Once Upon a Time Recap: The Son Also Rises

The following recap, by the very definition of the word recap, contains major spoilers from this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time,Once_0217_seer Mr. Gold found his son in New York City, Emma ran into a familiar face, Cora and Regina revealed their wicked endgame and a pivotal piece of Rumplestiltskin’s backstory was revealed.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Though Milah fears for his life, Rumplestiltskin is jazzed to be called to the front line of the Ogre Wars, so that he might escape his father’s cowardly shadow. Reporting for duty, he is tasked with guarding someone who could “change the tide” of the war — a young, blind seer. For starters, the lass reveals that Milah is with child. She also warns Rumple that his actions on the battlefield will leave his son fatherless. Rumple is skeptical, but when the girl’s other vision — that the army will ride into war on “cows” (which wound up meaning cowhide saddles) — holds true, he hobbles himself to escape the war and return home, where Milah introduces their newborn son Baelfire. When Rumple comments on the “strong name,” Milah says he’ll need it, being the son of a coward. “I did this all for the boy,” Rumple explains, “to save him from growing up without a father!” Mean, mean Milah retorts that Bae is consigned to a worse fate, “as your son,” and says she’d rather her husband had fought and died. Alone with his boy, Rumplestiltskin promises, “I will never leave you.” (Has Robert Carlyle ever been better?)

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IN NEW YORK CITY…. | Arriving at Baelfire’s apartment building — whose exterior and vestibule didn’t match the one filmed in New York City for the season premiere — with Mr. Gold and Henry, Emma rings the one unmarked buzzer, announcing a delivery into the intercom, then hears someone accessing the fire escape. They hurry outside to spy a hoodied guy scurrying down the sidewalk. Gold tells Emma he wants to cash in on his favor: “Get him to talk to me!” Once_0217_EmmaA footchase ends with Emma tackling… baby daddy Neal Cassidy! (Non-surprise!) Emma has so many questions, including 1) whether Neal is the son of Rumplestiltskin (answer: yes) and 2) if he knew who/what Emma was when they first met.

Sitting in a bar, Neal insists he had no idea who Emma was and in fact has labored to “get away from all that crap.” Neal relates how August showed him his typewriter (a-ha!) with a piece of paper that read “I know you are Baelfire” to prove their shared past when arguing that Neal needed to walk away from Emma. (“You let me go to prison because Pinocchio told you to??”) Even so, Neal believes that while “there’s not a ton about my father that doesn’t suck,” he always said there were no coincidences, so, “Maybe we met for a reason? Maybe something good came of it?” “Nothing that I can think of,” Emma utters, withholding the Henry news, as she hands back the keychain gift she’d been wearing as a necklace. Wonderful work by Jennifer Morrison.

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After Emma reports back that Bae “got away,” Gold breaks into the apartment. As they snoop around, Gold gleans that Emma is lying about Bae. “We had a deal!” Gold roars, as Neal comes barreling in to make sure Emma is OK. “You two know each other…? How?!” Gold asks. Sure ’nuff, Neal’s curiosity about Henry/his age puts the pieces together for everyone involved. Shocked to learn that the story of his dead fireman dad was a lie, Once_0217_RumpleBaeHenry sulks on the fire escape, while Gold calls dibs on his convo with Bae.

Outside, Emma explains to Henry that his father “was a thief, a liar who broke my heart, a part of my life I wanted to forget” — to which the boy counters, “You’re just like Regina; she always lied to me too.” Inside, Rumple admits to Bae that he made mistakes and “there is no greater pain than regret. Let me make it up to you.” Neal/Bae can’t imagine how, and quickly shoots down his dad’s offer to turn him back into a 14-year-old (!). “You have no idea what I’ve lived with,” Neal says, revealing that not a night goes by that he doesn’t see Rumple releasing his grip, letting Bae fall through the portal alone. “Now I’m letting you go.” Touché. And a really nice job by Michael-Raymond James, making the unreal feel real.

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MEANWHILE IN STORYBROOKE…. | Mary Margaret and David marvel over Emma’s news that Rumple’s son Bae turned out to be Henry’s father. “It’s a good thing we don’t have Thanksgiving in our land,” David comments, “because that dinner would suck“…. Cora consoles Regina, who’s missing Henry. Overhearing, Hook notes that if Rumple is out of town, he’s powerless and can be killed: “I deserve my vengeance!” Cora suggests they instead search for The Dark One’s dagger. Using a Dewey decimal clue (literally) lifted from Belle’s handbag, Cora, Regina and Hook find in the library a map that leads to the dagger… and then the ladies KO the captain. With the dagger, Cora tells her daughter, they can command Rumple to kill their enemies while leaving Regina’s hands clean. Meanwhile, hospital patient Greg iPhoned the display of magic Regina used in Belle’s room and emailed it to his lady friend. (Dude. YouTube that noise!)

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BACK IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Rumplestiltskin aka The Dark One confronts the grown-up seer and fills her in on his lousy lot in life — all because Once_0217_Rumpleof the “pesky details” she left out last time around. She explains that Rumple will find his son, but that it won’t be easy. It will require a curse to be cast, and broken, and then a young boy will lead him to Bae. “But beware,” the seer says with her dying breath, “because the boy is more than he appears. The boy will be your undoing.”

Rumple shrugs, “Then I’ll just have to kill him!” as we cut back to New York City, where Gold eyeballs Henry talking to Neal on the (Bael)fire escape.

What’s your take on “Manhattan”? The foregone conclusion of Bae’s identity aside, did it entertain? Remember: I’ll be moderating the Once Upon a Time Paleyfest panel the day of the next new episode, March 3, so send along a Q or two you’d like considered.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A says:

    I knew it was going to be Bae but the whole time I was watching, I was hoping and waiting that the writers would have fooled me and that it actually wasn’t what I or any of us were expecting. Nevertheless, it was definitely a good episode. A little slow-paced, but I still enjoyed it. Loved the Neal and Emma moments.
    Henry was way out of line when he compared Emma to Regina. Her face when he said was so sad. I know he was upset but damn I think that was just the most awful.meanest thing he’s ever said. Still not digging the Charmings anymore. They are soooo boring and lame I can’t take it anymore. I seriously dislike Charming.
    I hope they go into a little bit of August’s back story while he was growing up and how he figured out the Neal was Bae.

  2. ABC says:

    Episode was decent, but I actually enjoyed last week’s more. No surprises, and Gold is not going to kill Henry (Regina already almost killed him). Hope the writers come up with some more plot lines because things are already starting to feel a bit repetitive.

  3. DRush76 says:

    If Cora and Regina’s endgame is the destruction of Rumpelstiltskin . . . I won’t cry over spilled mild.

  4. Patti says:

    Wonderful performance by Michael Raymond-James. I am rooting for him to stick around and be a series regular next season. Neal is wonderful. I loved his confrontation with Rumpel, his amazing chemistry with Emma and I really want more Neal/Henry

  5. jonbua says:

    Can I just say, I don’t know if this happens often but right on guys, over 100 comments :D GO ONCE!

  6. Patti says:

    Amazing episode. So very impressed with Michael Raymond James and Jennifer Morrison. Their scene at the bar and then in the apartment with Henry were my favorites. Enjoyed Neal and Henry’s moment. Underwhelmed by Milah again and Rumple’s backstory. I thought alot of what Rumple/Gold did was not showing Neal/Bae he had changed. His deal and threats to Emma, after watching Bae/Neal learn he is a dad cheapily calling in the favor to talk and the plan to erase memories, no wonder Neal wants nothing to do wiith him. Loved Neal mimicking Rumple arm movement/show off.

  7. kylie says:

    Gold better not kill henry. I love henry and am starting to love gold but if he kills henry that will make me sad

  8. Name That Tune says:

    That Henry is Rumple’s grandson was clear for many weeks. We knew, but the show’s characters did not. Emma had some of the information, except who Neal was. Even so, the reveal was stunning. Well written & well acted. Best episode of the season. Took us back to the foundation of the show.
    Loved the family curse of the fathers in Rumple’s family. Each father abandoned their son.
    Now comes the next reveal. We know that Emma is magical, but what about Henry? And does Neal save his son from Rumple?

    • Kelly says:

      neal didn’t actually abandon henry, i suppose he abandonded emma but not his son. i think neal and henry will both break the family coward curse in the future.

      • Name That Tune says:

        But each of these sons have abandonment issues. Each was misled by someone else & made choices that led to their sons being raised without fathers. We don’t know why Rumple’s father abandoned him, but we do know that it started a generational curse. One that Henry may break or repeat with his own son.

    • Leslie says:

      I hate when people say it took us back to the foundation of the show. Good point about the family curse. Oh my gosh they can’t possible kill Neal, did not think of that but I doubt Rumple would do that considering how things are but then again I could just be naive.

  9. Jen says:

    I have two questions for the OUAT panel at paleyfest. 1) We’ve seen Emma bond with Mary Margaret while they were stuck in Fairytale land but are we gonna see Emma bond with her father at all? There’s been very little interaction between the two of them since they found out they are father and daughter. 2) Are we gonna see any progression in Emma’s love life? We’ve seen her have chemistry with Bae, Hook and even August. Any chance she’s going to develop her relationships with any of them?

    • Kelly says:

      It felt odd/wrong the other week that Charming didn’t seem fazed or bothered at the thought of going to ftl and leaving emma/henry unreachable.

    • Leslie says:

      They really haven’t developed the storyline with Emma, Snow, and Charming being reunited we only see her focusing on Henry which is fine but come on! You’d think they’d show a little more curiosity and bonding considering. Maybe this is how they are doing it since they revealed it so early, I don’t like it. I do not even know how the rest of the season and the series will play out. Someone find a seer and let us know what they say.

    • sara says:

      Should she really be developing relationships with the kid who was her pseudo-brother and the step-father of her boyfriend?

  10. Brian says:

    I thought most made the connection when Emma said in season 1 that Henry’s dad was a fire fighter. Since his name is Baelfire and names are very relevant on the show, it seemed clear. They laid out a nice story. Very interested in seeing the storybrooke flashback episode and finding out how Henry got to SB.

  11. Kelly says:

    I truly enjoyed this episode. I’m glad they let characters talk and have the emotional moments without magic drama. Michael Raymond James has truly impressed me. He killed it tonight. Neal is awesome. I love the Neal and Emma connection and chemistry. The scene were he learns he is a father and the little moment with Henry on the fire escape was moving. MRJ really killed it in his confrontation with Rumple and I got chills when he did the imitation of Rumple’s hand flourish/showmanship and discussed all that crap and rightfully so. I am so invested in Neal’s relationships with Rumple, Emma and Henry.

  12. Kelly says:

    I kinda found Gold to be really selfish in this episode. Not alot of reaction or care to what Neal/Bae just discovered and what Neal/Bae and Henry were going through. He just wanted his time and moment, it couldn’t wait.

  13. Sumsum says:

    I think this episode was amazing, and it ranks as my second favorite this season (right after Tallahassee).
    I’m very happy that Neal turned out to be Bae…what would be the alternative? Introducing yet another character? There are already so many characters that need to be given screen time, and there are only 40 minutes in an episode. We the viewers already go multiple episodes without seeing some characters (e.g. Ruby).
    Also, I think the only reason people are complaining this ‘twist’ was predictable is because they want to have their cake and eat it too – they read spoilers, and then complain when they’re not surprised. Besides, even if you saw this coming, I think the acting in the episode should be appreciated since it was incredible…the scene where Rumple & Bae realized who Henry is had me in tears.
    And I think I’m becoming an Emma & Neal shipper…

    • Alice says:

      Totally agree. It was an episode where the characters came to realize what the audience has suspected for weeks. Just because we didn’t get “We have to go back Kate!” style reveals doesn’t mean the episode isn’t powerful. These were great moments. Emma realizing who Neil was, learning about August, Bae/Emma/Rumple and the Henry reveal, were all really well done.

      I was skeptical about Neil (I still saw him as psycho Renee from True Blood) when he first showed up in Tallahassee, but now I love him and want him to stick around. I like that he doesn’t take crap from anyone. And he did a really good job- his faces in response to hearing Emma yell at him about abandoning her and finding out Henry is his son were heartbreaking.

  14. Nicole says:

    This was definitely the best episode so far this year. I have to say though, as obvious as it was that Neal was going to be Bae, I was really hoping that the show would have done something different. Something like Neal knew Bae or something, I don’t know… Just something a little less obvious would have been nice.

  15. Ilana says:

    My question for Matt to pose to the cast at Paley Fest: If all fairy tales are being reworked & rewritten to include elements we never knew about or outright changes, why are none of the characters gay/lesbian/bi/etc.? Is this something they see changing in the future, through the introduction of another fairy tale’s characters or with current characters? If current characters, who do they think it would make the most sense with?

    • Leslie says:

      Look I honestly respect and stand by the lgbtq community but sometimes you just have to let stories be and if they don’t introduce a lgbtq character you can’t suppose that the writers and those involved in the show do not stand by them. If they do sweet if not it cant be a huge ordeal. Stories are stories this isn’t a show in the grain of New Normal or Modern Family.

      • Mike says:

        This, if they want to have an lgbt character, great, but don’t have one just for the sake of having one.

      • sara says:

        I love when people say “respect and stand by the LGBTQ community” then say something completely offensive and homophobic. Well done.

      • Betsy says:

        man, for the sake of your dignity, I hope you (and mike) are trolling. do you think that homosexual characters exist in some pen somewhere to be let out only when we’ve designated an acceptable place for them?

      • Ilana says:

        I completely agree with your statement that stories are stories, but come to a completely different conclusion than you. Gay people belong in stories too, just like straight people and everyone in between. The whole point of this show is to turn everything that we thought we knew on its head, to introduce new and interesting characters into stories we’re already familiar with and blow our minds with new information about those whom we thought we knew everything. If I was watching a classic retelling of Cinderella or Snow White I wouldn’t even pose this question, because that’s not how it was originally written. I ask because the premise of the show makes my question reasonable.

  16. MaryAnn says:

    I have a question for Paleyfest. I was really, really getting invested in Regina’s redemption, so now I am very disappointed that she appears to have jumped right on board with Cora, and seems to have reverted to wanting revenge on the townspeople. What I want to know is whether this is just a detour on Regina’s path to redemption, and whether she will go back to trying her best to be a good person the way she was before Cora framed her for Jiminy’s apparent murder. I want to see Regina back on the path to good!

  17. Amelia says:

    So somehow in Regina and Cora trying to remove Rumple’s power and Hook trying to kill Rumple Henry will intervene and do the deed? Then what Frankenstein brings him back to life for Season 3? I really do not know how Once could possible continue without Rumple but without Henry perhaps…Major twist this episode was genius.

  18. Pauli says:

    I, like many others, have thought Bae was going to be Henry’s father since last season, so this wasn’t shocking, but I would have been upset if it had turned out any other way. I agree with what Neal said; it’s fate that he and Emma found each other, and it makes sense, both being from fairy tale land, that they’d be drawn toward one another. This was definitely the best episode of the season, and, even if it was a long time coming, it was an overall satisfying reveal.

  19. Alexis says:

    My only comment is props to the makeup artist the Seer was really cool

  20. martina says:

    i think that “the boy will be your undoing” means Rumple’s undoing as The Dark One not Rumple’s death, or maybe i hope so but i don’t believe that Rumple will kill his grandson!

    • Alice says:

      That he will give up being the Dark One, sacrificing his power for his family. That’s something he wasn’t even willing to do for Belle. I like it. Although, I would miss the scary side of Mr. Gold.

    • jc says:

      Question… doesn’t removing or taking the Dark One’s powers mean killing the form/body/host of the Dark One upon transferral? When Rumple took the previous Dark One’s powers with the dagger, what happened to him/it? Because I thought he died. So unless I’m wrong, and I very well may be… wouldn’t removing the powers of the Dark One that Rumple possesses kill him?

  21. JJ says:

    When Henry is older and gets a girlfriend, he will have one hell of a time explaining his family tree. Maternal grandparents are Snow and Charming. The original Prince James was his great uncle. King George is his pseudo adoptive grandfather. King Leopold was his great grandfather. Regina is his step great-grandmother/adoptive mother. Henry Sr and Cora are his step great-great grandparents/adoptive grandparents. Paternal grandparents are Rumpelstiltskin and Milah. Belle is his grandfather’s lover/girlfriend and Hook was his grandmother’s lover/boyfriend. Hopefully Henry ends up with someone from fairytale land, or he will come across quite crazy lol

  22. vols93 says:

    You do realize this is just a tv show, right?

  23. Rachel says:

    Regina is his mother but she is an EVIL QUEEN. She does not have his best interests at heart otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to kill half his family. That’s like saying Cinderella’s evil Stepmother is technically her guardian and that she shouldn’t be able to go and live with her real mother (if she hadn’t died).

    • sara says:

      huh? You can turn that around and say that if Snow, Charming and Emma had Henry’s best interests at heart they wouldn’t be denying Regina’s role as a mother and kidnapping her child.

      • Alice says:

        You can’t leave a child with a woman who tried to kill her step-daughter and thinks that poison is an effective means of conflict resolution!

  24. Name That Tune says:

    Much to ponder here. If Rumple has the seer’s powers, does he know what Cora, , Regina, & Hook are planning? Has he set a trap for them? What does his undoing mean? And how does Henry affect that?

  25. kirads09 says:

    Incredible episode and performances on all fronts. I know shows/characters like this don’t usually get considered, but Carlyle deserves an Emmy nod for Rumple. Figured for a long time that Neal = Bae. I don’t think Rumple would ever harm Henry. Also the others around Henry aren’t about to let anything happen to him. Gold/Rumple will figure another way. Cora is totally playing Regina – I have a little bit of a hard time with Regina not realizing that. I guess wanting to feel your estranged mom loves you can blind you emotionally. The outsider is going to stir big trouble for sure.

  26. lara says:

    Is anyone else super confused about how Regina can forgive her mother, the one who literally killed the love of her life? And, not Snow White, someone who was indirectly responsible, at best? Bad writing.

    • Mike says:

      In really hoping Regina is being controlled in some way, or else this is just very sloppy writing.

    • sara says:

      Because she spent her entire life being abused by her mother and she still wants Cora to love her? Plus, everyone else rejects her so when someone offers affection and love, it’s pretty common to fall into it.

  27. paul says:

    A possible story on Rumplestiltskin’s father?
    Rumplestiltskin was not suprised to be henry’s grandfather. He knowed perhaps the truth identity of henry?
    there was two ogres wars? the first with Rumplestiltskin and the secund with James (david’s brother)?
    Cora was interessed by Henry. Perhaps she arranged the meeting between Emma and Neal ans the prophecy on Henry and Rumplestiltskin’s fall?

    I believed that Baelfire will have more older with two wars the training of cora and regina, a old snow white. how time during the disparition of baelfire and the begiiniong of the malediction?

  28. mathiasred says:

    the seer is living at the end?

  29. mathiasred says:

    I hope a Thanksgiving episode

  30. Kim R says:

    I have a question. What is it that we, as viewers, are left with regarding the episode we’ve just watched? The thing that “also drops in viewers’ laps a bombshell they never saw coming nor thought to expect”?
    I’m not being snarky….I really have a question. :)

    • Mike says:

      Runple is going to have to kill Henry.

      • mathiasred says:

        Rumple searched his son and now he must kill his grandchild. Silly

      • mathiasred says:

        In reality, the malediction is a family meeting at Thanksgiving.

      • lara says:

        Or, he is going to have to choose between himself and his grandchild. I’m guessing they are going to have him succumb to his own undoing, because there’s no way to redeem a character who kills an 11-year-old.

      • Name That Tune says:

        No. He thinks he has to kill Henry. But this seer has mislead him before. There is tragedy coming. He will lose someone or something he values. The undoing involves something he doesn’t see. Cora & Regina perhaps?

      • Kim R says:

        I guess, if this is what they meant by “bombshell” I’m underwhelmed. A little bit of catastrophic language? An interesting plot development, perhaps, but not exactly a bombshell. I mean, he’s not going to kill Henry, for goodness sake! We’re not idiots. (Okay..that might have been a little snarky.) :)

  31. RIckOnce says:

    I don’t understand the evolution of milah. She’s fear for her husband and after she hates him.

    • Brian says:

      She turned her back on Rumple when he came home branded as a coward. That led her to Hook. Rumple didn’t do anything until after he was the dark one and ripped out her heart for leaving him and Bae.

  32. Ruth says:

    This episode didn’t live up to it’s hype, and Hook isn’t living up to his potential. I’m not impressed at all.

  33. Ronnie says:

    Great episode. I just wonder where they are going with the stranger discovering the secrets of Storybrooke and who he is talking with. Also, I think that Regina is just lying in wait with her mother and will find a spell to blow her back to Fairytale land. I think once she finds out who Henry’s father is, she will form a diabolical alliance with him by marrying him and the two of them will get custody and Henry will go willingly because they will set up Emma to make it look like she betrayed his trust again.

    • robinepowell says:

      I think you mean Henry’s grandfather. Why would she want to marry Henry’s father, when he’s not into the whole magic thing?

  34. Jenn says:

    Great episode! But I will find it very hard to believe if Gold still wants to kill Henry after finding out he is his grandson. Gold really did love Bae, and I believe that love will continue to Henry. Maybe not the same way, but will still be protective of his kin.

    I was never a fan of Neil, but maybe he’ll grow on me.

    Also, to those who were saying it wasn’t a twist, I would have to disagree. If you weren’t looking to figure it out, you probably wouldn’t have thought of it. Being that we read spoilers and hints and clues to coming episodes of shows, we are obviously going to look into things more than others. If I hadn’t read of the Bae/Neal theory in the comments of TVline, I’m not sure I would have guessed it.

  35. robinepowell says:

    I have to say it was obvious to me since the season premiere that Neal was Baelfie, since we all knew he was Henry’s dad. I just had a feeling they were the one and same person and that Rumplesteilskin was Henry’s grandfather. I see by reading the comments here, I’m not the only one who saw that coming. Especially with the promo for this week’s episode showing Emma’s face when she caught Baelfire.

    I just have one question. Why would Rumplesteilskin forget he’s Mr. Gold, when leaving Storybrooke, when he and Regina were the only ones who never lost their memory?

    Even Regina said last night, she, her mother and Hook wouldn’t lose their memories, just their magic. That’s the one thing that’s been bugging me for a while now.

    • Brian says:

      Gold did lose his memories, he only regained them when Emma’s name was spoken. At that point, he remembered everything.

      • robinepowell says:

        In season one, when he was locked up in jail, Regina asked him his name, his real name. If he had lost his memory and only knew himself as Mr. Gold, then how did he know his name?

        Also he was trying to get revenge against Regina for kidnapping Belle and when Belle was rescued, she was told to give Gold a message, that Regina was the one holding her hostage.

        Not to mention he was using magic once he found out about Regina and Belle. So no, Gold did not lose his memory.

        • Brian says:

          Yes, he did. Rewatch the pilot. Why does Regina looked shocked when Gold says please and she has to do what he says? Bc she’s shocked to know he remembers now. Plus it’s been confirmed by the writers. You can also check the official once wiki. Sorry buddy, he lost them as part of the curse, and only regained them in the pilot when he heard Emma’s name.

  36. EH says:

    At Paleyfest can you ask about Neal/Baes age? How long was supposed to have passed between Bae going through the portal and Regina casting the curse? Should Neal not be much older?

  37. Shane says:

    I thought the twist was that Gold would have to destroy Henry?

  38. Alice says:

    If Mr Gold has been in Storybrooke all this time, than what as Neil been running from? He says he’s been running from his father for a long time, but how is that possible when his father has never been outside the town, and Neil has never been inside the town? Does Gold have Bae-seeking henchmen we haven’t met?

  39. Brian says:

    I really want to know if the writers gave us the audience a clue when Emma told Henry his dad was a fire fighter way back in early season 1.

  40. onlyakb says:

    it was definitely one of the best episodes of the show, that’s for sure!! it had some really good performances by Jennifer Morrison and Robert and ow Henry (forgot the acots name) was really good as well , and plus a very funny scene with Snow and Charming, one of my favorites! Really didn’t expect that turn in the event, what a complicated family! can’t believe we have to wait for 2 weeks for the nest episode !;)

  41. kpmom says:

    What I really want to know is when is Peter Pan showing up to take down Hook? Anyone have any thoughts about HENRY turning out to be Peter Pan? If anyone can be described as a lost boy, I’m thinking Henry fits the bill.

  42. Shannon says:

    This is by far my favorite episode of OUaT this season! And though my husband and I figured that Baelfire was Neal a while ago, I love that they didn’t change it at the last minute to be someone else. I really hope they don’t mess up the amazing things they can do now that Rumple is ‘part of the family.’ It should prove a very interesting and entertaining dynamic.

  43. Allie says:

    I loved this episode. I think Emma and Bae look good together. I would like to ask whether the sign in Bae’s room saying ‘Cleaners and Hatters’ is a clue to him having visited Wonderland at some point.

    • Allie says:

      I also noticed that the number 13 keeps coming up in Bae’s room so maybe his fiancee is the thirteenth fairy from Sleeping Beauty as it was the 13th fairy that was turned away and cast the sleeping curse???!! or maybe i’m over analysing, but Rumplestiltskin did say there would be clues in his room!!

      • Allie says:

        Still over analysing. Watched again and Rumple says there might be information in the room as to who he is (clocks – neverland lost boy), what he does (cleaners/hatters – wonderland) and who he loves (number 13 – 13th fairy from sleeping beauty). I may well be wrong but I love a puzzle!!

  44. Joan says:

    I loved this episode – I like a lot of people guessed who Baelfire was, but I still think it played out very well – the drama was always going to be about how the charactors reacted to meeting Baelfire/Neal again. I think all the acting in this episode was really strong but I think Jennifer Morrison deserves special praise – I thought she was excellent in this episode and I especially loved the scene where Emma rang her Mom for advise – it shows how close they have become! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out for the rest of the season.

  45. Heather says:

    Why is everyone forgetting what a d-bag August was? Neal didn’t do anything other than leave Emma alone when August said he needed to for her safety, given her identity. He gave her the car and (he thought) ten grand. August stole the money and ran off to Tibet or wherever it was. August is the abandoning big jerk face. Neal did what he thought was the right thing for Emma and then some.

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