Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show: What Did You Think? Take Our Poll!

destinys child superbowl halftime showWho runs the world? Beyoncé, of course.

The “Single Ladies” singer promised in a press conference leading up to her performance at the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show (AKA “The Beyonce Bootylicious Mini-Concert, Brought to You by Some Football Game”) that she was “well-rehearsed” and would “absolutely” be singing live. Not only did she live up to her promises, but she did so while executing the kind of beastly/eye-popping choreography few of her contemporaries would attempt without the promise of an oxygen mask descending from the ceiling. Granted, there may not have been a ton of actual vocalizing, but the show-closing “Halo” was powerful and totally in tune, and the mid-set emegence of Destiny’s Child cohorts Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland was a squee-worthy (if expected) delight.

If I had any complaint, it’s that I could’ve used an extra two or three minutes of the good stuff: “Survivor,” “Run the World (Girls),” “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” and “Get Me Bodied” were especially missed. And how come Bey chose to use a pre-recorded version of Sean Paul’s rap on “Baby Boy” when you know dude woulda shown up and done his part if asked? Also: No Jay Z? No Dreamgirls costar Jennifer Hudson (who was already in the house)? No Solange? (Okay, maybe I’m the only one obsessed with Beyoncé’s little sis. Watch this YouTube video, though, and you will be, too.) Either way, there wasn’t much in the way of special guests.

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But let’s go back to the beginning: Dressed in a draped black leather minisdress (that was eventually and quickly reduced to a bustier/bathing suit with black lace skirt), Beyoncé began smack in the center of the New Orleans Superdome (against a gigantic flaming silhouette of her bodacious frame), belting “Love on Top” in the process. The performance included heavy use of a shiny black backdrop and floor, which were used to project various graphic images and holographs (especially nifty for the at-home viewer). From there, her ferocious setlist was as follows:

“Crazy in Love” (complete with the signature “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, oh-no-no” dance — yes!)
“Till the End of Time” (loved the “Blue Steel” Beyoncé served at the end)
“Baby Boy” (way to smash the imaginary glass with one’s badonkadonk!)

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“Bootylicious” (When Kelly and Michelle from Destiny’s Child popped out of the stage floor to join the festivities, I will admit that I seal clapped and howled with delight. “I DON’T THINK THEY CAN HANDLE THIS!”)
“Indepedent Women” (another must-include number that allowed Beyoncé to share the vocals)
“Single Ladies” (with at least 100 backup dancers mimicking Bey’s every move and an ad-libbed “Where my ring?” that made me guffaw)
“Halo” (the Lady Knowles’ strongest vocal of the night, growly and intense!)

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With that, I pass the baton to you. What did you think of Beyoncé’s Halftime Show performance? How did it compare to Madonna’s extravanagnza from last year’s Super Bowl XLVI? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and expand on your thoughts. And come back to TVLine after the game and tomorrow morning for all your Super Bowl pop-cultural recapping needs!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. lukeahartley says:

    WTF was the new song? That’s all that made this performance relevant! Tired old material & choreo what an anticlimax, guess this is what you get for believing your own hype!

  2. eli says:

    The show was awful the entrance was uninspiring, She sang way less than she danced.The sound was terrible and im a fan of hers.It was like a really bad stripper review.The breaks in between songs made it feel uneven and unpolished. Like Madonna or not she raised the bar in production and showmanship at twice her age and this ended with a merciful thump.

  3. kwumey says:

    Beyonce screeched like a cheshire cat … KELLY ROWLAND is SO much HOTTER than Bey- YAWN-cy

  4. Barbara says:

    I thought this was supposed to be a family show. The costumes and dance moves were more appropriate for a burlesque show than for families. Watching this show with several families of middle schoolers and we are all very upset. Shame on you Pepsi.

  5. Vannesa says:

    90% dancing and what little singing was done well. Could barely hear Kelly & Michelle singing at all and wished they had sung say my name or survivor. Pretty disappointed. Madonna’s performance last year was way better.

  6. Timmah says:

    She should have done Halo at the beginning so that she wouldn’t have been out of breath for it.

  7. NotBeyonceFan says:

    Well no suprise here! Bedazzled one piece bathing suit. Singing off key when she did “sing” and shaking her big bootie. Just the norm for Beyonce!

  8. bruce says:

    Didn’t this Beyonce promise to sing “absolutely live”? I’m sure she did. She appears to have sung along to a pre-recorded backing track. Oh, well, I suppose she’s as fake as ever.

  9. Hope says:

    I agree with the majority of what i have read on this and other sites. She sang very little. She danced and shook it up a LOT. Her performance was not that good and will not be remembered as a success. I know that I will probably pass on concert tickets too.

  10. barney says:

    It looked like she was trying to look like Madonna but danced like a stripper. Since when has the American public decided that it needed what was equivalent to pole dancing and strip club routines for their biggest sports events? They could save some money next time and hire the local Gentlemen’s Club dancers & a D.J. and I think all would be just as happy and entertained.

  11. katie says:

    I didn’t want my kids to watch, so I had to turn off the TV. I don’t care what she does, but the Super bowl used to be for families. Every year it becomes clearer that the NFL isn’t for families anymore. My 10yr daughter and I watched every game our team played this past season. It was our mother daughter time,while my boys would play upstairs because they don’t like football like we do.

  12. Hope says:

    I also agree that Madonnas performance was much much better.

  13. Keith says:

    Didn’t watch and I am glad I didn’t. Was not worth my time.

  14. I though Beyonce did an awesome job! She DID sing live though……and she danced because she’s an entertainer too. Nothing but love from me

  15. notsosad says:

    boring. as usual. these halftime shows are just awful. every year another narcissistic d-bag. just give us a marching band, some updates, replays and get back to the game.

  16. sandy says:

    I felt like I was in a strip club. All she needed was a pole and a paying customer. Entire performance was disgusting!!

  17. Annie says:

    She was awesome, but I would have loved to hear some more singing, especially the Destiny’s Child songs. Bills Bills Bills, would have been a good choice.

  18. John says:

    What a horrid performance….all sizzle and no steak. Without question one of the worst half time shows I’ve seen. Beyonce and Madonna couldn’t carry Prince’s microphone.

    • eli says:

      Ive seen Prince live closeup in Las Vegas and hes just as Horrid.His best music is behind him and he knows it.All ego and full of himself and yes i was a fan.

  19. truthola says:

    As beautiful and talented as she is it was pretty emotionless and robotic. It looked like a theme park pop show. All the posing was just too much. Here’s the thing, I do like her, thought she was awesome in Cadillac Records but that halftime show just did not rate anywhere near the top 10 best halftime shows. Good live relevant bands would be a better choice.

  20. Warren says:

    Madonna’s show averaged higher in the tvline polls lol and yet there are people who want to dismiss her or call her irrelevant because of her age… Hmmm. Can’t wait until the ratings for this half-time performance comes out, just sayin.

  21. chuck smith says:

    most of the people watching don’t know more then one of her songs. Thats where the shaking comes in.

  22. Lesley says:

    I like Beyonce but that was a cringe worthy abysmal display of vocals. And I was hoping for some new moves but no originality as she just repeated the choreography from her videos. After the opening with Keyes and Hudson she sounded like an x factor audition.

  23. I never bought a beyonce cd in the past, but I think I liked her performanced. In fact I just bought her album from itunes.

  24. Irena says:

    So this is what passes for entertainment for a so-called family event–more like something you’d see on late-nite porn cable. We saw less flesh when Janet Jackson (who was almost fully clothed) had the so-called malfunction. (FYI: I don’t have a problem with flesh and exposure–it’s about the audience. I just don’t want my young nephews watching this, as they did, and I certainly don’t want my young nieces thinking this is what you have to do to provide “entertainment” if you are a female performer.)

    As a woman, who appreciates Beyonce as a female entertainer, this whole half-time thing was the equivalent of seeing an upscale strip-club show on live TV. We saw far more flesh (top, bottom, legs) on Beyonce and the other women on stage than we’ve seen in the past.

    Does she look great and hot? Of course. Is the audience strongly male-dominated and loving the sexuality of it all? Duh, yeah. Is this show designed to please a male audience? Duh, yeah, again.

    But as for a real performance? OK, she can shake her booty. They did a lot of special effects. SHe teased the audience (the bit at the end? Really? where she flung her hair and body close enough to audience on ground but not enough for anyone except one person to touch her. Sexual teasing is now a part of entertainment?

    But honestly, not much variance in movement (dance/choreography) and in overall performance. It was all about showing how sexy Beyonce is. That’s NOT a performance to me.

    Did all the guys here love it? Oh, yes. They’ll be replaying it many many times.

    But was it real entertainment? I think not.

  25. Guy says:

    I thought it was kind of short. Anyone else?

  26. James says:

    Kelly Clarkson for 2014!!!

  27. Vito says:

    Bruno Mars in 2014. A throwback to the days when entertainers actually entertained!!! Beyoce’s performance was embarrassingly bad.

    • cpf says:

      So agree! Such a new concept someone who is so talented that they can actually sing, play an instrument and writes their own music. It’s well known fact that Beyonce’s father demanded she be listed as songwriter on every track even though she never contributed t the process.

      Plus, everyone of his band members has more talent than ny current artist out there today.

      Bruno Mars in 2014!!!!

  28. Taneiqua says:

    Just the standard Beyonce schtick – skimpy clothes, a lot of gyrating and tuneless melismatics. Hollow & disappointing.

  29. John says:

    I thought she was awful, I turned it off—she cannot sing-she has a great figure, can
    certainly shake it,and toss her hair, but that’s it. Her moves were pretty suggestive
    considering some families are watching this.
    Pretty disappointing.

  30. Bob says:

    I was expecting a good singer and show, this seemed more like a strip club, I am disappointed in Beyonce and also in the NFL for putting a show like this on the air. If people want to see this type of thing there are channels for that.

  31. LLQueen says:

    Beyonce still got it and Kelly got it too. I wish they would have performed a lot longer. The show was great.

  32. anil says:

    She looks like a tranny in that picture. Fugly and disturbing.

  33. Angel says:

    Needed more Destiny’s Child reunion….no Bills, No Say My Name! WTH?!

  34. Valike says:

    Loved it! She put on a show!!!!!!!!!

  35. emma says:

    i think beyonce is great, but am i the only who thinks lately she’s trying to hard? i dont know if she’s afraid she’s fading or shes trying to keep things afloat after the baby or trying to feel sexy after giving birth. i felt it was overdone and i really didnt think it was all that. it wasnt horrible, but knowing what she’s capable of it could have been so much better..

  36. joe says:

    The 2014 super bowl is in new jersey…bon jovi needs to be the halftime performer.

  37. J Erv says:

    Way too much talent to deliver this type of performance, the special effects and dancing was the whole show. Also, you must know your audience at all times and this was not the audience for this show. I am a Bey fan and for those who are not, I assure you she is very talented, whoever not much demonstrated in this performance, what a pity and I offer no excuse, only hope she’s allowed to prove her talents at a later day and time, and hopefully this becomes a teachable moment, none are perfect.

  38. Fernanda says:

    Survivor?? Say My Name?? Run the world with cheerleaders??? Jay Z?? I was disappointed

  39. Fernanda says:

    Glee Cast for 2014??? hahaha just kidding!!!

  40. Kenny says:

    Stevie Wonder/ Motown Reunion 2014!!!!!

  41. Jamie says:

    Are you all insane?!? She was AMAZING!!! Smell blood in the water much?

  42. donna says:

    most of the critique here is mean and simply irrelevant. beyoce was invited due to her established and very distinct style of music and showmanship. u cant expect her to abandon everything she has done and sing “we are the world” a la michael jackson or be clad in a long dress a la adele. that’s not who she is , or what she does! i dont listen to her on my itunes but i didnt expect her to sing anything other than HER greatest hits and sang the hack out a them. i LOVE her dance, i enjoyed the show, and yes- i love the rhythm- totally dancable and appropriate in such a huge live event. also- yay for girl power! it’s black feminist theory time (slezak- a post about that in relation to the show would totally kick ass!)

  43. Roxann says:

    I don’t get how anyone with a any intelligence can honestly say that was entertaining. She was terrible and totally disappointing. It’s not about hating her…I don’t. I just think after seeing Madonna last year, she had nowhere to go but down. I mean she could not compete with Madonna. There is only one and whoever said that this was better than Madonna has absolutely no taste. No one thought this was better. Madonna is unbeatable!

    • Sarina says:

      Amen, not hating on beyonce. she’s nice. but after Madonna we all knew there was going to be disappointment. I just didn’t think it was gonna be this bad. it was the typical Beyonce sexy walk and shaking her hair as if it was on fire or something. makes you appreciate The Queen of Pop a little bit more, despite her age..the rest just can’t compare.

  44. Donnie says:

    The half time show was lacking a lot of luster. Not to mention the blending of destiny child with Beyonce as a solo artist. Beyonce had the track playing behind her because she sacrificed vocals in order to perform her played out single “Single Ladies.” which was not as impressive as it was performed at other events. Not only could you barely hear Kelly and Michelle but their exit was awful! And the entire performance just reminded me of a much cheaper tiring version of her BET Awards performance. I do like Beyonce, but I think she could have been a bit more theatrical with her song choice. Plus i wish she would have went with some of her more current songs. I would have advised her to start off slow with “1+1” then move in move into single ladies, then glided into lose my breath with destinies child, and end with with Party!

  45. Rennie says:

    Too many HATERS!! This world would be a wau better place if everyone mind their own dam business and opinion’s to theyself! She rich and famous regardless of wt ywl think! People crack me up! Like any of ywl comments would matter to her! Lmao!!

    • cpf says:

      It’s not about being a hater but we are the ones that made her rich and famous so you have to listen to your fan base sometimes or you won’t have any…I’m a sales and marketing professional and these stars do to pay marketing companies a lot of money to read the blogs so it’s important to leave feedback but not in a nasty way.

      When she started out she was all about ” keeping her performances and outfits classy” and showing that she has true talent. Hope she gets back on track.

  46. guymag says:

    Might’ve been better if she had lip-synced.

  47. CKDexter Haven says:

    Just TRASH TRASH TRASH – I don’t get why women constantly try and replace themselves as sex objects for talent. PLEASE!!!!! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. My God – what is with the pelvic thrusts? Are you kidding? You set women back decades – Just pathetic. No grace, no class… dare women behave this way. If you want the world to respect you, then respect yourself and find a new routine. American looks like trash to the real of the world. So sad for us. Please try another tack.

    • cpf says:

      So agree! My 11 year daughter old said ” this is really inappropriate and she is boring too” so we turned it off and until the game was back on…

      Wonder how Beyonce would feel if her daughter start acting like that but doesn’t seem like she spends too much time embracing motherhood especially with a world tour.

  48. Sue says:

    It was a T & A show. Not family appropriate.

  49. Sara says:

    She barely sang at all. It was all “throw your hands up” and “where my single ladies,” while background music plays of her singing and she always gets away with it because she will throw out an occasional run of notes. Now, did she dance well? Yes, Bob Fosse would have loved what she did with his choreography. I also felt like “Halo” was added last minute to prove that she can “sing live.” The show seemed like it had a good end point right before “Halo” and it was a little bit of an awkward transition. Definitely a last minute addition.
    And I am sorry, but seriously? Bringing in the girls of Destiny’s Child to be her back-up singers on “Single Ladies?!” Talk about shady. I would have much rather heard another Destiny’s Child song.

  50. Tony says:

    I kept waiting for the stripper pole and maybe the referee would get a lap dance! Oh, well. maybe next year.