Glee Recap: Poking the Bare [Updated]

glee sam jake nakedThere are few attention-getting formulas in life as sure-fire as adding a little bit of “naked.” Google knows it (440,000,000 search results can’t be wrong, can they?). Ryan Murphy knows it. Even fruit-juice manufacturers know it. And so does Tina Cohen-Chang.

Yes, folks, this week’s Glee found New Directions’ perpetual second fiddle experiencing a flash of naughty inspiration: Getting the men of New Directions to pose for a clothing-discouraged calendar to raise money for Regionals.

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You read that right: New Directions is back in the competitive show-choir game, now that the Dalton Academy Warblers have been DQ’d from their Sectionals win for using performance-enhancing drugs. (That opening-scene anchorwoman meltdown was one of the show’s funniest moments all season.)

Sue railed against the calendar idea (surprise, surprise) but seeing how she posed for Penthouse back in the day — and Finn secretly recorded her confessing to the shoot — the glee club’s reigning nemesis got shut down faster than you can say “Mr. July.”

Of course, the strip-down shenanigans brought out unexpected reactions among the McKinley kids. Sam, reeling from SAT scores on par with the average clinical-trial monkey, ramped up his body obsession — culminating with a diva fit at the photo shoot and a subsequent tender scene in which BFF Blaine helped him realize his self-worth wasn’t merely skin deep. My favorite scene of the hour was Blaine showing Sam a video of the glee kids’ testimonials about all of his great qualities, culminating with a tearful hug. I kinda hope Blaine can quash his crush on his straight buddy, as their growing closeness is as satisfying as it is unexpected. I’d hate to see the bowtie aficionado mess up another relationship by thinking with his Little Anderson, if I’m not being too subtle.

Artie, meanwhile, flinched at the idea of being the only guy posing in clothes — worrying he’d be reduced to nothing but his wheelchair. (Sam eventually showed solidarity and put his shirt back on, Artie re-committed to the calendar, and along with Jake, Ryder, Joe and Blaine, they each took two slots in the 12-month beefcake parade.) This storyline felt a little less fleshed-out than Sam’s, but it did give us a nice Finn-Artie moment in the library.

The final story arc in the high-school halls found Marley and Jake playing a game of “I love you” chicken, both of ’em afraid to be the one to admit those feelings first. Jake sweetly wrote it, Marley sweetly verbalized it, and Becky made the gagging noise that brought the scene back to reality (and reminded us why this show is categorized as a comedy). Honestly, do high-schoolers today really use the L-word after like a week and a half of dating? Actually, don’t tell me: I’m not sure I want the answer!

Back in New York, Rachel grappled with whether or not to go topless for a role in a student film about a woman with Alzheimer’s. Kurt called in the out-of-town troops (Quinn and Santana) to stage an intervention against such a naked display, while Brody rubbed his bare parts against Kurt’s vintage flea-market chairs to show his support. Rachel’s internal debate played out in a fascinating duet that pitted Old Rachel vs New Rachel — and the contrast was stark indeed. Still, it’s one thing for Rachel’s kneesocks-clad alter-ego from the past to drop lines like “You’re not a porn star — even though your hair and your makeup make you look like one.” It’s quite another for Kurt to get all Judgy McJudgerson and accuse her of being “Slutty Barbie.” Yikes.

In the end, Rachel just couldn’t drop robe, even if it cost her the role. I respected the decision, and the fact that it wasn’t a total black-and-white decision for the wide-eyed freshman. (Oh, and Santana, in a very quick aside, she began to realize NYC is more her speed than Kentucky. Story is developing…)

My biggest disappointment with the hour? The absence of a rendition of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s seminal semi-hit “Barenaked.” (No, I did not type that ironically.)

Speaking of musical numbers, let’s grade the six of ’em from “Naked”:

Rachel vs. Rachel, “Torn” | Like I said up top, what a startling juxtaposition between our past and present protagonists! Despite their differences, though, the gals harmonized with nothing less than the total perfection you’d expect from such hard-charging perfectionists. Grade: A-

Sam, Ryder, Kitty and the Guys of New Directions, “Hot in Herre”/”Centerfold” | Lots of Cheerios gals riding New Directions guys like they were rodeo bulls. Lots of flying legs and gyrations, too. I just wish the actual mashup of Nelly and J. Giles Band had been a little more seamless. Grade: B-

Marley and Jake, “A Thousand Years” | This song choice seemed overblown for this very young, very recent pairing — even by Glee’s unabashedly pro-romance standards, no? Grade: C+

Jake, “Let Me Love You” | Puck’s baby bro can definitely sing, and I liked the relaxed, stripped-down vibe of this particular performance. Grade: B

Rachel, Santana and Quinn, “Love Song” | So nice to have these ladies sharing a stage, choosing a catchy ditty, and harmonizing the beans out of it! I just wish we’d had a few more scenes of dialogue to see the trio compare notes on their freshman years. Grade: A-

New Directions, “This Is the New Year” | I found the whole white-screen setting a little jarring, but the kids sounded solid in unison, as usual. Grade: B

And finally, the week’s best zingers:
“After the break, a Ft. Wayne squirrel who’s also...a doctor?” –news anchor Rod Remington, heading into commercial

“I could sell more of my semen.” –Sam, brainstorming ideas to raise money for New Directions’ bus to Regionals (I just loved the use of “more”)

“Those Twilight books are poop on paper, and we’ve turned them into a billion-dollar industry.” –Kitty, explaining the purchasing power of women

“No, I did not cheat: I swear. All I did was I filled in ‘A’ for awhile, and then ‘C’ for a little bit, and then ‘D,’ and then I did ‘A’ again. And then I used the dots to draw a clown and then a penis.” –Brittany, explaining how she aced her SATs

“My future looks bright: I’m gonna graduate. I’ll to Harvard or Princetown or Mit or Stanford & Son or the University of California at Charles Barkley’s house, ’cause evidently I’m one of the smartest people in America.” –Brittany, describing her new post-graduation plan

“Chicks dig hot guys who are willing to get naked for a calendar, but what they’re really looking for is a guy who’ll get naked emotionally.” –Ryder, counseling Jake on how to win over Marley (that was supposed to make me LOL to hear a teenage boy talk like that, yes?) (also the “boys comparing arm muscles” bit was the homoerotic scene in Glee history, no?)

“Topless is as nude as anyone’s gonna want to see you.” –Santana, responding to Rachel’s argument that she only had to remove her top, not get completely naked, in the student film

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of “Naked”? Did the Marley-Jake storyline reel you in? Were you pro- or anti-nudity when it came to Rachel’s role in the student film? Sound off in the comments, and for all my weekly TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. cho says:

    i like rachel storyline this week, glad this nude storyline is more of a comedic than drama, but UGH why NYC screentime is so limited everyweek now? oh yeah because we have to feature another marley and jake i-love-you storyline which felt so unnecessary to the episode, we should’ve more of interaction between rachel quinn santana you know like talking about brody or building up santana’s big move to NYC, but of course marley and jake storyline was more important to writers these days. i mean can we tone down on those characters a little bit?

    • Maxine says:

      Thank you! These show is so crowded and overpopulated on the McKinley side with mediocre, uncharismatic actors telling the same stories over and over again to less success. And NY keeps getting shafted. I think I’m giving up. It’s not worth it to sit through 30 plus minutes of banality and stupidity for like 5 minutes of interesting stories in NY. They didn’t address the move in, or why Kurt is being a hypocritical, judgmental douche, they could have done so much more with Rachel’s quandary, etc. Yeah I think I’m bowing out. I only came back this season because I was under the impression the majority of the show was moving to NY anyways.

  2. Stacey says:

    I loves the scenes between the old Rachel and new Rachel. It made me miss the old Rachel so much. The best song of the night was Love Song. I don’t like Marley and Jack together and feel like their whole relationship was rushed. Remember when it took Finn a whole season to tell Rachel he loved her? Good times. Do Britney and Sam still date? And are Rachel and Brody sleeping together? Its a plausible question, I mean he moved in, I’m pretty sure they sleep in the same bed and he walks around naked.

  3. Alice says:

    Don’t do student films period. You’ll end up like Wilson on ‘House’. “Be not afraid. The forest nymphs have taught me how to please a woman.”

  4. A says:

    Love Song was such a random song but I absolutely loved it! One of the best songs from Glee in a while and I can’t recall if Rachel, Quinn, and Santana ever sang anything together but they definitely need to do it more often!
    This episode was a vast improvement for me from last weeks subpar episode. However, in terms of Brittany’s education storyline, I know they’re trying to make it be funny but I feel like its been there, done that. I wish they actually showed Brittany legit trying to improve rather than get an SAT score based on some random silly thing. And I have to say I am enjoying Finn running the Glee club and really liked how he handled the Artie situation in a mature way and finally he found a way to beat Sue (for now!).

    • Kavyn says:

      I feel the exact opposite about Finn. I absolutely hate him leading New Directions for SO many reasons. I’m not going to list them but I do think the biggest thing is how everyone started talking about last year’s seniors as “legends” (literally calling them legends) and how they act as if 5 months is enough time for Finn to develop from an insecure senior with no direction in life to a “superstar legend” that’s almost identical to Will in personality. It’s really infuriating to watch when the students that were a year younger and in the glee club just as long as them (technically longer now) act like Finn isn’t their same age but instead 10 years older than them.

      • A says:

        I think the kids called them that because they were underdogs and it was the first time they ever won nationals and after so much hardship they finally achieved their goal. Obviously Finn is still a teenager and he won’t know everything and is still learning but throughout the show he has been the Glee club leader in a way and inspired many of the Glee kids and his friends. Now if he was just out of high school and started teaching at McKinley then I would definitely agree that it would be ridiculous but its a “school club”. It doesn’t necessarily require you to have a degree or be super smart. Its about experience in Glee club which after 3 years I’m sure Finn has. And if you recall, Will also struggled a lot with running the Glee club at the beginning (figuring out how to connect with the kids, lesson plans to please them, etc.).

      • Ag says:

        I often forget Finn is even still on the show. I just tune out when he’s on screen. He’s such a boring, nonentity lately. The only thing I remember him from this season is putting together the worst Sectionals performance ever. His Will 2.0 act is annoying. Why can’t anybody at McKinley, except for Sue and Becky, have personalities of their own?

    • Ayci says:

      Love songs is about Sara not writing the type of music the rec execs wanted her to but being true to herself. I think this song was so appropriate.

      • A says:

        Oh I always loved the song but never knew the background history behind it, that’s why I thought it was a random song choice but nevertheless amazing song!

  5. Zorkel567 says:

    Wish we had seen more of Hunter, and had been hoping for an appearance by Sebastian.

  6. Mike from CA says:

    Can someone tell the writers there are far more intriguing storylines in NYC than Lima? Move Santana to NYC, get Finn and Blaine out of Ohio, and the five best characters will be in the same city. Think of the possibilities! And the best part: no Schue!

  7. Mike from CA says:

    Oh, and Michael, I love the reference to JLH’s “BareNaked” (though I am admittedly a bigger fan of “How Do I Deal).

  8. Joe says:

    This site’s bias of Glee is disheartening.

    • Ruby says:

      Oh, what. You can’t stand that there’s still ONE website left on the internet that isn’t completely hateful? Poor you.

  9. Adam says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but did it at all address the issue of below eighteen year old students taking off their clothes for a calendar as a high school fundraiser? It seems like that’d be shut down somewhere…

    …also if Dalton Academy was disqualified, why would that put New Directions back in the running since they too were disqualified? Wouldn’t the third, only remaining non-disqualifed glee club instead make it on to regionals?

  10. MF says:

    NY rachel really needed an intervention!!! but overall this was a good episode

  11. Bethany says:

    The Blaine/Sam friendship is my favorite. Marley and Jake.. well they are cute but they love each other after officially dating for like a week? lol Oh high school..

    And I loved Quinn/Santana/Rachel in NYC. Perfect.

    This is the New Year was one of my favorite group numbers ever. The cast looked so happy and silly and the performance reminded me why I love Glee so much.

  12. A says:

    I wish while I’m in college I can afford to just go from city to city whenever I feel like it.

  13. jon says:

    I liked the video at the end where the other characters were talking about Sam. I felt bad for him for most of the episode but I’m happy there was some sense of continuity like Sam’s body issues, Sam’s family being homeless, Santana being in a sex-tape(and that there were consequences and that it was not just a throw away line). I actually like Sam and Blaine’s friendship and hope it’s not ruined by Blaine’s crush. Tina didn’t really have much to do but she probably will in next week’s episode with her solo, but she was responsible for the main plot at McKinley again which I’m guessing will be kinda her thing for the rest of the season maybe? I liked Artie’s scene with Finn. Where was Sugar though!? she’s always disappearing. Also the beginning with the anchorwoman having a meltdown was hilarious. All in all I just really liked this episode.

  14. Carmen says:

    I found Blane’s and Sam’s scenes the most touching in this episode-the power of their friendship helping each of them overcome their individual frustrations and disappointments. Having said that I am frustrated with and disappointed by Blaine’ s crush on Sam’s storyline. i had been left with the strong impression that Blaine was still very much in love with Kurt regardless of their decision to be friends for the time being. I find it strange for Blaine to be “mooning” after Sam while claiming that Kurt is the love of his life. What? Seems a little creepy and a lot juvenile for Blaine to be in this situation. Did this character learn nothing from the Gap experience and a solid relationship with Kurt? What would he tell “the love of his life” ? The whole thing made me cringe. Would have liked to have seen more of Kurt–at least in one other another scene. Really enjoyed Finn; The character seems to be more confident and mature–really coming into his own.

    • dan says:

      i agree more mature but theres still a problem with him realizeing hes an authority figure telling sue to lick a hot one thats no way to talk to a coworker even if it is sue. and telling artie to go watch porn even though it was a funny scene hes not a student anymore he cant say stuff like that

      • A says:

        I don’t understand how you can take issue with a retaliation at Sue from Finn and ignore the countless insults and inappropriate comments she has made over four seasons. And you are forgetting that this is a school where kids break out into song in the hallways and even the teachers are messed. The principal is an idiot, they had a spanish teacher who didn’t know spanish, and a cheerleading coach with more issues than can be listed. My point is….its not a real school!

    • bamabunny says:

      I think it’s like Tina said last week: “you miss Kurt, and you have to put that love somewhere.” His crush on Sam is more emotional projection, I think. I really think Blaine admirably reeled it in this week and put it aside to be the friend Sam really needed (and I suspect the crush will either end or be forgotten by the writers in the next couple of weeks). Unlike Tina’s crush on Blaine which is just getting more awkward, bordering on disrespectful…the “WTF?” look on his face when Tina waxed poetically on his “perky and delicious behind” was classic.

  15. Will says:

    As an acting major with a musical theatre minor at a great school near NYC, the Rachel intervention storyline made me so angry. I have been naked for the musical HAIR, and FYI, my body is very far from the cultural ideal, but it was a choice that I was happy to make. Our school has also performed Grapes of Wrath, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and this semester, Equus, all of which have nude scenes for some actresses. Then you have Kurt saying Rachel is a “real actress” who “doesn’t do porn” as though doing a topless dream sequence is equivalent to smut. There was a legitimate case to make about the merits of doing so in a student film, and Rachel’s mini-speech about why she didn’t want to was spot-on, but the arguments from everyone around her whose aim was to make her feel like she was less of an artist for going topless, when it takes a massive amount of confidence and courage to do so, just made me mad.

    • Ana says:

      Maybe.the reality is that while the public may enjoy and even encourage a certain level of nudity in a performance, in reality its kind of hard to think of it as ‘art’. Maybe its kind of hard to take seriously or have much respect for someone who’s willing to strip because no matter what you can’t help but think, dude, I’ve seen your boobs….

    • Jan says:

      I totally agree! The slut-shaming was not a good look and Kurt was such an a-hole it wasn’t even funny. And the body judgment coming from Santana, the girl who got breast implants coming from insecurity was almost as bad.

      • SantanaNYBound says:

        For me, the worst part was Kurt encouraged, criticized and changed Rachel to whom she is today then call her slutty Barbie. Have to admit that was a funny line. I did notice Rachel wore less make up, thank goodness. As for Santana’s comment to Rachel, that is Santana. Always a dig. But in the end, she meant well for Rachel’s sake. They know and knew Rachel for all she was and still is. Rachel now is attempting to act and perform as what she thinks an adult would be and act. In the end Rachel did on her own decide to not be topless for now, because she is not ready as of yet. The thing about Rachel has always been her insecurity guiding her inability to decide what was best for her. As in Blame it on Alcohol, leaning to Finn to decide to let the party go on with booze.

  16. Mark says:

    After last week’s abysmal episode, Glee was back to great form tonight. Rachel was back to being annoying but likable whereas last week she was just annoying. I love her neurotic nature and I absolutely adored the duet with her season 1 self. Pure genius.
    Loved seeing Santana and Quinn pop up in NY. It’s about time Quinn. Loved hearing Santana say she wants to be in NY with them <3 Loved Love Song.
    The stuff at McKinley, gratuitous amounts of shirtless guys and abs, um yes please. Why can't they have that every episode. Chord Overstreet is so delicious and the new guys are hot too. So all that stuff was quite fine by me. Although, the body image issue has been done to death. They've already had the whole body image issue talk with Sam before, now it's Artie? Repetitious but whatever. We understand that body image doesn't only happen with guys. But hey, if it means they're shirtless, I'm okay with it.
    Glad they finished up that steroids plot quick.
    Finn is doing well up against Sue.
    The songs were really great in this episode. I liked all of them except that one where they're singing while working out was kinda meh but it was more about the visuals.
    Still hating the Blaine/Tina thing. Dumb.
    Fondue for Two, I cracked up at the line about the Hunger Games and then the cat saying that she's bulimic.
    So yeah, good stuff. Glad it was good tonight cause I was worried.

    • Will says:

      I take issue with the fact that body image has never been dealt with in terms of a guy who is fat. Thus far, only guys who are considered thin and attractive have been given body image issues, and when a fat male has been on the show, they are a joke a la the crew in the student film in this episode, or are Alex Newell, whose character presents as female. It’s sad that, for a show that supposedly prides itself on having a diverse cast with people who have issues fitting in, all of the male characters are, as Tina noted, considered hunks by those around them, and only these guys have been the targets of body issues, like the entire thing where they tried to convince us that Cory Monteith is fat simply by virtue of having other characters say so.

      • Mark says:

        If I want to look at a fat guy, I could look in the mirror. Max Adler was fat and he attempted suicide so that sorta counts. And they had Lauren Zizes on the show and were heavily critiqued by people like Rosie O Donnel of all people. Can’t really blame them for not wanting more fatties on the show.

        • Danny says:

          Max Adler is nowhere near fat :’) And his character didn’t try to commit suicide cause he was fat but because he was outed at school :( I still miss Dave Karofsky..

  17. Sib says:

    Why the writers have the need to shoved down our throat with Lima storyline? I was really hoping we got to see proper screen time in NYC side since Quinn and Santana visited Rachel but instead we get another and jake episode that is so unconnected with this episode and felt rushed. This past episodes I tried to tolerated that because maybe RIB trying REALLY hard to promote the newbies but I think there’s time for the writers to focus completely on original characters. All NYC side was good but it really seemed so short, can they talk about Brody move in to Rachel Kurt apt and Rachel Quinn Santana scene besides that topless talk? I guess I was hoping too much from them and now I feel disappointed. Lea Michele did a great job this week, tho..

  18. Jessica says:

    The Rachel, Quinn and Santana song towards the end actually made me a bit sad, I realised how much I miss the old glee, and kinda hate the new.

  19. Byrdie says:

    More Ryder!!!

  20. Para says:

    Um…Just one comment quickly… why does jake need a tan job?…

  21. caroline says:

    Love Song was flawless and it just made me want more of Quinn, Santana and Rachel and less of everyone else :(

  22. dan says:

    Very Very good episode great songs, funny storylines mixed with some heart warming stuff thats what proper glee is

  23. Mike says:

    I think you missed the point of “A Thousand Years”. Yes, it’s overblown for us. But for them…for teenagers that know nothing of romance and relationships….this is the highly emotional teenage years where everything is life or death. I felt it made a lot of sense and at least earned a B.

    And II’m not sure you can mark down “Love Song” because of lack of dialogue around it. And while you still gave it an A-, I believe it deserved an A+. Best song of the night and honestly one of the best of the year. It almost makes me wish they’d pulled a 90210 and just kept them all together. The chemistry and harmonizing between these people is unmatched. At the very least let Diana “visit” from Yale more often(as it seems Naya’s character will be in NY soon enough).

  24. Ana says:

    This may be one of my favorite episodes ever. Def my fave this season. I’m not a big Rachel fan but I loved her last night. I loved the Brittany declaration of her self delusion, especially the Charles Barkley’s house bit. Loved the Rachel vs Rachel. Loved to see the Lima trio together again and loved Santana’s hint at a NY move. I’m happy with the show being all about NY. But I also loved the Marley/Jake duet and I’m unexpectedly loving them. It would be nice if Ryan shows a stable couple for once without the unplanned pregnancy, the cheating, etc.

  25. emmaoneill89 says:

    The writers are trying to make us care about the new characters but so far, I’m really struggling. I loved the scenes that had the older characters front and center. Like, I literally skip the Jake/ Marley scenes cause I just don’t have any emotional investment in them. I loved seeing Old Rachel again though – I miss the knee high socks. And Kurt’s reaction to naked Broody was flawless.

    • SantanaNYBound says:


    • SantanaNYBound says:

      Truth hurts but here goes. Anticeptic Marley is nauseating to me. I have craved, missed and longed for Fondue for Two. Even though Marley was in it, it was hilarious. Love me some Lord Tubbington and Brittany.

  26. Sam says:

    The Artie stuff was less fleshed out because of course it makes sense to concentrate on the insecurity of the conventional-looking, able-bodied white dude. Don’t even get me started on Kurt’s little slut-shaming incident and the treatment of Sam’s insecurities over being a moron versus how Marley and her bulimia were treated. This show is abysmal and sexist and stopped being about the underdog after the first season, cancel it already.

  27. moon says:

    I hate the NY. Storyline.

  28. Boiler says:

    Great episode. I would like to see more of the nice Kitty but please keep her great facial expressions. Too bad they can’t make the show 90 minutes to help show more of both places but I like the new kids.

  29. fred says:

    I have just realized what glee has become. Some of the legitimate concerns about character development and disconnect with the show are being used against fans or being made fun of by the show. In a weird way, these comments are being used by the writers of glee to form their storylines from week to week. They are still going to keep what they want to do as an overall major arc, but the week to week tv grind is being reshaped based on the comments on sites like this. I must say this is a novel approach to writing for a tv show and it feels like the loud and vocal online bullies are in a way shaping the show. The problem with this approach is that some of the comments are legitimate and are based on the viewpoint of people who make sense and are passionate about what the show was about. The pilot of glee that started this whole process introduced three different main characters Rachel, Finn and Will. The character that was the most challenged for this world has been and always will be Finn. The vocal hatred spewed against this character has seem to win the day because Ryan Murphy has written the character completely different this year. Cory must be so sad that his three years of hard work on this character has been morphed into being screech on glee. Will has been absent and it is telling that the vaunted choir director role is so useless now that no one seems to miss him. Rachel has always been the character that was easiest to believe in fitting in to this whole world of glee so in order to have her have any struggle they literally have to manufacture it. The magic of the show to me was two fold. First the interaction between Finn and Rachel represented a Romero and Juliet type of relationship with the musical world. Finn representing the type of guy who would never even think of performing as a career and Rachel representing the negative aspects of single minded career oriented people who have blinders. Will represents the type of person who seeks redemption for past failures to seek out a career in the music world by using his expertise and love of the arts to inspire and help new generations at the high school, a noble and worth while character. I do not know why they have abandoned this story but it is sad.

    • Sara says:

      This is spot on. Rather than build on these great central characters, the writers have seemed angry at people’s passion for them. Murphy has talked of the Finn thing and of wanting Rachel away. But for all the tiny minority who spew hate towards Finn because he is the white male, wrongly believing the audience see him as the hero rather than the flawed young man finding himself, he is beloved by the GA. so sad they have now neutered him. Wouldn’t he have been the one to talk to Sam? Why must bland Blaine get everything.

    • JoMarch says:

      I’m familiar with the Romeo and Juliet story (who isn’t?), and I see absolutely NO connection with Finn and Rachel. Your point about Will and redemption: What does he have to redeem himself for? Are you taking Psych 101? If so, I suggest you switch majors.

  30. Anna says:

    So… is it just me or has Finn been stealing Schue’s wardrobe since he’s gone do D.C.?

  31. dramaticimpulse says:

    1. I have always thought that Santana’s “breast implants” were Sue just being Sue.
    2. Kurt’s outburst at Rachel was mean but in keeping with his Season 1, pre-preachy character. She sort of needed to hear it, and she’s been very disrespectful of her supposed friend.
    3. That said, slut-shaming is unacceptable and Kurt was wrong to take that tactic, even if the theme was something R needed to hear.
    4. I loved the diversity of the Adam’s Apples. They look like a better crew of friends. What hypocrite Rachel was for telling Kurt to stay away from the “losers” — as if show choir (and not a string of bad student films) would hurt his career.

    • Ag says:

      What a hypocrite Kurt was to 1) give Rachel the makeover and then revile her for it. 2) Act like a completely judgmental douche while having the audacity to call someone else a misogynist. 3) This isn’t HS, it’s college,a nd if Kurt feels the need for more of the same Glee club cycle, he should go for it. he doesn’t need Rachel’s permission. In the meanwhile, Rachel can keep going on auditions and winning competitions and actually doing everything she can to make it on the stage and at NYADA, you know, that school that Kurt barely got into, rather than wasting time with a horrible Glee club.

  32. Amber says:

    I am so glad that this episode spent more time telling the stories of the Lima students. They should just write a spin off for those in New York ‘coz I can’t stand the Rachel and Kurt show. More of Blaine and Sam; Jake and Marley please!

  33. Milah says:

    Is the school ever going to realize that Finn does not have any of the credential to be working at the school, because I cannot stand that he is running the Glee club, he was in the Glee Club less that a year ago. I cannot stand finn anymore.

  34. ncmacasl says:

    I loved when (blink and you’d miss it) Tina started saying how they finally have a group of great looking guys in glee club, then the camera jumps to Finn who seems to be VERY insulted!!!

  35. Dayna says:

    Just wanted to say that I was really pleasantly surprised by Jake’s “Let Me Love You”. That boy can really sing! Also lol to the “House” comment regarding student films. Be not afraid, indeed!

  36. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    I have to say… Jake’s voice makes me swoon! After the Fray song and this Ne-Yo one… wow.

  37. Me says:

    I voted for Love Song because Trouty Mouth 2.0 wasn’t on the list.

  38. Kobe Busia says:

    Wow, Oh my God, this Glee episode really surprised me so much, what an improvement over the horrible result of last week’s “Sadie Hawkins” fiasco. The beginning was really interesting with Rachel wanting to do a student film, which involved a topless scene, and after accepting, she has an internal conflict with herself, involving her new and reinvented self, and her old, weird-dressing, yet narcissistic personality she had in Glee’s early days, and the conversation between the split personalities was really well written and played out, but it also freaked me out a bit, I honestly didn’t see that coming. The Jake and Marley situation was interesting, and I like how the writers are solidifying their relationship, and Jake’s stripped-down, beautiful take on Ne-Yo’s “Let me Love You”, was beautiful, and it’s clear that he really loves and cares for Marley. The situation with Sam’s body issues after pretty much failing to ace his SAT was groundbreaking and it added a dimension to Sam’s character that I hope the writers continue with, plus Blaine’s attempt to show Sam that he truly is a special guy and that he’s achieved some great things in his time with New Directions was a truly emotional moment, and it was one of the best friendship driven moments on the show. I also really liked the situation with Artie being uncomfortable about posing for the calendar, and it delved deeper into his internal struggle and pain of being in a wheelchair. It was great to see Quinn and Santana again, and their song together(Love Song by Sara Bareilles) was great, I hope we get to see Quinn more often, I kinda miss her, despite being my least favorite character. I know a lot of people are not so pleased about seeing Finn take over for Schuester, but I think it’s a great outlet for him, and I’m glad he’s on the path of self-discovery. Not to mention, I love that he actually knows how to put Sue in her place, and he’s a hell of a lot better at it than Will ever was. Also, Kurt’s reaction to Rachel wanting to do a topless scene was the truth, but he was being a bit too harsh, and the opening scene was kinda random and an unexpected way to start the episode, but it was one of Glee’s more comedic moments. Overall, this was a terrific episode, and a major improvement over the Sadie Hawkins horror, but honestly, I feel like they should get rid of Samuel Larsen and maybe even Vanessa Lengies, in that they are never given anything great to do, and they’re just there to complete the ensemble.

  39. Volcfom says:

    If getting in the 1200 range is “Acing” the SATs at McKinley, then I’m glad I didn’t go to that school. 1200 is the minimum to even be considered for a decent college. Not to mention, a new section was added to the scores eight years ago. Why does TV still ignore that the scores now go up to 2400, not 1600?