Steve Carell Formally Nixes Office Series Finale Comeback: 'It Didn't Make Sense'

The Office Series Finale Steve CarellIt’s official: The Office‘s rapidly approaching series finale will not feature an appearance by former boss Michael Scott.

Steve Carell has confirmed that he turned down an offer to reprise his signature role one last time.

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“I just didn’t think it was right for the character, because that character had had an arc within the story and kind of grew and sort of evolved past the idea of the documentary,” he told Access Hollywood. “I’m really good friends with everybody on the cast and with [executive producer] Greg Daniels and I want to go back to say, ‘Hi,’ certainly, before it all ends. but I just thought, in terms of the character, it didn’t make sense.”

The Office is set to close its doors after nine seasons with a one-hour finale in May.

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  1. Matthew says:

    My friends and I have discussed maybe going to Colorado to be in his wedding because, come on, how great would Michael Gary Scott’s wedding be? Anything else I don’t think I would be a fan of

  2. Bella Scarn says:

    I don’t believe what thy say. My bet is that he DOES appear in last episode. I believe they’re keeping it a big secret.

  3. Not right for the charater of michael scott??? michael scott would have taken any free time he had from his new job and life to visit the office. Come on with that bs

    • Erik says:

      LOL. BS…says the person talking about what a character would do who clearly DIDN’T DO something. The character is how the writer’s wrote him. If you have been watching the show and understand his character, you know that above ALL of his love for his friends and co-workers in the office was his desire to be wanted. His longing for a lifelong companion. For 7 seasons, this was the theme. He was a goofball and loved his people but he left Scranton for the woman he had been longing for for most of his life. This is also how Steve Carell understood his character, as he made the choice he did.

      I find it hilarious that you are arguing for a hypothetical action of a character and saying that the person who played his character was wrong about his interpretation of the person he played for 7 seasons. Wow! And I am the clueless one? Really?

      Steve Carell understood his character thoroughly and remembers clearly all of the cut-aways where he is talking about his desire for a mate. He left Scranton to be supportive of the one he loved. Holly is his life now. He is completely loyal to his friends, but she is his best friend and it wouldn’t make sense for him to leave his now wife, and maybe kids who may be with her ill parents, just to come see the Office “one last time.” It also doesn’t make sense because unless they completely shut down the office altogether, the idea is that Dunder Mifflin and its employees carry on. The show writers aren’t going to write a story where ALL of the employees quit or get laid off, so there isn’t a last goodbye to have. Everyone is still carrying on with their lives. It doesn’t make sense for him to come back.

      And if you got TV and understood the character as much as you say you do, then you wouldn’t be spending your time writing silly posts on websites to tell someone who IS a writer and has experience and is friends with working writers on TV that he is wrong because you think you get the character more than the actor or those who created the character.

      But you keep calling me stupid. If that makes you feel better. Or saying my opinion is BS. That’s fine. The cool thing is, I know you’re probably judging me with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand in a bag of Cheetos while I actually write scripts and study television and the nature of story and character development and consistency. But you have fun with that. :)

  4. Francisco Burciaga says:

    Steve forgot that without The Office he would still be doing 2 bit parts.
    Oh, wait, I almost forgot, he would be doing no parts at all. Forget american
    Michael and replace with english Michael (the original).

    • Erik says:

      Remember out of everyone, Ricky Gervais and the other producers chose Steve Carell–not anyone else. I think even the producers and show-runners of the Office would disagree with you that Steve Carell would have been stuck with cheap parts had he not chosen the role as Michael Scott.

      But it’s good that you don’t let your bitterness cloud rational thought and awarness that everything revolves around you and what YOU think TV should be. :)

  5. Chris says:

    Makes no sense why he couldn’t just come back….no good for the character? Give me a break….The 8th and 9th season have been completely horrid and the 9th season…is just a disaster. Not that hard to tell if you just look at the amount of viewers compared to the other seasons…its almost cut in half. If anything, him returning would of made it worth while…Should of never left anyway. He stopped making the office to go on and make cheesy movies for teenagers instead… Steve Carrel made the office, and him not returning is just a selfish move. If he cared about his fans at all….he would make a return.

    • hannah says:

      i completely agree with you i have not enjoyed the 9th season and i have watched it from the start and stopped watching it at the 9th season it was just all wrong

  6. QLAD says:

    If it makes you all feel any better you can imagine Michael is keeping in touch with everybody and is facebook friends with everybody but the documentary crew is just not filming it.

  7. hannah says:

    i really wish that steve carrel would come back for the finale or just a 10 second appearance but at the end they could at least hang a picture of all of them up from the very first episode with him in the center

  8. BatChat says:

    Yeah, I think the explanation that his character arc ended with him being uninterested in the documentary is totally implausible. Michael Scott was a total attention seeker and just cos he had some of his issues addressed by finding a girlfriend wouldn’t change that totally. I mean the other characters who are presumably less self-aggrandizing seem OK with being in the documentary and want to see how it could turn out.

    I can understand not spending a lot of time on his character in the final episode but if there’s no cameo at all I think it just comes off as ungrateful and peevish. It would be cool if they had a quick scene of him changing bodies with someone using a science experiment and then another actor could stand in for Steve Carell. That’d be hilarious.

    • Erik says:

      So what you’re saying is, that the character of Michael Scott is incapable of personal evolution? Even in this last season, the characters are beginning to grow tired of being on camera all the time, as evidenced by Pam’s visit to the mic guy’s house to see how much they got. Granted, it could be argued that they wrote it this way to make more sense out of Steve Carell’s decision not to return, but why is it any less plausible that they could have all begun to grow past the novelty?

      Jim is in the series less with his job in Philly, as well. I think the point that A LOT OF PEOPLE on here are missing is that Michael Scott WAS an attention seeker, but throughout the series he went through several relationships trying to find the ONE. He truly only desired ONE person’s attention and that was the attention of a woman who would love him as much as he loved her. He found that in Holly. He no longer had to work hard to be funny and be the “cool guy” for the camera. He found the very thing he was looking for and evolved.

      The argument against Steve Carell as being peevish only really makes the point that his character was incapable of evolving past the point of NEEDING to be in front of the camera. And even if he did come back and visit his former colleagues, he would likely NOT want it to be televised and exploited. Characters evolve in TV. If they don’t and stay EXACTLY the same, people stop watching. Michael Scott evolved throughout the series and stopped chasing unavailable women like Jan. In turn, it is not unfathomable that he relishes his new life with Holly and does not NEED to be the center of attention of people he doesn’t know anymore. He’s only concerned with impressing ONE person: Holly and he has her and made the choice to move away to help her care for her ailing parents. That shows immense character growth and to return to his old ways would be a step backwards from that growth.

      And to the guy who said this:
      It would be cool if they had a quick scene of him changing bodies with someone using a science experiment and then another actor could stand in for Steve Carell. That’d be hilarious.

      You make a comment about how stupid and petty it is for Steve Carell not to reprise his character and then follow that up with THAT? Whatever merit and credibility you had with the first part of your post, you lost with that. It shows you are completely out of touch with the “voice” of the show and how THAT is highly implausible to the story.

      I would LOVE to see Steve Carell return as much as the next guy. The show is not the same without him, I agree. But as soon as the writers introduced Holly, they went down a path that I think inevitably spelled Michael Scott’s growth and evolution behind hammy attention whore antics. As a now emotionally, well-adjusted man with the woman of his dreams, his priorities have changed and it is that character that Steve Carell wishes to stay consistent with and I support him 100%.