CBS Renews NCIS For Season 11 as Mark Harmon Inks New Deal -- But What About Cote de Pablo?

NCIS Renewed Season 11Color us not surprised: CBS has renewed NCIS for a 11th season after finalizing a new deal with leading man Mark Harmon, the network announced Friday.

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“In a world gone niche, NCIS keeps getting bigger, and Mark Harmon continues to define the role of leading man on the No. 1 show on television,” said CBS President and CEO Les Moonves in a statement. “NCIS is the type of franchise every company wants in today’s global content ecosystem — high-quality storytelling that generates passionate viewers and drives revenue on every conceivable platform.”

CBS is said to be still in negotiations with Harmon’s co-star, Cote de Pablo, whose deal is also set to expire at season’s end. (The rest of the cast is locked in.)

Currently in its 10th season, NCIS ranks as TV’s most-watched drama series with an average audience of 21.48 million viewers.

Thoughts? Are you as not shocked as we are? Concerned that Ziva remains a question mark? Hit the comments!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Please get ride of “With a Catch?” title. There is nothing in the story to suggest a “Catch.” If an actor hasn’t signed off on a season yet, then it isn’t a “Catch.”

  2. Lynn Holland says:

    Thank you for news that makes a great birthday present!
    NCIS is an excellent show – and Mark Harmon at the helm has quarterbacked this crew through 10 wonderful years of employment. It is extraordinary for an actor to still enjoy portraying the same character for so long and not get stuck in a rut. But Mark has developed other projects to keep his rep for versatility and the writers have continued to write interesting scripts.
    I was thrilled to see Michael Weatherly get the opportunity to direct – that allowed him to grow professionally and affirms his talent
    Cote has been incredibly blessed by the opportunity to be part of this cast and she knows it. Her musical talent, dancing and physicality, femininity and strength have been well developed. How could she be board with the variety of scripts? I do hope she will continue to be part of the team and the writers will write strong scripts for her. She can express sentiment and feelings without becoming a stereotype.
    Someone commented that nepotism paved the way for Sean to be part of Jag and NCIS. He is an excellent actor in his own right – and it is not uncommon for many members of acting families paving the way for their relatives… think Mark H’s son, the Sheen family, Kirk & Mike Douglas , Fonda’s, Clooney’s, just to name a few. Think guilds where the profession is handed down from parent to child, electrician’s unions, firemen etc.



    • anna says:

      Honestly it might be outstanding entertainment to the viewers, but from a writing standpoint, there are a ton of plotholes & other things which indicate SAG, Emmy, etc aren’t exactly that fussed with the show.

  3. M. says:

    Not worried about Cote, she’s constantly saying in interviews that she has no plans of leaving and, well, why would she? She’s young, not married, doesn’t have kids, she’s in the perfect moment to work on something big. And NCIS is as big as it gets.

    • Lillian says:

      She’s actually one of the only ones who talks about working on other projects. She needs to expand her repertoire. Others have more experience than she has. She’s in danger of being typecast.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree with you…..i DON’T think, i’ve seen her in ANYTHING else besides NCIS ….that is american, any how…..MH and MW have BOTH done things, during breaks from the show, that the fans could see.


  4. rachel says:

    Why so many people hate ziva? I watch all 10 season and the only time I cry is when ziva lose her father, her character have amazing emotional depth and she’s more badass than most of the guys she work with

    Seriously, can someone tell me why they hate ziva?

    • taliesin says:

      There’s really not that many people who hate Ziva. There’s well over 100 comments in this thread and only a handful are about not liking Ziva. If 95% of the people like you who cares about the 5% who don’t? No one, or now show, can be 100% liked. If it could then 300 million people would be watching NCIS every week rather then 21 million. :)

      • Lillian says:

        Many people don’t bother to post. It’s foolish to think that the few who do post are the only ones. I happen to like her more this season, but I wouldn’t put me in the worship at her feet category. I know a lot of people who are ambivalent who don’t bother to jump into the ridiculous pissing contest.

        • taliesin says:

          Let’s put this in perspective. If 1 million people hate her that’s still only 4-5% of the viewing audience. It’s an extremely small percentage of the overall. It’s only a problem for NCIS if people stop watching the show because of how much they hate her – and the numbers don’t bare that out, as the show just seems to keep getting stronger.
          In a show with an ensemble there’s always going to be people who don’t like someone. I’m sure there’s McGee haters, Gibbs haters, Vance haters, Abby haters, and so on. No show can please everyone one completely. That’s why there’s so many different types of shows to choose from.

          • Lillian says:

            Absolutely, so stop making it sound like the entire 23 million love her except for the “few” who don’t. It’s annoying.

      • anna says:

        well when you consider the vile & disgusting personal attacks that are the normal replies whenever someone comes in saying that don’t like cdp, ziva or tiva, why in the world would anyone *want* to post a comment here.

        Or when you consider the pile-on on sites like ET Online by fans who ship a certain pairing to get any comment against said pairing or character removed, then what is the point in offering an opinion.

      • srsly says:

        Considering how many comments you have posted, how does that work exactly? Most people who dislike Ziva cannot be bothered to visit TV Line any more because of the nasty tivanista element. Too many of their commentators also talk the ZCIS line which only harms their credibility and alienates the remainder of the fandom. To their credit, there have been some recent NCIS comments which have not gone to their usual Ziva default. Even this post just had to mention Cote rather than allow the renewal of the show and Mark Harmon to get its own attention.
        When Ziva lost her father all I could do is roll my eyes at the over the top histrionics. Every other member of the team seemed more upset by the attack on the house than Ziva. She is a bully, not badass, and a horrible role model.

        • Erin says:

          The Ziva grief scene was embarrassingly overdone. She’s just not really a very deep actress. RC’s reaction to his wife’s death was far more touching and sad. Please let Ms. de Pablo find a new place to pose.

          • taylor says:

            To. Erin I think cote de Pablo is one of the best actors very good and very amazing with her emotions on the show.

        • taylor says:

          You guys need to stop being haters! Cote is one of the best actors! She is amazing at her acting and her emotions on the show. If she would quite the show rating would go down! Cote please stay!

          • Alisa Neely says:

            can i ask you something TAYLOR?……name 1 other thing on TV you have EVER seen Cote ACT in, that PROVES she’s 1 of the BEST……and i BET, most here could BEAT your titles for BOTH MH & MW.

        • taylor says:

          Cote please stay your amazing and you and Michael and mark are the best

  5. taliesin says:

    To Lillian, since it won’t let me reply to you, I used the same 95% number in both examples. One you disagreed with an one you stated “absolutely” too. At best it seems like you’re disagreeing with yourself at this point. 5% is a small, and rather insignificant number whether it’s based off of 120 posts of 21 million. :)

    • Lillian says:

      I was saying “absolutely” to the different kind of fans, those who hate or like certain people. I don’t think any one “faction” can say everyone loves their favorite. Clearer?

      • taliesin says:

        And all I was saying is that whatever percentage of haters there might be, it’s relatively small, else we’d see far more noise from them on the various sites discussing the show and characters. People shouldn’t get all worked-up over a relatively small percentage of posts on a forum. React to the majority of posts, not the minority.

        • Lillian says:

          And I’m saying, many many people stay away from forums, especially this one. You can’t get an accurate sampling. Many of us are disgusted with the extremes on both sides and just stay away. I just happen to be posting for no good reason other than I was looking for a particular comment (didn’t find it) and had to respond to the generalization post. I think those posts, more than anything, annoy me the most. On both sides.

          • taliesin says:

            You do understand the concept of polling, right? When you see a poll on TV you know they didn’t ask everyone in the country to get those values? It’s the same relative principle on a forum: the people who post will be comprised of lovers, haters, those who are ambivalent, and so on. You’ll get a rough mean average.
            The OP asked why so many Ziva hate posts here. I simply replied that there hasn’t really been that many. There haven’t. I don’t care about how many millions who didn’t post here, nor was I trying to speak for the whole world. I was simply replying to the poster – and to that person 1 might seem like far too many, and to you 1,000 might not seem like enough.
            There’s no reason for the OP, or anyone, to overreact to such a small number of posts.And generalizations are all we have when discussing a world with over 7 billion people. :)

  6. Chang says:

    Cote (Ziva) is the youngest character in NCIS.

    CBS, you will lose younger 19-49 demo ( i.e. $$$) if you lose her.

    BTW, she’s the most beautiful woman on TV!

    • taliesin says:

      I don’t think most of the fans watch NCIS because Cote is hot. :) It doesn’t hurt that she’s hot, but CBS could have a dozen 25 year old hot women on the show tomorrow if that’s what they were really worried about.
      NCIS works because people are invested in the characters. The fans are just as happy to watch Gibbs’ 60-year old self having a relationship as they are Ziva, McGee, or Palmer because those are secondary to the family feeling the team has. .

    • anna says:

      so a whole demographic watches ONLY because of ziva….wow!
      Highly doubt that

  7. kenya says:

    I really hope Cote re-sighs soon love her!!!!

  8. Suncatcher says:

    As Executive Producer of NCIS, doesn’t Harmon have some say in Cote de Pablo’s salary?
    I think she’s terrific and hope she returns for S11.

  9. Lillian says:

    I believe it’s CBS that decides and does the negotiating, which is crazy, but I think that’s the case. MH may have an influence, but wasn’t Lauren Holly upset because he didn’t intervene in her character’s death? He may only wield his power when he thinks it’s necessary (like with DPB and maybe SB). On second thought, it’s not crazy, CBS and Paramount pays for the whole enchilada.

  10. MaryAnn says:

    I really, really hope Cote decides to re-sign. She is really at the heart of the show, as far as I am concerned. However, my least favorite character is Tony (although I liked Michael Weatherly on “Dark Angel”), and I would consider him the most expendable. It would be nice to see Ziva with someone who actually deserves her.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      MY favorite character of ALL is TONY….and i HATE, the LACK of RESPECT his team members show him, and that INCLUDES good old LEROY JETHRO GIBBS….and i’m also SICK of the back and forth we KEEP getting with his character….1 eppy; you get the type of agent that explains WHY gibbs chose him for his team, and WHY he faught so HARD to get him BACK onto it, after the team was busted up….then the next 1; we get BUTT of the joke tony…..and it seems as IF tim and ziva are STILL upset over the “undercover op” tony did for madam director way back….you KNOW, the”frog” one?….that nearly got him KILLED and shepard didn’t care about THAT….for as many times as ziva MUST have done undercover work for what she did for her “daddy”; you’d think she’d understand?….but, NO.


    • Matt L. says:

      I agree. Ziva deserves someone better than Tony.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        and tony deserves someone FAR BETTER then ZIVA….she has NO RESPECT for him at all…and NEVER has from day one….if she had thought she could have gotton away with it, in her home country, she would have KILLED him and NOT blinked….she had the Nerve(sp?) to ask gibbs to PICK between them….and i was THRILLED, when he PICKED tony.

        • taliesin says:

          I completely disagree with the no respect comment. As far as being willing to kill Tony, she was raised to be a killer. How would you have expected her to react? Within her character violence is how she reacts. Ziva and Gibbs are very-much alike in that they can both be cold-blooded when they feel the situation warrants it.

          • Lillian says:

            She was not “raised to be a killer.” She was trained to be one when she joined Mossad. She took piano lessons and dance lessons as a child. She was in dance recitals. Her mother took her and her sister away from her father so she wouldn’t become like him. She was not some child soldier, trained to kill.

          • srsly says:

            If violence is how she reacts, either she needs to learn to control herself or she needs to be kept away from innocent people. Either way, a tendency towards violence when upset is a very good reason to never get into a romantic relationship or work in a high stress job such as law enforcement.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            yeah, like when that prisoner ended up DEAD in the elevator with her….weither it was proved she killed him or NOT….she was STILL a suspect in the guys death….and she WHINNED about NOT being able to work the case……NOT only that; she does NOT know how to FOLLOW ODERS…..does anyone remember, when they were going after the “mole”, she and tony were told NOT to resist the gaurds in the building….yet, even when gibbs TOLD her to “STAND DOWN”, along with tony….she faught back, causing her “partner” to be beaten…..of course, the order goes “against normal instinct” (sp?)….if you feel threatened, your going to defend yourself….but, even still…..also: she withheld DIRE information from her BOSSES ( gibbs and tony), to do with Rivkin….that could have gotton gibbs and tim KILLED….and the guy had ALREADY KILLED 1 NCIS agent in LA…..she should NOT have been brought back, when the team was put back together.


        • taylor says:

          Alisa. Tony and ziva both deserves each other. They would risk their life for each other

          • Alisa Neely says:

            ziva would have gotten tony KILLED….she does NOT know how to follow her CO’s orders…..and tony deserves someone, who doesn’t WISH him DEAD…..and would GLADLY put a bullet in his chest…..she doesn’t know HOW to control herself…..i wish to GOD, gibbs would TELL him ( if he hasn’t already) that ziva asked him to CHOOSE between her & tony.

    • S says:

      Tony used to be written as a clever, sexy, talented agent. Now the show is far more interested in featuring super tragic, admired by all Ziva, so they give us week after week of idiot Tony in order that we can see how superior Ziva always bests him. Tony/MW’s character was sacrificed so that the two favorites of tptb could always shine. It’s not his fault that in season 5 tptb decided Tony should be trashed to promote ZCIS.

  11. Pat says:

    I adore actors like Jim Caviezel, Mark Harmon .. decent people!

    Ms. Cote de Pablo, please stays with NCIS.

  12. I love NCIS but when they killed off Kate I stopped watching. Then a couple years later I checked out again and was surprised that Ziva’s character has greatly improved the dynamics of the show. Every year they say that one person for this show is still in negotiations I believe that they do this to keep us guessing. It’s good for the story telling.

    • taliesin says:

      It’s not to keep us guessing. It’s just the way contracts are staggered between the various actors. Season 10 is only half over. It’s not uncommon to actually finish the season before discussing next season’s contracts. Harmon is special in that he’s also an EP, so his deals are generally finished early.

  13. georgia says:

    Cote and Ziva are important to this show’s success. Personally, I don’t think it would have the ratings it has now if Kate stayed and Ziva never showed up. I liked Kate, but Ziva adds something different and is more interesting. I like that she’s Jewish and Israeli and not portrayed in a negative light based on those distinctions. I think that’s a large part to the show’s continued success. Even if they have Americanized her lately. And the chemistry/banter with Tony doesn’t hurt matters, either.

  14. Jim-Steve says:

    The show was great before her…it would be great after her. She’s arrogant to think SHE makes the show popular.

    • Jethro says:

      Don’t let me Gibbs-slap you! Stop spreading the lies about Cote !

      She never said that.
      NCIS fans said that.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        oooooooooohhhhhhhhh PLEASE, all you have to do is LISTEN to how she talks…’s NO secert that she would LOVE to see TIVA happen, NO matter HOW michael weatherly feels on it…..she seems to THINK, she’s MADE it BIG TIME….well until i see her in something ELSE, i won’t believe it.


      • anna says:

        ummm….you need to listen to interviews better. the whole cast always talks about the show & cast as a whole – mentioning everyone – except for cdp. Her interviews are ALL about herself & ziva only

        • Alisa Neely says:

          thank you Anna for saying that…..i SWEAR, some ONLY want to see or hear what they want too.

        • Megan says:

          You do realise that she is responding to questions asked, right? If they ask her about the whole cast, or other cast members, I’m sure she would say something. Also, interviews are often edited which can change the tone or context.

          • srsly says:

            They can only change or edit what is actually said. So every time Cote brings up discord on the set they have it. When is the last time you heard one word of disharmony from any other cast member? When is the last time you heard Cote go out of her way to mention a cast member in a good light in a linear interview? That’s what I thought.

        • taylor says:

          You must be hearing things because Cote talks about everybody on the show not just ziva! She talks about ziva because they are the questions that she is being asked! To Anna

    • S says:

      I’m worn out from the writers constant Ziva wankage. I’m so sick of having to watch what used to be a really funny show with adult humor and interesting characters turned into the – the wonderful, kickass, sexy, superior, tragic Ziva show. Please!!! Get her her own show to feed that ego and let her pose and over act somewhere else. Maybe, just maybe, the rest of us could get NCIS back.

  15. Mitchell says:

    Harmon’s the only one who re-ups so early, with McCallum a distant second. Everyone else re-ups late spring/early summer. Get a grip, all.
    And while I don’t expect Cote to stay forever, I don’t see her going now.

  16. james stengel says:

    Hopefully Cote DePablo will get a good offer and accept it— although she would be missed, she is not irreplaceable—– she replaced Sasha Alexander who was also very popular

  17. anna says:

    Yay for MH – well deserved because of what he’s done & continues to do for the show & others around the country.

    Beyond that – here’s hoping that cdp does NOT sign on for season 11.

  18. vicki says:

    I watched the episode “Missing” last night – one of my favorites. 1st season – Gibbs was a little mean actually, Tony was smart, Abby wasn’t hyper and a good story. If Cote comes back or doesn’t, I wish these were the stories and characters we’d see again.

  19. Belle says:

    I’m so sick of the dramarama Ziva soap opera over kill. I wish would Ziva don her wonder woman cape and fly somewhere else to save the world or be the uber victim damsel when she’s not being super. I wish that Tony could get back to having scenes with other characters instead of always being stuck propping up the wonder victim. I wish that season 11 could get back to being a fun, clever show about a quirky talented TEAM that solves crimes instead of being a show about the tragedies and super powers of this overdone caricature.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i agree…..we RARELY ever get scenes of tony in the lab wit abby and such……ziva seems to have become someone’s in a high place FAVORITE….and they have decided to turn SMART SFA tony, into someone who can’t defend himself, when he’s sent out with ziva…….and MOST are SICK of it……there is NOTHING wrong with STRONG females…..but, there is NO reason to DUMB down STRONG males…..just to make them look good…….we’ve been told 1 thing about ziva, and showed something different…….HELL, they’ve had tony go undercover….and made it seem, as if he’s a “rookie” to that part of the job….when he’s probably 1 of their BEST “UC’s”…….NOT only that; but what tim and ziva did during that 1 case….was totally UNCALLED for….they turned off their end of the coms. so they didn’t have to listen to tony’s voice any more….leaving him with NO BACKUP…that goes against SOP….and they thought it was funny.

  20. I think Ziva will stay.
    but, I think they should throw a wrench in the mix…Ziva and McGee should have a romance but in secret…And they need to find someone new for Gibbs but this time have her stay , I loved when JamieLee Curtis was on they seemed great together. And Tony should find out he has a little boy out there.And make him more down hearted and less time for a womedizer..The one you would not expect…Ilove all of the cast just would like just more fun and more hurt…KEEP THE SHOW ALIVE,,,,PLEASE FAVORIT SHOW tuesday is my make sure i am home night.

  21. dont change the cast..look what happen to CSI cast changed and now alot of \people dont what as much…WHY CHANGE WHATS WORKING….

  22. Barbara says:

    I love Gibbs, Tony, Ziva,Ducky, and Abby she is so cool, I hope that Ziva and all the rest of the cast comes back, The show would’nt be the same without themall. I have watched it from the beginning and i also watch all the reruns too everytime they are on. I love NCIS, LA. too . Can’t wait to what happens in the new seasons on both of them. I think that Gibbs is so sexy…

  23. John says:

    I think the reason so many people dislike Cote (Ziva) is that just like in the 1959 movie “A Summer Place” which starred Constance Ford as Sandra Dee’s bitchy mom I disliked her too. The reason being ….a great actress giving one hell of a performance depicting her character. She really had me convinced she was that nasty. Cote is a very good actress and is acting her part in a very professional manner. She’s acting out what the writers have given her.

    • S says:

      I disagree that CdP is a particularly good actress. She seems to have a few stock poses – coy, irritated, sad, smug – and over acts any and all actual drama that she is given. I dislike the character because the writers focus too much on this rather johnny one note character. I’m not a teenage boy who wants a sexy caricature of a tragic super babe, or an adolescent girl who gets a vicarious thrill watching her unrealistic take downs of multiple goons twice her size, or get the best of the best looking guy on the team, or be favored by daddy boss, or admired by every guest star, or have way too many skills to be remotely believable, or be depicted as the constant object of everyones pity due to the never ending string of tragic stories contrived for her. I loved NCIS when it was cleverly funny, subtle, and featured really interesting characters who could actually surprise us with their wit, sensitivity, or heroism. Not ZCIS, where we get dress up Mossad Barbie kicking ass, one upping Tony, being everyones BFF, and taking on the worlds tragedies week after week. The writers are pandering to a crowd that I don’t belong to.

    • srsly says:

      No. Trust me. That’s not the reason.
      Ziva is disliked because she is a cartoon character which disrupts the show, manipulates and lies when it suits her, spied on the US for 4 years, is a harpy towards Tony, and acts like a bratty entitled teenager a majority of the time. Violence is her default and any contact with Tony is comprised almost entirely of nastiness except when we get the dewy, dreamy anvils. Because of the Ztiva wank, the characters and show are constantly being twisted to accommodate this Maxi Mary Sue. NCIS can do better to get rid of her while they can. Without her and her toxic mooning distracting the writers they could get back to the basics which made the show the juggernaut it is.
      Cote was a much better actress when she first joined the show than she is now. All we get now is her voguing for the cameras and trying too hard when she actually gets a scene. You can tell she is Cote acting, not Ziva existing. When Eli died she was painfully over the top with her screeching. Not believable. I think it would be beneficial for Cote to take a time out and then pursue all of the other things she said she wished to do.

      • ashley says:

        I do not agree with anything you said at all…but that is my opinion.

        Cote de pablo is an amazing actress and seems to get better and better every day and her perfomance when eli died could not have been better. but there are some parts thats make her very cartoony certain scens or what-not ut thats not the actress that the writers.

  24. John says:

    Are you people all those beings that are trying to make NCIS into your own SOAP OPERA? There is a different story line each week. It’s not a continuing drama that has the same story each week with the characters dressed in the same clothes for weeks at a time. Each episode is different . It’s not a serial that drags on and on ad nauseum. And stop trying to pair off Tony and Ziva. That’s a soap opera fantasy.

  25. John says:

    I think the whole cast is the best disfunctional family on TV. They must be doing something right to have lasted this long. If it ain’t broke don’t fix ut!

  26. ashley says:

    I would hate it if cote left the show i would have nothing at all to watch as i watch the show for the story but mosty to watch cote as she is just amazing.

    i would be suprised if she did leave becuase being a actress my self to leave a hit tv seris to pursue other aspects as she has said she wants to do would be foolish (in my opinion)plus if any of the main cast left the show it would quickly lose its popularity.

  27. Lyle Lafee says:


  28. Tony Giampa Sr. says:

    Forget all the carping about Ziva!..Get rid of Leon Vance.

  29. Sharon says:

    I used to like the Ziva character a lot…but now that she’s a regular NCIS agent, the writers (who are very good, indeed) seem to have taken her from Mossad-Ninja-Xena warrior to Kate-like shrew slinging one-line barbs at Tony from the background. What’s that all about? If I were de Pablo, I’d be looking, too.

  30. gman says:

    Ziva you have got come back, you off set Tony, and the team.

  31. susanai says:

    Am so glad. This show has given me years of entertainment and enjoyment. May it give me many maore.

  32. Mary Morris says:

    To those who ” hate or intensely dislike” characters on this show, you insure their longevity by commenting on them. If you really want a character to leave this or any other series, don’t sayt anything about them.
    Personally, I continue to watch NCIS and enjoy every moment it is on. By the way, the writers have allowed Tony’s character to mature and deepen quite nicely. Underneath the smart Alec remarks, and need for attention brought on by an emotionally distant and neglectful father, Tony’s self confidence and regard for others is a welcome change of pace.

    • Lisa says:

      I continue to watch NCIS and enjoy every moment it is on! I like Vance getting into the “lime light” now. Every character on the show has had their situations. It’s nice to see a depth into Vance’s history/story line.

  33. Diane says:

    Please stay Cote. I enjoyed the program when “Kate” was there but you bring another level to each episode….

  34. Phil Berns says:

    Sad to say, I think the writing on NCIS has fallen off. This week was fine, thanks to Rocky, but Cote and Pauly, as well as McGee, and even Tony, have been wasted of late. Gibbs is pretty much as great as ever. LA has actually been much stronger this past year, even though it looks like Hetty may be phased out after that great series of shows with her starring. I imagine there are health reasons, but I’ll miss her. Linda Hunt has been great. The writing and performance of her character have been brilliant. Now, let’s get Callen seriously romantic for a few shows.

  35. Mike M. says:

    Ziva is no Kate. I miss Kate a lot. Never got into Ziva. She seems to be to strange in a way I can’t seem to pinpoint. Maybe a re cast needs to be done, who knows. As for a story line for next year, how about bringing back some JAG cast members for a show. Would like to know what they are up to!!!!!

  36. Debra says:

    I hope she signs. She is A PART of the cast. It wouldn’t be the same without her there. Who would bug Tony? I don’t want the team to be busted up.

  37. Anthony Mosh says:

    Ziva has been playing an amazing role in the Series. I think that she must not leave the team after the season’s end. Imo by keeping her you can continue making sick episodes for the series. I dont think that we should hate some and choose from others, i appreciate everyone has his oppinion but in my opinion none must leave from this successful serie!

  38. Paulette says:

    Ziva rounds out the show and I hope she signs for a few more years. I really like her character. The chemistry she brings to the show and with Tony is great. PLEASE SIGN Cote!!!!!!!

    • Alisa Neely says:

      sorry, but there is 0 chemistry between MW and Cote… least, NOT the romantic type, that JUMPS off the screen….and MW has said, he’s AGAINST “TIVE”……ziva doesn’t KNOW how to be a TEAM player or RESPECT her SFA….i.e. tony.

  39. guest says:

    Some of you who have posted SEVERAL times on these pages really need to find a new hobby. It is fine to like/dislike whomever you wish, but some of you need to stop beating a dead horse. If a television show or character makes you feel this angry and incites so much hatred in you, you simply need to change the channel or turn the television off. I love NCIS. All the characters add something essential and special to the show. Do I like some characters better than others? Yes. Do I feel the constant need to complain about every little thing I don’t like? No! If you feel the need to defend your point so abusively and with such irrationality you need to take some time away from these pages and focus on your real life. Because, here is a truth for you-your life will go on and continue down the path it is on regardless of whether or not two fictional characters get together or not. You will be ok, I promise, whether you ship Tiva or not. And in a few years this will all be over with and we will forget that NCIS existed as we grab on to the next big thing. So just enjoy the show. Be entertained and stop taking things so personally.

    In regards to salary-Cote’s salary always bumps up the the same level as MW, PP, and SM. They were all at $120,00 and then were bumped up to $175,000. with their new contracts last year. I am sure that Cote will go up to this same level, too. Mark Harmon will always make more-he is the star and the show is centered around him. I don’t believe anyone has a problem with that. Cote has stated that she would like to be on the show until the end and I think that will happen.

  40. JPowell says:

    You know… I try to come up with my favorite character in this show… but I can’t. I love all of them!!! :)… But here’s one thing I can say with so much excitement… Here’s to another year of… ABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  41. Alisa Neely says:

    i have to agree…..and until we actually see her in something OTHER then this show……it’s hard to say, just what KIND of actress she is……imo, she comes across as trying TOO HARD…..and imo, out of the WHOLE bunch on the show, she is the ONLY 1 who wants TIVA…..we KNOW that MW does NOT want it….he’s said as much, many times……if he’s TOLD to do it, he will……but, doesn’t mean, that he will be HAPPY doing it.


  42. guest says:

    It does not matter who is for or against TIVA in the cast. The final say will be that of Gary Glasberg who is the head writer. I think that people should just stop worrying about it. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Life will go on for all of us!

    And Cote de Pablo has been on other TV shows and has had extensive training in acting.. At the age of 14 she hosted a Spanish youth talk show called Control for Univision. She also attended a performing arts high school. She went to Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in Musical Theater and was trained as a Shakespearean actor.(The Carnegie Mellon musical theater programs is one of the hardest in the country to gain admission to). She has appeared in several plays and had a role in the Broadway musical “The Mambo Kings” but it was shut down before it opened, which is fairly common in the stage world. Before NCIS, she was in 10 episodes of “The Jury”, one episode of “The Education of Max Bickford” and one episode of “The Street”. She also had a role in the movie “The Last Rites of Ransom Pride”. You can rent that movie and it has played on cable several times. And even is she didn’t have prior experience, just because you have only been on one show doesn’t mean you can’t act. I don’t believe that the people at NCIS would hire someone they didn’t think could act or would continue to keep them on if they didn’t think they were holding their own. Michael Weatherly has stated several times, including on Twitter,how talented of an actress he thinks Cote is. And remember, she is only 33 years old and was only 25 when she joined the show in 2005. She graduated from college in 2000 so in those 5 years she did three other television shows, some commercials, a Broadway play and appeared on the New York stage in the Shakespeare play “Measure for Measure”. I think that is a pretty impressive resume for someone coming into a show at the age of 25. In addition to acting she is also a trained singer. Besides the song “Temptation” that she performed on NCIS, you can also hear her on Roberto Pitre’s Vivo En Vida where she sings “Samba In Prelude” and “Cry Me a River”.

    It is fine to have your opinion about her acting skills. To each their own. However, she does have experience in theater, TV and movies.

  43. fan1 says:

    It is time for you to find something new to hate on. Your constant Ziva bashing is filling up all the comment sections on these pages.. Move on. If Ziva makes you that upset, stop watching. It is as simple as that. If an actress bothered me as much as Cote de Pablo seems to bother you, I would simply stop watching. Your hatred is over the top and unnecessary. I don’t believe that TPTB are going to change things because of your constant rants on fan pages. WE all KNOW you hate Ziva! You have stated it about 100 times in several of your posts. Get over it and find something new to talk about. Your comments are neither helpful, insightful or rational. I am not asking you to change your opinion but since we are all now very familiar with your opinion perhaps you could enlighten us with some other thoughts.

    @ guest Thanks for the info. I will have to check those things out.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      guess what; i am NOT the ONLY fan of the show, who feels this way about Cote/ziva/tiva….and if fans DON’T speak up about things, they DON’T like or do LIKE…..things don’t change…..and i just like everyone else, have the RIGHT to MY opinion and to comment.

  44. fan1 says:

    I said you had the right to your opinion. But it is constant and said over and over again. You don’t have to state the same thing continuously. The people who produce the show probably do not spend their time reading these fan message boards, therefore, nothing will change as a result of rants on these pages. Perhaps your time would better be spent writing letters directly to the creators and executive producers of NCIS and to the owners of the CBS network.

  45. Tony says:

    I don’t know if I would continue watching the show if Ziva was gone! I like the relationship between her and Tony. Think the writers should go someplace with it. Love the rest of the cast as well!!! So glad to see season 11 approved!!!

  46. Carol says:

    I´m so happy! A new season is comming…wow…I hope the whole cast will be in…but I wish Tony makes less jokes to McGee…or McGee should be more aggresive…and talking about McGee…it would be nice if he get involved in a romance…don´t you think?…I don´t see McGee with Abby, but who knows…

    • Debra Brown says:

      It’s there. Tim and Abby have something special. I wish the producers would let them be more involved. I would like to see them with each other. Also, I hope that Cote will stay on the show. We would definitely be missing someone. And, no one can take her place either.

  47. Mary says:

    Please just keep everyone as is. Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ziva, Ducky, Palmer and Abby and Vance. The show has great charisma. Don’t lose it!!!

  48. Cathy says:

    Love the show and hope Cote stays on. They all work together very well.

  49. Cindy says:

    Cote PLEASE sign a new contract PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I love watching u and Micheal Weatherly’s character go at each in the show

  50. atsiv says:

    it will be a shame and dare I say a show killer if she doesn`t sign.Kate is till missed by me.Ziva being gone would be a show killer for me.