Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Shonda Rhimes Previews 'Lovely' Mer/Der Story, 'New' Cristina/Owen Crisis! Plus -- Is Wilson 'The One' For Alex?!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Derek and MeredithGrey’s Anatomy is at the midway point of Season 9, which can only mean one thing: Time to check in with the ABC drama’s boss, Shonda Rhimes!

And by “check in,” we of course mean grill her for details about the season-ending arc for Mer/Der (baby crisis?), Alex/Wilson (are they the real deal?), Cristina and Owen (baby crisis Part 2?) and much more.

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TVLINE | Back in September you told me that this would be the season Alex finds love with a woman who will not leave him. Is Wilson that woman?
Possibly. I’m hopeful. I started out this season being very specific and sure about that, and then really wanting to calibrate that for him. We’ve been watching the chemistry between them and building things. I didn’t want to jump into an immediate romance for him. He’s been the guy who sleeps with everybody, and I didn’t want to see him do that. I felt like he needed a friend. We’ve been watching that build, and I don’t want it to go too fast or too slow. We’ll see what comes. They’re now doing stuff together that just makes me laugh out loud while watching the cuts, and I don’t want to push it. Right now we’re just leaning into it.

TVLINE | Mer’s pregnancy – why do I have this sinking feeling that it’s all building to a “Love’s Labor Lost” kind of climax?
You have a bad feeling because everybody thinks I kill everybody all the time. That’s why you have a bad feeling. [Laughs] And that works to an advantage, because the audience takes it very seriously that things could happen. But in my mind I feel like we have this storyline about this person who wasn’t necessarily meant to get pregnant, but did — and is now very worried for herself. We’re going to be watching this. We have a lovely storyline planned, and I think it’s going to be very beautiful for Meredith and Derek. I hope the audience is along for the ride.

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TVLINE | Can you shed any more light on their storyline during the second half of the season?
Derek’s hand is better, but I think he feels an extreme sense of responsibility for what’s happening with the hospital. They’re going to be playing a larger part in the future of the hospital as well and trying to help fix it if they can. But mostly, I feel like you’ve been watching Meredith evolve as a leader and a doctor and a surgeon. And that’s going to continue. Portraying them as a grown-up couple has been very fun for us. It’s been nice to see.

TVLINE | When will Cristina and Owen’s lingering baby issue rear its ugly head again – because I know it’s coming.
It is going to come up. I’m so happy right now because they decided not to talk about it. Divorce has sort of freed them from feeling like they have to. It’s going to be complex. They’re something very intense about the idea that Cristina is a woman who does not want children. She’s unapologetic about it. She does not want them. And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting children. I love babies. If you gave me 40 babies I’d be thrilled. But this idea that if you place a baby in a woman’s arms and she’s going to melt is not true for some people.

I feel really strongly that we allow this character to be who she is, this woman that does not want children. She’s a surgeon and a scientist first before she is anything else, and Owen has to deal with the fact that he is in love with somebody who has a genius, versus being in love with somebody who wants to have a family. That is going to be a complex thing for them. And I’m enjoying watching them deal with not dealing with it at the moment. But yeah, they’re going to have to really talk talk about it and figure it out and struggle to figure out if they can be in love despite the fact that he wants kids and she doesn’t.

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  1. Mara says:

    Cant you just accept you want them to have a kid?
    1. If they are happy, we are happy.
    2. it’s COMPLETLEY RIDICULOUS to blame one of them for what happened, cause what is done is done. Get over youserselves
    3. I belive that, after going through everything they’ve gone through it would be a waste of incredibly good on-screen performance and character storylines just split them. That would be almost as random as getting them to have a child.
    4. I WANT THEM TO HAVE A KID SO BAD because i feel like we would get to see this different part of them and, if you read closely and no so deep as you’ve been doing, you would realize SR never said something like “CRISTINA AND OWEN WILL NEVER HAVE KIDS OF ANY KIND”
    5. If they have or not have kids, it’s SR’s issue and the writters. We can make THE best comment in history but it will never change the fact that everything that happens is because Shonda wants it to happen. IF SHE WANTS A FREAKIN UNICORN, SHE GETS A FREAKING UNICORN, IF SHE WANTS A DIVORCE, SE GETS A DIVORCE, IF SHE WANTS A KID, SHE GETS A KID AND IF SHE WANT TO MESS UP WITH OUR THOUGHTS, SHE DOES TO.
    xx :*

    • Dawn says:

      THANK YOU!!! Grey’s fans need to accept the fact that we are just along for the ride. This is Shonda’s vision and it will go the way she wants it to go. And yes, I think she enjoys messing with our heads some times, but it is what it is. Watch it or don’t watch it. There is no scenario that could come up where everyone will be happy with the outcome. If they have a kid, some people will be mad because she sold Cristina out. If they don’t have a kid, you’re going to have people mad and blaming Cristina for not caring about Owen’s wants. Maybe they SHOULD just get a unicorn!

    • Joa says:

      Shonda Rimes is soooo playing with our heads!!!
      I´ve been thinking that maybe they could adopt a kid. That way Cristina doesn´t get the whole “I can´t work because I´m pregnant” and “I can´t work because this thing needs me for at least 3 more months” and Owen get´s to be a dad. And Cristina would love the kid, she is not an iceberg.
      Whatever is that SR has in her head, I would love it

    • antigravity says:

      Sooo true…I want them to have a boat load of children and unicorn too :-) Go Team!!! Also, don’t split them…I enjoy their acting partnership- a good mix of drama and comedy.

  2. Matt says:

    I think, in the end, OWEN NEEDS TO ACCEPT THAT IF HE WANTS TO BE WITH CRISTINA, NO BABIES WILL BE THERE. It’s true, when he does (surprise me how, Shonda) the story will be ended (In a year or two ???jajajaja).
    Does anybody here remembers the abortion? OWEN SAID YES. Owen said he’ll be ok with it. Cristina has been clear. He supported her with her decision and hold her hand while the child was getting killed. Owen acted wrong, not Cristina. The reason she went to Minnesota and return was so she could FORGIVE HIM for that.
    I don’t blame Owen anyway, I just hope he’ll stay with Cristina even without kids.

  3. Joa says:

    I hated Izzie for Alex, and I loved the way he broke up with her, he was right. he deserves better.She claimed to love him, but the true was that she didn´t, she loved Denny and Alex was just a replacement. So I´m glad she didn´t stay, and she is not coming back.
    And talking about Jo, I love her, she seems to be so sweet and she truly cares about Alex, she bought him a sofa, that´s sweet. Alex needs that, the girl who is sweet and kind and makes him realize that he is worthy of love, and mostly she´d also had struggles in her life so they are both kind of screw up, but she come out from it, and she can help him with that.
    I love Jo.
    When Christina came back from Minnesota it was pretty obvious that she´d changed, for good I think. So I think that even if she didn´t wanted kids for so long can be manageable for both of them. I think Christina will want a kid with Owen, but at her own terms, I think that seeing Meredith having a baby (SR please don´t kill the baby and name him Mark, that would be so cool) will have some effect on her, too. Plus, I´ve seen her playing with Zola, i think deep down inside Christina is not that ice cold after all.
    Finally, April and Jackson. As I think, April it´s so much cooler after having sex (don´t get me wrong I totally support the whole virginity thing) and Jackson truly cares about her, she is his friend and Catherine (J´s mom) loves her. I remember he almost killed Alex, once. So, April and the paramedic would totally break up, but I don´t think their relationship it´s coming easy.
    By the way, I love Mer and Der, they´re so cute as a grown up couple!!!

  4. Phyl says:

    It would be so awesome if Issy came back, became a great superstar surgeon while she was gone, and remarried Alex. That’s his true and equal love. Keep the hot marriages going between Callie and Arizona & Meredith and Derek and Bailey and her husband. But please get rid of Avery and his mother! They bring the whole show down. Their personalities are too angry and untrustworthy, doesn’t match the greatness of this drama. Find Richard a new love that behaves/looks likes grey’s mother. Maybe it could be her long lost twin sister! Find Yang a new famous hot surgeon!

  5. Michelle says:

    I think it’s really funny how everyone forgets that Arizona also didn’t want to have kids at all and I don’t think she compromised herself when she decided she would do so for Callie. But when it’s Christina doing it for Owen (a man) all of the sudden everyone’s goes crazy and saying she should never give in. Does no one even care slightly about Owen? Can you imagine being in love with someone (marrying someone) and having them tell you, you can never have kids? That they aren’t even willing do discuss it? Also if Christian is so intent on not having children maybe she should use some birth control. She’s had two abortions! I mean she’s a doctor for god sake. For someone who Shonda calls “a scientist first” she seems to have missed that biology class.
    Anyway Owen should just adopt a kid, he would be a great single parent and Christina can continue to be his girlfriend. Plenty of single parents have girlfriends or boyfriends who aren’t their child’s parent . To all you dooms day fans who think the only way to end this is with a brake up welcome to the 21 century, there are all kind of families out there and even Owen (yes even thought he is a man) deserves to have it all.

    • Daisy says:

      I totally agree. Hunt deserves better. He too should be giving a chance to achieve his dreams. Not everything should revolve around Cristina’s needs…and there are all kinds of families. Calli and Arizona have a very unique family structure with the Mark and Sophia story line. People seem to accept them. Somehow many viewers are incapable of picturing Cristina evolving in any shape or form. They think it’s a disgrace to womanhood if Cristina softens her demeanor, take Owen’s needs into consideration or even consider changing her mind about children( I don’t think Cris ever will have children and she was very adament about that). Well…Grow up! Cristina is not in her 20’s anymore. she has been through 2 rounds of PTSDs and 2 near death experiences. Her perspective is changing because she is different now compared to season 1-5.