Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins to Return as Series Regular for Season 9

SUPERNATURALThe angels have answered your prayers, Supernatural fans.

Misha Collins will return to the CW series as a series regular next season (the show’s ninth).

In addition to reprising his role as the heavenly angel Castiel, Collins will direct an episode as well.

Collins made his debut as Cas in the Season 4 premiere and was promoted to regular cast member the following year. He was then taken off contract at the end of Season 6, but still continued to recur.

The CW recently gave an early renewal order to the long-running series.

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  1. ninergrl6 says:

    Noooo! I’ve been enjoying the episodes WITHOUT Cas this season SO MUCH. It’s felt like the good old days. I was over the angel/heaven storylines 3 years ago. Cas doesn’t add anything to the show anymore IMO. Even in small doses he doesn’t interest me, but series regular? Ugh!

    • Olive says:

      “He doesn’t add anything to the show.” UHM are you even watching the same show as the rest of us? Cas’ plot is woven into the brother’s storyline and overall season arch of Supernatural. Now I LOVE Team Free Will- but the show gets stale when it’s just Dean & Sam hunting monsters of the week, the “good old days” as you refer to them. Bringing back repetitive characters is healthy for the show if you truly care about it and want to see it grow. Stop hating and look at this positively(:

      • Rick D says:

        You know, Olive, you are right. I think this is the first message from a Cas fan I can respect. Cas will be in S9 and all the wailing in the world won’t change that. So, I might just have to find a new fandom next year, but that won’t be the end of the world.

    • Olive says:

      To all you negative nancys out their complaining about Misha returning as a regular- why waste your energy being upset? There’s nothing you can do about it now. He’s signed. It’s gonna happen no matter how much you cry and pout. So instead of being negative and spoil your moods, enlighten yourselves about how the show you love is coming into it’s ninth year! Be happy! You can have your opinions, but don’t be mean or rude about them!(:

    • Haters to the left. The rest of you, party at my house.

    • JennyA says:

      How about we get rid of all demons too, since they’re integral to the show as much as angels are? It’s a good versus evil thing, but on a grander scale than just the Winchesters fighting evil. Fans need more than the monster of the week and honestly, it wasn’t even 100% monster of the week before Castiel came along either, simply because of Meg and the Yellow Eyed Demon John Winchester had to deal with, along with his sons.

    • Luke says:

      don’t watch it then when Castiel is on there i like when he’s on there.

  2. Jo1027 says:

    Worst news, ever. Way to ruin my Monday.

  3. Lizzie says:

    I don’t have the words to express how elated I am that Castiel is going to be a regular on the show!!!! He is such an important presence in the Winchesters’ lives and I really hope he and Dean further discuss their “more profound bond”. :D I am so looking forward to Season nine!!!!

    • JennyA says:

      No cheesy Destiel BS. It’s a brotherly bond, not a romance. I doubt the creators would suddenly make Dean or Castiel gay for the sake a small handful of fans with a perversion they can satisfy with free gay porn online anytime they want.

      • Why do you directly associate a relationship between Dean and Cas as gay pornography?? And it’s really disgusting of you to imply homosexuality as a perversion. You do know that most Destiel fans literally mean “RELATIONSHIP” when they talk about the canonical profound bond between Dean and Cas, not “mindless sex,” right? And that there are MUCH more than a “small handful” of us?
        In my opinion, this season seems to be slowly but surely dropping hints of something beyond just a brotherly bond between Dean and Cas, and I for one fully support it. The chemistry they have on air is wonderful and I don’t think there would be anything “sudden” about more-than-platonic feelings between the two of them.
        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Still, having more Castiel around next season is AWESOME news. :)

        • JennyA says:

          Because most Destiel shippers want them to be gay, which they are clearly not. It would ruin the show. I don’t see hints of anything more than a brotherly bond between Dean and Castiel. That’s is just a fangirl projection. Sorry if that offends you, but it is what it is.

          • Li says:

            The problem with what you’re saying is, GAY PEOPLE DO NOT EQUAL GAY PORNOGRAPHY. You know what would happen if Dean and Castiel were together in the show? Pretty much exactly what we’ve already seen. There wouldn’t suddenly be gay sex scenes, because really? There haven’t even been sex scenes in a long while. The show would not suddenly be all about their gay relationship, because even in the seasons where one of the boys has had a partner, that’s an aside to the normal show.

          • JennyA says:

            Let me stop you right there, Li. Have you read the numerous fanfics based on the Destiel relationship? If not, I suggest you go and look them up because they are absolutely, 100% written with gay porn in mind and that’s what a majority of fans do not want to see on the show and will not because neither Dean, nor Castiel are gay as some have strangely speculated. In their eyes, there are clues in the show and are basing their theories on a false assumption simply because of their own fantasies. I find Dean shagging a woman in every city to be distasteful and I get that’s a part of his character, except for the last two years thankfully. I’m glad Dean has grown up and kept himself cleaner instead sticking his pole into some random chick like he used to. Hopefully the writers will keep it that way and maybe write in a possible recurring female character he can bond with. Just as much as Sam deserves a girlfriend, so does Dean. Someone like him.

          • Sincerely, from a 'silly fangirl' says:

            I hesitate to respond to this being as this is an article about Misha’s return as a regular character and not an article about Destiel, but I can’t help but to address this:

            I’m sorry, but wanting Dean or Castiel or any character on a television show to be gay is not perverted or disgusting and imho, saying that it is sounds like you are equating gayness to being perverted and disgusting, which it is not. This seems to me to be the same kind of attitude as saying “That’s so gay!” and meaning it as an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. And I really don’t understand why you think that a gay relationship would ruin the show, but apparently a heterosexual relationship between Dean and some recurring female character or Sam and some recurring female character would not. Love is love. :) And let’s not forget: “how gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day.” <- a direct quote from Supernatural. :)

            I understand if you personally do not view these characters them as being gay and that is fine. That's your right. Just as anyone else has the right to view the characters as being homosexual, or bisexual, or asexual, or pan-sexual, or Cas-sexual/Dean-sexual. I'm not trying to convince you of anything about their sexuality. The great thing about things like this is that it's subjective. You can see a close brotherly bond and I can see a deep and meaningful relationship that I wouldn't mind if it turned romantic or not. We all see things differently based on our own views, beliefs, personal experiences, etc. etc. For example, you seem to view sexuality as something that is steady and unchanging, whereas I view sexuality as being something that can be fluid, that doesn't necessarily always stay the same, which naturally affects how we interpret different things.

            I am a Destiel shipper and as a Destiel shipper, I know and talk to lots of other Destiel shippers and I can tell you that a great many of us do not equate Destiel on the show with wanting to see 'gay porn' on television. Would we object to it? No, or at least, personally I certainly wouldn't mind seeing gay sex or men kissing or being in a romantic relationship on my television. But if it doesn't happen? That's okay too. Because I'm more than happy with my 'cheesy' fan fics and my gay porn on the internet (which yes, I do enjoy, thank you very much :) ) and I love the show regardless of the relationships. I love the bond between Dean and Castiel regardless if it ever becomes sexual/romantic on the show or not, but there is nothing sick about people that want it to go that route.

            All those Destiel fics that you've mentioned? I've read plenty of them, trust me, and there have been many of them that told a beautiful love story between a heterosexual Dean and an asexual/heterosexual Castiel. If fan fiction writers can do it, I'm sure the professional writers can handle it as well. I feel confident that if they ever did decide to take Cas and Dean's relationship in a romantic/sexual direction, they'd be more than capable of doing a fabulous job with it. It is just my opinion, of course, but I believe that Supernatural employs some really amazing and fantastic writers.

            Furthermore, most Destiel fans that I know don't see Dean or Cas as being homosexual, but as bisexual or in Castiel's case, asexual at times., which is a whole different thing than wanting them to suddenly turn gay. More importantly than the sexual aspect of any of it though, is the connection and the chemistry between the characters. Destiel is about the love between Dean and Cas for many of us. That 'brotherly bond' and 'friendship' that you like is the same thing that we like.

          • JennyA says:

            You have a right to your opinion as I do mine. I don’t care if I sound rude in saying that suddenly changing our beloved characters gay would ruin the show, because it would ruin the show. There has never been a hint that any of the guys had feelings of romantic love toward each other. Keep that to the domain of the fanfics, thank you. And yes, seeing Destiel shipper fanfics, a good majority are promoting the characters as gay, obviously straying from the reality of the show. Keep it there. It isn’t something many of us want to see. I don’t even want to see Dean whoring himself with a chick in every city like he used to, so this homophobia you think I feel, it isn’t there, sweetheart.

            I made my point clear in how the characters are portrayed, so you are spouting nothing new. Dean is a macho man who loves women. So does Sam, but more reserved. Castiel isn’t gay either, but he can barely understand normal family relationships, so him being romantic with a woman may not be the best thing to explore right now, until he’s ready. I’m not here to placate anyone or change their views. These opinions are mine and I won’t back down from them, no matter how much the few of you don’t like them. If you get to express away your opinions, guess what? So do I. It’s called freedom of speech for a reason.

            This is actually quite amusing that a handful of fans are on attack mode with me just because I don’t want to see gay Destiel shipping. Again, I don’t want to see Dean, or Sam, whoring themselves about either. I don’t watch for romance in this show, because this show was never about romance to begin with. It’s about good vs. evil, family bonds, friendship, saving innocent lives from the big bad.

            So, in closing, I am happy Misha is back as regular. I look forward to the familial bond he shares with the brothers. I hope they give him no less than half the season with his appearances.

          • 'Silly fangirl' says:

            1) I never at any point said that you didn’t have a right to your opinion. I’m not trying to change your opinion or say that you shouldn’t voice your opinion. Yes, we certainly do have freedom of speech, which is why you can state your opinion and other people can agree or disagree with your opinion. I’m also sorry if you felt ‘attacked’ by my comment expressing how my opinions differ from your own. I did not mean the comment as an attack at all and am not sure why it seems to have come across as an attack in your eyes. As far as I’m concerned, it was just a discussion between two people with differing opinions. A debate and an attack are two completely different things.
            That’s great that you’re standing firm on your opinions. Good for you, dear. :) As I said earlier, we’re all welcome to have our opinions and voice them. You can voice that you dislike the idea of Destiel, that you “don’t want to see gay Destiel shipping”, or whatever you want. Again, I’m not saying that you can’t or trying to change your mind. I’m just expressing my own opinion, which just happens to be different from yours.
            2) I also never accused you of being homophobic, but rather implied that the language that you chose to use to express yourself sounds homophobic.
            3) I’m not quite sure what you mean by this sentence: “And yes, seeing Destiel shipper fanfics, a good majority are promoting the characters as gay, obviously straying from the reality of the show.” But if I am interpreting it correctly, then yes, there are many Destiel fics that portray the characters as gay. These types of fics are usually referred to as AU (alternate universe) fics and just because things are written in fan fiction does not at all mean that people think they will on the show or even want to see them on the show.
            4) I, too, am thrilled that Misha is back as a regular and hope to see him in many, many, many episodes of the show next season.
            Have a great day. :)

          • JennyA says:

            Then perhaps you and the others that disagree with me need to get off your high horses and deal with the fact that I want Castiel back permanently. Just not in a romantic relationship with Dean. The sooner you hardcore shippers accept that it’s a brotherly bond in the show, the better. Go ahead and ship your gay fantasies, but don’t try to project that into the show and claim the characters are gay when they are clearly not. We would’ve seen signs of it years ago and that just is not the case. Now, you’ve got your views and I have mine. Accept it and move on. Good God, even my gay friends think some of you shippers are nuts. If they, being gay, don’t see the “supposed” romantic Destiel relationship some of you do, they’d love to know what kind of crack you’re smoking.

          • debbie webster says:

            Dean and Castiels friendship is like that ofbest friends they care about each other but idont see them as ever being gay . What Destiel shipprs dont understand is that not every one wants to see Dean and Castiel kissing or in bed with each other .You can have your fantasie fine. Also a note to Destiel shippers not Every Dean and Castiel are into Destiel. Also think about it do you honestly see Jensen Ackles wanting to kiss another man on Supernatural.

          • JennyA says:

            Thank you! Finally someone who actually sees the show as what it is! I agree. Jensen Ackles is not one to be kissing some dude. That’s not saying he’s homophobic, but I hardly think he’d go that far in his career. He makes good money already and those that push the envelope do it in desperation, IMO, for more fame and money. Sorry, but money is non-issue at this point and for as long as Supernatural has been on the air, Jensen and Co. have no worries about not getting a paycheck at this point, so no need to push a non-existent envelope. There is only a brotherly bond at play here. The LGBT community got Charlie kissing another girl this season. I’m sure she’ll be back too, so hold onto your pantyhose people.

      • Tessa says:

        I find your comment offensive. So straight relationships on TV are romantic and sweet, yet gay relationships automatically boil down to gay porn? Just because you have a hard on for the brothers and don’t like Dean with Castiel you have to insult the fans and LGBT as a whole?

        Aside from how juvenile your comment is, I want to point out something very important to you: Look at this poll. Then check out Zap2it’s “Most Crushworthy ‘Ship Tumblr Sails” article which references to a previous “Most Crushworthy” poll in which Dean and Castiel won by a margin of 50%. Both polls are restricted by one vote per IP, so this isn’t a case of a “small handful of fans” voting over and over. It is a case of a large section of the fandom supporting Dean and Castiel’s relationship, romantic or otherwise. Now eat your words and make sure you chew carefully so they don’t get stuck in your throat. :)

        • JennyA says:

          I had replied to you a couple of days ago, but don’t see my comment. So here goes again. I don’t want Dean shagging a chick in every city the way he used to either. This isn’t necessarily about dislike for gay relationships. With that being said, Dean is not gay, nor is Castiel. What the few Destiel shippers are wanting is something they are fantasizing about, not what is the reality in the show. I don’t care what polls you put in your comment. It proves nothing. The reality of the show is that Dean is very straight. A macho man who loves women. Sam is the same, though much more reserved about it. Castiel isn’t gay either and he shouldn’t be made to have gay feelings just because a handful of fans want it. Dean and Castiel have a brotherly bond. A friendship. That does not equal gay feelings. I don’t care if the LGBT is offended. It offends me that the LGBT are so hell bent on cramming their views down everyone’s throat, as if it’s canon to the show all because they fantasize about them being gay. Keep that to your cheesy fanfics because that’s all you get. You want some guy on guy action? Go watch gay porn or rent the show Queer as Folk, or The L Word for some girl on girl action. There are plenty of movies out there too, or just stick to the fanfics. The show is the way it is. I adore Dean. I adore Castiel. I adore Sam. There is just no way, in all the years of watching any of these beloved characters would ever magically turn gay for any reason. Not even for a few fans that want it. Take that how you want. I could care less.

  4. Amanda says:

    I’m so happy – more than just happy – that Castiel is coming back for Season 9, and I want more than anything for him to be a regular character.

  5. Fleur says:

    Yes. I love Castiel and Misha Collins. The show hasn’t been the same since the family aspect of the show disappeared when Bobby died; what with the loss of Jo, Ellen, Rufus, Adam, John, Ash and many others before, the feeling of togetherness was gone (besides the strong but weakened bond between Dean and Sam). Hopefully with Castiel as a regular, along with Garth, Kevin, Charlie and perhaps Aaron on the side, a family can be rebuilt for Sam and Dean in their little bat cave, to warm their aching souls.

  6. Concerned says:

    Guys can we all just get along? Honestly, it’s not like Castiel being a series regular again will ruin the show. The seasons in which he WAS a series regular were actually really good seasons, and were many people’s favorite seasons. Cas brings interesting plot ideas, and I have high hopes now for season nine.

    • Yale says:

      Lol, everything after season 3 has been FAR below par. This whole Angel thing (not just Cas) has just killed everything. I’m sure more people would agree with me, but most of the people who were around back then have left due to the MASSIVE decline in quality. Supernatural used to be a great, funny, scary show with a good season-long arc, fun MOW’s, and great character development. Ever since Cas came on (especially after season 5), the show has been reduced to repetition, boring season-long arcs that are reduced to about 6 episodes sandwiched between lame “Comedy” episodes that add nothing. Go ahead. Whine about be not being a “True fan”. I’m not. I was, but this ridiculous “Fandom” and declining quality of the stories have all but driven me away.

      • That’s all just your opinion, though (as displayed by Lazarus Rising again and again being voted SPN’s best episode by fans and the huge ratings increase in seasons 4 and 5). But if you don’t enjoy the show anymore, or the community, why do you watch it?

      • you don’t like anything after season 3 and you are still watching? hmmm…what can that mean? Ridiculous fandom? watch your mouth heathen, we won best fandom award. End of.

      • JennyA says:

        If the fanbase had declined, ratings would’ve dropped and the show wouldn’t be getting a 9th season or a possible 10th. Your logic is flawed, Yale.

      • MatildaLouise says:

        The quality of seasons 6 and 7 have nothing to do with Castiel and everything to do with an inept showrunner who was replaced.. Season 8 hasn’t been perfect, but I’m enjoying for the show for the first time since season 5 again, and I’m thrilled I’ll be seeing more of my favorite character next season because the lack of the Cas is the only reason I’m not enjoying season 8 as much as I enjoyed season 5 and season 4 (my all time favorite Supernatural season). Yale, I am sorry you’re not enjoying the show anymore. :( The declining quality of the storytelling almost drove me away in seasons 6 and 7 too, but I feel like it’s improved for the better this season (even if it’s not been perfect).

        • MatildaLouise says:

          I’d also add that considering Castiel was in barely a handful of season 7 episodes, it’s rather laughable to blame the poor quality of that season on him.

  7. I am so, SO excited about this! Misha brings so much to the show and honestly SPN just wouldn’t be the same without Castiel. I can’t wait to see where the story takes him next season as well as the shift in dynamics in his relationship with Dean. Thank you Carver!!!!

  8. Alyssa says:

    So excited. Misha is amazing.
    To the people worrying that he’ll take away from Winchester time, it’s not like he’s going to replace them. He’s probably not going to be in every single episode. We have the majority of the seasons without Cas, I think its a good time to bring him back.

  9. ela says:


  10. Picadelly says:

    Well, there’s a reason the show is called ‘Supernatural’ instead of ‘The Winchester Brothers’. Just sayin’.

  11. Patty says:

    Woot! This is terribly exciting, Cas is my favorite character after Bobby, and after losing Bobby, I’m glad to not have to say goodbye to Cas.

  12. Sara says:

    He’s an angel of the Lord… and is a good complementary character of the series that I wish would support more to the story as always; good to have Misha Collins back!

  13. Ann says:

    I’m so very excited for this!!!! And it feels like the fandom is having this huge celebratory party, yeah!!!
    Well, except for the silent “minority”, and I’m enjoying so much the whinning of the haters. :D :D :D
    (BTW, haters, you’re absolutely entitled to hate Cas until you bite your tongues and die of poisoning, if you want. Just as I’m entitled to enjoy your bitterness and the sweet smell of our success in saving our angel!!!).

  14. Mileena says:

    It’s really weird because in the comments it looks like there are a lot of people who don’t like Castiel, but when I look at the poll, they make up only 3% of the fans. Oddly enough, I was always told that we Castiel fans were the vocal minority.

    • MatildaLouise says:

      I suspect the people who hate Cas are just a few but they keep posting under different names so make their numbers look greater than they are. It’s obvious to me the majority of Supernatural fans love Castiel and the poll supports this notion. TPTB aren’t stupid. No way would they spend the money to make Misha Collins a regular again if they didn’t think was a draw to the show. I am one of the many people who became a Supernatural fan *because* of him and Castiel remains my favorite character and is the main reason I watch. I almost gave up on the show in season 7. In fact STILL don’t have season 7 on DVD and haven’t watched most of the episodes from that season.

      But I’ll be preordering season 8 and season 9 for certain.

  15. Kristina says:

    Yay!!! I feel like something has been missing from the show since he and Bobby left. Is there a chance we could get them both back?

  16. Camille says:

    This is wonderful news! I am so happy that Castiel/Misha will be a regular again! I hope for as long as the show continues, he continues to be a part of it! So excited! XD

  17. Brittany says:

    This is such good news, I feel like I can breathe again. I’m so excited about Misha directing! I can’t even imagine how that will turn out.

  18. Ashton7 says:

    So excited!

  19. Twill says:

    I’m extremely happy that Misha is going to be a cast regular. And if haters wanna hate then let them, but Misha becoming a cast regular is going to happen with or without the haters, I prefer without them but that just me and hell of a lot of members of the SPN fandom and the entire cast and crew of SPN.

  20. spnsneezes says:

    Definitely not excited to see Cas next season. I really love the character, and am very happy for Misha because, well, this obviously means he’s going to keep a steady job and keep getting paid! However, that being said, I feel that after the first few episodes of season 7, in which Cas became a leviathan and ‘died,’ the character’s stories have been the least engaging of the show’s (except of course the horrible Amelia side-story haha…). I find myself thinking that his storylines are far fetched, even for a fantasy show, and plain boring at times. He sometimes also takes away the opportunity for the show to be truly gory and scary which I consider myself to be a fan of.
    Anyway, I really hope they find a way to breathe new life into the character next season, or perhaps just make his storylines more believable and intriguing at the same time, but for now I have my doubts.

  21. So this means Cas is gonna get to live in the batcave with the brothers, right…RIGHT?!

  22. Roczane says:

    OMG!!! Very HAPPY! :D

  23. Tessa says:

    Adding my voice to those happy about this news. This is the best news since the season 9 announcement. This means great stroylines regarding heaven are in works and hopefully it means we’re going to see more of Naomi as well. Cas has become an integral part of Sam and Dean’s life. I loved how he brought Sam back to Dean in episode 7. Hopefully he gets to shack in the bunker with them and they’ll have that slumber party Dean promised where they watch cartoons and braid Sam’s hair.

  24. Minion says:

    So happy that I’m crying! Cas as a regular again for Season 9! I just want to thank people and hug people and throw confetti and twirl in a circle! Gah!!! So, so, so, happy! Probably the best news I’ve heard all week.

  25. Joel K says:

    Woke up and thought I must have been dreaming! So thrilled to have Cas back in S9 and Misha Collins thoroughly deserves his return to regular status, with a directing bonus to boot. Misha and SPN were a perfect fit from the start, so wonderful to have more TFW to look forward to. Couldn’t be happier!

  26. Ariana says:

    I’M SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!! I started watching the show just because I knew there was this guy that I had no actual idea who it was, but I NEED to watch it to get to know him. I will never regret my decision because I fell in love not just with Misha and his character, but with the Winchester brothers, the story and the show itself.

  27. EV says:

    It’s okay as long as he doesn’t sit in the backseat of the impala and tag along all the time as the 3rd wheel.

  28. Ved says:

    I’m so excited! This news absolutely made my day! I’m so happy for Misha. Can’t wait for more Team Free Will!

  29. annie says:

    HELL YES!! This made my day! Awesome news :D Now I’m hoping for more Dean and Cas scenes.

  30. DianaFire says:

    The poll results speak for themselves. Absolutely delighted with this news. Cheers, SPN people, and congrats to Misha!

  31. Brie says:

    I personally like episodes with Cas in them and I am honestly confused why some people don’t, but whatever, you’re entitled to your own opinions.

  32. Wiley says:

    I, for one, am thrilled to see Misha become a series regular. Keeping my shipping heart out of it, I love Cas and his story, and Misha is a fantastic actor with a lot of talent. I’m just going to sit back and let the writers take me where they want to.

  33. Suzy says:

    So glad he’s back! I love what the character brings to the show and how the group dynamic falls into place when he’s in an episode. I always look for Misha’s name on the credits at the start. Puts a smile on my face when I see it!

  34. KT says:

    SOOOO glad he’s back!!! Cas helps balance out the angsty bro-drama! <3

  35. Carrie says:

    Extremely excited about these news! I think Castiel is a wonderful character with tremendous potential (I personally would like to see Cas become human – by choice – and struggle with the consequences of his decision) and Misha Collins is a very talented actor and deserving of this promotion to series regular. I have big hopes for season 9!

  36. theboundwoman says:

    Well that is good news , I adore castiel now if only they would get rid of about boring.

    • lOR says:

      NO! We love Sam!!! and Cas and Dean! get out with your hate!

    • Sam says:

      No! I need all three of my babies!!

    • RA says:

      No way. Not only is it never going to happen (hello, Jared Padalecki one of the show’s 2 stars, listed first in the credits??) but most fans (and I am serious when I say most, I’d conjecture a good 95% with another 4% being apathetic) LOVE Sam. Including me. And I am a huge Cas fan. But I love all three of my boys, and won’t sit by for hate on any of them.

    • no. wrong. do not pass go. do not collect $200

    • Minion says:

      Get rid of Sam? Oh my gosh, I hope that never-ever happens! I’m a huge Cas fan and a huge Dean fan (and yes I do ship Destiel hard) but I’d never ever want Sam to be written off the show. Supernatural works best when it has all three characters, imo, and while I personally want Cas there in every single episode, I also want the show to never lose Dean or Sam or their wonderful relationship. Team Free Will is what I want to see! :)

  37. Louise Harris says:

    I’m just glad to be getting a 9th season as I didn’t think we would with Jenson Ackles becoming a dad later on this year, thought he might want to spend the time with his wife and child

    • JennyA says:

      If Jared was able to be on the show with his new baby at the time, Jensen will too. I don’t think we have to worry about losing Dean.

  38. Tracy says:

    Thrilled that Cas will be back! I love the scenes between he and Dean and still think a show with Dean, Benny and Cas would be great! I am so over Sam…

    • RA says:

      You know that you can praise the thing you like without tearing down the thing you don’t like?? Get out with your Sam-hatin’ ways.

    • Kivina says:

      Sam is going nowhere. Jared’s one of the two main leads and personally I don’t see how someone can dislike Sam (or Cas, or Dean) but whatever. But don’t try to have a character written off the show. It’s rude to other fans who love the character.

    • lOR says:

      shut up!we love Sam too! go away hater!

  39. MatildaLouise says:

    LOL It’s like they added that “third wheel” line in 8.08 in anticipation for the naysayers. :D
    Personally after so many seasons of Sam and Dean hunting over and over again having a third person with them would mix up the dynamic and make it not seem so repetitive. Of course I’m sure there will be some episodes without Cas. Even when Misha was a regular in seasons 5 and 6 he wasn’t in every episode. So, I think there should be a lot next season that non-Cas fans can enjoy too. If not, they can always rewatch seasons 1-3 or the many other non-Cas episodes in season 4 and on.

  40. Whats with all the hate? we know you are few and in between (check poll result) so stop trying to sound as if you represent the whole fandom. 95% of the fandom LOVES Cas and wants Cas as a regular. Team Free Will FTW! no “small doses” or anything, we want him back and there all the time! Supernatural has evolved and there can be no story without characters like Cas. TBTB know how important he is to the story line thats why they brought him back full force. Confetti, its a parade! :D

    • Rick D says:

      Oh Zaphura, I never said or thought I represented a majority, I leave that to the Cas fans. I’m someone who cares about Sam, about seeing him finally get treated like an equal, or maybe get a tiny scrap of happiness for himself. I care about the brothers working together as a team, not just tolerating each other. I don’t need constant assurances that Dean is smarter, better or stronger than Sam, or that Dean is happier with Cas instead of Sam.
      So in that regard- I totally realize that people like me are but a very tiny sliver of the people still watching this show. Hopefully I’ll overcome the masochism.

  41. Louise Harris says:

    I’m just glad to hear that we’re getting a season 9, as I didn’t think we would with Jensen Ackles becoming a dad later on this year, I thought he might want to have a break and spend time with his wife and child.

  42. Rain says:

    So happy, Supernatural is not the same without the precious baby angel!

  43. ollie says:

    he a legand he makes the show funny ie…… when hes watching porn or starts eating this man is so funny

  44. Extremely excited is an understatement!

  45. JennyA says:

    Come on Carver, Kripke and the rest! We need Misha in no less than half of the episodes! He’s part of the show and has been since s4! It’s bad enough we’ve lost Bobby permanently! Let’s not shun Castiel too! He adds a little more dynamic to the brothers lives and he is funny as hell when he’s confused about human relations.

  46. samm says:

    Supernatural isn’t the same without Castiel .. yeah, I love Sam and Dean but Cass just makes it funny as well, especially his relationship with Dean. ;P Love you Misha!

  47. Emma says:

    Castiel is such a great character! So happy he’s coming back, and that Misha gets to direct! Cas fans are victorious for another season!!

  48. Im so happy we are getting Cas back as a regular in season 9.I love my Team freewill boys and hope to see a good few episodes with Sam Dean and Castiel in. I dont under stand why the anti cas fans getting so worked up you still get to see plenty of brother only episodes in S9 . Try learning how to share, this show is for everyone. Cas wont be in every episode Sam and Dean will.

  49. Dump that yellow trench coat! Remind me of Columbo.

  50. Luke says:

    Misha Collins is Awesome I Like Him Being in The Episodes I Miss Him When They Make That Angel Fade Away Castiel is Awesome.