The Scandal List: Big Bombs, Peeping Toms, Fingers-in-Mouths and 17 More WHOA Moments

With each Scandal comes more scandalous moments. And we are here to keep tally of the ABC drama’s greatest, most salacious hits — or what we will dub “WHOAs,” as in Wicked, Heinous and/or Outrageous Antics.

From the multiple grim fates that befell kindly Amanda Tanner to bombardier Becky, from Abby and David’s outré foreplay to exacting an election fraud that threatened to rob America of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, we’ll be regularly updating this slideshow of the series’ wonderfully wild times.

Review this list of ethically and morally questionable behavior and weigh in on your “favorites.”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pure Josie says:

    Great Scandal moments on this list! Slight nitpick: the last Fitz-Liv hook up happened sometime btwn. Inauguration Day and Fitz’s 1st SOTU address. Unless you meant their last on air mating.

  2. Mona says:

    Not since Inaugeration Day…since Camp David!

  3. Pure Josie says:

    Other bombs: Fitz learning that Olivia was part of election-rigging. Fitz’s 1st on-air word after the shooting: “Hi” to Olivia! The assassination attempt itself.

  4. Mac says:

    I thought Billy Chambers killed Amanda Tanner, not Cyrus. Cyrus was just the red herring if I remember correctly.

  5. OLITZFF says:

    You forgot to add, the WHOA moment when Mellie told Fitz that it was Cyrus!!!! I nearly choked off my mallowmars

  6. theOtherMonique says:

    AH!!! REALLY, if you haven’t watched Scandal are getting the “bug”, PLEASE watch it from the beginning, don’t start with 2-14!!! I think Season 1 is still on Netflix and Season 2 on abc’s website or Hulu plus. There have been so many RECENT great moments that I’d forgotten all the WHOA moments from Season 1! Remember when Cyrus turned on Olivia!?!? There were some GREAT moments there… *sigh*

  7. KCC says:

    Good list!! I would have included: Someone shot the President and the photo of Fitz getting shot.

  8. The fingers in mouth or aka Abby rapes Rosen scene was not really scandalous more embarrassing. I cringed. Am still. Glad that’s over and hopefully done with.

  9. Tina B. says:

    The only thing POSSIBLY hotter than desk sex is electrical closet sex! Beyond Amazing Olitz!

  10. Rebecca M. says:

    Remember the Governor who lost to Fritz in the election..How he not only

    PLAYED his wife (she took the fall) but he had his REVENGE on Olivia…DEFIANCE

  11. Nancey says:

    I was enjoying this show until the last shot of the last episode where pentagon guy is spying on Liv. Jump the shark with too much spying and such. Go back to a new client once in a while to justify the job at least. A paying client not David the smuck.

      • Plum says:

        Poor David, don’t kick the guy when he’s down. I’m interested to see where the new arc is going, how ironic that Olivia and her team of privacy violaters are finally gettting their own privacy shredded by Jen Garner’s ex.

    • Me says:

      How is Scandal about to jump the shark? The spying from Jake adds a new depth to the show. I like it. I wonder who is spying on Olivia?

      • halina gluchow says:

        Olivia is so wounded and hurt that even after 10 months she is having trouble getting on with her life. Then when she sees Fitz after this period of time-nothing has changed in her feelings for him. She loves him but he said -we are done!!! She needs a new love interest !!!! She needs to see if she can go on without Fitz!! Jake is there for whatever reason—he will teach her a valuable lesson about herself, I am sure. That is his purpose, I believe, even though he is probably working for someone at the White House. I am looking forward to seeing what happens between them. I am sure she will get stronger. Olivia needs to move forward. I feel that Jake will help her with this. So let them be —it might a wonderful interlude!!!

  12. Ricardo says:

    I love Scandal. I have been on the edge of my seat (actually, bed). It’s so good. But, on Thursday’s episode, I realized what a A Hole the president is (Tony Goldwyn). The writing is so good but his character is getting to be ridiculous. He wants Olivia. No, he doesn’t want her. He wants Olivia. I don’t think having Tony Goldwyn’s character on is that important. He is nothing but a jerk. I mean, what a jerk. Remember when Olivia would have a new client on every week? Yeah, it wasn’t as great as it has gotten but it’s better then this Mr.President love affair.

    • Plum says:

      You are right that Fitz is officially the worst boyfriend/exboyfriend ever, but at the same time it makes the show so much fun that they are all so flawed, Fitz would have been a dud if he was just a great looking rich boy scout. If he’s bad now then his redemption will be that much more compelling.

    • Deena Braun says:

      This Mr.President love affair is what makes millions of women watch Scandal. We LOVE Tony Goldwyn’s brilliant portrayal of a guy who has, for the first time in his life, fallen in love. Without him the show would not be as addictive. Together with Kerry W, these two bring heart-felt emotions to the screen that few actors can elicit. Tony is crucial to the show’s success.

  13. mom says:

    Stop the copycat spying — its gross AND Enough already of Spoiled-baby Fitz mean stuff!!!! Getting predictable! AND that makes me sleepy!

  14. halina gluchow says:

    I think all the incidents described above are strong indicators of what lengths people will go to get what is important to them. Some people have guts and others are struggling. That is the human condition. To me Scandal’s moments need to be vivid and strong– we are in a political environment, and that can be a dangerous place. I do not like certain parts of the characters’ personalities, but am mesmerized by what takes place. There is no need to judge, just observe –you learn so much!!! I will continue to be a Scandal fan, because the show has me using my brain to understand the outcomes and reasons. Wow!

    • Rhonda Brice-Harris says:

      That is an excellent observation. That is what I like about the show, it intellectually stimulating as well. One could learn life lessons if we pay attention. In addition to that “all the drama” and mess makes it fun to watch and try to figure out!! Great writing and storylines.

  15. bmarie3668 says:

    I LOVE SCANDAL and will be watching till it’s last day!!! @kerrywashington@shondarhimes this show has not disappointed me yet! Reruns for 3 wks. I will survive!

    • halina gluchow says:

      I feel the same way. I am not always pleased by the actions of the people (like Fitz) but human nature is full of surprises. Last night”s episode actually shocked me. Fitz is out of control and even though he tells Olivia that it is over, he is still very into her..He sees her on her phone talking to someone and realizes that she is talking to a love interest. He is very upset and questions Jake angrily! NOW that is love and emotion–that is strong. I can wait for 3 weeks to see the consequences. It is nice to see that Jake is protective of Olivia. He obviously likes her. Good for him and Olivia. Give Fitz something to worry about!
      I also liked the parallel storyline about the not-gay senator. His choice in love evokes a strong response from Olivia. WOW! There is always something to think about in this i will analyze all actions while waiting for the next episode!