Post Mortem: Beauty and the Beast EP Weighs In on the [Spoiler], That Scene and What's Next

Tough LoveWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast.

Matters of love… and death… loomed large this week on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast. Starting with the sadder latter, when Darius got into a bit of a pickle with some thugs he owed money to, Vincent beasted out and leaped into action, all in the name of saving Catherine’s sister Heather from being whacked as a witness to the illegal dealings. Alas, in the course of doing so, Vincent got Darius killed — the first innocent to die by his hands.

As for the love… well, at the climax of an episode that spent much time teeing up a fake, then possibly real, break-up between Catherine and Vincent, the show zagged instead of zigged and had the beauty proclaim her love for her beast. He responded in kind and then some, as they finally went all in on the kiss that for weeks has evaded them (and in turn taunted fans).

Knowing that you’d crave more, more, more, TVLine reached out to executive producer Brian Peterson about this week’s big happenings and the (sex-y?) twists to come when Season 1 resumes on March 14.

TVLINE | At the time I spoke to Sherri Cooper in early December and she said a first kiss was coming, did you all know back then that it would land in this midseason finale?
You know, everything on the show has been a constant conversation and has been slightly in flux because we’re trying to really pace things a certain way, to not hold things too long. We had somewhat intended it [to happen to by this point], but we weren’t positive. But now that it’s shot, it’s really going to escalate. We’re not going to do one of those things where we tease it and then pull it away. We’re really going to keep heating things up.BeautyBeast_0221_kiss

TVLINE | Was it important to you to bundle with this moment their exchanging of the L-word?
We want to make this show feel as real as possible, but it’s also a bit of the “epic love” that everybody’s hoping for. So we really wanted to hit the beats the way that you’d want them to fall. They say they love each other before things escalate beyond that.

TVLINE | But is it safe to say that, as much as you want to “keep heating things up,” there’ll be no sex quite yet?
I would keep watching. We really wanted to have a lot of integrity as far as the way that would play out. Coming back in the next few episodes, you’ll see their relationship change pretty dramatically.

TVLINE | On a very different note: Is Joe going to be particularly fired up coming out of Darius’ tragic death?
He is going to be furious, and that’s going to really drive the next several episodes for sure. He is out for blood and out, for vengeance.

TVLINE | Is this where Sendhil Ramamurthy’s “great antagonist” DA comes in, as the guy leading the new charge to hunt down the beast who killed a hero’s brother?
Yes, and he is fantastic. He comes in and creates a task force specifically to hunt this thing — and Cat ends up on that task force. She ends up right  smack dab in the middle of everything.

TVLINE | And how is Vincent himself going to cope with his role in Darius’ death? Is he going to make it a priority to hunt down the thugs that pulled him into this mess?
That’s a big part of the next episode. It is all about trying to track down the one witness who escaped [the crime scene]. It s very much is about Joe trying to hunt Vincent and Vincent trying to exonerate himself, so that he has some kind of a witness to say that he wasn’t completely at fault for what happened.

TVLINE | I found it a bit conspicuous that Vincent ran over to Heather and spoke to her while he was trying to wake her up. Is that something that she is going to start to recall, and place him at the scene? Because I was, like, yelling, “Dude, don’t let her know you were there!”
When you’re a beast, you sometimes don’t think things through. It’s just what happens. But, what I can tell you is somebody close to Cat, within the next few episodes, is going to find out that she’s connected to the beast. And that is kind of a big deal coming up.

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  1. Akasha says:

    Oooo ur right! Thats gonna be some majorly monsterous squshin’ when it happens….ooooo I cant wait!!!

  2. Sita says:

    That kiss was definitely worth the wait. The chemistry vin cat more kissing please. Love love this show.

  3. Justin says:

    Ok I love this show too but Darius, seriously??? Wasn’t this guy just introduced last episode? Not a very big death in my opinion.

  4. Natalia says:

    me gusta la bella y la bestia xq es una historia qe se puede soñar y toda mujer kiero eso.. fantasia romance amor cosas calientes ajja per es lo q mas llama la atencion de los televidentes en especial a mujeres gay y pocos hombres

  5. Savannah says:

    LOVE BATB !!!! Love love love it. Pls don’t cancel….

  6. Savannah says:

    I have a question . I’m pretty new to this does anyone know if I don’t watch on my tv while the show is air does that count if I watch it on my iPhone on CW app?

  7. sls says:

    So glad I continued watching after the lackluster pilot episode. Love this show now and it does keep getting better. That kiss was perfect! While I’m loving this show, the toll on Kat’s life is getting to be a bit uncomfortable for me. I get keeping Heather out of the loop. She isn’t a cop. But I would feel a bit better if Tess could be in the know. And/or Evan. I get that it is a process and I get the reasons why they aren’t.
    I just feel for Kat. Living a secret life and jeopardizing your career and relationships with family and friends is going to catch up to her in big ways. She has no one to really turn to. JT is Vincent’s friend so I don’t count him. She needs one person other than JT and Vincent. For me, if she doesn’t end up with another ally soon this show might become a bit of a struggle to watch. I’m really hoping it doesn’t because the romance is just starting to heat up!

    • Chelsea says:

      I completely agree that Cat is going to need an ally, but at the moment there is really no one that makes sense for her to be able to tell. Evan went to murifield, Heather in my opinion is an awesome character but I wonder sometimes if it wouldn’t have been better for her to move back to her dad’s like she threatened to last episode, which btw the best one yet!, and she can’t go to Tess bc of her relationship with Joe and the mahunt that he is going to lead to find Vincent. Plus she was already having trust issues with Cat. I’d also like to say that this is definitely my favorite show! I would be absolutely crushed if they cancel it. This last episode was pure perfection. The whole thing played out wonderfully! That kiss just about made me swoon. The chemistry, characters, and plot are extraordinarily well written and played with the way the show progresses and gets better week to week. The pilot was admittedly disappointing but honestly most pilots are that’s their purpose to work out the bugs in the show and build on what the audience liked and get rid of what they didn’t. I can’t express enough how impressed I am with how this show has turned out, and how much I look forward to watching many more seasons.

      • sls says:

        I understand your point and don’t disagree. I’m hoping that Evan will figure things out more and, even though he is working with Muirfield, will become sort of a spy, letting Kat and Vincent know what is going on on the inside. Maybe that isn’t plausible initially but I’m hoping that is the case eventually.

  8. Lydia Wood says:

    I am so glad people are speaking out about this show. I thought I was the only one that watched. I agree in the beginning I did not like it. (I use to watch the original) I kept with it and now I LOVE It!!!! they cannot take this away I need another season. People are saying it will get cancelled. The critics panned it. We need to have a voice and keep this show alive!!!

  9. WennieZ1 says:

    I have not enough words to describe this show. a forbidden love in modern day NYC. it has everything. from dangerous situations, little supernatural stuff to romance, angst darkness…just wow. the leads are amazing. they have chemistry. it has sparks flying. just wow. please watch. it gets better and better…hotter answer darker!

  10. Kirsty says:

    I LOVE Beauty and The Beast!!! This was the best 1st kiss scene ever!!! Talk about worth waiting for!!! Their chemistry is unreal and the and Jay Ryan is beyond gorgeous!! I will be so so upset if it doesn’t get a second season!!! Please CW!!!!

  11. Viviane says:

    I really love this show, I hope there is a second season! Second Season Please people!

  12. Annette says:

    I have to say, I absolutely love this show!! I never watched the CW before until a friend suggested Vampire Diaries and then here comes Beauty and the Beast!!! This show is an absolute gem!!! I am sooooo obsessed with it. I totally enjoyed the last episode. The kiss was awesome and the I Love you’s were wonderful!!! I can only hope that the CW renews this show!!!! It is a KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Georgia says:

    The show has truly blossomed and it must have a second season to mature and consolidate. Love BATB!

  14. Rhoda says:

    Please do not cancel Beauty and the Beast! I love this show its so good

  15. Diana says:

    love the show, here in Holland is the show not yet on tv, but thank god there is the internet.
    can’t wait a other second, WHERE IS THE BEAST!!!!

  16. marybadtke says:

    and yes you are right next epsiode i hope they get to finish what we are waiting to see the 2 get together you know ,

  17. marybadtke says:

    at least let them have some fun before u even think about axeing the show thats a mistake. i watched the orginal two .loved that one two ,this has more pizzaz.

  18. Mannie says:

    Love Love and Love Beauty and the Beast !!! Please renew this show. The kiss is beautiful and worth for the wait. I’m so in love with the show.

  19. Chas says:

    Love this show!!! I look forward to it every week!. I really hope CW execs are reading everying that I am b/c the beasties are true fans and if you keep the show you can count on us every week being there waiting to see what happens next!

  20. Kali says:

    “We’re not going to do one of those things where we tease it and then pull it away. We’re really going to keep heating things up.” Love that!!!
    “Coming back in the next few episodes, you’ll see their relationship change pretty dramatically.” Kinda worried about that.

  21. danikat says:

    Darius was getting ready to kill Catherine’s sister just to save his own skin. He wasn’t innocent. Unfortunately, only Vincent & Catherine realize that.

  22. Felicity says:

    I was not sure about this show at first but I am soooo glad that I stuck with it because amidst the stellar acting, the interesting story lines & the sic-fi aspect of it, I am hooked. We need another season, it would be unfair if we didn’t!!

  23. Bren says:

    I was a fan of the original Beauty and the Beast but believe me it can’t touch this version the chemistry between Vincent and Cat is unbelievable, let me add I love love this show, I will do anything to support a second season I will definetly. Buy the DVDs when released, yes I’m a Beastie!!!!!!

  24. blackdalia144 says:

    May I ask if my comments on this site were deleted from the other posts?

  25. Annabelle says:

    Love BATB hope they get renew . this is the only reason why I tune in to CW without it, CW will have one less viewer.

  26. Jen says:

    I think Beauty And The Beast is A really Amazing show on the CW. I really hope Beauty And The Beast does get a season 2!! Plus its my Favorite show and me loves it alot!!!

  27. Denise says:

    BATB is now on in Holland and I’m totally hooked!!
    Great story and great cast!:)
    I hope it will be renewed, CW rocks!

  28. Chichi says:


  29. Thais says:

    Everybody I know also watches it. Please give us a 2nd season, CW!!!

  30. Christy says:

    We in NIG really love this infact it’s d reigning thing now we’re talking about it cz it really depicts wt we really need in this crazylife real love loving pple 4 who they’re not what they re despite all his complicated issues he still find some1 2 Luv him that’s so touching so please 4RM NIGERIA we say give us more seasons.

  31. Adoo Thelma says:

    I lov d show. The cast especiali JT and vincent. They are al lovili ppl. The show most go on.

  32. Shantae says:

    Beauty and the beast gives me hope and really
    Excites me ,It would probably ruin my life lf its cancelled.Jay and Kristen are incredibly actors and they can really tell a story. There amazing I adore them