    • Dee says:

      So did George in season one. He was supposed to be getting married and all season he was always flirtingand giving her wanting looks. What about the time they almost kissed when he was on the table in the doctor’s office. Luckily Lemon walked in before any of that could happen. Neither Zoe or George are innocent. Just because it didn’t actually happen—-it is just as bad, maybe worse. At least Wade doesn’t pretend to be self righteous. He is who he is and is trying to be a better person. I guess if you want boring than George and Zoe are the way to go!

      • MJO says:

        I love Wade and Zoe together! Zoe made Wade want to be a better person, and Wade brought Zoe out of her comfort zone. I think they complimented eachother perfectly. Plus Rachel and Wilson have awesome chemistry. George & Zoe are boring!

  30. mmm says:

    I really hope Wade wont give up and he will fight for Zoe! He cant just accept the fact that he lost her, he must do something about it! Come on Wade!

  31. Sarah says:

    Opposites attract, but too many opposites in reality don’t last most of the time. You got to enjoy some of the same things- of course not everything. I loved the steam from wade and Zoe, but I love the sweetness of George and Zoe! They have tried to shake the feelings they have for each other, but they are still there. Though I am sure from all the hot steamy sizzle remarks and chemistry from the zade crew-the writers may head back in that direction! But when Jonah said he thinks Zoe is more of a take the scenic route girl-so true!

    • ZadeSupporter says:

      But whose to say Wade isn’t the “take the scenic route” type of guy? I think Wade and Lemon are the two characters that have shown the most growth on this show. Lemon had an affair with Lavon and had to pay the consequences. She didn’t get her dream wedding and husband and on top of that her fiance started having feelings for another women. Since then she has had to be on her own and pursue life goals. Wade was all about cheap thrills and shallow hook-ups but something about Zoe made him want to try with her. He failed by the cheating situation but for him to even attempt it was progression for the character right there. Now he has to look into why he would sabotage something so good for him and that’s attached to not being settled in his own life. With him opening the bar I think it’s a good step for him to be a more complete man and work his way back to Zoe. They may explore the scenic route together and still have their chemistry and snappy banter, etc.

      I’ve always felt Wade had more levels than what the label “bad guy” allows. He takes care of his dad. He is there for his friends. He helped Lemon out just recently. He feels awful about what he did to Zoe. The man is complex and I love it!!!

      • MJO says:

        First of all.. I LOVE your name! I’m with you on Zade! I agree with everything you say.. yes yes and yes! Hopefully we’ll get a season three so we can see Zade finally get back together. .I just don’t see G&A going anywhere.. it seems like their chemistry is forced and there is no excitement about them

      • Lara says:

        Love your comment. Absolutely agree, couldn’t say it better!!!

  32. Ryley Jarvis says:

    I already know that Zoe has wades baby and Lavan ends up with lemon and so and so forth but I really want the makes to cime back to hart of Dixie and make a season where lemon has kids and Zoe harts kid is all grown up and rose comes back from NY with a boy and she ends up in a love triangle, when season 4 ended the creators kinda left me in a hook well really all of us and I’m just dying to know what happens.