Zero Hour Sneak Peek: Hank Tells the Team About His 'Chilling' Encounter

ZeroHour_FrozenTwinABC’s Zero Hour this week answers the age-old question: “How does your mild-mannered (if intrepid) self tell your mild-mannered (if intrepid) magazine staffers that embedded within an arctic tundra, in a 70-year-old Nazi submarine, you came face-to-face with your frozen twin?”

You just might be surprised by the sparsity of oohs, ahhhs and GTFOOH!s. Then again, Rachel and Arron are part of today’s cool Internet generation; Vine has shown them so much.

POLL | Zero Hour: Will You Be Continuing With Ze Search for Ze Clockkkks?

But if there’s one thing this video sneak peek shows, it’s that Hank still has his priorities straight (namely, MIA wife Laila), even after running into his refrigerated ringer.

Will you be tuning in for Zero Hour hour 2, this Thursday at 8/7c?

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  1. Annie says:

    I’m sorry I missed the first one. I think I’m gonna have to add this to the DVR schedule. It just sounds so deliciously messed up and weird – right up my twisted little alley.

  2. Scott says:

    I couldn’t make out anything that happened on the submarine. Even with the brightness cranked right up I still didn’t recognize the frozen doppelganger. The whole reveal and ending were lost on me, and I only worked it out after reading the recap here. And the photo included above doesn’t help as the faces are still too dark.

    Although I know the actor’s name I don’t recognize him from any other show and it surprises me that the production would assume he’s well known enough to be able to carry off that sort of scene.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Ummmm…he was the heart & soul of ER for over 8 years when it was at its peak and was the #1 drama on TV so yeah, he IS well-known enough to carry that.

      However, the iced over version was difficult to see which is why they had the flashback to the episode’s opening & revealed Anthony Edwards was also the Nazi whose face had previously been unseen. So they weren’t expecting the audience to make that connection just from the image of the Popsicle twin.

      • Chester says:

        When Anthony Edward’s character died on ER, it was like a real person had died. That’s how good an actor he is. I am overlooking a confusing pilot just to watch him

    • Alex says:

      You don’t know who Anthony Edwards is? LMAO! Only the heart for many years of one of the best drama series of all time! Just because you are woefully ignorant does not mean that viewers in general are.

  3. TVDIVA says:

    I bought a season pass to the show so I will be watching all ten episodes. You just have to suspend all belief and pretend you are on a treasure hunt for twelve clocks that are linked to an end of days scenario and just roll with it. :)

  4. bluebonnetbelle says:

    I got two big things from this show, I miss seeing Goose on my TV and I really REALLY still miss Greek.

  5. “How does your mild-mannered (if intrepid) self tell your mild-mannered (if intrepid) magazine staffers that embedded within an arctic tundra, in a 70-year-old Nazi submarine, you came face-to-face with your frozen twin?” Haven’t seen the first episode yet, but I’m gonna guess “clone”. It’s Boys of Brazil-type stuff.

  6. MaryAnn says:

    I just hope they keep airing the episodes and don’t pull them.

    • I agree with you MaryAnn..ABC is famous for doing %^$* like that. get you hooked and then drop you like a brick…case and point “Last Resort”, V, Missing..etc etc. ABC is trying to beat CBS which will never happen. CBS give you high quality programming in HDTV.

  7. Cory S says:

    I just bought the entire season on Google Play. So they’d better air all the episodes or I’ll be irate. (While they’re at it ABC should make 666PA available on Google Play. What gives?

  8. Joe says:

    Passing on the show the ratings were bad , not bothering investing my time into something that’s going to be cancelled quick

  9. Clover says:

    I really, really liked the first episode and am excited for the season. I like that there is only ten episodes. Reminds me of last years The River. America tends to have super long, unnecessarily long seasons. Glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t recognize the frozen doppleganger.

  10. Alienate says:

    This show blowz artic ice chunks. How about paying more attention to two new shows that are actually good? The Americans, and Monday Mornings.

    • Alex says:

      The ratings for Monday Mornings reek, and the show is likely to get cancelled. Also, it’s basically just another medical show. The Americans is pretty good but could stand some work.

  11. yuka says:

    Impressed enough to take a second look. BUT missed big reveal on sub. POOR cinematography. If continues last look this week

  12. Pam says:

    I’m watching for Anthony Edwards, hoping things gel a little better as time goes on. The Americans is a good show. I really like Monday Mornings. It has a different twist to it, but I’m not sure it’ll make it.