New Spoiler Alert!: Castle Renewal Update, Once Upon a Time's Next Casualties and Grey's Intern Camilla Luddington on an Alex/Jo Kiss

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Alex and Jo KissIn this week’s Spoiler Alert!, not only do Matt Mitovich and I peek into Castle’s future and blab about the Grim Reaper’s upcoming guest appearances on Once Upon a Time, but Grey’s Anatomy intern Camilla Luddington stops by to reveal when we can expect that Jo/Alex kiss that we all know has to be coming! And that’s just for starters…

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The actress also spills the beans about how Alex is going to handle Jo’s romance with Chest Pecwell, reveals the scene from Bailey’s wedding you didn’t see, and hints at the tragedy that will end this season at Seattle Grace. “Everybody dies!”

Okay, she may have been kidding about that last one.

Either way, all of that — plus Luddington’s fears about upsetting Lara Croft fans — is only a click of your mouse away. So hit it already!

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  1. courts says:

    Too much to hope that Belle kicks it?

  2. Pamela Powers says:

    Nothing personal guys, but I don’t have time to watch a video and sit thru what I’m not interested in. I just want text I can peruse and cherry pick the info I want to know about. Just FYI.

  3. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    I bet the death in episode 16 is Cora.

  4. CC says:


  5. Andrea says:

    Yay for Castle!

  6. Astrid says:

    Yayyy for Castle!

  7. Lilu says:


  8. David4 says:

    I have never thought, nor met anyone who thought, that Castle wasn’t going to come back next season.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed. Castle competes against other 10pm shows on ABC. And it consistently crushes them. Plus in terms of overall network dramas I believe it is in he top ten for all networks. I hope next season is the last and they wrap it up in a pretty bow with BECKETT proposing to Castle in the final episode of the series. ;!

  9. Mike says:

    My money is on Greg, or Cora, I hope it’s not Cora, if Refina is going to go all good, we need a consistent villain to keep thing interesting.

  10. Cattibrie says:

    Would be nice to be able to read this. Computer here at work has not sound card and I can’t read lips. LOL. Transcript anyone?

  11. Steph says:

    A HELL YES to the Castle news!!!!!

  12. Danyelle says:

    OMG her accent is the cutest! Thanks for the GA and OUAT scoop!

  13. Lauren says:

    TVline, keep doing what ur doing, I love this little “talk show.” I can get written articles on any old TV site. I just miss the segment where actors do scenes from other shows!!

  14. K says:

    She barely has any English accent. Wonder if she’ll appear back on True Blood as Claudette for season 6?

    • Danielle H. says:

      I know, I vaguely remembered reading she was English, so I kept trying to catch her accent, and she has just a hint of one. Must make her American accent much easier to do.

  15. Summer says:

    Why wasn’t Castle a sure thing to begin with?!

  16. Mely says:

    I agree with everybody. I prefer the transcript. Don’t mind the video but just add a transcript also.

  17. Katrin says:

    The Major Death will be August… I know that already… I mean, I assume he would count as “Major” but the spoilers for that are already “out there”…

    The Minor Death could be Greg…
    I mean, I assume the death happens in the “now”, right? Because we also get to see the episode where Snow’s mother dies, which would be “minor”, but it HAS already happened, so I don’t really know if that counts…

    • Mike says:

      August doesn’t return until episode 18(I think), so after watching the video, I am 60% sure the major death will be Cora, and I agree Greg is almost certainly the minor death.

      • Katrin says:

        Ah, okay… so this season has a lot of “major deaths”, huh? I wasn’t sure, I just knew August WOULD be dying (not Pinoccio, though, “just” August) and I assumed he could count as “Major”, but okay, then there is another one… Thanks for the information, Mike, I really wasn’t aware of that!

  18. MM says:

    We need both….video is great for some, but please give us a transcript.

  19. Bren says:

    Yay Castle coming back no real surprise since we all no it’s a winner Love love it!!!

    • Mary says:

      I don´t think this means for sure that Castle will be back, does it? I believe it means it´s a sure thing for TVLine… Don´t get me wrong, I´m a huge fan and want a renewal (badly)! But I believe it when I get to read this: Castle officially renewed for Season 6!:)

      • Mary says:

        And it would be great if it could get another season high next week!:) I´m expecting a 2.2 or 2.3, but would love at least a 2.4:)

  20. David7118 says:

    For the season finale I have the feeling we’ll find out that Seattle Grace closed years ago and everyone working there is actually dead.

  21. Addie says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t into the Alex/Jo stuff. It’s just not working for me- the howling stuff was ridiculous and her constant crying is so frustrating. Plus her backstory is so overplayed, god forbid she was someone with a boring past. No everyone on this show has to be “damaged!”

    • Kira says:

      I can’t either!!! I just do not see any sexual chemistry between them. I would rather see them be best friends than hook up. And while I love the actress I can’t stand her character. Unfortunately it looks like Shonda is determined to make them happen.

    • the girl says:

      Yeah I don’t understand why everyone else is all on board for that relationship. I am voting a hard NO on that. I do not want that to happen. I dread every second that they inch closer to it.

    • Gotta Have 'Em All says:

      Agreed! I soo do not want this pairing. There is absolutely no chemistry. I want Alex maturing. I cringed watching the episode where he joins her in howling and baying like an animal. He needs to be in an adult relationship. Not some after school special with this infant.

      • Jen says:

        Their scenes do feel like a teen soap opera. I feel sorry for Alex, he’s an original and he gets the worst storylines. Jo is a terrible choice for him.

    • Sofia says:

      I want Izzie to come back, she was the love of Alex’s life. I really hate Alex/Jo! They’re painful to watch. ZERO chemistry. It feels like Alex is just settling for her because Izzie left. Please Shonda give Justin Chambers a decent storyline!!

      • Jen says:

        I’ve actually stopped watching greys now becasue I HATE this pairing and how they’re dragging it out SO much! I miss Izzie and Mark/Lexie. I used to love Alex in the Izzie days, but I’ve really gone off him this season, he’s gone backwards in terms of development.

  22. Ana says:

    Yay for Castle! I mean, how can it NOT be renewed? Sure it skews older but it gets about as many viewers as Greys and more than just about every other drama at ABC. It does better than Nashville, doesn’t it? Anywho, I think Castle is aging very well. And the writers pulled off the impossible, Caskett has actually made the show better. As far as Greys, I have come to really like Jo. Camilla has actually gotten better throughout the season. She seems more relaxed and natural in her scenes. She’s actually very endearing. They are not rushing the Jolex thing which makes me think that it will definitely be end game. And Camilla gets considerably more screen time than any other intern which makes me think that she was brought in specifically to be Alex’ love interest. They didn’t start out having sex or even mildly interested in each other so they have had time to build on a friendship and a mutual appreciation and respect and that’s nice to watch. Perhaps by the time they become canon I will have gotten used to the idea, even though I still think Alex is a bit too old for her.

  23. Babar Suhail says:

    Were there even any doubts that Castle wouldn’t be renewed for a 6th Season?

  24. ej says:

    Hmm, deaths on OUAT are hard to suss out. Last season, they killed off Graham out of the blue, Henry clinically died but was brought back by magic, and when the creators teased all about a major death in the finale, it turned out to be Maleficent who might be a major fairy tale character, but was hardly on the show at all and we don’t actually know if she is REALLY dead. August could go (I never really cared for him and can’t get over how he looks NOTHING like his mini self) and I wouldn’t mind if Hook walked the plank since he’s turned out to be more of a jackass than a badass (rather disappointing that). Getting rid of Greg would be a plus, since that plotline is just a waste IMO, and does Neal/Bae really need a fiancee to add ANOTHER new character to the show on top of the ones that are probably still on the way? Gimme a break! For guys who love baseball, the creators seriously need to forget about filling the roster; we don’t need 25 series regulars here, and the rookies are sure as heck are not all Arod. Either cut the newbies or put them on the DL and focus on the original batting order and the DHs who’ve gotten far too little screentime and character development this season, or I can’t see how they’ll make the playoffs!

    • HeatherC says:

      Well, I’m a female so I hope that doesn’t matter but I LOVE the baseball analogy! I wouldn’t mind seeing August go away permanently (he’s annoyed me to no end with his partial ‘never really caring until it suited his own needs’ meddling in Emma’s life) and Greg’s story ending sooner rather than later wouldn’t be a bad thing either. =)

  25. maryploppins says:

    HAHA that Breaking News Report was ridiculous. But sexy.

  26. James says:

    Thank Jebus about Castle. I never had any doubt but its good to get that sure thing next to its name. if Bones can make it to nine seasons, Castle sure as hell better since its a better all around show IMO. it will be interesting to find out who dies in OUAT, i think it would be cool it it were Charming even though i like him it would add some juicey drama.

  27. Mari says:

    Castle should have been a sure thing since the beginning.

  28. MadamePom says:

    She is BRITISH! Is she putting that accent on?!

    • Samantha says:

      She’s been living in the US for several years now so she now has an accent that is a mix of English/American. I really like it actually.

      • Sofia says:

        Yeah, so have the likes of Rob Pattinson, Andrew Lincoln, Carey Mullinghan, Kate Winslet. They all keep their British accents. She sounds really fake to me!

  29. schiffer says:

    it’s XBOX 360 guys not XBOX

  30. Samantha says:

    I LOVE Alex on Grey’s Anatomy and have been enjoying the growing relationship with Jo. Their scenes together have been the highlight of episodes for me (so tired of the plane crash/lawsuit/hospital bankruptcy story). Alex was needing a friend like her and I like how the writers have built up this relationship. But now I NEED them to take that next step. Haha! It’s become this slow torture every episode to see two people who would be amazing together not taking their relationship to the next level. Camilla Luddington seems like such a sweetheart. I hope she sticks around because I want Jo to truly love Alex and make him happy. He so deserves that! Great interview Michael and Matt and thanks for it! :)

  31. Caitlin says:

    If it turns out that they cut the line about Graham because they plan to do something bigger with it sometime later then I’m going to be fine with the fact that they took it out because I actually do believe he deserves a bigger deal made of his death than that and it probably would be more compliant with how s2 has been going if Emma doesn’t know right now or at least hasn’t confronted Regina about it yet ; if we don’t get a Graham mention soon then it’s going to become a never-ending source of resentment for me and sadly it might already be.

  32. ky says:

    Not to rain on your parade but I’m pretty sure Castle has been a sure thing since they got their syndication. They’d have to totally tank in the ratings to get cut.

  33. MLO says:

    Did I detect a British accent at the end there when she was discussing cut scenes? Didn’t notice it all through the interview but then at the end…

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, she’s British. I don’t why she was using an American accent, unless she’s been in America long enough that her accent actually has changed.

  34. dragons3 says:

    Put me down for transcripts, too. Or else close caption the video. “Castle” better be renewed! It’s one of the best shows on network TV and the best, IMO, on ABC.

  35. The burning boat scene at the end of Revenge was absolutely awesome! loved the whole scene, even the scene in the water.

  36. tvdiva says:

    Is anyone else seeing that on Greys the character Jo looks a lot like Izzy?

  37. siska says:

    It’s really cool that Castle being upgraded to a sure thing and I wish we will heard the official renewal soon. And I love Alex with Jo, but I don’t think as a couple. They kind of like friends, because they are the exact same. But I’d love to see more from them.

  38. Robin says:

    It always surprises me when see and hear and actor’s voice who has an accent, especially when it is so different from what I am used to hearing from that person. :) delightful but surprising!

  39. A.B. says:

    I say Hook will probably die first on ONCE. That’s they only path I see for his character. Some would say his death wouldn’t be Major but it would make sense as to why the creators keep pushing that he is soo hot and badass when he falls short. I still say that there is still more real world stories out of August so I don’t his character dying just yet but maybe eventually. I would at least like to see a Pinocchio and Gepeto reunion before that happens though. The creators suck at closing stories properly. They shouldn’t kill Cora off just yet she needs to be around for a while.

  40. Jessi says:

    I say Greg the visitor gets killed in episode 216 and I say Cora dies in episode 217. Really wish they didn’t cut out that Graham scene! Or at least give us something in season 2!

  41. Faye says:

    So GLAD Castle is coming back. I am truly addicted! With 2 Canadians in the lead how could they go wrong in casting!

  42. carrionne says:

    His name is CHEST PECWELL!?! that’s a horrible soap-opera type name.

    • Carol says:

      That is the name that the interns came up with for him, kinda like the previous generation had their McDreamy and McSteamy.

      • carrionne says:

        That’s what I tought but in the video the actress is calling him “chesty” and THAT sounds like a nickname so I got confused

  43. Red says:

    Although there have been tons of comments previously on here that people don’t like the video spoilers, you continue to do so. As soon as I see it’s a video spoiler, I’m out of here. I’ll get the same info somewhere else. Don’t even bother reading the comments now.

  44. Chris says:

    Castle yes!!! I have never been a cop’s n robbers kind of fan. However I caught an episode one night and started watching and now I can’t stop!! I started watching on the internet the first season and have just started the third. I start at 7:00pm and stop at 2:00am the lack of sleep is killing me yes I’m addicted and I love how they play off each other I have laughed and I have cried they make you feel their emotions and that is great acting!

    • Dory says:

      Love this post Messrs Mitovich & Ausiellio are the masters of the message board. BTW way completely hooked on Castle. Getting away from Cable channels they just can’t compete.

    • Ruth Smith says:

      I also am addicted to this shows bander and inuendos,and there love ,now the test of life
      will be interisting to see and go through with them

  45. Leigh says:

    I like Camilla Luddington’s eyes.

  46. Marghie says:

    The tease is that they are losing “one of their own”. I think it has to be a “good guy”. Sebastian is heading off to play “Winter Soldier”, there hasn’t been any word a out whether or not Lee is doing the next Pirates, Tony Amendola was back on set a couple of weeks ago so it could be Gepetto, Dr. Whale is kind of hanging out to dry, they really don’t seem to know how to use him. So many possibilities…

  47. moonstone says:

    Once Upon A Time is running out of plotlines. I won’t be surprised if it tanks soon (though good writing is no indication of a show’s longevity). Castle is a decent filler show, but a montage is a sure sign that a show is going buh-bye, sadly enough. I hope both of the shows hold out, but considering ABC has bigger market share crap on the barby, I’m not holding my breath. They do have a tendency to ax good shows for garbage.

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