Castle First Look: Rick Meets His Father!

Castle‘s titular writer/amateur detective will finally meet his dad (played by James Brolin) in the Feb. 25 episode (ABC, 10/9c), and judging by the guns and black masks in the following photos, we think it’s safe to say the father-son moment does not unfold as Rick probably imagined it would.

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The family reunion comes in the second half of Castle‘s annual sweeps two-parter, in which Rick and Kate investigate a murder that exposes a plot to kidnap a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman’s daughter. Could the mysterious Papa Castle be connected to the case?

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. taliesin says:

    I have always secretly hoped that it would be Rick’s dad who eventually takes-out the Senator to save Castle or Beckett from doing something that would ruin both of their lives.

    • DL says:

      Well, it certainly looks like he knows his way around a sniper rifle, so I wouldn’t count it out! ;)

    • I think the last episode shows us that Senator Bracken might not even be solely responsible for Johanna’s death. There are more powerful forces murdering people above him even. He was part of it, but he may not be the top of the food chain either.

      • Alan says:

        yeah ive always felt he wasnt the top, felt a little too soon for the reveal of the man at the top

      • taliesin says:

        In my opinion we’re 5 seasons into the storyline. It’s time to get closure and move on to the next thing. Let Beckett have her sense of peace. All we need to do is read the news to see there’s plenty of other monsters to give them multi-season story arcs for the future.

        • Alan says:

          you remember twin peaks? how they revealed the answer to their central mystery and then were cancelled within the season because no one wanted to watch anymore. well i can imagine something similar happening if the truth is revealed before the last episode here.
          without the case there will be nothing to drive the show forward and without that it will list aimlessly from one case of the week to the next and will just get boring.

          • taliesin says:

            Beckett’s mom is not the central storyline of Castle. It was a motivation for 1 character to choose a profession. Castle is a procedural. Any psycho could have shot Beckett at the end of season 3 and it would still have been interesting to see how it played out in season 4. Intensity doesn’t need to be focused on Kate’s mom and her killer. It’s a story that has dragged on too long; and Twin Peaks died in its 2nd season, not 5th.

          • Alan says:

            what is featured in the opening and closing episodes of each season? the mother case, only the central storyline of a show is used in the opening and closing episodes of a season

    • Mari says:


  2. Andrea says:

    Seems like maybe his dad comes in and saves the day.

  3. Tico says:

    Not a fan of this casting, because I haven’t liked James Brolin since Marcus Welby days. But that’s just me.

  4. Jane says:

    Ugh, that jacket makes Rick look so fat and boxy.

  5. BC40ish says:

    Is that Christopher Heyerdahl (Sanctuary) in the background of picture one????

  6. S says:

    Ugh. I got so excited when I thought this said Castiel Meets His Father. I was gonna say, finaaaaaaallly. Nevermind.

  7. James says:

    oh snap Papa Castle looks to be a total badass. Can not wait to see this unfold.

  8. Audrey says:

    I hate that Rick’s dad is potentially tied to the espiognage world. Ugh. Why go on this route? Because nothing beats papa Castle being a spy or working for the gov. Just like in Frozen Heat. sounds so cliche.

  9. intelliwoman says:

    I think its possible he and/or his agency are tied to the murder of Beckett’s mother

  10. Alan says:

    nathan fillion’s facial expressions make anything worthwhile, i love that guy

  11. balbutor says:

    Looks like it takes place in France (judging by the license plate)

  12. Karen says:

    Wait. James Brolin is also playing Jeff Winger’s dad in Community so does this mean Castle is Winger’s brother? lol

  13. JT says:

    Brolin’s carrying heat!? I gots to see this.

  14. Steph says:

    Well this feeds my excitement. Nicely done. :)

  15. Shaun says:

    Is that the Swede from Hell on Wheels in pic 1?

  16. Great series of pics! This is going to be such fun!! I can’t wait! Absolutely a “don’t miss” ep! Have I made my (exclamation)point?!

  17. Kelsey Tape says:

    Reblogged this on Love. Laugh. Always. and commented:
    This is eerily familiar — Frozen Heat anyone?

    • taliesin says:

      You need to think about it in order. Last February Castle learned that his father was in the CIA (Pandora/Linchpin). He then writes Frozen Heat, which comes out in September. It’s sort of a fiction based on Castle’s experience.

      • Kelsey Tape says:

        Exactly! But it also foreshadows a lot of the events that have happened on the show. I’m excited to see how it plays out. The writers never fail to deliver great episodes!

    • a says:

      You’ll have to do a book report. I have never been able to get thru the “Heat” novels. Kindled every single one of them, still on my Kindle, unread.

  18. Tom says:

    Yeah, whatever. Sounds like the usual sweeps nonsense. I have to say this show has really lost its creative edge.

    • Alan says:

      how could it have lost its creative edge if it is doing its “usual sweeps nonsense”? a statement like that makes it seem like its business as usual

  19. Dory says:

    As a newbie, I’m getting caught up on TNT reruns. Great show last eve. Alexis was a cute little girl and has developed into a beautiful young woman. Hope they keep this show going for a long time.