Exclusive Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Preview: Tough Women, More Rage, a 'Massive Twist'

“Hey, Dumber and Dumber!” “Did you throw up on that plate?” “Do me a favor: Get out!” “Get OUT!” “GET OUT!”

Yes, folks, Hell’s Kitchen is coming back for Season 11 (Tues., March 12, 8/7c on Fox) — and suffice to say that taskmaster Gordon Ramsay‘s temper remains at a rolling boil.

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In the following exclusive video, Ramsay previews what’s in store for the show’s latest installment — including a very powerful women’s team, a rather bumbling collection of men, a grand prize that comes with a $250,000 salary and a surprise twist that will find the contestants cooking in front of a live audience of 2,500.

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So press play below for the full preview, then hit the comments with your anticipation level for Season 11.

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  1. Billy says:

    Ummm…isn’t Top Chef already using the live cooking twist in their season finale on Wednesday??? Kinda weird both shows decide to do this at the same time…the chef shows must of gotten a memo where they had to do a live cooking challenge in front of an audience like the tv dramas got about amputation this year…

  2. Emgee says:

    Looking forward to starting to watch the show again. Haven’t watched the last few seasons because living at home there were others who had shows to watch and record. Now, living on my own, i get to watch/record what I want when I want.

  3. God, this show is so awful. But I can not stop watching and I love every minute of it.

  4. c0rinne says:

    More rage? Is that really necessary? 90% of the show already consists of yelling, yelling and more yelling.

  5. Alysia Wilkinson says:

    i saw JP woohoo!!!

  6. Dee says:

    JP is back!! YAY!! Can’t wait!!!

  7. Evan says:

    Yay, another season where the winner really doesn’t become the head chef of the restaurant they mention, because why would you actually give a chef who competed on this show a job at a prestigious restaurant if you screwed up that many times on TV because they really don’t want the best chefs, they want to keep the people who will give the best ratings? None of the winners have ever gone on to either stay at the restaurant they “won” (Or like one of the winners a few seasons, she never got the opportunity to even work in one of Ramsey’s restaurants in England as promised and was just given a cash payout instead)

  8. ✨Don Draper (@UnspokenMedia) says:

    I thought I saw JP also. Tried convincing myself that it was old footage from the other seasons, but fingers crossed, he’s back!!

  9. Name That Tune says:

    Ah yes. Another season of Restaurant Management 101, Ramsay style. How long do you suppose it will take some chef to over cook the scallops, serve raw meat, or have Ramsay vomit their signature dish?
    My guilty pleasure returns. Can’t wait.

    • steven says:

      i say 3rd signature dish, and 1st plate to go out will be the scallops from the mens team, and they won’t even get to main course to serve raw meat

  10. Michelle says:

    I love this show! It’s a guilty pleasure I allow myself every season! If I didn’t think Gordon would make me cry every episode, I would want to try out for one of his shows!

  11. I love the show. It’s one of the better reality shows out there. I find Hells kitchen more entertaining over that of American Idol

  12. véronique peeters says:

    YES!!! All right!!! Go Ramsay Go!! I love this show….THE SHOW MUST GO HOME!!! WOOHOO!!

  13. Diana says:

    Can not wait, One of the best shows on T.V. Would not miss it!

  14. Christine Sheen says:

    LOVE this show and so happy it’s back…it’s my very favorite show and i CANNOT wait!! the best part is of course gordon and his tirades however i must say i met him in person at a charity event and he was an absolute pleasure, even got my picture taken with him. :-)

  15. kim says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Gordon Ramsey not only is he hot(babe) he’s hot in the kitchen.
    spicy spicy.

  16. ibcheft says:

    Can’t wait for this season to start, one of thee best shows on television. I admire Chef Ramsay, he is a perfectionist (so am I) and he demands only the best for his restaurants, the same as I would, either do it right or get out, no in between. What I noticed already, and why these cooks haven’t figured it out is beyond me is learn how to cook a scallop correctly before you even apply for the show, how hard can it be, practice practice and more practice, by the way I love scallops.

  17. Carol says:

    I love the show. It’s one of the better reality shows out there. I find Hells kitchen to be the best show I love Gordon Ramsay just would not want to be married to him ; I would always be crying

  18. Hell’s kitchen rocks~!

  19. Cathy says:

    I love Hell’s Kitchen. I have not missed a show since it started. I remember rooting for Michael and screaming when he won! Danny was my next sure to win and he pulled it off easily.
    Can’t wait to see this season begin. March 12th can’t get here soon enough!
    I love you Chef Ramsey! Now piss off!

    • steven says:

      when danny won i predicted he would win because he served perfect beef every time that first dinner service..and i was right

  20. Jeremy David says:

    I can’t wait for the new season 11 to begin I already have seasons 1 through 7 on DVD

  21. Laura says:

    Hi i live in Ireland an watch all seasons of hells kitchens can u tell me when does it start on ITV2 please don’t wanna miss it

  22. Jay Kolb says:

    Love this show! Gordon Ramsay is awesome!

  23. MB says:

    Dear Owen, you are a jerk. Just saying.

  24. Christina Mina says:

    Yes back for another season! So excited to what this season will bring. After all Ramsey yelling stupid cow is a must see! Can’t wait to go to Vegas to try out the new restaurant. Also, scallops that are rubbery are seriously disgusting, I unfortunately have been to a restaurant where I was served rubbery scallops!!! IF only Gordan was there at the pass to make sure “crap” like that wasn’t being served! Go Gordan!!!

  25. stephen higginbotham says:

    if you have worked in a resturant kitchen even as a dishwasher operarator or short order cook or a waiter. you know how crazy it can get in a resturant kitchen and that is why i watch this show bacause it brings back some interesting things that i saw while i was working at some of the places i have worked.

  26. steven says:

    i love this show, when it is on i tell the whole world to just “GET OUT!!!!” when i am watching it. my fiancee my brothers my boss i jsut tell everyone to f- off i am watching the best chef in the world..all you haters out there he has 23 restaurants worldwide what do you have? a dishwashing job from some 3rd rate corner bistro? Ramsay is the best, period so piss off with you ..you f-ing donkeys

  27. Thebeesknees says:

    I have been waiting since September for this to be on! My future SIL is competing on this season and I can’t wait to cheer her on!

  28. Chris McNutt says:

    Being a Chef is a very intense and stressful job which I do everyday. So when I get to laugh at some of these morons it makes my day. There is truly only about five real Chefs on there the rest is built for entertainment which is fine for me! Please do me a favor HK next time you get someone from Memphis please pick a real Chef. The last two wanna be thugs were funny but there is real talent in this city. Can’t wait Chef Chris McNutt.