Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: David Grapples With Hook, While Mary Margaret Wields a Bow!

Storybrooke’s “Welcome Wagon” continues to run down and back up over Captain Hook when ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns Feb. 10, as seen in these new photos from the episode “Tiny.”

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Previously, TVLine shared a first look at the episode’s Giant/she-Jack storyline in the fairytale land that was. Here, we see the Storybrooke side of things, where oversized Anton is being held prisoner aboard Hook’s ship, leading to a melee with David. Mary Margaret is poised to get in on the action, too, accessorizing her plaid peacoat and fetch beret with a bow and quiver.

Josh Dallas gave TVLine a heads-up that David would butt heads with Storybrooke’s swashbuckler noob, saying, “Charming doesn’t take kindly to people who are liars and manipulators and [Hook] is a nasty character…. There are going to be some interesting things, for sure, between the two of them.”

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  1. xav says:

    A guy who has been posing as his dead twin for how long doesn’t like people who are liars and manipulators?

    • Shaun says:

      zinged him there……unless he came clean at some point?

      • Kelly says:

        i was thinking that too. I understand the inital deception saving his family farm then the threat against his mom but won’t fault him for the lie or hypocrisy if he came clean and considering snow met his mom at their farm I think probably did.

        • sara says:

          They still call him James when he takes over George’s kingdom. And if he came clean to everyone, George wouldn’t have acted like him being the son of a shepherd was some sort of secret.

          • Patti says:

            They took the kingdoms back I doubt George kept the secret and they currently still call him David and neither david or james is his real name so I’ll just wait and see what they reveal and not all will be revealed in this episode. And if he didn’t reveal well everybody complains that good guys are bland and have no grey areas and this will be one. But i find good guys on show are darned if they do and darned if they don’t.

          • xav says:

            They took the kingdoms “back”. Exactly. George’s kingdom was never his to “take back”.

        • In Once Upon a Time 2×07 – Child Of The Moon, when King George tries to turn people against Charming. When the crowd is gathered to kill Wolf and Charming arrives to prevent, some people say to Charming to go take care of the sheep, or something like that. So they know that David / Charming, is shepherd

          • xav says:

            That’s only proof that they know NOW. But not that people who willingly helped him lead a coup weren’t tricked into it. It’s never really been made clear. I mean, if they knew the whole time, why would they be calling him by someone else’s name?

          • ej says:

            I don’t remember hearing any chanting to that effect. All I know is that early in the episode, Spencer tells David: “I’m going to see to it that they see things my way. That they see you for who you really are. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll wish you’d killed me when you had the chance.” So, whether Spencer told the crowd the truth at the end or not, David *was* basically living as an identity thief in FTL, necessary when he was mustering troops, perhaps, but odd after the fact. (Charming’s “do you,…” is cut out of the wedding vows in the pilot, but then since they were really renewing their vows, it doesn’t matter what name he might have used!) Presumably, Red and others on the War Council know the truth, but it must never have been made public knowledge. Regina, I believe, has also alluded to knowing David’s true identity and the matter of its secrecy. I suspect that David’s name is *really* “David” since Josh Dallas has said it’s something obvious and in David’s “We Are Both” speech, he has the line, “David, Storybrooke David” which seems an odd choice of words unless he really is David in both worlds, and might been either a slip of the tongue or meant to specifically address those in on his secret like Archie and the Dwarfs. There’s also supposed to be some flashbacks this season about the real James, so maybe in that episode/episodes it will become clear why David has maintained the lie. Something to do with magic, probably!

    • Charming quickly gave up this lie. that is why King George hates Charming.

      And Charming never manipulated anyone. He refused to marry the daughter of King Midas, because he did not love her. And if he lasted longer the lie was to protect his mother.
      But Hook uses lies and manipulation for purposes far more serious and devilish.

      I do not know how you can mix the evil of villains and match it with decent people like Charmings

      • Patti says:

        Good guys on shows are considered by some writers and viewers as bland if they are straight up good or get called boring or self righetous. when they do something wrong or human it’s like a crime. poor charming will always be darned if did or didn’t

        • AGREE poor charming will always be darned if did or didn’t

        • Addie says:

          Basically. It’s not surprising considering there are a lot of fandoms where the villains are seen as “poor, manipulated people” whereas the heroes are so “mean.” Just look at all those fangirls on Tumblr and LJ who worship Loki! Personally I will always love the Charmings more than Rumple or Regina. If Charming, Snow, or Emma were ever written out, my interest in the show would be gone

      • xav says:

        Because the Charmings AREN’T decent. They’re just as gray as everyone else, they’re just way more self-righteous.

      • Paula says:

        Uhm, no? He did not give up on that lie quickly as far as we know. He may have refused to marry Abigail, but he did continue to walk around as “Prince James”.

        • Addie says:

          Because if he hadn’t, King George would have murdered his mother/himself and most likely would have handed Snow right over to Regina. I’d imagine that once Charming’s mother died, he felt no need to keep up that charade

    • Everyone has flaws. Nobody is perfect. It’s ironic how you blame Charming. Does it well or not does well. you always have to insult with Charming.
      Compare Charming with Hook is another joke right?
      Especially because Hook is nice an angel and Charming is horrible.
      For God’s sake! Snow and Storybrook people know that Charming was shepherd.
      And tell me something. Hook if Hook or somebody insulted your wife / girlfriend or husband / boyfriend, you would be quiet or run away with your tail between your legs?

      About the scene we saw in promo with Charming tightening Hook’s neck, actor Josh Dallas (Charming) tweeted this :

      « when a man disrespects his wife and daughter. And then disrespects his wife in front of him… He won’t take kindly to it…»

      If a man insulted my wife or my family, he surely would see who had gotten too….

      • xav says:

        LOL. I’m not ‘blaming’ Charming, that’s ridiculous. Blame him for what? Just pointing out the hypocrisy is all.
        But you’re right, that line by Josh is horrible. Nothing like some good old fashioned sexism. It’s not Charming’s place to attack someone for saying mean words, it’s her job. We’ve also seen him attack someone for having consensual sex with Mary Margaret, that doesn’t make it right.

        • Hypocrisy is when we point the finger at Charming, just because he goes against your darling Hook.
          Hook’s fans start going too far.

          • Paula says:

            I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous.

          • Sam Haincat says:

            UGH everyone get a grip, these are characters in a show. we enjoy who we do and its ridiculous getting knickers in a knot and accusing fans of going too far for liking the characters they do. If you adore charming good for you! A lot of fans adore Hook, his charm, his wit, his looks and his dark side. Others adore Rumplestiltskin, others love Emma. I like a number of characters on the show but right i gotta say Hook is my favourite.

        • ej says:

          David has previously admitted to being “old fashioned” in his outlook on things, and while said a bit tongue-and-cheek, it’s clearly so. But who can blame the guy for getting territorial about his women? He watched his mother, who basically raised him herself after his father died, get shot and killed and while playing James he probably had to pretend to like sexist douchebags. Do I think he had any right to hit Whale? No. But who wouldn’t be frustrated if a curse led your spouse to have a drunken one night stand with the town’s manwhore? Do I think Hook is a douchebag? No and yes. No in that I suspect his sexist comments are very well placed verbal attacks to try and throw his opponents off guard. But yes, in that his material is so lame it’s laughable that it ruffles anyone’s feathers. But then, if the Charmings have a flaw, it’s that they all seem to be so easily goaded. Do I think David (and Mary Margaret) are a little self-righteous? Yes. But they’re currently under the impression that all good guys do good and right makes might and all of that. One wonders how their perspective will change when they find out about the Blue Fairy and Geppetto double-crossing them, leading to Emma growing up alone. I hope the protagonists have to face up to their hypocrisy at the same time as the show’s antagonists get a chance to redeem themselves. They all ARE both, and should face it!

          • Paula says:

            I agree with all of this. I think people would be less hard on the Charmings if they were a little less self-righteous or if the show would make clear that this is indeed their flaw and they’re not always right and can’t do wrong only because they are the ‘good guys’.

  2. Gem says:

    I can view this slideshow from my PHONE!!!! You rock, TVLine!

  3. Kelly says:

    Love Charming. Can’t wait for more on his backstory and real name. Thanks for posting :)

  4. Shaun says:

    Haha,most of these pics are so strange…..get that poncho off the giant and seeing MM with a quiver and that coat is funny.

  5. Templar says:

    Maybe the folks of Storybrooke can encourage Anton to sign up for The Biggest Loser. He is gross.

  6. Nick says:

    When did they make Mary Margaret and David so self righteous with their holier than thou routine? It’s getting old and really makes their characters unlikable.

    • Patti says:

      I still like them

    • thunter86 says:

      Yes, Mary Margaret and David are in the wrong for confronting a man that tried to kill a woman (Belle). Yep, they are totally awful people!

    • xav says:

      It gets old fast.

    • Addie says:

      Can you point out examples of when they have ever been self-righteous? I keep seeing this thrown around but no one ever actually shows proof. Is it when they act better than the woman who cursed an entire town out of revenge for something a 10 year old did? Is it when they get angry that that same woman made it so they couldn’t raise their daughter and missed 28 years of her life? Or when they act better than a man who ripped his wife’s heart out and has manipulated and murdered numerous people? Please tell me, I’m curious

      • ej says:

        The whole way they handled the investigation into Archie’s murder was quite self-righteous. Yes, they missed out on their daughter’s life, but suddenly they all but take over the investigation from Emma, the Sheriff, make her doubt her gut instinct, and insist that they know the best way to handle things because she’s a novice in all things Regina and magic, etc. Because Emma lets them take over and use magic to investigate and leave it at that, Regina ends up running back to her evil mommy. It’s not their intentions which are necessarily self-righteous, but the attitude and means by which they go about paving that path, so to speak.

        • Paula says:

          The whole “group sheriff” thing annoyed me too. I’m glad Emma spoke up about it in the last episode. Snow and Charming mean well, I get that. But it’s still slightly annoying.

  7. Hali says:

    If Hook is so awful, why do they occasionally write him as someone the audience can like lol?

    • Kelly says:

      I guess everyone see things different, I’ve never found him written as likeable or interesting.

      • Templar says:

        Believe it or not, some people admired Hitler [Charles Lindbergh for one]. There will always be people who are drawn to the dark side.

    • Catherine says:

      Yeah, but you know if they had cast a guy who looked like Smee to play Hook, fans wouldn’t be nearly as enthusiastic about him (or sympathetic to him, IMO).

      • mari says:

        Well…. that maybe true. BUT you forget Rumple. Robert C. is not exactly “model” material but people “like” him. It is how the character is written. Villains are almost always more interesting written than the “heroes.” Heroes have a tendency to think in black & white. Villains or anti-heroes have shades of gray.

        • Templar says:

          In the case of Rumpel, it isn’t just how the character is written. Robert Carlyle has charisma coming out of every pore. He is loaded with star quality that owes nothing to his looks. Like Humphrey Bogart, who was no looker, he has a presence that can’t be faked.

        • Sam Haincat says:

          You get the prize. ITA the grey characters are the most interesting, not the characters that are totally evil that never show signs of being redeemable but those who do on occassion show a different side. Hook was introduced on this show as an arrogant ass, I hated how he treated Rumpelstiltskin, and eventually Hook paid for it in a very bad way. Seeing your loved one die like that in front of you and being maimed at the same time – turned hook from just being an arrogant ass to a man with an understandable dark mission. he has shown he has the capacity for deep love, his methods for avenging the loss of it are certainly not always honourable nor acceptable however we have also seen bits of compassion from him, rare as they may be. I appreciate that he’s very easy on the eyes – truly I do, but I also love his wit and how he’s written. yeah he has a dark side which at times makes one go WTH, but he’s played true as a pirate. I love his scenes with Rumpelstilskin and with Emma, he rarely comes out on top with either. He’s a man that wants to complete his mission but it seems also has a deathwish. Makes him interesting.

          If one looks back in fiction to novels/movies like Gone With the Wind, Rhett Butler and Scarlett Ohara were villians, Ashley and Melanie were the good guys, together they made a wonderful story complete. what would Wuthering Heights have been without a Heathcliff?

    • …as someone the audience can like? lol Hook is written as someone who I will continue to dislike

  8. I still love Charming and his family. They are my favorites in OUAT. And nobody is perfect. Neither I, nor you, nobody. Despite having lied, Charming quickly redeemed himself. Now we know very well that Hook is rotten frui, as much you and writers try to redeem him. Hook hits women, nearly killed Belle if Regina did not prevent him. He is manipulative. He tried flirting with Snow, which look almost killed him lol, and with Emma, he always makes sexual innuendos…and another horrible things
    I don’ have to like Hook just because he’s hot.
    what is the man who consents that someone insult his wife and daughter?

    I’m rooting / beg for Charming smash the Hook’s face!

    • xav says:

      Ah, sexual innuendos. The REAL villainy.

      • No. they are not villany…But if you join it to ‘hitting women’,and the fact that he went to kill Belle …abusive men generally never change.

        Aw sorry I’m talking about your darling Hook…

      • ej says:

        BADLY WRITTEN sexual innuendos. you mean! I feel sorry for Hook (and Collin). His attempts to distract with sexy quips are about 300 years out of date. And charisma-wise, he’s no Jack Sparrow. I neither like nor dislike Hook. He’s a villain, sure, shooting a woman on top of everything before that, but so far has not enough of a compelling backstory to love to hate him as a villain or see him as an antihero who went down a path of potential no return for good intentions. At this point, this far into the season, and with so many hiatuses, I am losing patience with waiting for those flashbacks to find a reason to give a crap about his character. Thus far, he could be killed off and I would have no reason to mourn him, which I’m sure is not the intention of the writers. I’m not one of those fangirls having wet dreams about the hot bad boy. Just a fan who is a girl and getting tired of Hook’s bad dialogue and lack of character exposition and/or development.

        • Jack Sparrow he is not, but take Johnny Depp out of Jack Sparrow and Jack wouldn’t even be Jack.

          My perception of Hook is they are having a hard time figuring out how to write him. I don’t have a problem with the character i guess. I like the eye candy. However, I absolutely hate the Milah love of his life aspect. To me it is falling flat. Just because his true love was killed, we are supposed to feel for him? They have yet to give me a reason to do so. It’s hard to care for a bully and a woman who let her misery cloud her judgement and left her husband and son. Not just left, but let them (or Rumple rather) believe she was kidnapped. Plus the fact that there was zero chemistry between Hook and Milah in the scenes they were in. I didn’t buy into the true love bit from the beginning.

    • asdfg says:

      i really hope you dont like rumple bc lord the double standards

    • Sam Haincat says:

      LOve love love Hook one of the best characters on the show. he’s a villian, a pirate no less, he’s supposed to do bad things. like Rumpelstiltskin, he’s done horrible things but I still like him. For me its the grey characters that add the most fun…and both he and Stiltskin have motivations and reasons for their actions and also at times pay for their actions. Both depending on what the writers have in mind can be redeemed. I don’t see Hook being redeemed just yet though he’s got a lot of anger and hate to work through first as does stiltskin. Some of my favourite scenes are with the two of them. They play off each other so well.

  9. lll says:

    Love the new photo slide TVLine! Much easier to navigate.

  10. Ezzy says:

    Hang on. How did the giant end up in Storybrooke?

  11. Name(less) says:

    Nice use of “fetch” Mr. Mitovich.

  12. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    I LOVE that you used the term “fetch.” WINNING.

  13. Pepper says:

    Why can’t they decide on a name they call each other? Once, they call the other one Snow/Charming, then they go back to Mary Margaret/David. It’s just weird.

    • Addie says:

      it is weird/kind of annoying. Like it makes sense for Snow/the other Storybrooke residents ot refer to each other as both the Storybrooke names and the Enchanted Forest names because they were used to 28 years of calling each other those names. But with Charming, he was in coma for 28 years so really he should be the one most often using the Enchanted Forest names because he wasn’t as used to using the Storybrooke names. I could go with their brains being so scrambled with two sets of memories that the wrong name slips out, but it would be nice for the show to at least give an explanation

  14. Ty says:

    My fantasy scenario is that Charming and Hook start fighting, then start making out. They would make a much better pairing than charming and snow. Dark and brooding nympho vs goodie two shoes. Will it ever happen ?!? It already has in my mind !!!

  15. lori k says:

    burning question in my mind…what happened to pinocchio….did i miss an episode because no one mentions his “absence” ?

    • Addie says:

      The fact that Pinocchio/August hasn’t even been mentioned, especially now that Emma’s back and Geppetto knows that he was in Storybrooke is ridiculous. I know Eion Bailey is busy but not even a little mention that his father is looking for him/worried about him? Or even a mention from Emma that she saw him turn wooden? I actually thought the twist at the end of the ‘The Cricket Game’ was going to be that Archie had been hiding August, but that obviously wasn’t the case

  16. Rjrtist says:

    Can we please stop from beating up Hook every week on this series. It’s really getting old and you’re changing the dynamic of the character.

  17. Spencer says:

    I still love this show but I don’t know… Something just isn’t working for me about it anymore. I really can’t stand Mary Margaret, I barely like David, I despise Henry and I really find MM pointless now. I get it that she is THE Snow White and killing her would be unheard of, but please do something interesting with her character so she’s not just moping around anymore! And they need to hurry up and decide: is Regina a villain, or a hero because I’m getting sick of the back and forth. (And get rid of Henry please!)

    • ej says:

      Agreed on the first part. Now that MM and David have their memories back, their characters are not as interesting. They need to pick names and stick with them, for one thing. I think everyone should wear nametags for an episode as a town-wide attempt to get straight on which identity the residents are going with. Regina’s struggle is interesting, but has been VERY poorly handled this season, IMO, as more of a behind-the-scenes subplot while delving into uninteresting new characters. I don’t hate Henry, but the kid is so freak’n gullible! Jared needs to hit puberty to force Henry out of the uber-cuteness corner his character has been written into, because it is increasingly annoying.

    • Paula says:

      I don’t think they need to decide if a character is only good or bad, hero or villain. They are much more interesting if they have both in them. It’s more realistic too in my opinion.

  18. I still love the Charmings. I just think this season they invented many new characters, and now none of the characters can have moments as exciting as they were in season 1.
    The previous year, there was also a football on the same hour of Once Upon a Time and many hiatus. And the ratings were higher. However, this season 2, these new characters failed to increase the audience. The ratings are not bad, but are a little lower.
    This season, I own I am often bored with some characters and stories.
    I miss the plot of the original cast of the first season. Lately, the villains no longer know if they are villains and the good guys are confused. And their personalities and identities are not set correctly
    Beginning to wonder if all the villains will be redeemed. And the ‘good’ will be punished.

  19. MelindaB says:

    Stop trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s not going to happen.


  20. A says:

    Hook over Charming any day! God I am so bored with goodie two shoes Charming/Snow. Firstly, I really don’t like the actor who plays Charming. Very weak and I just find him to be very fake like you can tell he’s just acting and not very believable. Ginnifer Goodwin is good however the Snow White character is just becoming so boring they need to give her something interesting to do other than following David around.

  21. A says:

    Oh and is anyone pissed by how much Regina has gotten such little screen time this season. She only shows up a few minutes each episode. I really miss her. She’s still one of if not the most interesting characters on the show.

    • Paula says:

      There is a post somewhere on the internet that shows that her screentime has not changed much compared to last season, but I agree that feels like Lana/Regina is on less than last season.

  22. Tara says:

    I can’t stand Lana Parilla, but she’s better than Barbara Hershey. I’m not talking about their roles on OUAT, but the actresses themselves.

  23. Unlike you, I prefer Charming. And I think Josh Dallas is much better actor than Colin, sorry. Hook came not make any difference to me.
    I watch Once Upon a Time, because the original cast and the main story. Snow, Charming, Regina, Rumpel, Emma. It is for them that I see the TV-show from the beginning. Without any of them, OUAT die for me.

    • I also did not find anything extraordinary in Hook.
      And Josh Dallas’s action is weak?
      For God’s sake! Josh is excellent!
      I have not seen Colin show up so good as you’re saying.
      Hook speaking in his anatomical parts to Emma, is to be a good actor? lol
      Colin looks good, but the performance of it be over Josh Dallas, can only be a joke of yours, right?

      • A says:

        Everyone has their own opinion. I like the original cast. I love Regina, Emma, Red, etc. but have always disliked Josh/Charming. I never knew him before the show, but I don’t think he’s a great actor and I’m a little tired of his “I have to save everyone” attitude. I know that that is the personality of the character but I’m just annoyed by how highly he thinks of himself and that he’s the best.
        All the Hook haters are like broken records to me. They have the same thing to say….he’s sleazy and they don’t like his flirting with Emma. Umm hello….Hook is supposed to be that way. He’s a villain. Do you want him to be all kind and respectful? And to me, I enjoy Colin on the show way more than Josh.

        Also, I have always liked the villian of most (not all) shows/movies way more than the hero/heroin and I know so many who feel the same way. Yea,h I still want the protagonists to win and beat them but doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the villain. I mean if you ask me to choose between Regina (a true villain during the first season) over Snow White, I would do so in a heartbeat. Villain characters are just so much more interesting and intriguing than the protagonists. But then again that’s my opinion

        • Sam Haincat says:

          I gotta say I like most of the characters. I love the whole fairy tale scenario and as we know every fairytale has its villian. I loved the first season but they lost me a bit when they killed of Graham, the character was just starting to really develop – so i felt cheated but kept watching. First two episodes of season two I honestly got bored and tuned out. Two weeks ago I tuned back in because I was home and had nothing else to do or watch and hot damn there was Hook. which then sent me scrambling online to see all the epis I had missed.
          I like charming and all the princes but none have caught my interest like Hook. I love how he’s written and I really hope they flesh him out further. I love his scenes with Emma in some ways these two are very alike wary and mistrusting – depending how how the writers take it and I’m sure if they take it in a way I want it will be a long and interesting journey. I’d like to understand why Hook loved Milah so much – its like his entire mission for 300 years is to avenge her death no matter who he hurts in the process and then what? He dies so he can be with her again. A man who really isn’t living for anything but revenge. I would love for emma to snap him out of that.

  24. yeah it’s your own opinion.
    Like I can have mine too. Cause I dont see how Colin is better actor than Josh too lol
    Anyone without being an actor could do and say the same lines as Hook.
    I’d rather hear Charming always say the same sentences like ‘I ALWAYS FOUND YOU” than Hook always talking in his valuable sexual parts. ugh…
    Additionally, Josh studied and worked in London. He is widely recognized in England for his brilliant Theatre training.
    Upon graduation, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, and then took shares wth the Royal National Theatre, English National Opera, New Shakespeare Company and The Young Vic.
    Not all actors who have achieved such a high level performance / act like Josh did. Especially being from another country.
    Of course TV and Cinema are more recent, but he is very well-getting away. Some people consider a lifetime, theater and cinema and never reaches the level of Josh.

  25. I’ve to agree with Diana and pasle. Hook did not bring more audience. The ratings in the previous year declined a bit this season. If he was so good the audience would not increase?
    What I think is that this year with so many new characters, the authors neglected the main stories. The main characters have weak scripts, and unoriginal. I’m really disappointed, What I think Is that this year with so many new characters, the authors neglected the main stories. The main characters have weak scripts, and unoriginal. I’m really disappointed because I see ONCE UPON A TIME by Rumpel, Regina, and family’s Charming. In season 1, I was eager and excited for every episode. This year I find myself bored with most episodes. Maybe is me…but…this season is not the same…

    • Sam Haincat says:

      I came back to watching the show because of Hook – honest. I loved last season except for Grahams death, didn’t like the first two epis of season two and tuned out. Until two weeks ago when I caught Hook on air and was so intrigued by the nasty pirate I had to backtrack and watch missed epis online.
      I think what I loved in season one was the flashbacks to the fairytales I grew up with and those aren’t there as much this season from what I’ve seen. I love all the princes and princesses and I adore Emma in her scenes with Hook because they play well of each other and I love the chemistry. Good girl bad boy hooks (pardon the pun)me everytime.