25 Shows You Want Remade or Revived Now!

In honor of Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World sequel, Girl Meets World — and the success of updates like Dallas, Nikita and even The Carrie Diaries — we proposed last month a list of 23 series that deserve continuations or new incarnations.

As is often the case at TVLine, though, our readers filled the comments section with so many intriguing ideas that we couldn’t help creating a little spinoff of our own — call it Remakes and Revivals: The Next Generation, if you will!

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So click through the gallery below to check out your comrades’ picks, then hit the comments and tell us which ones you’d greenlight!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Donna says:


  2. Ali says:

    Must be revived list:

    1) Firefly
    2) HBO’s Rome
    3) Jericho
    4) The X Files with Robert Patrick as Agent Doggett and maybe Scully and Reyes but not Mulder
    5) Life
    6)Third Watch

  3. This list needs more Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies

  4. Jay says:

    The Unit is at the top of my list. One of best military/ action dramas of all time. It also ended with no conclusions to story lines, and the primary characters are (mostly) still available

  5. Benny says:

    The O.C. or Dawson’s Creek

  6. daria says:

    GIDEON’S CROSSING and PROFIT. Why on Earth did they cancel these brilliant shows when there’s so much crap on TV ???

  7. jane says:

    How about bring back Lost and we realize that the last season was really a bad dream Walt’s dog had, and actually have a final season that made sense. Seriously though, I miss my original Law and Order, Rome, and a good primetime soap like Dynasty.

    • Sarah says:

      Sorry Jane, I totally disagree. That last season of LOST made all sorts of sense!

    • JPWinland says:

      I disagree Jane. And btw, the last season REALLY explained tons of what was actually happening the entire time! Vincent (Walt’s Dog) wasn’t having any bad dream! It’s also confirmed through the creator’s themselves how the entire Lost crew were all dead the entire time! No Purgatory either. Remember nearly all of them were told on more than once occasion “You cannot leave this Island yet! You have a lot of work yet to do.” That work they all had to do, was to deal with their individual issues they fought with internally, and what they were each not letting go of from their life, and so needed to work these things out. Find a closure to deal with what they were struggling to hold on to. Once they finally did, and all the while during touched one another along the way. Each making some sort of connection with one another, which is why they all ended up where they were in the end. The church at the end represented their crossing over after dealing with their life issues they were holding on to, then after, they knew and realized what had happened! So they made their way to the “gates” to meet up with one another as a whole (another reason they all had to be together was because they all died together) “Live Together, Die Alone”. EVERYTHING had meanings within meanings. And while they were on that Island, they WERE really doing all of those things. BUT it was also tests. They were able to do things (including heal miraculously fast) on the Island, and encounter things they wouldn’t have otherwise off the Island! IF you don’t understand it still, there is an official article on Comicon and Paleyfest where the LOST creators are speaking on the panel explaining the entire story and ironing out ANY wrinkles of confusion.

  8. MaryAnn says:

    One show I always wanted to see more of that no one has mentioned is “Tales of the Gold Monkey,” starring a young Stephen Collins as a forties pilot who was a treasure hunter in the south seas. That was absolutely the best attempt ever to pursue the “Indiana Jones” type concept on tv! Of course it would need to be a reboot with the characters the same age as in the original, but this idea would be fantastic in today’s market! Both the treasure hunter and the sleek forties look of the main character’s girlfriend would go over well.

  9. MaryAnn says:

    No one has mentioned “Babylon 5” ? We definitely need something new in that universe.

  10. MaryAnn says:

    One show that I have really, really missed is “Buffy.” Although I can’t see the show really being just a continuation of the old one, it should have Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy in a position that puts her in charge of a younger slayer, or even a group of slayers, given the changes in mythology toward the end of the series. It should have as many of the original cast as didn’t die in the original finale and are available for the show. And it should have Joss Whedon, at least as Producer. It would be nice to at least get a made for tv movie to test the waters on how a project like this would be received.

  11. sophie says:

    I think that legend of the seeker should be brought back, that show was amazing!!! Miss it soon much x

  12. Elusive says:

    Prison Break

    These are the two shows that must go on both had great cast n superb story.

  13. Nancy Heitmeyer says:

    Scarecrow and Mrs. King BUT ONLY if Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson were in it as the “senior agents” overseeing things, maybe with their grown children as agents today. They had some of the best chemistry of any couple I’ve seen and were magic together. Almost everyone I know old enough to clearly remember 80’s TV loved this show and it had to end too abruptly due to Kate Jackson’s illness. It also was great family entertainment, something that is sorely lacking today.

  14. Zach says:

    Where is Legend of the Seeker? Many fans want this fantastic series to continue.

  15. jan says:

    MMC reunion??

  16. Shadow26 says:

    Dark Angel, Nash Bridges

  17. Diana says:

    We think that Buffy the Vampire Slayer could make more new episodes with the original cast.

  18. Fadden101 says:

    Xena: Warrior Princess!

  19. Sarah says:

    Freaks and Geeks or Jericho!

  20. Win says:

    Loving all the Roswell love, There needs to a movie. All these years later after being on the run, another landing happens, One the government is going through great links to cover up, but max is drawn to the crash site by visions, and wants to investigate, which divides the group. While an Alien survivor thrown from the crash, wreaks havoc through the U.S. in search of answers. The Alien in question is after Max’s son. Micheal split from the group a long time ago, not to be seen or heard from, due to not being able to fall in line with Max’s lead, he shows up out of the blue because he too is having visions and wants to investigate. this throws Maria into a tailspin, having finally come to peace with his absence and turned to kyle for comfort. Is, has a child with Jesse, who of course doesn’t know. Her main priority is keeping her son safe, that’s why he’s spent all these years without knowing his father, and why she even goes along with having this unstable life for him. Going to the site risks putting him in danger. Liz and Max are married and have been unsuccessful at having a child of their own, despite Liz’s metamorphosis into something more than human. She doesn’t want to go to the site for fear as to what they find there, and if it will drive max to want to seek out zan again. Max feels it’s something he must do, seeing as destruction has been following in the crash’s wake, and zan may be in danger due to signs the invader is leaving.

  21. Steph says:

    Anyone who wants that exact story line should read the Buffy comics

  22. Af says:

    Legend of the seeker! Look at the fan base still 3years later

  23. Plum says:

    Wonderfalls is a gem, so funny and so charming, so well written. I’d add Men In Trees and Northern Exposure too; we need to bring back the movie of the week format.

  24. Kara says:

    On top of Full House and anything regarding Veronica Mars, I would also agree with a remake or continuation of Jack and Bobby and then add Everwood to that list.

  25. Maxine says:

    Lie to me!!! Best tv series ever!

  26. Jessica says:

    The event!!! From NBC a few years ago.

  27. Martha says:

    Bring back Wildfire with Genevieve Padalecki, Ryan Sypek, Micah Alberti, Nicole Tubiola, Nana Visitor, Greg Serano, and Andrew Hoeft … and Wildfire, of course!

  28. Aida says:

    Nr 1 on my PLEASE-at-least-give-it-a-good-ending list is Joan of Arcadia. Does anyone here remember Danger Bay? Also Moonlight, Dark Angel and (a little younger show) Terra Nova. That definitely deserved more!
    Yes to Veronica Mars (But there is a movie coming :-) ), Full house, Alias, The pretender & Party of Five.

  29. JavaJunkie says:

    A Gilmore Girls reboot would make life crazy awesome. Only if Amy Sherman-Palladino is doing it though. Luke and Lorelai really needed another season after the stupid chris fiasco and a look at working Rory would make for a good show.

  30. jordan rochez says:

    usa needs to remake pacific blue but with young police officers

  31. emily says:

    Kyke XY

  32. cindy says:

    I would like to see remakes of these shows – kindred, mash, all in the family, maude, hex, medical investigation, poltergeist: the legacy, x-files, charmed could be really great if done right, buffy the vampire slayer, xena, seaquest dsv, profiler, v but as a mini series like the originals and do’t change it so much that I switch the chanel durring the first episode, angel, babylon 5, eureka it never should have been canceled in the first place

  33. Dr. Larry Milham says:

    Has the population of America changed so much that shows like Emergency, CHIPS, Roy Rogers, M. A. S. H. (4 OR 5 wars since Korea with lots of new stuff) Red Skelton, and The Ed Sullivan show would not survive in today’s age of “Reality Shows”?

  34. Dr. Larry Milham says:

    What ever happened to “LONGMIRE” ?

  35. Jason says:

    Veronica Mars is one show that should definitely be brought back! People loved that show and a lot of people were upset when it was taken off the air! Another good show that would be awesome if brought back is “Chips”! It was amazing TV for its time and would be great TV now if written properly. It would be even better if the actor that played John Baker was brought back to play the Captain.

  36. Christie says:

    I wish they would bring back Gilmore Girls and Friends.

  37. JPWinland says:

    Legend of the Seeker
    Dollhouse (it needs to be finished properly)
    Firefly (add a few new key points, put in order, and more detail in origin and lifestyle)
    Roswell (just another one that seems to be unfinished)
    Twin Peaks (Brilliance)
    And Alf (He was cute, and he can be new and improved in so many ways! There is so much more potential for and in Alf. Our people alien).
    And many more! When I think of them, I will add them.

    • JPWinland says:

      My Continued List From Above…

      The Event— (And we really NEVER got to find out WHAT The Event WAS! WHY???!!!)
      Jericho— (ended too soon, and had so much potential. Very disappointed when great shows are cancelled, and without any vote from the viewers and followers of these wonderful Series’)
      “V”— (2009 Series. With mention of continuance. No word since)
      John Doe— (2002) where the man seems to have all the answers, all kinds of knowledge, and seems to know everything except his own name! Helps police solve crimes using these skills, while at the same time searching for who he is…what his name is.

      Dead Like Me—
      The 4400 —[think I mentioned this one, BUT it was Sooo GOOD]

      Ghost Whisperer—
      Lie To Me—

      Alien Nation— (Would be interesting to either recover this one, with same-similar plot (even of course that there would be different people used for Cast I am sure), or kind of keep the flavor of where the story was going, and add some tech special effects this time around, and add new ideas toward the story line)

      —And heard there was a possibility (or “Rumors”…TALK) of bringing back LOST. THAT would be VERY INTERESTING! Would be HIGHLY ANTICIPATED!

      Dollhouse— (2009) Eliza Dushku plays various parts actually. Herself, and other girls in some mysterious organization, where they are used in such a way where their mind and all kinds of aspects of their physical being are altered to learn, and play certain parts (personalities, names etc.), and complete tasks (e.g. assassinations etc.), and at the end of each those memories are erased. At the end of each day, it’s as if nothing they did happened. And they’re erased enough to where they’re almost like innocent children to an extent. However Eliza’s character has been having MANY flashes of memory, as if her mind is overcoming what they do to her. Pretty amazing concept.

  38. Tracy says:

    Please, please don’t revive M.A.S.H! My parents watched it all the time when I was a kid and I took off running every time I heard the opening song. Bring back some old school cartoons like “He Man: The Masters of the Universe” or even good shows like, “Who’s The Boss” or “Growing Pains.”