Fox Halts Production on Ben and Kate

Ben and Kate Premiere RecapFox has stopped production on Ben and Kate, TVLine has confirmed.

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Though the network hasn’t officially cancelled the low-rated freshman sitcom, it was pulled from the schedule earlier this week and replaced — at least in the short term — with back-to-back episodes of Raising Hope.

The critically acclaimed Ben and Kate completed production on 15 of its 19 ordered episodes; 13 have aired, and there’s no word on a plan for the final two.

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  1. Darth Pablo says:

    Shut It Down!!!

    • Tucker says:

      Keep it on it is one of the best TV shows on Fox along with New Girl.😲


      Eh I like it alright but it does get a bit tired. I won’t mind it being let go and replaced by something else but realize not everything is going to be as God awful (err ratings bonanza) as American Idol, X-Factor, etc. People do not want these shows no matter what you try to fiddle with or say. You have them all on and make people watch them and that is the only reason why anyone watches these crap fest shows. Please kill off the Bachelor/Bachelorette as it is disgraceful to America.

  2. S. from E. now says:

    i was never a big fan of kate and ben, but i will dearly miss tommy and bj )= they were always hilarious…

    • chi says:

      Tommy and BJ made the show for me…

      • Melina says:

        Though I liked the show I’m not surprised it has been canceled. Also agreed BJ and Tommy totally made the show. Actually I think if you took Ben out of the show all together and focused on 3 single friends with Kate being a.single mother it would be a much better show. Just a thought.

        • Tenney says:

          I completely agree. Less Ben and more BJ, Tommy, and Kate would have made the show must better.

        • Drewer says:

          Definitely this! And also more Maddie, a bunch of shows debuted with little kids this year, and Maddie is by far the best, she could have been used more I think. I’m also worried about the “Goodwin Games,” I was really looking forward to that and now with back to back airings of Raising Hope, I’m worried we may never see it.

        • Rain says:

          This is my exact thought, without Ben the show would have been perfect!

  3. Scott says:

    No. One. Cares.

    (If they did it wouldn’t have been cancelled)

  4. Rob says:

    I don’t understand the hate for Ben and Kate. I thought it was a really cute show and it was funny. I especially don’t understand why people come on just to hate on stuff but to each his own. Whatever.

    • Tucker says:

      Ya I agree with that it is a really fun show.

    • Mary says:

      I watched the first episode and thought it was cute. The second episode wasn’t as cute and I didn’t like Ben that much. By the third episode I was done with the series, because the idiotic brother who can’t grow up just wasn’t funny. I agree with the previous posts that if it had just been about a single mother and her two friends the show would have been better.

  5. Boiler says:

    Based on the pilots they supposedly want and many of their cancellations, FOX and Reilly wouldn’t know a good show if it hit em in the face. This was a cute show and I also don’t get the hate.

  6. Duckcall says:

    Ben & Kate >>> 1600 Penn

    • Andie says:

      I totally agree but they aren’t on the same network! Personally, I’m hoping 1600 Penn does badly enough that it won’t get renewed so my beloveds, Community and Parks and Rec, have a bigger chance for next season!

      • Eric says:

        Parks and Rec will most likely be safe, because its a critical darling and its most recent episode has drawn in more viewers than the newest installment of 1600 Penn. But as much as I love Community, things will really depend on the fourth season’s ratings.

    • Ari says:

      I think that 1600 Penn would be better if they got rid of the oldest son. Or if they undumbed him a little bit. There’s only so much stupid that is tolerable and he’s way past it.

  7. Eric says:

    Ugh the world is so unfair. This was an incredibly cute series, and I’m really going to miss it.

  8. Babybop says:

    I hope they have a change of heart and keep it… Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

  9. Pete says:

    That’s a shame for all involved on the show.

    I’m well aware that it wasn’t a very good show and the ratings were poor, so there’s no arguing with Fox’s decision but I’m still going to miss it.

    I can’t say it made me laugh that much and I didn’t like Ben or Tommy, but I enjoyed the show’s sweetness. It was easy/comfortable viewing on a night where you have comedies trying hard to be distinctive and funny.

  10. This was one of my favorite new shows of the season. I hope the bring it back

  11. Amlang says:

    Whatever frees up Lucy Punch so that she can work on something decent I’m ok with.

  12. David004 says:

    When is Goodwin Games when you need it?

  13. mattt says:

    so annoying… I love this show (which I guess should have been an indicator that it wouldn’t last). I thought it would at least air the full season since it was picked up but the ratings must have been *that* bad. I thought the whole cast was hilarious, and love the chick who plays Kate…

    I’m losing comedies left and right. 30 Rock and The Office are done (and not as funny as they were anyway), and now B&K and Apartment 23 are cancelled… Modern Family is EXTREMELY tired at this point. All I’m left with is Happy Endings and Family Guy/American Dad… sucks.

  14. nick1372 says:

    :( Too bad. I had hoped they’d at least air all 18.

  15. erin says:

    Favorite new show this tv year, very disappointed with this news.

  16. I think it was truly between this and The Mindy Project and it seems like The Mindy Project has the bigger chance of making a turn around.

  17. Jaw-shwaw says:

    What gets me is knowing that there are scripts written. There are things ready for B.J. to say, cute faces for Maddie to make. AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH RAIL MALL?

  18. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I thought it was funny. FAR funnier than The Mindy Project or The New Normal just to name a couple of the new, horrible comedies this season. I hope TMP is the next thing that Fox takes the axe to.

    • Temperence says:

      New Normal is pretty brilliant, but it’s not a straight up comedy. After seeing Ben and & Kate twice, and Mindy Project once, there was nothing at all there for me and I actually slightly disliked both shows. Not as much as the deeply bad Whitney, or the unspeakable awfulness of the Broke Girls scripts, but even so.

  19. Patrick Maloney says:

    This better be followed by The Mindy Project’s cancellation

  20. HRG says:

    I wanted and tried to like it. It had potential but it just wasn’t there!

  21. Patty says:

    THIS SUCKS! i love the show & look forward to watching it every week. i think it has a great mix of comedy & heart…& who can resist kate’s adorable daughter? PLEASE, FOX, don’t cancel the show! give it another season & see if more viewers find & love the show like i do!

  22. Courtney says:

    I feel like they could have at least let them finish the season. It’s a good show, even if it doesn’t have great ratings. I feel like FOX is rushing to get rid of it, which is just unfair.

  23. CJ says:

    This was a sweet little show. Not hilarious or daring or anything like that, but an enjoyable enough way to spend the half hour between Raising Hope and New Girl. It’s a shame, but this also frees up Echo Kellum and Lucy Punch for pilot season so………………….

  24. cat says:

    But The Mindy Project gets to stay?

    • Mary says:

      Not really defending the decision but it looks like TMP gets slightly better ratings. I don’t really see how Fox can justify keeping either show with such low ratings.

    • TV Gord says:

      The Mindy Project makes me laugh, whereas Ben and Kate always left me with a blank stare. I think the world unfolds as it should.

  25. AlisonWonderland says:

    So sad. I adore this show.

  26. Brendan says:

    Critically acclaimed? Was it really? Hmm…

  27. Patric says:

    Shame….My favorite new comedy :(

  28. susela says:

    Get rid of the toothy brother and make it “BJ and Kate”—it would be brilliant!

  29. Alan says:

    commiserations to the fans, its never fun to see a show you like go down. the people who came on here to make fun of it: why bother? its already gone you can forget about it now. leave the comments section for the fans to post their eulogies.
    i was thinking about watching this for lucy punch, less interested in that now. hopefully she gets another show soon

  30. bjohns says:

    I thought the show was cute and funny and a change from the zombies and soap dramas (which I also love). It was also scripted television which always is a plus over the “reality” shows (a LOT of which I hate). Can we at least give them a proper send off? They were a good ensemble with the actors playing Tommy and BJ stealing those scenes.

  31. BamaEd says:

    I tried to like this show but something about it just didn’t click with me. I wasn’t a fan of the Ben character. He just seemed too over the top or something. I thought Dakota did a great job. Lucy was fine as BJ but had an easier role to get laughs than Dakota did. But the storylines overall didn’t intrigue me and I’d given up on B&K a few episodes ago.

  32. Jared says:

    Fox did give Ben & Kate a fair shot and let this series run longer than what the ratings suggested.

  33. Sarah says:

    Mostly I just don’t want to say goodbye to Tommy.

  34. Linda says:

    I just would like to say that my family and I REALLY ENJOYED BEN & KATE!!! U can’t find any good family type shows on TV anymore. It’s reality show/pawn wars/storage wars/drugs inc. /moonshiners/swamp wars and it goes on and on. We thought it was a cute show,and this happens alot unfortunately. That’s just our opinion :). I hope it comes back on someday soon again. Thank you

    • nick1372 says:

      Well, Linda, I would just like to say that there are many good family-friendly shows if you just know where to look. Try Last Man Standing, Malibu Country, Go On (not a family comedy but still kid-friendly), and The Middle (best comedy on TV). You could also check out Suburgatory, Modern Family, The New Normal, and Raising Hope (just check the summary first, they will touch on inappropriate topics once in a while).