Scandal Recap: I Never Knew How Much Love Could Hurt, Until I Loved You

Scandal Season 2 Recap Whiskey Tango FoxtrotThis week on ABC’s Scandal, a 10-month time jump found Fitz driven to drink, David in too deep and Olivia struggling to stay above water as troubles new and familiar loomed large.

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THE STATE OF THE UNION | Yes, 10 months have passed since Fitz learned the truth about Defiance — yet he apparently never made it clear to anyone that he knew. Mellie thinks he and Liv just, like, had some nasty spat, so she’s doing her best to satisfy her man’s need for (conspicuous amounts of) drink as well as bow-chicka-wow-wow. Fitz though rolls his eyes at the latter while glugging the former.

The presidents other significant other, Cyrus, meanwhile has had his fill of the cold shoulder (yet in all these months never thought to ask point-blank what was up). But when Fitz ponders a questionable call with a Navy SEAL team and a group of CIA hostages, Cy forces “a minute” with the boss and has his voice heard.

Still, Cyrus is shaken, and insists to Mellie in private that their guy knows about Defiance. “He could bathe in Scotch for all I care,” the chief of staff says, alluding to POTUS’ new crutch. “He’s shutting me out. He’s running the country, on his own.” Cyrus tells Mellie they must force Fitz to trust them again, or “someone else will ride our horse across the finish line.”

Later, Mellie takes Cyrus’ advice somewhat to heart, broaching the topic of Defiance with her husband and throwing Cyrus, with all her might, under the proverbial bus. (Here’s a drinking game, Mr. President — take a shot each time Mellie reiterates that Cyrus was behind Defiance.) When Fitz takes and kisses the First Lady’s hand, oh how she beams… in an inappropriate way.

Acting on Mellie’s advice to follow his gut, Fitz sends in the SEALs, only to come away from the botched raid knowing there is a mole amongst his team.

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THE DAVID ROSEN‘S PROBLEM | Blackballed by his brethren in the wake of his second epic strike-out, David is now running a private “firm” out of his apartment, using wafer-thin business cards to boot. Even worse: He wakes up one day to find a pretty blonde from the local pub bar beside him. Dead. Smothered in blood. And a knife in his hand. Colossal mistake No. 1: David covers in front of some inquisitive flatfoots, thus compelling him to not only summon Pope & Associates for a consult but comply with their recommendation to move the body and stage a B&E-gone-wrong at her home. (In the course of the cover-up, we witness that Quinn, with tutelage from a duly impressed Huck, “is a natural” at being a cleaner, as well as driving a knife into a cadaver to generate fresh splatter. Plus, she’s awfully cute in her clear plastic apron.)

The gal, Wendy, apparently had been using her womanly wiles to get (ahem) close to men who have access to information, then turn her learnings into tabloid stories — or in her final, ante mortem case, try to sell secrets to the military. That’s where Scott Foley comes in, as Captain Jake Ballard. Having already “met cute” with Olivia at a coffee shop, Jake turns on the charm when Ms. Pope drops by on her strange, super-secretive kind of business. With Jake himself trading in confidential intel, their confab is a bust, though he plants the seed for a possible dinner date.

Later, David discovers a flash drive that Wendy was using to fish files from his laptop at the time she was killed. On it, he and Olivia find massively high-level military secrets. Though David can by no means afford her (as she made clear earlier), Liv agrees to help him get back the white hat he wore so well.

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PURE ELECTRICITY | As revealed in a meet-up with Cyrus, Liv is loath to even talk about Fitz these days — though Cy does share with her his theory that the president got wind of the Defiance scheme. Still, Olivia is the godmother to Cyrus and James’ daughter Ella, and will need to share space with godfather Fitz at the christening ceremony.

And Share. Space. They. Do.

Fitz fast-walks after Olivia as she leaves, eventually tugging her into an electric closet for a torrid, angry, heated rogering, while Stevie Wonder’s “I Don’t Know Why” wails. Afterward, Liv admits, “I made a mistake” — referring not to the romp but Defiance. “No, that was betrayal,” Fitz counters. Driving home just how hurt he still is by her compliance with the scheme, he coldly says, “I may not be able to control my erections around you, but that doesn’t mean I want you. We are done.”

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE…. | Olivia returns home, defeated anew, and rings Jake. With some hesitation, she pulls the trigger on a not-quiet date with the charming stranger while… quite unbeknownst to her… he’s watching her, and every room in and around her apartment, via hidden surveillance cameras. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Can we assume that Jake framed David, to lead Liv to him? Is it sadder to see Fitz inhale Scotch or have depressing shower sex with Mellie? (Hey, remember when Mer cried after sex with George? Good times.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Truth says:

    Hi Eliza,
    I agree with some of your comments but I also agree with Jane. I think it just depends on our individual definitions of love. Yes they love each other but right now it looks more like a negative type of love and that is in fact unhealthy. Some of us don’t want that type of love and some do but either way it depends on the person. There is no excuse for the way fitz is treating liv. Yes he’s hurt and feels betrayed but if he doesn’t allow both cyrus and olivia to explain themselves and he continues to shut them out he’ll never heal. Why lose the best thing that ever happened to you? Especially if she is suppose to be the love of his life. Either way I understand where both of you are coming from. I hope you two can understand each others point of view.

  2. Platurner says:

    Hi Truth,

    Well said.

  3. Truth says:

    Hi Platurner,

    Thank you. I like hearing everybodies point of view. It makes very good debates lol I look forward ot hearing more from everyone and I definitely can’t wait until next week!

  4. Onimuoyinbo says:

    Verna broke the news and placed all blame on Hollis, Mellie threw Cy under the bus shifting all blame on him, Cy hasn’t added his take to the mix BUT only Olivia apologised to date. Cyrus’ explanation might just be what clears things up for Fitz. Each person’s character is portrayed in how they each reveal their participation. Really waiting to hear from Cy.

    When Liv walked past Fitz after closetgate, he sniffed – it was so involuntary as if he could not help himself – one more whiff before she disappears for another 10 months.
    If he really did not care, why turn at the end of the corridor after Cy left to watch her go?

    Fitz used the word ‘betrayal’ because it was what Mellie used in the limo. She is rubbing off on him as he has no other sounding board and that may not be too good on the long run.

    Olivia apologised, it was thrown back in her face, I guess she will take her cue from that and move on no matter how difficult it may be – which it will.

    Stupid people all of them but fun watching them.

    • Truth says:

      Didn’t think of it that way. Great explanation! It’s fun putting all the pieces together which is yet another reason why I love this show! LOL

    • Kerrie says:

      Cyrus – he is so enamored with power he has totally lost sight of right and wrong. And, we know why – he told James – unattractive and gay removes all possibility of the Presidency for him. He believes he should be President. He feels cheated and will (and does) do anything to keep himself as close to being in power as possible – and nothing will stand in his way. (Cy reminds me of a like-able Bob Alexander (Frank Langella) from Kevin Kline’s DAVE) He stays even though he is totally shut out by Fitz. And, for some reason the people around him – James and Olivia – need to trust him. Olivia because Cy is her only connection to Fitz and James because he loves Cyrus. But really – if you look at the relationship between James and Cy – that is so broken and dysfunctional it begs the question – how long will they last? James and Hollis are the 2 people (in the cast) who can bring the administration down. They are the only people who have first hand knowledge of the actual cheating. When Olivia told Cy Defiance will never be over, she was right.

      I love this show!

  5. jt (@terps9) says:

    good times indeed! yes i do remember when mer cried over george… what a lush she was back then, huh:) geez almost a decade ago now?

  6. Tina B. says:

    To answer your question Matt, it is more depressing to see Fitz getting head from Mellie or anything from Mellie for that matter. Fitz is being terrible yes, but NO ONE deserves to be stuck with Mellie. She made a HUGE mistake throwing Cy under the bus because he helped her but now when he finds this out and he will, he is going to destroy her with Liv’s help and it’s not like it will take that much convincing for Fitz to drop Mellie. I get that Fitz is hurt but he really needs to grow a set and stand up for himself and call everyone out including Mellie, don’t turn to the dragon when surrounded by other monsters, you slay the dragon and try to figure out who is true and who is not yourself! This crap about Liv didn’t really love him and him questioning that, I get that what she did was big but if he steps back and really looks at it, Liv didn’t have a choice and Cy is going to tell Fitz when he stops freezing his best friend out that Cy had to do everything to convince Liv she HAD to do this. Jake is super creepy and somehow is going to hurt Liv, so Fitz needs to pull his head out of his ass, and get over it in time to save her cause this Jake guy is a little more psycho and not patriotic either. I like everyone else was so happy to have Cy and Liv have angry sex in the electrical closet, but the WAY he talks to her is unacceptable, he is mad but has no right to treat her like a common whore afterwards. I think she might have to knee him in the balls and try to knock some sense into him soon because Fitz is losing himself.

    • Truth says:

      That is such a great way of saying it. I’m loving everybodies take on this episode and the show in general! I was saying the same thing about fitz. He really needs to grow up and get together. I honestly understand his hurt, pain, and anger but he needs to pull himself together and actually have a conversation with both cyrus and olivia so he can get the real details from the two people who have always had his best interest.

  7. Onimuoyinbo says:

    Just watched this again and 2 things struck me.

    1) Olivia was heading for the door when she got yanked into the comms room. Why did she head back inside after they were done? Did she somehow think that Fitz was no longer VERY angry so it was ok to be in the same room? To be fair, he was a complete gentleman holding the door for her and waiting for her till she spoke.
    What gave her the impression that it was the best time to apologise/bring defiance up? If she had not said anything, all olitz fans would not be up in arms about his treatment of her. She kind of stuck her fingers into an open wound and like a wounded dog, Fitz bit back at her. Then she turned and headed for the exit again. Confused girl – next time, keep walking.

    2) The second shower scene seems to be Mellie trying to make him forget he saw Olivia earlier in the day. She saw the way they stared at each other in the church and how quiet and reticent he had become so she wanted to fill he void. Yuk!!!!!! It’s as if she has no self respect and nothing is beyond her in order to get what she wants. It’s clear this guy does not want you, yet you force yourself on him? Why woman, why?
    I’m not condoning adultery but it is so painful to watch a woman who calls herself powerful and all, degrade herself like that. I’ve never heard of a man shying away from free sex and feeling so miserable about doing it.
    If this is his idea of penance, I pass. Would rather go through the wrath of a divorce.
    Fitz has amunition against her now – fixed election, forged signature. She will want to keep those under wraps as they can send her to jail but then Liv is roped into all these too so it will be no win situation.

    He really is in a tight spot and I’m sure blackmail will not work with Mellie. He needs to stop drinking so he can use his brain properly.

    3) Fitz might be behind the surveillance because if they are close to election time and campaigning is to start, he may want to know what is going on with each and every one of them. Also, he did not seek Olivia out in 10 months. He showed up at her door for the AT issue but not this one? If he initiated the surveillance, he will keep away so Jake will not find out about them.
    But it still is very fishy and waiting for more info in this weeks ep.

    Ok – I had more than 2 things to say, so sue me ;-)

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