CBS Renews NCIS For Season 11 as Mark Harmon Inks New Deal -- But What About Cote de Pablo?

NCIS Renewed Season 11Color us not surprised: CBS has renewed NCIS for a 11th season after finalizing a new deal with leading man Mark Harmon, the network announced Friday.

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“In a world gone niche, NCIS keeps getting bigger, and Mark Harmon continues to define the role of leading man on the No. 1 show on television,” said CBS President and CEO Les Moonves in a statement. “NCIS is the type of franchise every company wants in today’s global content ecosystem — high-quality storytelling that generates passionate viewers and drives revenue on every conceivable platform.”

CBS is said to be still in negotiations with Harmon’s co-star, Cote de Pablo, whose deal is also set to expire at season’s end. (The rest of the cast is locked in.)

Currently in its 10th season, NCIS ranks as TV’s most-watched drama series with an average audience of 21.48 million viewers.

Thoughts? Are you as not shocked as we are? Concerned that Ziva remains a question mark? Hit the comments!

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  1. joe wooster says:

    great show, and a great cast. ziva is a definate keeper. i hope she signs a long term contract. (p.s. palmer needs more story lines too. he and to are kind of a comedy team.
    like steve and tango on ghosthunters)

  2. Mitchell says:

    She had better stay , or I’ll have to change my dog’s name . Doberman , Shepard Mix. A very bad ass puppy, excuse my french

  3. Virginia says:

    If I was 50 yrs. younger & the world is the way it is now. I WOULD WANT TO BE JUST LIKE ZIVA. ( not yelling speaking loudly)She is smart,can take care of herself & she can keep her own counsel.
    In another words she just COOL.
    She’s only make beleive folks. Stop getting your panties in a wad.
    Virginia from Florida

  4. ronald roman says:


  5. D says:

    CBS Dont screw this up!! Keep Cote de Pablo as Ziva- she is Great !!!!

  6. JJ5306 says:

    I love the show as I used to love CSI. Ziva has added a much needed new dynamic to the show. They have a really great “TEAM” spirit and love for each other which is really great. I would love to see Jamie Lee Curtis back and the lawyer for Col. Bell.

  7. CHUCK says:


  8. C. James says:

    Bring Ziva back! She is great opposite Tony.

  9. cody62 says:

    Cote is just as integral a charachter as any other at this point in the show. Her role has established a strong rapport with the show’s NCIS team and she has earned the casting with fabulous acting and her ability to show so many different personality sides of the role she’s been given. I have been an avid fan of this show for years now and to disrubt the “mojo” of the shows ability to stay the number one show on TV. I myself would lose some intrest in the show without her.

  10. Independent Thinker says:

    Dump the entire show already! Cote de Pablo is about the only reason to watch it. But really, get away from your tv. That (not so) stupid box does more to tear apart the very fabric of society, both morally and socially.

  11. mike says:

    I have been watching for years! I watch the reruns at least once a week if not more, Kate as well as Ziva!! Great show no more deaths in the group, I think when the show ends it should be with Tony and Ziva getting hitched and Gibbs hanging em up!! Until then NCIS, it is the real deal! lol

  12. Steve says:

    Bringing in Marina would be somewhat pointless, without Ziva’s character to continue the connection to Mossad….I would enjoy seeing Catherine Bell make an appearance as Lt. Col. MacKenzie (JAG) in an episode….

  13. Vamos ser sinceros e parar para analisar. NCIS só virou o drama número um depois que a Cote de Pablo entrou para o programa. Ela pode não ser o mas importante, mas a partir do momento que ela entrou, NCIS subiu de nível junto com todos os atores e só nos fez amar ainda mas o programa.

  14. badgerboy says:

    Packers will extend Aaron Rodgers and NCIS will extend Cote. Super Bowl and number 1 ratings in 2013. Give them the Money!

  15. Joni says:

    Ziva is probably my favorite character in a cast of no-fault players…I like them all. However, Ziva is the exotic one…the only non-American. She is complex – combining her Mossad background and training with her newly adopted American ideals. I do not know if I would be that keen on watching NCIS without Ziva. The void created by her departure would leave me bereft. I hope she stays as long as the show continues…and that it continues a long time. The chemistry among this cast is so entertaining…!

    • Carole Peel says:

      Hmmm Joni, the mind boggles if you take NCIS too seriously. Don’t get me wrong I love the show and haven’t missed an episode in 10 years. But can you seriously imagine US intelligence agencies allowing a former member of Mossad joining their ranks. Me thinks not :-)

  16. wdbtchr says:

    I’ve enjoyed following Mark Harman since way back in the days of St. Elsehere. Made me sad when it ended so I was happy when Mark came back. I hope Cote stays, I like her character too.

  17. Margaret Taylor says:

    Glad to know N.C.I.S. will be back..Best show on TV, but Ziva has to stay. Kate (Sasha Alexander) was ok but not as good as Ziva. Kate was wishy washy but didn’t have the expertise or experience that Ziva has. Ziva keeps the guys on their toes. I have seen every episode & still watch the reruns on USA when they are on. Can’t get enough of “The Gibbs’ Gang”!!!!!

  18. when kate left ncis i stopped watching for a while and started back like ziva hope sje dosen’t leave she helps to make the show interesting. when you change the main characters it changes the show and is not as good gibb’s team is what really makes the show the directors that change are not as important as the team unfortunately when they change the team it is not as good of a show,so please resign cote de pablo

  19. Tori says:

    I will be so upset if she leaves. Like legit, i will cry :( She is my favorite on the show, other than Michael Weatherly (Tony).

  20. sarah says:

    i hope this doesn’t happen, But dose anyone think Ziva might die end of season 10 which is why she hasn’t renewed her contract ?

  21. Richie swift says:

    I agree with the guys if you don’t like ziva your gay she’s ace. Richie :)

    • colleen says:

      I realize that many people find Cote sexy, however, being sexy does not translate into being a good actress! Cote is NOT a good actress and Ziva is certainly not a good role model. She’s violent, lies as easily as she breathes, and needs some serious anger management! It’s downright scary that some fans actually look up to this character as a role model…

      • Shari says:

        I agree that Cote is a mediocre actress at best..I’m not sure why so many people are fascinated by her ( I assume it’s because of her sexy looks). I feel that the other characters on the show were much better written before Cote came aboard. Don’t know if she has some sort of special relationship with one of the writers or what. But, in recent years, it seems as though every story has to revolve around Ziva in some way. Wish the other characters would be highlighted more & Ziva could be left in the background!

        • Stacy says:

          I don’t think Cote is a great actress b/c I find her sexy. I just do. Is she my favorite amoungst the rest of the cast? No.

          And to some one else about her character not being a good role model b/c she is violent and not liking her b/c she lies. While you have every right to feel that way, but then you shouldn’t like some of the other characters as well. Shooting people is violent. Which Tony, McGee & Gibbs (and most recently Palmer) have done. And just about every single one of the characters has lied.

          Is Ziva perfect? Not one bit. I don’t want it to come off like she is some innocent godess. She isn’t. No one in the cast is (unless you count Burt the Hippo). Ziva David is a trained *killer*. Many times she will take down a suspect by fighting them off (vs. killing them). And while she isnt the only one who has done that, I commend her (and anyone else) that can do that.

          In my personal opinion, I think that the *risk* of Cote/ Zova not returning at all (writers could drag it out), is nothing but a ploy, tatic. Really just a lie. It has gotten people talking. And worrying/ freaking out. And for some completely happy or looking forward too it. Spoilers are nothing but a ratings tatic. And as I have told another friend, the TPTB are not that stupid. Killing off Ziva or having her go permantely, would invite hate letters. Not just b/c there are many that like her but also it would kill TIVA. And while yes I am a fan of both, I’d still watch. I ain’t that bitter. Also whether you like Ziva or TIVA…. or not….. There has to be something otherwise writers wouldnt give us fans TIVA moments.

          So people worrying… Breathe. It will be ok. And those that are giddy. I am so very sorry. And it will be ok for you as well. Learn to not like /hate Bodnar. Little miss annoying violent Ziva will never have closer with her father. And Director Vance lost the woman he loves and his 2 kids lost a mother who loved them very much. I have a gut feeling that maybe just maybe some that aren’t a Ziva fan might be cheering her on when she takes down that S.O.B.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i agree….and it seems we went from the “work smarter, NOT harder” tony….to the “butt of the joke” and “lack of respect” towards him, with ziva around….they’ve dumbed him down, to make her look good….i DON’T find her all that GREAT or even sexy.


      • Alisa Neely says:

        i totally agree….she uses VIOLENCE far too easily….just look what she did to her injured partner….and she gets away with MORE then anyone else…..after she KILLED that prisoner, she should have been SHIPPED home and NEVER allowed back in the US.


  22. Claire says:

    Ziva won’t be missed by me

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i agree….i WON’T be shedding ANY tears if she is KILLED OFF….just as i didn’t with kate and jenny shepard……i’m SICK of her getting away with crap, and tony getting slapped for NO reason….he followed orders while on an op, and got treated BADDLY by the rest of the team.


  23. kb says:

    If ziva gets killed off the show I prob. Will not watch it anymore the cast is great like it is n to miss wit it be disappointing

  24. brenda says:

    I would be very upset to see her leave the show. She is needed to continue her role like the rest of the actors. She brings that little extra to the show. I would watch without her to decide if I still liked the set up or not. I probably would watch something else in the end though. She is as important as are the others. They all together make the show.

  25. Karma_SP says:

    If Ziva is not back my household not watching NCIS anymore.

  26. Sue says:

    I have been a huge fan of NCIS since the very beginning of the show, I love Mark Harmon not only is he great to look at he is terrific as Gibbs, I love all the characters including Ziva, who I adore and think she is an excellent actress and an asset to the show, I hope they give her the contract she deserves and she continues as Ziva on NCIS, she is irreplacable. GO ZIVA.

  27. kimberly says:

    Will we know by the end of the finale if Cote De Pablo will be back for season 11?

    • SlimJim says:

      NCIS has shown that it is not afraid to go off in another direction, sans a major character or 2, and I can only hope that is not what happens with Ziva. Cote does complete the picture. After watching Berlin though, I have to wonder if the writers are not leaving themselves some alternate options for the future. Also it seems that the men that Ziva gets involved with don’t exactly 1 live a long time or 2 get “Cruzed” right out of the storyline. Look out Tony.

  28. dianna says:

    Got to have Ziva she is awesome the show would not be complete without her. Must keep the same crew.

  29. Kimberly says:

    I absolutely love the Tony and Ziva relationship. They just really seem to be fighting their feelings.Look at tonight’s episode.Tony reaching for Ziva’s hand right before they were hit. Then his bloody hand searching for hers, which wasnt moving:( Don’t leave us Cote! )

  30. Jessica says:

    I like Ziva she needs to stay on the show. If she gets taken out of I will not want to watch NCIS anymore because the who Tony Ziva thing is the main reason I watch it. Please keep her don’t send her away.

  31. lisa says:

    Omg…ziva can’t leave…tony and ziva need to stop playing around and get together….can u give tim a girl friend too….I love this show

  32. Mario says:

    Sign Ziva please???????

  33. Durin's Heir says:

    I honestly hope that Ziva is not killed off but with episode 22 promo, it may look bleak. I’m holding out hopes though. Considering what Tony put himself through when the team thought she was dead in season (6 or 7), can you imagine what would happen if she really did die in that car accident? He’d be an emotionless wreck. He LOVES that woman; whether he will admit it or not. If she dies, there will be no recovery for him.

  34. LEPK says:

    If Cote de Pablo goes, it will be the beginning of the end of NCIS. Chemistry she added when she came on the NCIS scene made/makes the show what it is today.

  35. LEPK says:

    Kind of peculiar to keep knocking off lead women, Cate, Jenny Shepard, even collateral character like Vance’s wife. This is not unlike Law & Order swapping out their females. If Ziva dies in the car accident, it is too much a copy of L&O’s death of Jill Hennessey’s character… just unoriginal, beyond contrived, if they take her character out purely because of a contract negotiation issue, rather than because the character has exhausted its usefulness. (Think of how they torpedoed “House” when Lisa Edelstein departed. What a ridiculous way to end a show that had such an enjoyable run.) Abby foreshadowing a potential bad event on this last episode is not unlike how they foreshadowed Cate’s death.

  36. Nancy says:

    Doesn’t any remember Tony and Kate? When Kate left, the team survived and opened up slot for Ziva. I don’t want to see Ziva leave any more than most of you but if she did, I’m sure someone else just as dynamic would fill the hole. Then we’d get used to the new person and everyone would not want to see that person go either.

  37. Eddie R says:

    The character of Ziva David is one of my favorites, and she IS my wife’s favorite. She just adds SO much to the show. I think she’s better for the show than Kate was. It would hurt the show if she didn’t return because not only is she tough and a bad-**s(lol!), she adds some comedy. These main characters make a great group, and it would change the show too much and for the worse if she didn’t return.

  38. Jo Woodbury says:

    Ziva cant leave they have killed off to many good actresses are ready. Come on Ziva you have to stay.

  39. Dennis says:

    please, please get rid of dinozzo . The show can do without his s stupid comments

    • Alisa Neely says:

      KEEP TONY, GET RID OF ZIVA….NCIS would be 100x SAFER with her GONE….tony is a MAJOR reason why I watch….i wouldn’t cry over the death of ziva….but, would be highly upset over tony.


  40. mary says:

    Love Ziva. She’s my favorite on the show. Please keep her.

  41. sarah says:

    Please please please!!!!!!! KEEP Cote!!!!!!

  42. Anela says:

    they can not kill off Ziva…her and tony are meant for each other and compliment each other in ways that most characters do not. Plus when they killed off Kate (another possible love interest), it left Tony alone really…Ziva is a strong independent woman and despite the odds, Tony has really taken a shine to her. After season after season of flirting with each other, they seemed to acknowledge the chemistry between one another and Ziva seems to be able to finally let down her walls to him…Please don’t kill off Ziva…

  43. Denise Robanos says:

    If Ziva is gone, so am I. Bellasario has a habit of killing off the women – Kate, Jenny, and Jackie Vance. It’s getting a little old. Have ALWAYS like Ziva’s character and hope her character remains.

  44. Linda C says:

    I think the show is great because of the entire cast. They have such a good chemistry together with all their own unique personalities. Personally, I don’t think it will be the same if Ziva doesn’t return. I hope to see her and Tony end up together. He already lost Kate – wouldn’t be fare for that to happen again.

  45. Joleen Karl says:

    i love the whole cast i think they need to keep ziva

  46. hallo from south africa
    without ziva the series would be dull . what happened after acc. she and tony are too in love not to be together. i watched for many years best show .i am 71 and they switched the channels around in this country but still mange to get.please cote de pablo must be there.

    peter gunter

  47. Jimbo says:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Keep the #1 shows cast intact. Only an idiot would do otherwise.

  48. ANN says:


  49. Lyn Bockmiller says:

    like Gibbs says We need Zive she is a big part of this team a strong part so sign her up and get it going quit screwing around and get it done and this DOD guy is messing with the wrong Person in Ziva there ticked off that they could not find Bodner and she had Vance’s OK!! And he better not mess with Gibbs or they will just make him disappear !!going to be some great stuff I can’t wait!!

  50. Haley says:

    Ziva please stay! I’ve wanted to be some kind of cop since I was really little and when I started watching the show I now know that I want to do something similar to what you do! You are my role model and I really hope that you stay on the show, it’s great how you show that girls can be heroes like that too! When I first told people what I wanted to be they laughed, and that got me down but your character gave me confidence in what I want to so so thank you!:)