Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins to Return as Series Regular for Season 9

SUPERNATURALThe angels have answered your prayers, Supernatural fans.

Misha Collins will return to the CW series as a series regular next season (the show’s ninth).

In addition to reprising his role as the heavenly angel Castiel, Collins will direct an episode as well.

Collins made his debut as Cas in the Season 4 premiere and was promoted to regular cast member the following year. He was then taken off contract at the end of Season 6, but still continued to recur.

The CW recently gave an early renewal order to the long-running series.

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  1. Whatever says:

    Great News !
    Now if they could just figure out a way to bring Bobby back…

  2. mia says:

    Awesome!!! Now please make Dean/Cas canon (well more canon than it already is)

    • Ray says:

      hilarious how you this idiot part of the fandom don’t actually watch the show. The fact Dean isn’t gay, the show isn’t about sexuality and the show is about the Winchesters story doesn’t seem to bother you at all.

      • Actually, we do watch the show, which is how we pick up on the subtext the writers and actors have admitted to adding into the narrative; and it’s also how we know that despite the show not being “about” romance, per se, it does heavily feature romance. Many of us, moreover, know from experience that a person’s sexuality can change over time, and that many men and women (and other) remain closeted until late in life, due to any numer of circumstances. You should try to think about how your dismissals might hurt fans who are LGBTQ+ in this fandom.

      • Carl says:

        The show not being about sexuality would just prove further that Dean and Cas could make a good pair. Their relationship has never been about sex. It’s friendship and love, with the possibility of more. We would likely only ever see some small moments of affection and tenderness.

  3. ZER0C00L says:

    Pretty happy there was no one else home when I saw Misha’s tweet, as they’d probably have assumed something cataclysmic had happened. Then again, I think most of the people I know are used to my *gaaaaaaaaaaaaasp* *pterodactyl shriek* *spastic arm flapping* reaction to happy fandom news.

    Anyway, YAY CAS!

  4. Jen says:

    Yay! I hope we get to see him in a few more scenes with Sam, they have a lot in common and while we’ve been told that they’re friends, it was a ridiculous transition from being quite wary of each other to being protective of one another a couple of episodes later (back in season 5).

    I know the writers like to have Sam disappear/fade into the background for a little bit every once in a while to cram in the fanservice moments for the ‘Destiel’ shippers but c’mon, if he’s going to be the third character then he needs to have a more even level of interaction with the 2 leads. Let us see Sam and Cas spending time together too please!!

    • Ray says:

      Who says he’s the third character. He’s a regular doesn’t mean he has to be level with Sam and Dean, since they are the leads and stars of the show. See the videos and promos and posters, they are of Sam and Dean. The whole show is about Sam and Dean.

      • Jen says:

        I am quite aware, and the show is all about Sam and Dean for me, as much as I like Cas, I can love the show equally with or without him. The third man was probably the wrong way for me to phrase that, but my point was that as a regular, he will be appearing in more episodes and I want equal interaction between the three of them, not the three of them solving whatever problem they have in an episode then Dean and Cas have a ‘moment’ while Sam goes to get coffee…

      • Lincoln says:

        The whole show is about whatever each individual viewer interprets it to be about, sorry.

    • pb says:

      Okay, I mean, I agree I would love to see more Cas and Sam interaction especially now that Sam seems to have really forgiven him. I think that in the last episode with Cas, this was especially happening (what with Cas going and getting Sam and then purposefully including Sam in the conversations despite Dean and Sam being mad at each other) but I don’t think you’re right at all with the whole destiel “fanservice” thing. The reason that Dean and Cas have more interaction is because they’re closer, that’s all. And that does tend to happen when you save a guy from hell and then rebel against heaven for him, come on. It’s not fanservice it’s just natural character development hah. (also rewatch some episodes Sam doesn’t just go drink coffee, dear god)

      • Minion says:

        Great post. I totally agree. I would love to see more Cas and Sam interaction too, but I don’t think the lack of it is related to ‘destiel fanservice’ either. You stated some good reasons there. And just earlier today I was watching an interview Misha did a couple of years ago where he said that the writers had actually stopped writing so many Cas and Sam scenes just because Jared can’t resist messing with Misha and making him laugh whenever they’re filming together, so that also could be a factor in the lack of Sam and Cas stuff.

  5. Luciana says:


  6. Ray says:

    Can’t believes there is enough story for him to be back. Again he’ll just take one of the boys storyline and he’ll make it look stupid. No can’t we just move on from him and the angels.

  7. Kyle says:

    I AM SO HAPPY!!! When I heard this news I screamed and ran to tell my family. We all love him so much. Misha’s a wonderful actor and I’m so glad Castiel is going to be safe and back for next season!! He’s probably my favorite character. (Just barely beating Sam, sorry Sammy.)

  8. Barb says:

    Excellent news. I hope that means he’ll actually get airtime that is more than a scene a two which occurred many times when he was a regular last time.

    • Alan says:

      that happened last time because he is a main character, the writers were forced to squeeze him into episodes he wasnt supposed to be in because they had contract requirements to fulfil, expect more of the same this time.

      • Al says:

        Castiel isn’t a main character, for God’s sake!

        • Lincoln says:

          Maybe not in your opinion, but to many others and the contact he is. :)

        • Restless says:

          Uh, yes, Castiel is a main character. That’s not really a debatable term. Learn what a ‘main character’ is and you’d know that.

          And I’m sure the show makers know what story they want to tell and how and basically what they are doing much better than we fans do. Sure, it all might not all transition well, but we shouldn’t assume things like characters are being ‘squeezed into episodes they aren’t supposed to be’. That just sounds silly to me.

        • pb says:

          dean is not main character for god sake
          neither was bobby
          what is regular lol

      • JennyA says:

        The writers were forced to squeeze Castiel into the episodes? Who told you that? The writers? Lol. I’m sure you’ve got a direct line to the creators of the show too and you must know everything behind the scenes as they film it!

  9. Leisa Franks says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching the story line evolve with Jensen Ackles’ and Jared Padalecki’s portrayals of the Winchester brothers but I’ve also missed the story line not actively including the Castiel character more frequently. He’s definitely a positive element of the story..even when Castiel’s character development was headed in a direction that was disturbing..I still enjoyed the character and Misha Collins’ portrayal of him. So, I’m thrilled to hear that Misha Collins is to become a regular again. AWESOME!

  10. Extremely happy to have Misha back as a regular. Castiel is such an amazing character. I wonder if his journey will lead him to fully embrace humanity or if he will keep his angelic status.

  11. Holy crap, this made my entire year. I can’t hear the haters over the sound of my pterodactyl screeches.

  12. Al says:

    I don’t care as long they keep the destiel nonsense away from the show.

    • Steph says:

      Couldn’t agree more. The gay jokes and the pandering to Destiel shippers by some of the staff on twitter stopped being funny when people started taking it seriously. Cut it out please.

      • You mean when people like the writers and actors started taking it seriously? You mean, until it became apparent that they *might* actually be leaning in that direction? Why are you so threatened by that relationship dynamic?

        • Steph says:

          I’m not threatened by it at all, I know fine well it’s never going to happen. What bothers me is the never ending spamming of articles and campaigning and other nonsense the Destiel shippers get up to. I hate when I can’t have a proper discussion about something without it being overran with fans declaring how they want the show to abandon Dean’s true characterisation so he can ‘sex up his angel’. I really enjoy Dean and Castiel’s friendship and whilst people are perfectly entitled to ‘ship it,’ a line has been crossed re: fan behaviour and the pandering on Twitter is annoying. The show made gay jokes about the characters long before Castiel appeared and it got on my nerves then for the same reason it does now.

          I don’t know what you mean by the writers and actors taking it seriously. The writers throw fanservice to all the fans who want two hot guys to hook up on this show, always have. As for the actors, Jensen has made it very clear that he sees Dean and Castiel as great friends and enjoys the dynamic and Misha is the biggest troll who ever lived, anything he says is to be taken with a (hilarious) pinch of salt.

          • I’m sorry, but I’m just so sick of the general misconception that ALL the destiel fans want is to see “two hot guys hook up” and that we completely ignore the friendship they have.

          • It can never happen… why? They are two people who straight away developed a very strong bond, and their relationship has grown and deepened beyond the definition of “friendship.” In real life, people fall in love with their best friends all the time. Is it a joke, because they are men? Dean has no one “true” characterization, because he is a product of both the writing team, the directors, and Jensen Ackles’ acting decisions. Each of these people have a different interpretation of his character (something that is sometimes astonishingly apparent when watching the episodes) and the audience has an entirely other perception of Dean. There are too many interpretations of this fictional man, for any singular iteration to be the only true and right one. And you seem to imply that the show should just keep making gay jokes at its characters’ (and its audience’s) expense. Many of us identify as LGBTQ+ (something I cannot stress enough) and would rather not have our life choices constantly mocked by our favorite tv show. That’s why characters like Charlie, and mature responses to characters like Aaron, have been a great blessing. It’s more than simply wanting two hot guys to bang — and you thinking that is our motivation says more about you than us, frankly. I think you also do not have a clear understanding of what “fanservice” entails, in show business. But you know what, it doesn’t matter, it won’t change the fact that Cas is (to all appearances) here to stay, a third brother; that Misha is a big part of the SPN family and respected by both cast and creators. :) I’m happy.

          • JennyA says:

            Bethany, Dean did not befriend Castiel right away and Castiel was kind of a dick to Dean. It took a while before either of them really became friends and that’s how it is going to stay. There is no attraction to each other. I’ve watched every episode and have NEVER seen either Dean or Castiel mooning over the other with love in their eyes. That is a fantasy fangirls are projecting. Go ahead and project, but keep in your fanfics and please stop claiming Dean and Castiel love each other beyond friendship or a brotherly bond. Destiel shipping is about as sick as the Wincest crap.

        • Steph says:

          Beth, the reply option isn’t appearing for me on your next comment, so I will leave it here in the hope that you see it. To start with, I will tell you that I am a bisexual woman, so I would appreciate you leaving behind the accusation that I find the idea of a same sex couple a joke or that my saying people wanting two hot characters to bang (which you know fine well applies to some people in this fandom) is some kind of prejudice against those who seek better media representation for our sexualities. I take offence at those who use this social justice idea to push their agendas on the writers/actors/producers etc. because a relationship isn’t going the way they want, and not for the right reasons. Yes, there are fans out there who want Dean and Castiel to be together and others should accept that – but the same is also true in reverse. Many fans appreciate Dean and Castiel’s friendship and see nothing more and should not be harassed for it. All I wish is to be able to talk about how proud I am of Dean for being able to turn down a direct offer to go to bed with a woman because he is working and how maybe Purgatory has helped him grow into a man who doesn’t need to drink and get laid all the time without being trampled by Destiel shippers screeching about how I am denying ‘the gay.’

          At the end of the day, while I can say with complete certainty that Dean and Castiel will never have that kind of relationship, there are people who can say with complete certainty that they will, because yes, you are correct, everyone has different interpretations. In my eyes, Dean is a straight character and I could write you a dissertation on my issues with the way some, and I stress SOME, Dean/Cas shippers cause more offence to the LGBT representation problems in today’s media but that would be tailspinning into a bit of a mess. (Also, any Destiel shipper who claims they have not been thrown some fanservice is kidding themselves, whether you think I ‘understand’ the word correctly or not).

          Ultimately, I am happy for Castiel’s fans that he will be around and it is not for me to dictate why and how someone finds joy in a TV show so I think we will have to agree to disagree on some things. What I hate most about this fandom is the tendency for people to degenerate into name calling and making assumptions about character/actor hating so I appreciate us being able to talk about this rationally. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season and the next :)

          • You are not doing deancas shippers the very courtesy you yourself are asking for (ie not harassing them.) My original post was in response to your own (and Al’s) insulting language.
            Also, a “proper discussion” is not calling Dean/Cas a “joke”, and then ridiculing supporters for voicing their opinions on social media. And I’m sorry, but when Misha (despite his trolling and sarcastic sense of humor) chooses to seriously engage with fans in a discussion of how Dean’s behavior in Purgatory is evidence of his being “in love” with Cas — and that Cas being in love with Dean goes without saying — I listen. And when that report is further corroborated by several fans, I listen. And when I hear that Misha has made certain acting choices (such as choosing to sit on the bed beside Dean despite headquarters calling in, telling him not to, because it’s “too gay”) I listen. I don’t think Misha was always serious, but I certainly think he is now. I don’t think he’s just making fun of us. He’s given several interviews to LGBTQ+ media, including AfterElton and Gay Calgary — he knows there is a large queer following within the fandom. He himself has been involved in a polyamorous relationship, and respects it. He finds humor in everything, but that doesn’t mean the man can never be serious.
            And you certainly did state that we only want to see Dean and Cas together “so he can ‘sex up his angel’”. That is offensive on so many levels, not the least of which being that you lump all deancas fans into one stereotype.
            You interpret Dean as straight, but many very intelligent fans do not. Who’s to say your interpretation is more correct? Dean himself has never said the words, “I’m straight.” He has never, in fact, even gone so far as to say he has never slept with men, or never would. Every time he throws out “I don’t play for your team” or any other such dismissal, it’s because he’s being threatened. And I’ve lied before to ward off unwanted sexual attention, exactly like Dean — so you can’t take Dean’s defensiveness as the last word. In fact, why didn’t he just say something like that to Aaron when approached? Dean is used to giving blithe, smooth rebuttals to people under pressure. But he didn’t take the easy out that Aaron was giving him — instead, he used his “job” as a federal agent as a shield.
            Basically, I’m saying that until Dean is unilaterally and unconditionally declared straight, he could be *anything*. Schrodinger’s Dean.
            I hope that you are wrong about Dean and Cas ever being together, because it is one of my most dearly held dreams for the show.
            We will have to agree to disagree, but I return the hopes that you enjoy the coming season, and thank you for responding to me in a thoughtful way.

      • Carl says:

        I don’t care for the Twitter pandering either, but the gay jokes have stopped. The show takes the relationship, whatever it may be, more seriously now in the episodes.

      • JennyA says:

        Agreed. So tired of Destiel shippers trying to make these characters out to be gay when clearly they are not.

    • ginnna says:

      Are you saying Dean/Cas is a noticeable part of the show, even to people who don’t want it? Just checking.

  13. Amanda says:

    I am so excited for this news! Castiel adds an interesting dynamic to the Winchesters and gives the story line a little more oomf. The ‘its just about the brothers’ story line is getting stagnant. We need a change and this looks to be it! Now, let’s just hope that he doesn’t fall at the end of season 8…

  14. Steph says:

    I don’t quite know how to feel, unfortunately no matter how hard I try to stay objective, my opinion of Castiel as a character is influenced by his more vocal, obsessive fans. I hate it when people judge characters by their ridiculously over the top fans and yet I find myself doing it with Castiel. I wish I could blank out how much I hate the screeching about where Castiel is and how ‘Destiel is canon!!’ so I could focus on whether or not I genuinely like the character… Happy for his reasonable fans though!

    • It’s not exactly fair for you to judge people on their internet “reactions,” as many of those are coded into a dialect native to the internet, and are intended to promote community and express hyperbolic emotion rather than stimulate intellectual discussion. For instance, if I were to tag a post with “CRYING ABOUT IT” rather than “So very happy for Misha this coming season!” it would not make me unreasonable, nor obsessed, simply expressive. I am in fact capable of reasonable discussion and proper capitalization, when needed. Perhaps the “squee” you’re bothered by is just a front for genuine happiness — which, don’t be bothered by genuine happiness, darling. :) Anyway, just my two cents, and I hope you enjoy the next season and Castiel’s contribution to the story!

    • pb says:

      castiel he waddap

    • Carl says:

      If I based my opinion of SPN characters on their fans, I would struggle to like anyone. Every time a Sam fan says that Cas is going to run him off the show – even though that never ever came close to happening – I don’t hate Sam. Every time a Dean fan says that Cas has a “myth arc” and it’s unfair because Dean doesn’t, even though Cas “myth arc” is being tortured offcamera, I don’t hate Dean.

  15. I am grateful that the percentages of this poll reflect the fans’ reactions much more accurately than some of these comments.
    Congrats to Misha, thank god for Cas’ return to regular status. This is everything I hoped for.

  16. Yay so happy Cas is a regular in Spn9 , my Team freewill boys are back, for those who are not happy dont worry you will still get youer fair share of brothers only episodes you just have to learn to share.

  17. Kelsie says:

    This news just made my day!!! I love Cas and Misha. It feels like something is missing when Cas is not in an episode imo.

  18. Ben says:

    Great news, But I really miss Bobby, wish they’d figure a way to bring him back.

  19. Kim says:

    Why not! Castiel ties the entire show together. Plus, Dean misses him so much that he writes about it on his typewriter. That’s too adorable to ignore.

  20. Brittany says:

    I am so thrilled to have Misha as a regular for season 9, it’s nice not having to worry that every episode Cas is in might be his last! Now I can finally breathe (at least for season 8!)

  21. ellie says:

    i’m ecstatic to have him back, and as a season regular no less. he’s one of the greatest highlights of the show in my opinion – the brotherly bond is the delicious, angst-ridden base of the supernatural pizza, but it needs sauce and toppings too.

  22. snagglepussglare says:

    Stop with the Cas hate. It’s not your show to create, if you don’t like him then skip over the episodes he’s on. Otherwise keep your whiny traps shut.

  23. Noah says:

    Should’ve done this a long time ago. I still mourn for all the lost potential of having Leviathan!Castiel as the Season 7 big bad.

  24. Drew says:

    aww yiss misha

  25. Hannah says:

    I’m so ridiculously glad he’ll be back next season! Now I can relax knowing Castiel will live this season! I’m also super excited to hear Misha will be directing an episode of the show. I’m sure he’ll do an excellent job :)

  26. KJ says:

    Best news I’ve heard for this show in a while. I’ve been watching this show from the very beginning. frankly, Castiel is a wonderful addition to liven things up.

  27. bowtiesncats.tumblr says:

    Cas is amazing<3, so excited for Misha's episode. Canon Destiel, pretty please? (:

  28. Em says:

    SO EXCITED. When written with care, Castiel is a really finely-drawn character; some of the BEST SPN episodes have included him prominently. He’s a fantastic example of the moral murkiness and unexpected heroics and destiny-defying themes that this show prides itself on. This isn’t just the “Sam ‘n’ Dean” show; a show has to have depth and growth, and allowing its two main characters to foster other relationships is GOOD WRITING. And, y’know, HEALTHY for our two Winchester boys. They need friends, you guys!! And Cas is their friend!!! WOW just. I’m THRILLED and so happy for Misha. (Especially his directing an episode! Oh my god, that ep is gonna be INCREDIBLE.) WHOOHOOOOOO

  29. Magdalene says:

    Sweetness! I’m glad Cas will be around more–I’ve been missing him this season. And the idea of Misha directing an episode is just too much, haha~

    It’s about TIME one of them got be happy!

  31. Niraha says:

    I’m so excited! This season has been wonderful, but the long absences of Cas have been rough. It will be nice to see him as a regular and see his character develop even more. I’m also interested in the way in which he will *become* a regular fixture on the show- will he fall? Will heaven (and hopefully hell) be sealed and he stays behind to help Sam and Dean with the monsters (vampires, shape shifters, etc)?
    I love all the possibilities!

    Welcome home, Cas/Misha!

  32. Caitlin says:

    Yay! So excited :)

  33. Taylor says:

    I am absolutely thrilled that Cas is coming back. I missed my angel! And even though the show started out with just the boys, I’m glad he’s going to be a regular now as well. He’s become a Winchester in my eyes. I’m so excited. Words cannot say.

  34. Kayelee says:

    I’m so stoked! Misha is a perfect addition to the cast, and him being a regular again is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

  35. Erin says:

    i’m personally very excited – this will be an excellent chance to really flesh out a storyline for cas in a way that hasn’t been done in a while and that will most likely do his character justice. Besides, team free will is one of my favorite elements of supernatural. Season nine is looking like it has a lot of potential!

  36. Jen says:

    I’m so excited Misha is going be a regular! I’ve been missing him so much since he hasn’t been in a lot of episodes this year, so I can’t wait for S9!!!

  37. Team Free Will all the way! Castiel is one of my favourite characters, he’s right up there with Dean and Sam and I consider him a main. So glad to see him returning as a regular. His introduction to the show really gave it a breath of fresh air. :)

  38. Restless says:

    Yay! Congrats to Misha Collins and hugs to all my fellow Cas fans!

  39. Kiki says:

    I watch the show for Tream Free Will! I love Sam, Cas, and Dean with all of my heart. Now if we can have Bobby back pretty pretty please to make TFW complete? And PLEASE give us some closure with poor Adam!

  40. Perfect news! Misha is a gem and I’m glad that he’s returning to help pull the weight that is Supernatural now that all three of them are Dads! Although the show is good with just Sam and Dean, it’s just better with Cas in my opinion. Also, his return has nothing to do with Destiel and not only destiel shippers are happy about it. Stop making excuses to feed your delusions and negativity. Accept it and enjoy the show or find something else to watch! The Following is very good. ;)

    Long live TFW!

  41. K says:

    As much as I love the brothers, after 8 seasons their storylines together have gotten repetitive and stale (and if the abysmal season 7 ratings said anything, it’s that many feel the same way). Castiel adds a much needed breath of fresh air, and manages to be humorous, emotional, and just plain fun to watch on top adding to the general myth arc and sheer possibility of the series–going into people’s heads? think of the many ways that could be used!–and his interactions with dean and sam bring out new dynamics of those well-known characters that make them new and interesting again! i hope to see cas around a lot next season, more similar to his season 5 appearances. (though i wouldn’t complain to see him sticking around and having the show finally capitalize on that ‘team free will’ idea it hinted at!)

    • Alan says:

      the ratings in season 7 clearly werent abysmal though or else we wouldnt even be watching season 8, and definitely watching it on wednesdays instead of fridays (where good shows go to die)

  42. Olive says:

    I am very thrilled to hear about Misha coming back as a regular for Castiel in season 9. In no way does this mean that Jared&Jensen wont be getting any air time, or that he’s going to get inbetween the brothers, or that his story is overused. These accusations are the only things Cas-haters are hiding behind, time after time. If you really think that Misha being on the show- Cas being a season regular- will HURT the show- then you’re not a true fan, You’re failing to understand the concept of the show- THE SHOW’S MOTTO- Family doesn’t end in blood. Haters need to leave the actors personal lives out of the argument, and stop pushing their entitled righteousness about what’s good for the show down everybodies throats.

    My point is I am very glad that Cas is returning because not only does Misha deserve it, but it adds to the story, to the plot, to the grand thing that is Supernatural.

    It’s not a fan-service. It’s not “unfair”. Get over yourselves, and just be HAPPY that the show that you love- that SO MANY PEOPLE put countless hours of their lives into- is getting another season, that the actors and producers and writers are happy! EVERYONE NEEDS TO JUST BREATHE DEEP AND SMILE.

    • Good! (All except the term “true fan” — which, any fan is a true fan, even if they grossly misunderstand the show’s premise, the characters, the fandom; only watch episodes every now and again online, or attend every con. Since the accusation of not being a “true fan” has been repeatedly leveled at Cas’ fans just for valuing his character most, I’d love for that term to be stricken from the Supernatural fandom’s lexicon. :) Let’s not stoop to their level by hurling that inane insult.)

  43. Laura says:

    Pro Cas ! So happy ! This is Amazingly terrific news !

  44. CammieElizabeth says:

    I’m so excited! Cas has been pulling the plot along in so many ways, I’m so glad he gets to stay! Think about it, if it weren’t for Cas, Dean would still be in Hell. I have to say, I am a Destiel shipper, but I know that it will never be in the show, and I’m okay with it, I like Cas’ character, and Misha adds such a charisma to the show. Cas is definitely my favorite, and I’m glad to see him so involved again :) TFW!!!

  45. Kat says:

    AWW YISS! This is what I like to see!

  46. Booky says:

    When I heard that Cas was coming back as a regular in Season 9, I nearly burst into tears I was so happy. Cas is my absolute favorite character in anything ever (it sounds silly, but it’s true) and I love him so much.

    I hope we see a LOT of Cas in Season 9! Waiting weeks between appearances breaks my heart, particularly with what he’s been going through this season! He’s important, not only to me, but to Supernatural and to Dean and Sam.

    Can’t wait for Team Free Will in Season 9~!

  47. Sam says:

    I really love Cas and I am really excited that we are gonna be seeing more of him. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam and Dean too. I think the dynamic between all three is fantastic. So I am really glad Misha Collins is going to be hanging around for more. :)

  48. pb says:

    Castiel, word

  49. Evvie says:

    HELL. YES. HELL TO THE YES OH MY GOD. This is going to be fantastic I can feel it in my bones.