Scandal Recap: Irreconcilable Differences

KERRY WASHINGTON, COLUMBUS SHORT, KATIE LOWES, GUILLERMO DIAZ, DARBY STANCHFIELDThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Cyrus, Olivia and Mellie each had strong reactions to Fitz’s bombshell — but that bit of domestic dynamite was nothing compared to the (latest) jaw-dropping discovery about the attempted assassination of President Grant.

IN THE PRE-ELECTION WORLD THAT WAS…. | We saw how Lindsay Dwyer’s beau Jesse Tyler (played by Katie Lowes’ real-life husband, Adam Shapiro) swapped out the voting booth memory cards in Defiance — and later blew his lid upon realizing that Hollis Doyle raked in $2 billion as the result of his handiwork. When Jesse squeezed Hollis for a $5 million bonus, Becky arranged for his “explosive” workplace surprise (after laying the foundation for “scorned” girlfriend Lindsay to take the rap).

SEPARATION ANXIETY | Now in the present, Mellie visits Cyrus, beckoning him to “get your guy in line. He asked me for a divorce!” Cy promises to look into it (scoffing, “Breeders!” after she exits). Later in the Oval Office, Cyrus asks the president how he’s feeling, seeing as the side effects of his shooting could cause recklessness, or delusions — such as believing you can kick your nine-months-pregnant missus to the curb and move in your mistress, all while still holding state dinners. Fitz explains that “the great thing” about being shot at is “you stop being afraid of anything or anyone. You realize there’s nothing to lose, there’s no time to waste.” In short: “This is going to happen.”

Fitz calls Olivia, interrupting her already manic day/needed nap to report that he has some news. “You don’t know who I am,” a self-flagellating Olivia interrupts. “You don’t know me.” Sharing her own update, about Edison’s proposal, she ventures, “I could quit, go have babies, live in the country… make jam.” Fitz says he asked Mellie for a divorce. “Don’t marry Edison,” he implores. “Just say you’ll wait for me.” Olivia responds by hanging up, and then gives Edison the ice-cold shoulder, forcing him to alert the Gladiators. “Help her,” the senator begs. Quinn responds: “I think we just found our next [in-house, non-paying] client!”

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER | In the name of helping Olivia, the associates agree to each spill their guts with no judgement. Quinn starts with the story of how Huck drugged her years ago and gave her a new identity, using Verna’s plane to shuttle her around. Abby reveals she was bedding David, and thus knew that Hollis Doyle had worked with Jesse in the name of rigging votes to get an “oil pipeline” approved. But what could Doyle have on Olivia? Hmm, when did they first meet? Ding! On the campaign trail leading to Fitz’s election.

Huck visits Olivia in bed, says that Hollis “has to go.” Olivia reuses to let her friend kill again, and explains that Cyrus is “handling” it. Huck reveals that Cyrus is in “my circle” and uses that creepy guy Charlie to get things done. Horrified, Olivia turns Hollis in herself, then charges the gladiators with firming up David’s case by finding a money trail linking Doyle to Becky.

Cyrus rails at Olivia’s quest for “justice,” saying (in a wonderful if misguided speech), “Our electoral process is magical…. What you’re doing is telling people that the shiny presents left under the tree are from Mom and Dad, that we’re Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. You’re ruining Christmas morning…. When the republic comes tumbling down, it’ll be because you weren’t tough enough to do what needed to be done.” O’s response: “Get your house in order and get a lawyer — a good one!”

After the associates retrieve Jesse’s old laptop (which QuinnDsay had ditched at a genius bar two years prior) to ID Hollis’ payment to him, Huck visits Becky in prison and sweet-talks her into giving up her (Swiss bank account) digits. That info surfaces the dollars Becky got to bomb Cytron, but the payment she got to pop POTUS came not from Hollis! Olivia quickly phones David with the news, but Hollis has already been released — and at episode’s end he is seen boarding an elevator with… Charlie.

SPECIAL DELIVERY | When Cyrus reports back to Mellie that Fitz is holding firm on the divorce plan, she flips a bit, relating how she “cleaned up” Fitz after the damage his father did to him, and now Olivia will reap the benefits?! Well then, Cy says, “If you have one last trick up your sleeve, now is the time.” Later, just as Cyrus is delivering data to the president about the 10 percent approval rating he’d earn after divorcing his pregnant wife while in office, they get a call about a medical emergency — Mellie is in labor, and Fitz rushes there to be at her side, ultimately holding her hand as they did with their first two kids.

What did you think of this week’s episode and the “last trick” Mellie had up her sleeve? And if Hollis didn’t order the hit on POTUS, who did? (Is anyone thinking Sally?)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Drew Herring says:

    A-MAZ-ING EPISODE!!! This show gets better with each episode. Other ABC sophomore dramas should really take note from this show on how to string along a great storyline while connecting everyone to it (*cough cough Revenge)! I have a strange feeling Mellie is behind the assassination… I’m probably wrong though. This show is so juicy! Glad I’ve stuck by it since the pilot :)

    • mo says:

      I think it’s Mellie too! At the very least, she’s in on it. The way she tried to pull him back in the car right before he was shot – I’ve suspected her from day one!

      • Liam says:

        Agreed. I said it the minute she said she didn’t wanna go to the party. It was really weird. And yeah, the ep was A-mazing!

    • Zack B says:

      Nah – disagree on the assassin being Mellie. My bets are: Jesse Tyler; Edison (a bit of a stretch); or VP Langston.

      Jesse would make for great conspiracy theory stuff (he’s been stalking everyone involved and found a way to make them all give each other up starting with planting a phone on Hollis, then hiring Becky to do the deed implicating Huck, finally leaving Olivia and Cyrus to combatively deal with Hollis (whom they think betrayed them), which itself leads to them implicating themselves in the conspiracy.

      The other two would just be (Edison) shocking or (Langston) a great way to cover for the election rigging and let the show move on (blame it all on her).

    • Julia says:

      Mellie. I thought it from the get-go. Remember earlier this season, when she confronted Fitz about his relationship with Olivia? Storming out of the Oval Office at night, she said to him, “I will BLOW you away! And don’t think I won’t have the courage to do, because I will!”

      Of course, I could be wrong … but it would be such divine justice if Mellie was indeed the culprit. Evil? You want evil? Remember folks, this was a woman who wanted to be First Lady so badly that she lied about a miscarriage …

      Oh, I forgot about her trying pulling him back into the limo. Yep. It’s her for sure.

      • Kristen says:

        This is exactly what I’ve been saying! When that had that blowout earlier in the season she told him she would “blow him away” if he didn’t end things with Liv. Then in the limo, when he told her the affair was over Mellie didn’t want to let him get out. Annnd one of the episodes in the aftermath of the shooting was actually called “Blown Away”

        If Mellie did do it (I think she did) my questions are: how did she get in touch with Becky, who put the phone in Hollis’ desk and why did Verna tell the election riggers she heard Hollis talking to Becky about the shooting??

        I loooove this show! Every episode leaves me dying for the next one!

  2. Joy says:

    I love this show n yes mellie is a part of it. Remember she didn’t want to get out of the limo at the party n she was looking around n acting strange. I think Cyrus’ husband is going to die but don’t know if it’s because Cyrus is trying to take care of his own behind or because Charlie got mad… Either way can’t wait til next week

    • Ash says:

      See, I don’t think Mellie is apart of it. She has too much too lose if Fitz died. And even IF she had something to do with his assination attempt it makes no sense because she would have to leave the White House and VP Langston would become President. And Langston would gladly kick Mellie out. And I can’t see Mellie being evil enoigh to want to assinate the husband of her three kids. Btw, even if Fitz doesn’t love Mellie, it struck me as weird or harsh as he never went to a doctors appointment for his third child. I wish the show would do flashbacks on Mellie amd Fitz’s relationship, so we can see how they met and fell in love and subsequently out of love. At some point Fitz did love her and vice versa. It would be nice to see that because now it seems like they were just put together and told to smile and I feel like it would explain a lot.

      • me says:

        Mellie wants to be President. First Lady is merely a step in a succession plan. A widowed First Lady is a future President. I’m not guessing who hired the hit but I am describing the Mellie the writers have developed with crystal clarity since season 1.

  3. me says:

    It’s the damage his father did to him, not his mother (last paragraph). Big Jerry is the monster Mellie is referring to.

  4. Dawn says:

    My head is in a tailspin. Did I just see that? Wow!!! Well I kinda had the idea that it could go like this; however, I really wanted to see what Mellie would do to hold onto Fitz and her marriage. I tell you, Lady Macbeth is in rare form. The claws are coming out and she is not going to go down without a fight. As much as I would like to see OLitz together, I would prefer if Fitz find out about the election rigging sooner then later. He will be mad as hell and will take some time to cool off, then he will get over it. But Mellie will always be Mellie, she will show her true colors again and Fitz will be more determine to leave. I say just give Mellie some time to adjust again. It was good to see OPA come together this episode. Fasten your seat belt, next week Thursday is going to be a bumpy ride.

  5. Scandal fan says:

    OMG… This show… It just gets better with each new episode. I loved the entire episode. Loved how Fitz was so cocky… He is DEFINATELY THE MAN! As much as I am for Olivia and Fitz, I must say, I am really starting to like Mellie. Not with Fitz of course but I am starting to respect her. She’s AWESOME. And there are no words for Cyrus.. J Perry is just a wonderful actor. Verna looked like death warmed over. I swear, she was a dead ghost walking… Excellent job to the make up artist. And please do not get me started on HUCK… HE IS A TRUE GLADIATOR… I need a man like him or Harrison… true to the end. Did anyone else notice when the associates were being honest, HARRISON didn’t say a word? Gosh, there is so much to love about this episode, this show. I loved it all… I need to watch it a few times over, plus watch AFTERBUZZ TV then watch it again, so before next weeks episode I will have watched the current one about 10 times….lol Call me obsessed. oh, PS.. what is it with Charlie and elevators? IJS.. ie Billy.. Such a wonderful cast…

    • Scandal fan says:

      Oh I failed to say, I believe Verna and Mellie are in cahoots in regards to the shooting.. Verna if no one else… I know…Not sure what her motive is maybe a ting of conscious during her last days who knows…

      • Gladi8rChan says:

        I agree, Verna has nothing to lose. She can afford it, there is bad blood between her and fitz, and she gonna die, prob next episode…

        • emw says:

          Bad blood between fitz & verna???? Where do u get that because i missed it… & i think she dies next week also

          • Gladi8rChan says:

            In last episode with Big Jerry, when all was at dinner, bj told joke about crap table and said verna was there…she said ” I was more of a poker girl,” and fitz mumbled, ” I bet u were,” while giving her the side eye… Plus she seemed very cushy with bj, and since fitz couldn’t stand his father, I reckon any friend of bj is sworn enemy to fitz…just my ideas:-)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      What I noticed was the slightly-too-long hand-hold Harrison and Liv shared, that he came away from a bit stirred.

      • me says:

        Seemed like deep friendship, family like love to me. Olivia is barely holding on. I read no romantic foreshadowing into that whatsoever. Seemed like two siblings.

      • KD says:

        I wondered why they didn’t hug. She is going through this stressful situation, and he’s saying we’re family, I’ll be there for you. But then they shake hands and didn’t hug. I thought it was odd, and made me wonder if they had a past.

      • Linda says:

        I noticed that too, but I am hoping it never goes in that direction. I prefer the protective sibling vibe.

  6. Nicole says:

    I tried coming up with who could of hired Becky if not Hollis and who had motive. The top of the list is Sally and was it ever confirmed that Billy Chambers was dead? Also on the list I would say would be Verna “spoiler alert” she is shown in the promo as being in a caskett. I don’t no her motive. Cyrus would have a lot to loose if fitz was dead. We saw a little when Sally was president he lost his job and his power. Same thing as Mellie with Fitz dead she loses her leverage if she wants a political future. Sally would have the most motive she becomes president like she wanted and gets to use her game plan and appointment people she wants. I am excited for next week to find out hired Becky.

  7. mrs.b says:

    I am so in love with this TV show. I’m happy for the person(s) who thought up this show. “OSCARS 4 ALL”… loving it

  8. mrs.b says:

    Love. It

  9. Matt says:

    Awesome episode again. I think it was Sally Langston that ordered the attack.

  10. Shuayb. says:

    I thought it was a very good episode, possibly one of the best this season. So happy thay Abby and Quinn are sorta working together. Loved it that they decided to share the info and work together to sort out what needs to be sorted out.

    I don’t think it was Hollis who did the shooting. It could have been Mellie or someone else who wanted him out of the way. Maybe Reston. But that would be random.

    I just can’t wait for the next week. Gonna have an AMAZING birthday with all my shows airing awesome eps.

  11. Hurley says:

    WOOOOOOW! Congratulations on this show Shonda Rhimes!

  12. forwarddad says:

    @mrs.b would be hard to get an Oscar :-) maybe an Emmy.

  13. Annika says:

    This show keeps surprising me so I don’t even really want to guess who’s behind the assassination attempt since I’ll be wrong anyway, BUT I think it’s Sally and Mellie together. Sally because she’ll be president now and Mellie the vice president, and president next. And, you know, girl power.

  14. Sarah says:

    I swear when Huck and Olivia were talking about Cyrus I thought for sure the whole Cyrus-hired-Charlie-to-kill-Amanda thing would come out!!!!

    • KD says:

      Olivia already knows about this. Well she suspects. Remember when she told the president that if you let Cyrus off his leash, then you (the owner) are to blame.

    • Carm says:

      Me too! Was disappointed when it didn’t.

      • twilight123 says:

        I understood it as that Olivia DID realize it, she just couldn’t say it out loud. That is why she got so horrified and (finally!) leaped out of bed. When Huck says, “Cyrus is in MY circle. He has someone who does things” (or something like that), Olivia pauses for a second. And then she says “Do you mean? Before? “. And Huck blinks, which had already been established as his way of stating the affirmative. What I particularly liked about that scene was that Kerry Washington did a masterful job in silent acting. I watched Olivia connect the dots in her head and then come to the natural conclusion.

  15. Tina B. says:

    I’m not sure if Mellie ordered the hit but I think she had to know about it, based on her strange behaviour and trying to stop Fitz from going to the party. Either way, Mellie needs to go!

  16. Ana says:

    This show just keeps outdoing itself. I love how careful the writers are to keep the plot points clear to the viewers. There are a lot of moving parts and it can get confusing. Using flashbacks and the scene at the conference room to kind of recap everything that is happening so far was genius. I am loving Mellie more and more. And Cyrus, love, love him and Liv together. After the hour is over you can’t help but think, Dang, that was gooood tv. Only think I’m wondering is when Liv is going to get back to being the fixer for her clients.

    • s says:

      Conflict makes for a good scene, but I’d hate to see Rhimes write a wedge between Olivia and Cyrus that wouldn’t let us have those cozy scenes between them. I love seeing Washington and Perry together in those scenes. I root for Olivia and Fitz but don’t need it to be the focus all the time. I also made note of Harrison and the hand holding. Huck flopping on my bed would not be welcomed.

  17. Jules says:

    I think Fitz wasn’t the real target of the shooting, that it was supposed to take out the press secretary (the one played by Ling from Gilmore Girls) and he was collateral damage. I’m thinking Ling knew something about the conspiracy. Cause Fitz didn’t, so killing him didn’t help the conspirators or shut down the investigation. Plus Becky is supposed to be such a wiz — if she was supposed to kill him, wouldn’t he be dead?

    My other thought is for anyone who was ever on Gilmore Girls to watch their backs on this show. So far, Paris and Ling are dead and Logan’s father just got on an elevator with an assassin.

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah…I don’t think Fitz was the target. Didn’t Becky say as much to Huck at one point? I seem to remember that being said….or at least someone speculating that the press secretary was the target. Now that would fit the theory that Mellie did it. The Press Secretary was investigating the vote rigging, and if Mellie set it up, that would explain her odd behavior in the car as they pulled up.

    • KD says:

      You know, that’s what I thought originally. But then I got sidetracked by all the Hollis drama. It would be interesting if they go back to that theory. A bullet to the head is a pretty big mistake for a professional.

      • emw says:

        Omg certainly didnt think about the press sec.. would make sense i mean 5million to kill the president is a low amount. Becky just got lucky and her remote controlled gun happen to hit the president..why not brag but what throws the theory is she went to finish the job on the president. Or maybe mellie was trying to kill Liv & didnt want the publicity of fitzs reaction all over the place which is why she changed her mind about going to the party.interesting …..but we should find out the truth next week before the new arc..fwd 10 months begin. I love the show.. emmys all around next year

    • Angel says:

      I’ve thought all along that the press secretary was the intended target and the president being shot was just part of the cover-up. But they seemed to quickly connect the dots to Hollis, and that made sense too. If it was the press secretary, it would most likely be due to the election rigging. With James and David investigating, either one of them may have contacted the press secretary asking for information that may have led her to figure out what happened. I believe they even showed the press sec. asking Olivia about information she had found, although I can’t remember now what it was. And it stands to follow, if she was the target, one of the five hired Becky. Other than Olivia and Hollis (unless he used a different account to pay Becky), we can’t rule out the other three.

    • Angel says:

      I just had another thought. Becky was paid the day after the shooting. Fitz was still alive. Becky wouldn’t have been paid for an unfinished job.

      • Cyn says:

        But didn’t Becky get a call to finish off the president because an opportunity opened up that he was being moved?

        • Jackie says:

          Plus the First Lady could probably only afford 5million to kill her husband. She planned the party, she got scared at the last minute,and if you go back in the season you don’t see Becky eyeing Huck until Mellie makes her first voiced threat to Fitz’s life…..” You see her again I’ll blow you away” Becky comes into play right after that.

        • Jackie says:

          Becky was paid because she shot the president 3 times and 1 of the shots was a head shot and the description of Huck went out!!! Why would they not pay her?!? Who ever hired Becky wanted him dead or out of office, so they got what they wanted. They just didn’t think he would recover and to be honest WHO WOULD??

        • Alichat says:

          I thought about that. It’s possible someone else hired Becky to get rid of the Press Secretary, which is why she was paid for the job. Then, Hollis hired her…..since he’s used her before….to finish off the President since he was getting in good with Langston.

    • Jackie says:

      If Fitz wasn’t the target, why did Becky admit to Huck in the car she got hired to kill the president ” that’s a big job” in her words, plus she got another call to finish the job and go to the hospital to kill him. Fitz was always the target, hands down, but who wanted him dead is definitely part of the 5 riggers. If you watch and listen to all the clues it all comes down to them. MILLIE or VERNA but in Shonda land it could be spinned. No way was the press secretary the main target!!!

  18. ski_diva says:

    I think it’s Verna and it will go back to Big Jerry. With the “Scandal” writers we never know what to expect. But I still it’s Verna. Or, it could be James; get Cyrus’ “other” baby out of the way and he can get his own.

  19. twilight123 says:

    Scandal delivers another excellent episode as always.

  20. M says:

    My vote is on Mellie and her pre-party jitters giving her away as the hitman employer. I can see her envisioning her and her baby bump coasting on a wave of sympathy and sentiment all the way to the White House as President herself. Sally can’t beat that sort of warm-fuzzie with a stick during an election.

  21. OlitzFF says:

    Im certain that its Verna, she planted that phone in Hollis’ drawer that she tipped everyone off too..Dont know why though, That is her clearly in that coffin in next weeks promo, I think she is the one who tells Fitz and I think the shot of Ftiz kissing Mellie is him acting out in anger over the news….

    • stephanie says:

      i don’t think mellie did it. i think she just had a bad feeling about being their because she planned the party even though fitz was against it. she realized she was only driving him further away by doing something that angered him. remember she wanted to go home because she said that she was tired of pretending that they were happy and i think she had just a feeling some thing was not right. i feel it’s verna and it stems for verna past with fitz father. i have often wondered if fitz dad had and affair with verna and fitz,’s is her son.

      • Jackie says:

        YOUR RIGHT!!! I think Verna was behind killing Fitz but because she went to Olivas office and at the table with Mellie and Cy she said she saw Hollis on that phone, which wasn’t his, she heard Hollis mention a girl named Becky, and talked about the hotel. When all along Hollis did not call or pay Becky this time. So how could Verna know all of that info?? She wanted to frame Hollis. Why Verna wanted to kill Fitz, I think she is all about carma and she got cancer right after she rigged the election. Maybe getting him out of office was the only way she thought she could make it right and I think that there is some other reason that is in Shonda land. I really thought it was Mellie but I rewatched an old episode and now I truly think it’s Verna. Your right it’s her in the casket.

  22. Alexis G Johnston says:

    Did Mellie have Fritz shot, remember before they got out of the Limo for his birthday party, she said that she did not want to go.

  23. Carol Salter (AKA The Biscuit Scraps) says:

    I think Verna tells Fitz and he resigns the presidency …will it go to his opponent or would Sally take over? It belonged to his opponent. In the trailer, Fitz again, asks Olivia “Will you wait for me?”…where is he going? I love this show.

  24. Cyn says:

    My question is will Hollis Doyle put two and two together and figure out Olivia tried to get him arrested for the assassination attempt. Plus what IS Hollis’ job in the White House?

    Also the pickings are slim for suspects for Fitz’s assassination attempt. Either it’s someone the viewers never met but will be a key player later or it is a totally WTF person.

    I would have suspected Billy Chambers the VP Chief but he was murdered.

    Could be Edison, he would be a totally WTF person if it’s revealed he more than suspected about the Fitz/Olivia affair, but it seem so trivial, unless there is some other motive.

    One of the other Gladiators since Huck was absolved, but where would they get that kind of money (5million?)

    If Fitz was the main target in the assassination, Sally Langston benefited the most. Unless there is some other motive/plot not yet revealed.

    When is this ‘who done it’ going to be resolved, this is now driving me nuts!

  25. Margaret says:

    I think Sally Langston and Hollis (“has his own Huck”) are at the root of the assassination attempt and probably the vote rigging that put him into office with her. A grand plan to “fix” it all — enter OPA, implicates Olivia and, the gang, who Olivia selectively restricted info to each one, which made the “tell all” meeting key to putting the puzzle together and tie them all together in a web of guilt! Love the show!!

  26. Jackie says:

    I think Verna was behind killing Fitz but because she went to Olivas office and at the table with Mellie and Cy she said she saw Hollis on that phone, which wasn’t his, she heard Hollis mention a girl named Becky, and talked about the hotel. When all along Hollis did not call or pay Becky this time. So how could Verna know all of that info?? She wanted to frame Hollis. Why Verna wanted to kill Fitz, I think she is all about carma and she got cancer right after she rigged the election. Maybe getting him out of office was the only way she thought she could make it right and I think that there is some other reason that is in Shonda land.

  27. Brandi says:

    I’ve done what the writers want me to do which is initially think it’s Mellie, then Hollis, and now I’m just confused. Sally technically has the most to gain so that would make sense. I think that Mellie has been pissed at Fitz, but putting a hit on him is way extreme. I know she has political ambitions, but I have a hard time believing that she would have him killed. I would have never suspected Verna until I read blogs/message boards/etc. I still can’t figure out what her motive would be. Although Big Jerry was a jerk, I don’t think that he wanted Fitz to DIE. I DO believe that it is either her or Cyrus that is going to tell Fitz about the election rigging. Verna was writing something when OP came to visit her in the hospital and it very well could have been a confession to Fitz because she is dying. I think Cyrus might tell Fitz about the election and spinning the whole plan as OP’s idea in attempt to get Fitz to get mad at her and call off this divorce business. I love Cyrus, but when he feels that Fitz is in danger of losing power, he has no problem throwing OP under the bus and trying to drive a wedge between them AND OP pretty much threatened him last week so I’m sure he’s pissed at her. I have do a theory about what could happen in the future. Cyrus tells Fitz that he’s not really POTUS and that OP was the main conspirator behind rigging the election. Fitz is angry then tells OP that he never wants to see her again (which would break my heart!). We jump ahead 10 months and OP is actually married to Edison (which would be odd because she doesn’t seem like the type of woman who marries someone just because they asked). Edison then decides that HE wants to run for president against Fitz and wants OP to run his campaign. This would be so dramatically awkward and awesome. We could then see Fitz and OP makes eyes at each other and eventually go back to sleeping together and then Edison could find out and then we have all kinds of drama, drama, drama. Fitz has been POTUS for 2+ years now, which means it’s time to start campaigning for the next election. Perfect timing.

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