OLTL Reboot Forces Howarth, Easton, Alderson Off GH -- How Might ABC Hold Onto Them?

ROGER HOWARTHJohn McBain is soon to be McGone from General Hospital‘s Port Charles. As will fellow Llanview transplants Todd and Starr.

Daytime TV vet Michael Easton took to his Facebook page on Friday morning to advise fans not to send anything to the ABC soap’s studio for his Feb. 15 birthday, because by then he’ll no longer be hanging his hat there. “I’ve been informed that, due to some ongoing legal this and that, I cannot be at General Hospital after February 8th,” he shared.

UPDATE: SoapOperaDigest.com has confirmed that Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) also must leave GH — at least for the time being.

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The “legal” matter to which Easton referred stems from the upcoming Hulu/iTunes relaunch of One Life to Live, where John, Todd and Starr originated. When the media company Prospect Park announced its new plan to revive both OLTL and All My Children, it was with the proviso that it owns and thus has first dibs on the sudsers’ characters — even on those that have since relocated to GH.

Though McBain seems fated to return to OLTL‘s Llanview, that does not necessarily mean that Easton will be playing him, since the ex-OLTL actors’ deals are not with Prospect Park but ABC. (Easton’s name was not among the dozen first confirmed for the relaunch, but his leading lady Melissa Archer’s was.)

In fact, Digest is hearing that John, Todd and Starr will all be recast for the online reboot.

GH meanwhile is holding out hope that it can hold onto the three actors, likely in different roles. (Welcome back, Caleb?) “General Hospital is excited about Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth staying on the show,” ABC said in a statement cited by Digest, “and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen.”

“[I’m] honestly not sure what the future holds,” Easton added on Facebook, “but I think it’s going to take some time and some very bright people to resolve it.”

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  1. loren says:

    The G.H. storylines in the past year are rather absurd and the show loses its integrity when it compromises the intelligence of the viewing audience especially bringing characters back from the dead and introducing the Port Charles vampire Caleb! I rarely watch any longer and quite frankly don’t care what they do with the OLTL actors. Wish they’d get rid of the actress playing Connie/Kate and that ridiculous personality disorder saga! Writers: Get creative and use 2013 relevant and current topics to bring excitement to this dying soap. If it gets cancelled it’s because they don’t listen to the fan base and pay attention to what works and what is boring and the theatre of the absurd! Olivia’s psychic powers and Duke’s re-entry are maddening. Some of the old and beloved characters reappearance might give GH a temporary shot in the arm, but retreads can be welcome or boring. GH needs a real shakeup and wakeup call….just sayin’

  2. Mia says:

    I can’t wait to see AMC & OLTL up and running!!

  3. Charles says:

    I believe their was a cloning story on guiding light which involved Reva but don’t hold me on that since didn’t actually watched Guiding Light

  4. lean ridgeway says:

    Maaaaan.this is just really upsetting.i still shed tears since they took oltl off the air. I’m 42 and i watch all 5 soaps since kindergarten. My mother would tape them for me when i’d go to school and work growing up. My favorite is oltl. But they need to put Todd and star and John back were they belong. Back to one life to live…………… and leave everyone else were they are. Bring it back the way it was originally. And bring back a.m.c………. really.y would you do this to your faithful and most hardcore fans. Please keep the original Todd and star and John on oltl when you revive our two soaps back home. And don’t forget Susan Luchy.

  5. Lauren says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Star so I would not be sad if she left GH. I would however be upset if John and and Todd (mostly Todd) left the show. I have always liked them. They are great on GH. Hopefully something will be done and they will remain on the show.

  6. Emelie says:

    I love GH and these 3 characters. Would be so happy to see them come back!

  7. Dawn says:

    The fans that loved John, Todd and Star, were extremely excited to see them cross over from OLTL to GH. It was a seemless fit! Todd is absolutey great in his character. He adds a lot of comic relief along with being the bad boy. And I disagree with the people who don’t see Todd and Carly together, they are great together! Todd and Heather are crazy funny when together. Starr and Michael are great together as well. And last but not least John. He is such an amazing talent. I’m loving the vampire story line, yes for some it might seem unrealistic, but who cares, he is great in this role and isn’t that what soaps are for, taking you away from the real world for awhile and just enjoy watching your favorite actors do what they do best…act. Writing doesn’t always have to be boring or expected, that’s what makes great writing, strong characters and fans who will always be loyal. Keep up the good work, fight to keep, Todd, Starr and John!

  8. Dawn says:

    I think trying to make Todd, Starr and John come back to OLTL is unfair to the fans. I know it has to do with legal issues, I just hope they can figure out a way to keep them but I don’t think making them become someone else is the answer. The fans love the characters they are! It would make more sense if possible to stay on both soaps until they can get out of the contract at PP. It’s like when they replace a character with someone else, it’s NEVER the same. Examples (Lucky, Nikolas) on GH. Losing these three would be a great loss to GH! Hopefully the fans of GH will fight to keep them on GH!

  9. Sandra Miller says:

    I think it would be a big mistake to let go of Michael, Kristen, and Roger. Love their characters on GH. The vampire character Michael plays is interesting to say the least. I think John Mc Bain and Sam should pair up. Todd and Connie are suited for each other and Starr and Michael make a great couple. Writers are doing a fantastic job. I’d hate to see them all go.

  10. Ashley Farm says:

    honestly why dont they just have the shows crossover alot more? that way they can bring back cristian, evangeline (she didnt really die she survived and went somewhere story plot), natalies home wrecking ass and other ppl wouldnt that make more sense insted of taking off of tv most hottest soap stars john mcbain???

  11. kita says:

    Wow! Lydia you sound like an angry loser to write 20 comments! Bitch a lot? Haha there coming back to gh ouch! Sucks for you now be a loser and write another 20 comments LOL!

  12. Sarah says:

    Please dont take Star, loveee Star And Michael together, they both deserve to be happy! And If you take John Mcbain away dont know if i can even watch anymore! Loveee him, and since Jason is gone, John Mcbain is the only nice eye candy there is! Don’t really want todd to go eaither.. But main ones are Star and John Mcbain!!!

  13. OLTLer says:

    OLTL continues to be the stepchild of ABC even when the show moved to PP. I hope that OLTL gets their characters back, even if the actors choose to stay on GH. ABCD will most likely create new roles for them.

  14. Patti says:

    Having been a 50 year fan of GH, it STINKS and I honestly can’t see watching this crap any mre.

  15. Jen says:

    There is a reason GH hasn’t been canceled, it wasn’t like the other soaps. It was better, smarter. I’m not sure why that has changed but I’ve felt insulted by the ridiculous storylines recently and have almost quit watching after being a religious viewer for 30 years.
    I hope the writer’s wise up before they lose the fans that have kept them on the air.

    • CTwildheart says:

      I completely disagree. It was better & smarter than AMC & OLTL? Casey the Alien, a rape victim falling in love with her rapist, The Ice Princess and freezing the world? I am also a LONG time soap fan (about 40 years) and the current story lines are no more ridiculous than those I just mentioned and many others I did not. And fans have been returning, GH’s numbers are rising…

  16. nae nae says:

    my famiy and i love oltl cast on gh it makes the story line more interesting. love michel and starr together and todd and carly she needs someone like her to be with and john and anna shoul dbe together.please bring them back.

  17. linda schliesing says:

    I love all three characters on GH, but espescially Starr with Michael. I hate that they are tearing them apart.

  18. Sandra says:

    Please, please get rid of the stupid storylines with vampires. I would think GH would learn from other soap failures and not venture down the same path. I didn’t mind the addition of Todd, John, and Starr but I really wouldn’t miss them that much if they were gone either.

  19. Vee says:

    Really wanted the OLTL characters to find happiness at GH. Loved the match up of couples. Really sucks if they leave. Those characters were the reason I turned back to GH after a very long time away from the show. The new characters broughtblifeback into a show I had seen from the beginning and very much recognize the old GH characters. Fix it ! Keep the OLTL characters . You need them

  20. Teresa says:

    I use to watch all three soaps then stopped watching GH. When I found out that some of the OLTL people where moving to GH, I started watching again. I am glad OLTL is back but without OLTL people on GH I will stop watching GH again. They made the show exciting.

  21. Lisa R says:

    Whoa! This was a sharp blow for me. I guess I have been in the dark. I knew nothing of these legal issues. All of a sudden, these really GREAT cast members are departing at once. They were hits on OLTL but equally as good on GH. These are just 3 great key players! It will be a shame for them to leave GH without a fight. Starr is an amazing young actress, we watch her go from child star to adulthood on OLTL. She really proved herself most playing a teen mom on OLTL. But the way she brought spice to GH means she will succeed in any role she plays. She was that new “20” something year old actress that GH needed. They need to get rid of Christina. That role hasn’t been right without Lexie Ainsworth. Don’t get me started! Todd what can I say, he is hilarious and brings character anywhere he goes. The man should be a comedian. Roger Howarth hadn’t played this character in so many years, when he returned it was like he never left. GH will take a bad hit without them, especially now with their Biggest hearthrob JASON gone. I will admit it’s great how they worked in the old cast from the 80’s but will they be able to live up to the challenge???? We shall see….

  22. MarthaLee says:

    I really loved John, Todd, and Starr on General Hospital. I sure hope they come back to the show.

  23. Lameeka Breland says:


  24. Butterfly says:

    Can someone please just make it happen.

  25. Sassy says:

    Some of us don’t have a computer. Take off the chew& katie. Put all my children , one life to live then let then jump shows . Really like What if . It hard to watch anything on a cell phone.

  26. David says:

    Look its like this majority rulz plus get paid doing it
    Mke pepole pay to vote…and trst me pepole will pay
    Do u want…jason back…lucky back…todd back…star back…john back..
    Custormers always right..our addiction makes u money…period..
    If they don’t want them back…
    Vote it…same as idol or any vote cast…u get paid
    U pepole retarded… why do they pay you…its ur job
    Don’t you sit in a room ok how do we get more money….wow
    Why do they evn pay you..
    Either do wat makes money..or get canceld…stupid!!!

  27. KimK says:

    I have watched GH for many years, being just a few years younger than the show. I am so disgusted right now because it is the ONLY soap I watch now that OLTL is not an easy place to find.
    Besides John, Todd and Starr, there were other OLTL characters that made nice plot transitions onto GH. Blair, for instance, would be a fun friend for Carly on a girls’ night out – look out Floating Rib!
    I like the addition of some of the 80s characters coming back into Port Charles. Anna has always been a favorite and I thought the friendship factor with her and Luke was outstanding – emotional connection to get through loss, sarcastic wit placed very well, a little sexual tension…good stuff. But seriously, Phase-On (intentional misspelling) should remain a Phase-Out. As should Helena. And Stefan. Too many characters returning from the dead make it feel more like the ScyFy network instead of ABC/d. But ScyFy does a much better job with the back from the dead.
    Could Jason not have had ONE day knowing that the child was his? Really? Just one day. Such an example of writers dumbing down storylines. I’m really sick of the dumbed down storylines. Todd, Starr and John have to leave town. Starr LOVES Michael and they are a great couple. From car crash to first kiss, it was a very cohesive storyline. Would she really just leave and say “If you love me, don’t ask me why?” and he wouldn’t. Michael needs a Starr. Dude! ROUGH time growing up, being shot, going to prison, bad prison experience, first relationship with a stripper turned receptionist ended with his hearing her death by falling crane (really? really? dumb…) while talking to her on his cell. He needs a Starr and they honestly have onscreen chemistry that is rare. Now she’s KiKi, niece of Franco, Quartermaine heir, and slamming his dumbed down brother in the bed he last shared with Starr.
    Todd brought a quirkiness that can be played so well. Thought most of the directions his character were headed into were smart. Love steamy McBain and Sam, but the whole vampire thing? What if, like me, you hadn’t ever seen an episode of Port Charles? Would you consider that whole plot to be DUMBED DOWN?
    Not to be disrespectful, but the new LuLu is not even close to the former LuLu. Cassadine plot, amnesia, MILO????? Dumbed down.
    The show is hitting an older demographic, obviously. The new younger actors HAD some real storylines working until the vamps showed up.
    One last thing, please tighten the lid on the freakin’ relish. Tired tired tired tired plot.

  28. kay says:

    john just needs to go he is boring. keep Todd and Starr

  29. vonda denson says:

    Thanks GH for bringing Kristen Alderson,Roger Howarth,Micheal Easton back I don’t care of the knew charater its greatlol

  30. Cyber says:

    They should have stayed gone the whole show is designed for their benefit and the vets are just afterthoughts to support prop them its like they are the stars of this show I didn’t watch OLTL so they mean nothing to me I’m a GH fan slowly but surely they are being eliminated.

    I resent that my favs who I have followed for nearly 40 years are an afterthought for the most part and those that do manage to get storylines have to be connected to these three. If they say KiKi’s name (by every character nearly on the show) we counted how many times characters said her name per eppy, per week, per month and it was mindboggeling..

  31. Richelle Y Ebert says:

    This is almost year 2016…Out with the Old…In with the new! What’s really going on!