Scandal Scoop: Scott Foley Drops a Major Clue About Jake's Hidden Agenda with Olivia

Scott Foley Scandal SpoilersLast week’s Scandal bait-and-switch that made a stalker out of Olivia’s handsome suitor Jake didn’t just take average viewers by surprise — it threw Scott Foley (a.k.a. the creeper’s portrayer) for a loop, too.

“When I read first script I was just as surprised as viewers were [about that ending],” recalls the actor, who was hand-picked for the role by Scandal creator (and his former Grey’s Anatomy boss) Shonda Rhimes. “I was like, ‘Oh, cute, they meet in a coffee shop. And there’s a coincidence that he happened to have employed a woman who was just found dead. And… oh my God  — oh my God — he’s watching her!” I had no idea. I thought it was so cool.”

But why is he watching her? And is he acting alone? Read on for answers to both those questions and much more…

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TVLINE | Sounds like you knew very little about Jake going in.
Zero. Shonda sent me a text over New Year’s saying, “I’ve got a part for you. I really want you to do this. We’ve got to make it work.” I was just wrapping up The Goodwin Games — our order had been cut — and I was looking forward to pilot season. And then this came up and I sort of had a tough decision to make: Take myself out of pilot season and see where this leads, or roll the dice [on a new show]. So I called Shonda and said, “Hey, I’m interested. I like the show. My wife is a huge fan. Can you tell me about the character?” And she said, “Yes, I can tell you he’s a love interest for Liv.” And I was like, “OK, what else?” “We don’t know what else. We write everything the week before, but are you interested?” [Laughs] So I just had to trust Shonda.

TVLINE | What can you say about Jake’s motives? 
Even though he’s watching her, I can tell you that someone has hired him to keep an eye on her and find out more about her. He’s not doing this of his own volition. But I think he’s crossing some lines by acting out and getting away from the monitors and bumping into her on purpose and meeting her one-on-one. I think he’s become very taken with her, in kind of like a stalkerish way. He was watching her and really liked something about her so he took it upon himself to step outside of those monitors and meet her in real-life. So i think that is probably taboo in terms of the professional side. I’m sure whoever hired him has no interest in him doing that, but he’s drawn to her.

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TVLINE | What kind of interaction do they have in this week’s episode?
They’re on a date. And he’s smitten and really looking to take this somewhere. And she is being very professional and fighting herself from letting any romantic things from taking place.

TVLINE | How long before we find out who his boss is?
Within the next couple of episodes the audience will know exactly who Jake is working for.

TVLINE | As you said, you took yourself out of pilot season for this role. Does that mean there’s a chance your arc could become more permanent?
There’s the possibility of permanence. Right now it’s just an arc. But Shonda and I have talked about something longer. I love this show, and I’d love to be there as long as they’ll have me.

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  1. Annie says:

    You got a little shortcode wonkiness going on up there, Michael. First line of response to first question.

  2. Adikeo says:

    Love, love, love Scott Foley! Hope he sticks around Scandal for a long while.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      He’s so laid back and funny. Awesome addition to this show.

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      What you said Adikeo

    • JO says:

      Yes!!!!!! I was so excited I found out he was doing an arc on Scandal and the second thing that made me overjoyed was when he said he was a love interest for Liv. He’s hot and pretty and sexy. They’s got great chemistry. And his character is single. I want to see where Shonda takes their relationship.

    • gretchen says:

      They couldn’t have picked a better actor for this part on scandal.I have always loved Scott Foley since Felicity, and he has matured into a fabulous actor, with his roles in drama and action in ‘the unit and grey’s.’ Hope he is around permanently on this fast past political drama, Olivia needs a man who can really love her who she is drawn to and can reciprocate that emotion, without hating herself after as she so obviously does with Fitz. Love he different levels of storyline, and the unexpected convergence of them all, draws us in and keeps us hungering for he next episode.

  3. Ugh. The Scandal cast is already big enough without adding another regular. This is Shonda’s habit though. She likes to make everyone and their mother’s uncle’s second cousin a regular, even if it detracts from other characters and getting deeper into their back story.

  4. Candice says:

    woah that is even creepier. Nothing like your stalker falling in love with you and deciding to meet you in person while at the same time creeping on you while you shower. The romance of it all…..sigh.

    • Teeny says:

      If you watch Homeland, this is basically how Carrie fell for Brody and everyone seems to think that is an epic love…

      • Candice says:

        i actually do watch Homeland and i find that annoying as well. I guess watching a man have sex with his wife really turns carrie on.

        • Alichat says:

          Well, remember in Homeland that Carrie was watching him 24×7. So she saw him being vulnerable after Jess left for work. She saw him sitting in the corner of his bedroom in a fetal position for an entire day. Pacing the house….sleeping on the floor….etc. She saw his weakness and vulnerability. I’m not saying theirs is an epic love and all that mess, but her being drawn to him made a little more sense because she saw firsthand how damaged he is. Still romantic love from stalking….creepy.

      • Viv says:

        I quit watching Homeland because of the Carrie/Brody ~epic romance.

  5. Brandon says:

    I’m very interested in seeing where Jake’s story goes. That ending from last week’s episode completely threw me for a loop when I saw it.

  6. Shari says:

    Like Scott, but I’m all set with him becoming a regular thanks. Shonda really has a problem keeping the cast sizes down on her shows.

  7. ddddddd says:

    So much for him NOT being a love interest of Liv’s. Knew it when they first introduced his character.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Well, we can see that he is a love interest from the promos and … last episode, I guess. The question is if it is just a background staged “romantic” story driving a much bigger, and more significant story line.

  8. KCC says:

    I hope that he’s a good guy.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Does anyone else feel like Edison, who is on the Intelligence Committee, has anything to do with this? I feel like its either Edison or… Fitz… possibly, not really…

      • theOtherMonique says:

        Oh.. nevermind… I see people below also think its Edison.

      • Cheetah says:

        I agree Edison always wanted to know who Olivia love interest is since she changed her mind about marrying him. He would go to any length to find out who her love interest is.
        He came close in one Episode. I don’t mind this new guy (SF) coming in and giving Fitz a little challenge. Don’t like Fitz’s treatment of Oliv. “Girl get a grip/backbone remember who you are’re OP” But please Shonda don’t let their relationship end. Fitz needs to be taught a lesson not just because he is the POTUS.

  9. rachelle says:

    Ughhhh Liv does NOT need a new love interest. What the hell, Shonda? Plus, I’m soooo creeped out by the fact that he’s seen her naked and maybe having sex, depending on how long those cameras have been at her place. I think about all the stuff I do when I’m alone and if I ever found out someone watched me do all of them… I’d freak the hell out!

    • JO says:

      Well if it’s been only a acouple of months. I don’t think she’s been having sex because it is 10 months after Verna’s funeral.

  10. christy says:

    Come on I love Scott Foley but shonda told he was not going to be liv’s love interest. That’s absurd. Two love interest in one season ? This is too much. They are going to cheapened Olitz’s relationship!!
    And the Opa ?

  11. Emma says:

    I don’t care if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, It’s Scott Foley on my screen so it doesn’t really matter. I for one hope his arc becomes more than that and he becomes more permanent, Love Scandal and love him!

  12. mj says:

    He is one creepy character! The ending was really surprising. Did not see that one coming.. I think Edison hired him to keep an eye on Liv and to find out if she had an affair with the POTUS and if that’s the reason she can’t marry him. It’s Scandal though so I’m not that confident that I’m right

  13. star says:

    Uh oh wonder if shonda is going to start up a triangle? Anything that pushes Olitz back to the sidelines for a little.

  14. Yoki says:

    It has got to be the Senator. He said he was going to bring her down. He doesn’t seem like the type to walk away from losing easy

  15. Alichat says:

    Ok, my first thought as to who hired him was Hollis…..because well, he’s always the bad guy right? We really need to know how long Jake’s been watching her. It has to have been awhile for him to have developed an attraction to her. The two names swirling in my head are Fitz or Sally Langston. I can’t think of a reason for Hollis to have her watched without watching the others involved in the rigging. I say Fitz because he’s still in love with Olivia, and since he’s shut her out, he’d want to keep an eye on her…hence the watching her at home….plus, we know Jake was involved in the frame up of David Rosen. Perhaps that was Fitz getting rid of the one person who knows about the vote rigging who has no skin in this situation, and therefore won’t keep quiet. Of course the one thing that rules this out is the mole….I’m assuming the mole is tied to Jake and why would Fitz sabotage himself? I thought of Sally because she didn’t want Fitz to return to form, and would be the one to gain from sabotaging his decisions. But I can’t discern why she would have only Olivia watched, and watched in her home. Unless Jake was only supposed to watch her movements, and after becoming infatuated with her, bugged her house.

    • Livvie says:

      I like your analysis and I thought about some of the same things. I think Fitz is watching her because:
      1. In the last episode, Cyrus said that Fitz is watching him and that he only has 1 min to talk to her, he seemed pretty anxious about spending exactly just 1min with her.
      2. We know Tom and Hal used to watch her for him but you know Hal is not to be trusted and since Fitz knows Hal is compromised and he wants mellie to believe that he is on her side, he did not use them for this purpose. May be they were even fired because we haven’t seen them in a while. Last time we saw his secret agents were before he went into Verna’s hospital room and it wasn’t Tom and Hal.
      3. I think Fitz is trying to figure out who she really is, what she really do because may be he feels like he doesn’t know her anymore
      4. Why would Shonda make it Edison or anyone else, that wouldn’t be interesting, now think about the fact that Scott falls in love with her and Fitz who hired him finds out, that is a very intriguing story line, and he is in the army may be he will run for president and the dice will be flipped. Hey, that is be trying to think like Shonda who knows????

      • Cris says:

        I think it is the President, too. Scandal likes to keep us guessing and there is always a twist and a turn involved. Each character has a little demon inside, so this kind of stalking is not above any of them. So, for the dramatic effect and the ramifications, I go with Fitz, too.

  16. the girl says:

    I don’t think this is just a Shonda problem though; I think ensemble casts often have a hard time staying small and intimate. Think about Glee, for another example, that cast is hardcore out of control. Nashville will become a problem soon enough, what with the rotating managers and new band leaders and soon Teddy’s going to have employees at the mayor’s office, good lord. I think it’s just an issue that showrunners face.

  17. Larc says:

    Since Jake is a captain in the US Navy, it’s unlikely he’s spying on Olivia for somebody outside the government. Officers at that level command ships or have similar significant positions. They don’t work freelance jobs on the side. I’m guessing his boss for this particular assignment is Senator Edison Davis.

  18. Leah says:

    Does it bother no one else that Liv doesn’t have Huck in there sweeping for bugs on a regular basis. Liv needs to sit down and watch Season two of Alias or something. Any woman in her line of work should know better.

    • dvmom says:

      My thoughts exactly, Leah!

    • tp says:

      I wonder about that too. After that episode where Huck tells her someone has been watching her, going through her trash and such. I would have him doing weekly sweeps on everyone on the team.

    • mrenee says:

      Yes. I often thought about that when Edison was coming in or out, or even when Fitz showed up. Why wouldn’t a fixer, who handles shady people/and or events, nor protect herself at home?Shady…

    • scandalcraz01 says:

      OMG! YES! Totally what I was thinking. Why isn’t Huck sweeping for bugs on a regular basis!

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing! As soon as I recovered from the horror of beautiful Scott Foley in creeper mode, I thought – WTF Huck, you fell down on the job! No way should anyone be able to plant cameras or recording devices in Liv’s snazzy home!

    • Joe says:

      I thought that too at first and then, re-watching the last minutes I found her exitement very un-olivia-like. ( Is that a word ?) so now, I thinking she knows and is playing him.

    • H.F.Washington says:

      I totally agree with you. That has ALWAYS been my thought every time they showed her apartment.

  19. Marna says:

    Agh, typical Shonda. another love triangle or love interest for Liv. I wish if she could keep the scandal family as is. Anything that threatens Olitz is big no no no – a turn off, at least for me. People are so taken by the unconditional love between Liv and Fitz – and we don’t want to see Liv fall for someone else – that would cheapen her.

    • Goldie says:

      I don’t think for a moment that Liv will really “fall” for someone else. She may enter into a relationship with someone, Fitz did tell her they were through and she might be trying to move on. But ultimately, her heart belongs to Fitz. I think it would be interesting if it were him having Jake watch her because he will flip out when he finds that he’s crossed over from just watching to now dating her. Edison seems like a possibility too, but a little too expected for this show. And if it is Edison, maybe Sally is involved as well. Scott said we’d know in a couple of weeks and I for one can’t wait!

  20. Suncatcher says:

    Scott Foley is terrific! I hope wherever he lands, it’s permanent so we can see him more often!

  21. peacelight says:

    Though the new guy is a tad creepy, I think it is good that Oliva is trying to move on. Fitz if married so he can’t judge. especially since he is sleeping with other people. Oliva shouldn’t have to wait around. Plus one date doesn’t mean love. It just means moving forward. Fitz just keeps hurting her.

  22. leelee says:

    I think Mellie is the one who hired him!! 😯

  23. NOOOOOOOO says:

    I am NOT down for making Scott Foley a regular. Agree with others about the ensemble cast getting too big. If Shonda needs another regular, I’d rather she bring Stephen back. Why was he fired in the first place?

  24. OlitzFF says:

    I dont know what to think about this, it all seems all so very Mr. Big and Aidan from SATC…I dont need to see anyone getting in the way of my Fitz and Livvie, hell we already have Mellie and the whole flippin’ nation for that….I think its Hollis’ who is paying Jake to watch her….it would make sense wouldnt it?

  25. KCC says:

    He could be spying on her for National Security reasons.

    • Stacy says:

      I think this is it. This is related to the mole in The White House in addition to the woman in David’s bed. It would be lazy storytelling in my opinion if it were Fitz because they’ve already done the surveillance thing. And why would he hire someone outside the inner circle of The White House? Seems like it would open him up big time to being blackmailed when he has other things at his disposal (hello Thorngate). Also, I just think he’d go with the secret service again. Not someone in the Navy. I’m interested in it being Mellie but I think it’s a character we haven’t met yet. Setting that character up as the new Hollis (big bad). Olivia got folks pissed with Thorngate. The CIA tried to force a war in East Sudan with fake pictures and now we have the mole. I think someone’s trying to take the Grand administration down and Olivia has poked her head up as someone worth keeping tabs on (especially when she sprung Huck).

      • anon says:

        Because Fitz doesn’t trust anyone in the White House anymore since he learned about Defiance. Plus, this guy works for the Joint Security Counsel, so essentially, he is working for the President. Also, they might have a connection if they were both served in the Navy together. Fitz might trust him because he has known him for a long time.

  26. Sunny says:

    My first guess is Fitz hired him, but I was wrong about who placed the hit on POTUS, so I don;t trust my instincts now!!

    • olitzff says:

      I’m starting to think it maybe Fitz too….that comment that he makes in this weeks prohas moabout Olivia not being what she seems has me curious. Then again Mellie could be looking for info to bribe Liv into staying away from Fitz

  27. hmm says:

    i’m definitely thinking that fitz hired him to keep an eye on liv. i think eventually he’ll come clean with her and they’ll be together for a little while. i think he’ll be forgiven by liv for watching her because he’s military and probably felt a lot of pressure from the oval to do this.

  28. Alicia L. says:

    I just assumed that Scott Foley was the mole and that he has been hired by any of the aforementioned people to watch Olivia. I also kind of assumed that is Sally Langston or Edison to try and take over the nation because she holds so many secrets about the White House and the POTUS in her head.

  29. Tinemi says:

    I say he’s the mole hired by the president (remember when he get the photos of Liv and Edison from his secret service agent?) and that he fell in love with her and continue watching her after they asked him to stop.

  30. Krystan says:

    People are think that the cast is too big already? Kill off Quinn and keep Scott Foley!!!! I have no interest in watching Huck train her to kill people and like it. If I wanted to see that I would still watch Dexter. I want Scott Foley on my T.V. as much as possible. It will be different seeing him play such a creeper.

  31. Rachel says:

    I like Scott Foley a lot, and I think he could be a really interesting addition to the cast, but I agree that Shonda needs to keep an eye on the cast before it gets to be too big! I can’t wait to see who he’s working for and why!

  32. Edison Davis perhaps? It could be Hollis, but Hollis knows his death is only a phone call away. It could also be Fitz. Remember, it’s been ten months and Fitz is filled with guilt about Verna. My last choice would be Mellie. From the conversation she had with Cyrus, she was certain that Olivia was what was bothering Fitz. Maybe thinking she would seek evidence that there is another man in Liv’s life, she could convince Fitz to move on.

  33. JT says:

    Edison is on the Intelligence Committee and is the majority leader. He suspected Olivia of being the president’s mistress. Could it be he is trying to get back at Olivia and Fitz by exposing the relationship and somehow position himself to run for president?

  34. Heather says:

    My theory is that it’s someone high up in the government that we haven’t met yet. Maybe they started to get suspicious of Olivia and the President having an affair and feel like she could be a threat to the country so they’re having her watched to learn more and make sure she doesn’t get in their way… It’d be fun to introduce a new big bad since Hollis is kind of out of the picture for now. Or it could be a disgruntled former client of OPA with a lot of power who feels like they got screw over by Liv and team and now they want revenge. Who knows? But I have a feeling this whole situation is setting up up for one hell of a season finale cliffhanger.

  35. theOtherMonique says:

    Hey TVLINE. Thanks for the scoop! NEEDED IT!

  36. Whatevah says:

    Hey Shonda…Olivia wouldn’t be this stupid. She would KNOW something was fishy about a random run in at a coffee house and then him being connected to the case regarding David. Why do you always make your characters morons after making them really smart? Irritating.

    • Daisy says:

      There’s a difference between being smart and being paranoid. While I do think it’s weird that she hasn’t had Huck sweep for bugs on a regular basis, I don’t think she suspects every single human being that enters her life. That would be crazy, not intelligent. The story line is the player getting played. Completely believable in my opinion.

      • Heather says:

        Agreed. Also think about all the stress she’s been dealing with lately. It’s easy to see how she’d be a little off her game.

        • Goldie says:

          I think she’s thinking something might be up. She’s not totally stupid even if she is under a lot of stress. Scott Foley had another interview today in the Hollywood Reporter and he said that he is trying to move forward but Olivia is resistant. She wants to keep things professional. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

  37. Roses C says:

    I do not care who he works for, he gives me the creeps. After POTUS and Edison, how could Olivia even look at this man.

  38. Christene Jones says:

    He is so fine, who cares what his purpose is. He is funny also, especially when he said that resturant was a place where dates go to die.

    • JO says:

      I loved their “date” in the restaurant where “dates go to die” They have great chemistry and tempo. I’ve rewatched their BGTD a gazillion times. Love Jake and Liv together.