Prospect Park 'Willing to Equally Share' OLTL Characters With GH: 'It's a Win-Win for the Actors'

ROGER HOWARTHTalk about your daytime drama.

A half a day after word got out that Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson would need to exit ABC’s General Hospital so that the characters of John, Todd and Starr could resume an existence on the to-be-relaunched One Life to Live, Prospect Park — the media company backing the Hulu/iTunes reboot of OLTL (as well as All My Children) — issued a statement shedding light on the unusual matter.

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To tee up their statement, Prospect Park explained that in 2011, the company “lent characters to General Hospital until shooting began for [OLTL] so that the characters could stay alive with the fans and also so that the actors could remain working.

“Everyone at ABC and on the production staff of General Hospital understood that this was a temporary arrangement until production started once again on One Life to Live,” Prospect Park said. With OLTL now inching towards production on new episodes, “Prospect Park needs to, once again, cast these characters,” meaning possibly with other actors.

Or… maybe not?

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Prospect Park’s actual statement on where things stand is posted below. The closing lines indicate that, as hinted by ABC’s own statement from Friday morning, all involved parties may try to hammer out a wackadoodle deal that… I don’t know, has McBain fighting crime Tuesday/Thursday/every second Friday in Port Charles? (Does, like, Paul Anthony Stewart play Todd on One Life while Howarth keeps the L.A. shift?) This even though Prospect shelled out “millions of dollars” to secure dibs on the OLTL characters, especially those it deems “essential” to relaunching the serial.

“Prospect Park understands that General Hospital has featured Llanview transplants Michael Easton (John) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) among others while we arranged production of the new version of One Life to Live. These characters, who we own under our agreement, are obviously essential to our production efforts, and a large reason we licensed the program. We also understand that legions of General Hospital fans have grown to love these actors and characters in a short time. So even though we are paying ABC millions of dollars to license the shows, we have been, and continue to be willing to equally share the characters with General Hospital and ABC.

It’s a win-win for the actors, the shows and fans, who love all of the shows and storylines. We hope to work out these agreements with ABC and the actors.”

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  1. I for one am very upset over the way you are pitting soap fans against one another with the way your choices are written. It is like you have no knowledge of what is going on with the characters and actors in question.

    PP loaned those characters to GH, to use while they were working on getting the shows ready. They did not have to do that.
    But they did and now seem to be getting crucified by media and soap fans alike all because they are ready for those characters to come home
    so they can bring One Life to Live back into production.

    One other concern I have is that you were able to vote more than one time on this poll up until Sunday, How do you know that
    the same person/people were not sitting there voting over and over again. I would like to request that you do a little research and re-do this poll, with
    options that are laid out fairly and make it so you can only vote one time.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration



    • GHFan says:

      All three of the actors in question here have stated that they have no interest in doing the online version of OLTL. PP does not respect the actors and is trying to strong them into returning if even for only a short stay.

      • Really?? please show me where. I have great contacts and sources and not once have I heard that any one of them has said this!! actually, according to a trusted source in touch on OLTL matters 2 have said they would like to do both, heard that the other one would to but not out of their mouth..I know there are articles out there stating that none of them want to go but none of them were QUOTED!! that is just media being media and saying what they want.

        • GHFan says:

          Well, you better check your contacts for validity because they are way off on this. Roger and Kristen never had any intention of going to OLTL’s PP production the first time they were casting and Michael Easton on his own Facebook page made it known that he did not like not being able to work on the GH set after today because of PP.

  2. Leeanne says:

    I think Starr and Todd are even better in Port Charles. Prospect Park must have first choice. But my idea is for now at least: leave them in Port Charles, but they can come to LLanview for story arcs. Starr could even bring Michael with her to LLanview and that might help both show as well. If they are not needed there are plenty of other characters. But when they are needed- they come back for whatever the story. But john McBain should go back to Llanview. He’s not really needed in PC and we don’t need vampires there. He can go back to GH once in a while if he’s not being used in LLanview. When LLanview needs Starr and Todd, Prospect Park should of course be able to use them. I think both companies should be able to cooperate. If they do it properly- it will help all the Soaps.

    • GHFan says:

      I do not know what version of GH you are watching but Easton fits in so well on GH it is as if he always was there. John McBain is a perfect new beau for Sam. Finally Monaco has a leading man who she sizzles with. She was wasted for years with Burton and Easton was wasted for years on OLTL with Archer.
      Howarth fits well on GH too and has good chemistry between Todd and Carly, but Alderson’s character of Starr really could return to OLTL and GH would be just fine. There is no real chemistry between Starr and Michael and the romance was very forced. I do not think any of the three will be leaving GH and going anywhere for a long time.

      • one could ask you the same thing, which version of GH are you watching, there has never been a more forced “connection” than sam and mcbain! that character is so forced if he’s not in sceen with sam he’s not even on, who does he know in PC? He came there over some made up investigation that was wrapped up a few weeks after he came to town, what his he doing on GH thats so great, that GH thats been on for almost fifty years will be cancelled without him. Please we all come to the table with our own bias. From where I’m sitting PP is the hero,they did what ABC refused to do for soaps!

        • GHFan says:

          I have been watching GH since the Luke and Laura days and I know chemistry when I see it and Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton have it. Please, if you think PP is gonna give you your old soaps back like you remember them you are going to be so disappointed. You will get a production done on a shoe string budget (they cannot even afford to film the two shows at the same time and have their own studios) they are going to use the same studio for both shows and have them rotate when they will be dark and filming. Most likely you will see the same sets on both shows too. PP already said their new shows will focus on the youth on the show who they hope to draw young people in as viewers (they think only the young watch internet shows and not those over 25). GH plans on keeping all three actors on GH anyway, even if they have to be new characters, so don’t expect Howarth, Easton or Alderson to be leaving GH anytime soon. They all have contracts with ABC and not PP.

        • Mia says:

          Melissa Murray ITA Sam & John was too forced!!!

  3. nadia says:

    I just need my daily todd fix. I only watched OLTL for Todd and after Brenda left i left GH and only came back to it for Todd, i need him on GH bc im not watching OLTL online. And he didnt even sign with PP so why they need him. They didnt bring back alot of characters so leave Todd alone!

  4. Ninaandmario says:

    Tired of all of this. When OLTL was canceled I started watching GH because of John. Star n Todd Now here we go again. I hate that all these companies who don’t think of the viewers. It’s just not right. I need my 48 minutes of of escape from the real world. So stop messing with my head and just do something for the viewers. Strsighten out this mess soon or eventually no one will be watching those soaps. And that would be sad. In the end it’s all a money thing just like everything else these days

  5. bob says:

    pp either needs to get easton howarth and alderson for their oltl roles or just not use the characters at all because recasting these 3 characters will be a huge mistake

  6. liz moffre says:

    I have been watching GH since it started (yes I’m 62-thank you) and right now is one of the best story lines ever. I was so happy when i found out Todd was going to GH. His return to OLTL was the only reason I went back to watching it. John is wonderful and gorgeous – great hair – don’t cut it. I agree with those who are saying the online thing won’t work long term. Right now the actors are part of the longest running daytime drama on TV (and may I repeat TV-TV-TV). Why would they want to leave? Changing their names isn’t the answer – they have to be who they are. Can’t GH make Prospect an offer they can’t refuse.

  7. Gentry Ashmore says:

    John McBain and Natalie Buchanan are soul mates. They belong together. Michael Easton signed a one year contract with ABC, not a long term contract. ABC knew all through 2012 that Prospect Park was trying to reboot OLTL. The characters belong to OLTL; however the actors don’t. That being said if Ron and Frank were being fair they would continue with the GH legacy characters and send John McBain home. He plays a pivotal role on OLTL. Not only with Liam and Natalie but at the LAPD. So if Michael Easton won’t go to OLTL, recast him but GH has no right to use the character of John McBain any longer.

    GH fans complained about OLTL characters coming over and wanted them gone. Now they want them back. Not fair. OLTL had higher ratings and a stronger fan base than GH did in 2011. GH destroyed the character of John McBain. He would never leave his family. Ron and Frank promised happy times for Jolie and destroyed them.

    Nine years of Jolie blows away McBam. They are both too serious and boring together. Should make them siblings then there might be a real reason for Michael Easton to cross over as well as Sam Morgan. John needs his fiery redhead, Natalie. Then there are real sparks.

    Michael Easton is the star of OLTL. He’s only a minor contract player on GH. Go home Michael to OLTL. Your fans absolutely adore you in your role of John McBain on OLTL.
    Also, OLTL should bring back Michael, Marcy and Eve McBain.

    • Sally says:

      Michael Easton is quickly becoming the leading man on GH. He is playing two characters on the show and has a major storyline. I am sorry but for me Jolie was always a bust. I did not mind Evangeline and John but Jolie was always flat for me due to the lack of chemistry of Melissa Archer and Michael Easton. Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton explode with chemistry on screen together and ABC is very aware of this and has no intention of losing Michael Easton to PP.

  8. Jennifer Hall says:

    I am glad to see OLTL and AMC come back, but I also like watching Todd, Starr and John on the show. What will happen when Starr has to go back to Llanview without Michael? Todd and John can go back, I don’t mind that, but I like the Starr and Michael relationship. Maybe ABC can buy the character of Starr back from PP and she can stay on GH.

  9. dhdjeeee says:

    I would much rather stay with General Hospital Hospital as an actor as it is a network tv show and not a cable start up. But then again it would be nice to be back with the OLTL cast again. But the PP shows will not last more then a few years unless then end up on basic cable somewhere. I actually think it would be nice if more charctors would cross over to GH from time to time from both OLTL and AMC.

  10. Lynette says:

    Why can’t they let the actors choose what they want to do.

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