Oscars 2013: The Best and Worst Moments

Your hopes and dreams for this year’s Academy Awards: Did they come true?

Much like Best Supporting Actress Anne Hathaway’s, ours did – and by that, we mean that there were plenty of moments that left us cheering, cringing and confused.

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The awards featured in the gallery below weren’t handed out during the telecast… but we think they should’ve been. Click through the slideshow below and see if you agree! And when you’re done, take our poll below to grade the show, then hit the comments to give us your take on the crown event of Hollywood’s awards season. What did you like? What did you hate? Sound off!

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  1. Coop says:

    Stay home next time Kristen Stewart – in fact, take a few years off and give us a chance to miss you…she’s the most over-rated actress of my time!!!!

  2. Bobbi says:

    I’m very glad that Seth McFarlane has declared he is a one-and-done host. I have no desire to sit through another evening filled with misogynistic and sexist jokes. He really came across as if he dislikes women.

    I really wish our President and First Lady would just concentrate on Washington for a while. It does seem they’d rather be hob-nobbing with celebrities.

    With the exception of those caveats, the evening was enjoyable. Couldn’t be happier for Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Daniel Day Lewis.

  3. Jen says:

    Daniel Radcliffe and JGL dancing together was my favorite moment. And of course that Jennifer Lawrence won. the show was overall very entertaining even though I could have done with one or two less musical numbers.

  4. Abiah says:

    Worst lighting during the Les Miz performance. Fly in all those attractive West End stars and they couldn’t even be seen.

  5. StorytellerGal says:

    I think Jennifer Hudson might just be the one to take Aretha’s torch on. Dayum that girl can sing!

  6. Alejandra says:

    I still think Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would’ve been better but it was still good.

  7. BG{ says:

    and did you see the looks of distaste from the ladies the host mentioned in his “boob” song? I don’t think they appreciated it or found it funny. I know I sure didn’t. For the most part I enjoyed the show EXCEPT for the host. Bring back BIlly Crystal, please!

  8. stripetg says:

    My wife and I did not care for Jennifer Hudson last night. Maybe it was hearing that song too many times on Idol, but we thought she sounded rather screechy.

  9. JM2211 says:

    I usually don’t like award shows but I was pleasantly surprised how much I truly enjoyed the show last night. I loved the musical performances, especially Barbra Streisand’s tribute to Marvin Hamlisch. It was great to see Adele although the sound balance was off in her performance so you could not hear her well. Jennifer Hudson is amazing. I missed Shirley Bassey’s performance unfortunately.

    I didn’t think the host was bad and I loved the gag with the Family Von Trapp. I did not like the editing on the in memorium film. I especially enjoyed Daniel Day Lewis’ speech. I was embarrassed for Anne Hathaway the way she looked in that revealing dress – kind of gave me the what-was-she-thinking creeps. But overall, really fine entertainment, and Argo truly deserved the win!

  10. Pennagirl says:

    The “In Memoriam” needs to include more actors/actress, because most of us don’t know the behind the scenes people. Only three or four actors were on the montage..the rest didn’t know who they were without the explanation. They never seem to put television actors on the montage. There were some glaring exclusions this year. My daughter didn’t know that Michael Clarke Duncan passed and she was upset (she’s 17 years old).

  11. Playhouse says:

    The problem with MacFarlane wasn’t really that he was bad. He was just mediocre and bland. In fact, the whole evening was an affable affair with no real memorable moments. To me, that’s even worse. This is one of those year’s for the show that will hardly ever be referenced down the line. It’s unfortunate because the films they were honoring this year deserved a better fete than this.

    Honestly, this was about what I expected from the evening, though. Whenever I watch anything MacFarlane does, there are times I find myself mildly amused but generally it’s unfunny and unengaging. It just kind of hangs there.

    Thought the defining aspect of his hosting gig was the fact that he read off lists of upcoming presenters to go to commercial breaks, something almost primarily relegated to the show announcer in the past. That pretty well summed up the quality and level of entertainment of his performance.

    Oh, and I see others commenting on the rudeness of the closing “Losers” song, but nothing was more rude than using the ‘Jaws’ music to play people off the stage. What an awful addition to the proceedings. I don’t see these producers being back next year.

    • Allyson says:

      One time I saw an actor getting pulled off stage while he was still talking. Maybe not pushed, but touched to show it is time to leave. I thought that was werid. It is the music that is suppose to signal an actor to wrap things up not some random person. I can’t remember the actor, but I defientley remember seeing that.

  12. Allyson says:

    I love the Oscars, but last night’s Oscar was boring. Seth jokes were horrible. Was it necessary to bring up Rhianna and Chris Brown? Don’t even get me started on him. I remember one moment between Melissa and Paul Rudd, who were announcing the nonimnees for animation film were trying to have a banter going, but instead it was awkward, horrible. I think even they knew the jokes that were awful and they tried to think of something quick to save it, but failed. It wasn’t their fault, but he writers had to know the joke wouldn’t work. I like the both in films and tv shows they did. Melissa was great as Sooki on Gilmore Girls. I say have Tiny Fey or Jimmy Kimmel host the next Oscars. Seth is a nice and attractive man, but his comedy routine needed work.

  13. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Christoph Waltz winning by far was my favorite moment, and his adorable speech. Why doesn’t everyone have an old guy crush on him the way I do? He’s just so freaking cute! And he had a really beautiful, genuine acceptance speech. I wanted to give him a hug. That award was very deserved. I also loved Seth Macfarlane as host, and Ang Lee winning, and Ben winning, and the Sally Field sketch, and Adele, and Jennifer Lawrence’s recovery. I could have done without the Bond tribute. And Anne Hathaway winning anything makes me want to gag. Now Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy…it seemed like it could have been a good bit if they had practiced it a bit more and not had problems with the sound. Overall, it was a pretty good program. I did pretty good on my predictions too. I went 21 for 24. It could have been 22, but I was so stupid and changed Inocente at the last minute to Open Heart. Ugh, I shouldn’t have gone against my instincts. I also missed sound editing and production design. Oh man, I did not see Lincoln coming on the win for that. It was never even on my radar. So yeah, it was a good night. I entered a bunch of contests for guessing the Oscars and won a bunch of stuff.

  14. DN says:

    Seth McFarland was great. Jokes were good, but his retorts to audience reaction were even better!

  15. nick1372 says:

    I didn’t watch the second half but here are my thoughts on what I saw.
    Good parts:
    -Paul Rudd & Melissa McCarthy. ‘Nuff said.
    -“Why can’t Tina and Amy host everything?”
    -‘Flight’ in sock puppets!!
    -“I was talking to [9 year old girl whose name I can’t spell] backstage, and she told me she was worried about going up against that old lady–Jennifer Lawrence”
    Bad parts:
    -1 hr 30 mins of red carpet. Ugh.
    -Riffing every nominee got old fast.
    -Cutting the guy off with Jaws music. Really?
    -Sally Field bit. Just weird.
    -“We Saw Your Boobs”, except for the part where he said that “we” didn’t see Jen Lawrence’s yet. JLaw’s fist pump was awesome!

  16. HTGRWHOM says:

    Using the Jaws music the way they did was brilliant haha.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      although it was a bit rough that they did at that one time when the amazing VFX company that did the revolutionary work on Life of Pi was trying to talk about how they are all getting driven out of business….

  17. HTGRWHOM says:

    I loved JL’s post Oscar interview session with the press. That was brilliant. Gotta love her.

  18. HTGRWHOM says:

    Shirley Bassey was pretty amazing. Damn, she could take something like Idol with one hand tied behind her back…. at 76.

  19. Laurie says:

    I thought it was the best ever show … loved MacFarlane, even when the jokes didn’t work and am so happy they abandoned the host moving around the audience which I always found distracting. The production was grand, classy and refreshingly cleansed of that awful “curtsies” self-mocking pretense from presenters trying to appear spontaneous. The Searching for Sugar Man win was the icing on the cake.

  20. FPETIT says: