23 Shows We'd Remake or Revive Now!

News that the Disney Channel is developing a Boy Meets World sequel series called Girl Meets World generated huge amounts of buzz last November, underscoring the deep connection that TV fans can have to series that have been off the air for decades.

Add to that TNT’s current successful continuation of Dallas (after a 21-year hiatus), The CW’s reboots of 90210 and Beauty and the Beast, and even SyFy’s terrific reimagining of Battlestar Galactica from a few years back, and it got us thinking: What other comedies and dramas — both big hits and cult favorites — should TV networks consider bringing back in some form in 2013?

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Check out our picks below, then hit the comments and tell us which shows you’d remake or revive — and why. We’ll take your best ideas and create a handy spinoff gallery to this one you’re reading — ’cause that’s exactly the circle-of-life business we’re talkin’ about!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Martijn Tulp says:

    I’m sorry but I cannot take this article seriously if The Comeback isn’t on the list.

  2. Mo says:

    i may be alone in this, but I REALLY miss Studio 60!!!

  3. A. says:

    2000 Malibu Road!

  4. Ben says:

    Never heard of Profit or the Equaliser but both look like they could be awesome with a modern spin. Although I guess Person of Interest may already be taking too much ground from the Equaliser, it sounds very similar in premise.

    I’d be up for a remake of Star Trek if,they could pull off the very difficult task of getting the current cast to agree to it, and setting it in that universe. I’d consider a new series set in the original series if it was completely new (and preferably later in the timeline than what we already had). A straight reboot wouldn’t work for me at all.

  5. Sarah j says:

    I loved Now and Again.

    • Gillian says:

      Me too. Eric Close and Dennis Haysbert had such wonderful chemistry, they just sparkled in every scene. I never enjoyed any of their subsequent characters as much as on ‘Now and Again’. And that damn cliffhanger ending…:( Curses CBS!

    • H.F.Washington says:

      Me too. Was so upset it ended.

  6. KD says:

    I would absolutely love to have a new Murder She Wrote series, but with Angela Lansbury playing some part in it.

  7. KD says:

    I would also love to see Angela Lansbury guest star on Blue Bloods with Len Cariou. They were so great together on MSW

  8. kirads09 says:

    I could be on board for The Equalizer or Remington Steel for sure!

    Trek? Hmm – The Next Generation, DS09, Voyager, Enterprise.
    Seems like it’s been done – a lot (don’t get me wrong – HUGE trek fan here)

    However when all is said and done, I would much rather have original new
    programming (not more reality though!) than “reboots” of old ideas. Same goes for movies.

    While we are at it – Seinfeld wasn’t on that list? What? Maybe because you can’t really redo sitcom near-perfection. :-)

  9. Marie says:

    Friends and Buffy !!!

  10. Rach says:

    How about ALIAS??? Not a remake, just a revival – I couldn’t bear to have different actors for Sydney, Vaughn, and Jack

  11. Lady K says:

    Jay Hernandez is not in Mark Frankel’s league so there is no way he could play Julian Luna in a Kindred: the Embraced remake! I say Ed Westwick. He has the charm, presence, and sensuality to play Julian and he head of all the vampire clans…a remake of Kindred would be so fantastic right now! Also say Morena Baccarin to play Caitlyn….

  12. Ernesto A says:

    The West Wing with Sam as the President !

  13. James says:

    um how about Firefly? Macgyver? Highlander?

  14. Colleen says:

    I second The West Wing! With Sam Seaborn coming back as the president or vp. He’s had a few hard knocks and now he’s the one who has to make the tough calls and he can’t afford to be as idealistic as he was under Bartlett.

    I also wouldn’t object to Bradley Whitford having a regular gig that sticks. Plus, the Newsroom is only like 12 eps and that can’t be taking up all of Sorkin’s attention!

  15. nitemar says:

    All in the family, X-Files!Hill Street Blues and NYPD. ;)

  16. Lucy says:

    Your Maude idea is just PERFECT! I would love to see Allison or Jamie Lee Curtis playing that role!
    And ELLEN was my favourite show back then. They were such idiots for cancel it!

  17. Shannon says:

    FIREFLY!!!! How could you not include it?
    ok, now that I got that out of my system
    Kindred the Embraced should stay where it is: Dead. It has been my experience that any attempt at bringing a table-top rpg/LARP to the screen is a bad thing and just makes the players cranky that their genre is being destroyed. Leave any connection to White Wolf out of it, no matter how loosely based the show is, and create something new.

  18. Elise says:


  19. Carson J Gallo says:

    SeaQuest & Seven Days would make awesome remakes. My 3 favorite 90’s shows.

  20. More recently, I’d revive Monk. I miss it badly :'(

  21. FriendsLover says:


  22. Nick says:

    Kind of surprised no one has mentioned Knights of Prosperity. That show was brilliant.

  23. Rick M. says:

    Frank’s Place!!

  24. Rachel says:

    Thirtysomething is a great idea! But as THIRTYsomething…. Have the baby from the original series grow up to be one of the thirtysomethings with a new cast in 2013 and her parents can be on and link the two shows.

  25. Folliot says:

    What, no Macgyver? People still use the term “Macgyvering” when building gadgets out of nothing.

  26. Monica says:

    How about Popular? You can never have enough Mary Cherry!

  27. Josh Davis says:

    What about Hunter (1984 – 1991) with Fred Dryer?

  28. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    But I will echo the cries for Veronica Mars. This one wouldn’t actually need to be a remake.

    (Firefly and Terminator:TSCC also might be ones that could be brought back as they were, although not both of those at once I guess hah due to overlapping cast.)

    Although some of the key players are involved in other shows at the moment, but it might work depending upon exact contracts and desires.

  29. Amelia says:

    No, Knots Landing?

  30. Jason says:

    Twin Peaks – Continuation only!!

  31. luli says:


  32. Ella says:

    Immediately thought of Action! LOVED Jay Mohr – funniest show & way ahead of its’ time. Would also like to see a Moonlight remake. The Friday death slot did it in. And the writers strike didn’t help it either. CBS really missed the boat with that show and should have given it one more season. There was so much plot left to tell.

  33. znachki says:

    Profit was an awesome show that was definitely ahead of its time. It makes the top of my remake list.

    I love Firefly almost more than anything, but unless you could get all of the gang back together, it just wouldn’t be the same.

  34. Tony says:

    I’m not clcking 23 more times. Too lazy.

  35. Doug says:

    Ellen was not cancelled because the press hounded the show. It was cancelled because it stopped being funny.

  36. Plefff says:

    I would love to see an updated *I Spy*, complete with round-the-world location filming, though the chemistry of the original would be very hard to match.

  37. Ana says:

    Firefly & Scarecrow & Mrs King

    • Soupy says:

      I was beginning to wonder if anyone else remembered Scarecrow & Mrs. King! It would be at the top of my list! Although watching the last season the last few days I’ve realized how similar Castle and Bones are to Scarecrow & Mrs. King… Firefly would be great too… The A-Team and Diagnosis Murder are others I can’t get enough of…

  38. April says:

    Make a new Buffy. With a younger slayer and Buffy her watcher/trainer.

    Also Firefly. Joss never had a chance to make this show blossom :)

  39. Fernanda says:

    Party of Five.. I wanna know what happen with the Salingers nowadays
    Full House the next generation with a lot of kids from CJ and Stephanie and her it Girl crazy sister Michelle
    Once and Again or Sisters… yeap i’m a Sella Ward fan
    The X Files reboot
    Friday the13th the series
    Ryan Murphy’s POPULAR <—— that show deserves another chance and I miss Mary Cherry

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Last I heard Charlie was getting chased around some island by a cloud of black smoke and Julia was dodging knife wielding killers. So quite a lot actually!

  40. Bianca says:

    Dead like me!

  41. Martin says:

    Had been saying Murder She Wrote for months should be remade, CBS would hit big with this, but seeing as Angela Lansbury is probably too old, who could play Jessica Fletcher, the only actress i can think of is Helen Mirren minus the british accent, but she still busy actress when it comes to films.

    Also, if they did it right the CW should do a modern My So Called Life reboot, less soapy though, Although the ratings aren’t bad, The Carrie Diaries isn’t bad, maybe a reboot but set in the same time period as the previous one.

    Also, as it is too late for this season, and next season of How I Met Your Mother is more than likely the last, a Buffy spinoff entitled “Willow” with Alyson Hannigan reprising the role she made famous, but one thing, seeing as it is Sci Fi, bring Tara back from the dead. Makes sense seeing as other than SMG, she is the only actor/actress to appear in every episode of Buffy, Xander wasn’t in one episode.

  42. hollylime says:

    HEROES! Only this time have an actual long-term story line in mind.

  43. Babybop says:

    LOVED Aliens in America. I would love for it to come back. Ellen was pretty hilarious too.
    I would pick Dead Like Me to come back. I loved the cast dynamic, and it was one of the rare shows that made me think.

  44. Mark says:

    Here’s a crazy idea. Instead of remaking and/or reviving any of these shows, maybe the folks who create tv shows could have an original idea or two instead of recycling what’s come before.

  45. Templar says:

    WKRP, The Waltons, Rawhide, and Moonlighting. But, please, NEVER, EVER remake M*A*S*H. Some things are sacred.

  46. David says:

    I would LOVE to see the power team of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse take on a reboot of either The Pretender or Quantum Leap.

  47. Moms a TVFan77 says:

    Freaks and Geeks; Twin Peaks; Six Feet Under; Firefly,

  48. Mark says:

    I’ll admit, Profit was the first show I thought of.. and was surprised it was on your list! But the other one I’d bring back is Wiseguy.. which was a classic!