Vampire Diaries Recap: Is [Spoiler] a Goner?

Down the Rabbit HoleOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the hunt for the cure took a deadly turn.

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After much talk about the destruction his rising would bring, a mummified Silas awoke… and promptly snapped Jeremy’s neck! Guess it wasn’t his arms we should have been worried about a couple weeks ago, but his everything.

This being Vampire Diaries, we have to ask: Do you think Jer’s death will stick? Are you hoping he miraculously survives?

But first, let’s rewind: The major cure news to come out of the episode is that, unsurprisingly, there is only one dose. So whoever wants the last cookie is going to have to fight for it. Klaus lets his sister, Rebekah, in on this intel. “I hope you get to live and die as you wish,” he says. And I think he actually means it. She then shares the news with Stefan, but once it’s obvious he’d just give the cure to Elena instead of taking it for himself, she snaps his neck and hightails it to the well.

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Meanwhile, Damon’s been caught by the hunter Shrek Vaughn, who informs him that it took shoving the cure down Silas’ throat to keep the immortal being down. If he’s awakened, that one dose is going to have to be used to kill him. While this is going on, Jeremy and Bonnie have made their way down to Silas’ tomb. Shane got a broken leg during the spell rock-falling, so Bonnie simply says, “Best to stay off it then,” and leaves him behind. In the tomb, she sees her dead Grams much like the professor saw his deceased wife, but Jer convinces her it’s just a hallucination. Silas is just messing with her mind. What he’s not messing with? His vice grip on the cure. They realize that in order to get it out of calcified hands, they’ll need to feed him their blood and wake him.

Then there’s Elena, who discovers another unexpected vampire in the well – Katherine, so good to see you! – and she’s not having any of it. “Oh no,” she mutters. But Kat must have gotten the upper hand, not to mention a hair straightener and a matching outfit, because she fools Bonnie and Jeremy into believing she’s Elena. When Jer insists they help Bonnie, who’s been stabbed by Vaughn, before getting the cure, she finally gets fed up.

“God, I forgot what a brat you are,” Katherine says before biting into him and feeding his blood to Silas. Elena’s brother barely has time to register what’s going on before Silas snaps his neck and sends a lifeless Jeremy to the ground as Katherine takes off with the cure.

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Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Caroline pleads with Klaus to let Tyler go and live safely somewhere far, far away. If they’re the same, as Klaus believes they are – they both like “being strong, ageless, fearless” and thus, wouldn’t take the cure, he says – then she asks that he show compassion. Just as it appears that Klaus will be merciful against Tyler for Caroline’s sake, he adds that it’s just a head start. And so, the couple is once again forced to say their goodbyes in a heartbreaking scene. Tyler tries to convince Caroline that it’s just temporary, but she knows that finding a solution could take a long time and she wants him to live his life. If this exchange didn’t get to you, then you might want to have your ticker checked:

“I will live a happy life without you,” he promises as tears stream down her face. “I will forget all about you. And I will never, ever think about you again.”

“Until we find a way,” she replies.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode’s shocking twists? Are Jeremy and Bonnie both goners? Why do you think Katherine wants the cure? And did you cry during Caroline and Tyler’s “break-up”? Finally, does Damon win Line of the Night for this: “Do I look like I know anything about tattoos? Look at my skin. It’s flawless”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Frances says:

    I really hope Jeremy’s death doesn’t stick – he’s my favourite character and that death scene was shocking.

  2. Kate'shomesick says:

    UGH…VD used to be such a well written show…now with all the plot inconsistence I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s become so meaningless…I also think that they are putting to much emphasis on the wrong characters. Jeremy could have been really interesting. He is such a mensch…along with Reb and Matt he used to be the only character that didn’t annoy me this season…what a pity, really.

  3. dude says:

    This episode did something very necessary and that’s cut the dead weight. The canvas is too big. There are too many characters and as well as neglecting several actors, I’m sure it’s also quite expensive for them. Jeremy hasn’t had a purpose on this show since season one and stringing him along because it gives Elena some kind of family adds nothing to the narrative. Tyler also hasn’t added much to the show this season and won’t really be missed. With them gone that just leaves Matt and Bonnie to be sacrificed to the TV gods (I’m hoping for a two-fer where Bonnie becomes a supervillain and kills Matt) and then we can have a more focused show. I just wish Rebekah could stay.

    • MaryAnn says:

      One of the biggest appeals to me of the show is the large and complex cast. I can’t imagine that all of the players have salaries that are that large. That would be the only reason to cut them. And we have already weakened the show this year by killing Tyler’s mom — why does everyone over the age of 25 have to die? Besides, if The Originals is a go, that will be the end of four current cast members right there — the three Originals plus the Secret Circle transplant.

      • Faster says:

        I agree, so many people have left. What’s going to happen next season? We lost Carol, Tyler, Jeremy, and now the Originals (pending the pickup, I suppose). At least Katherine is back, for now, but we need some diversity.

  4. liliana says:

    This show without Jeremy and Tyler is nothing, not going to watch anymore, it’s not fair even if Jeremy is back other character wil die! This show, has no logic! Jeremy’s death was stupid, and made me hate Katherine so much, i am sick of Klaus, he thinks that he hasn’t hurt Caroline, stupid, just stupid! Elena and Tyler are the ones that keep getting hurt, i am not saying the others aren’t hurt, but Elena has lost her entire family!! I am already asking myself what is going to happen in season 5, i think it all the love triangle, because all the good characters are keep getting killed, or gone for good! I am actually quiting this show, and it’s really sad, but Julie Plec ruined TVD!!

  5. Megan says:

    I know Jeremy was a supernatural being cause he’s a hunter… But wasnt he a hunter when elena stabbed him in the neck in the kitchen? She was seeing Connor… Or was he only a potential then?

  6. I agree with the Plec comments on here – better actors & characters are being shafted for the lame triangle.
    Instead of The Originals, they should have put together The Triangle instead – Damon is only fun when he isn’t pining for Elena – Stefan and especially Elena really put me off this show now.
    I can’t buy anyone being attracted to her. She’s a pain in the butt, sounds like she’s one step from needing a voicebox, and the heavy smoking is starting to show around her mouth (the curse of HD, eh?)
    Hopefully business will pick up if Elijah comes back, Caroline & Rebekah are carrying this show right now.

  7. Didipocas says:

    I think that Silas will save Jeremy. Crazy thought huh? =P

  8. I think Katherine ran off with the cure cause she is gonna try and use it against Klaus. She loves being a vampire, and I’m sure after all this time she is tired of running from Klaus so if she uses it on him problem solved!

  9. gooner says:

    Damon will die and that is how the sire bond is broken.

    • mdavis says:

      My thought exactly! Damon will be the death that will stick, then the sire bond will end, and maybe that will be the end of tvd, cause if damon or Stephan dies off, that will be the end of the show…I hope that doesn’t happen cause im a fan of Damon!

      • Cathy O. says:

        I doubt very seriously Ian Somerhalder/Damon will die permanently on the show because that would end the show since he is one of the main characters and extremely popular. If he does die, I am positive it wouldn’t be permanent. But if his dying temporarily gets rid of the horrendous sire bond, PLEASE, by all means, kill him temporarily in order to release it and LET’S MOVE ON with another story.

  10. sls says:

    I just saw a clip for next weeks episode where Shane is fine, Bonnie asks how, Shane says Silas fixed him, Bonnie wants nothing to do with Silas or bringing people back from the dead, Shane says she may change her mind now, Bonnie says why, Shane says that Silas drained Jeremy when he drank from him and he’s dead.

    Don’t know if this is hinting at Silas bringing Jer back or if he needs Bonnie to do something else…and as far as whether or not the ring can bring him back…I don’t think it can if all of his blood has been drained. I think the ring has some limitations. But still maybe Silas is going to bring him back…we will see!

  11. Ben says:

    I just find Nina Dobrev’s acting so bland that I didn’t even realise that she had switched to Katherine until I read a write-up. Couldn’t they have given her a different hairstyle or something?

    • sls says:

      They normally make Katherine’s hair curly. But last night she was trying to look like Elena so her hair was straight.

    • Faster says:

      I disagree. I think Dobrev does a great job of acting and speaking like a completely different person when she is Kathetine. It’s subtle yet very effective.

  12. Lauren says:

    I wonder if Klaus or Elijah is behind Katherine being involved with the cure.

  13. The Venerial Disease says:

    Im hoping this season isnt as predictable as I am thinking it is going to be from this point on… They are going to either find some new way to kill Silas or they will drain and imprison him again.Then Damon will end up taking the cure to break the sire bond and fix Elena so that garbage story doesn’t have to continue on into next year. However, now Elena will have stronger feelings for Damon because of his sacrifice and her feelings for Stefan will return as well. Next year will be the year of the triangle. Argh… it’ll be terrible.

    I hope Jeremy stays dead and Elena turns into more than a whiny brat. I also hope Katherine sticks around. No better thorn in their side than her. She makes this show 1000000x more interesting. Rebekkah keeps getting compared to Katherine and I dont get it at all. Rebekkah is a sad little puppy who throws temper tantrums now and then when she doesnt get enough attention or her way. Katherine is a cold hearted sociopath. I dont find Rebekkah as deep as most of you all seem to. I dont fit the typical demographic of people who watch this show, so I dont expect to connect to the characters really. I watch for the action. I hated Rebekkah at first but she has grown on me and I like her character now, but she is the farthest thing in the world from Katherine and they do not serve the same purpose on the show. Katherine clearly wants the cure to use on Klaus to get him off her trail. I really hope she stays around as much as possible, so Klaus needs to be gone for good. The spin off means hell be leaving town, but something needs to happen to keep him gone.

    Id love to see the show go back to the dynamics of season 2. I think it was at its most interesting creative peak that season and since then they have just been writing themselves into corners left and right… Killing off the entire lineage of vampires when you kill an original made it pretty impossible to deal with the originals hanging around town. The sire bond is a cheap trick. There are a few other things like this that bother me but I cant think of them off the top of my head… Rather than opening doors creatively they create situations that I would assume make the writing process more difficult. The nice thing is they are willing to take risks and every now and then they really hit the ball out of the park and surprise me with something. The way things played out with Jeremy and Bonnie was pretty cool im my opinion on the last episode. Even though I wouldnt miss Jeremy at all (he really does nothing for me…) for the sake of continuity it seems like he should be coming back alive from the ring. If he survived Elena killing him, he has to be able to survive this.

    One final note, the Caroline Tyler scene at the end… The only reason I came on here just now was to see if anyone else was making fun of that scene… Shocked to see it touted as heart breaking or whatever. It was so awful… When he started it off, I was like, OK… He is going to promise her he will be happy or whatever but he is going to loop back around and say something like, “But I will never forget my time with you.” When he was just like, I will forget you, blah blah blah, all I could think about was how stupid it sounded. I really hope Im not the only one who found that to be laughably bad. Heres praying that Klaus rips Tyler’s heart out and kills him and that he is the death that sticks. Tyler is as boring as they come to me. Oh, and one last thing just because I have always wanted to just kind of throw this out into the world… Stefan is a terrible actor and he looks like a muppet. Maybe the terrible actor thing is a bit harsh and off base, but I hate the character and the way he delivers some of his awful lines.

    • Faster says:

      I agree with what you said about Rebekah and the Caroline/Tyler scene. Katherine is so much of a better character, and I definitely don’t get why people have jumped on the Rebekah ship. She’s an alright character, but definitely not as deep as people seem to think. Especially when people are calling Elena a whiny brat, it’s hard to believe that people have conveniently forgotten about Rebekah. The Caroline and Tyler scene was lame, and it’s placement within the show was terrible. They went to commercial right after you saw Elena say, “Not you!” when you suspected it was Katherine she was talking about, then they went straight into that boring scene before getting back to the interesting stuff.
      P.S. I think Stefan looks like a very young Ron Pearlman

    • Cathy O. says:

      Venerial Disease, I am LMAO at some of your comments which are right on the mark.

      -I agree the Tyler/Caroline scene was really laughable and I couldn’t wait for the next scene. If I had taped the show I would have fast forwarded right through it.
      -I too had no connection to Jeremy so his being gone won’t impact me at all
      -The comment you made about Stefan looking like a Muppett is hilarious as I thought the same thing. And his acting is just mediocre. LOL!

  14. Jj says:

    Jeremy’s death is so predictable. So much so, that I think Silas will raise him, and someone else will die. It is way too obvious for Jeremy to stay dead. I think Stefan will wind up dead before the season is done.

  15. Denise says:

    Is it true that Silas can bring back dead people? If that’s true, maybe can Jer come back :) I’ve always loved him.. It was so nice Katherine came back but then she let Jeremy die and now I’m not so happy anymore :’) I really don’t know what Katherine wants with the cure by the way :p

  16. Danielle H. says:

    We can speculate all we want.. there are so many questions to be answered. Is Bonnie dead? Is Jeremy dead? Will Silas get the Hunter’s curse? Who has the tombstone? Who will ultimately get the cure (my money is on Damon.. someone Katherine gives it to him to screw with Elena, and probably because she still loves him)?
    BUUUTTTT.. we won’t know folks until next week, or even longer for some answers. So I guess we just have to be patient.

    BTW: Still love this show, but since season 1 we’ve had so many cliffhangers and shock moments that now I’m kind of immune on this show. Also Katherine’s return was all over the internet unfortunately so I wasn’t surprised at all. I’m going to try to do more to avoid spoilers on shows I watch, because it’s taking the fun out of things. I also hate that I come to this site, and they already have the recap up 10 secs after the episode ends, and I try to scroll really fast by but they always spoil it, and I usually don’t watch it until the next day. Can we try to put zero spoilers or hints at all in our recaps especially when they come out so quickly when people are just coming to the site to surf before we see the episode??

  17. annika says:

    they can’t kill the only person Elena has,that sound stupid…. jeremy is not dead…if he is i am not watching tvd,anymore…i love jeremy and bonnie together.They got to be the cutest couple on tvd…better than Elena and her love triangle,with the brothers…please pick one. You can’t have both of them.She needs to make her mind up about who she’s in love with…she can’t move from one brother to another brother,that sounds boring and stupid to me..over all i love the tvd…please don’t take Jeremy off the show,he the best..I am crying thinking that he might be gone forever,makes me sick.Question? how did katherine get out of the tomb when in season 2 damon locked her up in there,and I though she couldn’t get out cause bonnie grandmother had a spell on it,that lock it forever and till a witch open it….wasn’t that support to be the plan of having her lock up in there.I can’t wait for next week episode..i hope he’s not dead.

    • Faster says:

      Katherine has been out of the tomb for awhile. Remember she was being held by Klaus in Alaric’s apartment, and in the season 2 finale she delivered to Damon the cure for his werewolf bite (Klaus’s blood)? We saw her out and about in season 3.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I think we’ve all had it with the love triangle. I said it before and I will say it again, CHOOSE A BROTHER AND STICK WITH THE CHOICE (hopefully Damon) so the other one can move on. The flip flopping back and forth between brothers has got to go and is old. Now if Elena sticks with Damon okay but to go back to Stefan again after having slept with Damon and professing her love for him is a bit much.

      • annika says:

        Yes i agree with you 100%…pick one,but you can’t have them both.It doesn’t work like that…this is kinda like twilight when bella can’t pick who she’s in love with…she end up with Ed,anyways. I think that Elena is going back to stefan. cause she still in love with him,is she going to play a katherine,who play with brother,and make them mad….we will find out in 3 days, can’t wait….i love jeremy i hope he’s not dead.

  18. Kelli says:

    I don’t even know what to think with all of this. I do know that Stefan and Elena are back in Mystic Falls and Bonnie is not. If Bonnie were in Mystic Falls, I have no doubt she’d be right there with Jeremy. Meredith was asking Elena to release the body to her so I assume Stefan and Elena brought Jeremy back with them. Where’s Damon in all of this? My guess is with Bonnie trying to find a way to bring Jeremy back.

    • Cathy O. says:

      On the previews Bonnie was sitting at Elena’s kitchen table so I think she’s back. I don’t know where Damon is, probably still in the cave.

      • Kelli says:

        Oh okay. I rewatched the preview and the sneak peek. I thought it looked like Damon was back in Mystic Falls as well. However, I missed the part where Bonnie was there. I did see her still on the island with Shane at some point though.

        • Cathy O. says:

          Damon is suppose to be returning to MF to help Elena or something like that but supposedly she comes up with her own plan (whatever that means). I kind of think Jeremy is really dead and that Elena will lose her humanity. If that happens, the love triangle will probably be put on hold for a while.

          I saw pictures of Ian/Damon in New York taping ep. 17 and it looked like he was with Katherine though (by the hairstyle). He is bloody too on the photos. I am thinking he may be trying to get the cure from Katherine for Elena. I am just guessing, there are so many avenues to take. I can’t wait until Thursday to at least find out Jeremy’s real fate.

  19. notimelikethepresent says:

    Just following on from a few commenters above, I can’t understand why when Bonnie managed to trap Klaus into Elena’s apartment with her spell, Bonnie & co didn’t think to capture a few vials of Klaus’ blood at the same time to create a stash of werewolf bite antidote before bouncing off to Nova Scotia. That would be too forward thinking however.

    And why not leave the white oak stake with Caroline to prevent Klaus from killing Tyler when Bonnie’s spell lost power, instead of Elena taking the remaining stake that can control the Originals along for the ride on a dangerous and potentially fatal trip to Silus’ burial site just because she’s got a grudge against Rebekah, who poses no current threat?

    My advice – there are so many obvious p(l)otholes going on that there’s no point trying to make sense of it all. The writers clearly manipulate every magical device they’ve created to suit the needs of each episode’s critical turning point, without much respect for past or future storyline. So debating the whole “will the ring save Jeremy” thing seems rather pointless.

    I can’t for the life of me remember whether an answer was ever given as to why Jeremy could continue to even wear the ring, when it was supposedly turning Alaric into an evil vampire-hating dude, and Jeremy could have met the same fate! I’ve given up trying to follow TVD too closely from a plot perspective.

    But definitely agree that Katherine using the cure as leverage against Klaus seems the most plausible scenario explaining her role in all this, but her teaming up with Elijah is not. Why didn’t we see Elijah when Kol died? If he was so busy watching them all in the shadows alongside Klaus, he shows no reaction to the death of his brother? Even when he teamed up with Damon and Stefan last season to try to bring down Klaus, he still ended up favouring his brother despite his various evil-doings. You’d think Kol’s death might have stirred some kind of reaction?

    It’s far more likely that Katherine is working together with Klaus and their deal may turn into a strategic alliance. Maybe that’s what will trigger the spin-off and Klaus’ looming relocation further south…

  20. abhishek says:

    if he had the ring on, shouldn’t it bring him back to life??
    because silas is a supernatural being..

  21. Cathy O. says:

    I just had a terrible thought. What is the sire bond continues the rest of this season and on ep. 23 the sire bond is broken and the season ends where we are waiting to find out if she really loves Damon or not? OMG!! That would be awful.

    • sls says:

      I am pretty sure that is going to happen. I just had a thought too. What if Damon is in some situation where in order to keep the cure out of someone’s hands, like Katherine or Klaus, he drinks it himself even though he doesn’t want it. He turns human, the sire bond is broken, and the season ends like that!!! lol It will be a long summer.

      • Cathy O. says:

        Oh boy sis you may be on to something. In episode 17 it looks like Damon is going to be in New York and it looks like he is with Katherine (because of her hairstyle). Someone who was at the shooting put photos online of Damon shooting the episode.

        And has anyone thought about this:

        Take the cure with me. That’s how much I know this is real. That’s how certain I am that I am going to love you even after this is all over. Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together. Grow old together” ~ Elena Gilbert 4×13

        She is telling Damon she wants to grow old with him but she never said that to Stefan. Remember after she became a vampire and she and Stefan were sitting on the rooftop she told Stefan they would be together as long as she wanted them too, she never said forever. Also, when she was telling Damon she loved Stefan in 3×22 episode she said to Damon on the phone that she couldn’t think about forever with Stefan just right now. So too me it seems like Damon is going to be the true love OR it could be that the writers just don’t remember what they say when they are writing these episodes?

        • sls says:

          They might be writing it that way to lead you to believe one thing or another. They know the shippers pay really close attention to whatever is being said within the relationship. I don’t recall Elena ever saying forever in regards to Stefan but my memory isn’t the best lol

  22. eficnt says:

    im starting to like klaus. i wouldn’t wanna see him leave .. i think stefen and Rebekah should get together. that’s just my opinion lol :)

  23. aminata maiga says:

    Jeremy is Not gonna DIE.

    • annika says:

      Sorry to say,but he’s gone forever…i just watch episode 15 on tv today. And he’s dead Elena burn his body in the house at the very end and i saw it all. I can’t believe he gone too…but we have to live with not seeing jeremy:(

  24. Deion says:

    I, myself, wonder who Katherine is retrieving the cure for. She doesn’t want it, she can’t she’s still on Klaus’s hit list and if she takes it, she’s the Petrova doppelganger all over again, and Klaus’s prisoner.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I wonder what Katherine wants with the cure also but I think somehow Damon is going to end up getting it from her and taking it whereby becoming human and breaking the sire bond.

  25. vannesa180 says:

    elenas whole family has died…she has lost everyone..but all this.started happening the moment elena met stefan..

    • Cathy O. says:

      Yes, you are right it all began with Stefan. But what can you expect when you are in love with a vampire or should I say two vampires. You remember her mother Isobel telling her as long as she had a Salvatore on each arm, she would be doomed? Well, she wasn’t lying about that. Elena probably should have stuck with Matt which would have eliminated all the drama in her life but who doesn’t love drama. And sorry but who wants Matt when you have Stefan and especially Damon in town.

  26. Cathy O. says:

    I heard there is suppose to be another death tonight. Did anyone else hear that?

  27. vannesa180 says:

    i feel bad for elena..she has no one..but maybe since they took away the last family member it will change her completely..atleast im hoping for that!

  28. annika says:

    I just watch the new episode,he’s dead…Elena burn his body,i cried in the enter episode.OMG i can’t believe he gone forever….I feel so bad for Elena and bonnie,elena burn jeremy body saying that it the only way she going to believe he not alive anymore…she also burn the house down with his body in it……I can’t watch TVD.And more,jeremy was the only reason i was watching that show,now he’s off it, i don’t think i can watch the show with out seeing his face…Tell me i can get though this with jeremy being gone……annika

  29. Lukas says:

    I’ve got a feeling that we might be seeing the original witch on our screens very soon since it seems as if this season is nearer to the core of immortality and supernatural powers and for the death part of things i hope no one dies for now

  30. Badjorass says:

    I just love Katherine… Damn! She’s so evil and that just make me love her.

  31. montalverne says:

    I think Klaus will force Katherine take the cure and she’ll become a doppelgänger again. It’s just what I think.

  32. kevin says:

    Yall forgot caroline who I hope ends up with clause…coz we all know mystic falls nids a new. Sympathetic like villan, tyler is a bore rily uselss.kathrine. Is a fav and shold stay as she will entertain us with stefan and damon whom we all knw stil fils sumthing for her, kathy is a writers dream coz she is well rounded…damon is the male kathrine…bilive me if he we’re to lose stefan not even elena wud bring him back he is the suspence holder. Jermey should remain dead…he’s uselss and has no spine…if only bonnie was bad ass , but only her looks keep me entrtained…elena with no humanity is a female kalus this is gona be fun…elijah keeps. Law so he should return rebecca and stephen and matt should have a luv triangle