The CW Orders Early Renewals for Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow

blog_cw_combo_2.11.13The CW on Monday announced early pick-ups for three of its seriesSupernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow.

Arrow gave The CW its best series premiere since 2009, Vampire Diaries is the network’s highest-rated show in target demos and Supernatural is up 15 percent in total audience versus last season. The dramas will be entering their second, fifth and ninth seasons in fall 2013, respectively.

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“We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit Arrow and fan favorite Supernatural on Wednesday night, and the continued success of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that,” network president Mark Pedowitz said in a statement. “Not only do Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries perform well on-air, they’re also extremely successful for us both digitally and socially. I’m thrilled to have all three shows returning to our schedule next season.”

TVLine’s always-fresh Renewal Scorecard has thusly been updated.

Which of these renewals are you most excited about? And which CW series do you think deserves a pick-up next?

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  1. mac says:

    Yay to SPN and Arrow, they just need to bring back Misha Collins as a regular on SPN and the day is perfect.
    Happy bout TVD too but I’m more interrested in ‘The Originals’ right now (c’mon Daniel Gillies is a regular on that…how awesome is that ?).

    Don’t really care about Beauty and the Beast but it hasn’t been doing too well rating wise, right ? Neither has Hart of Dixie, 90210 or Nikita…
    Cult sounds awesome…

    What are they going to cancell this year ?

  2. Daniel says:

    I hope Nikita gets an early renewal so it can finally do a well-deserved cliffhanger at the end of the season.

  3. ollie says:

    please please cw renew hart of dixie and nikita. I didnt ever think I would like hod but I started watching it mid way through the first season and its now one of my favorite shows and just got caught up on the first season on netflix.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I am so stoked on TVD and Arrow. I’m even happy about Supernatural (though I am a bigger fan of earlier seasons). I loved HoD in season 1 and despite being a huge Zoe/Wade fan, I haven’t been feeling it lately so I’m quite indifferent to it. I was pleasantly surprised by the pilot of The Carrie Diaries, but have lost interest in it since so I’m indifferent there, as well. BatB is enjoyable but I’m not that attached. And 90210 needs to end. Please. It saddens me that they cancelled Emily Owens, but have kept 90210 on the air this long. And lastly, PLEASE renew Nikita. I know they haven’t ever gotten an early (or even really an ‘on time’) renewal, but it kills me to wait for it to be renewed; I love it so much and I’d like to think it consistently performs well despite the Friday night death slot.

  5. Lisambri says:

    awesome news – i’m late to the Supernatural party but have turned into a fangirl (2 a day on TNT and then netflix to catch up) I dropped Vampire when I picked up Arrow but glad all 3 were renewed

  6. Dulci says:

    Glad for these renewals. My favorite show on the CW is BATB. It has the fun action that I love but a little more romance than some of the other shows on the CW. I am hoping they pick it up for a season 2.

  7. lynn says:

    no competition .. it has to be BEAUTY AND THE BEAST <3

  8. joecooler2u says:

    Thought I would love Arrow more than Beauty and the Beast but I love Beauty more. Love the job Kristin Kreuk (a fav of mine from Smallville) is doing on Beauty and the Beast. Arrow is really good but I hope CW keeps Beauty around. The show is actually surprisingly good besides the eye candy of seeing Kristin on a weekly basis again. She’s doing a fantastic job but that’s no surprise as she was a big reason I became a Smallville fan. But I’m more surprised I love the shows stories and direction. They might need to mix stories up some more and get the kind of growth Smallville had but this is a show I desperately want to stick around. Almost gave up on the CW after Smallville ended but this and Arrow has me sticking around. I might have to get back into Vampire Diaries at some point. Don’t know why but I lost interest after season 1. Maybe cause I thought the show wouldn’t last and I’m sick of giving shows a chance only to have networks cancel them on me. Supernatural lost me seasons ago. It became too much like the same thing every episode.

    • Natalie says:

      TEAM BATB ALL THE WAY!!! :-)

    • Claudia Keller says:

      Joe,p if you are a guy, we need more guys in the #beastie fandom, please join our fandom more actively, the show has everything to appeal everyone and both genders. And if you are a female, sorry I just get thrilled to find out that more guys are liking BATB since they labeled as a chicks show. :/

  9. e744 says:

    Go Hart of Dixie!!!!!!!

  10. Mimi says:

    Please renew Nikita! It’s the best action show out there.

  11. Win says:

    I smell bad news with this poll. Those BatB fans can be rabid!

  12. Noelia. says:

    I really hope Hart of Dixie gets a season 3. Surprisingly, it’s one of the shows I most look forward to watching every week and I’m actually enjoying the show as a whole and not just for Wade and Zade!!

  13. Roy says:

    Arrow is awesome :-)…hopefully it will be at least 4 seasons long….also hope heroes gets a 5th season

  14. Putting aside my obvious favoritism where Nikita is concerned, I think it makes the most sense, business-wise, to renew this one early. This show’s fate least depends on its ratings in coming episodes because the main reason it was renewed for its *current* season was getting it to syndication. They’re not going to throw that away when they’re so close to the coveted 88 episodes, unless there’s some kind of unfathomable ratings disaster (I was worried when it got 0.3’s and even 0.2 once, but moving it back to 8pm managed to stop the downfall). Whereas with the other shows, syndication is already in the bag (9O21O) or too far away (BatB, TCD, Cult), so ratings matter much more and the network will want to wait to see how they hold up. HoD is the only one that might benefit from syndication prospects.
    9O21O should be cancelled, in my opinion. The CW is toast unless it cleans house when it comes to teen dramas and puts most of its effort into genre shows, the kind that are working for them. And given how the shortened final season of Gossip Girl turned out, it’s not likely to perform well.

  15. Hannah says:

    Hart of Dixie!!

  16. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Great news for fans of these shows. But I’m really hoping for more NIKITA and BEAUTY & THE BEAST!

  17. Mohamed Youssef says:

    yeeeeeees Supernatural <3

  18. dude says:

    That photo really shows how pretty Nina Dobrev can be when they don’t steamroll her hair.

  19. Donna says:

    I used to like SUPERNATURAL; few of its episodes work for me now. Yet, here it is, along with ARROW, getting renewed. I’ve never cared about THE VAMPIRE DIARIES despite the hype. Meanwhile, the acting and plots of ARROW and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST are lackluster while NIKITA and THE CARRIE DIARIES feel like something special each time I watch. But even though I like THE CARRIE DIARIES, it hasn’t really proven itself yet numbers wise thus far. So, in the end, although I don’t wish the cast and crew of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST any ill will, I just don’t think it deserves another season. Of the shows not renewed, my priority would be NIKITA followed by THE CARRIE DIARIES and HART OF DIXIE.

  20. Alan says:

    ok cw good work, thank you for arrow and supernatural getting renewals, now can we get a nikita renewal? look i asked nicely, please renew it.

  21. Vannesa says:

    Woo hoo. Great news about Arrow…now when Beauty & The Beast and Nikita get pick up…that would make me oh so much happier.

  22. dee says:

    I’m happy for TVD and Arrow, but Hart of Dixie has to be renewed… I’m hoping it is the next one to get good news!!

  23. Heidi says:

    I really need Season 3 of Hart of Dixie!

  24. Melissa says:

    I wish they would just cancel 90210 now, so they can wrap up the series properly.

  25. Lola says:

    HART OF DIXIE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  26. juliette says:

    i need beauty and the beast second season

  27. Michael says:

    C’mon CW pick-up HoD. It’s a show that’s very different from the rest of the CW’s current programing.

    The writing has been fantastic this season.

  28. Zadefan says:

    I just got into Hart of Dixie on Netflix. I need to know that my Zade fix will be around another year.

  29. jody says:

    the beasts are coming to make thier show survive

  30. Frida Lesniak says:

    Hart of Dixie is not as fun this season. Season 1 was halarious but I think Beauty and the Beast should get renewed. Their ratings my not be that good, but they have fans from other countries in other timezones like me that loves it, and I can watch it when it aires on the CW so you can’t just go on the ratings.

  31. khareen says:

    like 2 have season 2,beauty and the beast..:-)

  32. KristineKnight says:

    Supernatural <3 Wonder what they're going to do for a storyline..I just hope neither Sam or Dean dies or disappears to somewhere..that's annoying when it happens all the time. I'd like to see a normal finale where that doesn't happen. Superanatural kicks ass! :D

  33. YAYYYY SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!! I’m hoping to see more Castiel in the next season. Love me some Sam, Dean and Castiel!!!!

  34. Roberta says:

    I´m so happy with Supernatural, Arrow and Vampire Diaries renewal!!! Love these TV shows! Supernatural season 9!! Hell yeah!! Now CW just need to renew other my fave show Nikita and everything will be perfect!!!!!!! Although i dont watch Beauty and the Beast i want CW to renew it because of the fans! :)

  35. khareen says:

    i agree..give beauty and the beast season 2..lab dis sh0w..!!

  36. Gerald says:

    Great. Love all 3 shows. But could Vampire Diaries be Klaus free and not have his own Spin Off?
    NExt for Renewals: Nikita, Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast (It has grown on me)

  37. Cheryl says:

    Yay for Supernatural and new showrunner Jeremey Carver who focused this show back on its heart, the brothers! By first bringing them back together properly once and for all and closer than ever (tossing away all that soap opera crap we got from Kripke and Gamble whose forced ways to divide the boys seemed to play on a loop since Season 4 ) And now the boys are united their tight bond solidly re-forged and fighting evil side by side and thats where the best of storytelling comes from And now they have a new home and it came from one of the most brilliant episode about Johns father Henry
    Carvers storytelling is amazing as he lets in light and good and positiveness and gives this show a much needed balance.

  38. Susan says:

    I am so happy to hear supernatural will continue.

  39. Kristi says:

    Glad Arrow has been renewed. Hope that The Carrie Diaries gets renewed.

  40. khareen says:

    go beauty and the beast.!!!!

  41. Tran says:

    90210 should get a shortened “final season” soon if it gets renewed and I’m still worried on the fate of Nikita, Beauty and the Beast & Hart of Dixie.

  42. liliana says:

    So happy that Supernatural was renewed, it’s my favorite show, i watch since the first season, very happy with Arrow too, it’s so good, for me the best new show, and happy with TVD! Now, Cw needs to renew Nikita, and i will be completely happy!!

  43. Kali says:

    Happy for Arrow!
    My happiness would be complete if Beauty and the Beast was to be pciked up as well – please tell me this is still an option!?!

  44. oliver says:

    No brainer! It was expected. But congrats to all their viewers anyway..I myself being a TVD fan. Yet i still feel like i’m hanging from the edge of a cliff until Nikita gets renewed. It’s the only show i’m reallyyyyy hoping gets a renewal.

  45. Gaia says:

    So friggin happy for Supernatural!!!!! I love it and this season is gettin better and better!
    Now I wait for Beauty and the Beast to be renewed!

  46. Serina says:

    Love Beauty & The Beast. One of the best shows to come out this year. Please give BATB a second season. Vincent & Cat have to get together.

  47. winchesterlover says:

    im CRYING im so happy for supernatural!

  48. Skyla says:

    Beauty & The Beast needs to have a 2nd season. It has a loyal fan base and we love the story of Vincent & Catherine.. Please renew!!!!

  49. Natalie says:


    Pleeeeeaasse RENEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!