Exclusive Community Video: Jeff Winger's Top-Secret Identity Revealed!

Jeff Winger’s already massive ego is in for yet another boost on this Thursday’s Community (NBC, 8/7c), when it’s revealed that he bears a striking resemblance to an Inspector Spacetime fan fave.

After watching Jeff get swarmed by fanboys and girls at InspectiCon, Troy and Abed giddily reveal a long-kept secret to their studly friend: he’s the real-life (and non-green) version of Spacetime super-villain Thoraxis. This revelation, of course, prompts Jeff to want to leave the convention, but his “date” Annie will have none of it.

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Watch Jeff learn of his doppelgänger — and Annie bicker with her crush — below, then hit the comments!

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  1. Lacey says:

    The video is not working

  2. Lee says:

    Thoraxis!!!!! Annie is adorable. Jeff and Annie are adorable.

  3. Luz says:

    It would be great if they stop watching Annie like a little girl with a crush on Jeff.

  4. Amy says:

    I can’t wait until everyone realizes that Jeff is totally into Annie, probably more so than Annie is into Jeff. I’m sick of everyone thinking Annie is a little girl with a crush when it is just not true!

  5. Quinn says:

    im just disappointed that they havent portrayed annie as anything BUT a lovestruck teeny bopper this season. she can still like jeff but theres so much more to her character that was amazing. and shippers, theres way more to community than jeff and annie romance, i fear they will try to plz you guys too much that the show become nothing but a relationship show. i mean its already ruining annies character, would you rather have jeff and annie together or a shell of what jeff and annie once was together?

    • minalba says:

      I don’t agree that Annie has only been portrayed as a lovesick teeny bopper this season. There was some of it early in the premiere, but that changed as the episode progressed. And Annie was anything but a lovesick teeny bopper in the Halloween episode. She called Jeff out on his crap and made it clear she wasn’t his sexy little ring girl.

      “would you rather have jeff and annie together or a shell of what jeff and annie once was together?”

      Why is this an either or proposition? Jeff and Annie could be together without Annie’s characterization being ruined (which I don’t agree it has been.) But assuming for the sake of argument that it has, J/A shippers aren’t the ones responsible for it. The writers and G&P don’t have to write the characters that way, it’s not the only scenario available to them. But if they do, it’s their choice and the shippers have nothing to do with it.

    • kk says:

      What’s your logic?Why the hell portraying annie as a lovestruck teeny bopper would make this ship work and please J/A shippers?(hello?age difference alert!) They only did that when they ‘re trying to not make this ship happen,remember 2×01?It’s always J/A shippers’ biggest fear though that they sacrifice annie’s character just to ruin J/A. And it’s not like they have so many scenes together in the first TWO episodes,just one scene or two and you’re still complaining?Also if you want this show to not become a relationship show ,you should probably ask the writers and showrunners to shut up about how much they love Jeff and Britta and not bring back their romance lol or it would be a huge mess.

  6. minalba says:

    I genuinely don’t get why people are claiming that Annie is being written like a lovesick teeny bopper. With the exception of the very beginning of the premiere, Annie has acted like anything but. Annie having feelings for Jeff does not automatically mean schoolgirl crush. Annie’s come a long way, and we already know whatever feelings she has aren’t one-sided, so I don’t get why it’s assumed that Annie can’t be romantically interested in Jeff AND be an adult at the same time.

    • digitalred93 says:

      I agree! If anything, Annie has been sticking up for herself much more this season (and it’s a delight to see). Even in this sneak prevew, she’s refusing to leave the con — she’s doing what SHE wants to do. Best line in the Halloween episode: “Put a sock in in it, Shorts.” <–courtesy of Annie Edison.

  7. Kval14 says:

    I can’t get the video to play…on any device in my house. Fix please! But I love Annie & Jeff!

  8. Karen says:

    Alison Brie’s acting decisions are questionable in this clip because she does sound like a little schoolgirl here like with the squeaky voice and that but I can overlook that. It is clear that Jeff is only asking Annie to leave – like he doesn’t really care about what anyone else is doing. He wants to spend time with Annie. I’m so nervous about this episode though. I want progress with J/A not for them to be over. I also loved Troy and Abed’s reactions in the background lol.

  9. Karen says:

    Also I don’t like why you say here watch Annie bicker with her crush. Season 3 proved that Jeff likes Annie too and this clip alone proves it. Stop saying it is one sided!

    • Jim says:

      It doesn’t matter to me if it’s one-sided or not, J/A, regresses Annie’s great character. There is so many likable qualities to Annie’s character, how she’s driven, her intelligence, etc. J/A makes Annie’s character development too dependent on if she will get together with Jeff. Literally, her current character arc is really nothing but Jeff Jeff Jeff. I’ll agree she isn’t being a schoolgirl about it anymore, but Annie’s current character growth is directly tied to the progression of the Jeff Annie romance. Meaning she prob won’t grow unless she hooks up with Jeff. What happened to last-half-of-season-3 Annie where she was there for all of her friends, not just Jeff? Her character is slowly being reduced to nothing but Jeff’s possible love interest. The same thing can happen to Jeff’s character, too, since it’s established he has feelings for Annie as well, he’s just safe that his character has an arc on his father, and wherever they’ll take “New Jeff”.

      • joan says:

        Pretty sure Annie will have ‘changing her major’ storyline this season.But i think the show focus so much on Jeff and Britta and Abed that they don’t really care about Annie or Troy.It’s like Annie has nothing to do except being there for her friends.Troy never had a proper storyline.There’re seven people in the group and not everybody can have a proper storyline and the others have to sacrifice for Jeff and Britta and Abed.

      • minalba says:

        As was previously stated, Annie is changing majors this year and studying forensics. The writers said that they had an entire story arc plotted out for Annie last season where she does some investigating and discovers she’s really interested in forensics. They never got to do it because of time constraints, but the bit that we got in the premiere showed that Annie was conflicted about making the change, but ultimately decides to go for it because that’s what she really wants to do. That’s character growth completely independent of Jeff.

        I also agree, Joan, that Annie’s arcs are sidelined in favor of Jeff, Britta and Abed. There simply isn’t enough time to give everyone a long, developed storyline. But that doesn’t mean Annie isn’t growing as a character, the show is just focusing on her dynamic with Jeff right now. She’s definitely got other stuff going on.

  10. Jim says:

    Troy and Annie have had many stories in the past. The show doesn’t always focus on Jeff, Britta, and Abed. Community has given every Study Group member a proper story. Sure they focus a lot on Jeff, but everyone has gotten a storyline or character arc. If anything, Troy and Abed have a lot of the focus. All I was saying is that, Annie’s character arc has been really downgraded. It has gone from growing up into a mature adult into getting in a romance with Jeff. You can’t deny J/A has had a negative impact on Annie as a character.

    • joan says:

      When did troy get his own stroyline though?And how about pierce?And yeah annie is so grown up when she is having adventures with Troy and Abed and playing roleplaying with abed giggle like a teenager when abed is playing han solo .JA has had a negative impact on Annie?You mean like the debate episode and the consipiracy episode and the law&order episode.Jeff always has a positive impact on annie and he is a huge reason why annie is growing up to be a mature adult.

      • Jim says:

        Troy’s was when he turned 21, the whole shebang with air conditioning repair and plumbing, and those were just his stories alone, he’s had stories with other study group members as well, not just exclusively Abed. Like the trampoline with Jeff, his conflict with Jeff on who should be leader during paintball, romance with Britta, living with Pierce, those episodes in season 1 when Annie was pining after Troy… And yeah, his evolution from jerk football jock to a friendly geek. Pierce had stories when he pulled Shirley’s pants down in season 1, that thing with his stepdaughter, his father issues and if you haven’t noticed, Pierce is less racist than he was at the start. (Still gross tho) This is shown when he is more tolerant of gays by the end of s3, and accepts and even embraces having an African American brother. The newest episode, he didn’t say anything offensive and it’s been that way since, “Don’t use gay as a derogatory term!” I was never arguing things in the context of the in-show universe, however. Jeff may be having a positive impact on Annie like that, but that’s my whole point. Her character growth has been tied directly to her romance with Jeff, making her really 2D. There is so much more to her character, but they are making her growth too dependent on Jeff. Annie’s whole character purpose has been reduced to being there for Jeff to have a love interest. All of the characters work better when they aren’t tied down by one single character. The writers seem to know this about Troy and Abed, that’s why they’ve been developing separately since Troy went to Air Conditioning repair, then kept it going with Troy x Britta. Annie is losing all of her depth by being tied to only Jeff. She used to be a relatable, interesting and endearing character, but now she’s really flat, just because the writers don’t know that J/A regresses and flattens Annie’s depth.

        • joan says:

          I do think Annie needs a storyline herself and she will(changing her major!) instead of just hanging out with Jeff、Troy and Abed.My point is this is nothing to do J/A.They don’t give her a proper stroyline because there’re already so many stroylines going on like you mentioned and The writers care way more about Britta than Annie.There’re so much depth in Annie they could’ve explored and they never care enough to do it and this’s nothing to do with J/A.Stop blaming everything on them jfc.

          • Jim says:

            Britta isn’t really a threat to J/A if that’s what you mean, don’t worry. If you didn’t watch the show with shipping goggles on, you’d realize Britta/Jeff has been platonic since season 2. There really isn’t anything that is a threat to your happy little ship, since the writers love milking it so much. (Despite it hindering Annie’s development) The only threat I can think of right now, is Abed, but considering the direction they’re taking with season 4, again, unlikely.

        • joan says:

          Oh my god this is not what I mean at all,sometimes you guys are even more sensitive about ships than shippers lol. Don’t get me wrong I love Britta,but sometimes I just think the writers focus so much on Britta that they kinda neglect Annie.
          FYI the new showrunner did say they would bring back Jeff/Britta. I just hope it’s not gonna be a huge mess.

          • Erica says:

            The showrunners never actually said they were bringing JB back, if you read other interviews it sounds like friendship between them only. There might be a quick thing between between JB but it might end with them deciding to just be friends, which is what they should only be. Also one the new showrunners never said which pairing he preferred, and the other said that before he started on the show he used to ship JB. And Alison Brie said fans of the JA will have alot to look forward too.

  11. L says:

    Yeah people have got to stop blaming Jeff/Annie for Annie’s lack of character development. It’s the writers fault because they don’t see the potential right there. She was an addict, she went to rehab against her mom’s wishes and then she lived on her own above a sex shop from like age 18 and not once did she tell the study group where she was living. They only found out on Troy’s 21st when they dropped her home. That is an amazing backstory and a strength of character that they have wasted. That’s not the fault of the Jeff/Annie relationship. That’s poor writing.

    • Quinn says:

      Jeff/Annie is the thing the writers want to focus on rather than Annie herself, I think us anti-J/A can be mad at that. It may be horribly misguided, but opinions, man. People have them.

    • minalba says:

      Agreed. There is so much about Annie that makes her a rich and interesting character, which the writers for the most part have chosen to ignore. And just because they have chosen to address J/A, does not make the ship bad for her or regress her character in anyway. She’s not been reduced to a one note, love interest for Jeff. She’s still the same Annie who’s accomplished and grown as much as she has. It’s not an either or proposition, J/A can be explored without sacrificing her personal development. It’s all in the writing.

      I would love to see an expanded story arc for Annie, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards. And if that’s the primary complaint, then yeah, I agree. But all of this sounds like folks making J/A the scapegoat for Annie’s lack of character development, when one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

  12. Babybop says:

    Oh no. Shippers.
    This show should not be about romance! I have enough shows that only focus on triangles and relationships.
    IMO, cut out the romance, and focus on the comedy.

  13. Rafe Meehan says:

    You shippers crack me up and are in for a rude awakening.