Bridget Regan Sexes Up Beauty's Beast ('Alex Wants Her Fiancé Back!'), Shares Thrones Wish

Beauty and the Beast SpoilersThis Thursday on Beauty and the Beast (The CW, 9/8c), Alex will pull out all the stops (and some sexy lingerie) in the name of rekindling things with Vincent during a private getaway. But will an unwelcome intrusion or two douse their fire? Bridget Regan previewed the pivotal episode, confirmed Alex’s agenda and shared her geek love for a certain HBO drama.

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TVLINE | This week’s episode finds Alex and Vincent sneaking away to her family’s remote cabin. What are her hopes for this alone time?
Alex is really trying to “take it to the next level,” so to speak. She really wants to pick up where her and Vince left off. Her world has been completely turned upside down and she’s  thrilled to have him back in her life, so she’s ready to drop everything and be with him. Jay [Ryan] and I talked about it a bit and decided this cabin was a special place for them as a young couple, and Alex really just wants a romantic weekend with him.

TVLINE | Maybe she’ll finally get that next kiss she’s been fishing for?
Ohhh, I think she’s after a little more than that. [Laughs] Alex puts on some sexy lingegie…. She’s trying! She’s just happy to have him back in her life. But it was a tricky role to play because there’s so much about Vincent that she has no idea of. A lot of people would assume that Alex would know better, but she really doesn’t.

TVLINE | But do you think she senses at all that he’s holding back something?
Well, it soon becomes clear that he’s trying to tell her something — Vince starts to realize that he can’t just live in this “fantasy world” without telling her — but she would never assume that it’s anything like [a “beastly” secret]. You’d think it was something a lot more tangible, something you’ve heard of; not something that extreme. Vincent wants to use this weekend to reveal the truth to her, but trouble just follows him, whether he’s seeking it out or not. A lot is revealed in this  episode, and the reality starts to set in of Vincent’s situation and who he is now.

TVLINE | If she were to learn the truth, might Alex run screaming in the other direction? Because I have to imagine that is his deepest fear.
That is his fear, that no one will really, truly love him for who he is. And that’s one of the reasons the fans are so protective of the relationship with Catherine (played by Kristin Kreuk), because she does know all of him and really does accept all of who he is. Alex is a nurse who’s used to really high-stakes situations, so it’s not like she hasn’t seen truly horrible things in her life — Cold Turkeyone thing I try to hold onto is that nurses are tough, strong people who don’t shy away from scary moments — but what Vincent is dealing with is out of this world.

TVLINE | Is Alex getting any vibe that there’s something between Vincent and Catherine?
That’s the thing — up to this point she just believes they’re friends. That she’s his handler. [Laughs] I say the word “handler” like 25 times, it’s almost like Alex is trying to convince herself as well, that there’s nothing going on between them. But she’s a woman, and we have instincts about certain things. She wants to believe a different story. She wants her fiancé back. She wants to start planning a wedding. For goodness sake, there’s a wedding magazine on Alex’s coffee table in her apartment! [Laughs] I was like, “Oh man, this girl really wants to get married!”

TVLINE | Are you allowed to say how many episodes you have beyond this episode?
I’ve done four, so it’s this one and the following [week]. But who knows? We’ll see what happens. I really loved working with Jay and Kristin. I’ve worked with Jay before, on my series [Legend of the Seeker] in new Zealand, so I had a great time joking around with him and doing my Kiwi accent!

TVLINE | You’ve also recently guested on shows such as NCIS: LA and Person of Interest. Where else would you like to pop up?
Oh, I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. I didn’t want to be, because it was similar [to Seeker], but now I’m totally hooked. I also love Girls; a lot of my friends in New York have been on it, and they can’t speak highly enough about it — although I’d be kind of scared of the sex scenes on that show. Not that Game of Thrones is much better in that respect!

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  1. TB says:

    Now that I think of it I’d love to see her in GoT. Maybe as Ellaria Sand?
    After all she did proved with Kahlan she can play a charming and sweet yet tough character.

  2. Jay says:

    Will Cat be the second choice then?

    • Grace says:

      If Cat is the second choice, I won’t be happy !! , that’s not the type of love for Cat that is expected from Vincent. Vincent has to do the right thing and chose Cat instead of the ex. Vincent hurt Cat in the last episode, if he doesn’t make it right, I will be very disappointed with him and the show, and no sure I will be able to like Vincent as I did before. :(

      • Jay says:

        It’s amusing. Cat told Vincent how she felt and he chose a fantasy with Alex and now to make it right, he wants to tell her the truth.So if alex accept him where does it leave Cat who accept him first? If he ends up not telling her cause Vincent wants to protect Alex from Muirfield that still would make it seems that he’s only settling for Cat,the only option he got left after he can’t have his first choice, which is a life w Alex.

        • Claudia says:

          OMG, I m gonna be so pissed off, Ive been fighting with other beasties to understand Vincent and the writing but if it comes that Cat is a second choice, I will be really really mad! it wont make sense ughhhh

      • Moondive says:

        This is so true and having Bridget acting so unprofessional about comments made to her character is not helping…she should act like a professional…this comes with the role and other shows where there was a “bad guy” the talent has not acted like a child over comments…I thought she was seasoned actress..I guess not…just a cry baby

        • Autumn says:

          I don’t think she was being a crybaby at all. All she said is that she was a little afraid of Twitter because of people sending rude comments about her character. People just need to take a deep breath and realize this is just a show. Relax. It is rude to send hateful comments to an actress that is just doing her job.

          • Alyssa says:

            Sadly I must agree with Mondiva. The actress comments were out of line. She was not talking about the fans disliking the character but them commenting about her as a person . As part of the fandom I didn’t like her words . I was told she tweeted now she was joking. Well, too little too late, she has made the fandom look as a group of nuts, something that a show in the first season doesn’t need. That her character was going to be hated was no surprise. What was she thinking? that fans would love Alex hurting Vincent and Cat?Her words were not right, joke or no joke.

  3. Autumn says:

    Thanks for the interview. I love Bridget Regan and Beauty and the Beast. I loved Legend of the Seeker but I don’t remember Jay Ryan being in an episode. I’ll have to look that up. And, unlike some, I don’t have a problem with Alex’s story line. I don’t think it will be about Catherine being second choice. This is Beauty and the Beast after all. I think it is just about him wanting to hold on to a normal life with the one person that represented what that meant for him in the past. Totally understandable. I don’t know why people feel so threatened. Once Catherine and Vincent overcome this obstacle, they will just be closer. I actually wouldn’t mind if Alex sticks around longer to become part of the show.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Jay’s LotS episode:

    • Renee says:

      I absolutely agree with you. I love that Alex is on the show, her presence is pushing the Vincent/Catherine relationship forward IMO. It was on hold for too long and now it’s all coming out between them. I love everything about this actually and I do hope Alex becomes a recurring character. There are no “bad guys” in this.

      • Jay says:

        Alex is not the problem. It’s the fact that Vincent has been acting like a ‘selfish jerk'(which is how fans describe him these last few eps) since she showed up. He keep hurting Cat over and over,risking her job, and taking her for granted which is why the fans hating on him right now.

        • Renee says:

          Then the fans need to chill, and wait to see how he’s going to make all this up to her.

          • Claudia says:

            They are entitled to feel angry about it, Ive been in Vincent team since the Alex thing started, it only bothered me the last scene Vincent really seemed distant and cold towards Cat when she was telling him she loved him, it hasnt been like that since we started this show, this is what really bothers me. Hey, Ill wait and see how things changed tonight…

        • ben says:

          I don’t watch the show, but thank goodness! Surely he needs some qualities that actually qualify him as the beast, and selfish jerk is one of the beast’s qualities.

  4. Sara says:

    I really like Bridget Regan!! She’s given the show quite a shake…:)
    Fans are almost desperate!! Ah ah! :)
    Imho this detour in the Cat-Vincent romance is very good…let’s see how it ends!!

  5. TVDIVA says:

    I think the Alex/Vincent/Catherine storyline has been great. Things were getting too boring with Vincent and Catherine. like they were headed straight to the altar. Those two have a lot of relationship issues to work out – especially Vincent. Also, this is probably not the only issue from Vincent’s past that will pop up they have to deal with. I am sure there are more people who worked with him in the war zone that could come out of the woodwork.

  6. Mike says:

    Ugh, hate the Ex on the show – waiting till she’s finally gone!

  7. mia says:

    I like Alex, but this storyline is making me kinda hate Vincent. He’s being a total ass – stringing two women along.
    And I want more Tess+Cat scenes!

  8. Jason says:

    Just have to say, I LOVE Bridget Regan. She is such a sweetheart, and a great actress. I so miss Legend of the Seeker and her mystical role as Kahlan. I don’t mind her staying around Beauty & the Beast forever, even if it does mean a Cat/Vincent split. I just want Bridget on my TV screen every week, period.

  9. Susie says:

    I’m wanting some more Evan/Cat moments. Hoping they haven’t dropped his interest in her.

  10. Kristina says:

    Bridget Regan is great, I am so glad to see her popping up here and there. I love how seriously she takes her characters and wants to give the fans the best version she can. Looking forward to the rest of her arc on this show!

  11. June says:

    I love the Beauty and the Beast tv show i am so excited can’t wait until tonight and guys thanks for the email.

  12. humm says:

    I LOVE Bridget, I just wish she was in a better show

  13. Jade says:

    I’m so happy that TVLINE continues to support Beauty & the Beast and gives us fans behind the scenes cast interviews and spoilers. I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the series early on but this show has continued to surprise me and is now one of my favorite new must see shows.

  14. LoTS Fan1 says:

    Only watching because of bridget! :)