NBC Cancels Do No Harm After Two Episodes; SVU Repeats to Fill Thursday Void

Do No Harm CancelledNBC has permanently suppressed Dr. Cole’s evil alter ego.

The network on Friday afternoon pulled the plug on its Jekyll-and-Hyde-esque medical thriller  Do No Harm after just two anemically rated episodes.

The freshman drama’s Jan. 31 debut garnered 3.1 million total viewers and a 0.9 demo rating, making it the lowest-rated, in-season debut of any scripted Big 4 series ever. This week’s second installment fared worse, dropping to just over 2 million viewers and a 0.7 demo rating.

Do No Harm wrapped production on its initial 13-episode order last month; it’s unclear if the 11 remaining episodes will see the light of day.

Encores of Law & Order: SVU will fill the Thursday-at-10 void through Feb. 21. It’s possible that Bryan Fuller’s anticipated Hannibal will take over the time slot in the spring.

TVLine’s 2013 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. Ali says:

    No matter how crappy this show was or was not, it’s the process that all networks use when airing a new show that needs to change. If a network buys a pilot, they all should be forced to let the show run for one season. If all shows did this, they’d have time to tell their story and let the actors adjust to their part and give the audience (no matter how small it may be) time to absorb the show and really get a feel for it. After one complete season, if the numbers are still horridly low, then cancel it.

    It seems like there is no common sense anymore. They spend millions and then cancel before most shows can get off the ground. Also, the Nielson system of ratings must change to include DVR ratings. Most of these shows do find audiences that will enjoy them, they are just prematurely cancelled due to greed on the part of the networks.

    It’s inefficient and silly how the process currently works.

  2. Someone says:

    Awww, this makes me sad. I was looking forward to James Cromswell’s appearance on the show. I hope they burn off the episodes somewhere, like on Saturdays or online.

  3. marc robbins says:

    There is no way this show is worse than Chicago Fire!

  4. swami says:

    I liked the first episode!! I don’t think its plot was stupid, and keeping in my mind that show like “The Neighbors”, or “primeval new world”, just naming two among the many, are still on air, I really can’t understand what the audience think it’s smart and what not…
    Do no Harm wasn’t so bad!
    Bad acting? Bad writing!? The vampire Diaries has the worst solutions in the plot I’ve ever seen!! SO COME ON!!!

    • Alice says:

      I think Vampire Diaries is the highest rated show on its network. That’s like, the opposite of Do No Harm. It aspires to get the kind of following of the Vampire Diaries.

  5. jess k says:

    Bummed about the cancellation of this show only because it means no weekly dose of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Can we please get that man on a show?

  6. Curtis says:

    I’m sorry but this show was not given proper marketing or a good time slot. I didn’t even know about the show until a week after the first episode was shown. Then by the time the second episode came the show was already cancelled. This was sabotage from the beginning.

  7. Dice says:

    Should have taken a page from the BBC version “Jekyll” which was great.

  8. MHL says:

    Why does all of the shows I like always get cancelled…I actually like this show!

  9. necla says:

    The show was interesting and i liked the first two episodes. İ hate to think other episodes gone wasted… Steven Pasquale was amazing.

  10. lilmissc says:

    I liked the show. The fact that it was up against Scandal, same day and time, may have been a doosey. Try another day, and see if it picks up. I’d love to see all the episodes. Hell, just email them to me or something. I think people who didn’t like it, are offended because they can relate to it, the alternate ego thing hit a nerve!!!!! LOL….

  11. tony says:

    Im soo mad that they did this! This was the best show on tv! Yeah NBC, stay with your corny shows! You suckk!

  12. renimani says:

    The concept behind do no harm was good. It had potential. I really wanted to like it too. Plus it doesn’t help that it airs at the same time as scandal and suits…..and scandal.

  13. Unknowntoyou says:

    WTF this was an amazing show! On par with Suits and Dexter!

  14. Joy Friedberg says:

    I am beyond disappointment at what I though was a cleaver Program being premeturly cancelled. The cast was strong. There were interesting hints of the ex wife and son entering the story. The possible reveal and romantic attachment with Dr. Senice. Maybe do no harm will be picked up by cable station and given a dose of violence, sex, and language. One can dream

  15. Linda says:

    My husband and myself liked the show. Loved S. P. in Rescue Me, think he is a great actor. too bad about the cancellation.

  16. Suzi Inguagiato says:

    I am pissed they cancelled this show. I finally find a show that is interesting and worth watching and they decide to cancel it after 2 episodes. For one, give it until the end of the season to cancel it to see if the ratings would get better. Also, I think NBC sucks for shows anyways, CBS or even FOX should pick this show up and I think it would get better ratings. Big disappointment on cancelling. TV is now boring, once again.

  17. West says:

    I thought this show was awesome, it was my new favorite show. Reading through the comments I am completely amazed someone would actually say the show was “brutal” to watch!! I really am shocked, almost every one of you have something bad to say. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time on both episodes! What the hell is wrong with you people, has the whole human race gotten so dumbed down that all anyone wants to see is fart jokes and rednecks cussing? I am disappointed with all of you… I want those other 11 episodes!! WTF NBC, WTF!?!? I hate you so much!!!!

    • Jarod says:

      I agree at least the owe us the 11 and they should give us all some voice besides what the setup is now,Who knows maybe 1 of us might have an enlightened idea,sure cant be any worse then the crap they subject us to know,like keeping the crap and cancelling the promising!!

    • McCray says:

      I agree with you West. I am a psychologist and the only fake variable in the show was the every 12 hour switch. It does not happen like that but everything else is accurate. I wish they did not cancel it.

  18. Jarod says:

    In some respects most of you have all the correct points but to think that any of our opinions will matters to the top dogs is naive,The choices they make have being proven in
    the past,the ones of us that dissect and really have the passion to look trough some flaws and give the writers actors etc. Are falling on death ears,we know what we like and whats
    good in long term,so they the dogs can cancel but we can manifest alternative ways !!!
    so you see in time we gain by their ignorance! (anams)LGN

  19. michelle says:

    It wasn’t the greatest show I’ve ever seen but I actually enjoyed it. I was looking forward to the next episode..at least it was something different than everything else that’s on tv!! Put it back on!!

  20. Lamar says:

    This show was great! Unfortunately it was competing with Scandal which got that time slot on lock right now. Can’t bring a new show on to compete against arguably the best show out. I hope this comes back on another day of the week because I was a fan

  21. Mandy Poole says:

    Why did y’all out it? We enjoy the show. I couldn’t wait until the next show.

  22. Jay says:

    Well that sucks butt. Now once again there is NOTHING on T.V on Thursday. As far as I’m conserned the show’s they are playing now, (30 rock, the office and stupid shows like that) should be canceled but thats just my thought. I know some people love thoes showes but not me. I don’t even turn on the T.V until it’s time for the 10:00pm news.

  23. Shelli Miller says:

    I’m agreeing with everyone that thinks 2 shows is enough to quash a new series is bull. That’s rediculous. Try another day…try when one show goes on hiatus. I liked what I saw in the first 2 shows. Funny its still on demand 2 weeks later. 1600 Penn is *STUPID*, but you keep airing that BS. Guys with kids…dumb…Whitney… they just have more $$ backing them. Its all numbers and NBC needs to restructure their executives.
    Bring it back and give it a real chance. Grow a pair of ovaries.

  24. Darlene says:

    I really enjoyed the show. I was just getting in to it, I wish it would have finished the season. Im sad I wont be able to see the rest of the seasons.

  25. Ashley says:

    I thought Do No Harm was actually pretty good. They should at least finish airing the episodes for the people who did watch it. I want to know what happens! And BTW, Awake was a GREAT show!! I was mad when they cancelled that, too!

  26. Andrea Christensen says:

    It’s a shame that this show was cancelled. It was so nice to have a prime time show that was different from the usual police dramas. I am really disappointed that I will not be able to view the remaineder of the episodes. Loved the concept.

  27. kris says:

    I believe the AMA was not too happy with the image the show projected of the doctor.. They are Still caught in the doctor Welby era

  28. VeLisa says:

    I actually liked the show. So I was kind of bombed out when they canceled it. But this is also the same network that canceled “Chase” & law & order so I’m not surprised. LOL

  29. Kelsey says:

    I really liked Do No Harm! It was such an interesting storyline and it completely sucks that you guys are canceling it! You have to give it a better chance than two episodes and decide to cancel it.

  30. Maggie says:

    Best show eveeeer!!! I want this show back pleeeeease

  31. katelyn says:

    Everyone who has a negative comment meaning saying that the show was a good thing being canceled can take a number and can get in line to kiss my butt. This was the best show ever and you have the very nerve to say it is a good thing it was canceled u people should be ashamed of yourself. How would you feel if someone canceled your shows? That’s what I thought so stop talking crap about my show. And I guarantee that the people talking crap bout the show didn’t even watch it or bother to give it a chance so just shut up. I want this show back.

  32. Inuyasha says:

    That blows I was getting into it it had promise I thought it was a twisted kind of house

    • tonytubbs says:

      i am a victim of multiple personality disorder and found this show to be quite offensive. I was happy this was canceled as it shed absolutely no light on what we go through. In fact, it kinda glorrified this terrible existence. I always cry when I see video takes of my “alternative” self. This is nothing to be made fun of. You people make me sick. What would you say if a person had cancer in the daytime and HIV at night??? Terrible.

      • coal says:

        Creating multiple identities is a creative coping mechanism in extremely traumatic circumstances. Give yourself some credit for doing what you had to, to survive. When you’re facing abuse all alone, and are too little to escape, it’s a courageous thing to create others to help you through it. I agree that the good vs. evil split was a problematic stereotyping of the multiple experience, but I was really curious to see how this would develop, if the two sides would figure out how and why the split happened, and if they would learn to cooperate like many real multiples do, with far more identities than just the two. Two episodes was not enough time to develop such depth. This show had a lot of potential.

  33. darkangel says:

    Well like every new series, this one deserves a chance. I really liked the show it was a nice break from all the bullcrap reality shows on television.

  34. robert says:

    It would be great to see the last 11 shows.. this show just had a slow start needed to be given more time.

  35. James says:

    I loved this show. I’m mad they cancelled. NBC should sell me all 13 shows!!!

  36. KeKe says:

    As some people had already mentioned, NBC had this show airing on the wrong day and time. Right now Scandal is the big hot show and Thursdays at 10pm that is where most of the world is tuned in. As I scroll down my timeline Scandal is the hot topic! Me personally really liked the show Do No Harm and I really wanted to watch more and see where it was going. I had been anticipating the third episode and kept checking onDemAnd because I thought I had missed it. So I finally decided to google it and see what was going on and to my surprise it was cancelled. I think you guys should have tried another day and time to see if that would have a better outcome, then if that didn’t turn out well go to other measures necessary.

  37. Sure says:

    I would like to see the other 11 episodes. There were flaws in the writing but we felt it had a chance to be good. The acting was fine and the characters although unbelievable had depth and were watchable.

  38. frank says:

    it wa it was different from everything else I hope they at least pla the remaining episode

  39. Karli says:

    I loved do no harm. And I’m extremely upset its gone! I had it set to pvr it :( hopefully they wil finish the season somewhere. They needed to let it air more so that people could give it a chance.

    • tonytubbs says:

      i am a victim of multiple personality disorder and found this show to be quite offensive. I was happy this was canceled as it shed absolutely no light on what we go through. In fact, it kinda glorrified this terrible existence. I always cry when I see video takes of my “alternative” self. This is nothing to be made fun of. You people make me sick. What would you say if a person had cancer in the daytime and HIV at night??? Terrible.

      • coal says:

        I don’t think it glorified or made fun of multiplicity at all. If anything, it was the opposite. Those first two episodes were sensationalist, and I hoped this was for the ratings, and that there would be more depth developing about why the split happened. Most alters are not evil, and do not hurt others. Every alter has a reason for existing, primarily to help the original identity survive trauma. The life of alters is often very difficult, because they take on all the abuse, so the original core doesn’t have to be aware of it all the time.

  40. Juliet says:

    I liked the pilot a lot, and I didn’t expect to from the previews. The only reason I missed episode 2 was because I had to work. I’m upset that it’s cancelled.

  41. Ev says:

    I was wondering what happened to this show. I was looking forward to watching more of it!!! I enjoyed it and thought it was really good with lots of action etc. Wish they had of finished off the season!

    • tonytubbs says:

      i am a victim of multiple personality disorder and found this show to be quite offensive. I was happy this was canceled as it shed absolutely no light on what we go through. In fact, it kinda glorrified this terrible existence. I always cry when I see video takes of my “alternative” self. This is nothing to be made fun of. You people make me sick. What would you say if a person had cancer in the daytime and HIV at night??? Terrible.

      Comment by tonytubbs – March 6, 2013 07:35 PM PST Reply To This Post

  42. Bob R says:

    The show had an intriguing premise that needed time to unravel, and slowly let the mystery deepen.
    By trying to produce a slam bang premier, they crammed too much into the pilot and the dialog needed to explain what was going on comes out sounding like gibberish and makes the whole story seem ridiculous. A slower pace lets the story develop more naturally – don’t tell us that he undergoes personality changes ever 12 hours, make his behavior curious, and bit by bit let us find out that drug shots he is taking were to suppress the alternate personality and lt us wonder what is happening as his behavior becomes more erratic. That way the viewer is hooked and wants to know more, rather than being force fed the information.
    The same problem was present in the ABC show “The Zero Hour” which was just cancelled after three episodes.
    There too, they took an intriguing premise – a plot to bring obout a Biblical Apocolypse – and told us so much in the plot that the story cme across as silly, rather than mysterious. You had the hero’s wife kidnapped, a flashback to some Nazi plot, mention of obscure religious secrets, a is mobs hidden in an antique clock that contained a mysterious map and the birth of what appeared to be the anti-Christ.
    it’s too much to digest without the proper setup to ly the groundwork for the mystery to unfold.
    You can start a new detective show in a short pilot – viewers are already conditioned to know what to expect.
    But if the show is someway novel, the audience has to be baited to swallow the premise. If the viewers are intrigued, the’ll keep coming back to learn more. They just have to be given time.

  43. Bob R says:

    Pardon the typos – I was composing on an iPod with one finger

  44. tonytubbs says:

    i am a victim of multiple personality disorder and found this show to be quite offensive. I was happy this was canceled as it shed absolutely no light on what we go through. In fact, it kinda glorrified this terrible existence. I always cry when I see video takes of my “alternative” self. This is nothing to be made fun of. You people make me sick. What would you say if a person had cancer in the daytime and HIV at night??? Terrible.

  45. wmurusha says:

    I actually liked this show. We were looking foward to watch ep3…. The oly good one and the only show I will watch now on NBC is Grimm they really dont have anything else that appeals to me.. but oh well, hope the air it on Netflix.

  46. denita says:

    I am disheartened I loved the show it was intriguing 2 episodes and it had me hooked all I can say is bummer

  47. Maxine says:

    I can not believe they have canceled this! I wanted to see what was gonna happen! Where can we watch the other episodes????

  48. N says:

    I am so disappointed that Do No Harm was cancelled. I thought it was well acted, and scripted, which is a rare combination these days. I was very interested in the characters, especially the lead, and I thought the duo role was well played, which must be a difficult feat. I don’t understand why the less intelligent shows like Two and a Half Men and such continue to play on year after year, but the good shows get cancelled early.

  49. Shawn Mosley says:

    I enjoyed Do No Harm. I didn’t realize it got canceled until now. I think if came on on Fridays then more people would watch. I didn’t know what day and time it came on NBC. So I would watch it on demand. It was poor advertisement.

  50. Marie X says:

    i’m really sad that this show didnt make it i thought it was awesome.one of the best “paranormal” show in a long time great actors and great idea. they’re are so many lame and taky and stupid shows on air that makes it just because the actors are young and cute (i won’t name any but i’m sure you know which ones i’m refering too)
    i really hope they woukd give it a chance. good luck.