Vampire Diaries Recap: 'There Is No Peace'

Into the WildThursday’s Vampire Diaries gave Lost a run for its money as the gang traveled to a creepy island off the coast of Nova Scotia in search of the cure.

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The party includes Shane, Bonnie, Jeremy, Damon, Elena, Stefan and Rebekah, who points out that everyone serves a purpose – except Elena. Meow, the nails are out! (Damon’s function on this trip: “You have a nice behind,” observes Rebekah). While on the island, Shane spins a tale about how one year ago, he visited a magic well that, with a drop of his blood, allowed him to see his dead witchy wife. It was the act of trying to resurrect their son that caused her death. She told him he could have her and their child back if he found a witch to complete a spell to raise Silas, who’s buried beneath the well. He would also need to convince some people to sacrifice themselves – like the pastor – with the promise of seeing their dead loved ones again. So he orchestrated the town council explosion and the death of the hybrids, but there’s still a third massacre to come!

Damon ties up Shane, hoping to get him to just fess up about the cure’s location. “Bonnie has to keep me alive so I can keep her alive,” points out the professor, thinking it will stop the vampire from killing. But he didn’t count on Damon’s next retort: “I don’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett.” Elena arrives just in time to stop him from snapping Shane’s neck, and it’s at that point that Damon finally confesses, “I don’t want you to be cured!” And even if her feelings for him are still real when she comes human again, what then? She grows old while he remains a vampire? “Face reality,” he reasons, “we don’t work.”

Elena’s not giving up hope though. “Take the cure,” she urges. “Be human with me. We can grow old together.”

“It’s not me, Elena. It’s Stefan,” he replies simply before adding, “I used to miss being human. Now I can’t think of anything more miserable on Earth.” (Nice parallel to Rebekah’s earlier explanation about why she does want to take the cure: “It’s all an act. Being a vampire is miserable.”)

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Damon walks off only to be attacked by a member of The Five. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s gone MIA and a magical path has led Bonnie to him, Shane and a mysterious, island-dwelling witch. In order to broker a truce to find her brother, Elena tries to prove that she didn’t take Rebekah’s tombstone and offers her the dagger as a peace offering.

“There is no peace!” Rebekah exclaims. “We’re all screwed.” Exactly, Elena responds. She, Rebekah and Stefan are in this together or it’s all over. (Can I get an “amen!” to Rebekah’s rant about being cast as the villain when she’s just doing what Elena’s already done to save her loved ones?)

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler’s gloating over Klaus, who’s still trapped in the Gilbert house, leads to a very bad situation for Caroline. “You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you,” she tells the Original right before he grabs her and sinks his teeth into her. Now, the only way to cure her of the werewolf bite is Klaus’ blood, and he isn’t giving it up. Tyler comes up with a risky plan that involves forcing the hybrid to watch Caroline die, and it ends up working as the two have a heart-to-heart. Caroline can see that Klaus is hurt by what’s happened to Kol, which means there’s a part of him that’s human. She’s caught herself wishing she could forget the horrible things that he’s done, she reveals.

“I know that you’re in love with me. And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved,” she continues, moving Klaus to tears. Just as it looks like she’s about to take her last breath, he feeds her his blood.

Vampire Diaries fans, do you think Caroline was being honest with Klaus or just manipulating him? Where are you siding on Elena and Damon’s argument about the cure? And can somebody please explain why everyone can see the hunters’ marks now?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Amen to Rebeckha

    • bpadge says:

      Totally agree. She and Elena are no different. And, I kinda like her with Stefan.

    • Ace says:

      I loved it! I’m so glad they’ve finally portrayed her the way I’ve seen her the past season! She just wants to be normal, and I’m lad she’s finally pointed out that she’s no different than the rest of them, doing the same things that people have done for Elena over the years. I’m glad people are finally seeing her side of things. I really look forward to her story line and I hope she sticks around for a lot longer.

    • Erin says:

      Rebekah was by far my favorite character this episode. She’s growing on my so much, and it scares me because I’m pretty sure she’s not going to make it out of the season alive. And I love her call out the hypocrisy of them killing people to keep Elena and her loved ones safe.

  2. Sam says:

    I am just not feeling this cure story line.

    • Cahy O. says:

      I agree. I am totally sick of the cure story and hate how it has created so much conflict with Delena. They were so happy at the beginning of Ep 8. Why did the writers have to ruin it?

    • JA says:

      I’m tired of it too. This whole episode felt like filler. We didn’t really learn anything new, and the characters just spent a lot of time traipsing around the forest and snarling at each other. The only things that moved the story forward were the conversation between Damon and Elena and the revelation that Shane’s wife’s ghost talked him into all this. We could’ve gotten that info in two scenes, 15 minutes, tops. Why did they have to drag it out? Last weeks episode was jam-packed and this one crawled.

    • valeriel40 says:

      I’,m hoping The Cure is like The Sun & The Moon curse….another red herring.

    • Russ says:

      The only thing I like about it is that Rebekah is getting great screen time. She needs to be bumped up to series regular or star in the spin off.

    • Tee says:

      It’s been rather annoying watching them all be so stupidly led around by Shane. Rebekah has been the only decent part of the whole thing.

    • Ari says:

      I hate the whole cure storyline. I hate that they are trying to make Elena human again, I hate that they killed Kol, I hate that they try to act like they have the moral high ground but just slaughtered thousands of vampires (judging by the vamprie population of Mystic Falls at least a few hundred of those now dead vampires must have been decent people) so they could cure one bland annoying girl. There are no stakes in this. does anyone feel an urgent need to cure elena? To have a cure at all? I don’t. Why would we want to cure any of these people? So they can get stabbed and fed vampire blood all the time? This is backward motion instead of forward.

      • A says:

        I agree. Why are we searching for a cure again? Any vampire who takes it would just be at a huge supernatural advantage with all the crap happening in Mystic Falls…

    • G says:

      We’re all not feeling it because we know it isn’t going to happen. They can’t have an Originals Spin Off or a show if everyone is cured. They can only use the cure in the series finale. So all the conversations about should I or shouldn’t I take it are pointless. It isn’t going to happen.

      Amen to Rebekah and Elena having the same motives, but I don’t hate Elena, she is just young and has to act like a grown up. Yes please keep Rebekah on VD and forget the dreadful spin off idea.

      Favorite moment. Bonnie reading Jeremy’s tattoo as if it were in Brail.

  3. Parker says:

    Once a hunter’s mark is complete it is visible.

  4. Amber says:

    I hate to sound like a four year old, but Rebekah and Klaus are the ones who started it all. Elena and the rest just followed suit. Also, if this is all we get of Damon and Elena as a couple, I’m going to be ticked. And although this season hasn’t been awful, it’s kind of been disappointing too.

    • Russ says:

      Technically Klaus started it all as Rebekah was daggered. So she is in fact right about just protecting her family from Elena and co. trying to kill them.

  5. Rita says:

    Klaus and Caroline just broke my heart tonight. First, Klaus did what he did, and it was absolutely horrible to watch but you could still see that he was trying to get at Tyler through his weakness, meaning love. And I think that in a way he was specially trying to prove to others and to himself that he was not like Tyler, love is a vampire’s greatest weakness and he is not weak. Or at least he thought so, because he’s clearly in love with Caroline and I think he only came to grips with that fact once Caroline pointed it out, because otherwise, he would keep repressing it.

    Caroline, on the other hand, I think she was manipulating him, but at the same time, intentionally or not, I think she meant what she said. Remember what she told Stefan in 4×09? That she spent the whole die trying to remember all the bad things Klaus had done so that she wouldn’t get distracted from their goal, which was killing him? And now she admitted it to him saying that she even found herself wanting to forget all the bad things he had done. So yeah, I think she was honest even if she may not want to admit it to herself.

    I’m so in love with these two, Joseph and Candice are such AMAZING actors, and their chemistry is out of this world. I spent the whole episode thinking about their scenes and being excited for them that I didn’t even care/understood/focused on anything else that was happening in the island. Good thing that this recap did that job for me x)

    • I don’t agree with all you’ve said. But it’s obvious that Caroline was actually manipulating Klaus. When Rose died of a werewolf bite, Damon had to kill her because you don’t just die… Which I’m sad of I would like a nice moment. I guess that is not possible.
      And I hate that cure storyline. This season is generally really disappointing. I think it’s gonna be the last season so they all get cured.

      • Mandy says:

        Um, you DO die from werewolf bites. Maybe Caroline was just quicker to succumb to it because the bite was from Klaus? I also don’t think it’s obvious she was manipulating Klaus. I think she was trying to get through to him, yes, but I don’t think she was purposely lying. She admitted 4 episodes ago that she was having a hard time remembering all that he’s done. If you must call it manipulation, then fine. she manipulated him by telling the truth.

      • Ari says:

        Damon staked Rose to end her suffering. It was a mercy killing. Rather than leave her to suffer for who knows how much longer he killed her when she was relatively happy so that her last moment would be a good one instead of one filled with pain.

  6. Katy says:

    I’m still puzzled as to why anyone would have remotely trusted Shane throughout the entire season so far when they learned early on he was shifty. But now, the hunter’s mark isn’t a map it’s a spell. Which is lucky because Shane always knew where Silas was…? What?? I feel like the plot keeps moving around from underneath me.

    • Liz says:

      Agree since day one Shane has been obvious to not trust. Damon hasn’t trusted him at all. But I do seriously hate this cure storyline. It better be a red hairing for something better.

    • A says:

      I’ve been asking myself this too. I think he might have some sort of power over them though that we don’t know about yet. It seems like whatever he suggests to these people they take at face value and do his bidding….either that or they really haven’t learned any lessons in the show so far.

  7. Cc says:

    This episode fell a little flat for me; I lived the scenes with klaus/caroline – they really packed the most emotional punch. Hope next week gets this cure storyline really moving. I feel like we need to quicken the pace of the whole cure storyline.

  8. Josh says:

    Can Rebeka be the female lead on this show and The Original show? She said it best “Elena serves no purpose”…though this episode reminds me why I don’t like Damon a lot of the times. Him saying, “I don’t care about Bonnie Bonnet” just shows that maybe his love for Elena isn’t as pure as some would like to think…Elena loves Bonnie…so Damon should care if she lives or dies…But that’s always been Damon…and Elena knows that. I like Damon as a character but I just never got how Elena could get passed all he did to her…And no I don’t want her with Stefan either. I’m in the “Hey Elena how about you enjoy a good run of episodes on your own” camp…instead even when she’s on her own she’s pleading for one of the brothers to love her. She’s so pathetic now.

    So team Rebeka all the way!

    • Nals says:

      Agree,,, team rebekah!!!

    • Shuayb says:

      I doubt that would happen. Julie Plec hates woman. She always kills them off or gives them stupid story lines. She ruined Elena’s character. Bonnie is a plot point. Caroline is only there for a few sage words. She maybe gets some good scenes now and then. She pays more attention to Damon, Stefan and Klaus. So if you want Rebekah in the Originals then she’ll likely die very quickly. Besides I have a feeling that Rebekah will die soon. What else would bring Elijah back? Kol, Finn and with Rebekah dead, Elijah and Klaus leave mystic falls and begin a fresh in New Orleans with Marcel . They are adding a witch but only as Klaus slave. She’ll be a plot point.

    • xxx says:

      His love for Elena is selfish, He doesn’t care about anyone just Elena. He said to her, He would kill Matt for Elena life. That the difference between Stefan and Damon, Stefan care about Elena friends or family, but for Damon is just Elena I bet that if he need to kill Jeremy for Elena he would do it, Thats the pasion of love Damon had for her. For me that kind of love isnt healthy is hust like Snape and Lily Potter.

      • Sara says:

        You do realise that Snape risked his life to protect a boy he hated after Lily was dead and he couldn’t get any personal advantage out of it? And that Damon is currently fighting to get Elena a cure which will send her running back to his brother?

        • Josh says:

          But that was AFTER Lily died…There is no denying Snape was a hero AFTER Lily’s death but before that he was incredibly selfish. He was perfectly fine with James and Harry getting killed as long as Lily lived, despite the fact that it would destroy Lily. It was only after his talking to from Dumblefore and losing Lily did he see the error of his ways. It’s a very big before and after and two very different Snape. He was a changed man who made the best of his second chance.

          Problem with Damon is that he never sees the error of his ways. He’s perfectly fine with them.

      • Radha says:

        Yes. Remember when Kol said that deep down Damon would like to kill Jeremy so that the last bit of Elena’s humanity is gone? I think Kol hit it right on the money.

  9. Cahy O. says:

    I loved Klaus and Caroline. They have so much on-screen chemistry. I am really enjoying Stefan and Rebekah too. I am hoping by ep 15 that the sire bond is over! I hate the way Delena is going. It is so clear that Elena really loves Damon and it has nothing to do with any site bond. And I wish everyone would stop telling him that she is going to dump him after the cure. The poor guy has never had anyone love him for him so he doesn’t know how to accept it. Man, I sure hope he gets his happy ending. He desires it.

    • Radha says:

      Well I don’t enjoy Klaus and Caroline because 1) I’m a Tyler and Caroline shipper and 2) Klaus is horrid. I hope the Originals show does well and he leaves my tv screen–and Caroline–for good.

  10. Cahy O. says:

    I still am not totally sure who will be dying permanently. It sure looks like Damon and Elena are going to go thru quite a bit of hurdles. But hopefully it will make them stronger. I really would like fo see Stefan & Rebekah together.

  11. AT says:

    It was mostly a good episode! The best parts were between Caroline and Klaus, even though it was clear she was manipulating him to survive, albeit by speaking the truth. Anyway, as for Rebekah, all I can say is FINALLY. She’s pointing out the truth. Elena is a hypocrite. They are all hypocrites. They’re no better than the originals because they all do dark things for their own purposes. Elena committed genocide…TWICE. First by killing Finn and then by killing Kol. What about all the good vampires they killed without even thinking about it? Or the lives they effected? And what’s disturbing about it is that they don’t even see it as wrong. As long as they don’t know them personally then oh well. The only “vampires” who deserve to live are the ones Elena cares about. Their circle is so “elite” that no one else matters. And if anyone tries to do anything against them, well, they’re evil. Rebekah tried to kill Elena because by doing so it would save her own family. Elena and her followers kill just so Elena can find out the truth about her own feelings. They killed the werewolf for Elena. Thousands have been killed in the name of Elena, and she doesn’t even seem to be aware of it. Her true, psychotic, controlling nature is coming out more and more. I’m not saying this is necessarily bad from a writing perspective as long as it makes sense for the character. (They should have Elena have an epiphany about how she’s responsible for genocide). She’s a narcissist who covers it by giving the illusion of being caring or sympathetic, while the whole time making it about herself. So interesting episode. Though I do think Shane’s backstory could have been more interesting.

  12. Elle says:

    I don’t think there’s a cure. It will all come with a twist as always. What’s the point if they become humans! I hope this is Vampire Diaries, not Lame Diaries!

  13. Shuayb says:

    moste ridiculous episode ever…. Bonnie is such an idiot.
    I do like that Elena, Stefan and Rebekah have formed an alliance.

    • Susanna says:

      Totally agreed with you… I wanted to throw my TV out then window when the credits started rolling…what a piece of crap, lame ass, poor excuse for a supposedly “doozy” of an episode (as Kevin Williamson tweeted) WHAT?!? Doozy, my ass! It was a boring episode where only the scenes between Klaus/Caroline and Damon/Elena kind of saved some face… And why is everybody telling Damon he won’t have a happy ending? That is just ridiculous…EVERYBODY in Mystic Falls has already told him that….and now Shane too?! We GET it!…I was expecting one of those planes that drag messages on the beaches to appear on that coast dragging a banner that said ” Damon won’t get his happy ending”…This show is getting worse by the minute…ugghhh

      • Cathy O. says:


        I am 100% percent with you on why everyone keeps telling Damon he won’t have a happy ending. I am sick of hearing it and WE DO GET IT! No wonder the guy is so insecure about Elena’s love. He deserves love just like everyone else in the show. Why did the writers even bother putting Delena together after 3-1/2 years of a slow burn only to keep tearing them apart? The show is really starting to piss me off.

        LOL! Too funny about the banner.

  14. jon says:

    Honestly the episode was kind of boring but there were some good parts. I LOVED Rebekah’s rant about how she’s painted as the villain when Elena and the others do the same if not worse(they committed genocide TWICE!)than her. I really like Stefan and Rebekah together and I really liked the scenes between Caroline, Klaus, and Tyler. Now even though Caroline is one of my favorites I was actually thinking that they might kill her off and I was actually ready to accept that. I mean Julie did say a tragedy that would affect the main trio was going to happen and Caroline dying would be certainly qualify as tragic. It just kind of seems logical from a dramatic point of view and it could be a way to write Klaus out of Mystic Falls, he would no longer have any real reason to stay. But yeah the fan outrage would probably be too much, so once again Klaus ended up saving her. On the plus side Candice and Joseph did a great job on their scenes. I also loved that even though she sees the potential for him being redeemed, Caroline doesn’t ignore the evil things he has done.

  15. Damon was more pathetic than usual! Lay off of Stefan already, you are the one sleeping with his ex, he didn’t wrong you!

    His comments about Bonnie made me wish she heard and gave his the Kol treatment!

    Elena, just die, for real this time! Worst friend ever!!!

    • Radha says:

      Um…worst sister ever. She wasn’t as panicked as I would have been if my younger brother had just up and disappeared. No, she was too busy trying to convince Damon to take the cure. I hate how this show and recapper just glosses over Jeremy’s parts. I don’t understand why the character irks people so much. Because he was depressed and gloomy first season? Um, that was the writer’s doing, not the actor’s.

      • Ari says:

        Read the entertainment weekly recaps, lots of love for Jeremy over there. I’d say he’s probably the only character Mandi doesn’t slam for bad decision making.

  16. Me says:

    I like Klaroline. They have chemistry. I just can’t understand how Klaus is in love already? They have not had that many moments together, they don’t hang out and they aren’t exactly friends… So? I just don’t get this instant love thing.

    • Joyce says:

      Amen. It’s like forced because Klaus has no other female options – so it’s Caroline as the other two options would be Bonnie or Elena.

  17. anil says:

    The cure / the island storyline is BEST story line since like the early seasons.

    Elena remains annoying. I really love Rebecca now, rooting for her. She should be the star of the show. She and Stefan are fierce couple~

  18. TVD needs to end this series, leaving The Originals in its place, or finally grow a pair & get rid of Elena. The way she’s being written & portrayed has gotten beyond a joke now, my personal dislike of Nina Dobrev aside.
    They’ve taken Elena from a mostly nice but slightly selfish & damaged girl into being a complete thunderc*** with no redeeming qualities. I’d love to see Stefan have the epiphany (Angel style – why not, everything else he does is based on Angel) and tell her to get the hell out of his life.

    Time for a change of showrunner/head writer perhaps?

  19. sls says:

    Wanted more from this episode. The story didn’t move much. Loved Rebekah and her pointing out the obvious…she is no worse than any of the other characters. This whole cure/Silas stuff does feel like it’s dragging on forever. It feels like they are building to the season finale yet there is still lots of time left before season’s end so if this cure stuff ends up dragging out until then I’m going to be really annoyed.
    In a way, I’m glad they haven’t moved too quickly with Delena. I mean, sure they slept together already but that was some serious passion-build up that needed some release. I want them together for the endgame so I’d like to think that it’s going to be rough times for them for a little while so it will be EPIC when they are finally together. Damon really wants to be sure of her feelings. He has been through hell with love and I’m sure he’s a little guarded. It would be unrealistic for their romance to move too quickly.
    I really love Klaus and Caroline together. It’s so twisted but so good. I realize with the spinoff it’s not happening. Any new love interest for Klaus had better be good enough to make me forget about Klaroline.
    And it is sort of cracking me up how everyone hates Elena. Her character isn’t annoying to me in the least. I guess I don’t see her as selfish or whiny or lame. She’s just a kid doing what she feels is best. I dunno. There seems to be so many people who don’t like her so there must some writing opportunities here for her character to be improved upon. But she’s fine by me.
    And Stefan seems so different now it makes me wonder which version of him is the real him. I like the current version better.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I like Caroline and Klaus together also. They do have really chemistry. I don’t have a problem with Elena, I too think she is doing the best she can. Remember she’s only 18 years old. I also love Stefan and Rebekah and the new Stefan. I am also hoping that Damon/Elena end up EPIC when they finally do get together.

    • katrina says:

      You are right. There’s very little chance Caroline will go over to the spinoff. :( Klaroline is my favorite part of the show!

  20. Three things:
    Why are the vampires wearing winter clothes? Freeze much?
    Why is bloodsucker Elena carrying water around? As seen when she offers her bottle to Jeremy.
    And why is the before mentioned gasping for breath when being choked? Actually, this is a recurring flaw of this show.

    I feel like they more often than ever let go of details of vamperism. It’s like they’re concentrating way too much on their love triangles (and the ridiculous cure storyline), they’re losing their focus.

    This season is so… off!

  21. Delenafan26 says:

    No one other than Elena is going to be the main character of the show and Elena is the main character in the books too so that is never going to change like it or not if you keep watching vampire diaries you are stuck with Elena you don’t like it then stop watching. If you don’t have anything nice to say about the characters then don’t say anything at all. It’s a show and its fictional and that is how they are making the characters it’s as simple as that you don’t like how they are making the characters act then don’t watch. I am sick of seeing character bashing

  22. Dina says:

    What if Damon becomes human and he wakes up looking for Catherine. Since Klaus is going on “The Originals” she can come out of hiding. Certainly that would be a game changer and fun to watch.

  23. Little Scarf Girl says:

    This was a really boring episode. The Klaus/Caroline thing was interesting, but other than that, everyone was so stupid! Elena and Rebekah spent the entire episode sniping back and forth at each other. Everyone leaves Jeremy to sleep alone in the woods? And doesn’t notice he’s gone until morning? Stefan’s not going to let the headstone out of his sight … except when one of the party goes missing he leaves it unattended at the camp? I hope the next one is better, because this felt like a LOT of filler.

  24. says:

    I thought this eposide sucked. This season in general hasn’t been very good :/

  25. Rachael Marriott says:

    People…’s a TV SHOW. Just saying…..

  26. Brandy says:

    I liked the episode.Want Rebekah on The Originals.

  27. Joyce says:

    I can’t take this anymore . . . seriously kill Elena or just not focus so much on her.

    This is like how NCIS: LA was in the beginning, making Callen all special with special undercover abilities and everything focusing around him. It’s only in the later seasons do they stop doing that and the show got better. NCIS: LA didn’t become a slave to the original line about it all being about Callen.

    Julie Plec needs to have TVD stop focusing on Elena all the time–as if everything depends on her and her relationship with the Salvatore brothers because seriously every season it’s always about saving Elena. I know that’s like the premise of the show Elena and the triangle, but it’s killing the show. It’s okay to stop being a slave to the original logline and expand – kind of like NCIS: LA

    (I don’t care who Elena ends up, I’d be happy if they killed off Elena, she’s so annoying and unbearable to watch or root for)

    My sister can’t bear to watch it anymore.

    I was cringing throughout tonight’s entire episode, the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler scenes were also painful to watch.

    I don’t think I can take how crappy TVD has become, it’s been downhill since Season 2. It had so much potential. Sigh . . . I hate it when good shows become trash like this and I think the main problem is the focus on Elena and the love triangle.

    Sorry about this rant . . . I’m usually just a lurker . . . but this episode was an exclamation mark of everything wrong with TVD right now. I’m currently debating whether I can stomache watching next week’s episode and the rest of this Season 4 – or Season Vomit.

    Klaus’s scenes tonight made me wonder if I would be able to watch him in The Originals – I was so excited about it, however if The Originals is going to showcase tonight’s Klaus – TRULY PATHETIC – . . . loss for words

  28. jjovana3 says:

    I knew the show would go to dumpster once they paired up Damon and Elena. VD jumped shark when Elena became a vampire. Its not working. At all.

    • cc says:

      I don’t think they jumped the shark by making her a vampire; I think they jumped it when they revealed the cure. I would’ve actually enjoyed watching her adjust to being a vampire.

      • Cathy O. says:

        Me too cc, I like Elena better as a vampire. I don’t think she is going to get the cure though. I am betting it will only be Damon. Either way, the sire bond will be broken.

  29. Cindy says:

    I don’t think there is a cure and if there is wouldn’t the really old vampires that took it age quickly and turn to dust? Damon’s big problem is that he doesn’t trust or know how to love anyone. Don’t forget he carried a torch for someone for 150 years only to have his heart ripped out. Yes he does some bad stuff but how is he any worse than the Ripper Stefan? It seems alot is forgotten

    • Cathy O. says:

      I think the biggest problem with Damon is not that he doesn’t know how to love anyone because he truly loves Elena. It’s that he doesn’t know how to receive love from anyone because he never had it. His mother loved him but she died when he was young. If father preferred Stefan and then their was Katherine who he loved more than life, waited for her for 145 years just for her to tell him that she never loved him and it was always Stefan. The same thing applies for Elena. Her words, it will always be Stefan. So for her to switch to him so quickly after all of that makes him skeptical and he doesn’t trust her love to be true because of the sire bond mainly. Oh and let’s not forget that everyone keeps telling him that he won’t have a happy ending.

      • Delenafan26 says:

        I agree in the books Damon’s mother died when she gave birth to Stefan and that’s when his hate for his brother started and his father preferred Stefan and Elena picked Stefan over him. You then saw his soft side and he cared for more than two people and that was Stefan Elena who he called his princess and wanted her to be his princess of darkness and then Bonnie which he called his little redbird it is much different in the books than the show. Elena was a vampire in the book and there was a cure and it turned Damon human and he hated it but you should read the books because it will give you information that isn’t in the show. Personally I love the books better than the show. I always love the books better than the movie or show no matter what it is

  30. Shaun says:

    Uh,I thought Elena gave Rebekah the White Ash Stake?

  31. Delenafan26 says:

    Elena is not going anywhere ill give ou a solution to the answers if you don’t like Elena READ THE BOOKS THEN YOU WILL KNOW WHY ELENA HAS TO BE THE CENTER OF THE STORY!!! The story is about a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers and that storyline won’t change ever just read the books they explain it all. The books are much different but it’s the same thing. The author came up with the characters and storylines of the books and if you don’t like Damon well too bad because the author said the books are about Elena falling in love with Damon. If you don’t like Elena don’t bother watching the show because she is not going anywhere .

    • Dawnmac says:

      I am not sure why people keep saying “the author said” she said no duch thing. Go on her website no where does it say Damon was the end game. She didn’t get fired for wanting Damon and Elena together it is all myth.

    • tripoli says:

      How about you chill out and stop telling people what to do. People can complain all they want. Not every viewer is happy with all aspects of the show. Doesn’t mean they have to stop watching or discussing it.

  32. emma says:

    We can see Jeremy’s mark because it’s complete now and I don’t know about Vaughn’s…

  33. charissa29 says:

    Klaus is going off to New Orleans to be saved by his brother, and I assume that Caroline is the catalyst for that, but I wish that Caroline was going with them. Klaus is horrible as a being but Caroline has such great chemistry with all the originals, and with Phoebe Tonkin. It just seems as if all the yummies are going off together to play, and I want Caroline to go with them. Seeing her as Klaus tries to redeem himself would be so much fun!!!! Sigh.

  34. vannesa180 says:

    i really dont understand why all u ppl r complaining..yet ur still watching it?.anyway..i dont think elena is goin to get the cure..and i think they should make damon human..becuz he doesnt want to be

  35. vannesa180 says:

    umm didnt know you were so concerned..

  36. sarah says:

    Seriously though, how the hell did they get Shane out of prison??? The writers glossed over that plot hole.

  37. vannesa180 says:

    how can they see jeremys tatoo

  38. Cathy O. says:

    I just watched last night’s episode again and I am really not getting what the writers are thinking as far as Delena is concerned. There are a lot of contradictions.

    First of all, Damon told Elena they won’t work if she becomes human. How is it that they won’t work and for the past 3-1/2 years that he has been in love with her (mostly as a human) he wasn’t concerned about them working then. He just loved her unconditionall and wanted to be with her. I don’t get it. It seems like the writers are just making it up as they go along.

    Also, is it just me or do others agree that Elena’s conversation asking Damon to take the cure with her didn’t sound like she was sired to him at all but like she had a mind of her own.

    I really hate the way the writers have Delena’s relationship evolving. What was wrong with them just being together without all of this cure and sire bond crap. Hopefully, there will be a method to the madness because I am a bit confused on a lot of things right now.

    • A says:

      I was troubled by these things too. First, I would say that I think Damon’s little outburst, while probably motivated somewhat by the insecurities he is feeling, was really Shane’s doing. Shane seems to have a power over everyone with his words, and right before Elena and Damon had this conversation Shane told Damon that he should just walk away from the situation because it wouldn’t end well, etc. He seems to have a similar hold over Bonnie, and over Phoebe Tonkin’s character as well. Otherwise, you’re right, it doesn’t add up that all of the sudden he would be thinking and feeling these things. As to her telling him to take the cure, I think that really is just showing how much the sire bond ISN’T in control of her. We already know that it doesn’t affect feelings (from Tyler) and I think the plot has overplayed how much it could affect her actions. How do we even know she was sired in the first place? To me, that was a major plot hole that was glossed over. No one knew for sure, it was just Stefan and Caroline’s crackpot theory, and Elena certainly doesn’t act anything like that other crazy chick sired to Damon in New Orleans…
      I’m hoping that something can explain the stuff that’s been glossed over, right now I’m hoping I can attribute a lot of the stupidity to Shane having some unknown influence.

  39. vannesa180 says:

    i just think they should rap up the cure story line..or i hope somone finds it so we can move sumthn else..

  40. A says:

    I just hope we’ll see Alaric again at some point.

    • Cathy O. says:

      Maybe it is Prof. Shane’s influence because otherwise I am not getting it. I hope to see Alaric again too and I did hear that Damon (when he dies) is suppose to see Alaric again. But then there are so many theories floating around I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. I’ll just have to wait and see.

  41. Greysfanatic says:

    Anyone else wondering if ‘TALIA’ the girl elijah and klaus both loved is gonna be a plot point for the originals??

  42. vannesa180 says:

    where is katherine

  43. Cathy O. says:

    Just heard Vampire Diaries will be back for Season 5. Yeah!!!!!!