ABC Banishes Happy Endings to Fridays

ADAM PALLY, ELISHA CUTHBERT, CASEY WILSON, DAMON WAYANS JR., ELIZA COUPEHappy news it’s not: ABC is exiling Happy Endings from Tuesdays to Fridays beginning in March, the network announced very late Wednesday.

ABC’s revised Tuesday schedule (which bows on Feb. 26) will consist of Celebrity Wife Swap at 8/7c leading into The Taste at 9/8c.

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Happy Endings, which aired its final Tuesday episode last week, makes its Friday debut on March 29, airing back-to-back original episodes from 8-9 pm. (The current Friday-night comedy block of Last Man Standing and Malibu County will have finished their seasons prior to the Happy takeover.)

On the bright side for Happy Endings fans, at least ABC is allowing the ratings-challenged comedy to finish out its season. The same can’t be said for the show’s former Tuesday companion, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23.

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  1. A says:

    Uuuuuuuugggghhhhhh. ABC is ruining my life

  2. David4 says:

    Show was good, has the best gay character ever on TV.

  3. sam shaib says:

    best sitcom on tv right now … i hope that does not mean it’s over …
    if so TBS should pick it up

  4. Adam says:

    This is my favorite comedy on TV, perhaps my favorite show on TV, I really would hate to see this go.

    What annoys me most about this is how the hell does ABC expect Happy Endings to find an audience if they constantly change the schedule and burn through the episodes? In 2013 it has aired on Sundays, Tuesdays and now Fridays – and its only mid-February.

    If they have any faith in the show, they’d leave it in one spot, otherwise only people who follow this kind of news or have it set on their DVR to record will ever know when it is on.

  5. JAMANDAFAN says:

    When it comes back in March–Fans need to get everyone they know to watch it live–if there is a big bump in the ratings-that could save the show–or maybe convince TBS to save it…

  6. Ben says:

    Your move, TBS.

  7. KND says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! This makes me neyond sad

  8. marie says:

    come on abc really? And then you cancel the b in apt 23 talk about adding salt to the wound. I so sad

  9. mamamitzvah says:

    Just ,btw, does anyone remember that Damon Wayons, Jr was in the pilot of the New Girl as Coach? Who knows, maybe HE will do very well on Friday. I try to be optimistic. I still am reeling from the brilliance of NBC cancelling Life with Damian Lewis for the magnificent Prime Time with Jay Leno. That worked out really well! :)

  10. david says:

    Someone call TBS its time to move. This show is fantastic

  11. Sarah says:

    Really? Replacing Happy Endings — one of the best comedies out there — with Celebrity Wife Swap?!?!?!?!? UGH

  12. JimC says:

    Getting booted to Friday by “Celebrity Wife Swap”? LOL Then again, it’s ABC. If it’s not “Lost”, better not buy into anything on that network.

  13. I think ABC needs to just cancel all of their shows and call themselves the reality tv station because apparently that is all they want to do and have on their station, both on daytime and primetime. Personally I’m just sick of ABC and all of their krap! It’s really getting old. Do they not get that people record shows on dvr, TiVo, etc. and watch later? It might not be within 24hrs but we do watch. There are so many great shows all on at one time right now it is simply impossible to watch them all at one time or within 24 hrs of recording. A lot of viewing habits depend on what your work schedule is. I happen to be a nurse who works 11-7 at night. I sleep during the day so I clean and cook when I get up and only have a few hrs for tv viewing before work again. I watch on my days off which happen to be 4 on 2 off. I really think ABC/Disney, who is in financial trouble right now, needs to poll their consumers instead of taking matters into their own hands and continuing to have failing shows on their hands and wasting money they don’t have.

  14. Dizzle says:

    Not unsurprising, given the ratings, but still disappointing to read. I think ABC has realised they made a mistake trying to establish a comedy block on Tuesdays, up against Fox and NBC. I had hoped that maaaaaaaaybe they would move it back to Wednesdays, given the acclaim the show gets, but looks like they’re just cutting their losses instead. I hope it’s not too late for the cast to audition for pilots, and that they are given the chance to, so that they can be back on our screens ASAP. All 6 actors deserve another show, and who would’ve thought we’d ever be saying that about Kim Bauer?!

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      …and then there were two – FOX comedy block and NBC comedy block… ABC block the first one to fold. Your comments [as well as prior cjeffery7 comment] are right on the money; in the end, having three network comedy blocks on Wed/9pm just didn’t work. ABC folds first, NBC is probably next. I have to believe sometime before season’s end in May, NBC will slide Go On and/or New Normal over to Thursday nights for some ‘test runs’ to see how the numbers look. Fox and New Girl have won this Tuesday 9pm hour battle.

      I just took a look at the TVBTN ratings report for January 29th – the final time FOX-NBC-ABC had head-to-head-to-head competition at 9pm hour. This scenario is always a great time to look at not only 18-49 demo ratings and overall viewers, but ‘share’ numbers. In this ‘share’ metric, New Girl is getting a ‘7’ share of TVs turned on at that time, versus Go On and Happy Endings ‘3’ – double the share win for New Girl – that is significant. 9:30 slot shows a tighter competition for share, with Mindy getting a ‘4’ share, and Happy Endings and NNormal with ‘3’.

      Game over – FOX [New Girl in particular] wins this one. NBC will have to make some decision after Voice comes back – leave Go On and Normal where they are, or test them out on Thursday night?

  15. Marc says:

    TBS…please, we beg you to save this comedy favorite as well!!!

  16. Boiler says:

    Fox please pick this up and pair it with New Girl!! Micheal help ius out here. Poor Body of Proof now having 2 crap shows as lead ins

  17. dude says:

    Happy Endings didn’t air an episode last week. It was pre-empted for The Bachelor.

  18. Patrick says:

    Seriously?? They replace a good ORIGINAL comedy with Celebrity Wife Swap??? This is why cable tv is taking over with all the best shows! ABC, you suck… Thank you AMC, FX, Showtime & HBO for picking up all the slack left by the networks!

  19. Tarc says:

    There really aren’t many ‘comedies’ that are even vaguelly funny, let alone also fresh and charismatic. Happy Endings is all of those things. What a pity.

  20. Paige says:

    I feel bad for Daman Wayans. He’s hilarious. But could’ve been in New Girl… just sayin.

    • Spencer says:

      The dumb thing is that Happy Endings is a better show than New Girl, but it doesn’t have Zooey Deschanel as a ratings pull. Damon Wayans, Jr. went with the better written show, so it’s a shame that it’s in danger of being cancelled.

      • JJ says:

        I’ve never understood how New Girl is so much more popular. To me that show comes off as a less funny version of Happy Endings. They have one funny character (Schmidt) but the rest do nothing for me. While on Happy Endings all 6 characters are equally hilarious.

    • Mike says:

      Yeah, but if he went with New Girl(even though he didnt have a choice) he wouldn’t have gotten Eliza Coupe as his TV wife, suffice to say he made the right choice, they are one f best marriages on TV, and Brad is a much character than Coach and Winston combined.

  21. Not1ofYouPeople says:

    Actually, I believe the last Ep was Tue Jan 29th not Feb 5th. I be surprised if the show goes past this season. I’ll miss it if it goes!

  22. Anna says:

    Dammit, ABC! This sucks.

  23. JJ says:

    If a show this enjoyable and hilarious can’t make it, then I’ve pretty much lost all hope.

  24. Cory says:

    Happy Endings is by far the best comedy on TV. I’m deeply saddened by this news but I’ll keep my fingers crossed we get some kind of “happy” ending for this season at least.

    It seems extremely unlikely a show like HE could do well on Friday but, maybe my some miracle it will not drop significantly or be exposed to a new audience that night? All I want is for HE to get at least one more season.

  25. Megan says:

    I really hope tbs realizes what an awesome show this is and saves it. I think a cougar town – happy endings pairing would be amazing!

  26. Amelia says:

    ABC should stick with quality instead of looking at numbers for a change. ABC continues to disappoint me I will never forgive them for axing Pushing Daisies.

  27. not happy about it but i sincerely hope that if there is still one episode or two to shoot, i hope that this episode will be the series finale… if all episode have been shot then we will have fustrating season3 finale which will not be the finale of the show! can TBs buy it like cougar twon?

  28. Jackie H says:

    Saw this coming when they started showing new eps twice a week at completely different times.

  29. Dave says:

    This sucks!!! Well when Happy Endings gets cancelled, which it most definitely will now, I hope that some other network picks it up. Its no wonder the ratings are mediocre for this AMAHZING show, stupid ABC keeps moving it around and people can’t keep track of when it comes on. I mean first its Wednesdays, then Tuesdays, then Sundays and Tuesdays, then double episodes on Tuesdays now double episodes on Fridays.This is just ridiculous.

  30. Lauren says:


  31. Ana says:

    Here’s the thing with H.E., it has the most ridiculously good looking, crazy hot cast on TV. And they are so good together. I love every pairing. The problem is that the writing kind of sucks. They have to resort to stupid jinks and put the characters in ridiculous situations to try to get a laugh and that’s kind of pathetic. The guys act like fratboys and the girls, with the exception of Jane who is crazy smart, act like dumb blondes. It’s infuriating, really, because this cast is crazy talented. They are as funny as they are hot. And they each have their own quirks that distinguishes them. Penny is my fave, but I love all of them. But honestly, I keep watching because I want to support the show and because of the cast but not becauses it’s quality tv, because let’s face it, it isn’t. Still, I was hoping for another season…

  32. rachelle says:

    Omg WHAT??? Terrible news! Seriously just ruined my day.

  33. Hugo says:

    So does that mean the show will get axed? Please, not. It’s a very funny show.

  34. luc bod says:

    Anyone recall Max Greenfied played Gay Max’s love interest in an Ep of Season 1 of HE. And Damon was in pilot of New Girl. Happy Endings should move to Fox. Happy Endings, New Girl, Mindy Project on the same channel same night is my ultimate fantasy.

  35. Sarabi says:

    What a bummer. :( I hope all goes well. This cast is so amahzing!

  36. Rob says:

    This show is one of the funniest on television. It deserves better than ABC. I vote for a move to TBS similar to Cougar Town!! Cougar Town/Happy Endings would be a fabulous hour!!

  37. Vince says:

    Happy Endings is one of the funniest shows on TV r

  38. Vince says:

    Happy Endings is one of the funniest shows on TV right now…whose bright idea was it to move it to Friday, for a piece of garbage show like celeb wife swap?!? I will still watch and hope the shows comes back for another season!

  39. Mike Antonetti says:

    Why don’t they move it to Sunday night, because its depressing what the next day is. And the name of the show would fit the week.
    The show is so wacky I love it , and I’m not a tv fan, cops and we’d night comedy

  40. Shannon says:

    They are so wrong to cancel this show. To put it up against New girl this year was beyond dumb. You need that same demographic to watch each show, its impossible. This show, to me and my husband, is so much better than new girl, so much funnier. But people who were already watching new girl at that time would be able to see it. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Abc will keep canceling shows to put on Reality tv that tons of americans are getting tired of watching; all the fake staged drama. Best cast, best couples, best half hour of my week! I am going to be so upset if they cancel it.

  41. fan says:

    Oh my gosh, if this show is going to get cancelled, I will DIE! this is the best show ever, and its hilarious!

  42. Ashley says:

    This is really starting to remind me of what happened to Pushing Daisies, another fantastic ABC show that I loved and was constantly screwed over by the network. They pushed episodes back, moved it around, and now people are practically forgetting when it’s on or they’re not hearing about when it’s on. I love Happy Endings and would hate to see what happened to Pushing Daisies happen to this show.

  43. Docscott71 says:

    If ABC is dumb enough to cancel this quality ensemble show, hopefully one of the other networks will realize that this show is developing into a series that might just rival some of the other good ensemble series.

  44. Katie V. says:

    ABC got it wrong. This is by far the funniest show on T.V. They need to read the blogs and listen to the fans! I think it will be just like Arrested Development where they realize too late the success they could have had with a refreshingly different and hilarious show. Very disappointing in their lack of insight.

  45. atothewr says:

    So another good show gets bumped because of reality TV. Why can’t reality shows go away all ready? Happy Endings is such a smart and funny comedy that it is a shame it is getting treated so badly at ABC.

  46. rell says:

    Im pretty sure im late and alot of people have said what im but to say. So with that being said HE was move to tuesday because they thought it would dominate like mondern family does. It is a hell of a show excellent chemistry with all the actors. That is why it got picked up for a season two because the first season only had like ten episodes. So when it got the green light for season two abc dominated from 9:00 to 10:00 hell I believe till 11:00 cause revenge came on,but they move that to Sunday which is a HUGE f-ing mistake. Cable tv dominates scratch that owns Sunday nights pick a network hbo, showtime, stars, etc. So that’s why HE is doing bad it actually is adc’s fault for the low ratings. Hope they Dont get to cocky with scandal cause that show is burning up Thursday nights.

  47. Michele says:

    Happy Endings is the most promising show on tv. Of course the network execs want to kill it Why pay for quality when they can crank out reality show garbage.