Scandal Recap: Everything's Jake (or Not)

Scandal Season 2 RecapThis week on ABC’s Scandal, we learned for whom Jake is spying on Olivia, Cyrus beat Mellie at her own game and [sniff] here came the rains again for Huck.

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MEL, MOLE | As the hour opens, Fitz is at a loss regarding what to do about the American hostages — especially after the terrorists release video of one being executed. After a confab with shut-out Cyrus, Mellie says she’ll take to Fitz his idea to fight “blood with blood” — but he later learns she sold it as her own. Cy later lets Mellie run with her own next (bad) idea, and with help from him it loudly backfires, putting Cy back in Fitz’s good-ish graces. Fitz, though, is still hot to find the mole within his ranks, but  CIA boss Osborne (played by Kurt Fuller) insists his agency is clean.

SOMETHING DOESN’T SMELL RIGHT… | Having dug up his dead bedmate’s super-encrypted intel-filled flashdrive last week, David was on high alert, seeing shadows and hearing thumps around every corner. Alas, Huck was of little use to him, as he was going through some PTSD stuff triggered by his recent waterboarding and the rainy weather. Ultimately, we learned that it’s Wendy’s bestie circling David, wanting to share that she saw Wendy arguing with a man. By episode’s end, this woman has ID’d the guy as CIA Director Osborne — meaning, based on the first recovered flashdrive file, he leaked the hostage names to the terrorists. Oh, and David and Abby are still cavorting, though she advises him to not think it means anything. “Dont worry, I don’t!”

WHO’S WATCHING THE WATCHMAN? | Olivia is late to meet Captain Jake Ballard at the restaurant she chose (aka “where dates go to die,” he grumbles). He instead orchestrates a picnic of sorts, but Liv is all business, pumping Jake for intel on the “Albatross” files. (“You really suck at dating,” he notes.) Later, we see Jake take a meeting with his old pal Fitz, reporting, “It’s done. I’m doing it. I’ve been doing it” — meaning, Fitz asked him to snoop on Liv, because “Olivia Pope is not what she seems… She is not a good person.” During a surveillance sesh, Jake calls a forlorn-looking Liv about a second date, and even though he pulls out all of my own tricks, he gets bupkus (as I oft do, sigh). But to his credit, apparently he does turn off the monitors when Liv strips. He later catches his subject in a more receptive mood, and inroads are made for Date 2. Yet when Fitz, who at a gala spied Liv on her celly smiling, confronts Jake with, “Who’s the guy,” the captain lies: “Shes not seeing anyone.”

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Listen, a show that burns hot needs to serve up lukewarm dish once in a while, and this one had multiple highly predictable moments. Jake and Fitz? Many of y’all called that one. Cy torpedoes Mel with a bad idea? You don’t need the mighty Olivia Pope to pitch that simple sabotage plan. And anyone who didn’t see the “committed bachelor candidate has actually been bedding his brother’s wife for 10 years” twist coming simply doesn’t watch enough TV. (Or wasn’t watching the wife’s anvil-like facial tells.) That said, it teed up a thematically apropos “Stolen moments aren’t a life!” speech from Liv.

What did you think of “Boom Goes the Dynamite”?

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  1. eileen says:

    I actually quite enjoyed this episode, predictability and all! Anyone know who played the aforementioned bachelor candidate?

  2. Star says:

    No Olitz!!!! YAY!! The show was so much better without all that melodramatic crap. I am glad Foley’s character isn’t that much of a creeper since Fitz is making him do it, ugh Fitz gets worse and worse every week. I really liked Jake and Olivia’s little date, and that he turns the tv off when she is changing!! lol The gladiator case was interesting, I figured it out early on, and I LOVE that Liv showed some self-awareness of her and Fitz’s dysfunctional relationship. Really good episode!

    • Susan torres says:

      You are kidding Fitzand Olivia’s chemistry is unbelievable! How people can complain about this show, astounds me! It’s the best ever!

    • Crabapple Court says:

      I hope Olitz get it together be together. Now, in reference toLIve self-awareness you must didn’t see the Other Woman Episode. She did the same thing to Pastor Drake mistress. She ran down that she wanted 15 years of Christmas’, 15 years of waking up with him, 15 years on who turn is to wash the dishes… she understood how the mistress attorney felt. She also did the same with Amanda Tanner. I don’t dislike Jake but, her having a relationship with her ex friend doesn’t seem like Liv would do. Knowing this is Fitz’s friend, he has spied on her for him and his (Fitz) name may come up now and then. Things that Jake may say or do will probably remind her of Fitz. Just my opinion.

    • bad romance says:

      ‘Fitz is making him do it?
      Making him DATE a woman he’s spying on?
      Would you be comfortab;e with someone taking you on dates and going home and watching you?
      It’s DISGUSTING!
      The fact that he’s just a manipulative liar and not a peeping tom is something, I suppose, but it’s not MUCH.

  3. Mick says:

    Sure you knew Jake was working for Fitz but it didn’t negate my enjoyment of watching the Jake-Fitz relationship i.e the easy camaraderie of the first meeting to the obvious distrust present in the second meeting. Oddly I saw myself being charmed by Jake the way Olivia was, and I like his character.

    • DramaMomma says:

      I agree. Last week’s episode made me feel creepy at the end. Now I find Jake charming. But I still haven’t decided on whether he is psycho or not. Psychos can be charming until, well, they are not.

      • Suz says:

        I’m leaning towards psyco/stalker as well… When Olivia finds out, and she will, I hate to think her wrath.

      • goahead1000 says:

        I agree DramaMomma. I believe that somewhere Jake is going to get caught up with Liv and his real mission for spying on her lost…hence psycho. Liv will have a chance to tell Fitz who the mole is and recover the trust factor…maybe that’s just the helpless romantic in me…I do believe that Cyrus is behind the mole becuase who else knows how to set up David.

  4. Molly says:

    I’m surprised you ignored the whole Huck storyline. Part of me liked the pained Huck, but at the same time, it is a hard sell for a hardened killer. Still, this gives Quinn an actual purpose at the firm.

    • Danyelle says:

      They mentioned Huck and the PTSD. Does anyone else feel like they don’t know what to do with Quinn anymore, now that her mystery is over? That poor actress gets about 1 line a week anymore :(

      • Gotta Have 'Em All says:

        Yes! Quinn is just filler. The only reason she’s still around is because Shonda likes the actress personally. Right now, Quinn is playing sidekick to Huck – who is Liv’s sidekick/right hand. So Quinn is the sidekick in training to a sidekick. Once the “Who is Quinn?”/Cytron storyline was done, the writers/producers should’ve let the Quinn character go gently into that good night.

      • goahead1000 says:

        I’m shocked no one sees that “they” are creating a love thing between Huck and Quinn or maybe just a fling thing…she is ‘extra’ and kinda annoying at times but I think that is the intent.

  5. Did anyone else get completely taken out of the episode by having Perd Hapely be the news anchor? I know the actor needs to work but it made me giggle right before someones head got taken off…probably not the best time.

    Other than that, I thought it was a good episode

  6. Alichat says:

    Wow, I thought it would be at least one or two more episodes until we found out that Fitz has Jake watching Olivia. Dude is on a downward spiral. And I feel like Cyrus should have listened to Olivia. Now that Mellie knows he sabotaged her, it’s going to be a battle.

  7. Robin says:

    I’m ready to slap Fitz through a wall. The hell’s the matter with this guy? Either take her back once and for all or man up and let her go once and for all. But SPYING on her? How low is that? Olivia needs to take her own advice to William Caldwell and forget this fool. He’s not going to leave his wife as long as he’s in the White House and I don’t see a future for him and Olivia together.

    As for the Caldwells… hey, if Pete is okay with little brother boinking his wife for ten years, I guess whatever works for them — but damn, that family put the dys in dysfunctional.

    I’m starting to really like Jake. I hope he and Olivia get it on, if for no other reason than to stick it to Fitz. But oh boy, can you imagine Fitz if he finds out the guy he set to spy on his side-piece is moving him out of the picture? I wonder what he would do to Jake in that case? He’s already shown he’s capable of murder…

    • Goldie says:

      Fitz is going to hurt Jake somehow, even if only professionally. After he loses it!

    • Gotta Have 'Em All says:

      Word. Fitz has COMPLETELY lost his damn mind. Having Liv spied on?? Because she’s “a threat” and “not a good person” ?? He knows better. And the sh!t is going to hit the fan when he finds out Jake has taken a personal interest in Liv and lied to him (Fitz) about it. Fitz is going to become totally unhinged at yet another betrayal.

    • Lauren L. says:

      I don’t think he’ll get a chance to make a choice. When Liv was talking to the candidate in tje garden, I thought she was talking to herself. But there isa difference between knowing wht you need to do and actually doing it.

    • bad romance says:

      Okay, so you dislike Fitz, but like Jake, the guy who was hired to spy on her and is now taking her out on dates and abusing her trust?
      I think he’s behaviour is vile, and unlike Fitz, he’s sober.
      Any man that can lie to your face like that is to be avoided at all costs.

  8. Dennis says:

    why not a PoI recap i thought tonights show was great

  9. the girl says:

    I absolutely saw all the “twists” coming but I still loved every minute of it. I love the competitive relationship between Cy and Mel for power and influence. I’m glad we found out so soon that it was Fitz having Liv watched. I LOVE that Jake didn’t tell Fitz that he asked Liv out. It makes me wonder, is he testing Fitz’s interest in Liv, Fitz said it wasn’t personal so Jake is like, yeah right let’s see how you respond to this? And yeah, the affair was predictable but I didn’t consider the possibility that the husband knew about it, reminds us of a certain other political animal (I see you Mellie!). It was a solid episode, now the stage has been set and the bombs can get dropped.

    • eileen says:

      Totally agree! It may have been predictable but it was still fun! I LOVED the scene where Fitz realizes Liv is moving on at the fundraiser, cause I mean, isn’t that what everyone hopes for? The one who broke your heart to see you laughing in slow motion and realize just how much they lost?

  10. Leah says:

    Yeah, this one was very predictable. I still enjoyed it, though. I would be so happy if there was even ONE person in Liv’s life that she could have an honest conversation with. I think it would be so nice to see her get to be a normal person every now and then. (I know she gets to hang out with Cyrus every now and then, but c’mom, Cyrus is more evil than not these days.) I wish she and Abby were bffs or something.

  11. Truth says:

    Hey guys.Ok here are my thoughts. First of all a GREAT episode yet again (but that’s always with this show).
    1.Cyrus- I knew he would get his revenge on mellie. When will people learn that you don’t cross cyrus? I can also understand his hurt with the fitz not talking to him thing but I think he needs to return back to the cyrus we all know. He needs to give fitz a good swift kiss in the ass and let his presence be known and stop being a flunky. Fitz knows he needs cyrus and I think cyrus reminded him of that when he set mellie up and got fitz to see the real her again! I guess he really took in the advice liv gave him about letting mellie be mellie because she would get on fitz bad side again.

    2.Mellie- Nothing new from her. I expected that she was using cyrus to get closer to fitz and was gonna pass his idea off as her own. A part of me can understand that she wants her husband back but she’s going about it all wrong. The man clearly doesn’t want you so it’s time to move on but some people just have to learn the hard way I suppose.

    3.OPA – I was very happy to see the team getting back to what they do best. The whole defiance story line was wearing me out so it was great that the show returned to what’s it’s known for which is solving problems and saving reputations. Also it was great to see them working on another political campaign. Abby clearly still loves david and he feels the same way. I wanna see more of Harrison but he was still his ever loyal self. Quinn is finally being a team player and I like seeing her work with huck. I felt bad for huck because he’s still suffering from the torture from the pentagon. It was so funny seeing everyone’s reaction to him smelling lol

    4.The governor story line was scandalous of course!!!

    5.Fitz- The man needs help. I heard others say he was the one that hired Jake to watch Olivia and that annoys me! You don’t want her but you don’t want anyone else so have her. Didn’t we have this behavior in middle school? He needs to grow up and talk to both cyrus and Olivia and get to the bottom of things. I liked how it was thrown up in his face when he believed mellie and gave her the credit for cyrus idea only to have it thrown back in his face when she spoke to the families after he told her not to.

    6.Olivia- I’m so happy and proud that she is getting back to who she is and what we love her for! I’m glad she’ s finally realizing that it’s time to move on from fitz. I was hoping that jake ballard wasn’t as creepy as we thought he was and I’m proud to know I was right. I do think that he is starting to fall in love with Olivia and that’s gonna create a problem between him and fitz. Is it wrong that I actually want her to be with Jake Ballard? I like his character and want Olivia to have something real and drama free for a while. I loved her monologue to the guy running for governor.
    I was just saying how people were getting to crazy with the whole Olitz thing and that shonda was gonna take her show back and change it up and tonight’s episode proved that. After all the show isn’t about them and I was getting tired of him disrespecting her and acting like a spoiled brat.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree with most of what you’ve said here.
      However, in regards to Fitz, I think they need to show that he can be something other than “a man in love.” We have known since the beginning that he thinks he can’t function without Olivia so we need to see some other side to him. If its a dangerous/obsessed/spiraling out of control Fitz, so be it. I think showing this side takes the show out of the love story context some. We know that the endgame is Olitz/POPUS so I’m just enjoying the ride.

      Also, Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley on the same screen is heaven.

      • Truth says:

        Thanks Ashley,
        I wanna see more from fitz as well. He is starting to annoy me a bit acting like a big baby and all. I mean who hires someone to spy on someone you’re obviously suppose to be so done with? Did he seriously think Jake wasn’t gonna put it together in the end? He gave himself away. I’m honeslty not sure about olitz. Some people say it’s still end game but when it comes to shonda and her vision for her shows you never really know. As of now I definitely want to see more of her and jake.

        • Ashley says:

          Olitz may be the end game but it can take a long time to get there.
          Not sure if you watch Grey’s but it took Meredith and Derek 4 seasons to finally get it together. In between there was a wife, a vet boyfriend, a nurse girlfriend and many other hookups.

          I like seeing Jake and Olivia together also. However, I’m not going to get too comfortable with that pairing. Who knows? In the next episode SR can turn him back into McCreepy again.

          • But here’s the thing Ashley: even though it took 4 seasons for Mer/Der to get together permanently, there were many good times in between all of the bad periods between them. It gave people some type of hope. Liv/Fitz have been nothing but doom and gloom in the present, and the writers use flashbacks of their good times to pacify people. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have had ONE episode of present happiness between them before things went off the rails.

        • Drama bee says:

          I agree I think there is a love triangle going on here. I hope Shondra doesn’t make it happen to fast. Glad Liv got her groove back. Also need to see more of Harrison story/love interest.
          Love Abby and David they belong together.

        • goahead1000 says:

          I like the cat and mouse game between Jake and Olivia but for them to hook up in the end is boring to me…flat and blan. Jake is not her type, he doesn’t have the swag that Fitz has. I believe that Fitz hired her to be watched to see if she and Cyrus plot and is Cyrus the mole, and watch her for him personally as well. I agree with one of the other comments that it would be nice to see Fitz stand on his own as President. It’s game on between Cy and Mel…clash of the titans!!! The “endless love” that Shonda has written for Olitz will never get old ;)

      • Dawnmac says:

        I wouldn’t be so certain about the end game of Oliva and Fitz… Shonda has her own agenda and viewers be damned ie: Mark and Lexie from Greys. She has stated repeatedly that no one is a good guy in this show except for poor David and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both end up alone at the end of the series.

        • goahead1000 says:

          Olivia and Fitz’ relationship will be like the ancient of days Luke and Laura from General Hospital or Greg and Jenny from All My Children….could this have been one of Shonda’s goals on her “when I get old” list of accomplishments?

    • KD says:

      They also need to show that he can be an effective president without Cyrus or Mellie. We haven’t yet seen the president that Olivia believed in enough to agree to the ballot rigging. I want to see the man who deserves to be the POTUS.

      • theOtherMonique says:

        I think that is a major plot point that I couldn’t imagine they wouldn’t address. That would be Fitz’s “happy ending” with, or without Olivia.

    • bad romance says:

      I think the show does need to get back to it’s single story formats, but I’m AMAZED that anyone can think Jake isn’t creepy.
      He might have spied on her under orders, but dating her at the same time is his own choice and it’s a deeply disturbing one.
      She’s a pretty woman, but you just DON’T DO THAT.
      Not with someone you’re watching.
      Edison I liked. She didn’t love him,so it wasn’t going anywhere, but at least he was DECENT. This guy is not.I wouldn’t wish a man who would keep watching a woman he was dating on anyone and I think the anger the writers want people to feel towards Fitz is blinding a lot of people towards Jake’s really wrong behaviour.

  12. Mandy says:

    I love Thursdays! Scandal is my favorite show at the moment.

    Am I the only one who DID NOT think it was Fitz that hired Jake to spy on Olivia? It just seemed so obvious it would be Fitz so I thought the writers would have written someone else to play that part. My guess was Edison or someone who was suspicious of Fitz and Olivia’s relationship and wanted proof..

    • KCC says:

      I didn’t think that it was Fitz either.

    • Candice says:

      oh i still think they are going to go the direction of someone being suspicious of fitz/liv relationship. I just dont think it will happen this season. gotta keep the drama going in shondaland

      • Cheyenne says:

        Well Fitz sure gave the show away to Jake, when he kept pestering him for the name of the guy Olivia is seeing. Why should he care? Jake isn’t stupid, he’ll figure it out and realize why Fitz ordered him to spy on her.

        And he’ll certainly put two and two together when he reflects on how Fitz’s demeanor toward him changed: first they are acting like old Navy buddies, and by the end of the show Fitz is freezing him off telling him that’s Mr. President to you.

        • Alichat says:

          I imagine he picked up quite a bit from Cyrus’ conversation with Olivia as well.

        • Dawn says:

          I like that in the promo for the next episode (whenever that is) Jake and Liv are outside someplace together and it looks like someone’s watching them. Is Fitz having someone else watch the watcher? Lol First the photographer sneaking up on Liv (supposedly) and then Liv and Jake together, with Jake looking over his shoulder like he’s looking for or at something. If it’s Fitz, he’s really spiralling downhill.

    • Erika says:

      I didn’t think it was Fitz @ first either but I’m not shocked……….this is what he does. He did it wth Edison. I’m still getting a weird vibe from Jake and Fitz gave him plenty of “busy” by his reaction alone in that last scene with Jake. Will Jake start doing his own digging??? Time will tell. IMO, Olivia is gonna do whatever with Jake and soemthing gonna happened to let u know this guy isn’t all there and it will be all Fitz fault because he brought him in. MY question is why would have Fitz have Liv watched by someones new when the truth of them can be exposed???? I liked the whole epi. Loving Mellie and Cyrus lil war and of course we know Fitz/Olivia relationship is about as over as ppl being over getting there tax money.

      • Truth says:

        @Erika- I think jake will find out about olivia and fitz but he’s starting to fall for olivia so I believe he’s legit and just may want olivia for himself which will cause a problem between him and fitz. I think olivia and fitz are done and I believe that may have been a shonda thing done on purpose to keep control of the show because some people are already saying they only watch the show for olitz and if there’s no olitz they may not watch anymore. But some people still think olitz is endgame so you never know.

        • Erika says:

          @ Truth don’t think Fitz and Olivia r done, not by a long shot but hey if u wanna thing that hey go ahead. I’m fully aware of the SR taking her shows back from fans which is good for her but if u don’t think she’s not going to have Fitz/Olivia go all around the mulberry buch before she decides to do whatever then hey like I said whatever. It’s only season 2 of this show that relationship whatever it becomes is far from over. IMO Fitz is being stripped down and rebuild into a New Fitz, one that will have a better chance of winning w/o outside forces if he decides to run for re-election. SR is a sucker @ a redemption stories and Fitz is “ripe” for one. I’m an Olitz fan but I have no illusion of grander about these to being pretty or riding off in the sun set together………..hell I’m one of the few he kindly enjoyed the late night phone calls and secret meetings and wouldn’t be surprised is SR eventually took there relationship back to that point but majorly different because of everything and has it different and it being in the current time & not the past. Still don’t trust Jake and I’m sure like everybody on this show he has an agenda……………..that’s scandal new 1 game AGENDA.

          • Truth says:

            @Erika- You may have a point. Maybe they’re not done completely but for right now I believe they are until something big happens and they again find their way back to each other. I don’t know how I feel about olivia and fitz together right now. I think they need a break from each other so I’m entertaining jake being that break that olivia needs. I like his character and I hope he really doesn’t have an agenda but with this show you never know

        • Erika says:

          I like Jake but I do not trust him. He has the potential to learn a lot of dirty lil secrets not just Olivia/Fitz relationship which makes me not understand why Fitz hired him in the first place, so that’s a major WTF moment for me. I def think it’s way more to Jake and this story in general. Jake may like Olivia but how long b4 he realizes he might can gain way more from the different info he gains besides a date with Olivia. Jake in the end if he learns anything major can blackmail every damn body. The reason I think Olivia and Fitz aren’t over is because there relationship alone is a “scandal” in itself. Fitz/Liv relationship coming to light would be disastrous because it not only effects them but it effects other people and situations on the canvas. I think that reason alone is enough for SR to always play Olitz with a underline underneath it because that is one “scandal” that could screw and destroy a good part of Washington. I’m not to worried about Olivia and Fitz because imo they will be starting a whole new kind of relationship now when it’s all said and done. All this current crap they are going needs to happen because #1 Olivia had to fall off that pedestal that Fitz felt the need to place her on #2 Fitz political cherry needed to be popped in order to have a man who has a better shot of winning re-election if he decides to run again w/o outside help (this Fitz will be a lil harder & wiser in the game of politics which he needed) #3 Olivia needs to figure out what she really wants and stick with it but be happy in her decision wither it’s to stay and continue on with Fitz or not.

          • Goldie says:

            I think somewhere along Fitz’s campaign for reelection, Olivia will be onboard. I love Olivia and Fitz together but it would be quite interesting if Olivia and Jake were together at that time. A fun time could be had by all!

        • theOtherMonique says:

          I kind of agree with you guys. Jake is falling for Olivia (somewhat), but I think once he finds out about Fitz and everything else, he’s going to have a job to do. He is in intelligence. I’m thinking the love interest storyline will lead to a further exploration of Defiance and Fitz’s affair later down the line… I think…. possibly, with Jake having something to do with “things” coming to light. I could be totally off, but I think that would ensure Jake’s continued presence on the show without his getting “off-ed”.

          • Dawn says:

            I think another twist will be when Fitz finds out about Jake dating Liv and HE GOES OFF! Scott Foley said in an interview earlier this week that it was safe to say that when the person who hired him to watch Liv finds out that he’s crossed the line and has initiated one-on-one contact, that person was going to be very upset. This could conceivably mess with Jake’s career in Intel at the Pentagon. Fitz could have it stripped without too much effort. But then, I think, Jake will fight back by really digging to see what’s going on. All of this is going to come back to bite Fitz in the butt in more ways than you can count.

  13. me says:

    I loved this episode! The pace of 2×15 was much needed. I don’t like back-to-back, over-the-top episodes. 2×13 and 2×14 wore me out w/ mean-mouthed Fitz. I just might keep watching if they stop subjecting Olivia to Fitz’s wrath. No more confrontations unless it’s the one that resolves their mess. About Fitz, what a mess. His character is completely falling apart. How on earth do you rehab a sitting President?

  14. queerbec says:

    You can’t in this show’s case. Shonda might as well send him waterskiing.

  15. Onimuoyinbo says:

    Knew it was Fitz spying but did not know he actually approved video surveillance. Fitz knew the only way to stop himself showing up at Liv’s doorstep is if there was the possibility of someone finding out. That was why he did not see her in 10 months. Liv did not search him out and he had to stop himself from going to look for her hence surveillance.

    I think Jake already knows there is something Fitz is not saying. When Liv rushed out of her apartment for the ball, she was saying the only people Fitz hates more that Mellie are Cyrus and herself – Jake’s ears were pricked by that statement because Fitz had said it was not personal. Then Fitz summons Jake and asks about Liv’s ‘guy’. Jake does not look stupid to me. He has started to put 2 and 2 together to get 4. The question now is – what will he do with the info once he has it figured out?

    Liv found the mole. It’s Fitz top CIA man. She needs to inform the WH but discreetly. This will throw her and Fitz together again. I was expecting her to call or show up before the ep ended but we got Jake instead. Next ep should be cool.

    Cyrus is getting back into the good graces, Liv will be up next but it will be a professional relationship from Liv’s POV. She got the memo, read and digested it – they are done and she will keep it that way even if it kills her.

    • Erika says:

      @ Onimuoyinbo u summed up everything I was thinking about Jake. I think he likes Olivia BUT that doesn’t mean he will not use whatever info he finds out for his own personal gain down the line. I think something will happen on Jakes part forcing Fitz to step up because it will be all his fault that Jake was brought into the “drama” in the first place. Olivia will date Jake and whoever else down the line (which she should). Fitz will be stripped down, build back up and in turn become a different Fitz when re-election time comes, if he decides to run. Don’t think Olivia/Fitz are done something that SR said in a recent article but both will give a pretty good show of trying. IMO because of all the ‘ugly’ that has happened between them, it will make the new dynamic of whatever happens with them in the current time that more interesting and crazy because in a way both are now on a solid playing field. Olivia is no longer on that pedestal that Fitz placed her on and Olivia will try to do some things differently.

    • Onimuoyinbo says:

      Sorry, made a mistake above – cy and Liv were speaking at her appartment when she said the only person Fitz hates more than Cy is herself.

    • Querilous says:

      Liv found the mole. All she has to do is pass the info on to Cyrus, she does’nt need to subject herself and feelings to Fitz. That way more kudos for Cyrus. The POTUS needs to feel a bit more of the pain he cause Liv. I don’t think it will be long before he (Jake) puts two and two together with Liv & Fitz’s affair as SR says no one is what they seem to be. I loved Fitz at first
      And look how he turned out!

      • Truth says:

        @Querilous- I was saying the same thing too. Just because liv knows who the mole is doesn’t mean she has to tell fitz. That’s cy’s job. She can just tell him and he can tell fitz and she can continue moving forward but I’m sure that won’t happen. Wishful thinking on my part.

  16. Elayne says:

    Am I the only one who considered that the reason Jake said “There is no guy” because he intends to stop trying to date Oliva? Not that I expect him to be able to carry through with it, but we might get an episode or two where he backs off

    • GS says:

      Yes you are alone. The reason he said it is that it clicked that Fitz had a very personal interest in her and he wanted to protect her from the power of the POTUS. He might also want to protect himself but as a career military man, I doubt it. It was to protect Liv b/c he could see the obsessive anger in Fitz.

      • Truth says:

        @GS- I thought the same thing. Fitz totally gave himself away at the end and jake picked up on it and since he has an interest in olivia he lied to protect her, himself and what they can have in the future. I think it’s gonna create problems for him and fitz. But I think it’s fitz fault because he should have had her surveillanced in the first place must less by a guy who good looking, charming and can be a challenge for him if they both are to compete for liv’s love.

      • bad romance says:

        He said it because he intends to date her behind Fitz’s back, without being removed from the job of spying on her.

  17. bjohns says:

    You know it’s good when even if the episode is predictable, the performances are still great. At least it let you know Jake isn’t a perv, Huck isn’t okay even if the physical scars have cleared, Abby and David still are in love, Fitz is miserable and desperate and is still madly (really mad) in love with Olivia to the fact that he doesn’t even want her to move on. Can’t wait until he finds out what Jake is up to.
    Wonderfully written show and I can’t wait until the next new episode.

  18. olitzff says:

    Did I like Jake…yes he was charming and funny the You want me to beat him up line was awesome but I am team Olitz all the way they love each other they belong to each other and I will patiently wait for them to find their way back to each other. Fitz is being a man scorned and I get it…not only is he in love he is obsessed with Olivia and like the promo said Love always has a motive. Is this unfair to Olivia yes but its what she wants and who she loves…at the end of the day Olivia and Fitz belong together

    • Wild about scandal says:

      YES!!!! I feel the same way.

    • Dawn says:

      I don’t think it’s so much that Fitz is a man scorned, as much as a man crushed and devastated. Liv never scorned him. Quite the reverse actually. I love Olitz and believe that seasons down the road they will be together. Whether they’ll stay happy is another thing. That being said, I really like Jake and I think that Olivia and Fitz need this break to dust off the cobwebs, blow off the stink, just take some time to heal. I also hope that Jake isn’t some sort of psycho that ends up hurting Olivia. THEN Fitz will be truly devastated because he would have been the one to initiate it. Somewhere in this storyline, Liv is going to either get hurt or be in danger because of the Mole. Jake already told Fitz that she was looking into something that could be dangerous to her. I also think that’s when she’s going to find out about the bugs that Jake has planted in her apartment. Huck’s going to go over and do a sweep and find them.

      Also, it’s coming up on time for re-election. Somewhere down that road Olivia is going to get involved in the campaign again. As much as I love Fitz and Olivia together, I really hope that come campaign time, Olivia is still with Jake. That could be kind of fun to watch.

  19. olitzff says:

    And poor Huck

  20. I’ll be the lone voice of dissent. I thought this episode was horrible in it’s predictability. I’ve been asking for a slowed down ep for a while, but one can slow down an ep while still being fresh. This episode was stale. The ONLY good thing about it was Cy figuring out Mellie’s gain of chess and hitting her with a checkmate (actually, Huck was good too). That’s it. Liv’s speech to will was a rehash of her speech to Anna in 2.02. Why are we getting the same speeches in the same season? Fitz setting up Jake? Shonda couldn’t do better than that? So now Fitz is gonna see the irony of putting jake in her life, he’s gonna get mad and jealous, may put down the bottle, yadda yadda. Where’s the ingenuity?

    Honestly, I knew this episode was going to be off since the cast didn’t hype it up at all on twitter as they usually do.

    And the Fitz character assassination is full steam ahead. Ugh. Why does Fitz need to be torn down in order to prop up Jake (even if it doesn’t last)? Lazy.

    • olitzff says:

      Who says Fitz needs to be torn down….I get Fitz…totally. Yes he is the president but he is a man first a hurt man with power…no different then your average female scorned who uses the internet or facebook to keep tabs on a ex….I like Jake but painful difficult life changing love is just that…painful and difficult….I didn’t think this epi was fast paced at all…and the only thing I was able to predict was Huck being afraid of water because of the water torture…we have a good 2 wks of repeats before the next all new epi….can’t wait

    • bad romance says:

      It’s lazy and it’s typical.
      But writers do it because in the short term, destroying the love interest to prop up a new love rival works, especially if the starting couple have chemistry as strong as Fitz and Olivia.
      It’s a dangerous gamble, though, because Jake and Olivia won’t work as a permanent couple and the writer’s character assassination of Fitz may have pushed him beyond redemption, thus Olivia will end up alone or with a third guy.
      And the ratings will, as always, suffer.

  21. H says:

    This show needs to chill out every single episode is to much, need to be a slowing point soon

  22. christy says:

    “Why does Fitz need to be torn down in order to prop up Jake (even if it doesn’t last)? Lazy.” PREACH!

    It’s unfair, you want the audience to give a chance to a new love interest and because the chemistry between Olivia and Fitz is too intense and all the Edison arc was a disaster, you are distroying Fitz’s character to do it! Wow!Bravo Shonda and the writers.

    Yep this episode was too predictable and the love triangle they are creating is some lazy, boring, cliché writing.

    If I am too harsh with this show right now it’s because i’m really too much invested emotionally and when you really love something you have to being able to yell CUT THE CRAP your viewers are not idiots…

  23. Kendy says:

    I loved this episode, I really did. Of course the Olitz shippers will probably all be hanging themselves off the nearest rafters at this point, but I thought it was fantastic, even in its predictability. I thought the writing was solid, Liv’s monologue to Will Caldwell was heartbreaking, and made me tear up a little.

    I was hoping that Jake would be a nice distraction for Olivia, so I’m glad Shonda and Co didn’t decide to make him into a total creeper. Now that would have been predictable and boring.

    I’ll be happy to see the rebuilding job that Shonda does with Fitz, how much worse can you make one man!? A man who not so long ago was the only shining beacon in a pit full of snakes, at that. Poor Fitz! Not to worry though, him and Olivia will find their way back to each other eventually.

    Anyway, I think with the exception of the Olitz and Tony Goldwyn obsessives, this episode will have gone down a treat with most fans.

    • meme says:

      I, too, loved this episode. It was just enough of everything. If they had broadcast one more verbally abusive Fitz-Olivia scene, I would have been done with the show. It’s not entertainment when Fitz’s character says disgusting things. The alcoholism storyline is intense and I can’t wait to see it play out. I love to see Olivia’s character at work at OPA.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Yeah, it was a great episode. I ship Olivia and Fitzgerald Grant, I do, but I also ‘ship SCANDAL as a whole and all of its characters. What is unfortunate is that some are missing the depth of the Olitz/POPUS (hee hee) relationship. Olivia and Fitz have something sooo much bigger going on than some of the complaints of some who want them together right now that, for me, their current relationship is beautiful to watch (like a study in psychology), IN ADDITION to all of the other characters on the show. I get “Fitz” who is, I think, at his most complex and amazing right now, like a lush Superman in Superman IV – yeah, I referenced Superman IV. He is having problems, but does that negate his ever becoming the hero again? Goldwyn is absolutely OWNING this character and it may just be me, but as a dancer and actor, my watching Foley and Goldwyn together in the oval office (see 06:30 – 09:07) was like watching a Pas de Deux. They work so well onscreen together – I felt a history. Another pair with chemistry.

      Fitz has yet to do something that is unworthy of redemption. Anything can happen. I love this show.

    • Dawn says:

      I would like to say that I am an Olitz shipper and I STILL loved the episode, so no hanging here. :) I love where the story is going, I like what Shonda is doing with Fitz and Liv because it’s causing them to really look at the guts of their relationship. I think they have a deep and abiding love and they’ll find their way back to each other, but I’m enjoying the ride right now.

  24. GS says:

    Predictable or not (I didn’t see it being Fitz), I loved this episode! Love the pace of the show. I am huge Scott Foley fan so I’m really glad Jake doesn’t appear to be as skeevy as it appeared he would be. Fitz is turing into a huge jerk and I don’t like him at all anymore. I realize they need to show him being strong but he doesn’t have to be a douche. He’s reminding me of his character in Ghost and I held that against him for well over a decade so they need to redeem him Scary to think people in such high positions in our govt could be so corrupt that they sell us out to the highest bidder.

  25. Tina B. says:

    Olitz is the end game and no SR isn’t finished with them. they are just taking a break. Fitz needs to appreciate Liv and REALLY know who she truly is and stop questioning her. SR wanted to set Liv up to be the one who is the lovesick puppy dog, and have Fitz be really hurt and tear her down, now Liv won’t trust him with her heart and he is going to have to work really hard to get her back even as a friend(which is not possible for them to be friends) and it is going to be fun to watch. I love olitz but I am sick and tired of the back and forth like many olitz fans so yeah I want Liv to be with Jake for a bit and she will be, maybe after everything Fitz has done to tear Olivia up, he might even have a chance over Fitz but olitz for SR is the end game, they are a classic SR couple. The only cruel thing SR has done is have Mark fall in love with Lexi again and then have her die in a plane crash with no happiness for them except for 15 seconds. I am so sick of watching Fitz treat Liv horribly, she deserves to see there are other men. Fitz is having Liv watched both to keep tabs on her personally but he is telling himself it’s because he doesn’t trust her and thinks she is the mole. All in all I love this show!

    • You are sick of Fitz treating Liv horribly? I’ll give you that. But, let’s not forget that she participated in a fraud that made his WHOLE presidency and the last THREE years of his life based on a LIE. The ONE person he trusted above everyone else did this TO HIM. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that Fitz has a RIGHT to be angry, hurt, disappointed, and lost his way. Now granted, it doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk, but the fact that people don’t understand why he’s mad with Liv and give his anger any credit is beyond me. We as viewers may know that Liv did what she did out of love, but Fitz doesn’t. All he knows that is that person he loved participated in voting fraud and has, on many occasions, put the presidency before their love/relationship. All he knows is that the day after she told him they were “in this together” he got a formal letter of resignation from her. All he knows is that days before finding out about Defiance, Liv told him that he didn’t know her or what she’s done.

      So, yea, FItz gets to be angry. I wish people would see he has valid reasons to be hurt and distrust Olivia. She’s the one who didn’t follow her own advice and tell him first/set the narrative.

      • Onimuoyinbo says:

        @nicole – you said it well. We get the whole picture but Fitz only has a part of it. He can be angry, it’s his right but he should watch his mouth.
        We are all in arms about him surveilling Liv but I’m sure Liv will not be surprised. Olivia has always been surveilled by the WH and she is well aware of it. During AT issue, she walked to the car to send a message to Fitz. When Senator pudding pops was still there, he had pictures and told Tom to stop the surveillance.
        Fitz can’t use WH staff any longer because of Cy. He trusts no one and Cy always finds out about these things so he needs to keep it away from everyone hence using a fellow navy man.
        After Thorngate, Liv knows what goes on. Cy used it against Fitz which is why he knew about the late night calls to Liv. Liv lives in their world so it will not shock her terribly that she is being watched but becayse Jake has revealed himself, it’s a new ball game now.

      • Dawn says:

        I agree with you 100%! Fitz is devastated. He expects treachery from Mellie and to a large extent Cyrus, but NEVER in his wildest imagination did he ever think that Liv would betray him this way. And he DOES see it as a betrayal. I think he could have dealt with it a whole lot better had Olivia not been involved. He does deserve to be angry and disappointed and every emotion in between.

        • olitzff says:

          If Liv had been the one to tell him about Defiance told him why she did it and that she was sorry he would have taken the news better but he heard it from Verna and it took Liv 10 months to address it….Not Cool

      • Yinka says:

        Nicole – I feel as though you emptied my mind of my thoughts and wrote it out. You are so spot on!!. I completely agree with all that you’ve said. I think this is why he feels the need to have her watched. I think he feels he needs to protect himself and all that he’s found out so far causes him to doubt (albeit ever so slightly) the love that they shared and Olivia’s motives.

    • bad romance says:

      She may very well see other men, but I’m not sure she should see one whose spying on her.

  26. OltizFF says:

    Guys Olivia has let 10 months go by without addressing the Defiance issue other than saying I made a mistake as soon as she suspected that he knew she should have been in his face like he is always in hers to address it to say her piece whether he forgives her or not until then….FITZ GETS TO BE ANGRY!!!! He gets to handle it any way he wants, If Liv really wanted too, she could go to him and make it right, but she prefers to be caught up in this IM THE VICTIM role like she didnt know that he was married, that their affair would be more one sided, that she would never been front and center in his life while he was in office.

  27. Truth says:

    I have to disagree with you and nicole. I understand that fitz is angry and rightfully so but what I don’t understand is that he won’t give olivia or even cyrus a chance to explain why they did it. Olivia clearly did it because of the last conversation fitz had with his dad before the man died. Apart of her felt that he deserved it and I’m sure it would have been a way for fitz to know that he’s not who his father says he is and that he does have what it takes to be president. Because nobody is being the adult here and trying to get to the bottom of things it makes people upset and right now they’re upset with fitz because he really is the one behaving irrational and immature.

    • ” I understand that fitz is angry and rightfully so but what I don’t understand is that he won’t give olivia or even cyrus a chance to explain why they did it.”

      Give them a chance? Did he give Mellie a chance? No, she grabbed the opportunity by the horns. Cy could do the same but he chooses not to. He has YET to bring up Defiance to Fitz, even though he knows that Fitz knows. Why not just take the bull by the horns and explain? From the time we’ve known him, Cyrus has been quick to read Fitz for blood–why can’t he do this now? As for Liv–well, she didn’t let Fitz explain about Amanda Tanner for a while, despite the fact that he kept trying. During this ten month period, Liv hasn’t even TRIED in the same way Fitz trying to explain about Amanda Tanner.

      And when she gets the chance to say something, she said “I made a mistake” instead of “I’m sorry” and just telling the story.

      They have/had chances. They are just squandering them.

      • OltizFF says:

        Sitz closer to you Nicole!!! You are sooo right, 10 months should not have gone by without Liv and Cy saying something…As soon as David got his hands on Defiance info and they were ready to come clean FITZ SHOULD HAVE KNOWN….There is no excuse for them not going to him to explain, apologize and ask for forgiveness and Move on….no excuse whatsoever

  28. Brenda says:

    Really Shonda you cant have Jake and Olivia be together on their own merits gotta tear down Fitz in the process. That will not have me rooting for them, no way. I get it, we get it Fitz is mad at Olivia but enough is enough.

    i can say this is probably the first ep this season that i truly didnt like. And if this continues with Fitz, I will have serious problems. Fitz is not perfect but this is complete nonsense, I should have known some fukkery would happen with a Shonda show should have known.

  29. Truth says:

    @Nicole- You make great points but cyrus has said over and over that fitz is shutting him out so even if he tried to explain to fitz do you think he would sit and listen? Everytime cyrus tries to talk to fitz he’s very quick with him as if he doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say so that makes it hard for anyone to explain themselves when you’re constantly giving them the cold shoulder. As far as olivia, yes she could have used that closet moment to set things straight but when she told fitz she made a mistake he went into the whole thing being betrayal and saying that they’re done so honestly what could she say at that moment?

  30. KD says:

    I like how Jake’s speech about how this was not a meeting, but that it was a date mirrored Harrison’s speech to Quinn in the first episode that it was not a date but a meeting.

  31. Kerrie Elizabeth says:

    Just a couple of things: The WIll Caldwell speech – I believe it was said to imply that as it was flying out of Olivia’s mouth she was listening and saying – “Wait a minute…oh crap!”
    a P.S. on Will – I hope he falls in love with the elementary teacher.

    Jake: I am having a bit of a problem with Jake, only because he is a Navy Captain – which is a pretty high rank. But still, no Navy Captain would have the access to the White House – even as a friend. Also – I am not sure that someone who made it that far in his Navy career would be doing part-time surveillance from home. And last, Jake is awfully young to be a Captain. All that said, I know I am being anal and won’t mention this again. I like Jake and I would really hate it if Olivia enjoyed his company only to dump him for Fitz later on. Too many hurt feelings.

    Fitz: After Fitz came out of his coma, it was made clear he would have anger/mood swings. Are we ignoring that or assume that in the past 10 months he is completely healed?

    Cyrus didn’t figure Mellie out – Olivia told him what to do.

    I want David and Abby together. I want David to work with Olivia. I am in love with Huck (smelly or not.)

    I love this show!

  32. Kerrie Elizabeth says:

    Sorry, one more thing, Now that Olivia has the information about the mole – information that HAS to be given to the President – this may very well be the moment where Fitz and Olivia make some sort of peace – Fitz then will be able to stand on his own and act Presidential and fire the CIA Director and fix the mess the CIA guy got them into.

  33. PhyllisD says:

    Hey OPA, glad to see that you guys have had a bit of down-time this week, everybody’s life needs that. But Abby, I really want to remind you about that growth area for yourself, the one where you judge everybody’s life by your experience. I know that you had a rough past, but you don’t get to be so hypocritical/sanctimonious about other people finding their way when you do ityourself by being ‘sexually forward’. You know what I’m talking about, some may even call you a little perverted the way you love to watch sexual imagery, but when you meet someone who acts on their sexuality, you judge them, negatively. You judged Stephen (& the call girls), & the Democratic Senator (& his romps) etc, when everyone is just ‘doing themselves’. Try to look at that… Also this thing you have with Olivia, it is a love/admiration/envious dynamic that I found with some of my girlfriends when we were younger and were trying to ‘make our mark on life’. Look, if you stay at this level of immaturity you will never become Olivia’s confidante, she can see that your devotion is NOT un-conditional, and that it does have a level of competition. But I have to give you credit on two things: when you need to stand up for her, you do; and … Well, you know how to ‘get’ your man. You give the emotion, the support, you dangle the ‘goods (even when it is not pretty for me to look at)’, but all the while waiting for the man to make the ‘big moves’. Good for you!! This is something that you can teach Olivia.

    Harrison, I love who you are but I don’t care for the fact that you are situationally empathetic. You know damn well that Huck has suffered un-imaginable pain, and that he is unique — don’t give it a negative label. He is your family who does not want to be this damaged, and is working really hard to come into the world. He won’t make it back to be a ‘regular guy’, but the fact that he worked for national security, and for you guys at OPA should count for a lot when he is sruggling. News flash! You and he are two sides of the same coin; you remember your stint in jail & don’t want to re-visit – and he remembers hell, but unfortunately for him, it re-visits at will. Now respect the fact that he fights back the darkness – Huck could be, has been so much worse. Anyway, I still loves yah. Smooches.

    Huck, I see you being all silent, waiting for me to come to you… Respect and gratitude. If I could be so philosphical and resolute about my own ‘stuff,’ I would be much farther along! Hang in there. I do love you too.

    Quinn, you are young/immature in a lot of ways but I am glad to see that you stepped up to be a friend to Huck (made inquiries, talked to him)… Good for you. Also impressed that you are growing your skill set. ;)

    Oh, Mellie, Mellie, Mellie. You got too comfortable again; you thought that you could beat Cyrus? There are many things that you need to accept and I will tell you all of them starting with the most important (that you should have realized last night). First and foremost, you are not cut out to be president. You may have a ‘presence’, and a ‘rabid dog’ mentality about getting your way which are these two thingsthat matter a lot in a President. But the most crucial/relevant skill for the 21st centuryAmerican president, you don’t have; you do not have strategy for presidential matters and do know understand WORLD political dynamics. This is huge because the world is not going back to the old ‘Cold War’ days, it is terrorism at every turn and if you do not have the scope to grasp that, you CAN NEVER be president. I will give you this, you may have skills with the national, diplomatic niceties, and the way to manipulate the media/general public on ‘social issues’ but you are not Cyrus, and (here comes the shocker) you are not your husband. He is a quicker study than you are in this area. Fitz is not Cyrus either (who is right, he would have been an amazing president), but maybe Ftz’s fight to prove himself makes him a quick study for the things that matter. Your selfishness, delusions of grandeur, and lack of soul, make you blind to several nuance of situations – but girrl, I admire how delude youself into thinking that you can manipulate everyone. BTW, you are the BOSS of manipulation (so sorry for your kids)!!! But sadly what you cannot appreciate is that people and situations change, while you & your approaches remain the same. I hope you enjoyed that triumph you had with Fitz & Cyrus for that time, but I need to let you know your husband is a changed man. For reasons I cannot disclose (Verna’ death to everyone else) and for the obvious reason (he has known love – Olivia) he is not the man that you met, groomed and whipped around back in the day. Yes, there are signs of this guy at times, but there are more powerful things at work in Fitz now and you are clueless because you do not really ‘look’ at people. They are all just pawns in the plot for you to get the status and power you crave … But why should I tell you, you will not change. (Thanks Shonda, she will make for many moments of irk-some’ness’ in the show).

    Cyrus, OK!!! I have signed on, you have got the presidential goods. Now let me be clear this is not the first time that I saw your skills, it was just the first time I realized how much it is reflexive for you. It is your gift! But along with that comes an ability to compartmentalize that is very scary, especially when you feel trapped. I respect you on many days, I like you on other days and fear you on the rest, but I caution you to measure your ‘handling’ of your guy/Fitz. Strive to make him great, don’t rush to make him see you… be subtle, it will have a greater effect. Learn from Olivia.

    Jake? What the hell? Now that is not for the surveillance, that is your job. It’s the caressing the monitor thing, THAT gets that reaction!!!! You know psychiatry has a name for the syndrome when the preditor identifies/attaches with his quarry (you know like Patty Hearst’s husband, he was her guard in prison)… You are not a stupid man, you knew something was hinky when the president asked you to have her followed (for over a year), take pictures and now the video… you just wanted him to tell you, huh? Yeah! Right! How did that work out for you? Your buddy is in the grip of powerful, dark, & complicated emotions, and while I think Olivia Pope is an incredible woman, is she worth the ‘world of hurt’ the president will rain on you if you ‘mess’ with his ‘property/Olivia? I know you heard me, I said ‘property’. Yes, it is not acceptable or appropriate, but he is (well since there is a lot I can’t tell you, I’ll go with this) brain damaged (you know, the gun shot) and is only now dealing with the pain of ‘first love’. And yes, it does not look good on a man of his age and stature (I will be talking to him about that soon). But Captain, did Fitz tell you to put cameras in her bedroom? I don’t think so, I think that is ALL you – and that tells me, ‘you got issues’. Now, if you happen to be a ‘stand-up guy’ and will help to save her when this mole turns on her, great. But, if you happen to be in ‘bed’ with the mole and are a threat to her, the president is the least of your worries. Let me just introduce you to a phenomenon known as HUCK!!! And this part is an issue for you for the rest your life, if he ever finds out that you looked at Olivia’s naked body without her permission, he will take a scapel to your corneas (remember that you heard here first). So the issue with the mole, is one that you can address by deciding who you want to be in that particular scenario, the other (creepy lusting).. you are on your own! Well, as Sally Langston learned, for all the thousands of men that you have in the military and intelligence, Huck is a force… so go brave if you plan to sell out Olivia and harm her. BTW, if you fall for her, she is still not for you – that enjoyment while spying thing… UGH!

    Fitzgerald Thomas Grant, III, Mr. President, Sir. You are on a slippery slope with me. I respect that you have a very pressure-filled job (that you changed your mind about some years ago), that you lost the ability to trust your ‘peeps’, and that ALL of that is what made you commit murder.. oh! And you feel that you lost your one, true love… but man where is the class and elegance that once was so much a part of you??? Where? Where? Tell me…You made an assessment that Mellie (the Spawn of Satan) was the one to trust, after 20+ years of her shenanigans, manipulation & lies? Really? I know that you feel it is better ‘the devil you know’, but you are naive to think she has your interests at heart. Your feeling that she has your interests at heart is the side game to her getting the power that she craves (also she is a might miffed at the fact that another female can ‘get’, ‘get to you’ and own you, especially since she has no clue how to do that. Notice she never got sad or broken up that you love someone else, she just gets pissed that she is not in control.)The thing with the drinking, I understand, but I’ve come up with an idea that you could use to motivate you to modify the need for the ‘buffer’ it gives you from your reality. You say you love your children (well, you will need to, because their mother is the femaile version of your father. Great gift you gave them, by the way.), so when this hostage crisis is over, start having your baby around a lot more and get a dog if you want un-conditional love. Take long walks with both, and ‘talk’ to them, they won’t judge you. Look at your life, and make a decision on the past (you will find Olivia there), the present (you will find Olivia there) and then design your future (what you are doing now will decide whether she will be there). I know that it sounds Pollyanna-ish but what you need is an inner peace, because without it you are fast becoming an ass!!! Sorry, Mr. President – but you made me say it. You know Cyrus is a political genius and you need him, don’t let the sulking cloud your judgement. Use him to the fullest and never give him your confidences again. Remember how keeping him out of the loop on Olivia made him crazy? Now do the same about your motivations, just ask his opinions before you make decisions and give him no praise. He will burn. And on the Olivia front … there are two things in your life that will make it so that you will NEVER win her back – killing Verna and the spying on her. You know Olivia and you know she will have no place to forgive either decisions. So while you are having her spied on so that you can find justification for hating her (I get that you hate her because her actions precipitated you committing murder and you love her til it hurts) – you are also making a decision to kill her love for you. The only people who will ‘understand’ you killing Verna are Mellie & Cyrus, but these are two people who will use that info to destroy you. There is one person other person however, who will understand the ravages of that act and will never use the act to blackmail you (unless you hurt his only family, Olivia), is Huck. You should find a way to meet him and thank him for his service to you…. and then make him your ‘sponsor’ through the torture that you are experiencing. Now, Fitz, when I told you to get Tom to get a nice gift for Olivia, I didn’t mean surveillance, I meant oh! I don’t know, a pendant that represented the Constitution with the date that you all went there together (and coincidentally the first time that she told you that she loved you) … If you didn’t understand me why didn’t you just call 1-800-get-girl? Why did you have to get so ‘dark’? But if this spying madness saves her life at some time, it will be ok. So chin up. I’ll be watching you.

    Liv!!!! You’re back! Great! You have joined the long line of strong females (like Maria Striver, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, etc) who have walk through fire, burned, cry and move on. I am glad to see you strut. I have only one thing to tell you – watch at how Abby ‘gets’ her guy… Fitz is still your guy (you cannot switch that off just like that), and if you want to heal, and bring him to heel, you will have to use that gaze, your wit and that body to do it. For example, the next time you see him take a long drink in his eyes, and then focus on something/one else… If you have to talk to him, (not about the hostage thing, that is serious), remark on the beautiful pin that he wears on his lapel and smile that secret smile. And then my dear, you now know that walking away from him will make him chase… so slowly and very deliberately walk away. He will begin to begin to perculate. Now, take your time, he is lost and much ‘out of himself’ now, but don’t be Mellie in this, and let someone else ‘love’ you man if you still want him. So until the next time, take care.

    Shonda et al, thanks for yet another great night of entertainment. It is a pity that some missed the ‘bridge concept’ behind this episode (you made conspiracy junkies out of them), but I love the ‘meat’ and the framing of the future episodes and look forward to more great multi-leveled story telling.

    • HLH says:

      Daaayyyuumm PhyllisD! Don’t have much to say on this do you? :)

    • Erika says:

      @PhyllisD I freaking loved ur whole post esp the Mellie part. U were so spot. Mellie once siad to Fitz he’s the one that changed but not her. My attitude on that is why the hell not?? U went threw threw this all these different life changes some good, some bad and it didn’t change u??? WTF……….i just shake my head @ Mellie now when she talks and hope that maybe one day the wardrobe will put her in better close because Mellie style/hair reminds me of June Clever and not in a sexy way……lol

    • Dawn says:

      This was, by far, the best review/comment of the week!!!! Spot on, hilarious and oh so entertaining! Man, you’re the type of person I’d love to have a drink with and watch all things Scandal.

    • Eliza D says:

      @PhyllisD, I was looking for your posting on another site. Your last comment like this was on and so my co-worker & I were trolling for your p.o.v. on episode 215 and once again, you do not disappoint!!!! In the last post the best line (for me) was the one to Mellie about the 2nd shower scene; you told her something like ‘Fitz’s Flaccie’ was because he went to the ‘passion-palace’ with Liv so that is why she got ‘Limpy’. I know I didn’t tell it as well as you but I remember lol and almost pissing myself when I read it. This week my favorite line was the one you said to Fitz that he needs inner peace because he is acting like an ass – GOLD!!! The red wine came thru my nose at that one. Your ‘voice’ is very truthful, clear and humorous – a blend of Dr. Phil & Iyanla Vanzant. At least that is how I hear you.

      I was quite surprised that so many people did not like this episode, found it predictable, boring even. I agree with you, it was a ‘set-up’, connection episode with a lot of analogies and I agree that the writers use a multi-level approach to the plots. That is a sign of very intelligent writing because it allows everyone to interact with the material on their comfort level. For example, some people only get the obvious (Will was in love with his sister-in-law) and call that predictable based on the Shondaland formula. But the big message was the analogy of the Caldwell and the Grant clans. I think you agree because you talk about Mellie’s manipulation of the Grant kids .. pls tell me what you think. Mellie & Fitz have two boys and I think that the two Caldwell boys were an analogy or fore-telling of who the Mellie character will be with their children to live out her aspirations, the aspirations of Fitz’s father. I also saw the thread between Fitz’s father and the patriarch Caldwell who could not make a run at the WH because of ‘woman trouble’. Then there was the thread involving Fitz’s relationship with Olivia and the patriach Caldwell who had a ‘second wife’. The line when Will said that Peter sounded like their mother, pushing the WH agenda – I saw Mellie, who she will be, after pursuing her own political aspirations that she will turn to their children (two boys and a girl also) to manipulate/push them to fulfill the ‘family legacy’. That was not predictable, and no one talked about that level of the script/episode.

      I think Scandal takes on big issues, and this episode took on how our military men and women are treated when they get home with the PTSD. That was what the writers were painting for us when they highlighted Huck’s vulnerabilities, his coping and how the people in his circle reacted to the effects of his ‘hauntings’. I think that the writers are asking us to look at the way the government treats veterans, whether employers hire them, whether co-workers are understanding and how hugely heroic it is when the vets do cope with the remnants of the horrors of war. That was/is by no means predictable or boring. What do you think?

      There were other stories and ‘set-ups’ in episode 2×15, but I am eager to interact with others (and hopefully you, PhyllisD) about them; if you all saw them. In my opinion this was just as good an episode as 213 & 214; the style of delivery was different that was all. The writers & creators have to change it up, we are intelligent and they want to give ‘good tv’. If the writers & creators over-use the formula or the delivery style, of shocking plot twists the show would die, become old and over-worked. They would have to get so ridicously outrageous to maintain that style, that they would lose the more diserning of the audience when the plots would become too unbelieveable .

      And BTW, no-one talked about the biggest story of the episode, the mole. From the sounds of it, no-one predicted that the head of the CIA would once again be the corrupt element in this administration. (Remember the last one tried to start a war by faking picture intelligence in East Sudan). And we know that all the layers of this ‘leak’ have not been played out yet. No, episode 215 was ‘gold’! Just less gaudy…

    • JK says:

      @PhyllisD: From one writer to another….R.E.S.P.E.C.T to your post. I read it and loved it from start to finish! Loved the way you went into so much detail and wound it like your very own story. It was also insightful. Made me consider several things I never thought of before at some points. If you do this each week after the show, I’d love to know where I can read your recap!

    • Bev says:


      LOVE IT!!!! So, so entertaining and insightful too! In your ‘voice’, I get the Dr Phil & Iyanla thing that that other person said, but I hear a little of the Cyrus character too. You know when he has his ‘rants’. There were so many things that I missed, but they came into view while reading your post. Yes, I would love to know where to find you weekly (after every episode) too.

  34. I totally missed something or an episode somewhere because I did not know that Olivia and Fitz were at odds, that being said I have to admit that the episode was good although predictable, I got the sleeping with the brother’s wife from the very beginning. I do not know what took Olivia so long, What is Cy’s deal, he wants to be the only puppet master. I think the watcher figured out that she was sleeping with the prez. This wasn’t the best episode but hey that is no reason to stop watching what is the best drama on television right now.

  35. Cheyenne743 says:

    Guys, can we all agree not to refer to people posting on here by puerile names such as “shippers”? Most of the comment I’ve read on this blog seem to be posted by people whose intelligence is a cut above the average, and I’d hate to think it’s being infested by people with some kind of Twihard mentality. What’s next, “Livstens” and “Fitzstens”?

  36. adilene reyes says:

    Does anybody know who plays molly in this episode.

  37. GTS says:

    When is the next episode on? According to ABC, it’s a repeat next week. The commercial doesn’t specific if it’s back in a month, or two weeks, or what… Thanks.

  38. JO says:

    I love to read the comments from all the Gladiators awesome!! I loved, loved this episode so much in fact I have been rewatching it pretty much nonstop – well not at work or when I;m showering. I loved the fact that Shonda added Scott Foley for a long arc with the possibility of returning next season. I loved all the scenes between Jake and Olivia and Jake and Fitz. I like the way Shonda is doing a slow burn on the relationship between Jake and Olivia. Cyrus turning the tables on Mellie was the mighty getback at its best. I love Abby and David. And Quinn and Harrison add so much texture to the show.
    With that said, I have a couple of things I noticed about this episode that were a little strange. First, when Fitz’ secretary announces Jake – she says “he’s here”. She never calls him by name. Second, Jake and Fitz go way back, which means they’re friends. Jake said he had not seen Fitz for 3 years. He said it during both meetings. During their first meeting, Jake also said “Fitz was a hard man to get to.” Fitz was supposedly shot 10 months ago and yet, it was never brought up as a reason for why Fitz might be hard to get to. Just outside the Oval office there was a marine and no secret service.
    From my rewatching of this episode a gazillion times, it looks to me like Jake is actually watching the President. Jake may have Olivia under surveillance for her own protection. I raise this possibility because the President seems to have gotten more erratic and angry as time goes on.And the drinking day and night suggest he is not operating with all gears. In one of the Nixon books, I read about six months ago, Haig told the Joint Chiefs to check with him before taking any military action ordered by Nixon because Nixon had become mentally unatable and paranoid.

  39. Dawn says:

    I actually appreciated the slower pace of Boom Goes the Dynamite. The title was misleading…I was really waiting for emotional, physical, mental explosions all over the Beltway…alas..the story line moved in a slow predictable manner, sort of like what you expect chicken soup to taste like…you’re not at all surprised that it is chicken soup…but at least it’s warm and comforting. After the last episode, WTF, it was a welcome kind of comfort. I love the writing on Scandal. We were so invested in Liv and Fitz, but the way you dismantled that relationship was a thing of beauty. I love that no one is all good or all bad…no magic Negroes to be found anywhere in the house. I think that’s marvelous. For once, TV has managed to vilify and glamorize just the right amount.