Castle Recap: 'Ready to Play Spy?'

Castle Season 5 Recap HuntThis week on ABC’s Castle, Rick went rogue in the name of tracking down Alexis — but what he found instead was someone who’s been missing from his life for decades.

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‘I’M GETTING MY DAUGHTER BACK’ | As Rick tries to process last week’s big reveal — that Alexis and Sara are being held in Paris — FBI agent Harris says the next step is to acquire the necessary “permissions” from the U.S. embassy there to continue their hunt abroad. And that does not fly with Rick: “Our daughters are out there right now, they need our help, right now.” When Rick relates to Kate how scared Alexis sounded on the phone, she grabs his hand to assure, “We’re not giving up yet.” A ransom demand comes in: 15 million Euros, which Mr. El-Masri’s brother-in-law will hand off in a drop. Rick, Kate, Harris et al watch via security cameras as the exchange is made en Paris… though only Sara is released. When Kate reports that the girls were separated after the escape attempt, Rick assumes the worst: Alexis is of no value anymore. As he goes to (allegedly) share with Martha the news, Harris tells Beckett that with one girl released, his job now is to “manage expectations.” Au contraire, she retorts — I have a murder to solve.

Kate, though, is at a loss where to start, so Espo sends her to be with Castle, saying, “He needs you.” Thing is, Castle never went home, his mother says. Martha rings Rick, who lies about being with Beckett, as she realizes his passport is gone. “I’m getting my daughter back,” he declares, from Paris.

MOVING TARGET | “Liam Neeson? Dude’s barely Ashley Judd,” Esposito quips about Castle’s mission to find his Taken, Missing daughter. Beckett says she is going to stay put rather than expend time to travel to and rummage around a city where she has no jurisdiction. (For Caskett fans, unsatisfying, yes; but logically? Surprisingly sound for a TV show.) Castle uses a Paris contact to enlist Henri, a jack-of-all-trades to find Alexis. Henri has his tech guy analyze the Skype call, narrowing its source to a building above a restaurant within eight blocks of a certain church. With that lead, they find the vacant office space — as well as a hidden mic that Henri uses that to get in touch with the kidnappers and arrange a meet in the forest.

In NYC, Beckett interrogates kidnapper Henson’s girlfriend, who’s obstinate to say the least: “Listen bitch, I don’t talk to cops.” Kate uses a swift kick to send the snot-nose flying, bellowing, “My partner’s daughter is missing, and you are in my way!” Led to Henson’s apartment, they find a computer on which there were surveillance photos of Alexis. “She was the target,” Beckett realizes.

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HOW I MET MY FATHER | In the forest, Henri double-crosses Castle, explaining, “I wouldn’t have taken the job if I knew who your daughter really was.” A confused Castle is about to be executed when several shots ring out, leaving all the baddies dead. JAMES BROLIN, NATHAN FILLION The grey-haired man seen in sketches from the farmhouse and Henson’s apartment approaches Rick, saying they need to get going. Rick starts to take a call from Kate, reporting that Alexis was the target, when “Jackson Hunt” grabs and shoots his cell. “I’m the good guy,” the stranger insists, reminding Rick, “You might wanna pick up your $3 million briefcase.”

At his apartment, “Jackson” is contacted by the mastermind behind all of this — a Carmichaels Industries foe KGB legend named Volkov. “It is time to end things. A life for a life,” the Russian tells his enemy. “So,” Rick asks, “this is about you?” “[Alexis] is my granddaughter,” the man reveals. “Rick, I’m your father.”

Castle’s dad relates how he and Martha met, immediately after which he got called away on his next mission. He also shares that he and Rick met before, when Rick was 10 and his dad handed him a copy of Casino Royale at a library. “That book made me want to become a writer,” Rick shares. Dad also “greased the wheels at the CIA” when Rick needed access for his novels, and has kept tabs on the fam all these years. But now Volkov, escaped from prison, wants to avenge his wife’s death.

SPY GAMES | Noting that the only way to free Alexis is via direct assault, Castle’s father asks for an assist: “What do you say, kid? You’ve been playing cop for years…. Ready to play spy?” Soon into his leg of the plan, Rick is “caught” by Volkov’s men, then brought upstairs where he reunites with Alexis. Volkov takes Rick’s walkie and taunts his adversary on the other end. Rick’s dad has the last laugh, though, triggering an explosive in the walkie that kills Volkov and creates enough commotion for Castle to blast open Alexis’ cage with a cool gadget watch and then “never stop running,” as diretced by his dad in a flashback to them plotting all of this out.

But at the end of that prep session, Rick realized his father will then be in the wind. “We just met… I have a lot of questions,” he laments. “I need more time.” Alas, there’s no time to be had. But before they part ways to launch their attack, Dad says, “I want you to know, son, I’ve always been proud of you. Always.”

Back in NYC, Rick and Alexis are met with hugs by Kate and Martha. “I’m so glad you’re OK,” Kate tells her man. Then: “Please don’t do anything like that without me again.” “I won’t,” Rick warmly avows.

Just moments after Alexis wondered if her grandfather made it out OK, Rick is pointed to a package, inside of which he finds a copy of Casino Royale. Turning to Martha, he smiles, “Mom, there’s something I want to tell you….”

What did you think of the thrilling “Hunt”? Did you like James Brolin as Castle’s dad? Anyone else feel this should/could have been a three-parter?

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  1. Rachel says:

    I thought this episode was beyond fantastic! People are always going to find SOMETHING to complain about. When it’s a Caskett centric episode people will whine that the show is supposed to be about solving murders and how they want more action. When they get an action packed, story driven episode like “Hunt” they complain how there’s not enough Caskett. It’s television people! Let’s be real here!
    Things I noticed: a) I loved hearing “Jackson Hunt” uses his son’s signature phrase “Always” Great touch! b) So glad they made sure to have Castle pick up the briefcase with the money inside. It was going to drive me INSANE if he had just left that there. c) After the rescue I said out loud to my husband, ” I really hope the dad is okay and he like sends Rick something to let him know he made it.” Thank you writers for Casino Royale.
    Overall, I thought this episode was fantastic and it had something for everyone. Keep it up Marlowe & Co.!

    • Krithika says:

      Finally!! Someone who noticed that ‘Always’ reference!! And LOL i loved that briefcase part but I found it odd that Castle was more worried about the $200 phone than the fact that he was on the line with Kate before it was fired. Didn’t he think Kate would have been shocked that she heard gun-shots before the line went dead? Just saying Castle…not your best moment.

      • Mary says:

        Oh, I noticed the “Always” reference, too! And loved it!

        • Krithika says:

          Oops sorry! And did anyone else miss Lanie?

          • marz says:

            No, because she was in part 1.

            And can we just agree to agree that the Paris exteriors were in Paris.

            And Kate didn’t hear gunshots. Which is why she kept calling a phone that was no longer working because Castle’s father shot it.

          • taliesin says:

            Sorry, Marz, but you need to re-watch that scene yourself. Castle is talking to Beckett, actually replying to her, when Hunt pulls the gun out of his hand and throws it into the air and shoots it. And Beckett never called back after the gun was shot. The call in Hunt’s room was Volkov, not Beckett. Castle never talks to Beckett again until the end when he returns to his home.

      • CC says:

        Totally noticed it too! Like father, like son.

  2. Tara says:

    Not a big deal, but just wanted to point out that Castle had to go home before going to Paris. Otherwise, how would he have had his passport and how would Martha know to look for it? My guess, he went home (as Beckett instructed) and gave his mother an update as to the fact that Alexis is in Paris, the other girl was returned, etc. Then he said that he couldn’t just stay there and wait while he knew his daughter was out there so he was going back to the precinct to work the case with Beckett.

  3. Steph says:

    Loved this two parter. It might actually surpass my favorite Tick, Tick, Tick and Boom after a couple re-watches. The moment that just about killed me, was the ending. Beckett saying “please don’t do anything like that again without me,” was absolute perfection. To top it all off Kate and Alexis hugged and linked arms while walked over to the kitchen. I am quite obviously a sucker for family time that includes Kate. Well done Mr. Marlowe, well done. Oh and Beckett’s interrogation? So freaking good for so many reasons that are too long to explain here.

  4. Krithika says:

    Kate and Alexis Hugged with a capital H….Beyond awesome!

  5. Susan says:

    I loved both episodes, great story telling, but like yourself, I thought this should have been a 3-parter. The story in the second episode felt a little rushed through, I wanted to find out more about Castle’s dad as well, but perhaps they are saving that for another episode down the road. I certainly hope so. I was glad to know everyone made it back safe and sound. The only complaint I have is having to wait 3 weeks before we get to see another episode.

    • caribbeanfan says:

      Believe that they are leaving us in suspense about Castle’s dad cause the want to return to the story line during the sweeps period again. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Maureen says:

    This is why the show captures the audience that it does. I enjoyed the show and look forward to it coming back in three weeks.

  7. Bella says:

    Well of course the baddie’s name was Volkov. Wasn’t Chuck, Sarah, and company’s underground lair called “The Castle?”

  8. Jenna says:

    I thought the episode was amazing. My favorite 2 parter for sure! I am struggling with the love between Caskett, though. No, I’m not one of those people who wanted a make out sesh or anything. The episodes this season have been perfectly written, I just don’t see the same chemistry between Castle and Beckett anymore, specifically from Castle’s end. The last scene seemed forced on Nathan’s part.
    Just my humble opinion. I’m losing interest in my favorite fictional couple of all time.
    I would rather Castle, my favorite show of all time, end after this season then have it fizzle along like Bones or Greys.

  9. Lilu says:

    Brolin is a really cool dude, I hope we will see him again soon. About the lack of Caskett scenes, I will whine next time again, because the two parter was EPIC, and I don’t care for nothing else right now!!

  10. Rachel says:

    I thought the whole introduction was pretty fast. They introduced him, then said here’s what we need to do, and then he was gone. It all happened very suddenly, unless they’re planning on him returning this season. The whole thing just felt rushed.

    • Audrey says:

      I thought so too. Also, Beckett and gang never got to solve the murder, which leads to the fact the Castle’s dad torture the guy to death.

  11. Elle says:

    Absolutely loved this week and last. Yes, NF is brilliant and Stana was awesome last night as well. Credit goes to AM for the writing. It may be far fetched, but it is tv fiction. I was at the end of my seat the whole episode.

    I only wish it had lasted longer. I am sure we will hear some discussion in the future. AM is
    ALWAYS good with follow through storylines. That scene was so emotional. Great job by Nathan and James Brolin. Great casting. Cannot wait for return in 3 weeks,

    For those upset about lack of PDA, these were not that type of episode. I think they have done a great job with that. The show is more than a love story.

  12. marz says:

    Watch the sequence of events again. Castle gets the call from Kate . Henri tells him to turn off his phone. He switches the phone off. Kate just sees the phone not being answered, because the gunshots come later. Then Castle’s phone is shot by his father. Common sense would tell you that the calls from Kate keep coming, but there is no phone for Rick to answer. Because the cloned phone that starts ringing when Castle and his father are in his father’s room is an indication that Kate kept calling.

    So, Kate didn’t hear any gunshots. So, she would not be thinking that guns were being fired. She was just going to voicemail.

    And regarding Castle pulling away from Kate-anyone actually watch the Valentine’s Day episode. He went nuts trying to get the perfect surprise for her and the note he wrote her that Gates read…that’s love.

    But whatever. When Kate hugs him and he says “Gates will see,” he’s protecting her job. When she says “I don’t care,” he holds on to her like a drowning man.

    • taliesin says:

      I’ll just post this for you to read here too: Sorry, Marz, but you need to re-watch that scene yourself. Castle is talking to Beckett, actually replying to her, when Hunt pulls the gun out of his hand and throws it into the air and shoots it. And Beckett never called back after the gun was shot. The call in Hunt’s room was Volkov, not Beckett. Castle never talks to Beckett again until the end when he returns to his home.

      • CC says:

        I think Marz means the time between the forest and Hunt’s room, Kate could’ve been calling. Wasn’t the phone in the room the entire time they were driving off-camera? And then it just so happens that when they get back to the room, Volkov was the one calling and not Beckett. I don’t think Castle talked to Beckett at all because he was just too caught up with meeting his dad and coming up with a plan to save Alexis and kill Volkov.

  13. marz says:

    The “always” made me jump and immediately tell my husband that that was significant. He already knew because he actually watches the show.

  14. AuntieEm says:

    excellent “Chuck” reference there! :)

  15. Liz says:

    Loved it. Nathan was amazing, Molly was too and I love that Rick’s dad is a spy! It’s like the stories that Castle writes are in his blood almost. I really hope to see more of Josh Brolin. Maybe he can help with Beckett’s mom’s murder case with the senator.

  16. skrable2 says:

    Loved Beckett’s line at the end to Castle about never doing something like that again .. without her. She didn’t mind him going rogue … she wanted to go with him.

    But that’s not them flailing around in the sheets while Alexis and Martha make pancakes, so it doesn’t count as part of the “relationship”

  17. Tamim says:

    I think that one of the reasons Caskett works is because the writers aren’t giving lots of sexy encounters all the time. They didn’t make them a couple and toss them into bed, or take every possible free moment and toss in a kiss. They keep the tension real by creating believable moments when intimacy, and not overt sexual tension, take precedence. While I love the “good stuff” as much as the next person and was floored by the season ending kiss last season (and thought that I wanted to see that ALL THE TIME!), I have found witnessing the personal moments when they are capable of acting like caring adults in a growing and strongly committed relationship so much more enjoyable than watching two people make out all the time. That doesn’t mean that lots of displays of affection can’t work (I remember lots of kissing on Chuck, but then there is also a lot of nostalgia going on there), but that show had a completely different tone, more humor – though I think they also focused on caring with drama/ kissing with fun.

    Overall I felt the writers added just enough connection to show how deeply these two people cared for each other, then gave Fillion a really great Castle-character episode. I will admit a little bit of disappointment when Dad said he needed a team and Beckett and Co. weren’t called in as secret cavalry, but then I was even more impressed with Castle when HE was the added muscle his dad was looking for. I think through both of these episodes we discovered a lot about Castle that we didn’t know, so I was not upset that the writers didn’t give me more Caskett.

  18. Mari says:

    So intense! Really enjoyed the end of the two parter.

  19. Ana says:

    The episode was amazing!!! Castle’s dad was great! Loved the whole interaction between them and the Casino royal book story, I really hope we’ll see him again.
    I must say that the scene with Beckett badass in interrogation room was sooooo cool, she really was scary.

  20. LaurenMC says:

    Great episode! And I am really enjoying this season. My only problem is this: why did no one call Alexis’ mother?!?! There was no mention of her mother at all. And wasn’t she going to France the last time we saw her? The ball was dropped here.

  21. caribbeanfan says:

    Great episode, it now replaces season 2 – Tic, Tic, Tic and Boom, Boom – as my favorite two-parter. Having watched the episode 4 times, to me Castle appeared sad while he was hugging Beckett when he arrived home. To me they are setting up the viewers for a return of Jackson Hunt in a more dramatic way.

  22. Alan says:

    best two-parter the show has ever had by far, my only complaint was all the press about castle’s dad, his reveal would have been much more impactfull if we had known nothing about his appearance, thanks abc.
    loved the plan rick and his dad concocted, i really believed the plan was broken when rick was caught and was expecting to have his dad have to go in all guns blazing to have to save them both, was not expecting the explosives hidden in the walkie, pure genius.
    brolin was fantastic, really came across as someone rick could actually be related to while still being different enough due to the life he has lived; he has to come back someday.

  23. Is that it? Really?
    Waited to watch both parts together. What a let down.
    Part 2 was way, way too rushed for my liking.
    Yep, the green screen work was beyond awful – reminded me of the White Collar scenes when TAT was pregnant (I never watched Ringer so can’t use that as my example!) and the use of a stuntman sprinting to the embassy with Molly Quinn was Lethal Weapon 4 levels of bad!
    Looked nothing like Fillion, and as much as I like the guy – he must be at least 20lbs heavier than his stunt double.
    Those bits took me right out of the episode sadly.

    • skrable2 says:

      SPOILER ALERT … The Enterprise isn’t a real spaceship

    • taliesin says:

      As far as I recall there’s only 2 green screen shots of Nathan: him standing in the street with the Eiffel Tower behind him and him standing on the bridge. Combined those two shots aren’t 30 seconds long.
      I agree that part 2 was rushed. Hunt comes in at the 45 minute mark and the entire save Alexis/return to NYC was only around 3 minutes long. That would have made a good 3-parter.

  24. Viv says:

    The. Best. Castle. Ever…
    Castle’s always the last thing I watch in my queue b/c it’s usually just mediocre & a little bit sudsy–like an airport crime novel, of course. This–was better. !0 times better. Brolin & Fillion were made for each other! Saw a little Malcolm Reynolds coming outta that Castle more than a few times–so refreshing! So damn sexy!

    Which is why this show needs to keep those stakes up — rom-com is all well and good but a rom-com with spies is freaking a-w-e-s-c-h-o-m-e… LOL

    Great work, Castle peeps — keep that up all season & I’ll put ya at the top of my queue!!

  25. It was very exciting. I loved this two part episode. I just love this show! So well written, directed and the actors are top notch.

  26. cindy says:

    Recorded on TiVo and watched last night. It was fantastic. Last year’s 2-parter was over the top, but this one was spot-on. Nathan’s acting was incredible. James Brolin was great in this part and would love to see more of him and his character later. So glad Beckett stayed in NY and did her job. Fantastic.

  27. Audrey says:

    I already cringed at the potential that Castle’s dad is a spy back in season four. Why do shows tend to go over the top? Even Chuck, a show about spies, could barely pull it off. Yikes. It’s too absurd for Castle. I must say though, that it’s heart warming for Castle to know his dad do care.

  28. CC says:

    “Kate uses a swift kick to send the snot-nose flying…” Haha, snot-nose. Good one, Matt.

    I loved the two-parter (though it didn’t feel like their traditional two-parter) and how it was so Castle-centric. It definitely could’ve been a three-parter; like what everyone else is saying, too much action happened in the last 15 minutes. It didn’t feel enough for Castle to only know about his father for, what, half a day before his dad has to disappear again. I also agree with what people are saying in that it had a lot of build-up and slow movement and then everything happening at the end.

    James Brolin was FANTASTIC as Castle’s dad! Well-casted in that you can see a resemblance between the two actors and well-written with a personality that you can tell was passed onto Castle. Loved the part where he told Castle he was always proud of him. Tears were flowing. I really hope they bring Brolin back again; he was taken from the series too soon.

  29. The Professional says:

    A Jean Reno appearance as Castle’s Paris underground private merc would have made this episode perfect.

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  33. Donna says:

    I just want to say how much I loved the recent Castle Episode about Beckett standing on the bomb. I enjoyed all the flash backs to previous scenes because it showed me how much I have missed by not washing this show when it premiered in 2009. I didn’t start watching until 2012! I begin to be upset because this episode was playing out like it might be a series finale and the way they end seasons now you never know. I hope ABC has the good sense to renew Castle for another season, it is a great show, one of the few ABC has. I do not watch any and I mean any of the ‘reality’ shows or staged competition shows.

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  35. KB Barrett says:

    not a Brolin fan, but he was good … bring him back! (its up there with Robt. Wagner playing Tony’s father on NCIS, and with Brolin’s son playing the younger K on MIBIII-cute.)

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  38. Christine Quigley says:

    Saw this episode hunt about castles dad tonight for the fist time. Thought it was one of the 2 best episodes as of yet (the first was when kate and castle finally get. together!) They should do another one of the dad as a follow up to this, would mke it alot more interesting as it can go in so mny different directions and ecplain more for all the cast involved!!!!! Really love the turn on how his dad left and why, very cool

  39. Starting a site kind of like this one forced me to do some research and I found your post to be quite helpful. My content is centered around the idea of knowledge, fun and sharing. I wish you first-rate luck with your site in the future and you can be sure I’ll be following it.

  40. RaeLynne says:

    Two of the best Castle episodes ever. Would love to see more of James Brolin aka Hunt in future episodes.
    Could have been 3 episodes but at same time was glad it wasn’t. With my schedule I’m sure I would have missed one;)
    Keep up the good work. Love the show!

  41. Debbie says:

    loved this program..UNTIL suddenly a voice began a play by play announcement of each scene on TNT…it’s driving me nuts!! What gives?