Exclusive Chicago Fire Video: Dawson Gets Stuck in an Awkward Moment Between Casey and Mills

There’s a reason they say you shouldn’t mix work and pleasure.

On Wednesday’s Chicago Fire (NBC, 10/9c), Casey brings his mother to the firehouse, which — in the following exclusive video — makes things more than a little awkward for his possibly-more-than-just-a-friend/co-worker Dawson.

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Casey’s mom recognizes the female paramedic as the woman her son brought to her parole hearing and quickly starts in on how Dawson is the type of girl for him. And the whole exchange takes place in front of Dawson’s current, secret — but not for long! — flame, Mills! Like we said, awkward.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    So nice to see some Chicago Fire love…..Thanks Matt!! I have to agree that Dawson and Casey are better off as friends, for now :-)

  2. Elyse says:

    love it! team Mills!! :)

  3. Shaun says:

    *Stabs NBC website*As if we can’t even watch clips from Canada!!

  4. Tran says:

    What Chicago Fire really needs is a love triangle and it’s about time they got one.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      They have one, it’s very subtle, but it is there. Clearly both Casey & Mills have feelings for Dawson. Mill’s was her second choice after Casey rejected her.

  5. JLM says:

    LOL, sooo awkward! I’m interested to see how Casey deals with his family issues now that his mom has to move in with him. I’d love for Hallie come back and see how Mrs. Casey deals with THAT. :)

  6. Kat says:

    I love this show and I would love to see Dawson with Casey. Peter is a nice guy but too young for her.

    • I think that Casey and Dawson should be together they make a good couple and if i was Dawson I would go out with Casey !💑 I like Chicago fire its a good show but Dawson should pick Casey instead of mills he is not her type Casey is her type 😍

  7. Sam says:

    I like Casey and Dawson together! Mills can go and cuddle his new little puppy like a boy should do ;) #TeamCasey!!!

  8. Kim says:

    It’s all Dawson’s fault! Casey wanted to take things slow because he wanted to do things right and she goes and has sex on the carpet his colleague! OMG I hate her!!!

  9. Lynn says:

    Dawson is “Awkwardness” on legs :P I hope she doesn’t cause Casey and Mills to hate each other now!

  10. ruby says:

    Team mills!!!I was a casey fan now am over him..dawson has way more chemistry with mills

  11. Miri says:

    Team Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so much better than that boy Mills will ever be!!!!

  12. Jordan says:

    Dawson doesn’t love Mills, I hope Mills is smart enough and leave her for good.

  13. Michelle says:

    I’m definitely Team Casey! Mills annoys me.

  14. Teamm Mills. Casey is way to confusing. And has way to much going on in his head. That he’ll just end up hurting her

    • Kenny says:

      Why would Casey hurt her? That is ridiculous! Dawson is the one who is dishonest. She sleeps with Mills but still wants Casey and makes sure both think she wants them. She should make up her mind and be honest about it.

  15. Jackson says:

    Oh gag!! With all this “Team so-and-so” crap you make it sound like Twilight set in a Firehouse.

  16. Ashley says:

    So team mills they are so cute and he would treat her like a princess!! Casey has way too much going on and if his ex would come back he would drop her like a bad habit!!!

  17. Melissa says:

    defintely team casey,cant wait to see them together later,right now doesnt look like a good time to do that.

  18. M3rc Nate says:

    Idk if its bad or not…but i cant get over how much he looks like her 20 year old puppy eyed little brother. So that makes it weird for me. Idk this seems like a pretty simple fix, just tell the boy that it was a mistake and your sorry, tell Casey whats been going on and the mistake you made and hope he is okay with it and start dating Casey. But of course im sure the drama level on this triangle will have to get multiplied to 100 before any resolution comes to head. Cause subtlety on TV, especially these prime time-soaps is basically non-existent.

  19. Jen says:

    show has gone way down hill since this love triangle. CF poorly replicates the real life fire departments.

  20. Beth says:

    I so can’t wait for the next show. I hope she picks Casey. I soooooo love this show. Hope it has more sessions to come.

  21. Jackie says:

    Team Casey! I want Casey and Dawson together!:)

  22. susie says:

    i think her and casey are great for each other but not if he going to hurt her if the x comes back in then i think she should be with mills cause he wont hurt her

  23. Teresa says:

    I don’t think Casey would take his ex back even if she came back. The things they wanted out of life in a relationship were not the same things, like children. I think Dawson has always had feelings for Casey and wanted to be with him and when she couldn’t she settled for Mills. What about the conversation the Captain had with Mills about relationships and his job. How’s that gong to effect things?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      He would if she came back pregnant. Remember they were going at it pretty good there before the issue of children came up. From most comments I’ve read that’s what a lot of people think may happen, probably right when Casey and Dawson get together. Oh the drama, lol :-)

      • Kayla says:

        I would hate it if Hallie came back pregnant. That sort of storyline belongs on day time soaps…i love Chicago Fire and I know it’s getting pretty soapy, but I’d lose respect for the show if they did that – such lazy storytelling. Plus, I am not a fan of Hallie, she’s boring. Why can’t Casey be single for a while?

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I agree, I wouldn’t care much for it either. That’s just what I’ve been reading that some people are predicting. Casey needs to get his family in order before he gets into a romance.

  24. Kayla says:

    I don’t think Casey did the wrong thing by Dawsn at the holiday party when he said he wanted to take things slow. She was obviously tipsy during that scene and he was trying to be a gentleman. She jumped to the conclusion that he was being indecisive because of Hallie ( but I think it was more to do with the parole hearing) and then she got huffy and slept with Mills. I am not sure if Casey and Dawson should be a couple, but I disagree that somehow Casey is the bad guy in all of this. Maybe she is too immature for him. I’d be annoyed if he ends up with Hallie,since they broke up over her not wanting to have kids. That’s a pretty big difference of opinion for a couple in their thirties…. Plus I thought her character was so bland and boring. Maybe Casey needs to find someone hot and sophisticated like Renee!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Maybe Casey and Severide should get together. I’d go for that! (joking of course, I know it’s not going to happen)

  25. Kenny says:

    The way Dawson acts she doesn’t deserve Casey or Mills.

    • Sophia says:

      I agree! That scene where Casey invites her to breakfast and then she looks around to see if Peter is watching, was very telling. She came off as sneaky. I think they need to introduce one or two more regular female characters to the mix in order to give her a run for her money (and i don’t mean hallee). This love triangle is already getting boring.

      • cm2772 says:

        Amen to adding in more regular female roles! I think that a female firefighter would be a good mix to the cast. But I think they need to introduce a female-Otis like character. Sexy, strong & smart but not really thought of as a potential romantic interest. More like the favorite big sister–married, 40s with kids. Like the sexy, strong mature-female, momma bear tomboy.

        Someone that can help the boys out with their lady issues with advice but can also pull her weight on the workload. If she was on the engine, it would be perfect since she would be outside putting out the fire (water & hoses) vs. rescue (squad–no females) or truck (lots of climbings, roof work and ladders)

  26. biggest fan says:

    she needs to pick one casey likes her he never said he didnt just said it was worth doing it right so why is she with mills again oh yea the wine is why like i said she needs to pick one mills shouldnt be with her anyways she is in love with casey…

  27. Kds says:

    PICK CASEY!!! Actually, it wouldn’t make sense if she didn’t pick Casey. We’ve watched her pine over Casey since day one. Even in the last episode where she joins him for breakfast, goes with him to his moms hearing, you can see she still pines for him. If the writers go with anyone who isn’t Casey, then their writing blows. I

  28. Loreen says:

    Casey needs to get back together with Hallie.

    • Shaun says:

      Uh,you do realize their goals are keeping them apart right?She doesn’t want kids!

    • Kim says:

      Why should he get back with Hallie? She doesn’t want to have kids. There is nothing wrong with that, but he has explicitly said that he wants kids. It’s not like they are teenagers or in their early twenties. They both appear to be in their thirties. I don’t see why Casey should give up on his dream to be a father just to keep Hallie happy. I also don’t see why Hallie should have kids just to make Casey happy. From what the writers have given us, it appears that they are a bad match. I like Casey’s character and he deserves better. There are other fish in the sea! I hope the writers and casting agents are creative instead of flogging this on-off relationship to death.

  29. Team Mills! Look how cute he is! Also he cooked pancakes, eggs and bacon! What a sweetheart. Nobody should be the rebound.

  30. Wassupchicagofire says:

    Team mills. Casey and Dawson have no chemistry.

  31. Hallie says:

    I am not really for any team but casey pretty much blew her off so she figured he had no interested. How was she suppose to know to be fare he didn’t give her any sign he wanted more. As for mills he has been pretty clear on his feelings. Casey has no right to be mad they weren’t really a thing i do think it was weird she pines for him half the season then in one episode she gives up but it is clear she has a thing for casey and this is not going to be good. Also all fairness to mills he had no idea about casey.

  32. George Katsaras says:

    I guess we need to have the chick flick soap stuff on these drama shows to keep the ladies interested otherwise they wouldn’t get the ratings high enough to stay on so I will just have to accept that because otherwise I really like this show! But it is so shallow to have to be subjected to weird stuff like lesbianism, unfathfulness and promiscuity, but I guess that is what sells. Real adult people understand this is just a small perverted segment of reality, but soon it will not be a small segment because for our children watching this it becomes the norm and therefore the message is that these alternative lifestyles are the role models. I don’t want to judge people who live their lives this way and i will fight for them to have the liberty to do so, but why do we have to have it rammed down our throats on such otherwise wonderful shows? The fiore action and the interaction between the normal firefighters & paramedicals is very interesting to watch. Even the interaction of casey & his Mom is great so far, I just hope that it doesn’t become too decadent.

  33. well i think that Dawson and Mills should be together because casey has a girlfriend her name is Hallie and in this show when i saw the season of Casey and Dawson Having Breakfast and Mills thinks that Dawson and Casey are going out but they are not going out they are just Friends why they can get Along is there like something wrong with it no is not so in the next season in Chicago Fire when Hallie came back Casey was happy i feel bad about Dawson because Dawson is going out with Mills

  34. so what it dose it look bad at all when i see the season when mills and dawson were having realtionship together it did not look bad at all