Hart of Dixie: Wilson Bethel and Rachel Bilson Weigh in on Wade and Zoe's Shocking [Spoiler]

Hart of Dixie Sesaon 5 SpoilersIf you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Hart of Dixie, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Hear that? That’s the sound of many a Hart of Dixie fan’s hearts breaking after this week’s installment of the CW charmer, which found Wade reluctantly coming clean to Zoe about his wandering eye everything and effectively ending their wonderfully short-lived love story.

“It’s sad because they’ve been building these two characters up for a season-and-a-half,” Rachel Bilson tells TVLine. “It’s like a real breakup.”

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Wilson Bethel, who portrays the misguided philanderer, couldn’t agree more with his co-star — and being the man behind the wrong-doer makes the twist sting all the worse.

“I’ve developed a very strong relationship with Wade over the last year-and-a-half, and it’s like seeing a really good friend do something wrong, you know?” the actor shares, somberly. “There’s an emotional impact that it has on you. But the question is, what happens from here — and a lot of that remains to be seen. It’s a little heartbreaking.”

Bethel explains that Wade’s choice to stray from the relationship for which he fought so hard “definitely came out of the blue, but so goes it in network television… The nature of the game is that nothing can be happy and good for too long,” he says, laughing. “Six or seven episodes of [happiness] is probably all you’re going to get out of a show that’s relationship/triangle-based.”

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With “Wade entering into a pretty dark zone” in the coming weeks, Bethel reveals that he too will be “entering into a pretty dark zone… But it’s good, too. From an acting perspective, it’s a new shade of the character and it gives me some new territory to explore.” That said, Bethel is going to miss the enjoyment of embodying “the playful guy that everybody likes. It’s not fun being the guy that everyone hates. But at the end of the day, we’re not doing Schindler’s List here, so there’s got to be a lot of light moments to come! Still, it’s going to be a lonely course.”

The after effects of Wade’s indiscretions will also impact other Bluebell denizens, including Cress Williams‘ beloved mayor Lavon. “He’s been Wade’s friend for years and believes he’s got so much potential,” Williams shares. “But Lavon’s also seen him undercut it time and time again. And then here’s Zoe, his best friend, and the fact that she’s hurt. It’s like part [of him] wants to shake the child [Wade] and say, ‘You can be so much better!’ but he’s also angry about him hurting his best friend.”

Not unlike Bethel, Williams recalls that “it felt so weird when we read the script [for this episode] out loud. Wilson took it really hard. There was just a hush at the table read, like ‘Oh man, that’s not good.’ (Mircea Monroe [Tansy], for her part, also took the news badly: “I was crying — we’re all really invested!”)

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Putting a slightly more positive spin on the Dixie shakeup, Bilson notes: “It’s fun to do these emotional scenes because I don’t get those very much… So, I’m actually looking forward to [what’s next] in a weird way.”

And what is next, you ask? For starters, some long-overdue girl time for sometime-frenemies Zoe and Tansy. “We have some moments coming up,” Monroe teases. “In the next episode, it’s Tansy who Zoe goes out with to try and get over Wade. She has extra empathy in this situation. It’s really cool twist for the character, to start to like someone that she didn’t because of shared experiences.” But don’t think Tansy will totally let her guard down when it comes to the pint-sized doc. “While we’re doing shots, Tansy even says something like, ‘You’re going to be fine. You’ll find someone like George — but not George, himself,'” the actress laughs.

As for what’s to become of the broken hearted, Bethel can only muster up a solemn “who knows” for now. “But I think Wade and Zoe made a pretty good run at it,” he adds, “and maybe this will leave room for a continued development down the line.”

Now it’s your turn to sound off, Dixie fans: How are you feeling about Wade and Zoe’s shocking split? Hit the comments!

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  1. Mo says:

    I think the worst thing about this is that the actors – ALL of them, not just Rachel & Wilson – were upset by this. They aren’t just shippers. They know these characters better than anyone, and they were shocked and disappointed by this twist. They know that tv needs to create drama to keep things interesting, but they were clearly upset this is the route the writers chose.

    • Sara says:

      Totally agree

    • Mickey says:

      I have to agree. When Wilson Bethel, probably the person who is the most invested and knows his character the best, says Wade’s actions “were out of the blue” it re-inforces my viewpoint that this was cheap-shot, lazy plot device to throw Wade under the bus.
      Break up Z/W if you have to. Heck most fans even expected it. But the way they did it though, was truly awful.

  2. Sarah says:

    So sad! I don’t think it is totally out of character but I hope they make their way back together. What I really don’t want is for Zoe and Lavon to become romantically involve, they need to stay best friends. I’m hoping that Zoe and Wade work their way back together once they’ve worked out their issues seperately a little more. And that George stays with Tansy. Those two are so cute!

  3. Allison says:

    This episode was actuaclly quite true to life. Everyone knows of at least one relationship where an underachiever falls for a girl he feels is out of his league, can’t believe his luck, turns a new leaf, the reverts to his old ways in a few months.

    • jjovana3 says:

      Yup. I thought it was quite realistic. Did people really see Zoe & Wade gettin’ engaged & living in white picket fence house? This show needs some conflict. Period.

  4. Wendy says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments about how the show’s writers were lazy, Wade was OOC, being disgusted, etc. One of the biggest reasons why I’m disappointed with the episode (and maybe the rest of the season) was that this was my “happy show.” I liked this season for the overall light-heartedness compared with last season. Sure, there was a bit of drama here and there, but I tuned into this show every week because it made me happier by the end of it, mainly because of the Zoe and Wade scenes. If I wanted drama, I’d watch another show. In fact, with my life being so crazy of late, it was nice to tune into this show and be drawn into the quirkiness and fun. And now the show has lost me as a regular viewer. Like I said, if I wanted drama and suspense, I can watch plenty of other shows, which quite honestly, do those things better (or to be more accurate, have drama and suspense that is within the “character” of the show).

  5. ABC says:

    Thank God. Now CW renew this show asap!

  6. gomer says:

    I hope Wade and Zoe get back together. They belong together!

  7. Grace says:

    So so so upset! But it was still a good episode with plenty of comic relief and superb acting! I feel like by doing this, you’re pretty much guaranteeing a season renewal because everyone’s going to want to see Zade back together.

  8. Kayla says:

    The frusterating thing about this is i love this show and I watched it for all of the characters and not just for the zoe/wade relationship but now i feel like the show is going to lose viewers because people are mad they aren’t together it’s a real shame because it has so much more to offer then just the zoe/wade relationship

  9. Tracy says:

    I’m glad Zoe and Wade broke up though I don’t know why it’s “shocking”! Wade is a bad boy with no education and limited maturity. He’s Mr. Love’Em and Leave’em. He’s also always treated Zoe badly or in a very condescending or combative manner. Plus, Zoe and Wade have NOTHING in common. The real question isn’t why would Zoe and Wade break up – it’s why would they ever stay together? I just hope Zoe finally gives George a chance! That is the couple I have been waiting a year and a half to see!

    • Melanie says:

      Let’s see why would Zoe and Wade stay together? Because they genuinely care for each other. Let’s put aside the last two episodes and examine their relationship.

      Wade has pushed Zoe’s buttons from the beginning. The least respect he showed her was early on when I think he only wanted in her pants and would be happy to lover her and leave her. However, as time passed he began to do things that showed he genuinely cared for her. Or if he didn’t care for that showed he was a good guy. He helped her in the woods after she hit the dead guy. He hunted a snake down with her. Made her gumbo.

      Wade did all of this while Zoe pined for someone she couldn’t have and sabotaged some of Wade’s happiness. Zoe had her sights set on George for a long time and Wade patiently stood by and helped her build floats.

      Zoe was far more disrespectful of Wade. She’s been rude and condescending to him far more than he has to her. She blew into town uptight and snobbish and slowly she came around. The button pushing that went on from both sides took a turn to a flirtation.

      Neither character is perfect. However they are far more entertaining together than George and Zoe would ever be. George and Zoe would be a relationship to sleep through.

    • megan says:

      Please do not insult people by saying if you don’t have an education you go out and cheat. There are plenty of people in this world with limited education who would not act so carelessly.

      • Tina B. says:

        And there are plenty of educated people out there that DO cheat too

      • Tracy says:

        I am not saying that Wade cheated because he has no education. I am pointing out that there is a big difference between someone like Zoe with an advanced degree and enough motivation to go through residency in NYC and a bartender from the styx with zero education who’s afraid to even commit to opening a bar.

        • Dee says:

          Apparantly you have been waiting for boresville. Absolutely no chemisty and their interest is only movies, food and NY. That is not a couple, that is just a friendship. Zoe may have the education and the drive but absolutely no compassion or understanding of people until she came to bluebell. It is Wade who is always trying to make her see that. He always calls her out on things and makes her think. He is not mean to her, he is just not going to bow down to her. He may not have a college education, but he does have a good heart and can see people and situations for what they are. He’s the smart one and can see who people are and understands them. There is more to Wade than just a bartender from the styx, you need to look deeper into people. There is more than what you see on the surface. You have not been watching the same show as everyone else, it is Zoe who has always been condescending and mean to Wade, probably because he was not afraid to call her on things and that made her have to think about what was really going on or her real motivations.

          And one more thing, anyone can cheat—poor, rich, educated, not educated, blue, red, white, and purple…it is a person’s character this is in question when that happens. And the point is, after all the time spent on character building for Wade, to throw it all away in one short episode it just a slap in the face to viewers. So wrong and a waste of time!

          • Chrissy says:

            I totally agree..just because he cheated does not make him a bad person. He is decent person who made a bad decision.
            And what about Lavon and lemon affair. And george and zoe having feelings for each other for the entire first season while he was engaged to lemon. Why are these any less wrong. just a different degree of cheating..
            I think it is lazy and inconsitent writing with the characters. Zoe is not a saint and to good for Wade. I think it is the other way around. I just feel that the writers should stop writing for shock value and the ratings and start writing with some integrity for the characters and the viewers.

    • Milo says:

      Actually, I thought the fact that they did stay together even though they had nothing in common was awesome. They were finding ways to make it work in spite of the fact that everyone around them kept saying it would never last.

  10. Sara says:

    This just really ticks me off. I understand that on television, characters cannot be all happy and in love all the time, but this just seems like a cheap way to create drama, especially because it seems out of character for him to have done it.

  11. Sarah says:

    As a side note, why aren’t more people watching this show????? I gotta say, it has developed into a wonderful little character show with consistently good storytelling and wonderful characters. In a lot of ways Hart of Dixie reminds me of Everwood. I really hope CW renews it and the upgrade to safe bet on the renewal score card is encouraging.

  12. Tina B. says:

    I have and will always be a Zade fan, that said after reading this (I didn’t see this episode) I am going to stop watching this show. The main reason is I liked Emily Owens MD over Hart of Dixie, I like this show but like Emily Owens more. I am part of a group of fans actively boycotting the CW on Tuesdays in protest of them cancelling this show after only 2 episodes. Also my main reason that I liked HOD among others is Zade. More than that though, my favorite character is Wade, it is not true to the character and for the network to do this for ratings during sweeps is disgusting, but then again it is the CW we are talking about here. So in protest of them effectively destroying everything the Wade character is and stands for I will not watch anymore. Wade was taken with Zoey from the pilot and the writing suggested that Wade was a playboy but Zoey would be “the one” he wouldn’t cheat on, if she accepted him for who he is (the rest of it besides the cheating) Wade should get a career and a life and some respect and self esteem and then be with Zoey. I always knew the network would break them up and they couldn’t be happy for long but I thought it would be for something fixable. I don’t care what anyone says, Wade would not cheat on Zoey, ever. He wouldn’t hurt her like that, so it’s not true to the character in the least. I am getting more and more disappointed with the CW.

    Strike 1 – Cancelling Veronica Mars
    Strike 2 – Cancelling Emily Owens
    Strike 2 1/2 – Breaking up Zade by making Wade the evil cheater for no reason
    Strike 3 – I’m sure it’s on its way

  13. jjovana3 says:

    Are people really surprised?! Happy relationships on TV get boring after a while. Even in cutesy shows like Hart of Dixie. Zoe can do better and Wade has so much growing up to do. Him cheating didnt surprise me. Insecure people tend to do that.

  14. DavidSask says:

    I was so right in dumping this show a few episodes back, it is so not part of today’s reality or for that matter entertaining. HOD is the same episode every damn week all cutesy cutesy and shrieking hysterics from the whole cast, especially the women. I can’t believe I stayed with it as long as I did, guess I just love my CW! This show deserves to get the chop if CW plans to stay alive and do proper overhaul of their Network!

  15. Aishy says:

    Like every zade fan, disappointed, like the characters, hurt! Even more, i don’t think it’s even possible to gain trust again. I have been a zade fan since the first episode and will remain to their chemistry because let’s face it, there’s something between them. Trust is bigger than love in any relationship, and the writers have wrecked it. But i will applaud them if they can recover, i can’t see how but there’s hope? I mean zade is what ross and rachel were on tv (my opinion)

    • Mo says:

      But Ross/Rachel were ON A BREAK!
      (Sorry… had to do it.)
      But seriously, every couple has to decide where the line is, the point of no return, you cross this & that’s it we’re done forever. For most (not all) cheating is definitely crossing that line. I think that’s probably why so many were upset that this is the choice the writers made for the breakup, more so than the breakup itself. Even if Wade goes out immediately & tries to make himself a better man (doesn’t sound likely from the cast talk) there will be a group of fans who will be pissed if they get back together after this. I actually expected a breakup soon and was fine with it, because Wade (and Zoe too) had plenty of issues they needed to work through individually if they were going to ever have a mature relationship… with each other OR anyone else. This just felt a little too much like, “Okay, time for some controversy….” I guess in that sense it worked, because this is the most comments I’ve seen for HoD since Z/W first hooked up.

  16. Kali says:

    When I watch an episode like last night’s HOD I am always a little sad. It seems that the people behind a show are more and more willing to compromise the story for “lower” considerations.
    Maybe that sounds naive, but I believe that for people to remain emotionally committed to a show they have to be able to believe in the plausability of the story…building up a relationship for 1 1/2 seasons only to shoot it down in one episode just feels wrong.
    Gilmore Girls did it, the OC did it and countless other shows did it and many fans stopped being fans and just tuned in occasionally.
    I wanna believe that there are writers and creators out there who commit to the story they want to tell a hundred percent without wavering due to “other” motives.
    It is much better to have a legacy of 2 great seasons than of 1 good one and 3 or 4 mediocre ones.

  17. jenny0303 says:

    Hated the total character assassination of Wade. Yes, he was a cheater in the past, and self sabotage is completely normal for people like him. But the thing is, the motivation for cheating on Zoe wasn’t really there. It was so abrupt and so out of nowhere. If he didn’t sleep with another woman when she ruined their first date, why would he sleep with her because he lost Battle of the Bands? It’s not like she made a big deal of it or put all this pressure on him to win. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
    Zoe and Wade had amazing chemistry and their opposite personalities is what made them so electric together. I am so sad that they ruined this relationship so much. I really hope they revisit their relationship down the line.

  18. cgun says:

    im so dissapointed, the thing about josh schwartz he somehow always manages to screw up his second season, the oc was good first season and sucked afterward, and so did gossip girl. now he ruined hart of dixie for me too, one of my fav guilty pleasure on tv!! sooo maddddd

  19. anakl says:

    damn… I’m so heartbroken right now… I felt devastated… and felt bad for both of them… Wade obviously loves Zoe but he’s so afraid that sabotaged the whole thing… it was sudden & unexpected for now, but maybe this means that they’re endgame… maybe this will turn Wade into a more mature & responsible man…
    I’m guessing they’ll turn Zoe & Dr.Breeland’s nephew into a thing, and that will sting Wade & George, though I wish they didn’t… they need time to heal but then again this is TV…

  20. Sara says:

    Wow…it sounds like the actors are all pretty pissed about what the writers did. They are trying to be diplomatic about it, but you can kind of tell they are not happy.

  21. Win says:

    Remember when Joey and pacey broke up in Dawson’s. that’s how this should have went. To me, that was more in line than what HoD just did to wade.

  22. Tracey says:

    I am so done watching this show! That was an extremely lazy way to throw a wrench in the Zoe/Wade relationship. What a disgrace and what an insult to the fans who have followed this show and these two wonderful characters.I mean couldn’t the writers found a more creative way to break them up? How and why would Zoe ever forgive Wade for this? So long Hart of Dixie, it was nice knowing you!!

  23. ck says:

    I haven’t seen character assassination this bad since gossip girl…

  24. Tracy says:

    Boy, there seem to be a lot of immature, unrealistic Hart of Dixie fans! Happy couples do NOT last on TV and viewers don’t talk about them! Every show needs some conflict – look how long it takes most shows to even get core couples together and you know why? Because once they do it’s over.

    As for Wade and Zoe…why is it surprising that he cheated? Wade has always cheated…it’s who he is. Zoe was the girl he couldn’t get and that was all Wade thought about early on but then he got her and the hunt was over. The sex was good but they have nothing in common. If you actually believe a relationship can last with only love or sex but without shared values or interests you need to grow up because it can’t! Look at these two…Zoe has an advanced degree and she suffered through a residency in NYC. She did what needed to be done for her career. She is sophisticated, smart, ambitious and while often misguided in her efforts she cares. Wade has one bad marriage to his credit (he cheated on Tansy too), he didn’t care enough to get an education, he’s left a string of broken hearts and shallow relationships behind him and he’s afraid to even commit to opening his own bar. He’s the guy who ends up alone and drunk at 50 because he didn’t have the guts to commit to anything. Why would these two end up together? And what would they do once the sex became routine? They don’t have a single shared interest! C’mon ladies, I know you like the bad boys but let’s be real!

    • Allison says:

      The idea that they don’t have a single shared thing in common and that is why they wouldn’t work is immature. Two people with all shared interests (such as George and Zoe) are not going to challenge each other to grow. They’ll both be stuck in a rut. Sure they might do the house, white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog. They might even be “happy.” It’d be status quo though. Also George and Zoe won’t make for good television. George and Zoe might have movie interests in common and the fact they both went through years of school. Show me where they have more in common. Honestly when it comes to personalities I don’t think they have much in common at all. Zoe is a bit more passionate. George comes off to me as too passive. He endured Lemon for a lot of years but I don’t see a lot of personality from him. He’s getting there with Tansy and that is a good example of how two people with not a lot in common can work.

      You paint Wade in such a bad light but honestly you need to examine Zoe. I might be able to get behind your argument if you said that neither is mature enough to handle a relationship and they are both destructive to each other. Please tell me how Wade is a bad boy. Is it because he has only done casual sex to this point in his life? I don’t think any of the girls believed they would change him. The women walked into that with open eyes and were willing to be notches on his bedpost. Is it because he hasn’t left Bluebell? How many people have made the decision to stay in the hometowns to talk a drunk father off a roof on a monthly basis? How many people do things like hunting snakes or building floats for someone who has been rude to them from the beginning? Sounds like someone who cares. Wade might have some growing up to do but you need to retract his -life sentence because he isn’t a bad boy.

      Zoe on the other hand arrived in town with attitude. She was self-serving. She might have had the motivation to get through med school but she couldn’t relate to people. She expected to be accepted without effort. She made no effort for a while in becoming a good doctor. She might be able to cut people open but she needed to work on her people skills. Then she routinely made decisions to benefit herself. Whether it was pining after George despite his engagement or sabotaging things so Wade lost out on his down payment to buy his bar. She’s come around a lot and now does things that shows she cares but in the beginning she only truly cared for herself.

      Each was growing and the most important thing they had in common was they had chosen to have a relationship. They were working through it. They had learned to compromise. Wade was showing incredible growth. It wasn’t like he was faking it to get laid. His thoughts on their arguing was spot on. They needed to have rough patches in order to mature as a couple and they needed to sometimes fight it out Zoe was slowly getting there. It was the same thing that George and Tansy had in common – to give it a shot.

      • essie20 says:


      • Dee says:

        Sing to the choir Allison!!! Fantastic interpretation. So well said. Here Here to all you said!!!

      • Dee says:

        Also, let’s remember it is Wade who did not cheat with the blonde or anyone else like Zoe thought he did, he was not interested and they were only supposed to be casual. Then when they were supposed to be monogamous, Wade trusted her when she had the lame excuse of the sleep study and staying at his home. Sleep walking was real but I think that was just an excuse to be near him. Zoe is the one who would have cheated had it not been for Wade catching her from kissing George before she did. (And Please, there is Brick–tell him and he could do the sleep study). It was Wade who trusted her even though she probably still has some feelings for George (the G/ Mom thing on the boat). He believed in her and their relationship. Zoe is not the perfect person in this. She has made some mistakes too. I think she would have slept with George on Halloween had it not been for Wade stopping her. I am not saying what he did is OK, what I am saying, is they both have made mistakes and a way to go before they BOTH grow up enough to have a real relationship. I don’t like that the show broke them up to do it, I think they could have worked on it together. This was a cheap way to end it, no class on the part of the writers. I can only hope they get back together and Wade redeems himself. They were my favorite couple!!! It was so heartbreaking to see this episode.

        I don’t even know if I am making any sense. I still can’t wrap my head around what happened last night.

        • Allison says:

          I’m trying to remember but wasn’t Wade a bit insulted when Zoe mentioned the blonde dropping off the tiles? Like it never occurred to him to sleep with her?

          Wade made the decision long before Zoe did to commit. I don’t think he’d throw it all away over the daunting task of buying a bar. I think he could make mistakes. Heck I’d have settled for a drunk Wade showing up outside of Zoe’s and yelling about how he wasn’t good enough and he’d never be. I can see a break/break up coming from something like that. Wade hasn’t really looked at another woman since the night of the non-wedding has he?

          Zoe’s expectations of him weren’t that high but Wade was showing that he was raising the bar. Cheating was just an easy out for the writers to break them up. No one expects them to stay together if Wade slept with someone else.

          • Dee says:

            Wade did sleep with one girl after the non-wedding, BUT that was after the picnic that Zoe screwed up and they were not seeing each other anymore. Remember, it was at Christmas time and did anyone notice when that happened that the girl was a brunette, like Zoe. So was the girl at the battle of the bands. He has always been seen with blondes until those two times. Coincidence—I think not! It’s because he is in love with Zoe and trying to keep a part of her. Maybe I am reaching, I don’t know but that is what I think. But otherwise—–you are correct, he has not slept with anyone else except the Christmas brunette. You are correct again in saying that Wade committed to her long before she ever committed to him.

      • devi says:

        HOLY MOLY this girl can WRITE!!!! That was AWESOME!!!! (What SHE said!!!!)

        • Allison says:

          I forgot about that little Christmas “break.” I still maintain he isn’t a cheater and they magic wanded that in for the episode.

          I see the pattern with the brunettes though.

          • Dee says:

            I, too, want the magic wand that he did not cheat! Just not in his character so far. Not looking forward to tonight’s episode and seeing Zoe kiss that jerk Jonah. My heart is with Wade.

    • megan says:

      Wow… ever hear the “opposites attract” argument? Apparently not. Actually, people who are too alike hardly ever make it. And don’t tell people they are immature. They can feel however they want to about this show and who ever it is they “ship” together.

    • Lara says:

      Actually I married a former bad boy whom I had nothing much in common, we have a beautiful baby girl and we are doing just fine.

  25. Lori says:

    Wahoo! Zade is over! Time for George and Zoe!

  26. Lisa says:

    Zoe and Wade belong together.I think they made a great couple,and I was so sad to see them breakup.I hope in the future they can find their way back to each other.George and Zoe do not belong together.

  27. Tracey says:


  28. RichieS says:

    Only triangle I’m into would be Lemon/Wade/Magnolia … can you imagine Doc Breland busting his gut over that?

    • devi says:

      If this show lasts (which is probably doubtful now), I an actually SEE the writers throwing Magnolia and Wade together in a couple of years. … (hopefully not… but she DOES have a crush on him… )

  29. Msw says:

    I really love this show and have always loved watching Zoe and Wade. I do hope they end up together but the writers would really have to make it convincing. After such a huge betrayal it would take ALOT for Zoe to take him back, and for people like us, the viewers to accept and want that. The writers would have to make it very clear that Wade is a changed man. That he is no longer suffering from his demons and that he is never going to cheat on her again. I don’t know if its possible to fix that. My mom always says,’ once a cheater, always a cheater’ so they would really have to show us otherwise. In real life I would tell Zoe to stay the hell away but since its Wade and Zoe (and TV!) and we see how he really does love her I do hope they end up with one another, stronger than ever.

    • Kristen says:

      Your Mum is wrong. I was with a former womanizer who cheated on me after 2 years. Took him 3 months to convince me that he has changed and we should give it another try. This was 15 years ago. We are still married and have 2 adorable kids.
      So IMO there is still hope for all the Zoe/Wade shippers.

  30. LauraDonohue says:

    I am very disappointed in the ending. I love this show because it’s more than an average “soap opera”. The characters are warm and endearing. And Zoe and Wade’s relationship was really developing and becoming something special. The writers could have still kept the electricity and bickering alive while having the couple fall in love. I only hope this will force Wade to realize what’s he’s lost and maybe he’ll work hard to get Zoe back. But please no George/zoe or Wade/lemon. It will not be the same and I will lose interest fast!!! Wade and zoe!!!!!!

  31. Lara says:

    I agree with most of your comments about how this is so OCC for Wade this season after all his improvement. I think a break up was coming sooner or later just because there is a triangle going on and blah blah blah. But the problem is how the writers chose to do it. I feel cheated myself but not by Wade but by the writers and LG. They ruined their best character, most liked couple and perhaps the show itself. THAT sounds like self-sabotaging to me. And the fact that most of us who rooted for them, still do (despite that cheating is a deal breaker for most of the people), proves that this was such a bad idea and really hard to buy after all we’ve seen in this two seasons. I bet even Wilson Bethel feels cheated himself.

    And I don’t think that G/Z shippers are too happy either. I mean it’s not that Zoe chose George over Wade. They HAD to make Wade a cheater to give GZ a chance. I don’t think that’s fair for them either.

  32. Cgirl049 says:

    OK I can respect everyone’s opinion about this episode but you have to think about it. On these shows, you can’t always have a “happily every after” right away. Its true that some bad boys who are trying to change can some times revert back to their old ways because they sabotage the good things. Wade thinks he’s not good enough to have anything good happen in his life. I think last night’s episode will end up making Wade grow even more as a character. The women who he cheated on in the past he never really loved. He had no remorse. He was a womanizer.

    With Zoe, you can tell he does love her. He knows he was wrong, shows remorse and that is a huge character development. He’s going to have to change and grow even more to win Zoe back. It can happen. I think it was brilliant on part of the writers decision to do this episode. Nothing worth having is that easy. I love this show and I am hoping that it definitely gets renewed for Season 3!!

  33. CIndi says:

    I think the only thing they did right with Wade and Zoe last night was to let Wade tell her the truth rather than let him continue lying to her and for Zoe to find out later. Still heartbroken.

  34. Alice says:

    Please no George/Zoe right now. I like him with Tansy, she surprises him.

    • arlyne says:

      Tansy brings out a really great side of George , she brings out the adventurous and fun side of him. If George and Zoe got together they would be so serious and not adventures. BORING. just like tansy brings out the best in George, Zoe brings out the best in Wade. she makes him a better person.They are so great together. Just because George and Zoe have more in common doesn’t mean they will be good together. Opposites attract!! I’m so angry about the Zoe and Wade breakup! I hope they get back together

  35. Krystal says:

    I know a lot of people like Wade, and I think this was perfectly in line with something they and he would do. Despite their intelligence, they are stuck and when they get a chance to change in a way that would make them happy, they self-sabotage. This story rang incredibly true to me based on the various Wades in my life. I have never been a Wade-Zoe fan though I thoroughly enjoy his character. He can be downright cruel to her at times, tearing through someone who obviously has a very low self-esteem with relish. It’s his way to maintain perceived dominance because in his mind as many have said, he is not good enough. They are both wackadoodle in their own way, so neither is better. Zoey can be harsh herself at times, but it is usually in response to a like attitude. She is usually soft when she gets soft in return. I ultimately see her with George, but that is because they have a shared basis of beliefs. They perceive the world in the same way, enjoy the same things and simply make sense though he will need to learn how to talk her of the wall…and ledge. Through this whole relationship, I just kept thinking that these two people just do not work. They have nothing in common and nothing to create a foundation on. Animal attraction will only get you so far. That said, there may be a Ben out there for Zoe. He came out of nowhere on Parks and Rec, but I couldn’t imagine the show without him and I want one for myself. Someone she has something in common with, but challenges her like Wade. Or heck, it may be Wade but he needs to find some personal happiness himself before he becomes that person for someone else. Way too many musings for an often whimsical, light-hearted show, but there you go.

  36. essie20 says:

    Uggghh….To have Zoe with wacky, on 5 red bulls, zaney George crushes my heart. I don’t hate George but from his behavior alone last night and other episodes he is so inconsistent in his energy and behavior. It’s corny and annoying. WTF was going on last night with him?!! I hate the way they write George. I liked Zoe with someone more relaxed and cool. Zoe and George get together and will be two goofballs.


    My heart hurts thinking about it.

    And yea I get it…folks were stepping up for Zoe but it was a hard pill to swallow when George, the man who stood Lemon up at her own wedding for another woman, got in the mix with wanting to beat Wade down. I mean…besides Lemon herself and maybe Brick did anyone jump on George about what he did? I don’t recall. But I’m pretty sure that was a foreshadowing of George being Zoe’s savior and romance interest soon.


    • Mo says:

      Nice point about George. He really wasn’t blamed at all for leaving Lemon at the altar for another woman. He may not have physically cheated (other than the kiss) but what he did was no less emotionally devastating. Maybe everybody in Bluebell felt sorry for him because Lemon was such a control freak, because nobody really knows about her and Lavon. I guess George gets a pass because he’s a “nice guy” and not a “bad boy.”

  37. Jen says:

    First of all…I have to agree with everyone who said this already: There really was no other way for them to break up?! Seriously?! How do you ever recover from that? It was just such a cheap and lazy way to end a really great storyline. And felt like such a slap in the face to all the people who got invested in the characters for a 1 1/2 seasons. ( Zoe and Wade were the reason I tuned in every week) And I kind of feel sorry for WB who really made his character as popular as he is/was. To just throw his character under the bus like that is just cruel. And what is the point? Actively trying to get people to stop watching the show? While I am upset about the break-up, I am more upset how they did it in the end. To me it happened out of nowhere. I started watching the show because it sounded cute and I stayed because Wade made it worth watching. The others are simply not that interesting to me. Yes, the guy was flawed and that made him human but what happened here went too far for me. And if they did it just so that they could show George as Mr.Perfect again, I will definitely stop watching. George is a better character this season because he got Tansy now. And that is actually something that was such a nice and great surprise. They get everything right for some reason except the one couple for which the majority of viewers roots for (not all I know) gets destroyed. Still, I don’t want the show to get cancelled because I am still holding out hope that Wade manages to redeem himself one day.

    The ultimate lesson: Don’t get emotionally invested in a tv show: It might just leave you disappointed and heartbroken.

  38. Judith Constantino says:

    The whole show is about the love story of Zoe and Wade…they’ve been building on it for almost 2 seasons. Classic opposites attract scenario, hot sex ,dynamite chemistry and olayful fun. That’s why the breakup done the way it was, was so painful. Future story lines better focus on Wade’s growth from this transgression and his vow to win ler back. Nothing else would make sense. Zoe with anyone else would be boring…she would be comparing every other man to Wade and finding them lacking. Wade’s a good guy underneith it all and the writers need to show this. Hope the show runs forever.

  39. Katie says:

    Anyone flashing back to when Pacey and Joey broke up? I know he didn’t cheat, but similar self-destruct scenario applies. I actually like Zoe and George and I think this will pave the way for them to rebuild their friendship. The breakup, though, I think will kickstart Wade’s ambition once he realizes what he’s lost. I think Lemon/Wade and Zoe/George are the endgame. There will be some plot-line in which Lemon helps Wade start his bar or something and that will lay the groundwork for them. Both of them need to prove that they can make something of themselves and be independent.

  40. Dee says:

    What? Lemon and Wade as endgame??? That is one of the things that would really make this show a joke!!! No Way. EEWWW. In the future, Lemon is helping him out and they become partners. If the writers go there and then have Zoe and George endgame while ignoring what the majority of fans want, than that is only to satisfy the creator’s want because that is how she always envisioned the show to end up. I can see it change George’s character to make him more appealing and change Wade’s to be less.Even then, I don’t think George would be as appealing or as interesting as Wade. He is the main reason I watch the show–then to put him with Zoe is just electric. I am a cynic and very suspisious. But I really like the fact that Wade is going thru this journey to better himself and really becomes the person others always thought he could be. This way he would finally have confidence in himself and realize is is just as good as everyone else, maybe better. Then end up with Zoe, the one person in his life that he really has fallen in love with and wants to be better for.

    • Allison says:

      As another poster upthread pointed out though, George is as much a cheating jerk as Wade is. Yeah Wade physically cheated on Zoe but George let Lemon plan a wedding for months after Zoe came to town and he got all twitterpated at the thought of her. So this isn’t doing the show a lick of good.

      Also Lemon and Wade together would be revolting. I think even Wade might not be able to tap that. If Zoe frustrated Wade imagine what Lemon would do. Boy wouldn’t be able to buy a bar because he’d have consumed all the alcohol in the Rammer Jammer.

      Also I am not prepared for the nuclear fallout that will happen when Lemon’s head explodes if Jonah asks Zoe out. Lemon in her control freak ways is already nuclear with her father’s relationship. A Breeland with Zoe would probably send her back to Zoe’s with a knife in her hand. This time she’d probably do some damage.

      • Lara says:

        I’m not excusing Wade’s behaviour (or the bad writing) but George got a free pass for having an emotional affair with Zoe and for leaving Lemon on their wedding day. Lemon got a free pass for having an affair with Lavon. An AFFAIR not a one night stand and Lavon only got a punch in the face for having an AFFAIR with Lemon knowing, as the whole town knew, that she was on a relationship with George. Cheating is wrong and a deal breaker to me but none of this characters are free of guilt and nevertheless they are very quick at juding.

        • Dee says:

          Not only quick to judge, but no one in the town turned on any of them!!! But as the trailer for next week suggests, the whole town is giving Wade hell. Really??? Why does everyone else get a free pass on their AFFAIRS and it is OK with the town. Lemon, Lavon, and George didn’t just have one night stands. Their affairs, whether physical or emotional, were going on for a while. Why is Wade just dirt under everyone’s feet?

          And as for Zoe with the Breeland cousin, just NO WAY. I wanted to throw something at the tv when I saw Zoe kiss that Howdy Dowdy looking jerk!

          • Allison says:

            Not a lot of people really knew about Lemon and Lavon. I can see how there wasn’t a lot of outrage over their affair. Although one would expect a little more reaction from the people who knew. Ruby is the only one who really held it against them though.

            On the other hand if the Breelands and specifically Lemon are so darn beloved by BlueBell that no one has slapped her the high level of insanity she brandishes, why wasn’t George drawn and quartered. There is no rhyme or reason to why BlueBell would massacre Wade and not George.

            Especially considering Wade showed a thousand times more remorse and pain than George did. George essentially broke up with Lemon on his wedding day and then tried to pick up Zoe. He barely flinched. Even if their relationship had been on a downward spiral for a while it was so quick. Wade looked like someone had gutted his car.

          • Dee says:

            Shout it out! WELL SAID!!! I am so annoyed and outraged I could just scream. Poor Wade. :'(

          • Chrissy says:

            Well said..
            What about Zoe saying to wade that she still has feelings for George while they were going through their casual sex period and he accepted because he truly cares about her
            What i am trying to say is that say is that Zoe is not a saint.
            What about when she broke his heart at the picnic.

            I just think it is inconsistent writing. If he wanted to cheat he could have done it in the flu episode.

            I just dont like the way the writers trashed Wades character in just one episode..

  41. Bailie-Rae says:

    I hope they get back together the dynamics between Z&W was fab, the cheating storyline hit me like a brick falling from space BLAM, i love the show and will continue to watch in the hope they get over this and wade wins his hart back (see what i did there lol)… they were my fave couple in the show, Lavon and annabeth need to give it go and see where they end up… poor Lavon needs some love in his life (not lemon). season 2 is not on in the uk yet but im soooo addicted to HoD that i look for it online and get my fix,

  42. Lemonade says:

    This was a couple with great chemistry. The doctor and the lawyer were a pretty predictable match. The chemistry was okay. The yankee doctor and the good ole boy bartender were an unlikely match, but lo and behold, they really worked. They have great chemistry. Just these differences alone welcomed many story lines for the future. The show shot itself in the foot…. many fans had a lot invested in these two together….sad day in Bluebell.

  43. Sue says:

    Total shocker! I can’t believe the writers are ending the Zoe/Wade romance so early-they were the heart of the show-Wilson Bethel’s character was so fun to watch and easy to fall in love with! Wade and Zoe play so well off each other-the fact that their nothing alike is what made their relationship so enjoyable to watch! Wade is a much better match for her than George, but now he cheated-how is Zoe supposed to forgive him for that?! So disappointing! Not to mention the fact that it does make Wade less likable =( nobody likes a cheater! Such a shame too because while he was “living-up” the single life, it seemed like he was a good guy at heart and his relationship with Zoe brought that out in him-all season long he’s been committed to their relationship and to have him sabotage it in one night by cheating-terrible idea! He could have sabotaged their relationship in a number of other ways that would allow for a romantic reunion in the season finale or next season! Seriously writers?! Ugh!!!

    • Lara says:

      Not only they were popular with fans. They were named in other site as one of the 50 couples of the last decade, one of the best kisses of the last year, one of the best first kisses ever or one of the best couples to hang out with. So, why throw that to the can? I mean WHY?????

      • devi says:

        What site??

        • Lara says:

          Buddytv. Not only that Bluebell was chosen one of the best towns to live in, not to mention WB as one o the eiest men on TV ;)
          And the other one was Television without pity
          What I mean with this info is that they had such a potential and they (we) have been mistreated.

  44. Rachel says:

    Actually, have some hope Zoey/Wade fans. This fits in perfectly with a story arc. You have to break them up in order for them to face their demons and change. If they lived happily ever after at this point, the series would be over. It was neither out of the blue nor out of character. Hang in there and keep watching.

  45. pk says:

    Zoe still does not know Wade made the chilli for her. I hope that Zoe and Wade at the end goal .. then I don’t mind the ups and downs like Joey and Pacey …Although like in Grey’s it would be better to get them together too like Meredith and Derek .. I like their together story line.

  46. Ella says:

    Sounds like Wilson is as annoyed by the crappy relationships portrayed on the CW as I am. It was totally inconsistent with his character and just thrown in there for the sake of causing friction. If they wantedt to split them up to shake things up a little, they could have found another way to do it. Cheating is so far down the list. Terrible writing, the actors deserve better.

  47. devi says:

    Hopefully the CW won’t get annoyed with him being outspoken… especially now that Wade could be so easily sent elsewhere… (um… there would TOTALLY be a revolt from that CW; get NO ideas!)

    • Allison says:

      They would lose 85% of the appeal of the show if they decided to write Wade out off. Wade makes Zoe more tolerable and he brings a sizzling factor to the show. Otherwise BlueBell becomes Snoozeville.

  48. John says:

    Break them up, at least for a while? Sure. But that was, as many mentioned, a lazy way to do it and given her history maybe a very deep hole to dig out of if the writers intended to circle back to them.

    I liked the show lighter and there surely were routes to separate them that wouldn’t have so darkened Wade.

    Though Tansy did warn us.

    Still a good show.

  49. Stephen Kouvardas says:

    I can’ believe that some people have a short memory and that George cheated on Lemon the entire first season with his feelings for Zoe..and the same for Zoe with her feelings for George and the reason that George called off the wedding was because he had feelings for Zoe and visa versa. What about that KISS in New Orleans …just because they never slept with each other does not make it any more right…and now everyone is saying poor Zoe..what about the episodes where Zoe told Wade she still had feelings for George..
    Seriously the writers should show the viewers a bit more respect . That was an insult to the viewers with the sloppy writing.. Scriptwriting 101-FAIL…shame to the writers for thinking some viewers had short memories….am bitterly disappointed..

    • Allison says:

      I don’t think it was necessarily forgotten. I think that it was eased by the fact that both George and Lemon cheated and gave up on a relationship that should have been abandoned long before their wedding day. I’m not saying that it was right. Also I think that if Zoe hadn’t slept with Wade during George’s non-wedding then maybe it would have had more of an impact. However, by the time George showed up at Zoe’s most of the fans were squealing with the Zade loving and were upset with George for interrupting.

      Let’s chat about the different reactions by the couples. Wade looked positively sickened by what had gone down. George couldn’t wait to leave Lemon and get to Zoe by going to New Orleans and by running to her after the non-wedding. Lemon had her brief moments of mourning but it looks like Zoe is going all drama queen. No doubt the town’s reaction won’t help her to suck it up.

      Sadly for a show that is primarily about relationships these writers are horrible at handling them. Are they as emotionally immature as the characters they write? Do their relationships play out like this in real life?

      • Dee says:

        Wow, Allison, I never thought about that. The writer comment I mean…very insightful. I am sitll so so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I will ever get over this—this must be rectified.

  50. arlyne says:

    I cannot believe that Zoe and Wade broke up. I cannot believe the writers decided to make Wade cheat on Zoe. Since the show premiered i have fallen in love with Wade’s character and over the course of the( almost )two seasons i have watched Wade grow as a person. He has become better for Zoe and now the writers decide to add this unexpected twist. I don’t know whats going to happen but i will always be a Wade fan!! TEAM WADE!