Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Shonda Rhimes Previews 'Lovely' Mer/Der Story, 'New' Cristina/Owen Crisis! Plus -- Is Wilson 'The One' For Alex?!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Derek and MeredithGrey’s Anatomy is at the midway point of Season 9, which can only mean one thing: Time to check in with the ABC drama’s boss, Shonda Rhimes!

And by “check in,” we of course mean grill her for details about the season-ending arc for Mer/Der (baby crisis?), Alex/Wilson (are they the real deal?), Cristina and Owen (baby crisis Part 2?) and much more.

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TVLINE | Back in September you told me that this would be the season Alex finds love with a woman who will not leave him. Is Wilson that woman?
Possibly. I’m hopeful. I started out this season being very specific and sure about that, and then really wanting to calibrate that for him. We’ve been watching the chemistry between them and building things. I didn’t want to jump into an immediate romance for him. He’s been the guy who sleeps with everybody, and I didn’t want to see him do that. I felt like he needed a friend. We’ve been watching that build, and I don’t want it to go too fast or too slow. We’ll see what comes. They’re now doing stuff together that just makes me laugh out loud while watching the cuts, and I don’t want to push it. Right now we’re just leaning into it.

TVLINE | Mer’s pregnancy – why do I have this sinking feeling that it’s all building to a “Love’s Labor Lost” kind of climax?
You have a bad feeling because everybody thinks I kill everybody all the time. That’s why you have a bad feeling. [Laughs] And that works to an advantage, because the audience takes it very seriously that things could happen. But in my mind I feel like we have this storyline about this person who wasn’t necessarily meant to get pregnant, but did — and is now very worried for herself. We’re going to be watching this. We have a lovely storyline planned, and I think it’s going to be very beautiful for Meredith and Derek. I hope the audience is along for the ride.

VIDEO | Shonda Rhimes Breaks Silence on Katherine Heigl Kerfuffle: ‘It Stung’

TVLINE | Can you shed any more light on their storyline during the second half of the season?
Derek’s hand is better, but I think he feels an extreme sense of responsibility for what’s happening with the hospital. They’re going to be playing a larger part in the future of the hospital as well and trying to help fix it if they can. But mostly, I feel like you’ve been watching Meredith evolve as a leader and a doctor and a surgeon. And that’s going to continue. Portraying them as a grown-up couple has been very fun for us. It’s been nice to see.

TVLINE | When will Cristina and Owen’s lingering baby issue rear its ugly head again – because I know it’s coming.
It is going to come up. I’m so happy right now because they decided not to talk about it. Divorce has sort of freed them from feeling like they have to. It’s going to be complex. They’re something very intense about the idea that Cristina is a woman who does not want children. She’s unapologetic about it. She does not want them. And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting children. I love babies. If you gave me 40 babies I’d be thrilled. But this idea that if you place a baby in a woman’s arms and she’s going to melt is not true for some people.

I feel really strongly that we allow this character to be who she is, this woman that does not want children. She’s a surgeon and a scientist first before she is anything else, and Owen has to deal with the fact that he is in love with somebody who has a genius, versus being in love with somebody who wants to have a family. That is going to be a complex thing for them. And I’m enjoying watching them deal with not dealing with it at the moment. But yeah, they’re going to have to really talk talk about it and figure it out and struggle to figure out if they can be in love despite the fact that he wants kids and she doesn’t.

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  1. xav says:

    Owen wanting kids and Cristina not just seems like a total dealbreaker. As long as she doesn’t give in and have them though.

    • dude says:

      It is, there’s no real way to do this story that isn’t compromising one character unless they just agree to be apart. I feel like thinking you want kids and wanting kids are two different things. Some people can’t be with someone who doesn’t want kids simply because they don’t like not having the option and in that case, maybe somewhere down the line that person would realize they don’t want kids either. I don’t think that’s the case with Owen, he wants kids and to quiet that for the sake of Cristina isn’t good for either of them. This storyline has to end with them breaking up for good.

      • Karen says:

        Here’s the problem: Owen wants a family WITH Cristina. (Similarly, no one thinks C would want A baby or become a stereotypical “mommy”, but we can imagine her wanting THEIR baby.) He was engaged to someone who wanted kids — he chose not to live a life with someone he didn’t love. He already made that choice. Owen will never, as he said, love another woman (at least not like he loves C) so he has no choice. He will do whatever C wants because his life cannot be happy without her. What makes me mad is that this show completely discounted Owen’s grief and sacrifice re the abortion. The show is unfortunately conflating two issues: the brave and compassionate Cristina’s uncharacteristic refusal to discuss or consider keeping existing baby with Owen and their choice as a couple to move forward. (Even if they had agreed to have kids, no one thinks Owen would have left C if they could not have one.) And if C was so very sure re kids, why didn’t she have her tubes tied after first accident? And why would Shonda have originally written C having their baby at end of Season 5 and raising it in Season 6?

        • Ninna says:

          If “Owen wants a family WITH Cristina.” it’s something that is still to be proven. In fact the half second of the season will answer to that BIG question.
          If he has children with another woman, that is the remaining proof that she’s not enough for him and he must find part of what he needs elsewhere. As other posters pointed out that proves beyond doubt that theiy’re not compatible. Not MFEO. Thing that I never heard SR saying they were, by the way.
          Please Shonda admit you went too far with these two. They’re irrecoverable.

        • nibbles says:

          Wouldn’t it blow our minds if Owen and Cristina decides to have a kid. So she gets knocked up with twins and the bar ho returns with Owen’s baby too. all this done out of wedlock…

        • rocky says:

          Karen, I don’t get Shonda’s logic either! Maybe she doesn’t have one. Looks like her writers didn’t think things through. Holes everywhere in the plotline.

      • uselogicandreason says:

        I second that…” NO WAY OUT! “

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure how they could compromise that. It’s like Meredith herself said- there’s nothing worse than knowing you have a mother who could not care less about you. Cristina better not give in, it’s nice to have a portrayal of a woman who doesn’t want kids and is presented as being normal for it as opposed to it being like there’s something wrong with her for it

    • Brooke says:

      It sounds like, from this interview, that Shonda feels strongly about the fact that some women simply don’t want kids, and that she’s not going to do an about-face on who Cristina is. I hope she stands by that, because it’s nice to see that reality reflected on TV.

      In real life, that would certainly be a dealbreaker for a person who wanted to have kids. For TV where conflict drives the narrative forward, who knows what this means for Owen and Cristina.

      • yobaby says:

        That’s fine Shonda has stated her position…and CO is divorced. Done:-) what story is she trying to tell with these 2? I don’t get what Cristina wants from Owen. They don’t want the same things. Can’t she get a sex friend somewhere else.

    • kat says:

      Ahh, but what about the other option? Owen has a child but Cristina doesn’t. What about the one night stand? She could show up pregnant or with a child that is Owen’s (I’m never sure of this show’s timeline). Cristina doesn’t have to “mother” the child, because, surprise, she’s not married to Owen anymore. My opinion is this storyline was the writers’ entire reason for the divorce, to allow Owen to have a child in his life that Cristina doesn’t have to mother because she’s not Owen’s wife. Cristina stays true to her self, Owen gets his baby, they can still do whatever it is they are doing right now and everybody (except for the fans) are happy!!

      • Nanda says:

        Do you think so?
        Remember the two weeks Cristina was in Mer’s house before the abortion? What happened to Zola is Mer’s baby?
        Cristina won’t escape the inevitability of having children in her life in that case too. And she will make decisions with Owen always taking in count his child. It’s impossible Owen have a child and it doesn’t make part of cristina’s life either. And in that case she won’t be a free children woman anymore.
        Moreover, what is the interest to have a relationship where Owen has to get outside of the relationship everything he needs except sex? Even that we saw that is capable of getting it outside too. A little bit more and they will have nothing in common anymore. Where stands the notion of MFEO?
        Besides that, he will have the strongest bond (a child) two people can have with a strange woman or even with a bar tart.
        Cristina won’t be truthful to herself if she allows children in her life. But I believe that might be in Shonda’s mind.
        Sincerely, to Owen feel happy with an arrangement like that, they need to write Owen going mad or make him the opposite of what he is in his core. And lets not talk about Cristina. Everyone who knows well the character knows that she’s not that ‘alternative’. It’ll be a very big change either.

        • greys troll says:

          No, you’re going way overboard on Yang’s position. She doesn’t hate kids. She’s not allergic to them. She just doesn’t want to be a mother. She doesn’t want to put her passion for surgery on the backburner for anything and she knows that kids – more than anything -would require that. She could handle having kids in her life – like Zola.

          Though the Owen knocking up the gal he had a fling with idea would be an icredibly convenient cop out at least it’s better than BOTH OF THEM DYING IN A PLANE CRASH!!!

          Sorry, I have unresolved Mark & Lexie rage…

          • nibbles says:

            No bar ho return please…and with Owen’s kid would just push me over the edge.

          • mokiki says:

            I feel your rage :-) —about mark/lexie that this. If Cristina stands by her childless motto. She really needs to get her tubes tied for good. I hope she’s changed. Someone remind me again why she came back from Mayo…it can’t be that she wants to be with MerDer or live with Alex? Cristina needs to work through the motion of why she returned and why she asked Owen to give their relationship another try. Owen shouldn’t trust her intentions unless she clearly states what she wants and what she’ll committ to. It’s wise that he insisted on the divorce, thou largely crash lawsuit driven( I hated that the writers threw that logic into the mix), which makes things merky. Owen could do what ever he wants at this point. No marriage no obligations. They’re friends with benefits.

          • mokiki says:

            Yeah…they planned that ONS plot back in season 8. I think 9 months has passed? That women seemed pretty premiscus and drunk maybe she won’t remember who the potential daddies were? Anyway it’s totally within the realm of logic for Shonda to use that for ONS to come back…I agree that would be a total cop out. Viewers disappointment ADVISED.

          • Me too. Mark and Lexie rage may be an understatement…

      • Anna says:

        It’s funny that you brought that up because I could see Shonda going there

      • RyanC says:

        So, do a Cougar Town then?

        • madhatter360 says:

          Cougar Town did do this, but so did Private Practice (though Charlotte does consider Mason to be her son/got pregnant with triplets)/

      • nibbles says:

        I want some real drama…so they should give it to us. Either bar ho shows up with twins or Cristina gets knocked up with triplets by Owen. Yeah …Hunt is that hat powerful and Yang keeps forgetting to get her tubes tied. All this gives Owen another case of PTSD, he forgets Cristina and what happed with the Bar Ho. Some new doctor shows up and Owen hooks up with her. That should be fun…hey this is not far fetched considering the plane crash plotline lately. Learn from the master Shonda:-)

    • nibbles says:

      I think they’re saying Cridina does not want to be a mother at all. U can’t force someone to do something they don’t want, although I thought in season 9 Cristina is suppose to have evolved? If she does not want a child with Owen still, she should not have come back to Seattle or ask Owen to give their relationship another try…its wrong!

    • Goofy8 says:

      Shonda is great at playing with everyone’s emotions. They killed that relationship a while back. Separated, they each cheated on each other, followed by divorce. CO are just sex friends now. Cristina doesn’t want a husband anyway. I’m just stating the facts. I honestly don’t know why they had Cristina move to Minnosota and brought her back…all for what? Did she really change/grow? What did she learn? Just enough to tell Owen that she wants try again? Try what again?Owen doesn’t trust Cristina. It’s matter of time Owen moves on or leaves the show. I still think the actors are great but the plotline makes zero sense.

  2. Tia says:

    So excited for the MerDer storyline this season. So much!

  3. bobbyt says:

    And what about Arizona…?

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m so completely over the Cristina and Owen drama. Really, all these seasons later, we are still discussing her not wanting kids? We get it! On top of that, there is no way that Cristina and Owen should still be together after she aborted his baby. I have no idea how it’s still going on. She does not want kids and he does. She aborted his child. DEAL BREAKER. IT’S OVER. Stop torturing us.

    • Lea says:

      WORD!! Same drama over and over.

      I’m in for the MerDer storyline, so good to see a healthy marriage and two grown ups, and the pregnancy is the cherry on the cake, plus Alex and finding true love.

      • greys troll says:

        True love? I’m happy for his character and all but he’s basically settling for a flaky twit because she’s not insane.

        And she bought him a couch.

      • mokiki says:

        At least someone is getting a happy ending so far… the rest of characters are just plain dysfunctional.

    • Brooke says:

      It was her baby, too. Calling it “his” instead of “theirs” is creepy.

      • Ana says:

        She terminated the pregnancy. Obviously she had no emotional ties to this baby at all. He, on the other hand, wanted the baby. Psychologically, he lost HIS baby and she just terminated a pregnancy. Different perspectives. Which is what Shonda is talking about. Owen looks at the situation from a human point of view (wanting to be a father) and Cristina doesn’t. She is a surgeon first so she looks at the situation from a clinical (aborting fetus) and legal (her right to terminate it) point of view. Simple. Why does it have to be creepy? I hate that in all the ‘women’s right’ arguments people forget that men have rights too.

        • zygote troll says:

          Ya she was totally non emotional about the abortion…
          Do you even watch the show?!?

          • Ana says:

            Every single season. Own the DVDs and everything. But what do I know? She was emotional because she Owen wanted the baby and she didn’t and he threw her out of the house. It had nothing to do with the baby itself. Have YOU been watching the show?

          • Ziggy says:

            You should try watching harder. Anyway you made it pretty clear how you feel in the other post calling Owen’s desire to be a father ‘human’ therefore what Yang is inhuman?

        • Brooke says:

          Men can have more rights about this once technology allows them to take over carrying the baby inside their own bodies for 9 months. It’s about bodily autonomy, not some schlock about being “human” or “inhuman.” We get to decide how we use our bodies. There’s a reason why we don’t have mandatory blood donation or organ donation, even though such things could save countless lives.

          I can guarantee you that you know women who have had abortions. They are probably not all surgeons, but they were all humans who all had a variety of reasons for why they chose to abort.

          • Goofy8 says:

            Yang, clearly was not marriage material or meant to be a mother. She’s chosen career and career only. Has she changed? That’s a big hurdle to overcome in this relationship. Mer on the other hand tried so hard to have a child and to compensate for the mother( or the lack there of) that she had?

        • Ninna says:

          Ana, of course men have rights. But in end of the day it’s the woman who gives the last word bc it’s her body. I understand you feel it’s not fair. But men have other advantages over us. This right that women have should not be dismissed because it was a long battle to achieve it. And I’m not talking about abortion rights, I’m talking about the right to decide. Right that many women despise because for many centuries they were sold the concept of subservience to the male as the best for them. Concept from which is not easy to free ourselves in our society, still. Sadly.
          In this particular case his behavior with the skank only came to reinforce that she was right in the first place to not want to jump into motherhood with him. Hurt or not hurt this guy is not trustable.

        • Kathy Agel says:

          Then maybe Owen should have volunteered to incubate the fetus. See? Problem over.

    • Ninna says:

      Two thinking the same way. This story makes me feel sick. It sucks.

  5. Linderella says:

    Owen and Christina have a dilemma that cannot be resolved unless one of them relents. Thousands of marriages end because one party wants children and the other doesn’t. It’s time for them to move on and away from each other and for Shonda to be done with this story.

    • Emma says:

      Thank you for saying this and I’m agreeing with you. Divorced!!! OVER! Is there another word for OVER. But they keep seeing each other and sneaking around in the on-call room. Looks not completely over!

  6. Dominique says:

    “We’ve been watching the chemistry between them and building things.”
    Really? Cause what I’ve seen so far is a VERY immature, annoying girl who acts more like his sister than any potential love interest. I’d find it very hard to believe that Alex could fall for someone like that.

    • Ana says:

      Sooo agree! I cannot be sold on this idea of an Alex/Jo romantic connection. She DOES look and act more like his little sister. If Alex is going to grow up he needs to find someone who is age appropriate and has a certain level of wisdom and maturity. He needs that. Jo, although I like her as an intern, is not the right match for Alex.

    • Precisely. I hope that she has time to reconsider.

    • minnie says:

      Poor Alex has always been unlucky with love. Don’t know what to say about him and Jo. Definitely not Joe. Maybe they should bring in a new doctor or a new intern…need a better actress.

  7. marge says:

    What’s left for Owen and Cristina to talk about (per the baby issue)? She doesn’t want one, and he needs to deal with that or go find someone who does.
    As for Alex and Jo… blerg. I love Alex and want him to find love and be happy, just not with her. The chemistry has been fabricated from the get-go. And the “slow-moving” is because they’re shoving Jo down our throats. I know it’s inevitable but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. lol

  8. the girl says:

    Shonda Rhimes. If you are reading this or if Ausiello is telling you about it. I am very much against this whole Wilson and Alex thing you got going. Leave them as friends and lets move on. Can he fall in love with someone else, or not fall in love at all? Either way is fine, as long as the two of them together is not your endgame. I’m not going to make empty threats to stop watching if you hook them up, because let’s be real, I’m going to keep watching. I love everything you’ve put on television so far, except that doctors-in-the-jungle show. I mean come on. I even found room in my heart for Ghost Denny. But seriously, I will hate every second of them together. I will be so mad at you. That may not seem like a real consequence, but still. Consider the reality that they are not right for each other in that way. Can that be okay? Thank you for your consideration.

    • Lauren says:

      Haha I laughed out loud reading this. I would be ok with Shonda putting Wilson and Alex together if she’d stop killing off cast members. Hear that, Shonda? STOP KILLING OFF CHARACTERS.

    • AB says:

      Jungle Greys was awful.

    • annie says:

      Yes, OK, well said, BUT DENNY WAS NEVER A GHOST. Believe me, there are plenty of things to find fault with in GA other than something that never happened.

    • Ana says:

      Agreed 100% with everything. I too will continue to watch but i will be cringing every time they are together. The chemistry there is not organic. It’s contrived at best. Trying to make something out of nothing.

      • Goldie says:

        I totally agree. It’s nice that Alex has a buddy but that’s as much chemistry as I’m feeling at this point. Alex needs/deserves a strong woman. Jo doesn’t seem strong to me at all, and she does not remind me of Izzie. I don’t see where people see that, but to each his own.

  9. Anna says:

    Please no Alex/Jo. She’s so whiny and irritating, I can’t see him actually settling down with her. Plus she’s an intern! Alex should get with someone who already has an established career or is at the same level he is imo. Plus, am I the only one who thinks she looks like a poor man’s Izzie?

  10. Jess says:

    LOVE Grey’s Anatomy Drama :)

  11. Emily says:

    Oh please did anyone actually believe that McBaby wouldn’t be born just fine? Of course it will be. Twins probably, named Mark and Lexie, natch.

  12. Emma says:

    We want Calzona news! Grey’s is too much about those new annoying interns lately. They’re just taking up precious screen time. I don’t care about them at all.

  13. Betun says:

    based on this article, Owen is supposed to have to deal with Cristina not wanting kids, but Cristina doesnt have to deal with the fact that she is in love with a man that wants them.
    so, according to Shonda Rhimes, a woman that is a genius a) cannot care about anybody else than herself , b) any man that have the balls to fall in love with her needs to deal with whatever she wants and c) such woman have absolutely no other responsibility but doing what she wants not considering anybody else’ s feelings.
    Cristina character is being reduced to a joke once again. So sad that a powerful woman needs to be selfish and never grow up ….
    I am not oppose to having Cristina not wanting kids, the way is managed is what is doing a huge disservice to all women – like myself – that consider that maternity is not for her.

    • A says:

      I agree. There is no problem with her not wanting kids. But she committed to a marriage and refused to even open up to the option of having children. She refused to even consider Owen’s side of things and to acknowledge his wants in their relationship.
      I always thought their relationship was messed up. They got married way too fast while she was going through PTSD after the shooting. That was the first sign that the relationship was doomed for me.

      • Anna says:

        Isn’t Owen doing the same thing to her though? Acting like she’ll “change her mind?” That’s not really acknowledging what she wants. And considering she’s be the one carrying the baby, I think that’s an important part. I do agree that they should have never gotten married without discussing this issue, in the real world the kids things would be something you’d discuss before even getting engaged. But in the real world, you don’t have doctors getting married while in the middle of dealing with PTSD

        • Heather says:

          Completely agree. I don’t know why Cristina is the only one to blame.

          • Kathy Agel says:

            Isn’t it always that way? The woman is the one everyone expects to change — men just get to putter along doing their thing, while the woman is expected to adapt to his needs, wants and whims.

          • Ninna says:

            WORD Kathy Agel , and if they have the gall of not doing it… Christ… the other women beat the crap out of them and their husbands sleep with other women to tame them.

        • A says:

          I think its not about how he tried to change her mind, its the fact that he wanted her to “at least consider” the option but she completely dismissed it. She kept saying no over and over and acted like the issue was mute and that what she wanted is the way it was going to be and her “husband” can’t have a say at all. And all the while she was forgetting that she’s in a marriage and had she never wanted children, she should have stated it before getting married. But again like you said, Cristina/Owen aren’t real people.

          • Goldie says:

            I think either they must have new writers on greys or the writers just don’t care, but Cristina very clearly told Owen during season six that she didn’t want kids. So apparently love made him overlook this fact. Then last season during the couples counseling Owen said she never told him and Cristina said it never came up. It’s like the season six conversation never took place. Great for drama but it makes both of them look like idiots and discounts the rabid fans who watch these things and catch these mistakes.

          • B says:

            Cristina made it clear that she didn’t want a child before the wedding, but Owen thought she would “grow up” and change her mind. He has zero respect for her.

          • i give up says:

            Nah, she should just have his child otherwise Saint Owen might strangle her … again.

          • AmbidextrousAspie says:

            She did state it. And his way requires her to give 100% to him, there’s no being halfway pregnant or halfway adopting or raising a child.

          • Karen says:

            To the commenter below who said Cristina very clearly said in Season 6 she never wanted kids, no she didn’t. She made an offhand comment to Teddy during an operation: “have you met me?” – CO never had a conversation about it. Nothing wrong with C not wanting kids, but then she should have gotten her tubes tied knowing birth control was problematic for her. Which to me means she was not 100% sure. And when married, no conversation should be off limits — C’s not a delicate little flower to be protected from difficult conversation.

          • Dawn says:

            In that same episode in Season Six, when she came home Owen was fixing dinner and brought the subject up. Then he had a ptsd moment when his sausages were burning and scared the daylights out of Cristina. End of conversation before it ever really got started. Then again in Season Seven when Cristina told Owen she was so happy he wasn’t trying to get her knocked up. They finally had a brief conversation but to me, each seemed to blow the other off. I LOVE them as a couple. They have tremendous on-camera chemistry, but I really don’t know how Shonda is going to pull this one off with any sort of happy ending. She has a clear idea of where this is heading and we’re all along for the ride. She said once that she generally writes the season finale pretty much in her head and works her way back to the beginning to move forward to get to her desired ending. I just really hope that the sleazy woman that he hooked up with doesn’t come back with a baby, but I felt last season that this was where we were headed.

          • Ninna says:

            Karen, that comment in a OR with him Teddy and Callie listening it, didn’t leave no doubts in him that she didn’t want children so much so that he and Teddy exchanged a worried look. Other proof that he knew beyond doubt, was his horrible speech towards her that when grown up and down the line she would want to be a mother. He knew but preferred to overlook and try later to bend her to his will. He Knew it and married her anyway so now he must be a grown up and suck it up.

            In the other hand, he never stated or made it clear that he wanted kids, ever. And now we know why. It was not necessary. In due time she would be bent on the direction that better suited him, independently of that be good for her or not. He never accepted her the way she is and punished her because she didn’t submit herself to him. People who refuse to see one single fault in him , can argue as much as they want but that was what he did.
            When she became pregnant what he should have expected was she would not keep the baby, not the opposite. But as the selfcentered moron he was he didn’t . Failing in showing he really knew her and wanted the best for her, and contributed the most for the downfall of the marriage.

          • Goofy8 says:

            They’re divorced now! There are no more obligations. We don’t have to blame either character anymore. They are free to choose ( do or don’t do). Be in love, out of love. They’re like the new Carrie and Big from Sex in the City. Expect them to NOT Be “Exclusive” in going forward.

          • butter says:


            LoL…fake people, fake relationship…and why do we care and keep arguing about them:-) and you’re right. She dismissed his place in the marriage and he has every right to be mad. Thank goodness they’re divorced. Their story is such a broken record.The writing room must be out of material to keep rehashing the baby issue… looks like Shonda still doesn’t want to break them up entirely but keep humiliate these characters to get thru the rest of the season. Note to the writers, people like closure. It demonstrates a sense of purpose and intelligence.

      • Kathy Agel says:

        Not every marriage NEEDS children. Mine has done just fine for 33 years without them, thank you very much (I love kids — but I like to be able to give them back to their parents). Cristina has a goal, and children aren’t included. If Owen can’t accept that, he needs to leave her alone (and my husband and I wish he would, because neither of us can stand him).

        • Goofy8 says:

          I’m disagreeing with u at all… clearly they’re not good for each other. But Cristina asked Owen to try again. She re initiated this…why would she do that? She knows what he wants and that they don’t fit. Is she being stupid or is she trying to bend him her way. It’s water under the bridge now, the divorce is a done deal.

    • minnie says:

      U said it…I second all your A, B, Cs and that I don’t like how Shonda is portraying a powerful and smart woman like Cristina. I know other powerful women who have a successful careers, juggles family and are considerate to their loves ones and others. Its not easy to do and be all that…that’s what makes them powerful and special. I hate to think that after all she’s been through, Cristina is becoming a joke to us. Hunt needs to move on.

  14. Mike says:

    Happy to hear that Cristina is not going to give in to having kids, she has never wanted them and for her to have a change of heart seems unlikely, its time to break them up for good and hook Owen up with Constance.

    • Goofy8 says:

      He should at the very least date other people and make it certain to Cristina that he needs more than she’s willing to give. Thus nonexclusivity…

  15. tw says:

    Way to much Mer/Der this season. Yawn. Don’t like Meredith as a character, or Ellen Pomeo (especially) as an actress. Don’t care about them as a couple. Grown-up or otherwise.

    • Anna says:

      I will admit that in this past episode Meredith annoyed the crap out of me. Hormones were no excuse, she was horrible. Not that she ever didn’t annoy but there have been periods where she’s been more tolerable. Derek is just an ass all around

    • Jessica says:

      As a fan who has watched GA since season one, ep one, I am loving Meredith and Derek this season. Both of them have SLs that don’t always have to do with each other, plus watching them grow and have a sister or brother for Zola has been nice change from all the seasons of drama for them. I’ve liked where Callie and Arizona have been going after what they have been through and have found Owen’s character to be really interesting this year as he deals with handling the fact that the plane crash was party due to him trying to keep the hospital in order, as well as Cristina who has had a lot of growth this season. More often than not, I have really been enjoying both the drama and the couples SLs this year. Nice to see Alex will be getting a permanent romance story too :)

    • luli says:

      This is called GREY’S anatomy… so i’m ok with them showing a lot of meredith and derek…

    • A says:

      The show would never exist without her….I have no problem with Mer/Ellen but I could use a little less of douchey Derek.

    • Ana says:

      Since the consensus seems to be that Meredith walks on water and she’s the only reason people still watch the show, I will say that for me, the less Mer and especially Der, the better. I don’t dislike them and I totally love the McHouse and the new McBaby, but they are not the reason I watch. Having said that, I thought she was kind of funny in the last epi but Ellen is not the best at delivering comedy, at all. She misses some of the cues big time and the delivery falls flat. Jesse has the same problem. He tries but cannot deliver the funny. Bailey, Callie and Cristina do the best the with comedy.

    • well don’t watch then, they are the core front and center couple and always will be.

    • Kathy Agel says:

      They call it GREY’S Anatomy for a reason, you know….

  16. Jessica says:

    Loving all the MerDer. The only reason I still watch. The more the better.

    • shae says:

      I agree! I think Ellen is a fantastic actress, who doesn’t get enough credit for her talent. And I think Derek’s completely justified in his actions right now. Loving all the relationship story lines.

  17. annefan says:

    Looks like MerDer baby will be okay :) Can’t wait to see Mer in labor and giving birth!
    Cristina and Owen, I’m not a huge fan of them but I’m curious to see how the writers are going to deal with the baby situation, Cris doesn’t want kids, he wants them, how can they be a couple if they don’t want the same things ? We’ll see how it goes
    And Callie / Arizona, for me, they’re not lead characters, so I’m not interested in Calzona news, they’e not a big part of the show

  18. Jim-Steve says:

    If Cristina get all gooey eyed and has kids that’ll be it…I’ll be done with Grey’s. I’m tired of tv portraying childfree individuals as selfish shrews.

    • Emma says:

      Excellent…if Cristina gets all gushy with a kid then I’ll start watching Grey’s again. Arizona did it why not her. Mer is loving being a mom. I’m looking forward to her character becoming more human. I think it’ll help her become a better doctor,

      • Brooke says:

        NEWSFLASH – people who do not want kids are still human.

        Is that REALLY such a strange concept?

        • Emma says:

          No…I don’t have issues with people who don’t want children. It’s a personal choice. I just prefer to see Cristina get all gushy with a kid…is that a crime. News flash, get over your own insecurity.

      • Jill says:

        Not all women want children

        • butter says:

          I’m happy for them:-) it’s a free country. Have a kid or don’t. None of my business!!! In the fictional world, I ‘d like see Cristina become a mom. I think it’ll be hilarious and comedic.

  19. Go Away GI Ginger says:

    “And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting children. I love babies. If you gave me 40 babies I’d be thrilled. But this idea that if you place a baby in a woman’s arms and she’s going to melt is not true for some people.”
    Preach it Shonda!!! SO HAPPY She confirmed that Cristina is not going to change her mind about having kids. I’m beyond ecstatic! The whole thing of Owen thinks everyone wants to have kids disturbs me in big way. He should grow up.

    • Ana says:

      Yeah, who does Owen think he is? Just because he married the woman he loves and wanted to have a family… That is so 1954…

      • owen sucks on so many levels says:

        Not Owen’s fault if his ptsd makes him go deaf every single time she tells him she does not want kids and gives a passionate speech explaining why.

        • nibbles says:

          Oh man, if the bar ho shows up with Owen’s kid that would really push me over the edge. Whatever …CO is screwed anyway, I can’t see any good coming out of this, perhaps some good comedy if they never get some screen time again soon.

      • Goofy8 says:

        He’s like most people, just looking to build a life with a woman he loves. He was in denial thinking Cristina will change her mind ( some women would, but probably not Yang) i think he’s clear now…divorced. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just a FOOL in love.

    • Karen says:

      I would have been sooo happy if the person on the show who had most clearly and passionately stated her long held desire to never have kids — Arizona — had stuck to her guns. Arizona’s “I’m not broken” speech was great. Have to say, Cristina becoming the Zola Baby Whisperer last season was so out of character and no one wants to see that gooeyness again. However, Cristina keeping baby with love of her life would have been a possible logical reaction to an unexpected challenge for her. What is stranger is that Shonda originally wrote C/O having baby at end of Season 5, then changed her mind. Always wondered why Cristina, if she were so certain about kids, never had her tube tied.

      • nibbles says:

        Sounds logical to me. For someone who’s so adament to be childless, she should’ve had her tubes tied long time ago and she’s a MD/PHD! If she truly loves Owen and want to make their relationship work this go around or has changed at all, she will have his kid or else shonda just wasted 12 episodes to tell the story for what? Why bother bringing Cristina back from Mayo at all?

        • Malena says:

          Because often, in the real world, doctors are hesitant to perform this procedure on women who don’t already have kids/a history of pregnancies. The whole “major medical procedure” thing. Plus, she would have missed school and work, which I can’t see her doing when simply taking precautions would have the same affect.

      • Goofy8 says:

        Obviousely it makes no sense right….I agree it’s difficult for an intelligent viewer to rationalize the storyline.

    • minnie says:

      I think he’s over it…they’re divorced…he push it…..Freedom! They’re not exclusive. This is what Shonda preached.

  20. A says:

    Cristina alone = I love the character. Cristina/Owen=enough already!
    I can’t deal with this same drama over and over. If they want to keep them together then there has to be a give and take. She needs to open up to the idea of having children because its not all about her.
    However, if Shonda is sticking to her word about Cristina not changing her mind about kids, then they need to break them up for good. I vote for this option!
    I really can’t see them being together because if they make Owen give up about not want kids, then how is that fair that he has to make all the sacrifices and she can’t do the same.

    • AmbidextrousAspie says:

      Or he needs to open up to a life without a child because it’s not all about him.

      • A says:

        Giving up the idea of not having children just like that is not as easy as you make it sound just like not wanting kids is not an easy decision to change.
        Hence, why I said, and by the looks of several other comments too, they should break them up because it isn’t fair for Owen to make sacrifices while Cristina doesn’t and vice versa.

      • minnie says:

        He needs to run away from Cristina. He tried and she lured him back. Owen really needs to stick to his guns and stay strong.

    • nibbles says:

      My vote as well. Enough is enough. Break them up for good if Cristina wants to remain childless. This time make her get her tubes tied. B/C many of us don’t want to hear about it anymore. This is beyond the debate of women’s right to choose. Please also make Owen move on…if Cristina doesn’t respect Owen enough to consider his needs, he needs to take it like a man and get over it. I’m so happy that he got the divorce. He is free legally to move on.

  21. intelliwoman says:

    Christina needs to let Owen go, so he can find what he needs and wants with someone else

  22. Goldie says:

    Maybe Owen could be a big brother. I think they still have those organizations. Its definitely not perfect but could maybe work. I’ve always been worried since last season that his hook up would produce a baby and emotionally that would be hard for Cristina to take I’d think. I’ve been there and it sucks. Big time. I think that Crowen has had crap for half the time they’ve been together and they deserve something wondrous and happy but I don’t know how they can get it. I’m just not ready for them to be over.

    • rocky says:

      No…CO’s divorced. Let it be. Cristina doesn’t want a husband or a child. She has a career to focus on the rest of her life until she can’t cut anymore. She will move in with Mer in her old age. Owen has been going thru a dry spell since the plane crash…so Cristina jumped him and he can’t resist for the time being. Just let them be noncommittal. He knows what Cristina is…he has no expectations. Who would! Plus either Cristina or Owen are likely to have another attack of PTSD or be in another shooting incident or disasterous situation. One of them may die or have amnesia…they’ll forget each other. So much for soul mates!

  23. Ellaenn says:

    Anyone else feel like Wilson is Izzie? The writing for the two characters is basically the same. Even their backgrounds are very similar. At this point the only difference I see is that she not blonde, she doesn’t have cancer (YET), and she never cut an LVAD wire.

  24. chris says:

    Alex and Wilson have zero chemistry – zero! Please give him a grown up that brings the best out in him, not a bad ripoff of Izzie. We don’t need another “hard knock life” Izzie 2.0

    So over C/O She doesn’t want kids and he does. End it like grown ups and move on. They have sexual passion but NOT a real relationship based on mutual respect, interests, and goals in life.

    Mer/Der saving the hospital? Der had the chance to set the fiscal house right when he was chief and walked away. Mer cost the hospital its clincal trials (which does serious damage to their ranking as a top hospital and their ability to bring in grant money/hits the bottom line hard) – what every happened to the pursuit of the law suit to find out what really caused the plane to go down/prevent this from happening to others? Instead we get the hospital picking up the tab and the charter company walking away unscathed?

    Where is the discussion of Callie and Arizona? Arizona is the one and only doc to survive with permenant disability – so what now? they just forget about her? Are we ever going to see C/A actually have intimate relations on par with the other couples on this show?

  25. Kate says:

    I get the whole not wanting kids thing – I don’t have them myself – but for a woman who is so adamantly against having children and that she’ll never want them, why hasn’t she done something permanent to prevent that? For a woman who so clearly knows what she wants – and what she doesn’t want – and is a brilliant doctor there is no excuse for her character to have gotten pregnant TWICE over the course of the show.

    • Jim-Steve says:

      GREAT POINT!! I’ve always wondered that myself. Make it a storyline episode. Cristina has a tubal ligation secretly and then has to tell Owen that no matter what he does, she’ll never have children and she did something permanent so there’d be no more surprises.

    • Brooke says:

      Except to give the writers a way to create drama? If everyone behaved rationally on TV, there’d be no story. :)

      • A says:

        Yeah. and tying her tubes wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of the kids issue. Owen still wants kids and other options would probably be brought up such as adoption and then you will pretty much have the same baby drama. The underlying issue is still there.

    • Laura says:

      Agree. Find it amusing that Rhimes continues to tout Cristina as a genius doctor when the woman, who doesn’t want kids, has been pregnant twice. I’d call her stupid.

      • nibbles says:

        I love the Cristina character in many ways. But I don’t like how she is being portrayed as someone who is in a cable of change, growth and commitment. I would like it better if she believes she can have it all…

        • Lea says:

          Wtf? Maybe she doesn’t want to “have it all”. What’s so hard to understand? SHE DOESN’T WANT KIDS. Doesn’t mean she can’t or hasn’t grown.

          • uselogicandreason says:

            keep the WTF to yourself. Your rudeness reflects who u are!

          • Goofy8 says:

            I’m saying this again…why did she ask Owen she wants to give their relationship another try ? If she has grown, she wouldn’t be asking, knowing full well that he wants a family whiile she still doesn’t and you’re just as clueless for commenting the way you did.

          • Dawn says:

            You have a really valid point there, and one that never occurred to me. Cristina definitely knows how Owen feels about children and she STILL wanted to try again. She didn’t say that I want to try again but I want you to change your mind. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and I’m sure that people are going to be ticked regardless of the direction of the storyline.

          • nibbles says:

            Are u just as rude and classless as u seem online. To answer your question, Cristina just want a cookie. No kid, no husband…her life is about the cookie and that makes her really grown up:-)

      • Kathy Agel says:

        And no form of birth control is 100% effective, except for sterilization — no matter what your IQ is.

        • rocky says:

          You got that right. Cristina is either not sure of what she wants or really stupid. Only Shonda can answer that question. I recall CO had some kind of therapy session to address Cristina’s childless motives…I wonder if Shonda will explore that again?

    • rocky says:

      You’re so right.

    • Rocky says:

      Totally stupid! U nailed it.

  26. Kellie says:

    The whole Cristina storyline is unbelievable at this point. Cristina, a surgeon and scientist first, who is adamant about not wanting children, has gotten knocked up twice by accident?! She is such a genius doctor, yet doesn’t use a better form of birth control, like an IUD that is 99.7% effective or gotten her your tubes tied? Never mind the whole he wants kids, she doesn’t and she aborted his baby yet they stay together BS. Shonda ruined the character a long time along.

  27. Angela says:

    THANK YOU Shonda, for not wimping out and changing the Christina character’s mind about children. There are many of us out there who know parenting is not for us so have made conscious decisions not to have children. And thank you for making her “unapologetic about it.” There are SO many parents who think there is something wrong with a woman (but not a man) who does not want children.

    • nibbles says:

      I respect the conscious decision to not want a child. Don’t continue to have a relationship with an ex-husband that wants a family. This not an issue with lack of judgement, it’s plan wrong and stupid. I have lost respect for both Cristina and Owens’ characters….more importantly, Shonda for dragging this on.

  28. I get it Shonda writes the show and her political views are all that count! Men’s opinions do not count ever unless you are Derek the Great !

    • Laura says:

      The woman can’t write men. I can’t see how any straight man watches any of her shows because she makes them all look like fools.

      • straight male certification board says:

        Sloan was AWESOME. Flesh Denny also cool. Alex is a grouch but he is shedding his douchier traits and becoming awesomer by the day. The Chief was always a-okay but has gotten much cooler since he stopped being the chief. George was awful but in the end he manned up and threw himself under a bus. I give Shonda’s male characters a solid B minus.

      • nibbles says:

        So true…hahaha:-) I miss Sloan so much!

      • momo says:

        Seriously! She does make fun of men. Webber cheated on his wife for years. Derek only sees in black and white. Jackson’s just pretty, is he even a good doctor? Sloan was a sex manic. Alex can’t get a gal to stick by him. Hunt is too tortured and not too bright when it comes to women. She ran George under a bus. The women rules…they get away with everything.

  29. Ana says:

    Cristina doesn’t have to want children. But what gets me is the fact that Mer is supposed to be this leader and super surgeon and she is married with kid(s), yet, in order for Cristina to be just as outstanding she can’t be distracted with kids? Callie is an ortho rockstar, Bailey is a general surgery guru and they both have kids. I just think that it’s an easy cop out to blame her dedication to surgery.
    Please, NO Alex and Jo! She’s like a little kid. She hasn’t had time to grow and mature. Alex has already been through the ringer. He needs someone who is level headed and has been through the block a few times.
    Shonda, can you please stop it with the plot holes? How is it that every survivor got the same award? Mer had minor injuries compared to the others and Arizona lost a leg. How can they be treated the same? Lexie died. How is her family being compensated, meaning her father and sister? No mention of Lexie AT ALL. What a way to honor a beloved character. And why is Callie, the only trust fund baby of the group, so preoccupied with the money? Still no answer to that.

    • Mike says:

      Remember though Mer lead minimal injuries she likely compensated for the death of Lexie. Also don’t forget you must also factor in emotional injuries of being in a plane crash.

    • nibbles says:

      I’m totally agreeing with u. It’s almost as if Cristina is this totally dysfunctional overachiever incapable of normal human emotions. She never got over her childhood trauma from losing a parent and doomed for life. She is comedic at times, but there’s so much about her that’s down right disturbing. I’m so disappointed with her character growth. In comparison, Mer/Calli/Bailey are such superior human beings. Esp., Meredith has come a such long way.

  30. Guest. says:

    Owen will decide that he loves Cristina and his relationship with her enough to not have kids, right? That seems possible. :).

    • Ninna says:

      Guest, that’s actually the choice that Owen must do. He must decide if Cristina is enough for him or not. If Shonda puts him choosing his kids like the AU episode that proves beyond doubt she’s not the love of his life and she admits they were nothing more than sex, afterall. But I don’t think she can’t damage Owen even more and putting him making that choice. So, I think she might go for the lazy route, making the bar Ho appear with a baby(and by the timeline of the show that might be happen any minute) in her arms. That’s why the story last season was written in a way she knows where to find him. In this way she doesn’t make him really choosing btw Cris and kids , but at the same time give him the possibility of fatherhood. But in this scenario he has done to her the most horrible thing a man can do to his woman and only comes to prove why haters always hated him. To me the man is already difficult to digest at this point, but floor to strut a child made during the marriage, in front of his woman is a cruelty that has no limits and no other male character was written in this way. Then, for much he seems remorseful and suffered for all what the lovechild brought his life, I will have no pity or respect for him. And let me tell that I won’t feel any respect left for Cristina either if she accepts it. That to happen will be the last stone overthrown in this phenomenal deconstruction of once one of the most beautiful couples of the show. Reached the point of being irreparable. Even for a TV show the massive doses of their destruction has long exceeded the limits of reasonableness. To the extent of the staunchest fans are giving up.
      To those who have been supporting Shonda and the couple, a lovechild will be a slap throw theirs faces. She does not care for the fans at all and ‘thinks’ what is happening btw them is very romantic. That woman needs to go to the curb

      Everyone here saw this story coming since the moment he slept with another woman. If this doesn’t actually happens, Shonda will surprise me and many here, I guess.

      • rocky says:

        I can see how this could be a high possibility, but I hope not. Already, these characters are struggling to hold on with their recently divorced, disturbing relationship! If they bring back the ONS with a child, that really would the last draw for me and everyone I know who’s been following the show for so long. The writing room killed these 2 characters. They effectively anniliated their relationship in season 8 with the abortion and ONS. If shonda doesn’t handle it right, these 2 characters will have no shred of dignity left…they might as well be dead. What a monstrocity. If what your suggesting is true, I would much rather they just left Cristina in Minnesota instead of watch this craziness unfold.

        • Ninna says:

          I see. But the truth is that Rhymes said their journey is very complex. What’s more complex than having a lovechild in the middle of a relationship? After Reading the other posts like the others I think the purpose of the divorce is to smooth the entrance of his child with another woman. Be that woman the ho or other women in the near future. But for me doesn’t smooth anything, because this child was done in the middle of their marriage. Any children of Owen and other woman will be always a statement of their dysfunctionality and failure as a couple.
          I agree they effectively annihilated their relationship in season 8 with the abortion and ONS. That’s why they are being attacked by both worshipers and haters.
          And by the way, you don’t have to watch this craziness unfold. ;) many already went. The ride is not fun anymore.

          • rocky says:

            Very true. I guess they can just be dating indefinitely, beats arguing about starting a family. It would be easier for me to watch. I don’t think Owen will get his hopes up. But Cristina is sending him mixed signals. Just don’t bring back ONS ho, she will only steal valuable screen time away from other characters…stupid. There’s probably not a season 10 to look forward to anyway. I resolve to lack of closure as closure in itself.

    • nibbles says:

      I’d be hugely disappointed if he compromises on the child issue in the long run. I’d rather they break up or cancel the show. I can’t really see them dating other people either, I suppose they can give it a go. But the CO chemistry is just too good.

    • uselogicandreason says:

      He could… but he will always have regrets…unhealthy state of mind. Does LOVE conquer all??? It’s a good thing that they’re no longer married. They’re having fun/enjoying each other now. But, I don’t expect them to stay together or maybe Owen/KMK will leave the show? I really do like this couple. Great actors! But it’s an impossible situation. It looks to me the writers are killing them intentionally. Unless Cristina has a change of heart on the kid subject, which is unlikely despite of her recent character metamorphasis, I think they were “DONE” long time ago.

  31. nina says:

    Break them up for good.i am the greatest CO shipper but i have had enough of them lately.this push and pull.sick of it.there is no solution.neither of them should give makes no sense and is unfair. Separate ways is the answer.

  32. rosemary says:

    Shonda just played CO fans again! it’s exactly like the situation in S7 end whether cristina need adort their baby, she hoped everyone discuss the subject and keep the ratings up

    • Ninna says:

      rosemary, is a false question though apropos. What she wants is to see these places bulging of opinions. positives ones, negatives ones, neutral ones. Doesn’t matter. Keep talking about the show. But this is a false question. I for one, never saw PP or ‘off the map’ or intend to buy DVD’s. Don’t see Scandal either or bought Grey’s DVD’s either. Don’t see Grey’s on live or every single week as before and if KMK or Sandra leave I’ll follow them in their works. That’s for sure. And of one thing you can be sure I’ll never start watching something this woman ‘writes’ again. First and last time.
      Do you think I’m the only one thinking this way.

      • Emma says:

        You’re not the only one who feels this way. CO story line is over done. I’m not sure what Shonda is trying to convey or prove… other then…completely destroying the 2 beloved characters she created. Also completely not leveraging her strongest actors on the show other than dangling in this senseless over-kill plotline.

  33. N says:

    No Jo and Alex!

    • canadian ninja says:

      How about if they brought back the intern from last year. The one who had the sick baby that eventually died?
      Some time has passed. They could discover each other without the looming tragedy hanging over them. I think that would be great.

      • Dawn says:

        I agree! Morgan and Alex had more chemistry that Alex and Jo. They really are almost painful to watch if you keep them as a couple in the back of your mind. They’re boring.

  34. nibbles says:

    Me too. No body like to be played. The plot is getting so stupid. I just catch the clips on YouTube for the latest. I saw some of the episodes on Netflix.

  35. Sarah says:

    As a huge Greys and Alex fan from the start, I am hugely disappointed with the unoriginality of Alex/Jo! They don’t work together! Must each character have to have a big romance story line on the show all the time? Can’t they focus on the established couples that everyone already loves. For me, Alex had his big love with Izzie. They had exceptional chemistry and the writing for them was beautiful and 100% credible. Now with Izzie gone, I think he works well as the ‘resident man whore’. I’d rather he developed his character by becoming a great doctor and exploring his dark past, rather than another forced intern/attending hook up! It such a waster of a great character and actor!

  36. Amber says:

    Watching chemistry, there is NO chemistry! I can’t watch any more scenes between Alex and Jo. The writing is boring and un-original. She is trying way too hard! Alex is going backwards in terms of development if he ends up with her.

    • nibbles says:

      I think it’s the acting…not working at all!

    • Eva says:

      I’ve loved the character of Alex from the start, I think he’s the most interesting one to watch and Justin Chambers is an amazing actor, as shown in S5 when he had all those emotional scenes with Izzie. I’ve been waiting for him to get another chance to shine ever since and to just stick him in a boring repetitive relationship with a new intern where here is no chemistry is such a let down! There is so much more they could do with him!

  37. S says:

    I hated Owen/Cristina from the beginning. Mostly because I hate Owen. Just break them up already!

  38. G says:

    Just break up Cristina/Owen already, same thing over and over. They want different things from life is a deal breaker.

    As an Alex fan, I really don’t want him with Jo. No chemistry at all. Poor Justin.

    Meredith and Derek mostly the only reason I still watch, loving their storylines so much this season, the mature, healthy couple and putting each other first, love that finally toned down the Mertina friendship. And the pregnancy is finally happening. Amazing! Can’t wait for the rest of the season.

  39. nibbles says:

    Get over yourelf…she needs to grow up and stop carrying on with an ex that does want children…that’s the point.

    • Ninna says:

      Is she forcing him by any means? The truth is, at this point Cristina knows he wants a family and he can’t deny he now knows that she’s a childless woman. They’re not fooling each other. He accepted her back bc he wanted to, he’s a grown up man. This time he’s aware where he’s getting himself. It’s not only her fault.

      • Emma says:

        She told him she wants to try again…sure he’s stupid for carrying on with her too.

        • Goofy8 says:

          They are completely hopeless together and apart. Divorced or not is besides the point…after all, they’re fictional, its funny to see people care so much about them. I just want more comedy and see some good acting. But I hope Shonda doesn’t make it anymore stupid or toxic than it is already.

          • Rocky says:

            Cristina approached Owen this time around. She definitely wants him back…I’m just waiting for the unavoidable blow up. I wish the lawsuit fallout would end so we can get some closure on both storylines.

  40. tonywife says:

    I feel I don’t waste my time to watch 2nd half of season, there is no romantic moment between CrOwen

  41. Lori says:

    Well rhimes already killed off one McBaby so why wouldn’t we think she’d do the same with another? Alex and intern not buying as of yet. Owen and Cris…ugh….they seem better off seperate.

  42. Alexandra Rose Piper says:

    I hope Cristina and Owen stay together, even if they are just dating. I think Shonda seperated the two to show how much they truly love each other. And I hope that girl Owen cheated on with Cristina is NOT pregnant. It would totally tear apart Cristina and Owens relationship. The two just have to stay together. They are soul mates. They are in love with one another. They are finally happy! They are so much better this way! It was like the abortion and affair never happened! They are meant to be!!! :)

    • Goofy8 says:

      I think you have a very healthy outlook on the situation, which i admire. However, I think the written room is fairly twisted. So I’m not optimistic the outcome will be favorable to this couple. I think they are doomed. I’m waiting for D day to come around.

  43. Pam says:

    Owen Hunt is the most annoying tv character ever created, he doesn’t deserve to be a father.

    • Tina says:


    • butter says:

      Shonda is the mastermind behind Owen Hunt. What’s her deal with all her male characters… men are not all so flawed. She goes way overboard.

    • Emma says:

      I find Derek and Her even more annoying.

    • Ninna says:

      Thank you Pam, he’s annoying indeed. Always jumping between two extremes. Seems to be no middle ground with this character.
      If the skank with whom he cheated on ‘the woman of his life’, his ‘greatest love’ appears with his child it only goes to show what a family man he is. If I was Cris the hell I would give him Kids, always expecting him to drool over a blond each time things don’t go his way. He’s an immature prick. Not to tell, that worst than him be a cheater was the way he treated her afterwards, with a cruelty, a sense of entitlement and a no remorse attitude until he felt he had been caught and felt he was in the verge of loosing her. Untrustworthy.
      To me for how much the writers try to make him seem a victim and a poor lonely soul abandoned by everyone, I don’t feel for him, in fact I don’t feel for them as a couple. I wish they could vanish from our screen. They lost all the spark and it’s not fun or interesting anymore.
      I admit that at the beginning he was very well written, one of the characters with a very good in depth but then…

  44. guest says:

    Owen needs to leave Cristina. It’s no good if only HE always has to cope and make compromises and she doesn’t. I don’t see why Shonda is so proud about this storyline. I know it’s just TV characters, but it must hurt so much giving up a dream as big as his.

  45. Nanda says:

    Oh, don’t worry Guest, according to what have been speculated here, Cristina will compromisse, and in a HUGE way. I think in the end she’ll be the greatest hampered in this story. But Owen will not have the situation of his dreams either.

  46. Nanda says:

    You didn’t understand why Shonda divorced them? It was not because of the lawsuit of course! That was the nonsense of the century. Owen will be a dad soon, if he is not yet in this right moment. And as you know Cristina is not the mother.

    • guest says:

      I really don’t think that’s going to happen! Owen will simply lose everything he ever dreamed of and that’s it. That’s his endless story.

      • Goofy8 says:

        I think Hunt was written as the ultimate tortured hero. He’s suppose to be the SUCKER and LOSER. He’s also the super villain on the show. He’s to be blamed for all bad things that happed to all characters and the hospital!!! He will never come out ahead.

        • guest says:

          exactly. and I think it’s great that Shonda created all those strong female characters. but I don’t understand why all male characters have to be so weak.

          • butter says:

            I know what u mean. I love the Hunt character in Season 5. Then SH unleashed wrath on him…Maybe he gets another case of PTSD and forgets everyone, especially Cristina and becomes a chief elsewhere…at this rate do u still think there’s a season 10?

          • butter says:

            The are either weak, unflexible or unfaithful. I give u the men in SH’s world. She specializes in pairing strong female leads with weak men.

  47. Rose says:

    I was never a fan of the Cristina/Owen relationship and definitely felt that they rushed into the wedding post-shooting-trauma (the same way George and Callie rushed into marriage after his father died). But when Owen insisted that every woman wants to have babies and that she would regret her decision in the future, that told me that he doesn’t really care about her feelings. On this issue, he’s always invalidated her opinions. Because they differ from his, they must be wrong.

    Cristina doesn’t like children. She cringes everytime she has to deal with a child patient. She loves being an aunt and adores Zola but doesn’t want that day-to-day responsibility.

    • Goofy8 says:

      I can see your point. I think Hunt is like many people who was just looking to build a life with the woman he loves/married to. It was a mistake to think that Cristina would change her mind( some women do) but probably not Yang. He’s not a bad guy. He was just a fool in love.A very big FOOL. I think he’s learned his lesson now. Divorced.

    • guest says:

      And did SHE really care about HIS feelings?

      • Emma says:

        I can’t tell in season 9 whether she has changed yet. But in season 8, she didn’t give a rip about his feelings. Hunt knew it and was really hurt by her. This storyline could be painting a picture that, if you’re gifted and female then it’s OK to be the following:

        1) Be unapologetically selfish
        2) Be emotionally stunted for the rest of your life and get away with it

        I hope I’m wrong about this…
        As a strong, career focused professional and a mom, I don’t think the Cristina character does my fellow smart, hard working women any justice. Some of my friends have elected to not have children and some can’t conceive, so they dopted. I supported and respected their decisions to remain childless or to adopt in each cases. But, it’s wrong for her to approach him to reconcile or in Cristina’s words, “try again” if she has no intentions to give him what he wants.

        • Emma says:

          Of course you are right. Yep it really sucks that Cristinas is back and firth. No wonder Hunt doesn’t know how to read her. I don’t understand why people give Hunt so much crap. I totally get him. He is quite predicable. He’s actually normal with basic human emotions. It’s a curse for him to fall in love with Yang. She will drive him insane.

        • butter says:

          Cristina runs every time she has to confront her emotions.

        • momo says:

          You do have a point there!

      • Ninna says:

        She did, countless times over the years. That’s what makes me sad. She has always been shown as generous, friend of her friends in their hour of need and never failed someone who needed her, but to justify Owen’s infidelity and what they were about to do with them, they made her that selfish robot that came out of no where. She has a dark sense of humor but that doesn’t mean she thinks like what gets out of her mouth in her jokes. I know this gives a bad image of her, but people must learn to see beyond this. I remember friends she helped, Izzie, Mer, Alex, Callie, Owen, patients, Teddy. Very territorialist toward her friends and always the first to forgive( as once more we saw in Owen’s case. He who’s the ‘generous’, didn’t forgive ger but she already did to him) She was ALWAYS the arm you can count with except Owen in S8 !!! Except for S8 she always cared for his feelings and gave in on many things.. Unfortunately the only thing she can’t give in is the most important to Owen. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree Cris has to have always everything in her way, as the writers tried to write her in last season. This is not consistent with the previous seasons. The writing sucks. And that’s why Shonda feels annoyed with the viewers who ‘vocalize’.

        • alana says:

          Ha…SH is annoyed with intelligent viewers who picks apart her nonsense storyline. Hey this is what happens when she put herself out there, especially with controversial storylines. She needs to be strong enough to handle it. She played with fire…

  48. You also dont want to EVER believe anything Shonda Rimes tells these interviewers – she has changed her mind or outright lied several times over the last 9 seasons. She loves leading us astray, breaking our hearts and engaging in OUTRAGEOUS plot twists that are never found in real life. Maybe she believes we won’t mind. (cough*outrage*sloan/lexie/dead*cough)
    I dont trust her. I dont believe a word she says.

    • minnie says:

      I’ve noticed that…she changes her mind a lot. I don’t think her writing staff is capable of thinking things through clearly. Sometimes, I think she thinks the viewers are too stupid to know the difference. Surprise!!! Some of us are not idiots :-)

      • Ninna says:

        That she thinks the viewers are too stupid to know the difference, is a given. If you read out her interviews, her letters to the public, her tweets you see that apart of always condescend she also enjoys making fun of fans. We can see clearly that she considers them kinda dumb. Though she tries to seem diplomatic, if you notice sometimes she looses it and bares the tooth. Her way of writing and her permanent handling (in which she is really good, not in the writing) the fans shows zero respect for them. fans are ‘things’ for her take advantage for herself and toss away when they’re not useful anymore.

        • momo says:

          Well…the stupid fools who watches her show is what pays for her lifestyle. I thought she’s in the entertainment business. Please focus on entertaining.

  49. Kelly says:

    I think Alex needs to just be friends with Jo and it woul be interesting if Izzy came back with alexs’ baby and hers. the rest of the cast needs a break focus on Alex hes been under used in the show for awhile now put him in front.

    • Claire says:

      I would LOVE it if Izzie came back. Alex wouldn’t look twice at Jo then! I know Shonda says Izzie will never come back and they’re trying to pair Alex off with Jo (the new Izzie)! But she hasn’t exactly stuck to her word before so anything is possible!

      • Becky says:

        I agree Alex had great chemistry with Izzie! Now the writing for his character feels tired! Jo is a terrible choice for him. I wonder if Shonda is starting to realize that with the whole ‘ building chemistry’ statement. You shouldn’t have to build chemistry it’s either there or it isn’t!!

  50. Izzy is NEVER coming back to GA… not now, not next season, not EVER. She burned that bridge long ago. Besides, the whiny intern who wanted to give blood to a JW has stepped into the Bad Izzy role on the show now.

    • Sofia says:

      I think if Izzie was going to come back, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to make Jo like Izzie! I would love Alex to get a new love/decent storyline, but Jo is terrible. Something about the character/actress comes across as smug and manipulative, like she knows she’s going to be Alex’s end game! Please Shonda reconsider, for Alex’s sake and ours!